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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2017 11:00am-11:33am +03

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president hosni mubarak has resigned. is going to be the next president retaliation with the other guy. actually firing canisters of gas something that best to prevent getting anyone to skeptical that. he achieved something that never happened before. al jazeera where ever you.
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robert mugabe's party in zimbabwe meets to decide the president's future. hello and welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm a fiend and it's also coming up. palestinian leaders threatened to suspend ties with the u.s. if the government closes the p.l.o. office in washington. lebanon awaits its prime minister is richer than i and an explanation for his sudden resignation whilst in riyadh. cautious optimism signals have been detected from a missing submarine in argentina. now it could be crunch time to zimbabwe's president as the military politicians and civil society come together to decide his future the big question now is will
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robert mugabe quit me full sout he's been steadily losing support since wednesday when the military sees the army chief was angry because of the sacking of vice president m isn't. his longtime ally the president's own policies and in p.f. is meeting to vote on whether to strip him of the presidency and the policy lead. the share this follows extraordinary scenes in the capital harare where hundreds of thousands of people marched on saturday celebrating the apparent turned of his thirty seven year long grip on power live now to her in harare and her you're actually outside where this extraordinary meeting is taking place tell us exactly what the new p.f. is considering. while they're considering firing the question and and firing his wife grace as head of the women's league if they decide to do that been the most should be put in parliament to impeach him if that happens
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and hearing to remove him at the party conference in december where the delegates or they in the vote him out of course all the school fall away president robert mugabe decides that he is going to resign and step down and so far he said he he's not going to do that they are the speculation that some people are saying he's trying to dig in trying to hang on as long as he can party and civil taney asli there seem to be talks a place between the president and the military with a catholic priest as the interlocutor. exactly because the mugabe is due to meet the catholic priest and the military later on in the day is to finalize deals continue with the talks people are speculating is to prepare for his exit package we understand he wants guarantees of safety for his family and other things as well the catholic priest is a very very significant prison mcgarvey is
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a catholic and we told this priest. very close friend to the person they know each other for a long time ago he trusts them so he hopes that. people hope that with this priest or by mugabe's side he may can convince him to come to some kind of settlement but again until the army says anything no one really knows what's going to happen but what is key. is the credibility the legitimacy of the whole process the army is very very keen to make sure that it is seen as not undertaking a coup that this is within the constitutional guidelines. exactly that's why this process is taking long people who expect to the president to have gone last week were clearly wrong he's still around at present is using the constitution to his advantage he's saying you can't just remove me as an e.p.a. if is a policy with the rules and regulations their processes follow the constitution
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let's go to the conference with the delegates vote me out but we are hearing they is in this meeting behind you who want him out sooner rather than later so all eyes on this meeting and what will come out of it all right for now gary thank you very much. palestinian authorities are threatening to cut off all communication with the u.s. over the trumpet ministrations plan to possibly close the pillows office in washington dionysus. the plant closure of the palestinian liberation organization's office in washington prompted shock and a threat from a senior palestinian official to freeze ties with the us this is very unfortunate and seven this is the pressure being exerted on this administration from going to your government and the time when we are trying to cooperate to achieve the ultimate deal you take such steps which would undermine the peace process the u.s. state department announced its decision to close the office late last week citing
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a twenty fifteen law placing conditions on the u.s. mission office those conditions relate to the palestinians pressuring the international criminal court to seek charges against israel over the issue of israeli settlements and crimes against palestinians the move comes as the troubled ministration is trying to broker a peace plan between the palestinians and israelis president donald trump said such a deal would be a cornerstone of his administration very much in september he met with palestinian president mahmoud abbas on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly meeting of world leaders in new york and the last while the president sent his son in law and adviser. cushion or to the middle east in part to work out a blueprint for a deal the white house says closing the p.l.o. office doesn't mean it's cutting off communications with the palestinians and could be viewed as a way to expedite the peace process but a middle east analyst says the trumpet ministration is not bargaining in good faith
