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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2017 12:00am-1:01am +03

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detailed coverage try to imagine that only seven years ago people were living right here from a flame now that he has taken over their land from around the world donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade a potential challenge to khorat a missed opportunity a braai. sun blessed beaches breathtaking scenery but there's another reason that draws people to cyprus it's not always easy for mixed faith couples to marry in the middle east and that's why the mediterranean island has become an ideal destination for couples and love to have a civil marriage al-jazeera world looks at what happens when romance cuts across religious lines cyprus island a forbidden love at this time on al-jazeera. this
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is al-jazeera. her answer to us and this is the news out live from london coming up in a gobby defiantly embattled zimbabwean lady vows to stay in power and preside over the ruling party's congress despite being sought to by is all ok yeah. preside over its procedures which must not be prepared. by unique acts because clearly you choose. to undermine a new beat. a special arab league meeting in cairo condemns iran and calls has a terrorist organization. polls close enchiladas election with former president sebastian pinera favorite to win. i knew hopes of finding argentina's missing submarine after investigators received satellite signals. and i'm peter
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stammering with all the day's sport grigor dimitrov has won the a.t.p. finals tournament in london and earlier henry consonant and john appears triumph in the doubles tournament that whole nature of the program. is ruled zimbabwe for thirty seven years and it seems president robert mugabe is reluctant to give up his power anytime soon that he was widely expected to announce his resignation in a televised address defied expectations by pledging to preside over a zollo piaf congress next month instead let congress. in a few weeks from now. preside over its processes which must not be pre-positioned by any acts calculated
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to undermine it or to compromise the outcomes in the eyes of the public as i conclude this address i am aware that many developments have occurred in the party own have been championed and down and by individuals in the name of the party given their failings over the past and under these my age have triggered in some quarters such as developments such developments are quite understandable however we cannot be guided by bitterness. they fullness both of which would not make.
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well earlier while mccarthy was meeting with the chiefs he was sacked as leader of zanu p.f. five a party central committee have given him until midday on monday to resign as president or face impeachment i would you begin to see these on a pair of party meeting in harare as the sucking was announced and ninety three year old president is being replaced by. the man he recently sacked as vice president but he has been on the house arrest since the army took control when the state how much also how small from harare. surprise and disbelief after saturday's march where hundreds of thousands of people on the streets calling for president mugabe to go he has stayed he is not residing any plans to be at the
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party conference or congress in december people are now asking what next they know that there's an appeal of central committee have given the president up to day on monday to resign if he doesn't they're going to go to parliament and impeach him so there is a standoff at the moment also people watching the reaction of the army we know that they're not happy with that we know that they also wanted to go would they continue to be patient loss of uncertainty in the the main thing now is that pays them mcgarvey has refused to step down and people are wondering what's going to happen later on in the next coming hours the next coming days the lead a war veterans insists plans to impeach president robert mugabe will go ahead chris much fun who has been leading a campaign to oust mugabe has called for people to take to the streets of the capital harare on one stone. well it's perhaps no surprise that robert mugabe the
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only leader most have ever known is not ready to quit without some resistance a hero of the independent struggle he took power in one thousand nine. hundred. eighty has been perhaps the most infamous ruler in africa who destroyed a promising country through his determination to cling on to power adored by some but despised by others in zimbabwe although widely admired across africa as a hero who stood up to the west. one nine hundred sixty five rhodesia and even smith's white settlers declare independence from britain an event that defined robert mugabe's life. the black majority resisted racist rule in the cities and out in the countryside where a vicious bush war raged for years robert mugabe a teacher turned activist emerged from prison as an articulate leader of the
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independent struggle we started the war in order to get our country. we haven't got a country they did get their country at lancaster house in london in one nine hundred seventy nine and when zimbabwe celebrated independence the overwhelming winner of elections was in power and the rival liberation fighters what do to keep it to be learned in the early one nine hundred eighty s. the opposition crushed thousands killed in ethnic massacres atrocities that were barely noticed abroad. but there was also much to admire robert mccarthy brought education and health to millions of the involved. although later the economy declined the invasion of white farms in two thousand word turning point this time the world did notice. people
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said this was going to happen it was going to turn into a bloodbath turn into another congress maybe this is it we're going to get out it was a chaotic destructive process darby said he was correcting an old injustice. it's not the business of britain. not where the. members of. my party is relevant to britain. by now the opposition was growing despite torture murder and manipulation many zimbabweans seemed ready to throw mccarthy out. they had a new hero morgan chang he said robert mugabe's early achievements will always be overshadowed by the years of oppression. as the great liberator. has betrayed. i think.
