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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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just stay with us. because this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of thomas but if you can give them the opportunity to make wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership until president hosni mubarak has resigned. is going to be the next president retaliation with how they got. back she finally canisters of gas i just want to believe that best to prevent the b. if you're getting anyway let's give her a call that. something that never happened before. says leader of zimbabwe's ruling party. celebrations greet the news mother already
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has being given till monday to resign as president an announcement is expected imminently. our answers us and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. a special arab league meeting in cairo condemns iran calls as a terrorist organization. final hours a vote in chile is election with the former president sebastian pinera favorite to win. on pictures that tell a story award winning and thought provoking new images go on show in washington. a historic changing of the guard is taking place in zimbabwe following his sacking as leader of the ruling party president robert mugabe is expected any minute to
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make a statement on state television we are now showing you live pictures from states house in the capital harare where he is being greeted various members of the military and we are now expecting robert mugabe to make. this a paid statement we expect him to speak imminently. but. clearly. i address you tonight on the
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back of a meeting i held today with the nation's security forces command element this meeting which was facilitated by mediating led by father of the daily simcoe nor e s j of the catholic church for operation mounted by the zimbabwe defense forces in the week that has gone by and which was triggered by concern rising from their reading of the state of affairs in our country and in their rulings zanu p.f. party whatever the pros and cons of the way they went about the radius sharing those concerns.
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i as the president of zimbabwe and as their commander in chief do acknowledge the issues they have drawn my attention to and do believe that these were raised in this spirit of on history and outlook and that tree arctic concern for the stability of our nation and for the welfare of our people. dress you i'm also aware of a whole range of concerns which is come from you as citizens of our great country and who thus do. our own trump merit i tension. today's meeting
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with the command element has underscored the need for us to collectively collectively start processes that return our nation to normalcy so people can go about their business i knew hindered in nine environment of perfect peace and security i sure that the law and order or canine prevail as before and enjoy all where into the future if there is anyone or anyone observation we have made there and drawn from events of the past week it is there and shake a ball pedestal upon which it rests our state of peace
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law and order amply indicating that as zimbabweans we are generally a pca be disposed people and with a given us to expressing our grievances and to resolving our differences by ourselves and with a level of dignity discipline and restraint sort of rare to many other nations. this is to be admired and indeed such traits must form the piece of our national character and personality yes very true resource which someone and draw up on in times of vice is it you. the
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operation now i have alluded to did not amount to a threat to our where old cherished constitutional order nor was it a challenge to my oath or a g. as head of state in government not even. as commander in chief of the zimbabwe defense forces to them and their commander elementary remain the respectful and comported with a dictates and more's of call institutionalism through a few incidents men have all could be here and there but there are.
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these are being corrected i'm happy that throughout this short period the pillars of state remained function not even a happy hour for me and arising from today's meeting in a strong sense is a strong sense of call a.g.i. lity and co marriage ship now the binding the various arms of security establishment this should read down to greater peace and they're also not biting sins of security in their communities and. our entire nation.
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among the issues discussed is a theory is that real aging. to our economy which as we all know is going through i do because patch. of great concern. of great concern. to that guy. the operations of or it's all guns. you know. of greater concern man i read this again i beg your pardon of greater concern. to our commanders are the way out of founded fear is that they lack of
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unity and commonness of purpose in both party and government was translating into perceptions of in attentiveness to the economy open public space. between high ranking officials in the party and government exacerbated by multiple conflicting messages from both the party and government made the criticisms leveled against us in escapable i made all this. like she projects all radiate adopted by government strewed stalled or my i didn't need list controversies
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all this now is to stop as we know great a new work culture and pace. which will show us strong sense of purpose and commitment to turning around our economy in terms of. policies is in my city government remains committed to improving the social and material conditions. like tiriel conditions of the people. government will soon unveil a nine in ten drop or nary a was skewed and business development program which will empower and on lish gainful projects at all growth points and rural
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areas pharaoh's zimbabweans we are a nation born out of a protracted struggle for national independence our roots lie in that people struggle with goals and ideals must guy aide of president that instruct and structure our future the tradition of resistance is our collective legacy. quartet and its must be subscribed by all across generations and across time indeed these two was a great concern for commanders who themselves were makers of that revolution
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and often very tender ages and that great yes or no care. we still have enough of various communities the veterans of that founding struggle who might have found the prevailing monies mantra of national and party each use quite alienating this must be corrected without delay including ensuring that the d's veterans continue to play a central roles in the lives of our nation we must all recognize that they are participation in the war of liberation exacted lifelong costs
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which whilst hardly repayable may still be as waged and a meal you reject. in respect of the party. and the party each is raised both by their commanders i know by the general membership of the new p f they're to stand acknowledged this to stand that knowledge they have to be attended to with a great sense of agency however i am aware that as a party of liberation as i know pierre by as over a year as a region elaborate the rules and procedures of that guy the operations of all its organs and the press and nail
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indeed the current criticism raised. raised against the command element but raised against it by the command element and some of its members have a reason for a male were founded the perception that the party was straight cian or even failing in its own rules and procedures their way for what dice cannot be based on swapping vying cliques that dry the rough shored of a party party rules and procedures there has to be a net return to the guiding principles of our party as
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enshrined in its constitution which must apply fairly and equitably you know all situations and before all members they victimize ation and out the dreary decisions must be put behind. us so as we all embrace a new ether was predicated on the supreme law of piety and not reached by an abiding sense of coverage free to all this must be a general recall of nation that desire no p.f.