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the u.s. is not an honest broker the u.s. is representing its own interests and they correspond primarily with the right wing of israeli interests the closure isn't a done deal president trump has ninety days to review the decision and could keep the office open if he thinks the palestinians are engaged in meaningful and direct negotiations with the israelis die a nest of rock al-jazeera washington more now from our correspondent in west jerusalem malcolm webb. ever since trump came to power he said that he would bring the ultimate peace deal to the middle east the palestinians always said that they'd be the ultimate partner with drums never allow rating what kind of peace deal this might be whether it will be a two state solution or otherwise palestinian official told us in the meetings that they've had today with trump of ministration officials there on the understanding that the americans on the stand the conditions that would be conducive for a peace deal they've now expressed great surprise that wants what the us has said
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now and they say that throughout the duration of the trumpet ministration israel has increased its building of settlements in the west bank they say that's illegal so they're questioning why this moment they think they've been cooperating israel has not so they're saying why are we being punished and why is israel being rewarded. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has confirmed that he'll go back to beirut by wednesday and that's when he'll clarify his position that he hasn't been back to his country since he abruptly resigned in the saudi capital earlier this month he's currently in front which is trying to mediate in the turmoil has more from paris in the latest twist in this political crisis saad hariri arrived at paris's look airport at dawn and headed to his apartment in the french capital it was the first time the lebanese prime minister had been seen in public since his
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sudden resignation in riyadh two weeks ago later he met the french president emmanuel markov at the elisei palace and said he would return to beirut. politique with regards to the political situation i will be in beirut in the next few days to take part in the celebration of our independence and i'll express opinions on all subjects once i've made president. hariri was joined by his wife and eldest son but his other two children were left behind in riyadh fueling speculation about why that was at least they sources said only that it had been the hariri family's personal choice. macro invited to really he said not to offer exile but as an act of friendship the fact that some of her riri was here at the elise is being seen by those in france is something of a diplomatic success for him and call it is the french president's mediation attempts over the past two weeks that have seen hariri finally leave riyadh.
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certainly a diplomatic success for a manual mark cross at the start of the lebanese crisis no one was very convinced that he'd be able to get results but he succeeded in getting hariri out of saudi arabia and hopefully back to lebanon soon so that it's a personal achievement for macro he's managed to re-insert france into the middle east and diplomatic arena what. many people in lebanon say they're fed up with what they regard as foreign meddling in their affairs if hariri does make it back to beirut on wednesday he'll be there is the country celebrates his independence with a public holiday that would be a symbolic moment it would be lost on no one natasha butler al jazeera paris. the arab league is holding a meeting in cairo at the request of saudi arabia to consider iran's intervention in the region this comes at a time of heightened tension between the two regional rivals bernath with explains . after more than two and
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a half years of fighting in yemen saudi arabia's coalition and iranian backed coup fighters are at a stalemate while the country is on the verge of famine and cholera is spreading wherever the saudis look in the middle east they see iran yemen isn't the only country where they're facing off and iran always seems to be one step ahead in syria iranian soldiers and hezbollah fighters along with the russians of help shift the civil war in favor of president bashar al assad that's at the expense of the anti assad forces riyadh has been supporting the saudis have been accused of allowing thousands of its citizens to fight for myself in syria. the iranians have done very well they backed president bashar assad very solidly in very determinedly from the beginning but that contrasted with the behavior of the u.s. to western governments in terms of their support for the syrian rebels and the iranians have always been very strategic in their. and i think the view from riyadh