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it was i think. at one stage the two rivals ended up in government together although mccarthy made sure he kept the real power and chang later returned to a position by now his wife grace forty one years his junior had emerged as a political player and gabi well into his ninety's seem determined to go on and on he liberated zimbabweans but he also left his room as a legacy. al-jazeera. well mugabe's announcement was watched closely in around the world and especially by zimbabwe's neighbors tanya page as. this much anticipated speech by zimbabwean president robert mugabe would have been watched by many south africans and of course the many of them barbarians who now
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call this country home having left their own because of political persecution and many of course for economic reasons the fact that it didn't turn out how many people had expected with a reserve nation really shows us how fluid and dynamic this evolving situation is and that is perhaps why we saw a lot of his it in c. on behalf of officials on sunday to comment on events unfolding there so south africa's government said it didn't want to say anything until monday that's when the deadline is for post to be reached. this put in place for the president to resign or else face impeachment and the southern african development community or sadek it also didn't want to make any comment until after its emergency summit on tuesday and luanda angola south africa has played a leading role in trying to reach a amicable solution to what to what south african president jacob zuma describes as a political impasse he sent on voice to zimbabwe which have been photographed in
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these negotiations but i think on this day those negotiators really played a backseat role one of the things that really stood out for me and president mugabe's speech was this line he said that the country has a legacy of resistance and i think he is really living up to that legacy if you like and holding on resisting this really unprecedented amount of pressure for him to step down. well some zimbabweans you tuned in to watch my guy was speech live felt let down by his refusal to resign. the general little bit more. and with his dignity but he refused to do that he's tried to be so stubborn just waiting. to hear something definitive like i'm stepping down. as a country with back to square one. for my view i think. the two movies together impeachment route. i think are the only solution because
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currently our defense forces right now they cannot. well for more we're joined by professor stephen chan from the school of oriental and african studies at the university of london he's also written a book life of power and violence thanks very much coming in to al-jazeera on this extraordinary day. on politics there seem to be two schools of thought at the moment. where we're going to be stalling for time because he wants to resign under his own timeline if you like he wants to do it at congress and with dignity all he still believes he can die in power. i think he's just being defiant think that this is the old man his back to the war and he's not going to easily i think the generals who were hoping for resignation they look surprised because it didn't come improvised speech that basically said he was going to stay on i don't think he's
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got any real chance of staying on but he is going to be defying everybody to the bitter end he's gone up against the war veterans in fact some of his speech he almost seemed to be reaching out to the war veterans talking about you know how they had won the country so many years ago shoulder to shoulder but the war veterans of the hills in themselves saying impeachment is going to go on and calling for people to take to the streets. this is going to come true ahead this week isn't it this is the critical week the speech tonight was a disappointment to many people but it won't change anything by the end of this week mr mugabe will no longer be the president of zimbabwe how will that happen that this talk of impeachment how difficult is it to impeach a president. i think the parliament will meet to reconvene on tuesday they'll see the mood of the nation and they'll see that the central committee of zanu p.f. withdrawn mugabe's mandate and as such he can't go on being president there's
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a zanu p.f. majority in parliament and the vote will go ahead joined by the opposition and he will be impeached and be required to stand down the question people are asking is how much is he actually in control anyway is it a country that is actually run by them the men behind him that he is a kind of puppet really and that he has just been told what to do and in the end it doesn't really matter what he says they will still be in control even when he does leave the party has been effectively the government of the country it's a party state as it were so the party will continue but the party is changing its spots it's come out against the old man had seen the writing on the wall and understands the need to reengage with the world in a way that the president cannot bring himself to do so although the party will continue in power it will become more user friendly face to the world and try to reach out to reengage and there's
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a lot of talk about what would be the agreement for him to resign and one of those questions was always going to be about his wife which she has become such a device we can't really within the whole power struggle that's going on in the last week no sign of her at the moment do you have any clue as to where she is and indeed if she is still around what's going to happen i think she's probably still under house arrest in. mansion the so-called blue house because of the beautiful blue chinese porcelain towers on top of that i don't think this should be seen reemerging until the moment of exile comes and indeed the other sort of area that we haven't mentioned is is the man that is seen as his heir apparent if you like a missing man and. we're going to talk about this a little bit later in the program with you but it at the moment do we still think he's the man that will take over yes i think certainly he is going to be the next president of the country i think that he will be endorsed in fact by the party
