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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2017 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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you cooking lived oh yes the go i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several working buses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards one day fidel castro a rival to the country club and they decide to play god. and certainly if you can castro said to show you right now gee shape if we could. harm members of students of ours in this magnificent a chronicle of the revolution and its aspirations through the prism of its architecture cuba's unfinished space at this time on al-jazeera. to magog to. reside in what we think. is both vision is the president is in.
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a different era in zimbabwe the ruling party tells robert mugabe the past go. you're watching out of their arms the whole robin also coming up in the next thirty minutes palestinian leaders threatening to suspend ties with the u.s. over its plan to close the p.l.o. office in washington d.c. . and find out why people highty are already calling for the new president to quit . also cautious optimism signals have been detected from a missing submarine in argentina. welcome to the program we started southern africa was a bar boys ruling party has gone. robert mugabe an ultimatum he must resign as
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president by midday on monday or face impeachment zanu p.f. is also dismissed mugabe as party leader and expelled his wife grace from its ranks . there were celebrations in the capital harare as the results were announced the garveys former vice president. has been put forward as the interim party leader. resigning. the president.
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this is a fast moving story with the clock ticking for president robert mugabe. but . if the president doesn't resign.
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even of the people. she's not. only. young lady. but. how does.
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what happened. thank you very much. thank you very much for joining us.
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but. we have. shortened. challenges. when. we. picked. him in for the world.
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to his wife. and. we're hearing the president is meeting. so now the question is is the president going to resign if the country. when. there is a real. let's
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join tanya paige across the border in south africa she's in johannesburg fast moving events obviously at harare we're still waiting for official reaction from government voices in south africa but they have played a pivotal role certainly in the last few weeks during this turmoil in zimbabwe yes very much so in fact on the day after it happened south african president jacob zuma was as far as we know the only outside leader able to actually talk to president robert mugabe on the phone confirming that he was confined to his home and that he was fine south africa playing an important role in in these negotiations because it is currently the chair of the southern african development community the regional body in his announcement when the president broke into television streaming and said that made that announcement about president robert
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mugabe he said that he was sending on boys two and goler end to zimbabwe so without a doubt south africa has head many official and unofficial channels of communication open with the lead players in zimbabwe we spoke to them a few hours ago they said they didn't want to talk until something had happened officially and now that it has we are waiting for their statement it is possible that are we may not hear anything until the sec summit on tuesday in emergency meeting has been called but as her i was saying earlier that is the day that potentially president of zimbabwe robert mugabe is in page so it looks like we may in fact get into a situation where events in zimbabwe itself actually eclipse any sort of diplomatic efforts outside the relationship between south africa and zimbabwe was you might say a double edge sword while south africa engage zimbabwe in dialogue most probably want to see change in some shape or form to benefit the people it was also a haven for those zimbabweans who didn't quite see eye to eye with robert mugabe
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and for pretoria had to be very careful how it dealt with robert mugabe. absolutely and has never wanted to do anything to inflame the situation there as you like because we have seen over many years an enormous influx of up when it's not only to south africa but to and into all the neighboring countries as well really driven out by their job prospects affectively they're not able to put food on the table at home so lots of people come here botswana. namibia looking for jobs you know so that they can feed their children and save them to school and get them an education so therefore has a bit of a potted history when it comes to where they're obviously closely tied historically as you know the a.n.c. being also a former liberation movement but particularly i'm thinking in terms of former president taba vickie's presidents he was highly criticized for his quiet diplomacy toward zimbabwe and in fact said m. the a you have been criticized i've seen
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a lot of commentary and some comments on social media as well criticizing both said i can and you saying look this is our business you weren't there for us when we needed you win elections we suspected were rigged you rubber stamped those elections so now we're dealing with this in our own way or for the moment to tell you we'll leave it there until we get more word certainly from the southern african countries thank you also you go for the full of robert mugabe. perhaps the most infamous ruler in africa who destroyed a promising country through his determination to cling on to power adored by some but despised by others in zimbabwe although widely admired across africa as a hero who stood up to the west. one thousand nine hundred five rhodesia and even smith's white settlers declare independence from britain an event that defined robert mugabe's life. the black majority resisted racist rule in the cities and out
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in the countryside where a vicious bush war raged for years robert mugabe a teacher turned activist emerged from prison as an articulate leader of the independent struggle we started the war in order to give our country then we haven't got our country they did get their country at lancaster house in london in one nine hundred seventy nine and when zimbabwe celebrated independence gobby the overwhelming winner of elections was in power and soon showing the rival liberation fighters what do to keep it to be learned in the early one nine hundred eighty s. the opposition crushed thousands killed in ethnic massacres atrocities that were barely noticed abroad. but there was also much to admire robert mugabe brought education and health to millions of zimbabweans. although later the economy declined and the invasion of
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white farms in two thousand were turning point this time the world did notice. this was going to happen because going to turn into a bloodbath turn into another congo maybe this is it. we're going to have to get out of it was a chaotic destructive process dobby said he was correcting an old injustice was we give it to whom we please it's not the business of britain used to tell us. not whether those who were given members of my by my party is relevant to britain. by now the opposition was growing despite torture and manipulation many zimbabweans are ready to throw out. they had a new hero morgan chang to write he said robert mugabe's early achievements will always be overshadowed by the years of oppression. as the great liberator.