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the the outcome of the syrian crisis has definitely been one that has consolidated iran's position in the region in lebanon prime minister saad hariri resigned citing an assassination plot hariri accused iran and lebanon based iranian backed militia has paula of sowing strife irrate was in riyadh when he resigned the saudis say they didn't force him lebanese politicians accused the saudis of holding her every hostage and destabilizing that country. iraq after its invasion of kuwait and nine hundred ninety relations with saudi arabia never recovered while iran has helped the government in baghdad fight eisel but here at least the saudis of trying to improve diplomatic relations in fabry the saudi foreign minister visited baghdad for the first time in twenty seven years and iraqi prime minister has been to re up twice in the past four months the line is the iranians no control or
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influence in four or capitals in in baghdad damascus beirut and most recently in center the yemeni capital again you can exaggerate these things and iran does things deftly and quite intelligent but the overall effect is the sense that it is encroaching on areas that were traditionally the. heart of the arab world the saudis can rely on the u.s. for support but crown prince mohammed bin solomon is a new player in middle east politics the iranian leadership in contrast has been doing this for decades. lots more to come here and there including when working out is bad for your health thousands of running. american and chunks employees in the small. and the changing face of a one hundred year old institution we visit boystown in the u.s. to look back at a century of helping at risk young people. by
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the time. or is the sun set in the city of angels. hello there we're seeing some very stormy weather in europe recently it's mostly been down in the southeast corner and you can see the latest larry of low pressure that's just been running its way across greece now to some very strong winds and this whole region is seeing some very heavy downpours more shop showers during the day today and those will gradually then work their way more into the northwestern parts of turkey there as we head through monday so monday here is looking very very wet and still for some of it very windy meanwhile elsewhere and there's a change for many of us in the northwest and that's thanks to the window ration is going to drag and rolls more in the way of moisture from the atlantic so it's going to be fall milder than it has been we're looking at around thirteen in london but the payoff is that it's going to be quite grey and pretty damn well the southwest
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corner is different here again here there's more sunshine and seventeen degrees will be the maximum in that sunshine that sunshine also extends across the other side of the mediterranean to say for many of us in morocco and across into algeria that's fine settled weather here but in the east the still more in the way of cloud in a few showers around couple of those may just graze the coast of libya perhaps into egypt but most of them will be working its way on to the eastern coast of the mediterranean there and you can see the heavy rain making its way across parts of texas. the weather sponsored by cats on race. we're living through a technological revolution but all the machines taking over if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a train of litigation to which we can bring the legal system to bear oxford university professor of machine learning stephen roberts talks to all disease this time.
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traverses take a look at the top stories here it is there zimbabwe's really xander p.f. party is set to vote on whether to strip robert mugabe of the presidency and the party leadership hundreds of thousands of people marched on saturday demanding he resign there's been growing pressure for him to step down since the military seize power wednesday. palestine has threatened to suspend all communication with the u.s. over the trumpet ministrations warning that it could close the palestine liberation
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organization is office in washington d.c. . lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has confirmed he'll return to beirut by wednesday he says he'll then clarify his position after his sudden resignation more than two weeks ago he's now in france which is trying to mediate the political fallout. from all the thirty thousand runners have taken part in a half marathon in the indian capital and that's despite health warnings from doctors about severe cold. lucian levels the city has been blanketed in a toxic smoke for weeks now the indian medical association is calling it a public health emergency now the advent of cooler weather has trapped car and factory emissions causing the smoke and smoke from crop residue that's burned in neighboring states that all adds to an already toxic combination of smaug levels in recent weeks levels of carcinogenic particles in the air where seventy times over
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the safe limit are recommended by the world health organization and in some parts of the city air quality readings recorded a peak of nine hundred ninety nine that's the highest that the machines can actually read and it's not just new delhi six other cities most of them in neighboring states have got air quality that is as bad if not worse goodness me well i don't know about gosh is c.e.o. of the nonprofit policy research group the council on energy environment or more so he's talking to us now via skype from google graeme near new delhi thank you for talking to us the situation seems absolutely dire first of all one wonders why thirty thousand people are mad enough to jeopardize their health by running in these conditions will you. learn. the meter. why she. has gone.
