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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2017 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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every. yes i am a victim of manipulation between politicians held in guantanamo the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued for years without trial do you know that your own government for six years has been telling every country in the world are innocent please take a quest for a better life that ended in incarceration the guantanamo twenty two at this time on al jazeera. scenes of also jubilation in zimbabwe as the ruling zone appear party sucks robert
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mugabe as its leader. after thirty seven years in power a deadlines been set for him to resign as president or face impeachment with an announcement expected shortly on state television. watching al jazeera live from london also coming up. of foreign ministers arriving cari for an extraordinary me to discuss iran's alleged violations in the region is that a good luck trying now it is it would like a. simple but sebastian pinera may not need much luck billionaire businessman on track to win round one inch selection. we begin with the political turmoil in zimbabwe where an official changing of the
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god could be just hours away president robert mugabe's ruling party has sacked him as their leader and have given him until midday on monday to resign or face it peach vent his. you to address the nation shortly they were jubilant scenes of the party meeting in harare where mcgarvey was replaced by his side deputy emerson. the ninety two year old leader has been meeting military chiefs to discuss his future he's been under house arrest since the army took control on wednesday is about his home affairs minister says it's time for members to start a new chapter in the history yes. it is a sad. it
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is unfortunate. that surrounded himself with. his struggle. live to harare and. so how we're still waiting to hear from the man who's technically is still president are we going to hear from any time soon do you think. people are closely watching state t.v. waiting for president robert mugabe to address the nation senior officials lives on a paper that they feel that. their rights decision that's good for the country right on social media because there's so much anticipation people are now being each other. side let's meet at this place to that place and dogs and celebrate but right now people are actually waiting they told will happen soon they're watching the t.v. station this is the radio stations waiting for the president to address them in this public special broadcast that's been announced on state radio and t.v.
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huge excitement as we've been seeing over there must also be feelings as well of anxiety and uncertainty about what the future will hold without. exactly loss of life and see an uncertainty for the immediate term the people are just waiting to see if he's going to resign if he does people will start celebrating that is different people come on to the streets just what does this mean what makes the main concern for ordinary zimbabweans it is the economy this is the this is one of the highest unemployment rates in the world people struggling to find work they cash shortages people are frustrated and there's blame. for destroying the economy so they hope that. takes over if the president steps down that he'll deal with the economy quickly and their lives can improve what does this all mean for the opposition as well i mean where is movement right now.
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is in the country he participated in that huge march me. saw yesterday and he said he supported what the army did and he believes prism of god they should go what he'll likely do as the main opposition leader he'll continue talking to other smaller opposition parties and form coalitions to try and challenge zanu p.f. with a country goes to election in twenty eighteen his party has its own problems in fighting and trying to just recruit after all these events and also morgan tsvangirai is sick he has cancer so there is some concern about whether he'll be able to challenge him assuming that way and make sure his election but that's it all eyes will be on zanu p.f. they have shown that they are trying to regroup they purged out all the old members who are aligned to grace mugabe and her husband and they will try and forge ahead to the party conference and then the elections and hopefully they saying that they
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hope that they will be able to be a united party that goes ahead into the eighteen as a strong party also interesting to know the whereabouts and opinions of grace mugabe she's the factory being thrown out of the zanu p.f. party she is the one who's being blamed for having introduced what they were describing as a cabal around robert mugabe do we know anything about where grace is. we're told she is in or is she staying at the private residence with the husband president mugabe she has been blamed for the downfall of what used to be a great man that's a lot of people are saying the same thing she came into his life been thing started to unravel they blame her for influencing the president saying she's the reason why so many senior officials were fired from the party and she was also effectively fired from the party when the central committee meets today so they're saying that it's a it's
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a good thing that she's gone but they do see her as the main reason for president mugabe is down all right all eyes on harare the capital of zimbabwe as we wait to hear from the current president robert mugabe for a moment how to tussle there in the capital thank you. well robert mugabe is the only leader that most about winds have ever known a hero of the independent struggle he took power in one thousand nine hundred eighty and maintained a firm grip on it. looks back at his often some thirty seven year rule. he has been perhaps the most infamous ruler in africa who destroyed a promising country through his determination to cling on to power adored by some but despised by others in zimbabwe although widely admired across africa as a hero who stood up to the west. one thousand nine hundred five rhodesia and even smith's white settlers declare independence from britain an event that defined
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robert mugabe's life. the black majority resisted racist rule in the cities and out in the countryside where a vicious bush war raged for years robert mugabe a teacher turned activist emerged from prison as an articulate leader of the independent struggle we started the war in order to give our country and we haven't got our country they did get their country at lancaster house in london in one nine hundred seventy nine and when zimbabwe celebrated independence the overwhelming winner of elections was in power and rival liberation fighters what do to keep it now to be learned in the early one nine hundred eighty s. the opposition crushed thousands killed in ethnic massacres atrocities that were barely noticed abroad.
