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i would use iraq where ever you are. the story that's had the greatest impact on me would probably be the most economists of thirty four miners died and ran with their one of the few television . on that's. to dismiss some of the times the story develops the story and films it's unlikely to live i want this to viewer in malaysia like jazeera english because the news is not censored and you didn't miss any of the news and you couldn't be still watching online. this is. live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha fully
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back to welcome to the news grid the end of an era in zimbabwe days after a military takeover robert mugabe is dismissed as leader of the ruling zanu p.f. adi has been given until midday on monday to resign as president impeached adi members have been celebrating but the political crisis seems far from over we have a live report reaction and analysis also on the grid the saudi ron paul takes center stage at the arab league foreign ministers are holding an emergency meeting in cairo at the request of saudi arabia to discuss confronting iran who they say is interfering in their internal affairs will explore what actions if any they're likely to take and no one talks about it but everyone does it going to the toilet four point five billion people say live without proper sanitation facilities on world toilet day we'll look at how they're especially important for women who in
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many parts of the world are forced to go to the toilet in the open often facing five. time for him home as we have all the online reaction to the late subelements coming out of zimbabwe next last season hash tag a.j. news great to. get you in the news great live on air and streaming online for you to facebook live and that's al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us for millions of zimbabwe and his the only leader they've ever known and robert mugabe has been president since the end of white minority rule in one thousand nine hundred eighty he has been a controversial and dominant figure over the decades but he's to mulch a time in office effectively came to an end on wednesday when zimbabwe's army took control of power and detained the longtime leader a move that led to thousands of people to come out to the streets in harare in
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celebration and just a few hours ago the ruling zanu p.f. which mugabe has led for decades old fishley expelled him from the party and gave him an ultimatum. resigning with. president. clinton live in two thousand and seventeen. is order. of the president in terms of fiction a decision. will speak to tanya page in johannesburg south africa in just a moment for regional reaction but first straight to hiram what's in zimbabwe's capital harare we can't overstate i think the significance of this moment it's been
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an incredible day robert mugabe out as leader of zanu p.f. tell us about how you've lived through this day and also the reactions in zimbabwe to this news. well president mugabe is no longer leader of the party but he is still a party member they didn't expel him from the party people are now waiting to see how the next few days play out he has until monday midday to resign if he doesn't he will be impeached in parliament so people are waiting to see if he's going to use our we know that he is meeting army officials and we're hearing that he wants to go to south africa to speak to president jacob zuma as far as the people's reaction are they praying for the country today they spent most of the day here in this park where they are praying for a way forward praying that will be peaceful they plan again to meet tomorrow on monday here at the same park to pray for the country which is opposite the parliament building but we did see jubilant scenes earlier during that meeting of
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the zanu p.f. members as you say is no longer leader of the party is still a member of the he's still president and he's been given until midday on monday to step down do you think he's going to he's that call and if he doesn't what's going to happen. was an e.p.a. officials say that they feel that or they hope that he will heed the call and he will resign because this is the best thing for the country ultimately how he fell out from the party it was to do with the firing of first of the of the former president mr managua and they they blame his wife grace for that they said their respects president mugabe they calling him an elder statesman as if they respect him but he lost his way or not influenced by his wife and they're saying that they didn't want to do what they did but the situation just got so untenable he had to go as leader of the party so what about the process and again if he doesn't go out
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as leader they're going to start impeachment proceedings i understand how oh how long is that going to take. well it's clear that he's not wanted anymore in the party so it shouldn't take too long it's a case of meeting and then they decide to impeach him the party has said that in terms of who will take over they'll make that announcement after he's in peace if we even get that far remember he's been given the option to resign that's monday twelve mid day he may do that but he doesn't they say they will impeach him ok thank you very much for that. my forests are in zimbabwe's capital harare let's get reaction from south africa and tanya page in johannesburg south africa is currently chair the leader president of south africa's chair of sadik the regional body the southern african development community tell us about the reaction in south africa and the rest of the region tanya to these fast developing events in zimbabwe.