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on the mark on this. i will tell you that is a. lie when it's all. written down. now this is a situation that new delhi at least faces every year the government is is regaled with complaints and nothing seems to be done about it. yes i mean the problem is that we adequately prove that you know but it spikes particularly in the winter months where. when the crops are harvested and all of that in the vault the country understand it as well and that it's in the air quality problem so these spikes and get one of the problem results in a public outcry and i sort of that days are the attention seems to get diverted to other issues so what we need is
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a longer term so the twenty go to the target of the clean air danny clean air india a vision and work backwards from that and really all the factors not just the property but the big killer average the wrong ducts the construction ducts. the industrial pollution all of that needs to be dealt with in a strategic going to calibrate car segment there's this problem but the government has attempted hasn't it in recent weeks to ted to deal with the issue of traffic congestion for instance. where the government tried to reintroduce what was for the or even policy which was. on this abusive but not have you know our previous occasions when it has been attempted it's actually very first and that's one of the . best the interim measure and we can deal with the air pollution problem we just think of it as some short term responses that are needed
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this is severe enough and see it is and it is an issue that is one of the economic . it's going to be foreign investors and we need a much bigger a lot much relieved our level of attention to this through the year than just those that at the start. all right very interesting to talk to you thank you very much ira now about ghosts of the count. energy environmental water thank you. that argentina's defense ministry says it's detected seven failed satellite calls from the missing submarine and that's of course raising hopes that the forty four crew members on board will be found alive contact was lost with the san juan on wednesday as it was returning to base in ma bell platter from a routine mission in the south atlantic the search for the vessel has been hampered by stormy weather. has the latest. the
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search and rescue operation is continuing through the night and into sunday with the argentina thor it is saying they are now cautiously optimistic after receiving more they say were seven attempted satellite cause which failed to connect but were a sign of life somewhere deep in the south atlantic in the meantime united states chile great britain for their assistance and we're sending expertise to argentina to help in the in the search operation to find the sun one submarine the argentine authorities have not heard from the crew since wednesday morning they and the families of the forty four crew members are becoming increasingly concerned as each hour passes without hearing from the submarine now they're not calling it an emergency as yet they have no news of any mechanical failure or any other technical failure there simply saying they've not heard from the crew since wednesday morning in the meantime the whole of argentina is watching and waiting with great
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nervousness and great. to hear what happens the pope has said that he is praying for the forty four crewmembers arjen time president mauricio macri is saying that he will stop at nothing to try to find out what has happened to the crew of the of the san juan. voters in chile are heading to the polls to elect a new president the conservative sebastian pinera a businessman who served in earlier term as leader is the favorite but that presidency was playing by huge protests over inequality and education here's our latin america editor lucien newman reporting from santiago. he left office four years ago after a fairly lackluster administration yet former presidents have us jumping it is the favorite for a second crack at chili's presidency he hasn't taken off the red rubber watch the president barack obama gave him is that a good luck trying now it is a. simple. problem. this will make the difference
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between good times and bad times all the to the people. but unlike obama is a conservative and a businessman with even more billionaires than donald trump i don't think. chile is latin america's most stable economy but after a series of corruption scandals politics seems to have lost its blue. politicians are all in bed together they only care about their own interests and their own well being a. major structural reforms introduced by socialist president michelle bachelet haven't yet produced benefits hurting the center left chances the political right was very very effective and installing a discourse of the country is going down the drain economic growth is slowing down you're creating uncertainty etc was an actual fact it was the international scenario of slowing growth. the center left is going into the elections
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deeply divided with four candidates. hundred years a former journalist is vowing to continue battle is reforms in this still socially unequal country the right wing will never implement reforms because they want to maintain the monopoly of a. few who then invest their money abroad. in this election all the center left presidential candidates are competing not just against former president peña out of it but also against the very real possibility of libel. or. very much the opposition candidate and that's why the government has been complaining to hire a list to convince chileans what is inside their disenchanted with politicians and go out and vote. indeed there's little enthusiasm for an election that many predict will say less about what chileans want than about what they no longer believe in. you see in human i'll just see that santiago. most recent saudi arabia will soon
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have to pay a five percent tax on petrol when they fill up their tank the tax will come into effect in january the kingdom passed a draft law earlier this year to apply a value added tax or v.a. eighty on some products and services and it's all part of saudi arabia's economic reform as the oil dependent country deals with the slumping global crude prices. at the top u.s. commander says he would refuse to carry out any illegal nuclear strike ordered from donald trump or any other president air force general john hiten is responsible for overseeing the u.s. nuclear arsenal he told the france international security forum in canada that he had given a lot of thought to what he would say if we received such an order his comments come as tension between the u.s. and north korea remains high. separatist leaders in indian administered kashmir
