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to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things but mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums. trying. to tackle pollution in one of china's showcase cities they say that my twenty twenty all. want to me. was. grassroots campaign joining forces in the u.s. there is a global connection that is happening and we're going to utilize that power to make change not only for today but for future generations as well. this time on. all communication with the u.s.
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if it closes their diplomatic mission and washington d.c. . welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters and me and the parana i'm also ahead. take to the streets in zimbabwe a day before president mugabe's party holds a meeting to decide his fate. lebanese prime minister meets the french president paris and says he will return to his country next week loss. of aversive and fortune to central asia. where travel to carry the search of the elusive cat. will begin with news of major tension building and us palestinian relations the trumpet ministration. says it will close the palestine liberation organizations
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diplomatic office in washington d.c. the u.s. state department says the p.l.o. has broken voles by calling for an international permanent court prosecution against israel for building illegal settlements a two thousand and fifteen us law bars palestinians from approaching the i.c.c. against israel while the p.l.o. office in the us has been open since the one nine hundred eighty s. and the plan to close it has led to serious concerns about efforts to find peace in the region it's also being seen as an attempt to force the palestinian authority and to enter in direct negotiations with israel well israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he respects the u.s. decision but the p.l.o. which the international community sees as the official representative of all palestinians has threatened to end all contact with the u.s. if the office is closed while. we replied to the u.s. administration also in writing saying that in the event that they close down the
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p.l.o. office we will suspend all our communication with the administration until office is reopened meanwhile netanyahu government is destroying houses in the jabber jabber area and war as well as. the government is being rewarded and we are being punished this is totally unacceptable and it does undermine the peace process don estabrook has more from washington d.c. . well hopefully the p.l.o. will get some sort of play or any on the reasoning behind the state department's decision to close this mission on monday the p.l.o. is expected to have a meeting with the state department's legal team to go over this this was a decision that came down just within the last forty eight hours now the state department says it is acting to a law that was passed by congress that says that it can close the mission office if the p.l.o. is pressuring the international criminal court to pursue legal action against
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israel for alleged crimes against palestinians now the trump administration has ninety days to take a look at this closure and potentially keep this office open if it deems that the palestinians are having meaningful and direct talks with israel so this is not necessarily a done deal and perhaps this meeting on monday will provide some sort of clarity regarding what those talks might entail this is the first time in three decades by the way that the u.s. has not renewed the p.l.o. mission office here in washington d.c. well let's get more on this now we're joined by her man never it she was a member of the national security council and the bill clinton administration she's joining us live from washington d.c. in this man never always a pleasure to have you with us on al-jazeera what do you think the trumpet ministration is doing here you know president trump had a very warm meeting with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas at the start of
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his presidency he's had his son in law and chief negotiator jad cushion of the middle east representative jason green blatt traveling between ramallah and jerusalem to see what they can do on the one hand and now threatening to close down the p.l.o. his office in d.c. . i don't think it's i don't think it's very well coordinated from what i understand the trump administration has been pursuing what president trump promised during the campaign was which would be that he alone president trump alone could achieve this great middle east peace this grand bargain in the middle east where none of his predecessors were able to do so and he entrusted that mission to his most is most important advisors his longtime friend mr green and his son in law jared cushion or and they have been pursuing it slowly but surely and very intently that's on one hand i think in a completely unrelated track you have republicans in congress here in washington
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working with israeli government officials this is something that was even reported on israeli t.v. . republicans in congress here working with israeli government officials to punish the palestinians for their pursuit of israeli officials through the international criminal court and the palestinians continued pursuit of membership in international organizations so on one hand i think you have the administration allowing republicans in congress here to work with the israeli government to purely punish the palestinians yeah and on the other hand you have president trump trying to achieve a grand bargain in the middle east but can those two issues actually be unrelated can you punish the palestinians for taking wanted to take israel to the international criminal court for breaking international rule and at the same time hope that the trumpet ministrations of the has can work with the palestinians and ramallah. well from what from what i understand the trump administration