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people in general i think are quite stunned i think it's a day that many people expected would come in their lifetime but can't quite believe that day may actually be here as far as official reaction from government we haven't heard from the president's office yet we hope to do so we spoke to the spokesperson for government a short while ago and they said they didn't want to say anything until tomorrow because as harry was saying that is the deadline that has been given to president robert mugabe to resign voluntarily by his party the governing zanu p.f. we've been in contact with the communications for the southern african development community said that's the regional body and they too also don't want to say anything everyone being pretty cautious officially at least they don't want to say anything until choose day that's when an emergency summit has been called of said it leaders meetings which of course could simply be eclipsed by events on the ground on tuesday if in fact president robert mugabe is impeached then they're
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being cautious tanya you say and yet south africa actually been negotiating it seems these last few days some sort of exit for robert mugabe and there's even been talk of him probably going to south africa any more on that. yeah there's been lots of rumors and lots of speculation as you can imagine this is an extremely sensitive time in those negotiations as well we know that president jacob zuma as is the current share of that regional body was able to make a phone call to president robert mugabe of the day after confirmed that he was confined to his home confirmed that he was he was fine his health was fine and he sent on boys to angola and to zimbabwe to try and mediate in this process we saw some photographs emerging of a meeting with those on voice the president mugabe and the head of the zimbabwean defense force so clearly playing a key role and emphasizing the position of sadek and the a you that this should be
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a constitutional change of government is that if that is what is to eventually take place and johnny of course is a big huge zimbabwean community in south africa and i imagine there must be watching these events unfolding back home very closely any reaction from you know the the bigger zimbabwean community there in south. so there's a big big zimbabwean community here and also in the other neighboring countries as well you know not just here although south africa's borne the brunt of the exodus of many hundreds of thousands of zimbabweans driven out by for political reasons but mostly for economic reasons you know we've been speaking to people over the last few days and and you know what's been the course of quite extraordinary is just there are still a high number of people that you talk to on the street may they want to talk to you they want to express hope but they don't want to go on camera because they are still afraid to speak freely and i think that gives you an idea of just the
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enormous dominance of this figure of president robert mugabe not only on the zimbabwean people but on you know the continent as a whole and and people speaking of their hope that they'll be able to go home they don't like living here they don't want to be called foreigners they don't like working you know scraping to make a living but they have to do it because what they're able to earn here is better than nothing which is what many of them would be earning back at home tanya thank you very much for that tanya page with reaction there from johannesburg in south africa and already a lot of reaction also from our viewers online to these events in zimbabwe quite historic events if you look at the way things have unfolded here on facebook says it's hard to be optimistic about this since it's a military giunta taking this step mugabe may have been functionally a dictator replacing him with an explicit dictatorship is not going to be a step forward and another comment from ahmed who says not only mugabe about all his cabinet and longtime cronies must justice keep those comments coming use the
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hash tag a genius grade on social media now let's take a closer look at how this crisis in zimbabwe unfolded in these past two weeks on november sixth mugabe fired his longtime ally vice president m.s. and now ganga arrival of his wife grace to succeed him as president two days later the ruling zanu p.f. body expelled my god and he fled to south africa. on wednesday the military seize power it denied it was a coup and said it was targeting criminals around the president over the weekend there were extraordinary scenes in harare where hundreds of thousands of people took part in an untimely gobby rally and as we mentioned earlier in the last few hours zanu p.f. the ruling party has sacked mugabe as its leader and replaced him with. his son you're going to go with more on the rise and fall of robert mugabe. he was perhaps the most infamous ruler in africa who destroyed
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a promising country through his determination to cling on to power adored by some but despised by others in zimbabwe although widely admired across africa as a hero who stood up to the west. one nine hundred sixty five rhodesia and even smith's white settlers declare independence from britain an event that defined robert mugabe's life. the black majority resisted racist rule in the cities and out in the countryside where a vicious bush war raged for years robert mugabe a teacher turned activist emerge from prison as an articulate leader of the independent struggle we started the war in order to grow a good country and we haven't got a country. they did get their country at lancaster house in london in one nine hundred seventy nine and when zimbabwe celebrated independence the overwhelming winner of elections was in power and soon showing the rival liberation fighters
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what do to keep it to be learned in the early one nine hundred eighty s. the opposition crushed thousands killed in ethnic massacres atrocities that were barely noticed a broad. group. but there was also much to admire robert mccarthy brought education and health to millions of the involved. although later the economy declined and the invasion of white farms in two thousand were turning point this time the world did notice. people said this was going to happen it was going to turn into a bloodbath turn into another congress maybe this is it we're going to get out it was a chaotic destructive process dobby said he was correcting an old injustice. it's not the business of britain. not whether those who were given