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but there was also much to admire robert mccarthy brought education and health to millions of the vile vians that. later the economy declined the invasion of white farms in two thousand word turning point this time the world did notice. people said this was going to happen it was going to turn into a bloodbath turn into another congress maybe this is it we're going to get out it was a chaotic destructive process darby said he was correcting an old injustice. please it's not the business of britain. not where the those who are giving members of. my party relevant to britain. by now the opposition was growing despite torture murder and manipulation many zimbabweans seemed ready to throw mccarthy out. they had
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a new hero morgan chang he said robert mugabe's early achievements will always be overshadowed by the years of oppression. as the great liberator. has betrayed the liberal. i think. it was i think. at one stage the two rivals ended up in government together although mccarthy made sure he kept the real power and chang later returned to a position. by now his wife grace forty one years his junior had emerged as a political player and but gabi well into his ninety's seem determined to go on and on he liberated zimbabweans but he also left his room as legacy. al-jazeera. and with me in the studio is alex negates the he's
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a zimbabwean political analyst and served as chief adviser to the former prime minister who just saw in that report alex thanks for being with us is your sense that he's about to go quietly in doing this broadcast to the nation i believe that he has realized that he cannot continue anymore i think he has been sufficiently persuaded by the events in particular what happened yesterday with the numbers coming out and saying that enough is enough and what we're seeing also in his own party today so i think this is the end. there's not a p.f. policy said they know will longer want him as their leader they want him to quit as president does he still have any supporters within the sonic party who are urging the others to let him go with dignity to not punish him because there are people in the country who will still see him as as the hero if you like of the revolution oh yeah no definitely there are people within zanu p.f. who is to have some respect for you some sympathy for him and i think you know they
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remember the days as a young leader as you know the first prime minister and the things that you deal in the liberation struggle and these people who is to get his people who was well good for a very long time and i think that even though they're not happy with the way that he conducted himself in the last few years there's two one to give him some modicum of dignity as you goes away what about emerson the new leader the interim leader of the zanu p.f. and that put forward for presidential elections just how different is he to robert mugabe given they've worked closely alongside one another for many many years now. he was one of the most loyal members of the mugabe's team they were together for a very long time as a special assistant to the war and as a minister of government for thirty seven years and became a vice president in the last two or three years so he is someone who is very close
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to mr mugabe as i've said before the issue here is that there's a focus on mr mugabe as a person but we must not forget that we are dealing with a system the question as always is whether this system that has been there for the past thirty seven years is going to change if mr mandela can demonstrate that he is prepared to change this is to then perhaps there is some hope how likely is it that he would want to form a much more inclusive government including members of the opposition used to advise the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai well morgan. be thinking right now you know there's a school of thought that the in the military guys were part of the hardline part of the one that who who have to continue ruling even after he lost in two thousand and eight and of course there's also another school of thought would say x'mas demand their way is actually a businessman that is
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a pragmatic man who understands the dynamics of the world in a way that is different from mr mugabe and of course we've seen that he has some connections with the western countries with china and with business and saw who knows nobody knows about the kind of leadership that he's going to be given as it's important of course when we hear his words as the new men in charge even when you text judge well it's no longer made of if i think it's a matter of when. you see what he offers for zimbabwe but suburbans will be hoping that he offers them some hope all right we will stay tuned to what is happening in harare as we may for can president mugabe to make that statement in the coming hours and i'm alex thank you. and the rest of the day's news is coming up right here on out is there a. kenyan police break up a demonstration in support of the opposition leader right now to go. and we're going to report from inside