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doesn't think the palestinians have very many options the palestinians need to talk to the united states and for the united states the palestinians are not even the most important player at this stage in their pursuit of this grand settlement in the middle east for their trouble ministration particularly within the white house among his close officials closest official closest advisers and officials like jared questioner the key player is the south are the saudis particularly crown prince mohammed bin some on so for the trump administration it's not it's just not that big of a deal for them to punish the palestinians on the one hand and think that they can continue to pursue middle east peace particularly with the saudis and that the palestinians will have no place else to go they'll have to deal with the united states one way or the other most men leverage it's great to get your thoughts on this man leverage joining us live from washington d.c. thank you. let's move on to other news now tens of thousands of people of zimbabwe have been rallying across the capital calling for president robert mugabe to resign
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the ninety three year old has been under house arrest at his official residence ofter the military took control on wednesday as. party says it will hold a meeting on sunday to discuss mugabe's fate how do we toss a reports from. ecstatic zimbabweans say they can feel change is coming soldiers posed herself in crowds hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of harare men women and children marched alongside armored cars and soldiers they say they want president robert mugabe who has ruled for nearly forty years to resign good money for the medicines but the. sixty thousand dollars we are saying you should stop. this country like they have done enough i think it is. freedom to ask all of us we've been waiting for this time for so long we have been oppressed for
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a very long time so we are saying. basically. it was a united front opposition supporters people loyal to mugabe is on a party and veterans of the liberation war against white rule marched together the main opposition leader morgan tsvangirai says the country is preparing for a post mugabe era the army seize control earlier in the week and confined the country's leader his private residence in harare. and. speaking from south africa on saturday his nephew patrick was reported to have said the president and his wife grace are ready to die for what is correct and they have no intention of stepping down but people at the march insisted the ninety three year old has to go.
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branches in all ten provinces have said mugabe should resign they also want to grace mugabe who heads the party's women's need to go through things on a pair party will meet on sunday to discuss the fate of president robert mugabe and his wife and reinstate the vice president he dismissed him is imminent. zimbabweans have only known one leader after decades of being afraid to speak out against mugabe things have changed the people marching insist it's not a matter of if but when mugabe will go. when activists and coordinator of the group there's a virtual and he says the military paved the way for people to protest. i think what the people back home of discovered is that the army is open the way for them to go out there and express you know. the fact that they don't like robert mugabe
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and his wife so they kind of open the door for them and these are the two main obstacles people at home so the fact that the army is given the opportunity to say you can come out and express how you feel about everything it's just that as you see the numbers of people in the streets and. the people of the military do the right thing probably install a transitional government a government that will be all inclusive of the opposition parties and the government to not sideline the opposition before by design appears the people want the kind of transitional government that is all inclusive including taking on board where the opposition is saying so that they move the country forward but the main main main point so that the transitional government will provide you know free and fair credible elections that are internationally want monitored because as you know . elections for the past ten years. gerry adams the leader of the irish
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republican party fein has announced he will step down after almost thirty five years his party will let elect a replacement early next year adams was the leading spokesman for shin fein and westminster and pay when his party was the political wing of the irish republican army the paramilitary group or to campaign against russia's control of northern ireland for nearly forty years adams played a central role in peace talks in the nineteen ninety's which ended the violence leading leading to power sharing in belfast between sion fein and probe unionists what can marry as the dublin correspondent for political and he says adams likely replacement will not have an ira past what should help train politically. he said tonight that he stepping down as president of shoot thing the party is been like in charge of since nineteen eighty three the things have been happening here over the last of the years in the general election last year here in the republic
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of ireland thing increased its number of seats in the government parliament from fourteen to twenty three they all but wiped out the irish labor party and they ended up holding the balance of power but the established parties to get in and fianna fáil don't want to do business which in thing because when i didn't say in charge the party is due to feel like it's being somewhat toxic adams has had a long association with the provisional ira the terrorist group that engaged in a bombing campaign to try and british rule in northern ireland began who are the governing party here and the main opposition party the end of believe that as long as adams remains in charge of shin fein it is viewed as being if you like the terrorist party still ahead on the ballot or protesters in haiti called for the president to quit find out why they're so upset and the international community joins the search for argentina is missing some rain and its credit.
