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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2017 7:00am-7:34am +03

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thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins bloody rise of local iraq at this time on al-jazeera. captaining a leading youth team at sixteen years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game at this time on and jersey. palestinian leaders threaten to suspend all communication with the us at the close
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of diplomatic mission in washington d.c. . perry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up with. tens of thousands take to the streets in zimbabwe a day before president robert mugabe's party holds a meeting to decide his fate. new hope for missing. four crew members on board as several attempted satellite calls are detected from that vessel. i think some people think we're stupid. we're not stupid people with which to launch a nuclear weapon at donald trump told you to the answer from a top u.s. nuclear commander. to begin with news of major tension building up in u.s. palestinian relations the top administration says it will close the palestine
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liberation organization's diplomatic office and washington d.c. state department says the p.l.o. has broken legislation by calling for an international criminal court prosecution against israel over building illegal settlements a two thousand and fifteen us law bars palestinians from going to the i.c.c. against israel the p.l.o. office in washington has been open since the one nine hundred eighty s. the plan to close it has led to serious concerns about efforts to find peace in the region it's also being seen as an attempt to force the palestinian authority and to direct negotiations with israel israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he respects the west decision but the p.l.o. which the international community sees as the official representative of all palestinians as threatened to end all contact with the u.s. if the office is closed it's hoped a meeting on monday between the u.s. state department and the p.l.o. will shed light on the top ministrations decision and estabrook reports. the plant closure of the palestinian liberation organization's office in washington prompted
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shock and a threat from a senior palestinian official to freeze ties with the us this is very unfortunate and seven this is the pressure being exerted on this administration from the netanyahu government and the time when we are trying to cooperate to achieve the ultimate take such steps which would undermine the whole peace process the u.s. state department announced its decision to close the office late last week citing a twenty fifteen law placing conditions on the u.s. mission office those conditions relate to the palestinians pressuring the international criminal court to seek charges against israel over the issue of israeli settlements and crimes against palestinians the move comes as the troubled ministration is trying to broker a peace plan between the palestinians and israelis president donald trump said such a deal would be a cornerstone of his administration he very much in september he met with
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palestinian president mahmoud abbas on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly meeting of world leaders in new york and the last while the president sent his son in law and adviser jared cushion or to the middle east in part to work out a blueprint for a deal the white house says closing the p.l.o. office doesn't mean it's cutting off communications with the palestinians and could be viewed as a way to expedite the peace process but a middle east analyst says the trumpet ministration is not bargaining in good faith the u.s. is not an honest broker the u.s. is representing its own interests and they correspond primarily with the right wing of israeli interests the closure isn't a done deal president trump has ninety days to review the decision and could keep the office open if he thinks the palestinians are engaged in meaningful and direct negotiations with the israelis die on estabrook al-jazeera washington. argentina's defense ministry says it has detected seven attempted satellite calls
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from a missing submarine giving hope that the forty four crewmembers on board will be found alive contact was lost with the san juan on wednesday as it was returning to its base and mar del plata from a routine mission in the south atlantic the search for that vessel has been hampered by stormy seas and the submarines anti detection color and design. has the latest the search and rescue operation is continuing through the night and into sunday with the arjun sign authorities saying they are now cautiously optimistic after receiving more they say was seven attempted satellite cause which failed to connect but were a sign of life somewhere deep in the south atlantic in the meantime the united states chile great britain for their assistance and we're sending expertise to argentina to help in the in the search operation to find the a.r.a.'s some one submarine the argentine authorities have not heard from the crew since wednesday
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morning they and the families of the forty four crew members are becoming increasingly concerned as each hour passes without hearing from the submarine now they're not calling it to the merge and see as yet they have no news of any mechanical failure or any other technical failure simply saying they've not heard from the crew since wednesday morning in the meantime the whole of argentina is watching and waiting with great nervousness with great. to hear what happens the pope has said that he is praying for the forty four crewmembers arjen time president. is saying that he will stop at nothing to try to find out what has happened to the crew of the of the sound one. and zimbabwe tens of thousands of people have joined rallies across the capital harare calling for president robert mugabe to resign the ninety three year old has been under house arrest since the military took control on wednesday rulings on a party is due to meet in the coming hours to discuss mugabe's fate habermann tosca