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congress mugabe car preside over that he's no longer a member of the party he was expelled so. i think he will very very much tried a charm offensive on the west or that he would try to bring the opposition into a coalition government you try for a unity government to try to take the country at least half a step forward again if i can ask you to hang around in about half an hour we're going to. about vice president thanks very much for that still to come on the al-jazeera news hour the potential legal case that's prompted threats by the u.s. to close the p.l.o. office in washington we gauge reaction in the occupied west bank. tens of thousands take to the streets in tokyo in the latest protest calling for the president to go . and some of the world's best garo up for the winter olympics debut more in sport it's a matter of. an
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extraordinary meeting of the arab league in cairo has agreed to condemn iran and hezbollah calling the lebanese group a terrorist organization saudi arabia requested a meeting to discuss alleged violations committed by iran in the region amid heightened tensions between riyadh and teheran over lebanon. the egyptian secretary general of the twenty two nation arab league suggested they all shared concerns about iran is attempting to influence life across the arab world from yemen to lebanon to iraq and to syria. the whole region has suffered for the past few years the results and consequences of this dangerous iranian policy sedition violence fueling secretary and divisions attacks on embassies actively supporting outlawed militias attacking legitimacy the list in
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reality is much longer. saudi arabia's foreign minister told the meeting but his country's frustrations with iran go back decades all the way to the iranian revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine. if you will not any leniency towards iran's hostile policies will encourage iran to continue with their hostile enterprise that's why today we are required to stand up genuinely and honestly with our people and governments to a dare to the charter of the arab league and international laws and to stand up to these religious policies of iran. as they are oblique held its meeting iran's foreign minister was in southern turkey for talks on the syrian civil war tweeting from there mohamad javid zarif said he was working to build on the ceasefire iran helped achieve in syria he added that the irony is that the kingdom of saudi arabia accuses iran of destabilization while itself fuels terrorists wages war on yemen
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blockades catarrh and foments crisis in lebanon in yemen iran denies accusations that it supports the rebels they're fighting a saudi led coalition which is fighting on behalf of yemen's internationally recognized government in syria iranian backed fighters of help shore up forces loyal to president bashar assad saudi support opposition fighters and were accused of allowing their citizens to fight for eisel and lebanon's prime minister resigned while in riyadh citing a reigning interference in lebanese politics the saudis were accused of forcing saddle hariri to step down bernard smith al-jazeera for more on this let's talk now to share in hunter she's a professor at georgetown university in washington d.c. has written extensively about both iran and the wider muslim world thanks very much for joining us on al-jazeera can i just ask you what do you think saudi arabia was hoping to achieve by calling this emergency meeting. well i
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think that you know saudi arabia wants to to get. arab support basically for its policies and consequently to gain more legitimacy in what it calls its more assertive policy it words iran the question is whether this will be just another arab league meeting that will issue statements and condemn neuron or that this is their prelude to a far more serious developments which might events lead to a war between iran and saudi arabia how device is divisive is it in the region i mean i'm thinking there are other nations in that region that don't necessarily back the saudi position. that is true i hear you know among arab countries for
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example. to new zealand still maintain reasonable relations with iran. in the persian gulf region we have obviously oman which is quite close to iran coates would like to be closer but it's not because of saudi pressure qatar obviously. on the thread but the point is that there are dynamics of arab politics backed arab countries even if they disagree with one another reserve iran they were never going to come up and challenge their arab brothers or speak you know against iraq so even if they disagree with the saudi arabia's posture and i think egypt for example disagrees with that but they're never going to say that openly so they go this joint statement calling hezbollah
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a terrorist organization the saudi foreign minister came out saying he will not hesitate to defend. saudi arabia security or do you think that means. rather than in just hyperbole. well nobody nobody disputes saudi arabia's right to defend itself but the problem is that saudi arabia is seizing anything that happens or in the middle east or in the persian gulf that they don't like it as a trick to it secular ity i mean for example whether or not the root is a riot or not that there are internal dynamics in yemen that have to work themselves up but saudi arabia you know picks. iran and says iran is creating these problems in yemen in order to justify its invasion of another country or something happens in syria i mean the syrian civil war did not need to
