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you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the way. al-jazeera quite provocative or is it a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you u.k. has to address or if you join us on set a member become close one but which broke up a relationship based is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag eight a stream and one of your pitches might make the actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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hello everyone i'm felicity barr and of all welcome to this news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. scenes of jubilation in zimbabwe as the rulings on the p.f. party sucks robert mugabe as its leader. after thirty seven years in power deadlines being set to him to resign as president or face impeachment an announcement is expected shortly on state television. also ahead arab foreign ministers hold an extraordinary meeting in cairo to discuss iran's alleged violations in the region plus is that a good luck trying now it is. simple. but sebastian pinera may not need much luck the billionaire businessman on track to win round one in action. with all the day supporters grigor dimitrov and they have
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a girlfriend prepared to do that again we updated it was in london better move into business and. we begin this news in zimbabwe where we could be just moments from a historic changing of the guards president robert mugabe is expected to make a statement on state television shortly his ruling party sacked him as their leader and gave him until midday on monday to resign as president or face impeachment or they were keeping it seems that the zone of here party missing in harare as that announcement was made mcgarvey is being replaced by emerson when gaga the man he recently sacked as vice president himself has been missing military chiefs to discuss his future the ninety three year old has been under house arrest since the army took control on wednesday. a second straight away to the capital harare and
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speak out a serious correspondent how much and how all eyes are now fixed on zimbabwean state television. is that people are watching state t.v. waiting for me to address the nation c.b.s. on a good visual say they hope the president does the right thing for the good of the country while people wait they are talking on social media sending each other what's that message is a what they'll do or say about maybe they said if you resigns they plan to come out onto the streets demanding says i'm being user eighty people planned to congregate and encouraging each other to come out and deliberate if he does resign but right now we're waiting for the announcement the main news bulletin that normally starts around about now so it should start soon if he doesn't say made his announcement in that will determine when it will only be a matter of moments minutes before like you said history is made and more we see on the streets first of all of harare but right across the bar way do you think
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cairo if he does indeed announce that he is resigning as president. people will come around to the streets we saw yesterday with those so much hope and anticipation and people were like it's this is now the time let's remove president mubarak so you get that you get the you see the euphoria you see the singing and dancing you see all the moments are from different political parties coming together united saying that they've removed prism of i remember for the bombings this was the case of mom to so many years of having him as president and he called me literally coming to us so everyone was suffering so people are united behind economies that will come out in the streets will cheer to celebrate some probably won't even sleep tonight but again all eyes on state t.v. is the president going to resign there will be a historic moment if he does go historic exciting for zimbabwe. but also a feeling i guess of uncertainty and anxiety of what happens next i mean he is the
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only leader that many many zimbabweans have ever known thirty seven years in power . exactly and that is a long long time what happens next they know if he does decide it was them and then go all be made president what does it mean for the country for the future when it is a businessman he is seen to be liked by the international media zimbabweans hope that investors will come back to the country will pour money into the country will work as the body in government and the country can recover that is what people are the to immediately know course with the plans to go to elections next year will be other concerns you know like registration whether they'll be violence leading up to the elections or the immediate concern now is our economy will recover if president . is like. monitoring events there live in the zimbabwean capital harare
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going to stay with us because we are still monitoring state television to see whether or not god doesn't make a historic announcement i can tell you just looking at my monitors at the moment that there has. been has started on zimbabwean state television it didn't start right on the dot of the top of the news bulletin being read at the moment we will keep an eye on events there for you in the meantime as we were saying robert mugabe the only leader but most in barbarians have ever known a hero of that independence struggle he took power back in one thousand nine hundred eighty and maintained a firm grip on it looks back at his often to mold thirty seven year old. he has been perhaps the most infamous ruler in africa who destroyed a promising country through his determination to cling on to power adored by some but despised by others in zimbabwe although widely admired across africa as a hero who stood up to the west. one thousand nine hundred five rhodesia and even
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smith's white settlers declare independence from britain an event that defined robert mugabe's life. the black majority resisted racist rule in the cities and out in the countryside where a vicious bush war raged for years robert mugabe a teacher turned activist emerged from prison as an articulate leader of the independent struggle we started the war in order to give our country then we haven't got a country. they did get their country at lancaster house in london in one nine hundred seventy nine and when zimbabwe celebrated independence the overwhelming winner of elections was in power and rival liberation fighters what do to keep it to be learned in the early one nine hundred eighty s. the opposition crushed thousands killed in ethnic massacres atrocities that were barely noticed abroad.