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members of my by my party is relevant to britain. by now the opposition was growing despite torture murder and manipulation many zimbabweans seem ready to throw out. they had a new hero morgan chang to write he said robert mugabe's early achievements will always be overshadowed by the years of oppression. the great liberal. has betrayed the liberal. i think. it was i think. the legacy. at one stage the two rivals ended up in government together although mccarthy made sure he kept the real power and chang later returned to
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a position. by now his wife grace forty one years his junior had emerged as a political player and gabi well into his ninety's seem determined to go on and on he liberated zimbabweans but he also left them his room legacy so you go al-jazeera . well joining us now on the news grid from london is alex my guy a lawyer and adviser to the former zimbabwean prime minister morgan china i thank you so much for being with us i just want to i guess ask you first about your reaction to today's events i mean a big day i think in zimbabwe in politics how do you feel about these well it's an absolutely important day in the sense that mr mugabe has been in charge of zanu p.f. for. more than forty years as leader and it is all come crashing down in this dramatic fashion what is fascinating of course is that mugabe was catapulted to leadership by the guerrillas. part of your phone and
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now he's been dethroned again by the military which is instigated this action it is quite fascinating isn't it all elements of zanu p.f. today seem to be in agreement that mugabe to go as party leader all ten regional parties he lost the support of the army the war veterans association the women's league but it was also the same different groups that only a few months ago worse praising mugabe saying that he would be their man in the next election next year you know what happened what's what's changed. we're absolutely it just confirms that what mugabe believed to be popular support was only a facade that was created by people in his party mr mugabe everybody else outside san appear for i was warning them that is untenable to have
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a ninety three year old ninety four year old in two thousand and eighteen as a candidate and all these people were supporting him for their own interests it also shows you the selfishness of politicians that they will go where the wind blows last week they were supporting mr mugabe in firing mr when and where this week they'll pause in which to mugabe in supporting mr mann and i would. expect i want to take a moment to take a look at what could be next was in bob as far as the leadership some of the major political players in zimbabwe now emerson magog war that we've mention is a new party leader for zanu p.f. who was science this month as vice-president the first female vice president in zimbabwe's history joys majority was removed from her post in twenty fourteen some say at the behest of first lady grace mugabe christopher. the leader of zimbabwe's war veterans association which has been instrumental in rallying opposition demonstrations and then also morgan chang a rise in bob wasteful
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a prime minister who founded the opposition party the movement for democratic change m d c alex you know mugabe stepping down from power isn't necessarily going to mean a new day for zimbabwe is it when you look at all these different figures all these people they've been in on the scene for some time now emerson agogo was mugabe's sidekick for a long time how is he going to present himself as a new man to zimbabweans. i think it's important that we are very clear about what is going on here this was an intend no party fight it was a succession struggle between the different actors in zanu p.f. on the one hand the former vice president and on the other hand grace mugabe mr mugabe's wife it was a question of who was going to succeed one faction has succeeded the other players on the political scene mrs mural mr chang guy there are editors on the political scene but this is as an employee of issue and mr magara is the one who is in the
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ascendancy do you think they'll be elections next year in april can they be free and say elections. it was always very doubtful whether there would be free and fair elections next year given that the electoral landscape had not been changed significantly the removal of mr mugabe would be an important part of changing that landscape but we must understand that mr mugabe was part of a system that system hasn't changed the new heir to the work i mean we are part of the system that probed up mr mugabe the only question is have they got the leadership to change the mindset to change the way in which their approach elections and democracy are they really born again democrats or is it going to be the same so next year's elections this is something that all the actors on the political scene are going to have to sit down and talk about very carefully to make sure that the ground is free and fair and that your government is a credible election it will certainly be interesting to see how events develop in
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zimbabwe thank you very much for speaking to us alex my gus's him by wind noise joining us on the news great from london let's bring in our social media producer now writing a moment and huge online reaction to the events in zimbabwe massive just massive we're seeing over one hundred thousand tweets about zimbabwe right now and we continue to see some of the very familiar hashtags the scene this week we've got a must go fresh starts people power and zimbabwe coup but after seeing so many people on the streets of harare on saturday it seems that one thing was clear and that was that most zimbabweans wanted president mugabe to step down they're also calling it a turning point in history i here's a tweet from the a constitutional lawyer funds i am a harris she says the people must never allow dictatorship to rear its ugly head in this great nation again leaders must be servants of the people now it's important to note that we've got a was the only president that most young zimbabweans have ever known and as for the
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mentioned earlier he's been in office since the end of whites minority rule in one thousand nine hundred eighty and the sees a says there is a need to dismantle every structure and law that has criminalize even normal stuff like openly criticizing a leader in zimbabwe and that house or restarts. we also heard from many zimbabweans citizens throughout today about what they expect from their leadership is what some have to say we have the problems right now which bring. the country to become the focus will make use of public education which suffered for many years i don't know but for now it was a time to rebuild and mix but critical it's just what it experienced over the last decade or so is way too much power and too little care for the kinds of leadership practices that cultivate self actualization in people that cultivate trust that cultivate transparency and the truth of the matter is that we've lost way too much