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reports from harare. extatic zimbabweans say they can feel the change is coming soldiers posed in crowds hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of harare men women and children marched alongside omid cars and soldiers they say they want president robert mugabe who has ruled for nearly forty years to resign good money for the medicines but the. president kweisi what was caused sixty thousand dollars we are saying you should stop. this country like they have done enough i think it is. freedom to ask all of us we've been waiting for this time for so long we have been oppressed for a very long time so we are saying. basically. it was a united front opposition supporters people loyal to mugabe is on a party and veterans of the liberation war against white rule marched together the main opposition leader morgan tsvangirai says the country is preparing for
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a post mugabe era the army seize control earlier in the week and confine the country's leader his private residence in harare. and. speaking from south africa on saturday his nephew patrick was reported to have said the president and his wife grace are ready to die for what is correct and they have no intention of stepping down but people at the march insisted the ninety three year old has to go explore. thank. branches in all ten provinces have said mugabe should resign they also want to grace who heads the party's women's need to go through things on a party will meet on sunday to discuss the fate of president robert mugabe and his
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wife and reinstate the vice president he dismissed him is imminent. zimbabweans have only known one leader after decades of being afraid to speak out against mugabe things have changed the people marching insist it's not a matter of if but when mugabe will go. head out of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has confirmed he overturned to beirut by wednesday talks with president michel. gregory made the statement while visiting france natasha butler has more from paris in the latest twist in this political crisis saad hariri arrived in paris is look. dawn and headed to his apartment in the french capital it was the first time the lebanese prime minister had been seen in public since his sudden resignation in riyadh two weeks ago later he met the french president emmanuel markov at the elisei palace and said he would return to beirut.
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with regards to the political situation i will be in beirut in the next few days to take part in the celebration of our independence and all express opinions on all subjects once i've made president. hariri was joined by his wife and eldest son but his other two children were left behind in riyadh fueling speculation about why that was at least the sources said only that it had been the hariri family's personal choice. macro invited to really he said not to offer exile but as an act of friendship the fact that salter riri was here at the elise is being seen by those in france is something of a diplomatic success for him and call it is the french president's mediation attempts over the past two weeks that have seen hariri finally leave riyadh says. this is certainly a diplomatic success for a manual at the start of the lebanese crisis no one was very convinced that he'd be
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able to get results but he succeeded in getting hariri out of saudi arabia and hopefully back to lebanon soon but that it's a personal achievement for macro he's managed to re-insert france into the middle east and diplomatic arena what. many people in lebanon say they're fed up with what they regard as foreign meddling in their affairs if hariri does make it back to beirut on wednesday he'll be there is the country celebrates his independence with a public holiday that would be a symbolic moment it would be lost on no one natasha al-jazeera paris so that was a very very first public appearance since his resignation and in lebanon are questioning why two of his children were left behind in riyadh and hauteur as more from beirut . seidel had a rival to the french capital may be a way of showing that he's a free man and that he's able to leave saudi arabia but speculations about his ability to move freely have not been put to rest the very fact that he left his
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children behind here arrived with his wife his children stayed behind according to his aides it is because they're they're attending school in lebanon many in lebanon including the president believe that the prime minister in one way or another was a hostage in saudi arabia he was forced to resign his resignation speech was written by the saudi authorities and now we are in and the neighborhood which is considered really a hariri stronghold mixed reactions definitely but many people really asking questions on whether or not their leader is a political hostage a little of both of. you how did he saudi citizens did for saudi has influence over him and that means he has a responsibility towards they tell him something he must listen and it's possible his children could be a pressure caught. he wasn't salty and it's natural that he's there and often he would return this is this country and the world in one why did they stay behind