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from brisk north in fuel. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. hello there it's cooler but fine for my service in the found eastern parts of china at the moment the winds a gradually drifting down from the north so at best will get to around twelve degrees in shanghai and force in hong kong will get to around twenty three in hong kong though you can see a little bit more in the way of cloud as well when fed in on some winds from the south and that will increase the moisture over the next day or so and we will see more showers further inland but the south you can see this area of cloud of rain here this is a tropical storm it's gradually working its way north was disintegrating as it does say but it's still in hunting the rains across this region for some monday so for many of us in viet nam we can expect to see some very heavy rains between now and
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then has that system a little bit closer on the satellite picture as it gradually tracks its way towards the west already throwing plenty of cloud across many parts of vietnam there over the south there's also plenty of cloud of there's been plenty of rain over parts of java these pictures showing just how much weather has been there from places you can only get about in boats and over the next day or so there's going to be plenty more showers across java again some of those showers again will be very very heavy and plenty more of them too as we head through monday there was i stretching further north singapore is looking pretty wet and they'll also be plenty of showers for k.l. to. the weather sponsored by qatar race. tracing the four from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the movement where we humanized that nothing was first wealthy in greece the devastating impact to save the banks means also to save the deposits for ordinary citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders of the people who needed to learn the
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less i go or from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera. good to have you with us on al jazeera these are our top stories this concern in the middle east for the trumpet ministration announced plans to close the palestine the ration organizations diplomatic office and washington d.c. that follows palestinian calls for prosecuting as read of the international criminal court of illegal settlements the p.l.o. says if the office is closed it will cut off communication with the us.
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way held rallies. to. the ninety three year old has been under house arrest at his official residence since the military took control on wednesday . to discuss his fate. and gerry adams the veteran leader of the irish republican party shin fein has announced plans to step down after nearly thirty five years he was a leading spokesman for the phase military wing the irish republican army during its decades long power military campaign aimed at ending control of northern ireland. lebanon's prime minister has confirmed he will return to beirut by wednesday and hold talks with president michel on how did he made the statement during his visit to france reports from paris. in the latest twist in this political crisis saad hariri arrived at paris's look airport at dawn and headed to
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his apartment in the french capital it was the first time the lebanese prime minister had been seen in public since his sudden resignation in riyadh two weeks ago later he met the french president emmanuel markov at the elisei palace and said he would return to beirut. with regards to the political situation i will be in beirut in the next few days to take part in the celebration of our independence and all express opinions on all subjects once i've made president. hariri was joined by his wife and eldest son but his other two children were left behind in riyadh fueling speculation about why that was at least a source is said only that it had been the hariri family's personal choice. macro invited to really he said not to offer exile but as an act of friendship the fact that some of the rary was king of the elise is being seen by those in france as
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something of a diplomatic success for him and call it is the french president's mediation attempts over the past two weeks that have seen hariri finally leave riyadh. this is certainly a diplomatic success for a manual macro at the start of the lebanese crisis no one was very convinced that he'd be able to get results but he succeeded in getting hariri out of saudi arabia and hopefully back to lebanon soon but that it's a personal achievement for macro he's managed to re-insert france into the middle east and diplomatic arena. many people in lebanon say they're fed up with what they regard as foreign meddling in their affairs if hariri does make it back to beirut on wednesday he'll be there is the country celebrates his independence with a public holiday that would be a symbolic moment would be lost on no one natasha al-jazeera paris. well that was headed his first public appearance since has resignation many in lebanon