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time and so what we want is to be enabled that we can show up in our talents in our possibilities so that we can build this about with that we all know that we can. some people are questioning the role of the new party leader on zanu p.f. this is everson managua and blake says that we must keep in mind that he was mugabe's vice president his nickname is a crocodile and lake also makes reference to his alleged role in the coup to whom the ethnic massacre was a place and nine hundred eighty now at this point from limb a king got a lot of traction around one over one thousand likes he says in zimbabwe which just had a coup they say that mugabe is through one another why is the chap who will fill this gap though he too is an autocrat and rossano asks if the army and former allies atrocities do right by the citizens another part of this conversation is about
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whether the former president got a should be given political asylum in south africa the statement was issued by the economic freedom fighters of south africa it's a south african socialist political party there and they called for this move it was strongly rejected though by the democratic alliance seeking it out to stop for you. and we go the democratic alliance they firmly rejected this by saying that mugabe has access to the country on so-called political asylum now this witness fossil this situation in south africa got a lot of traction judas said oh malema the leader of the e.s.f. is totally wrong saying that mugabe must be granted asylum in south africa but gabi has caused pain to the people of zimbabwe and they want him to face the music for his crimes so we will continue to monitor all the latest developments coming out of zimbabwe online and we want to hear from you so connected us using the hash tag a.j. news grid message me directly i'm at raheen of khalid. think you very much and you
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know joyce majeure the former vice president has been tipped to replace robert mugabe and she spoke to al-jazeera as maybe her son a few months ago about her legacy and why she believes she is the right person to replace mugabe you can watch that interview on up front with mehdi hasan just click on shows and then up front on al-jazeera dot com has moved on to other world news now in the arab league is hosting a special meeting in cairo at the request. with iran at the center of discussion saudi arabia is accusing tehran of violating regional and international law tensions have been rising between the two rivals including over league members qatar and lebanon it's not clear if lebanon's president will be attending but its foreign minister says he will not all this comes during a time of tension between saudi arabia and iran riyadh has accused iran of supplying who he rebels in yemen with advanced weapons including a missile that was launched awards riyadh two weeks ago iran denied any involvement
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in the attack with president rouhani warning that the islamic republic's might would fend off any challenge and saudi arabia has also spoken out on friday's pipeline explosion in bahrain the country is brained iran for the blasts and saudi arabia calls it sabotage and terrorism has been a smith explains the latest tensions. after more than two and a half years of fighting in yemen saudi arabia's coalition and iranian backed goofy fighters are at a stalemate while the country is on the verge of famine and cholera is spreading wherever the saudis look in the middle east they see iran yemen isn't the only country where they're facing off and iran always seems to be one step ahead in syria iranian soldiers and hezbollah fighters along with the russians of help shift the civil war in favor of president bashar al assad that's at the expense of the anti outside forces riyadh has been supporting the saudis have been accused of allowing thousands of its citizens to fight for myself in syria the iranians have
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done very world they backed president bashar assad very solidly in very determinedly from the beginning but that contrasted with the behavior of the us and western governments in terms of their support for the syrian rebels and the iranians have always been very strategic in their clerk and i think the view from riyadh the the outcome of the syrian crisis has definitely been one that has consolidated iran's position in the region in lebanon prime minister saad hariri resigned citing an assassination plot hariri accused iran and lebanon based iranian backed militia has bala of sowing strife hariri was in riyadh when he resigned the saudis say they didn't force him lebanese politicians accused the saudis of holding her hostage and destabilizing the country. in iraq after its invasion of kuwait in nine hundred ninety relations with saudi arabia never recovered while iran has
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helped the government in baghdad fight eisel but here at least the saudis of trying to improve diplomatic relations in february the saudi foreign minister visited baghdad for the first time in twenty seven is iraqi prime minister hide our body has been to rehab twice in the past four months the line is the iranians no control or have influence in four arab capitals in in baghdad damascus beirut and most recently in some of the yemeni capital again you can exaggerate these things and iran does things deftly and quite intelligent clee but the overall effect is the sense that it is encroaching on areas that were traditionally the. heart of the arab world the saudis can rely on the u.s. for supports the crown prince mohammed bin solomon is a new player in middle east politics the iranian leadership in contrast has been doing this for decades what our senior political analyst joins us now on the news
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great long run so why did the saudis call for this emergency meeting in cairo what are they hoping to get out of this look primarily they want to build the pressure against iran. primarily they feel on their own the way things are growing iran continues to influence various parts of the region continues to interfere in various parts of the region whether it's iraq syria lebanon yemen and so on so forth and so these are do able to do very little about it. certainly with the missiles being shot towards riyadh or king solomon. airport from yemen the saudis are blaming rain ians and there has been allies for training and supporting an ottoman in the hope these could be able to do that so the saudis want to garner arab support against iran in the arab league and there's even talk of referring mr the un security council what's going to achieve look i don't think it will achieve much it's probably symbolic but it's like everything that's being done