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is somebody who has betrayed the liberation. i think the latter will prevail. because i think he is ending. the legacy built. at one stage the two rivals ended up in government together although mccarthy made sure he kept the real power and chang later returned to a position by now his wife grace forty one years his junior had emerged as a political player and gabi well into his ninety's seem determined to go on and on he liberated zimbabweans but he also left his room as legacy sony vaio al-jazeera alex is a lawyer and writer and was a former advisor to the zimbabwean prime minister morgan chiang rai joins me now
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from our london bureau could have you with us live on al-jazeera what's your initial reaction to how fast the story has moved in harare in the past three hours . well it was fairly predictable to those of us wash the scene very closely it was clear from the moment that the military made their announcement on wednesday morning that mr mugabe's days were numbered their ready crossed the red line and they could not go bag from from the position that they had taken and there what we're seeing is obviously the escalation of political pressure which is left mr mugabe isolated and in a position in which he cannot defend himself anymore there is no no no no way back to him at the end of the day zanu p.f. is still in control be it with different faces now it's a case solve it goes to parliament. meeting will happen to ratify the
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changes that they've made to make it legal and constitutional as far as their books concerned but the opposition remains the opposition where does that leave someone like morgan chang at the moment to the mix. well you know i think everybody needs to appreciate that this was always a family fight with the. fight to is to succeed mr mugabe and now that the faction which was breaking mr has succeeded the only question is whether or not they have the capacity to provide the national leadership that is required and by that i mean being able to hear the divisions that have been wrought by mr mugabe's rule. being able to be more inclusive in their politics which might also include reaching out to the other within the country the political actors including mr chang graham south of including people in civil society and the
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organizations that might also have a part to play in rebuilding what is plainly a broken nation you will learn certainly know all of those that have now taken power zanu p.f. are they the type of individuals that will want to reach out can we look forward to a free and fair elections in the not too distant future if things go to plan. you know. when they have held power for thirty seven years and i mr mugabe the people. now have now moved to ask mr mugabe people who really will gather for a very very long time he drew his power from the military he drew his power from people. who were very loyal and very tough in the manner in which they they dealt with issues. people are looking at this and saying it's good that mr mugabe
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is gone but there are also raising questions there's also exactly as to whether these people who are now taking over have the willingness to actually create democratic space or it's going to be more of the same the issue really is is easier fight against one man or is it a fight against the system it looks to me like it's always been about this is and less the system itself changes unless the system itself is dismantled then we will continue to have serious challenges and that's why the issue of leadership how much of an issue is the military in this whole equation and how wills are new p.s. you might say be looking over their shoulder as it moves forward knowing that the military can come in with the support of the public to make political change. indeed one of the things that is happened in this particular episode is that the
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military has become a firm favorite of the people even if the generals who are currently in charge moving to politics will be looking. to see who is doing what in the military because they have tested power we have seen the president in other african countries that once you have cool once you have military intervention once then you have said a president and it could happen again so it is a challenge that had been introduced into our politics which would be hard to shake off well for the moment it's been a pleasure speaking to you thank you very much for joining us from our london bureau. and. palestinian authorities are threatening to cut off all communication with the u.s. over the trumpet ministrations plan to close the pillows office in washington d.c. now the u.s. announced its decision last week citing a twenty fifty law placing conditions on the u.s. the move comes as the trumpet ministration is trying to broker