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a temporary refugee screening center in bangladesh i think just helped resolve the wreckage of access. hello there is plenty of cloud over the middle east at the moment the satellite pictures show the latest bunch of clowns as me working its way steadily east but that's mostly just not a great deal of rain with it at all but still it's gradually edging its way eastwards and it's going to be hit working its way across the around there as we head through monday behind it as more unsettled weather following it so another system that diggy its way through parts of iraq and more cloud also on the east coast of the mediterranean and across parts of turkey this one over turkey is looking particularly heavy and it looks like that one's going to give us a very very wet weather and aggression sweeps its way eastward so for choose day for many of us in turkey it is looking wet and some places are likely to see
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a fair amount of snow now some of the unsettled weather is likely to drift its way a bit further south and we could see a few showers here in doha injuring the week but i think from monday should be more or less drawing there at thirty one degrees will be our maximum temperature tired increases to the north of us though as we head through tuesday there's just a chance a few clouds could spill their way towards us and they could just squeeze out the old shower so all of that will see a bit more clouds here on tuesday as well as our temperatures make it to twenty eight for the southern parts of africa you see the cloud is stretching its way all the way across towards madagascar this is where we're seeing most of the showers over the next few days.
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with. with force. again i first of all on your mind the top stories so when i. am president these morning party has as its leader and has given him until midday on monday to resign or face impeachment. the party has replaced mugabe with. the former vice president who sucking up to the intervention. the arab league is holding an extraordinary
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meeting in cairo to discuss alleged violations committed by iran in the region saudi arabia requested this special summit to heighten tensions between riyadh and terror all over lebanon the saudi foreign minister opened the session by condemning iranian activity in the middle east. in the month almost kind of the swift response reflects the gravity of the situation our countries are facing and the region is stability and security as fiercely and as a result of the ballistic missiles politicians of iran and the blunt interference in the domestic affairs are countries with em to destabilize and feel sectarian reps among the people and to drive a wedge between ourselves and our people. are a senior political analyst paul in the shower he joins us from our headquarters in doha is this meeting really all about. this is about saudi arabia consolidating its. position in a divided at
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a bridge and by convening this meeting of other foreign ministers where it hopes that there will be some sort of a condemnation of iran and hezbollah and lebanon as well as the hope is in yemen for what saudi arabia portrays as. instigated conspiracy and iranian arming financing and training with these in yemen allowing them to shoot ballistic missiles into saudi arabia can it rely they on the full backing of the arab league have it s. . the arab world is divided and a lot of countries that convened in cairo today don't see eye to eye with saudi arabia on its ways and means or on how it plans to confront iran in the region that doesn't mean they agree to the escalation of iranian
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interference in various countries but paradoxically felicity it was those very countries there. the incompetence of those regimes the impotence and the division among those regimes among those arab countries is the main factor why iran is able to expand its influence in the region i mean us all remember that back then in one thousand seventy nine when there is a revolution came about the arab world did not have a hezbollah the there was no hamas there was no al qaida and there was no i solo dives in the end of the day it's saudi arabia and its allies and their counter-revolution there are salt in the arab spring their support for the breakup of iraq and american invasion of iraq are the reasons why the arab world today is