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nowadays in riyadh there's certain overzealous overreaching attempts at. going after iran or going after corruption for that matter whatever it is is always the right slogan right but there is always the wrong way of going about it so in this case whatever saudi arabia is doing in yemen whatever saudi arabia is doing in the gulf against qatar whatever it's just just done over the past two weeks in lebanon is backfiring we heard the qatari foreign minister yesterday talk about reckless leadership in the chain is there consensus within the arab league right now as to the way forward is everyone on saudi arabia side well certainly the arab league is divided divided in general and divided on the question whether it should condemn iran today outright for the ballistic missile shot against saudi arabia i think everyone is in agreement that there is. an iranian overreach in the arab
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region everyone agrees to that and everyone wants to criticize iran or almost ever want to criticize iran for interfering in the region but what i've just heard from the arab league foreign ministers meeting is that even egypt which is and so would the ally in the arab league has criticized riyadh's attempts at suspending lebanon's membership yes and then the arab league if lebanon does not condemn hezbollah and. iran in a resolution drafted by saudi arabia egypt disagrees with that it disagrees with suspending the membership of lebanon because think lebanon is going through a very special circumstance and it wants to see the hairy issue resolved because as everyone now knows so you're a totally and utterly mishandled the hariri issue as as we speak we are watching live pictures from that arab league meeting in cairo in a bill rb the secretary general of the arab league is making
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a statement right now we'll get that statement translated for you in just a few minutes but just to keep going on this on the lebannon issue the lebanese president i believe is not there neither is the foreign minister so there is tension there as well after that there is tension and i think the finder said correctly that the draft resolution from the arab league or the final communique of from the arab league is going to condemn the whole theme for shooting missiles through words so do cities it will criticize your reunion in interference in internal affairs but it won't go beyond that clearly the whole way that we the meeting was called for then the way the meeting was conducted the way so the area tried to lobby or try to bully certain countries like lebanon like utterance or so forth i think some of it is backfiring of hands what we're seeing today is more speeches more behind the scenes attempt at getting at something but i don't think there's anything substantial coming out of the meeting today so
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condemnation but no concrete action only of the houses not of iran not even that of not even that thank you very much for that my one senior political analyst there and you know marwan has a very interesting piece up right now on al-jazeera dot com about the latest moves by saudi arabia's young crown prince mohammed bin salman the macchiavelli and prince welcome to salomon irradiates called a thought provoking piece do we get if you have time it's on al-jazeera dot com. now you're watching us on facebook coming up delis air is still too dangerous to breathe and his children who are suffering the most and still ahead on these grades we take a look at some of the challenges facing refugees and aid groups on the greek island of less force to stay with us. in the a. hello
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there is plenty of cloud over the middle east at the moment the satellite picture shows the latest bunch of cloud has been working its way steadily eastwards that's mostly just not a great deal of rain with it at all but still it's gradually edging its way eastwards and it's going to be here working its way across the around there as we head through monday behind it as more unsettled weather following it so another system that diggy its way through parts of iraq and more cloud also on the east coast of the mediterranean and across parts of turkey this one over turkey is looking particularly heavy and it looks like that one's going to give us a very very wet weather and aggression sweeps its way eastward so for choose day for many of us in turkey it is looking wet and some places are likely to see a fair amount of snow now some of the unsettled weather is likely to drift its way a bit further south and we could see a few showers here in doha injuring the week but i think from monday should be more or less drawing there at thirty one degrees will be our maximum temperature cloud increases to the north of us there was we had to choose day there's just the chance a few clouds could spill away towards us and they could just squeeze out the old
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showers so all of that we'll see a bit more cloud here on tuesday as well as our temperatures make it to twenty eight for the southern parts of africa you see the cloud is stretching its way all the way across towards madagascar this is where we're seeing most of the showers over the next few days. with. on counting the cost venezuela in the fold as the oil rich country fails to pay its debt well look at what a messy financial and rattling could mean for starving people our lebanon's economy is getting squeezed plus why zimbabweans are buying corn counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. short films. here with the news great and we are taking you live
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not to cairo where the foreign minister of. berry is making a statement after that emergency arab league meeting that was called by saudi arabia to discuss tensions with iran let's listen in to what he has to sign this tied hand. the king of saudi arabia will not falter defending its national security safety and security of its people who are all required to live up to our patriotic responsibilities to maintain the peace security and stability of our the spectre's countries and stand up to iran's violations since the eruption since the iranian revolution kingdom of saudi arabia has been dealing in good faith with iran yet regretfully iran turned a blind eye to all our efforts similarly they turned a blind eye to all the international lows practices and ethics they continue to export their revolution beyond their borders without any respect to the
6:36 pm
border alliance of their neighboring countries giving rise to many crises in the arab world. seem. many countries the latest of which was the pipeline and by her a these hostile practices. the international can community to label iran as the number one sponsor of terrorism. and placed iran under repeated sanctions due to the repeated lessons of international laws and planting terrorist cells worldwide sparkling arms and above all. facing an attacking diplomatic missions and continuing to violate the immunity. of diplomats creating pockets of terrorism like that of the host and hezbollah and above all harboring many terrorist organization within iran namely.