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but there was also much to admire robert mugabe brought education and health to millions of the vile vians. although later the economy declined and the invasion of white farms in two thousand were turning point this time the world did notice. this was going to happen of course going to turn into a bloodbath turn into another congo maybe this is it. we're going to get out of it was a chaotic destructive process darby said he was correcting an old injustice. please it's not the business of britain you see to tell us they do not wear those who are given members of. my party relevant to britain. by now the opposition was growing despite torture murder and manipulation many zimbabweans seemed ready to throw mccarthy out. they had
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a new hero morgan chang he said robert mugabe's early achievements will always be overshadowed by the years of oppression. as the great liberator. has betrayed the liberal. i think the letter. was i think. the legacy built. at one stage the two rivals ended up in government together although mccarthy made sure he kept the real power and chang later returned to a position. by now his wife grace forty one years his junior had emerged as a political player and big gobby well into his ninety's seem determined to go on and on he liberated zimbabweans but he also left his room as legacy sony vaio
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al-jazeera. and with me now the studio is this in barbarian journalist georgina goldman thanks so much for coming into this studio all the fines are but he is going to make some sort of announcement in the coming hours do you think he is going to go quietly and say ok i do resign before he's in i think he's got every reason to do that i mean i imagine there would be a deal cut where you can keep some of the money or indeed perhaps all of the money i think if he goes very quietly indeed and really allows it unfold in the way that the general would like it to unfold that he may even be allowed to stay in zimbabwe i imagine he would like to do that his wife i think would be extremely unwelcome in the country but one hopes that he is allowed to do it with a modicum of dignity doubtless of an evil man but he has in his in his time been a great liberator and i think if he could be allowed to step down and move away and live out his days peacefully that would be good but it would also give a reason for saddam and the african union just to back off there are very anxious
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not to see any violence i think in terms of prosecutions for either him his wife or indeed any of the g forty group or anybody that's been chased out of power that's extremely unlikely because of course they all know literally where the bodies are buried whole horrible thought really i mean you talk about him going with dignity and it is important to remember that for the older generation especially he is still seen as something of a hero to some people for a century leading a revolution if you like for taking charge back in one nine hundred eighty one is it for the unity of the country do you think for him to be given that dignified exit i think that it is important i think that the war veterans a very powerful body of people and although they have utterly rejected him now he was their leader for a long time and i think that that i don't know i mean i feel a bit silly talking about basic human kindness but that's i think what we're looking at and i think that some bobbins as
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a people are never going to kind of right. try and tear him limb from limb i think people do respect him and we do a debt of gratitude we've waited thirty seven years do you wish to get on with it now i know we're monitoring as i was said earlier oregon state television showing a regular news bulletin in fact they're showing the pictures that we were showing earlier of the. party meeting in harare a little bit earlier and the sentiment his deposed vice president is now the man who's going to be in interim charge of zanu p.f. is he going to be though the next president well we don't know i mean this so much that we don't know about this i mean what we do know is that there's a very small window yesterday people were absolutely euphoric on the streets of zimbabwe not just harare but around the country and indeed the diaspora celebrating both here in london australia america a very great feeling everywhere what we weren't saying was how are you going to reform the economy what you doing about electoral law how are the security forces
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going to be reformed all of these things need to be addressed and i think that was to want to go and come under intense pressure from western powers and indeed the east china of course a major player in this to make sure that the economic policy changes and is one that will deal with inward investment is he going to be the man that's going to be able to do that critics will look at him and say well actually he was he was regarded as ally for years and years and years he was his vice president for the last couple of years can this man actually turn things around in zimbabwe and can he unite zimbabweans what they have to do to do that i mean there's no doubt of course he's a seat in blood as i mean when you look at that room full of people dancing at zanu p.f. headquarters after mccarthy was told to go there's very few people in there who haven't benefited off the back of all of the masses that show me one who isn't basically a done something criminal in that room and i think that whoever is in charge has this opportunity now to say ok that all happened but now we can. go forward and
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we can go forward in this way but that way needs to be very very carefully worked out particularly economic policy but electoral law too and i think god has the authority to do that another person who may be in the running for this is sydney secor my he was the defense minister and i think the reason that he's possible is that he is not connected to this not a coup in any way i mean obviously he is but he is not sort of get in the crosshairs of public attention about it so he's another person who might unite people. i think going forward. obviously wants to deal with the west i would say it's a way of stabilizing the economy i cannot tell you how bad it's got for zimbabweans people just want to be able to eat they want to be able to send their children to school that's what's important to us it doesn't really matter who's in charge as
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long as they can deliver that and as long as we can we can sort out the finances in zimbabwe get ourselves back on an even keel obviously the goal is free and fair elections i don't think that that's possible in the in the timeframes of the constitution says it has to be every five years that will come up in august two thousand and eighteen the opposition and it is in utter disarray zanu p.f. now we're not going to be ready that requires a constitutional change. but it's tinkering and i think that that that will happen and that there may be a transitional body that will be in place for some people are saying eighteen months some people saying three years i mean we don't have a timeframe for this and until he actually comes out and tells us what he's doing we then can't move on to the next step but i think all of this is incremental it's little little steps and every day we know a little bit more yesterday was completely fantastic and the fact that somebody wins was celebrating so much but i fear that unless this is handled properly