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happen they many of countries including turkey at the time really contributed to this and later they insisted that bashar has to go without to you know agreeing to some kind of a political process but to be honest it seems to me that saudi arabia anybody that moves in middle east and they don't like it they consider it a threat to saudi security this broad definition of security obviously is quite dangerous very good to get your thoughts are in hunter thanks very much for joining us on al-jazeera. my pleasure and israeli cabinet minister says his government has had contact with saudi arabia to discuss the two countries concerned about the around the energy minister you val steinitz made the disclosure in a radio interview is the first time a senior israeli official has called for such contacts have taken place sine it's
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was asked why israel was keeping its ties with saudi arabia secret he said times with muslim countries are often hidden because the other country won't. the polls have now closed in chile as presidential election billionaire businessman and former chilean president sebastian pinera is the favorite to win among the eight hundred right to disillusionment is high because of years of political scandal and corruption well lots of america that's a lucy in human is live for us in santiago what all the latest indications on the result the see you. chile's national football stadium it's the largest polling station in the whole country and the votes are literally being counted as i speak they just begun to be counted about twenty minutes ago so we really don't know what the results are but from what i'm hearing here. and hundreds and the continue in the center left
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candid it is running more or less neck and neck with. the former conservative president but of course this may not play out in the end from what we're hearing from the polls. as expected to be the lead candidate but not when completely not that not the simple majority he would need to win in a first round so it's almost certain now that there will be a second round and a month's time one of the interesting things of this election is that the polls have predicted that there would be a very very low turnout which would have favored save us stamping it out but instead a lot more people than expected have turned out as and probably every country in the world right now i think we could say that the polls are turning out to be reliably unreliable and whoever does win and those polls they have quite a lot on my plate when it comes to ruling. yes but now you mention that there have been
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a corruption scandals and that is true but they have not just tainted the ruling center left coalition but rather all of the political parties but clearly it hurts the one who is in government more than with somebody who wants to come in even seven stamping into himself has been dogged by accusations of improprieties and abuse of power and lack of transparency he is a billionaire even richer in fact that donald from but what i think chileans want is a little bit more common their policies president me shared by chile has introduced a series of very very widespread structural reforms it's been rather turbulent and i think people want these things these reforms to be consolidated by somebody who moves more into the center we'll have to see what happens because it's not a done deal yet that set us stamp you get a we'll win in a second round. to see a new man with a bird's eye view of the count's. on the. break
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up a demonstration in support of opposition leader. pictures that tell a story. i want to show. and action from the second stage of the grueling. very places we finally got to see the end of that stormy weather around greece pulling out of italy easing over towards turkey as we go on through the next couple days a clear sky is coming in behind here's our area of low pressure that brought the violent storms the flooding rains the damaging winds into a good part of grace that's in the process of driving a little further east which is because i want through the next monday still see a few showers in and around the vicinity but the wettest weather we because western
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parts of turkey go on into tuesday clear skies come back a behind athens at around thirteen degrees celsius that's right and snow just around the eastern side of the but it's right to say east part of but it's a little bit of rain that. passes cyprus for a time before moving on into syria wintry mix there across the balkans pushing up a little further northwards through our hungary and then some rain just coming into the far north of the region cloud and right fourteen for london as we go on through choose day fun to drive good part of north africa it might just catch wanted to showers just around the coastal fringes of tunisia but across the north there it will be pretty breezy across northern areas of egypt as we go through the next day or so a tad cooler in cairo at twenty one degrees. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army