6:37 pm
yes any leniency towards iran's hostile policies will encourage iran to continue with their hostile enterprise that's why today we are required to stand up genuinely and honestly with our people and our governments at here to the charter of the league of arab states and international laws to stand up to these children and policies of iran in order to preserve a maintain the prosperity of our people i'm certain that this session will live up to their responsibility placed on our shoulders and hand down the necessity of a solution to deal with and address their repeated violations of our peace and security to conclude i pray to god almighty to guide our steps forward and to continue to bestow stability and peace on our respective countries. and if you
6:38 pm
allow me mr speaker. i will hand out. a state. mint detailing the damages. caused by the whole scene militias in yemen suffered various different countries in saudi arabia i give the floor to. the foreign minister of her ain pretty much to. ok we've been listening there to bear the foreign minister of saudi arabia who is making a statement after that emergency lighting of the arab league in cairo which saudi arabia requested to discuss and condemn recent tensions with iran our senior political analyst. is with us once again marwan we heard a strong words and from there condemning iran's actions in yemen notably its
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clients in the region so there's a you know as we expected. an objective for this meeting this extraordinary meeting saudi arabia is driving the message that the entire region now not just saudi arabia is in danger is in reach of iranian ballistic missiles whether from iran itself or as you called it. its clients in the region and that's why he's calling for urgent action on the part of our big members in order to confront iran and its designs on the region specifically the say anything about that well for the time being of course we're talking about statements right i mean in the end of the day no one is mounting military coalition against iran that's for sure but clearly he they do need a strong statement from the arab league because everyone understands that the likes of iraq lebanon as well as oman and perhaps others are not excited to
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join in some kind of an overreaching zealous saudi campaign against iran at this point in time they want to be a bit more sober a bit more calculating on how to move forward in order to see how to court to iranian influence in the region thank you very much for that interesting times in this region no doubt bashar our senior political analyst let's move on now to chile where people are voting in a presidential election today to choose a successor to michel bash they are eight candidates on the ballot paper with conservative billionaire sebastian pinera the favorite to to return. posi held to two years in two thousand and twelve and that's despite his presidency being paid by huge protests over inequality and education voters are also electing all one hundred fifty five members of the nor house and house of the senate to see a new and is covering this election for us in santiago she's a latin america at its end you see i see that your a polling station there tell us about how the voting has been going how
6:41 pm
enthusiastic are people about this election. hello folley well there isn't really as much enthusiasm and as another years even though finally people have come out to begin voting as you can see the lines are getting longer people are casting their ballots for the president and the chamber of deputies behind me but people are angry because they say that they are dissatisfied with all of their politicians from the extreme right to the left there are eight candidates as you mentioned and curiously enough all of them or all of their political parties have been plagued by corruption allegations and revelations over the last four years and this has particularly hurt the center left of president michelle bachelet may even her own son and daughter in law have been implicated and so people say that they don't agree or don't like any of the candidates people who are here have told us that they're not coming to vote for the candidate they love but rather for the one that they dislike the least and that in this case it seems
6:42 pm
according to the polls that that may well be the former presidents have us jumping you know who did vote here a short while ago there were protests signs though outside he too has been implicated in corruption scandal saying we don't want the parana with dollar signs around their purana being a play on words with foley so they don't like any of the candidates what then is their concern going to the ballot box today what are the issues that they would like to see the next leader address. people have believe that their democracy has to give them or they this is a very stable political chile rather has a very stable political and economic system but it's not really delivering the goods for the majority of the country social inequality is still very very high also people are concerned about the growing crime rate even though that too is the lowest in latin america so they're getting fussy and they're becoming very demanding of their politicians. the center left has split into four different
6:43 pm
candidates and that certainly gives an advantage to save us camping it up because the opposition really can feel that it's coming close to having a government once again only for the second time in the last twenty seven years and return to democracy foley thank you for that lucien newman live in santiago where voting is underway this sunday and for more on michele bachmann is legacy read this piece by lucy a new money latin america editor on our website zero dot com has just been published she explains why boston is popularity ratings have been so lol as she leaves office and also what the return of the right and sebastian pinera could mean for chile you can find it on al-jazeera. now it's world toilet day the day the un's declared to inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis it says four point five billion people live without a household toilet that safely disposes waste eight hundred sixty two million
6:44 pm
people go to the toilet in an open space in the bushes or in the water that means one point eight billion people use a source of drinking water that could be contaminated the u.n. says improved citation combined with safe water and good hygiene could prevent around eight hundred forty two thousand deaths each year by cambodia has been badly affected by people going to the toilet in the open but it's also cited as one of the most successful in getting people to install and use toilets al-jazeera as rob mcbride reports from company province. in the center of this cambodian village the ngo has organized a sales pitch for the toilet people are asked how many don't have one the answer is most. instead of getting a donated toilet the idea is to make it something to aspire to and value the human