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only he and. this may be a family issue but we as citizens would like to know why i would like to thank president for not accepting his assignation because if you gave how do you know. what the first official confirmation that saddam had it will be returning to. the man himself. not long after landing in paris held the phone conversation with lebanon's president telling him that he will be here to attend the independence day celebrations on november the twenty second now what happens when he. insists on his resignation or will he decide to be reappointed as prime minister and form a new government but on condition that hezbollah the lebanese group which is allied with iran is not participating in this new government so a lot of questions on what comes next and that is why many in lebanon fear that the
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crisis is not over because saudi iranian rivalry which is really playing out across the region is now being played out in lebanon so head on al-jazeera protesters and haiti call for the president to play out why they're so upset plus. a cozy manhattan apartment that's four people in a great location the only catch you have to take it with you wherever you go i'm kristen slimmy coming up i'll tell you why some artists are choosing to live here. from the t.v. sky the doha morning. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city of. hello there we've got plenty of unsettled weather across the middle east at the moment we look at the satellite picture we can see the next system is drifting its way in here and that's going to make things rather gray for some of us and i think
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that cloud will squeeze out one or two showers most likely in the northern part of it it's gradually drifting its way eastwards and still likely to give us one or two showers as we head through monday behind it there's a bit of a break before the next system works in but look what's happening over the northwestern parts of turkey some very very heavy downpours there on monday that could well give us a few problems even further towards the south and there's a chance of a few showers in bahrain and here in doha on sunday as well or gradually i think on monday it will be a bit drier thirty one degrees the maximum temperature more in the way of unbroken sunshine for salada thirty degrees will be our maximum and it should be fine here to downtown was a southern parts of africa and for many of us it is draw in settled cape town they're getting to around twenty two degrees seventy two in fahrenheit however it's not dry for all of us the this area of cloud here it's slightly broken but it will bring us i want to shout is that stretching out just into parts of tanzania i mean northern parts of mozambique and even into madagascar as well in the east there
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looks like they'll be a few showers could even see one or two in on time and a review as the temperatures make it to twenty seven. the weather sponsored by the time race. provoking debate the corporate tax of north georgia growth from the brought about of the world will only do that when that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of the tree killings torture maybe you giving me room meant for challenging the established line every single one of the three thousand people who was killed was a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them you didn't prosecute the one so enjoying that he has a son for up front at this time on algis. watching
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al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now there's concern for peace in the middle east after the trumpet ministration announced plans to close the palestine liberation organization's diplomatic office in washington d.c. . palestinian calls for israel to be prosecuted at the international criminal court over legal settlements. tens of thousands of people and zimbabwe held rallies across harare calling for an end to president robert mugabe's rule the ninety three year old has been under house arrest since the military took control on wednesday. argentina's defense ministry says it has detected seven attempted satellite calls from that submarine it's been missing since wednesday with forty four crew members on board ortiz lost contact with the san juan as it was returning to base in mar del plata from a routine mission in the southern atlantic the satellite calls lasted up to thirty six seconds in the late morning and early afternoon. thousands of people have taken
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to the streets in haiti calling for the president to step down it's a latest an ongoing project protest that began two months ago the demonstration came on the day when i say officially the national army about twenty two years after it was disbanded reports of port au prince. ceremony to begin a day of protests against the government of. the opposition says the government is corrupt and he's raising taxes to hurt the poor majority. the president raised the price of gasoline and passed a criminal with nothing in it for the people this is not what he promised in his campaign. earlier this week an investigation revealed that millions of dollars were stolen from a two billion dollars venezuelan loan to haiti that was meant to help rebuild this nation after the earthquake. and even though it happened during the previous
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administration it has people disenchanted with the political class people here. in the northern city of cap-haitien president stated the haitian armed forces. i'm going to insist for all the people of haiti for all humanity. is not involved in politics haiti has been without military forces since one nine hundred ninety five when former president aristide disbanded the army after he returned to power following a call for now it's only composed of one hundred fifty members its main job will be to patrol the seas and the border with the dominican republic. and to help rebuild