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was so reliant on the private sector i would call it a dependency we have a mismatch between the way we match and work to be and the reality of the twenty first century enough to hear anybody deal for you and i want to show you how many of the persons that you're sending out should be child soldiers and i said i think that child soldiers reloaded at this time. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much employed in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for which is you know very challenging even if particularly because you have a lot of people but if i did on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real story i'll just mend it used to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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welcome back a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera zimbabwean president robert mugabe has resisted precious to resign in a t.v. address mcgarvie said he will preside over the zanu p.f. party conference next month the leader of zimbabwe's war veterans insist plans to impeach her garbage well go ahead chris but find well who has been leading a campaign to oust mugabe has called for protests in harare on wednesday. a special arab league meeting in cairo has condemned iran and called its lebanese ally has a terrorist organization saudi arabia called the extraordinary session to discuss alleged iranian violations in the region. one figure crucial to the
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political struggle in zimbabwe is a mess among the new head of the ruling party and until recently a key ally so what do we know about the mom i call the crocodile was a veteran of the war for independence my god cause the support for the army the influential war veterans has been central to this crisis he was in mugabe's government from independent. in one nine hundred eighty seven a security minister during the civil war and thousands were massacred in matabele land when god was survived a countless purges to emerge as a vice president in twenty fourteen and it was my god his decision to suck my god well from that post that made the army move against the president fairing he was paving the way for grace mugabe to succeed him well for a closer look at m.s.m. and the why the future for zimbabwe where joined again by professor stephen chan from the school of oriental and african studies at the university of london thanks
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very much for coming back this individual is almost been seen as the man to take up zimbabwe move forwards a fresh new approach but in the end it's kind of more the signs and it's more of the same but with a little bit of a twist i think you understand the need to try to reengage with the wider world so he wants to at least reinvent himself cosmetically even needs to reinvent the country a little bit more than cosmetically however we're looking at the very serious economic situation and he would know that he'd better get some technocratic policies on board of the sort of the old man simply could not bring himself to do with any suggestion that the opposition figure of course is said to be quite sick but any suggestion they could be any kind of democratic process is not just really unrealistic with who rules zimbabwe. we may be looking at a suspension of the democratic process one of the things that president but i would
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want to do this in fact to form a coalition government precisely so that elections would be postponed this would be done very much on the basis of trying to achieve some kind of unity of approach long sought to address the terrible problems of the country but if elections are suspended then this would mean literally that democracy has to wait for another day present. the. during his non resignation speech talked about how the economy was going through i think you called a difficult patch. that's a little bit of an understatement a just give us some idea really because i know you've been there recently of what life is calling t. like in zimbabwe people is not as bad now as the hyperinflation of the first part of the two thousands for instance i was not likely to get that precisely because it's heading in that direction many people are very very worried and don't want to see a repeat even a light repeat of what happened but when i was just
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a couple of months ago my estimate was that by the end of the first quarter of next year you'd be looking at three hundred percent inflation now in fact i think we've reached the figure by december the end of december so people can feel this in the everyday life they can understand that there's a shortage of american dollars the hard currency the substitute bond notes are regarded as worthless on the black market they have to be exchanged for several times their purported value and you're looking at a country that just does not seem to have an economic policy so one of the first things the new president will have to do would be to appoint a minister of finance this might well be the former opposition minister of finance someone like tendai biti but they need a front bench of people who understand the economy i'm not a crony garb is the last minister of finance is very much a crony of people who do understand the reality of economic life so you could see
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your thoughts even john thanks very much for coming in. palestinian officials say they will freeze all communications with the u.s. if the trumpet ministration does close the office of the palestinian liberation organization in washington on friday the u.s. state department announced it would shut the p.l.o. office in ninety days if it did not engage in direct and meaningful negotiations with israel and said the p.l.o. must go first to cases against israel the international criminal court al-jazeera as malcolm webb has more from ramallah in the occupied west bank israeli settlements in the occupied west bank keep growing and the palestinian liberation organization says the expansions have doubled since president truman came to power they were illegal under international law and it's something the p.l.o. could pursue at the international criminal court in washington the u.s. state department says if that happens it will close the p.l.o.