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zanu p f is a party of traditions. and now has been said of the by successive generations who are bound together by a shared ideal rules and value. which must continue to reign supreme you know our nation he ends of india again near it generation conflict must be resolved through how monetized america meriting all of old established players as they embrace and welcome new new rules new ones through it where. they find sense of
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hierarchy and succession indeed all the matters will be discussed and settled at the forthcoming congress we deem the framework of our clear roadmap that seeks to resolve once and for roll a knee or missions or contradictions that have affected our party negatively. the congress as you hear in a few weeks from now. preside over its process which must not be prepossessed by any acts calculated to undermine it or to
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compromise the outcomes in the eyes of the public. as i conclude this address i am aware that many developments have occurred in the party all have been championed and dined by individuals in the name of the party given the failings of the past and the anger these might have triggered in some quarters such as developments such developments are quite understandable however we cannot be guided by bitterness all the vengefulness both of which
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would not make will not make us any better party members or any better game but the ends of our highly. partisan of record see geisha in which we have pronounced in nine hundred eighty and through which we reached out to those who had oak applied no priest us for nearly a century and as we had traded fire of waste in going to be to war surely cannot be another way. to our own to our own both in the party and you know our nation we must lend to forgive and resolve
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contradictions the rear all perceived in comber a deadly zimbabwean spirit i am confident. that from tonight. nation at all levels gets reforecast as we put shoulder to the wheel amidst the promising agricultural season or radio upon us let us move forward reminding ourselves of our wartime mind trying. you were any can you bastard i thank you. and good night sorry.
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we've been watching the zimbabwean president robert mugabe giving an address on zimbabwean state television flanked by his army chiefs who he has been meeting throughout the course of the afternoon on sunday and next to him this catholic priest what we haven't been hearing is robert mugabe resigning which is watch we were expecting we can now go live to her much hasa who standing by for us in harare haruhi talked about to the nation moving forward she talked about i don't burn a real spirit she talked about into generation no conflict spread and no point do you talk about resigning instead he said he would be presiding over the zanu p.f. congress i believe in a few weeks time in december. a lot of
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people are surprised that he didn't resign and he says he would be at the party congress it is really something new we expected him we knew that he was always watching the rules and regulations of the constitution he was laws assisting that if you're going to remove him you must first go to the party conference the party congress the delegates they are the ones who vote him out but we know that those out of here central committee earlier today said that if prism a grab it doesn't resign by monday midday the world go to parliament and impeach him so it seems there is a standoff between those on appears essential committee members and between the president so. yes he did resign and it confirms what some people are saying behind the scenes sources of the talks there saying he is being stubborn he is the digging in and he's confirmed now that for now he's not going anywhere he seemed to be almost laying out what he would see as a legacy by going through all. things of the way that the country needs to change
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to move forward so i think he called it putting our shoulder to the wheel do you think this is him almost taking a few weeks to try and confirm that legacy before he goes would you think he's still not reconciled that he will actually step down. it could be both he could be trying to spend the last. week if it gets to the party conference to try and. go out with a graceful exit the war veteran say that they know the president wants to leave a properly he was to be remembered as a great hero for zimbabweans so he could be a plan that he's working on so he exit gracefully but at the same time some people say perhaps he still doesn't comprehend all understand always willing to accept that there is such a massive and happiness in the country people wanting to go hence while hundreds of thousands of people on the streets yesterday calling for him to step down some feel
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that he feels is his personal property zimbabwe and the ruling party is his own party as well so there is that sentiment on the ground if he is impeached them in and out of who's now the party leader will take over remember he was fired as party to every cell of member of design and create so he is still in the past but again the main thing now to watch is monday midday deadline where they said if he does not step down then they will impeach him in parliament forum i'm hearing sounds like maybe people on the streets making some noise around how do you think this announcement by the president today is going to go down on the streets. i was watching some of the listening on the radio to the announcement they couldn't believe that prison mugabe did not resign after all this pressure we could not believe that he said he still hanging. on our very quiet service no celebrations
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obviously the quiet people waiting to see what happens next as he was talking soldiers in armored vehicles drove past making quite a lot of noise they were quite noticeable so that isn't the back of people's minds that people know the army has see the prism of the must go so how is the army going to react to a lot of insurgency is no celebration on the streets it's just disbelief. that sara metastability has a very very latest from harare well we're joined by zimbabwean journalist georgina his hair in the studio with me and was listening to that norman's ignition by the president i mean first of all your reaction to some of the things he was saying. i mean i thought for a moment he was just going to bore us into some. i'm amazed i'm sure everybody watching was but i think that the army must have agreed to this all the generals