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have called for a shutdown of shops and businesses to protest against the recent killing of rebel fighters thousands of people marched in a funeral procession on saturday for a rebel commander who was killed in a shootout with police mourners chanted anti india slogans as they carried his body just hours later at least five suspected rebels and an air force commander were killed and more fighting. the farm in this is of germany sweden and japan are visiting a refugee camp in bangladesh along with abandon their she foreign minister more than six hundred thousand refugees have been forced to leave me in march for bangladesh since august after a military crackdown the un has accused me amar of committing ethnic cleansing. the america's most famous children's home is preparing to celebrate its one hundredth birthday next month they've been huge changes in how the u.s. kids the overtones and the other children since it was founded in one nine hundred
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seventeen john hendren has been to boys town in nebraska to look back at a century of helping young people. this is not the orphanage of yesteryear boys town nestled in the omaha suburbs is still home to boys who come to study and put troubled past behind them i want to be a high school dropout hanging out with my friends doing drugs kind of just going down the wrong path at that and would probably be in jail but boy's town has evolved from the days when father edward flanagan created it in one thousand nine hundred seventeen. event memorialized by spencer tracy in an iconic film i'm father flannigan i saw your brother joe just a little while ago boystown was founded a century ago as a traditional orphanage but as the u.s. has moved toward foster care for apparently children the mission here has changed now only a handful of the thirty four thousand children served by boystown are truly orphans
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and there were reform schools and there were christian orphanages both of them basically paid for themselves through essentially the slave labor of the kids both of them have a positive net income i think boystown when it was started flanagan saw that there were two systems of care and they were both residential so he set up a new system of care that was very different nowadays most of the work that we do with kids is in their own home their own neighborhood their own school our own works and i was going to start and spiral just a thousand boys towns children live on campuses like this one across the us most are held in their own homes with their own parents many children in foster care and other homes have ended up in jail some have mental health problems some are effectively orphaned by the opioid epidemic and other family struggles many. these children have issues whether it's disability and we know they're over represented trauma the children that we see failing whether it's in the juvenile justice system the foster care system or an institutional placement or the kids that don't have
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advocates the institutions of the past evolve the heck family says for the better when i can finally smiles for the first time our actually goes home and does our young cousin as parents that's amazing our own parents are like that was about i had my son back and it just that's why we do want melike i returned to his mother's home after a year then called the help family asked him to come back and live here with them their son and seven other boys like him he's gone from skipping school to the top of his class now on road to college and so it's really just helping me get on the road for success to get me and i think is changing times have morphed orphanages into homes for troubled children that's a martyr the hacks hope to repeat john hendren al-jazeera boys town nebraska.
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arliss a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera zimbabwe's ruling zanu p.f. party is set to vote on whether to strip robert mugabe of the presidency and his party leadership hundreds of thousands of people meanwhile march on saturday demanding he resign there's growing pressure for president mugabe to step down since the military seize power on when the say has more from harare. well they're considering firing the president and firing his wife grace as head of the women's league if they decide to do that been the most should be put in parliament to impeach him if that happens and you'll no longer be president if it doesn't happen he could suggest that maybe politicians are trying to remove him at the party conference in december where the delegates or then of voting him out palestine or threaten to suspend communications with the u.s. over the trumpet ministrations warning that it could close the pillows office in
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washington d.c. the state department says the p.l.o. violated u.s. law by calling for an international criminal prosecution of israel for its building of illegal settlements leavens prime minister saad hariri has confirmed he will return to beirut five when say he says then he'll clarify his position after his shock resignation more than two weeks ago mr hariri hasn't returned to his country since he abruptly resigned in the saudi capital riyadh is now in france which is trying to mediate the political crisis. the arab league is holding an extraordinary meeting in cairo it's at the request of saudi arabia and it's to discuss iran's recent activities in the region iran is accused of being behind a missile launched from yemen which targeted riyadh and and although pipeline explosion in bahrain. the firm in this is of germany sweden and japan are at
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a red refugee camp in bangladesh along with the bangladeshi foreign minister more than half a million rangar have been forced to leave me in mali for bangladesh since august following a military crackdown the un has accused of committing ethnic cleansing those are the headlines talked out just here is next. on counting the cost venezuela in default as the oil rich country fails to pay its debt well look at what a messy financial an unraveling could mean for the starving people our lebanon's economy is getting squeezed plus why zimbabweans are buying big corn counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. you. see.


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