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are questioning what his children were left behind in riyadh there in the hall there has more from beirut. saddle had it is a rival to the french capital may be a way of showing that he's a free man and that he's able to leave saudi arabia but speculations about his ability to move freely have not been put to rest the very fact that he left his children behind he arrived with his wife his children stayed behind according to his aides it is because they're they're attending school in lebanon many in lebanon including the president believe that the prime minister in one way or another was a hostage in saudi arabia he was forced to resign his resignation speech was written by the saudi authorities and now we are in and the neighborhood which is considered really a hariri stronghold mixed reactions definitely but many people really asking questions on whether or not their leader is a political hostage a little of both of. you how did he saudi citizens did for saudi has influence over
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him and that means he has a responsibility towards they tell him something he must listen and it's possible his children could be a pressure court. he wasn't salty and it's natural that he's there and hopefully he would return this is his country. behind only he and. this may be a family issue but. i would like to know why i would like to thank president for not accepting his assignation because if you gave her. the first official confirmation that saddam will be returning to. the man himself. not long after landing in paris held a phone conversation with lebanon's president telling him that he will be here to attend the independence day celebrations on november the twenty second now what happens when he. insists on his resignation or will he decide
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to be reappointed as prime minister and form a new government but on condition that hezbollah which is allied with iran is not participating in this new government so a lot of questions on what comes next and that is why many in lebanon fear that the crisis is not over because saudi iranian rivalry which is really playing out across the region is now being played out in lebanon. most recent saudi arabia will have to pay a five percent tax when they fill up their tanks starting in january earlier this year they are passed a draft law to apply a five percent value added tax to some products and services as part of the country's major economic reforms as the oil dependent nation continues to deal with the slump in global oil prices. now thousands of people have taken to the streets in haiti calling for president jova now moyes to step down as the latest of ongoing
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protests against more is that began two months ago members of the opposition say his new budget proposal unfairly taxes the poor haiti is still struggling to rebuild after a cholera outbreak and destruction caused by the two thousand and ten earthquake the protests are a major test for the haitian government after u.n. peacekeeping forces pulled out last month choice of all has the latest from port au prince. thousands and thousands of people took to the streets in port-au prince of this saturday protesting against the government of israel in illinois they're demanding him to step down after the government passed a budget that they say benefits the elite and not the poor majority in this country they're saying that some products for example have been taxed to up to three hundred percent and they're saying that those who are being harmed the most are those who are on the street who cannot afford basic services in the country but people were also protesting against the restatement of haitian says in the northern
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city of kut patient privilege of anymore reinstated the army to a katy has been without one since one thousand nine hundred ninety five right after a coup against former president. and since two thousand and four there's been a u.n. peacekeeping force in this country that left one month ago so right now security hearing in haiti stability here in haiti is going to both me be maintained by the haitian national police but also by the new forces that would also be in charge of patrolling the seas controlling the borders with the dominican republic and also help rebuild this country here in the capital those who are protesting today some of them were against to the army they were basically saying that at this point it's haiti has other priorities that the money should be spent somewhere else and i'm wrong about is that half of the population for example is suffering from food insecurity lack of health care education and housing. china has called on myanmar
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and bonavista stop relying on the international community and resolve the revenge of refugee crisis through bilateral negotiations instead the chinese foreign minister also said that beijing is of ready to help bond of the meanwhile is hosting talks about the crisis would fall in the misters from the e.u. china and japan more than six hundred thousand two hundred have sought refuge in bonn the day since a military crackdown began in myanmar in august. an update now on a developing story argentina's defense ministry says it's detected seven failed satellite calls from the submarine that's been missing since wednesday as are his last contact with the san juan as it was returning to base in mar del plata for a routine mission in the southern atlantico argentina's navy says they aren't ruling out any theory on what happened to the submarine concern continues to grow for the forty two crew on board or meanwhile both nasa and the u.s.