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were sitting there this is clearly part of his ex package he's asked to be allowed to go out to congress we assume that he will appoint and this is the way to allow him to dig to dignify have a dignified exit i think of course the nuclear facility said this is not gone by monday he's going to be impeached is that still going to go ahead or are they going to recognize she dismount be the calmest way to give him those few weeks and then let it happen i think will be very interesting to see the reaction between the army and the war veterans christmas fungo who looks after the war veterans has already used a lot of really very aggressive and incendiary language about this and the army of that actually hasn't and so it's going to be very interesting to see if the war vets perhaps take this into their own hands as of course they have a track record of doing the other thing of course you can't predict is how people react now we are generally very peaceful people for thirty seven years. we've lived
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under this we can probably manage it for a couple more weeks when congress happens i certainly hope that's the way it is i think that people still probably won't rise up i really really hope that i'm right and i think that the army will be a strong presence on the street making sure that that doesn't happen to things some of the things that he was saying was almost him reaching out to those war veterans you know talked about our difficult past you talked about some of the soldiers who brought about the country as it is now at a very young age it almost sounded like he was reaching out to say we were all in this together we all stood together we created this country don't turn your back on me now salute me and reminding people of his liberation credentials and just saying as you say we've all been in this together announcing entrepreneurial programs growth points i mean things that people really didn't want to hear it at that point i imagine although how fabulous to have you know programs but he was it was an
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apology in a way it was a mere culpa but i think he was saying let me just wrap this up. in a couple of weeks at the congress and then i'll be gone but please don't your revenge i felt it was possibly a plea for grace let's not be let's not be petty about this let's not weak revenge i felt it was also enormously hypocritical when you look at the absolute misery he has wreaked on our people for him to sit there and say we're all going to be great about this was absolutely breathtaking georgia to go when frankly just if you could stay with us now much more to talk about but we are going to go across to turn your page who is standing by for us in johannesburg of course. on robert mugabe spoke to jacob zuma as to what his future would be checking or there was going to that he was ok he was under house arrest he was ok how do you think the the actual influence of south africa has had on list decision today to not to resign and to
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wait till congress. frankly not very much i think this is all about what the president robert mugabe president emphasizing there were that mugabe wants right now and what zanu premier if the military is going to allow him to do obviously is the regional power and the current chair of said at the southern african development community south africa has played a leading role as you see it made that the president jacob zuma made a phone call to president mugabe confirming he was in confinement and that he was finally he's the president of south africa stand on voice there clearly been part of the negotiations about what we are technically really dealing with at this point in time as is an internal party leadership battle and factional battle situation so if president robert mugabe wants to hold on until the conference in a couple of weeks' time and that is clearly what he's determined to do how this
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plays out tomorrow and harare with that deadline that he's supposed to be facing otherwise he'll face impeachment is another thing to be seen but perhaps the beginnings of what what was looking like a relatively tidy situation starting to undo a little bit indeed unraveling in front of our very eyes now we know that almost like the battle lines are drawn he have the army chiefs lined up next to him during the speech he's been meeting with them for the last few hours nobody we think of the zanu p.f. in that room as he was making that resignation or long as ignatius speech how do you think the south african leadership will side will they look to zanu p.f. who of oversee a close ties with for so long will they be swayed by the military saying well we're backing what the president's decided to do. i think south africa as other southern african countries will want this to be resolved obviously as peacefully as amicably as possible but as i said if they are following the structures the following the
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processes of the governing party which i have some similarities with the governing african national congress here then it wouldn't really i think be south africa's place and they have certainly been very hesitant today to make any comment on the matter we've spoken to them a couple of times with both spoken to the communications of said the south african government said we're going to wait till tomorrow before we say anything when that suppose a deadline will either pass with his resignation or as we're schumer now not and said well they said look we're not going to say anything until tuesday when they're holding an emergency meeting so both you know big regional powers sort of really taking a back seat and letting the process play out however zimbabweans decide it must. thank you tell you in years the latest reaction to what has just happened in harare we were expecting the president president robert mugabe to announce his resignation
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instead he is saying that he will be presiding over the zanu p.f. congress in a few weeks time in december in harare he wants to be that he wants to be the person in charge of the congress over the moments no resignation he is still the president that is it from me now the next stop is talk to al-jazeera. michael. you. see. we live in an age of rapid technological advances.


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