6:45 pm
clone has just got one she used to go into the field at the back of her house. it's now she has pride of ownership and her friends want to. my neighbor says when her daughter sent him money the next time she'll buy one. simple concrete pipes sunk into the ground she got her toilet from contractor poissy who started making them two years ago but. it's good business i'm now selling about fifteen to twenty a month creating a demand that leads to a market that solves a problem for women and girls especially going out at night in remote areas carries with it the risk of attack a lack of toilets in rural cambodia also does significant harm to the development of children it's estimated a third of under five year olds suffer from stunted growth when children are exposed to faces in their environment they repeatedly get bouts of diarrhea so all
6:46 pm
the good things that are going in coming straight out in the capital phnom penh a regional conference considered solutions it's addressed by dr kamau carr a pioneer who developed a strategy in bangladesh based on peer pressure that's now adopted worldwide if you are not allowed to defecate in the open by the community use your friends store a little reality planet getting different communities to come up with solutions to a shared problem rather macbride al-jazeera companies spew province cambodia fiona callisto joins us now on the news great she's with water aid a charity dedicated to improving water hygiene and sanitation she is live from london thank you so much for being with us fiona the figures are quite astounding sixty percent of the global population either have no toilets or at home or don't have a toilet to safely manage shimon ways where in the world is it hardest for people
6:47 pm
to access toilets and where is it improves. in terms of percentages ethiopia is actually the hardest country in which to find a safe toilet or a decent toilet so a toilet is able to keep the waste separate from water which is essential and you look at ninety three percent cent of the population there not having a decent toilet in terms of numbers partly because india is so large then india is is top of the list however india has made great india and ethiopia have made great strides over recent years in trying to end the problem of people using toilets open deaf cation so going to do their business in wasteland and bring in the idea of toilets into communities here why is it especially important for women to have this say space toilets what impact does it have on their lives if they don't.
6:48 pm
not having a toilet means that women's lives are. so the limited so in many areas where women don't have access to toilets they have to go out and do their business. in wasteland all using a shared communal toilets and. there are reports of women fear being attacked and sauted when they're going out to to do their business. in fact we did a survey in lagos nigeria which showed that one in five women said they'd been harassed or so to when they were going out to do their business in in waste ground although we think anecdotally the figures are actually probably much higher than that then have facts how you live your life because if you're scared of going to the toilet and you're scared of being attacked then you drink less you eat less you try and avoid going to the toilet. and so this then has an impact on women's health
6:49 pm
it means that they are get sick more often the means that they might not be able to when they're pregnant be able to nourish their babies properly and a has had a huge impact on how women can live their lives so. not having a toilet has disproportionately large effect on women if you know our question here from one of our viewers going to the toilet of course is a very taboo subject. thinkin in all cultures do you think the having a world toilet day helps at this terrible does it change anything. i think it can do because i think it gives one time of the year when actually politicians decision makers community leaders kind of have to hear about the issues i think part of the problem with the access to toilets is that it's not something which is glamorous you know very few politicians want to stand outside a new block of public toilets or open that you know they probably rather stand
6:50 pm
outside a new school or and and you're right that people don't talk about it even though it's something we all share and so having a world toilet day kind of gets out into the open allows us to sort of say look one in three people just don't have any sort of decent toilet and as you say the figures for actually having a safe total a much much higher not having to save much much higher so it gives them focus and it allows us to bring toilets out of the closet if you will thank you so much for speaking to us about this young a callous of the organization water aid joining us on the news great from london thank you for your time we appreciate it and you know check out this great story on our website india's toilet man dr bendish walk pa tok has made it is mission to raise awareness of better hygiene through the building of toilets across india he talks about how difficult this has been in some parts of india because convincing people that they need this facility is not easy it's a great story read it on al-jazeera dot com are coming up next on the news great
6:51 pm
what's trending in sports with. tatiana and still ahead roger federer and his record breaking season has come to an end we'll be looking at the science behind this woman at the age of thirty six that's coming up after a snapshot of the world. it's called the pearl of the north the largest freshwater lake in northern china it's about to be transformed into an urban mega region to ease pressure on nearby
6:52 pm
beijing president xi jinping has taken a personal interest in the project this area relies on home to run water for human consumption and that the culture and groups like peace are concerned about the impact of millions more people moving here on the lake side at her restaurant and guesthouse she aging says she is concerned about what the future holds but has faith in the government if you have more people you have more garbage and the environment can be damaged but i believe the government will look after us this is seen as she didn't ping's legacy project and many people believe if he has the will and the results is to create a development here that's three times the size of new york then it should be within his power to do it in an environmentally friendly way.