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we may have all been taken for some kind of a ride or i try to go when i know you're going to stay with us and we're going to continue monitoring zimbabwean state television to see when the government has announcement whatever it might be thank you in a moment thank you. there's much more to come here on the al-jazeera news including tens of thousands take to the streets in tokyo it's just latest protest calling for president for nothing day to go. where refugees are continuing to iraq but they are increasingly help from small charity start ups. and some of the world's best gear up for the winter olympics thank you for that in sports but. first the arab league is holding an extraordinary meeting in cairo to discuss
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alleged violations committed by iran in the region saudi arabia requested the special summit and it heightened tensions between riyadh on terror all over lebanon the saudi foreign minister opened the session by condemning iranian activity in the middle east. and the month almost kind of the swift response reflects the gravity of the situation our countries are facing and the region is stability and security is fear same as a result of the ballistic missiles violations of iran and the blunt interference in the domestic affairs of our countries with the m. to destabilize and feel sectarian reps among the people and to drive a wedge between ourselves and our people let's get more on the sun talk to al jazeera senior political analyst small of bashar a joining us from our headquarters in doha on what else is being said at the summit . well we just heard the final press conference by the head of the arab league mr blair it as well as the foreign minister of your
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booty that heads this session of the arab league unfortunately we couldn't get the text yet of the final communique which apparently includes fifteen decisions by the foreign ministers it seems to have just come out and we don't have the time actually to look at it we don't have a to read it and so on so forth however from that press conference it transpires that. the arab foreign ministers have condemned iran violations and interference in affairs they did refer to hezbollah of lebanon as a terrorist organization there will be. conducting certain. talks in new york through the arab league get delegations however in the words of the secretary general of the arab league there will not yet go to the security council with their condemnation against iran trying to get something out of the
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united nations against iran so all in all when the secretary general of the arab league was asked what does this really mean in actionable terms he said this is going to be a long process this is not something that will lead to some sort of a military confrontation with iran it's simply diplomacy and that they hope that this will garner more support internationally going forward what is saudi arabia they really hope to achieve with this summit if you're saying there's been a lot of condemnation but no real actions as it were agreed upon. you know for history if you look back at the last few weeks months even couple of years you'll see that also with the attempts at consolidating its power within the region and consolidating the solomons power within the kingdom have not really gone very
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well the war in yemen after two and a half years is disastrous for yemenis and for saudis. the crisis in the gulf is threatening to split the gulf and certainly the last two weeks we've seen the disaster of saudi arabia attempting to influence the democratic process in lebanon so now saudi arabia is trying to get some kind of a. position which apparently it succeeded in the arab league in order to consolidate its own strategy and position in the region it hopes by having the egyptians the iraqis in the bihari knees along with saudi arabia garner more or wider arab support that it will be able to better confront iran in the months and years ahead all right mom bashar asad the political analyst joining us live there from thank you. antigovernment
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protests a flare up again in togo for months demonstrators have been demanding constitutional reform and an end to the ruling family's fifty year grip on power but the president is refusing to back down as marianne home reports. the government put the figure at twenty thousand the opposition says there were ten times that number the discrepancy over how many were out on the streets of togo's camp is a long way on saturday gives some insight into just how far apart the opposition and the government and how little interest they have been each other's views protesters want a president for missing baby out and a two term limit on who will take his place but the president is resisting sidestepping proposals that would see him go. fifty years is too much for one family we're sick of this you'll see we're sick of
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this. for three months people have been calling for an end to the political dynasty togo is the only country in west africa that doesn't and here to presidential term limits that's kept than a single family in power for half a century first missing by a demo for thirty eight years and then his son who took over in two thousand and five when his father died president four pledged in late september to hold a constitutional referendum but the proposal for a two term presidency is not retroactive that means missing by could stand again even twice potentially keeping him in power until twenty thirty. as tensions rise the president has called for loyalty from the armed forces protesters have responded by handing out flowers to those seemed to keep the peace. only. a flower for each member of our armed forces the army is ours we want the armed
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forces to take the lead in the struggle and finish it with us the government was having none of that no no no our armed forces are loyal to our institutions that is final nothing beyond that. the situation appears to have no clear resolution in sight both sides blame each other for violence that has killed sixteen people over the last three months. in leaders and members of the african union have stepped in to try to get the two sides talking but until that delivers meaningful change these protesters insist that will keep marching. zero officials in morocco said least fifteen people have been killed in a stampede as food aid was being handed out in cities about sixty kilometers from a swara they say five other people were injured in the crush israeli