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navy have joined the search for the submarine daniel schwann the report. the origin time authorities have said that the full search and rescue operation is now underway to look for the missing submarine the a.r.a.'s san juan with weeks no communication has been had since wednesday president maurice your mockery said all the resources available i will be put in for the rescue mission something like two hundred four hundred thirty or so kilometers southwest of where southeast story of where i'm standing here in mile del plata the submarine was on a routine mission from the southernmost tip of south america the city of all swire up here to its base in marbella platter your floor at his house they have no idea why the communication has been lost or whether there is any technical issues with the submarine with each hour that goes by without any kind of contact whatsoever tension is mounting the families are gathering at the nearby naval base here waiting to hear word from their loved ones hoping that all is fine but in the
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meantime the rescue mission with help from chile with the united states with britain with another aircraft which is ongoing operations in south america are out there now deep in the south atlantic looking for the missing a or a sound one submarine. the mayor of caracas is rajan madrid after escaping house arrest and venezuela onto anyone and as a vocal opponent of president. he's been confined to his hands two thousand and fifteen charged with supporting an attempted coup he denies the sixty the border into colombia and then flew to spain that is there says he will work for a political prisoner and organize resistance against. now the status of one of the rarest cats has improved. it has been downgraded from endangered to vulnerable on the international list of threatened species scientists say they're the rare creature than previously thought but as robin reports from
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a nature reserve and. not everyone agrees. in these mountains are protected by the people of this village. in exchange the snow leopard trust wildlife charity their handicrafts. with my own eyes a dead snow leopard but now nobody kills snow leopards we're protecting them for our children to see the results i travelled up to the remote nature reserve of site chat after. wild sheep and other big cat prey are plentiful and camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards.
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conservation is helping to recover its snow leopard population but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species. the information which is used for that is coming from the little media which is person. global. and that's not. enough to. police or write i know snow leopard expert but i'm going to take credit for this i just spotted that snow leopard hair from a snow leopard rubbing itself against the rock yeah i would love to see the elusive cat and i'm hoping the memory card from this camera trap will reward me with a picture. this is. a link selfie also extremely rare but no snow leopard for me this time.
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using non-lethal traps researches have caught and g.p.s. call it seven snow leopards to monitor their movements in the study charts and to test results that's really enabled us to start to build models of snow leopard populations that before we were just guessing at the technology improves we're refining all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected that is why most experts stand by the snow leopards reclassification from endangered to vulnerable because the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged around four thousand left in the wild i did eventually see real snow leopards behind bars in this sanctuary for animals rescued from poaches. their numbers are still in decline vulnerable still means threatened robin for steelworker al-jazeera in this attack nature reserve.
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the headlines on al-jazeera and there is concern for peace efforts in the middle east after the trumpet ministration announced plans to close the palestine liberation organizations diplomatic office and washington d.c. and follows palestinian cause for prosecuting israel and the international criminal court over illegal settlements the p.l.o. says if the office is closed it will cut off all communication with the us while. we replied to the u.s. administration also in writing saying that in the event that they close down the parallel office we will suspend all our communication with the administration until office is reopened may mount netanyahu government is destroying houses in the. area and was as well
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a coup for the government is being rewarded and we are being punished this is totally unacceptable and it does undermine the peace process. tens of thousands of people in zimbabwe held rallies across her daddy to call for an end to president mugabe's rule the ninety three well he's been under house arrest at his official residence and the military took control wednesday. meeting to discuss his fate on sunday. argentina's defense ministry said it's detected seven failed satellite calls from the submarine that's been missing since wednesday authorities lost contact with the san juan as it was returning to base and model for a routine mission in the southern atlantic concerns continue to grow for the forty four crew on board. gerry adams the veteran leader of the irish republican politician fein has announced plans to step down after nearly thirty five years he was a leading spokesman for fein's paramilitary wing the irish republican army during
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its decade long paramilitary campaign against british control of northern ireland and a fire that broke out in a house in beijing has killed at least nineteen people and injured eight the course is not yet known of the headlines on al-jazeera and fide story is coming up next. there are reports saudi arabia is demanding money from senior officials recently arrested. it's an. operation but many say it's a way for him to increase his power so high.


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