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so divided and iran is able to expand its influence in the arab region so all in all they have behaved for a long time as bio maniac firemen on the one hand they want to limit iranian influence in the region but they are the ones who are allowing iran and the cynical regime in tehran to do what it's doing in iraq syria lebanon yemen other places all right so what can we expect when the summit does wrap up. from the reports i've seen felicity it seems that there will be some sort of a weak communique that will condemn the whole season the shooting of ballistic missiles towards saudi territory it will probably criticize warn or some language of that sort iran for its interference in the arab region but i'm not sure it's going to be elevated to the level where saudi arabia hopes lebannon must condemn hezbollah and the arab countries must come in line was so it would be
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a. proxy war if you will against iran in the region so there will be statements there will be words there will be a watered down communique but in the end of the day we will not have anything serious or actionable coming out of the arab league whereby it will shake down iran has one law or for that matter their supporters in moscow or other places or a small one with the latest meeting taking place in cairo thank you police in kenya have fired tear gas to break up a demonstration by supporters of the opposition leader. the protests broke out in nairobi after a number of people were shot dead overnight davis says at least thirty one of his supporters have been killed by police and militia since he returned to the country on friday. or kenya's supreme court is expected to decide on monday if president
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elect you who are kenyatta will be sworn in for his second term or if new elections will be held can you also want tobe is election rerun but the vote has been challenged in court just months after his first election victory was ruled invalidates and as there is for me to militarize more from nairobi. a now familiar scene for kenyans as the country's political fate is decided in court the supreme court has received two petitions that want to invalidate the october twenty sixth presidential run a former member of parliament says fresh nominations for the presidential candidate should have been held before the rerun while human rights activists say the election should have been called off once the only other main contender opposition leader raila odinga withdrew from the race but the electoral commission says the election was legal and kenyatta his victory should be upheld president elect rikan yatta who won the rerun with ninety eight percent of the vote insists the petitions
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are a waste of time legal expert julius came boyce's kenya's facing a historical process with potentially the results of a second election being thrown out this is a consolidated petition one is challenging the money in which. i can deliver on his mandate so that is a legal issue the other one me. going on i mean it's based on the twenty thirty in decision of the supreme court saying once the not a presidential candidate withdrew they should have been fresh and emissions so one is more technical the other one deals with the substance. the stiegel challenge to the election result is the second in just months two months ago those caught a nod to the presidential election it said there were irregularities in how the electoral commission counted the final results and a new election should be held with just the two main contenders taking part that time around the core challenge came from the main opposition the national super
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alliance this time though political parties have stayed away and kenyans appear to have little interest in what's happening in court this certainly is a level of fatigue as many kenyans look forward to the end of months of election campaigning voting and legal battles and unfortunate but some say a court ruling either way won't immediately solve the political crisis brought on by political economic and ethnic divisions this winner takes a. presidential system. has failed us and i think it's failing many other african countries as well. perhaps in. very diverse continuous. nations like like libya we need a hybrid parliamentary system that. but at least as to what duty of the citizens. majority would everything all citizens should feel included in government and for
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a second time kenyans wait patiently to learn if they should prepare for new elections or a presidential swearing in within the week for me to al-jazeera in iraq. officials in morocco say at least fifteen people have been killed in a stampede as food aid was being handed out in city about sixty kilometers from where they say five other people were injured in the crash. bangladesh says it's negotiating with me and ma to arrange for the repatched ration of the hinge of refugees who fled a recent crackdown. was made after a number of foreign ministers from europe and asia visited the refugee camps in cox's bizarre that's on the bangladeshi side of the border more than six hundred thousand have fled north of man mark since. the foreign policy chief federica maurine said she wants to support mammals leader aung san suu kyi in implementing a solution to the child he has this report on the situation.