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ministers are voted unanimously to close the whole of migrant detention center in southern israel prime minister binyamin netanyahu also announced an agreement which would see forty thousand africans who enter the country illegally deported to another country israel has previously signed deals with rwanda and uganda to take the migrants who are mainly from sudan and eritrea the public security ministry said the migrants had the option of leaving israel or being imprisoned a groups in greece are struggling to help the nearly two hundred refugees arriving via land and sea every day many of them are seeking shelter on the island of lesbos which has become a popular landing hub for approximately one million refugees since twenty fifteen. when they're to find out more. omar is trying to keep his costs from climbing he's borrowed this warehouse from a fisherman to store donated clothes a dozen volunteers have come from all over the world to help him lesbos has spawned
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a number of volunteer run groups in the past two years what makes his different is that he is himself a refugee who once spent fourteen hours in these waters swimming from turkey to greece yes i meant them by boat but they swim and they know where the how i feel in the sea and they know what the people feel and they see when the fear i know how when with the the great coast guard recently called on help when a group of refugees landed there rubber boat on an uninhabited island off us and refused to leave when i spoke with. them for them. what we do here believe me we were. there and we will help you and the river came also helped to clothe and feed these afghans who arrived overnight less of us has been the european landing for more than a million refugees since twenty fifteen as this life jacket and rubber raft
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graveyard attests and the island continues to receive the majority of arrivals in greece which is why it continues did we'd volunteer organizations refugee for refugees manages to scrape together three to four thousand dollars a month in donations from britain spain and the united states it's a small operation but increasingly important european funding for engineers on the aegean islands ended in july leading many of the larger groups with corporate salaries and overheads to pull out the government is calling on those who can support themselves without public money to take their place. we don't even require an organization to be an ngo five friends can come and declare that they will teach french to the refugees on mondays wednesdays and fridays we encourage solidarity we depend on it. karl was an ambulance driver in syria helping to ferry the sick and wounded to turkish hospitals for treatment he's still essentially doing the same job but this time for free jump. on the north shore of lazarus
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al jazeera is mourning the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein he's been in an egyptian prison for almost eleven months zain is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny he's repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested last december while visiting family so with us on this news ah because still ahead we're going to report from inside a temporary refugee screening center in bangladesh as the european union pledges help to resolve the crisis. it is a world toilet day we meet the cambodians whose lives have been transformed by access to clean. action from the second stage of the grueling among american that's coming up.
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hello there is plenty of cloud over the middle east at the moment the satellite picture shows the latest bunch of clowns as we working its way study eastwards that's mostly just not a great deal of rain with it at all but still it's gradually edging its way eastwards and it's going to be here working its way across the around there as we head through monday behind it as more unsettled weather following it so another system that diggy its way through parts of iraq and more cloud also on the east coast of the mediterranean and across parts of turkey this one over turkey is looking particularly heavy and it looks like that one's going to give us a very very wet weather gradually sweeps its way eastward so for choose day for many of us in turkey it is looking wet and some places are likely to see a fair amount of snow now some of the unsettled weather is likely to drift its way a bit further south we could see a few showers here in doha injuring the week but i think from monday should be more
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or less dry there in thirty one degrees will be our maximum temperature cloud increases to the north of us there was we had to choose day there's just the chance of a few clouds could spill away towards us and they could just squeeze out the old shower so a lot of there will see a bit more clouds here on tuesday as well as our temperatures make it to twenty eight for the southern parts of africa you see the cloud is stretching its way all the way across towards madagascar this is where we're seeing most of the showers over the next few days. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we learned that there was indebted to from the government to just shoot him soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government tried out yet why. the tories for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins and bloody rise of local
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iraq at this time on al-jazeera. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. me are fluent in world news. hello again a reminder the top stories here on the al-jazeera new president robert mugabe is
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expected to address the nation after his party gave him until midday on monday to resign as president or face impeachment earlier mcgarvey met military chiefs to discuss his future. with the ruling parties on a p.f. has replaced mcgarvey as its leader with emerson and with the former vice president who is sucking lead to the army intervention. a special arab league summit in cairo has condemned iran and called its lebanese ally hezbollah a terrorist organization saudi arabia kuwait the extraordinary meeting to discuss alleged iranian violations in the rich. police in kenya have fired tear gas to break up a demonstration by supporters of opposition leader. the protests broke out in nairobi after a number of people were shot dead overnight the biggest says at least thirty one of his supporters have been killed by police and militia since he returned to the
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country on friday degas challenged the reelection of president hu to kenya in august he then boycotted a rerun of the election saying it still wouldn't be a fair race where kenya supreme court is expected to decide on monday if kenyatta will be sworn in for his second term or if new elections will be held for me to milan has more from my robey. the now familiar scene for kenyans as the country's political fate is decided in court the supreme court has received two petitions that want to invalidate the october twenty sixth presidential run a former member of parliament says fresh nominations for the presidential candidate should have been held before the rerun while human rights activists say the election should have been called off once the only other main contender opposition leader raila odinga withdrew from the race but the electoral commission says the election was legal and can yet as victories should be upheld president elect to