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a peace plan between the palestinians and israelis welcomed where it has been following events from western. ever since trump came to power he said that he will bring the ultimate peace deal to the middle east the palestinians always said that they'd be the ultimate partner with trump is never allowed rated on what kind of peace deal this might be whether it will be a two state solution or otherwise palestinian officials told us in the meetings that they've had today with trump of ministration officials there on the understanding that the americans understand the conditions that would be conducive for a peace deal they've now expressed great surprise at what's what the u.s. has said now and they say that throughout the duration of the trumpet ministration israel has increased its building of settlements in the west bank they say that's illegal so they're questioning why at this moment they think they've been cooperating israel has not said they're saying why are we being punished and why is israel being rewarded. well staying in the region the arab league is holding a meeting in cairo at the request of saudi arabia to discuss iran's intervention in
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the region it comes at a time of heightened tension between the two regional rivals bernard smith reports . after more than two and a half years of fighting in yemen saudi arabia's coalition and iranian backed goofy fighters are at a stalemate while the country is on the verge of famine and cholera is spreading wherever the saudis look in the middle east they see iran yemen isn't the only country where they're facing off and iran always seems to be one step ahead in syria iranian soldiers and hezbollah fighters along with the russians of help shift the civil war in favor of president bashar al assad that's at the expense of the anti assad forces riyadh has been supporting the saudis have been accused of allowing thousands of its citizens to fight for myself in syria and the iranians have done very world they backed president bashar very solidly in very determinedly from the beginning and that contrasted with the behavior of the u.s.
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to western governments in terms of their support for the syrian rebels and the iranians have always been very strategic in their clerk and i think that viewed from riyadh the the outcome of the syrian crisis is definitely being one that has consolidated iran's position in the region in lebanon prime minister saad hariri resigned citing an assassination plot hariri accused iran and lebanon based iranian backed militia has bala of sowing strife irrate was in riyadh when he resigned the saudis say they didn't force in lebanese politicians accused the saudis of holding her hostage and destabilizing that country. in iraq after its invasion of kuwait and nine hundred ninety relations with saudi arabia never recovered while iran has helped the government in baghdad fight eisel but here at least the saudis of tried to improve diplomatic relations in february the saudi foreign minister visited baghdad for the first time in twenty seven years and iraqi prime minister hide our
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body has been to react twice in the past four months the line is the iranians no control or influence in four arab capitals in in baghdad damascus beirut and most recently in center the yemeni capital again you can exaggerate these things and iran does things deftly and quite intelligent clee but the overall effect is the sense that it is encroaching on areas that were traditionally the. heart of the arab world the saudis can rely on the u.s. for support but crown prince mohammed bin solomon is a new player in middle east politics the iranian leadership in contrast has been doing this for decades syria's assad news agency is reporting government forces have again to full control of near the border with iraq the troll of the city has changed hands between syrian government forces and their allies and i saw in recent
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weeks now the city was the last significant area the armed group controlled in the country. south america where argentina's defense ministry says it's detected seven failed satellite calls from a missing submarine raising hopes that the forty four crew members on board can still be found alive contact was lost with the sound one of wednesday as it was returning to its base in mar del plata from a routine mission of the south atlantic the search for the vessel has been have heard by stormy weather that has the latest from model parter. the search and rescue operation is continuing through the night and into sunday with the argentina thor it is saying they are now cautiously optimistic after receiving more they say were seven attempted satellite cause which failed to connect but were a sign of life somewhere deep in the south atlantic in the meantime the united states chile great britain of all offered their assistance and women sending expertise to argentina to help in the in the search operation to find the sound one
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submarine the argentine authorities have not heard from the crew since wednesday morning they and the families of the forty four crew members are becoming increasingly concerned as each hour passes without hearing from the submarine they're not calling it or the mergence he has yet they have no news of any mechanical failure or any other technical failure or simply saying they've not heard from the crew since wednesday morning in the meantime the whole of argentina is watching and waiting with great nervousness with boys to hear what happens the pope has said that he is praying for the forty four crewmembers argentine president . saying that he will stop at nothing to try to find out what has happened to the crew. of the san juan more than thirty thousand runners have taken part in a half hour and a marathon in the indian capital and that's despite health warnings from doctors about severe pollution levels the city has been blanketed in