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after natural disasters. but for. reinstating the army is a mistake. no . is one of the poorest countries in the world and has slowed down in recent years the government insists it's doing what's necessary to improve the economy. but on the streets there are many who fear the president's reforms will end up hurting those who need help the most. i will pull to prince america. after escaping house arrest and venezuela antonio. vocal opponent of venezuelan president nicolas maduro confined to his home since two thousand and twelve
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supporting an attempted coup which he denies the six crossed the border into colombia and then flew to spain. work from exile to free political prisoners and organized resistance against the dora's rule. on sunday and went to the polls to elect their new president former president sebastian pinera as a favor to when hannah's presidency was played by massive protests over inequality and education our lot america. he left office four years ago after a fairly lackluster administration yet former presidents have us jumping it is the favorite for a second crack at jilly's presidency he hasn't taken off the red rubber watch the president barack obama gave him is that a good luck trying now it is that. simple and probably. this will make the difference between good times and bad time for all that you could be. but unlike obama is a conservative and
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a businessman with even more billionaires than donald trump out of. chile is latin america's most stable economy but after a series of corruption scandals politics seems to have lost its blue. politicians are all in bed together they only care about their own interests and their own well being. major structural reforms introduced by socialist president michelle bachelet haven't yet produced benefits hurting the center left chances the political right was very very effective and installing a discourse of the country is going down the drain economic growth is slowing down you're creating uncertainty etc was an actual fact it was the international scenario of slowing growth. the center left is going into the elections deeply divided with four candidates. hundred years
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a former journalist is vowing to continue bachelor's reforms in this still socially unequal country the right wing will never implement reforms because they want to maintain the monopoly of a few who then invest their money abroad. in this election all the central national presidential candidates are competing not just against former president peña out of it but also against the real also ability of the i voted. or jets are going to say no position you can do to them that's why the government has been going to hire listening to convince chileans is what's going to decide their disenchantment with molestations and go out and vote. indeed there's little enthusiasm for an election that many predict will say less about what chileans want than about what they no longer believe in. human i'll just santiago. gerry adams the leader of the irish republican party sion fein has announced he will step down after almost thirty five years his party will elect
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a replacement early next year adams was the leading spokesman for sinn fein and westminster and paid when his party was the political wing of the irish republican army paramilitary group fought a guerrilla campaign against british control of northern ireland for almost forty years adams played a central role in peace talks in the one nine hundred ninety s. which ended the violence leading to power sharing in belfast between champagne and pro pritish yunus ran an n.t.i. has helped improve the capital new delhi air quality problem the city has been shrouded in a blanket of toxic smog for almost two weeks now causing severe health issues hospitals are overcrowded and schools have been temporarily closed now despite the rain delis pollution levels are still about five times worse than what is considered safe meanwhile the high court has ruled that the delhi half marathon will go ahead on sunday despite warnings from doctors thousands of people are taking advantage of the temporary opening of the raaf
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a border crossing this weekend travelling from gaza into egypt the crossing had been sealed since august but is due to open permanently under reconciliation by egypt malcolm webb has more from ramallah. hundreds of people in gaza boarded buses and made their way to the rafa crossing its last brief reopening about three months ago and aside from similar brief openings being closed most of the time for the last ten years because of the blockade of gaza by israel in egypt right now about twenty five thousand people in gaza registered waiting to cross to egypt and beyond that any a fraction of that number will get through in this temporary opening which is meant to last three days so priority is being given to people with the most urgent reasons to travel such as those seeking medical treatment. they haste and. we've registered to travel here in four months ago it was a lot of suffering it's good so far today they're facilitating it.
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i've had a booking to go to turkey for more than three months and now think i'll be able to go. to borders meant to be open permanently soon as part of the reconciliation agreement between palestine and two main political parties and hamas is being brokered by egypt and that permanent opening the last week has been delayed seems not everything's yet in place and your thoughts on your side all the palestinian authority on the gaza side of the border or for hamas who still control the interior of gaza according to a two thousand and five agreement monitors from the european union are meant to be at the border they left in two thousand and seven and then not yet back in place palestinian authority officials say over the three days they're hoping to get two thousand five hundred people across that means the many more thousands who are registered will still be stuck in gaza waiting and hoping for that permanent reopening to come soon. a south u.s.