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reckon yatta who won the rerun with ninety eight percent of the vote insists the petitions are a waste of time legal expert julius came boyce's kenya's facing a historical process with potentially the results of a second election being thrown out this is a consolidated petition one is challenging the money in which. i can deliver on his mandate so that is a legal issue the other one me. going on i mean it's based on the twenty thirty in decision of the supreme court saying once the not a presidential candidate withdrew they should have been fresh and initial so one is more technical the other one deals with the substance. the sniggler challenge to the election result is the second in just months two months ago those courts a nod to the presidential election it said there were irregularities in how the electoral commission counted the final results and a new election should be held with just the two main contenders taking part that
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time around the core challenge came from the main opposition the national super alliance this time though political parties have stayed away and kenyans appear to have little interest in what's happening in court this certainly is a level of fatigue as many kenyans look forward to the end of months of election campaigning voting and legal battles that are unfortunate but some say a court ruling either way won't immediately solve the political crisis brought on by political economic and ethnic divisions this winner takes it all. presidential system. has failed us and i think it's failing many other african countries as well . perhaps in. the. us. nations like. we need a hybrid parliamentary system. but. but don't have the citizens.
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with everything all citizens should feel included government and for a second time kenyans wait patiently to learn if they should prepare for new elections or a presidential swearing in within the week for me to al-jazeera nairobi. a man tipped to become chile's new president has cast his ballot in the country's elections billionaire businessman and former president sebastian pinera voted in santiago there are eight candidates in the running but he is being seen as the favorite to win while latin american as you see in human joins us live now from santiago and how has voting been going you say. hello felicity well i'm in a polling station here in an upper middle class neighborhood of santiago where the voting has been quite brisk despite the forecast that is that there would be a very very high abstention rate at least in this part of the city that has not
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been the case but it's a very strange situation here in chile for the city this is a country that has the most stable economic and political situation in all of latin america the lowest crime rate in latin america and yet people are discontented discontented with the center left government joining me to discuss with the reasons for this is a quantum is to kirsten's them brooke from the university of diego border palace question if you could tell me why on earth aren't chileans voting for more of the same why are they going back apparently according to the polls at. you can trust them to the former presidents of us jumping into who has been questioned on on counts of corruption and also who did not have a rather luck luster government the first time around yes both of those things are true there is indeed reason to distrust him and he didn't have a brilliant government however this recent government the outgoing government under took a lot of structural reforms and that always creates uncertainty and on settles the
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electorate so what people are voting for now is essentially stability no more change somebody who will. continue with the status quo in a way who will not undertake the reforms who will not unsettle the country further and above all so they are voting for the candidate who they think will we activate the economy because unfortunately over the last four years economic growth has been relatively slow mostly due to external factors but some also say that some of the economic growth the slowdown in growth is due to the fact that there was uncertainty generated by the reforms so now people are voting for the status quo and an economic reactivation but it's rather odd that they couldn't find another person why bring back president peña for a second time on the phone on the one hand and also is chile really moving more to the right or is it just moving more to the center now i don't think it's moving more to the right trail it's more of the right wing parties and moving more to the
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center and when you look at being it has lost government actually been on many occasions he was called the fifth government of the center left coalition that went on before him so really it's a continuation of policies it will have a slightly more rightwing bent but really people are voting for a continuation of the policies that that that has been the to produce the well being the chipping has the full experience in the last twenty five twenty seven years now there is one unknown quantity in this election that is a new coalition the the broad front which is more to the left. which. do you think this coalition could have perhaps not by winning the presidency but at least a larger majority in the in the congress well they should certainly get enough votes in order to establish themselves as a political presence within the center next week. if enough young people turn out today to vote and their vote could surprise on the upside and that should give them
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a relatively important position from which to negotiate future participation in politics in china also of course depends on whether they managed to get any deputies or whether they managed to get to a corps which is the regional representatives etc so it very much depends on how they they turn out today but we'll see very shortly exactly what will happen thank you very much kirsten well there you have it to the polls will close in a little more than two hours from now the results should come out very very quickly most polls show the do with that no one can that it will get the fifty percent plus one needed to win in a first round so it's almost certain that chile will go back to the polls again next month back to you for the city all right more from u.d.c. or of course in the coming hours there in santiago thank you palestinian officials say they will freeze all communications with the u.s. if the trumpet ministration does close the office of the palestinian liberation organization in washington on friday the u.s. state department announced it would shut the p.l.o.