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a toxic smoke for weeks medical association is calling it a public health emergency. and saying in the region bangladesh is foreign minister mahmoud ali has visited the camps and caucuses bizarre joined by ministers from the european union china and japan hundreds of thousands of refugees continue to flow into bangladesh after fleeing a violent military crackdown in. gerry adams the leader of the irish republican party should faine has announced that he'll step down after thirty five years adams was the leading voice fortune thing at westminster m.p. where his party was the political wing of the irish republican army now the group's force a guerrilla campaign against british control of northern ireland for almost forty years. haiti has reinstated its army after twenty two years without war is a controversial move for the caribbean nation which has a history of violent political instability and the stories of reports it comes at
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a time creasing public pressure for president. to step down. ceremony to begin a day of protests against the government of. the opposition says the government is corrupt and he's raising taxes to hurt the poor majority. the president raised the price of gasoline and passed a criminal with nothing in it for the people this is not what he promised in his campaign. earlier this week an investigation revealed that millions of dollars were stolen from a two billion dollar venezuelan loan to haiti that was meant to help rebuild this nation after the earthquake. and even though it happened during the previous administration it has people disenchanted with the political class people here.
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in the northern city of cap-haitien president. the haitian armed forces. i'm going to assess for all the people of haiti for all humanity. not involved in politics haiti has been without military forces since one nine hundred ninety five when former president. disbanded the army after he returned to power following a call for now it's only composed of one hundred fifty members its main job will be to patrol the seas and the border with the dominican republic. and to. help rebuild after natural disasters. but forces that plan more and reinstating the army is a mistake.
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no no no no no no no. haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world and has slowed down in recent years the government insists it's doing what's necessary to improve the economy. but on the streets there are many who fear the president's reforms will end up hurting those who need help the most. to prince. you're watching i was there i'm so whole raman these are all top stories and barbara's ruling party has given president robert mugabe and ultimatum he must resign by midday on monday or face impeachment zanu p.f. has also dismissed mugabe as party leader and expelled his wife grace from its
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ranks. there were celebrations in the capital harare the results were announced with former vice president. has put forward as interim party leader. palestine has threatened to suspend all communication with the u.s. over the trumpet ministrations warning that it could close the palestine liberation organization office in washington d.c. . also the arab league is holding a meeting in cairo at the request of saudi arabia to discuss iran's recent activities in the region iran is accused of being behind a bazaar launched from yemen targeting riyadh and to the oil pipeline explosion in bahrain. syria's southern news agency is reporting government forces have again taken control of oil become open the border with iraq control of the city has changed hands between the syrian government forces and their allies and eisel in recent weeks now the city was the last significant area of the armed group
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controlled in the country. argentina's defense ministry says it's detected seven failed satellite calls from a missing submarine raising hopes that the forty four crew are still alive contact was lost with the sound one on wednesday as it was returning to its base in platter from a routine mission in the south atlantic more than thirty thousand mothers have taken part in the half marathon in the indian capital that's despite health warnings from doctors about severe pollution levels the city has be blanketed in a toxic smog for weeks the indian medical association is calling it a public health emergency bangladesh's a former four of the saudi foreign minister mahmoud ali has visited rohingya camps in cox's bazaar joined by ministers from the european union china and japan hundreds of thousands of rigor refugees continue to flow in dubai over their shafter fleeing ability crackdown in neighboring be above those where the headlines here on al-jazeera the listening post is next to stay with us.
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is captivating the only hope for china's candor it's one of my knees ventures deep into the mountains of western china in search of the elusive wild panda at this time and how does iran. lebanese prime minister saad hariri resigned if in saudi arabia have any. why doing right now in our. sort of saudi arabia's crown prince pushing greater current with a large.


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