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military commander says he would refuse to carry out any illegal nuclear strike order from donald trump or any other president air force general john hutton is responsible for overseeing the u.s. nuclear arsenal he told an audience at the halifax international security forum in canada that he had given a lot of thought to what he would say if he received such an order his comments came as tension between the u.s. and north korea remain high with trump threatening to totally destroy the communist country. i think some people think we're stupid. we're not stupid people we think about these things a lot when you have this responsibility how do you not think about it and so but what people forget is this is a military mission and the military function and since the day i joined the service thirty six years ago every year i get trained in the law of armed conflict if you execute unlawful order you will go to jail you can go to jail for the rest of your life it applies to nuclear weapons it applies to small arms it applies to small unit tactics it's applies to everything and we apply and as we go through libyan
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authorities are investigating alleged slave markets of black africans following the release of images showing the sale of young men libya has become a gateway for thousands of migrants from west africa to make the dangerous sea crossing to europe but rights groups say they often fall victim to cumin traffickers and libyan security forces the images have sparked outrage across the continent with senegal's government calling them a blight on the conscience of humanity new york's financial district houses some of the city's most famous structures and now a group of architects are injecting some artistic flair into a popular downtown square kristen salumi reports. it's a cramped apartment even by manhattan standards which way they want to go at it over but for ten days at least it's home for these four artists and if braving the elements in a chilly new york november wasn't enough the group also has to move their hut piece
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by piece across the square changing it from a shelter to a makeshift bridge and back again that's when things get tricky so once you've got once you've got the new floor or the beginnings of the new that's when you have to start thinking about where is about where's the kitchen. where's all the lumber in the bins like because it becomes this like mental pattern of. their mental puzzle solving. the team isn't allowed to touch the ground outside so needs to pick up food and supplies stored in the yellow boxes along the route also living sleeping eating and yes even going to the bathroom in the hut it's called the newcomers a performance architecture installation the artists say they're trying to challenge the idea of architecture as permanent structures and explore new ways of sharing space it's a theme collaborators alex waiter and board shelley have visited several times in recent works like two thousand and fourteen is in orbit or last year's reactor
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which moved in the wind but while those works were tucked away from the general public this is right in the middle of the financial district and interaction with passers by is encouraged we actually really want to know what people think it's a way of help because we are living in the work and they see the work from the outside so where you only have an interior perspective of what this thing is and so they come to us with views from the outside looking in and through those discussions that's the way we build meaning to the course of the performance so far progress has been slow but steady the finishing line is in sight. and only a few dropped nuts and bolts along the way. christian salumi al jazeera new york. take
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a look at the headlines here on al-jazeera there is concern for peace efforts in the middle east africa with top administration announce plans to close the palestine liberation organization's diplomatic office in washington d.c. a palestinian calls for a prosecution against israel at the international criminal court over illegal settlements while. we replied to the u.s. administration also in writing saying that in the event that they close down the p.l.o. office we will suspend old communication with the administration until and meanwhile netanyahu government is destroying houses in the. area and law as well as. the government is being rewarded and we are being punished this is totally unacceptable and it does undermine the peace process tens of thousands of people in zimbabwe held rallies across are already calling for an end to president robert mugabe's role. in ninety three year old has been under house arrest since the military took
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control on wednesday the. party will hold a meeting on sunday to discuss his fate argentina's defense ministry says it has detected seven attempted satellite calls from the submarine that's been missing since wednesday with forty four crew members on board authorities lost contact with the san juan as it was returning to base and mar del plata for a routine mission in the southern at lant tick the defense ministry says it's working on tracing the location with an american company that specializes in satellite communications. rain in india has helped improve the capital new delhi air quality problem it's been covered in a blanket of toxic smog for about two weeks causing severe health issues now despite the rain population levels pollution levels are still about five times worse than what's considered safe. gerry adams a veteran later at the irish republican army our party fein has announced plans to step down from his role after almost thirty five years adams has long been
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a divisive figure in ireland and the united kingdom is the leading spokesman for the paramilitary irish republican army during its decades long guerrilla campaign and ending british control northern ireland those are the headlines the news continues right here on al-jazeera after outfront keep your. news has never the new available but the message is simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging main stream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera from escalating the conflict in yemen to rounding up and detaining his fellow princes saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sultan has been called both ambitious and reckless in this up from special we'll ask a prominent u.s. congressman why he thinks the american government should stop supporting the saudi led bombing of yemen and in the year when you know we'll debate whether the crown prince has been told of war with iran.


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