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sophos in ninety days if it did not engage in direct meaningful negotiations with this well it also said the p.l.o. was not pursue cases against israel at the international criminal court now to syria's malcolm webb has more from ramallah in the occupied west bank. israeli settlements in the occupied west bank keep growing and the palestinian liberation organization says the expansions have doubled since president trump came to power they were illegal under international law and it's something the p.l.o. could pursue at the international criminal court in washington the u.s. state department says if that happens it will close the p.l.o. his office and in ramallah palestinian officials were shocked and disappointed. we are punished for threatening to go to the court and mr netanyahu is not punished for committing the crimes for which we are going to court which is the settlements on the. land of the west bank and in jerusalem occupied them it is sixty seven so
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what do you make out of this pressure to do what several palestinian officials told us the closure of the pillows office would end us legitimacy as a broker for peace since he was elected president trump has said he'll deliver a peace deal the palestinian officials say they haven't been given any details analysts say previous u.s. administrations didn't approve of the expansion of the illegal settlements this american station this. violations of the but rights especially settlement expansion they seem to be more sensitive. to try to get help of the national low in recent months israeli media have reported an israeli government plan to close the p.l.o. his washington office but prime minister benjamin netanyahu hasn't said much in a statement he said he appreciated the american decision palestinian president
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mahmoud abbas told the u.n. general assembly in september that the two state solution is in jeopardy so he said the expansion of israeli settlements like the one on this hilltop should be challenge to the international criminal court the u.s. now wants to block that and that would leave the palestinians with few remaining options and little to bargain with in any potential peace process now come where al-jazeera ramallah in the occupied west bank. bangladesh says it's negotiating with a range for the repatriation of revenge of refugees who fled a recent crackdown that was made after a number of foreign ministers from europe and asia visited the refugee camps in cox's bazaar on the bangladeshi side of the border within six hundred thousand. since august the child he has more on the situation in cox's bizarre. this is a temporary rowing to a refuge a screening center most of the refugees you see here came here last thursday and
9:43 pm
friday were stranded in and your manpower in the no man's land between bangladesh and myanmar now behind us a lot of diplomatic activity is going on there was a u.s. delegation here led by the ambassador there's a chinese foreign minister in the capital city as well as the european ministers who are visiting here now despite all the diplomatic activities on the good intention to resolve the myanmar crisis lot of the new refugees are crossing into bangladesh and we hear similar stories of atrocities committed on the other side we spoke to some of the refugees. i can't find my husband for over a month now not sure if he's detained or killed fearing for our lives we left behind everything and escaped to bangladesh. we can't move to villages without new id cards the security forces have taken away my seven year old son and my brother i don't know where they are. the chinese foreign minister who was visiting the bangladesh capital had one on one meeting with bangladesh prime minister now he
9:44 pm
emphasized to the local journalists that this issue has to be resolved bilaterally between bangladesh and myanmar they also say that any resolution in the security council can complicate the matter it has to be friendly towards both countries we know the e.u. some of the u.s. state ministers are visiting here as well as a high representative of the e.u. we have yet to see their reaction after visiting the growing refugee camps we also had a high level congressional delegate fact finding mission visit here on saturday with the u.s. ambassador we know that the trump administration is under intense pressure from the lawmakers to put some sort of target a sanction against at least against me and my military but on the ground in the me on my side things are very volatile and critical we spoke to the refugees that been saying the new dimension to this story rather is that a lot of the young man within that area where they're coming from have been detained and taken away by security forces things are still very volatile and has
9:45 pm
not changed on the other side of the border it is world toilet day the u.n. hopes will inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis it says four and a half billion people live without a household toilet eight hundred sixty two million people going to the toilet in an open space in the. the water and that means one point eight billion people use a source of drinking water that could be contaminated he says improve sanitation could prevent around eight hundred forty two thousand deaths every year well cambodia is one country where less than half the population have a proper toilet but some progress is being made as bright reports. in the center of this cambodian village the ngo watershed has organized a sales pitch for the toilet people are asked how many don't have one the answer is
9:46 pm
most. instead of getting a donated toilet the idea is to make it something to aspire to and value. klunk has just got one she used to go into the field at the back of her house it's now she has pride of ownership and her friends won't want to. my neighbor says when her daughter sent him money the next time she'll buy one. simple concrete pipes sunk into the ground she got her toilet from contractor poissy pi who started making them two years ago. it's good business i'm now selling about fifteen to twenty a month creating a demand that leads to a market that solves a problem for women and girls especially going out at night in remote areas carries with it the risk of attack a lack of toilets in rural cambodia also does significant harm to the development