6:53 pm
time to find out what people are talking about is forces tatiana thank you folly is the very last day of the men's professional tennis season the decisive much is being played at the a.t.p. world tour finals but one man who you might expect to be there in fact isn't roger federer suffered a shock loss to belgium david goffin in the semi final of the tournament and so ends a remarkable season that saw him at the age of thirty six with two grand slam titles straining an open and wimbledon he claimed seven titles in total and lost just five all season wow that's been a lot of luck for him on social media jonathan shipman says well it's over well it's over our only roger federer can have a year like this at the age of thirty six and leave us feeling like he could have
6:54 pm
done more. this the next tweets here from sam mitchell says such skills such style an amazing tennis player to watch and inspire the next generation of players a true role model then fiona says this and twenty sixteen voters are any title with g q's most stylish man of the year in twenty seventeen he's one of a lot more titles are actually seven titles and twenty seventeen in total you can let us know what you think about this as well the hash tag is eight and he's going to tweet me at i am tatiana but how does he still do it that's the question a lot of people have been asking including john mulcahy who's the director of the sports finds agency he joins me now from manchester i know some people in our office today a john took offense at the idea of a thirty six year old being considered all but he is the second oldest male grand slam winner what's what is that about roger federer that allows him to keep performing. yeah there's
6:55 pm
a number of number of reasons why he's still able to perform at such elite level. but the first one is the fact that he's not just accepted that he is getting older and he's able to change his training recovery based on that's if you look at what he's done this year he's actually reduce it to the number of games that he's played by twenty five percent compared to when he was in his late twenty's or early thirty's what happens to an athlete body as they get older that would make it harder than someone younger to perform at a higher level. yes there's a there's a lot of things that change but for a sportsman probably what's possible asport woman probably the most dramatic change is that the hormones associated with muscle development and maintenance begin to wear those women begin to slow down and not affect some things particularly from a power up or an a or a speed or two so it's quite relevant in tennis also we see the quality of connective tissue drop and that can lead to
6:56 pm
a lot of injuries particular on tendons ligaments because if you're getting injured more than you can train as much i'm not going to have an impact on your performance but does the math mean the playing longer into that that even forty that while been with once the case wired up yet all of the sports science underpins underpins that really our ability to train under a lot of athletes has got a lot better so they're hitting higher levels before they see those documents that come with aging but then once they start in the aging process actually sports on is able to help them from a recovery point of view particularly in things like nutrition the quality of sleep and also their ability to relax and take you know the emotion stress that surrounds all. thank you very much we're going to have to leave that joe mulcahey thank you for joining us so in the last game of the tennis season there's no federal loan adele no joke of it and there's no mary the latter three are all injured but that's
6:57 pm
opened the door for two younger less the names to win the a.t.p. tour final the first one is david goffin he's a twenty six year old belgian who's ranked eighth in the world he buys one hundred fifty five thousand followers on instagram sounds like a lot until you realize that roger federer has four million guns opponent will be rico dimitrov also twenty six years old but from bulgaria he's ranked a little higher at six in the world but he has a lot more instagram follow with golf on about five times as many with six hundred seventy one thousand and about eight times more followers on twitter as well. well we'll finish with a clip being said online by a lot of football fans over the past twenty four hours it's something that the lens and specifically fans a fine old football team have made a moving tribute to the late son of the australian goalkeeper broad jones he has had a five year old son luca who died off to a battle with leukemia exactly six years ago the entire ground joined a rendition of you'll never walk alone while lighting the stadium with them oh.
6:58 pm
well we'll have the latest from that match with fred later on the tennis i did he walter finally coming up with a stab at eight hundred eleven tape one hundred back to funny. and i thank you very much for that and that stick for today's news great remember to keep in touch with us on social media at all times all the different ways to do that right here the hash tag as ever a.j. is great we're back here in studio three a tomorrow at fifteen hundred g.m.t. thank you for watching.
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when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds up and i can't stop thinking about the bullets my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of old have fled ethnic cleansing imeem are for bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning
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