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this is a temporary rowing to a refuge a screening center most of the refugees you see here came here last thursday and friday were stranded in and your manpower in the no man's land between bangladesh and myanmar now behind us a lot of diplomatic activity is going on there was a u.s. delegation here led by the ambassador there's a chinese foreign minister in the capital city as well as the european ministers who are visiting here now despite all the diplomatic activities on the good intention to resolve the crisis lot of the new refugees are crossing into bangladesh and we hear similar stories of atrocities committed on the other side we spoke to some of the refugees. i can't find my husband for over a month now not sure if he's detained or killed fearing for our lives we left behind everything and escaped to bangladesh. we can't move to villages without new
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id cards the security forces have taken away my seven year old son and my brother i don't know where they are. the chinese foreign minister who was visiting the bangladesh capital had one on one meeting with bangladesh prime minister now he emphasized to the local journalists that this issue has to be resolved bilaterally between bangladesh and myanmar they also say that any resolution in the security council can complicate the matter it has to be friendly towards both the countries we know the e.u. some of the u.s. state ministers are visiting here as well as a high representative of the e.u. we have yet to see their reaction after visiting the growing refugee camps we also had a high level congressional delegate fact finding mission visit here on saturday with the u.s. ambassador we know that the trump administration is under intense pressure from the lawmakers to put some sort of target a sanction against at least against a me and my military but on the ground in the me on my side things are very
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volatile and critical we spoke to the refugees that been saying the new dimension to the story rather is that a lot of the young man within that area where they're coming from have been detained and taken away by would be an american security force as things are still very volatile and has not changed on the other side of the border and i wanted to become the president has just cost his followers in the country's elections billionaire businessman and former president sebastian pinera thanks to a short time ago. there are eight candidates in the running but the favorites have to seriously. we are in a school in a middle class neighborhood in downtown santiago and as you can see people are beginning to come out and vote after a very very slow morning indeed none of the candidates star eight in all from the far left to the far right really seem to have sparked the infusion as a of the electorate this year former president. a conservative is leading in the
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polls but he is unlikely to win a simple majority in the first round people who are coming out to vote say that they're casting their ballots not for a candidate that they love but rather for the one that they dislike the least a series of corruption scandals involving all the political parties has seriously eroded confidence and respect in the country's politicians public transport has been made free at least on the metro to try to encourage people to come out and vote in this election economic growth has been sluggish crime although the lowest in latin america is on the increase and so voters are looking to their part the next president to try to resolve these problems what is the turnout is as low as the polls seem to predict clearly it's an indication that they don't have a lot of trust that their next president will be able to fix these problems.
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i don't mind making headlines this hour zimbabwean president robert mugabe is draining party has sucked him. resigning. his position as the president. in government. and if this ignition is not ten. twenty. two thousand and seventeen. or do. they want to keep it seems that but it's on a path to me so you have already read the gone with the case by his side the deputy ellison. the ninety three year old leader has been missing military chiefs to discuss his future he's expected to make a statement on state television soon we're going has been under house arrest since the army took control on wednesday the arab league is holding an extraordinary
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meeting in cairo to discuss alleged violations committed by iran in the region saudi arabia requested the special summit amid heightened tensions between riyadh and tyrol over lebanon and. the month was to kind of the swift response reflects the gravity of the situation our countries are facing and the region stability and security is busy as a result of the ballistic missiles violations of iran and the blunt interference in the domestic affairs of our countries with him to destabilize and feel sectarian reps among the people and to drive a wedge between ourselves and our people. police in kenya have fired tear gas to break up a demonstration by supporters of opposition leader. the protests broke out in nairobi offer a number of people were shot dead overnight says at least thirty one of his supporters have been killed by police and militia since he returned to the country
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on friday. bangladesh says it's negotiating with me and maher to arrange for the repatch ration of for him refugees who fled a recent crackdown. was made after a number of foreign ministers from europe and asia visited the refugee camps in cox's bazar on the side of the border. and those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera stay with us it's inside story coming next. palestinian leaders present and all communication with the u.s. government that's after the trumpet ministrations that it will close the yellows office in the us into.


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