9:47 pm
of children it's estimated a third of under five year olds suffer from stunted growth when children are exposed to feces in their environment they repeatedly get bouts of diarrhea so all the good things that are going in coming straight out in the capital phnom penh a regional conference considered solutions it's addressed by dr. a pioneer who developed a strategy in bangladesh based on peer pressure that's now adopted worldwide if you were not allowed to drink it in the open by the community use your store a little reality started getting different communities to come up with solutions to a shared problem. rob mcbride al-jazeera company spew province combo deal. or a still has all news news out going underground in washington d.c. to see some of the most arresting images taken by photojournalists from across the globe. and a moving tribute by dutch football funds towards that goal keepers night some
9:48 pm
sports will happen next. over a hundred and sixty years ago a musician started a band in an oddity schrade in cairo and their brass band was so popular it gave birth to an entire musical genre. a century and a half later the sound still resonates with many egyptians today house of the people's music at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of wood winning programming from around the world powerful documentary as we were running away for our life from a brutal regime that kills its opponents debates and discussions we're getting
9:49 pm
comments on what the international community should do how worried should we therefore be that this guy has the nuclear codes on a scale of one to ten ten challenge your perception. al-jazeera. out again as promised the sport now with peter. felicity thank you so much where else to start other than the a.t.p. tour finals in london where triggered the myth of golf and are battling it out in the title decided it would be a first victory for either player at the season ending event quick look at the score for you girlfriend the belgian is leading by four games to three still early
9:50 pm
days of course they in london now while we wait to find out the singles winner of the a.t.p. world tour finals doubles champions have already been decided the finish straightly and duo of henry continent and john peers successfully defended a year in title beating top seeds lukas cobalts and marcello melo in straight sets in the final six four six to. one man missing from the final day of the a.t.p. season is roger federer he fell to go often in the same the finals of the two a finals in london that was on saturday despite that loss the swiss has had a standout season winning two grand slam titles five other events and climbing back to number two in the world rankings by the end of the year earlier we spoke to the director of the sports science agency john mulcahy on skype and got his thoughts on why federer is still able to be at the top of his game at the age of thirty six. there's no number of number of reasons why he's still able to form a socially level. perhaps the first one is the fact that he's just accepted that he
9:51 pm
is getting older and he said change a trainee recovery based on got if you look at what you don't initiate he's actually reduce the number of games that he's played twenty five percent compared to what he was in his late twenty's or early thirty's there's a lot of things that change but first also and probably was supposed to last quarter woman probably the most dramatic change is that the hormones associated with muscle development and maintenance speaking to what those hormones begin to slow down and not affect se particularly from a power or at a speed point of view so it's quite relevant in tennis also we see the quality of connective tissue drop and that can lead to a lot of injuries to cure tendons and ligaments because if you get injured more than you can train it's much i'm not going to have an impact on you forms in golf or europeans who has reached its conclusion with both the season long race to dubai and world for chairmanship titles decided on sunday champion justin rose had looked
9:52 pm
poised for a third straight to a victory and second order of merit crown after leaving for much of the final round but three bogeys on the back nine ended he's challenge that meant the lucrative race to dubai title went to another englishman tommy fleetwood fleetwood finished in a tie for twenty first on eleven under but with two to victories in abu dhabi and france this year that was enough to see him in the year as european number one for the first time meanwhile the season ending event was won by spain's john rom the twenty three year old who only turn professional in twenty six team finished or nineteen and for his second victory of the seeds of. feels amazing. you know it's a hard to believe it's going to be a couple days going to go by till i realize that i would have done really a couple weeks to realize what i've done this year but you know. it was difficult because. when i hadn't you know i got anything going and you get to the twelfth
9:53 pm
thirteenth hole and i was looking at leaderboard and he was doing while and then it becomes difficult just makes it so you watch him what he's doing and wonder how you know what's happening and you still got close to try and you know ok so that was difficult really towards the end of the round and then once i finished. completely out of my own sandwiches the oddest thing to watch just stop there being held to do nothing. so it was along our house and. you know this one is only for the bravest the marathon runners a days of marathon run over several days this one taking place right now in oman sunday's stage consisted of twenty kilometers of soft sands high dunes and small portions of hard aground with some grass along the way to my home and beatty of morocco won the second stage but that is only as far as the main concerned the moroccan trails overall lace race leader natalia third acre of russia by thirty seconds in the overall classification more than one hundred runners from one hundred from fifteen countries
9:54 pm
a bigger part of competing in this event spending one hundred sixty five kilometers of six stages across the oman desert it will finish on the shore of the arabian sea . have to learn how they get done today stage was very hard with a lot of jews in the first ten kilometers but the remainder of the race was flatter thankfully i finished in second place behind the world champion from the desert to the snowy slopes of italy with the freestyle skiing big world cup continued big air is said to make it a long big debut at the winter olympics in pyongyang in twenty eighteen so with less than three months to go there it's not surprising that there was an all star field in milan for this event switzerland. triumphed in the men's competition of the receiving a maximum of one hundred points for his efforts and the aptly named colleen ballet baz who was victorious in the women's contest the french woman also tops the world cup standings over in spain well rael analytical madrid slip further behind barcelona in the league standings after they draw on saturday valencia have taken
9:55 pm
advantage and on there are six points ahead of the madrid duo but for behind boss a learner valencia were away at espanyol on sunday and goals from jeffrey kahn dog and sente mina wrapped up to know when for them confirmation now of valencia's place behind barcelona after twelve games you can see the madrid club's trailing in food and fourth play later on sunday they could actually move into fifth place depending on the outcome of that one. and finally supporters of the dutch football club have made a moving tribute to the late son of their australian goalkeeper brad jones saturday marked six years since the death of jones' five year old son luke after a battle with leukemia. joining a rendition of you'll never walk alone in the stadium with their mobile phone it's . that's all the sport back to you felicity in london faces thanks so much as always said that one picture is worth a thousand words and a new exhibition showcasing award winning photo journalism is going to people
9:56 pm
thinking about the world's most pressing issues and their responses to those issues it's honest but when to take a look at the world press photo exhibition in washington d.c. . in the u.s. capital a city known for making headlines visitors are going underground immersing themselves in some of the year's most gripping news stories from around the globe the world press photo exhibit at the dupont underground gallery features the best in visual journalism from the uplifting to the unnerving. curator robert mind says photos such as that capturing the assassination of the russian ambassador to turkey are among the most compelling it's a photograph of contrasts you have a exhibition space where everything is very controlled you have the man's finger in a safety position on the gun and yet you have that extreme anger in his face. the exhibit in an abandoned trolley station features two hundred fifty photos by press
9:57 pm
photographers some are projected onto the walls they cover a broad range of topics from the protest of a pipeline in north dakota to the war in afghanistan it's an amazing image and it reminds you of peotone after that to the impact of fishing on sea turtles there's a green area around the turtle and the more you look at it the more you realize it and. mine says photos humanize the story in a way the written word doesn't it explains in a single image so much about an issue in the complexities behind the issue it gets people thinking this exhibit is in the heart of washington embassies universities and think tanks so the idea is that people come here and take a look at these pictures and maybe begin talking about them and potentially influence public policy. codea loven and veronica pharaoh's said the exhibit forced them to rethink stories and consider the people behind them you hear sometimes in the news but you're not really confronted with these things on a daily basis we also have discussed the ethical dilemma of the journalists and of
9:58 pm
the photographers who see it what is what is their role in responding to it are they just there observing and documenting or are they ethically obliged to follow through with some things the exhibit is scheduled to one hundred cities around the world with four million people expected to see it curator robert minds hopes it will help people confront issues that make them uncomfortable or they may have forgotten diana's to brooke al-jazeera washington. amazing a great way to end this news i here in london citizens with issues like.
9:59 pm
to. indulge your five senses we are living through a technological revolution but all the machines taking over if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of litigation through which we can bring an ecosystem to bear oxford university as professor of machine learning steven roberts talks to all dizzy of this time. the new era in television news. and those insights into tal still do things in secret that are on the list we had actual victims who had survived torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you could. just stay with us. i got this conviction that everyone has
10:00 pm
a deep reservoir of town the better to have people give them the opportunity and wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand for him to refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership until president hosni mubarak has resigned. is going to be the next president retaliation with how they got. back she fairly canisters of gas subsidies i believe the best to prevent the media getting anyway let's give her a call that. we actually have something that never happened before. says leader of zimbabwe's ruling potties.


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