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his office and in ramallah palestinian officials were shocked and disappointed. we are punished for threatening to go to the court and mr netanyahu is not punished for committing the crimes for which we are going to court which is the settlements on the. land of the west bank and in and jerusalem occupied them it is sixty seven so what do you make out of this pressure to do what several palestinian officials told us the closure of the pillows office would end us legitimacy as a broker for peace since he was elected president trump has said he'll deliver a peace deal the palestinian officials say they haven't been given any details analysts say previous u.s. administrations didn't approve of the expansion of the illegal settlements this american administration. to the violations of the but just in human rights especially in settlement expansion they seem to be more sensitive.
12:37 am
to try to get help of the national low in recent months israeli media have reported an israeli government plan to close the p.l.o. his washington office but prime minister benjamin netanyahu hasn't said much in a statement he said he appreciated the american decision palestinian president mahmoud abbas told the u.n. general assembly in september that the two state solution is in jeopardy so he said the expansion of israeli settlements like the one on this hilltop should be challenged the international criminal court the u.s. now wants to block but that would leave the palestinians with few remaining options and little to bargain with in any potential peace process now come where al-jazeera ramallah in the occupied west bank. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud hossein who's been in an egyptian prison for almost eleven months assange is accused of broadcasting false news just great chaos which he and
12:38 am
al jazeera strongly deny he's repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail a saying was arrested last december while visiting family watch and chain his defense ministry says it has detected seven file satellite calls that may have come from a missing submarine raising hopes that the forty four crewmembers could still be alive contact was lost with the sound one on one this day. reports from the submarine space model plotter. thanks it's been more than four days since the argentine authorities lost communication with the air a san juan satellite phone signals were detected on saturday giving course the hope . we had seven call attempts of a few seconds each possibly with very low signal which didn't complete that information is still being checked we're confirming it so we can squeeze what we can out of that information to get firm darter to localize it
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a huge search and rescue operation is underway with all of argentina's available resources being deployed along with assistance from a number of countries including the united states with these multi-mission search planes and specialist underwater rescue vessels. the desperation back to hope again all here know that the south atlantic is a cruel and unforgiving sea and with each hour that passes without contact being made without a sighting the anxiety is rising argentina is holding its breath hoping praying for a word a sign of life from the forty four crew members. are so learned i also pray for the crew members of the argentinian navy submarine who have gone missing. in the air a san juan one of three argentine navy submarines was built in germany in one thousand nine hundred three and has since been refitted to serve another thirty years it was on a ten day voyage from the southern port of wire to its base the model plotter when
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contact was lost the weather is not helping but the search and rescue operation continues unabated. argentina. place in kenya has fired tear gas to break up a demonstration by supporters of opposition leader. the protests broke out in nairobi after a number of people were shot dead. the dentist says at least thirty one of his supporters. how being killed by police and militia since he returned to the country on friday is successfully challenge the reelection of president for kenyatta in august he then boycotted a rerun of the elections saying it would still wouldn't be a fair race. supreme court is expected to decide on monday if kenyatta it will be sworn in for his second term or if new elections will be held so minimal has more from nairobi a now familiar scene for kenyans as the country's political fate is decided in
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court the supreme court has received two petitions that want to invalidate the october twenty sixth presidential run a former member of parliament says fresh nominations for the presidential candidate should have been held before the rerun while human rights activists say the election should have been called off once the only other main contender opposition leader raila odinga withdrew from the race but the electoral commission says the election was legal and kenyatta his victory should be upheld president elect rikan yatta who won the rerun with ninety eight percent of the vote insists the petitions are a waste of time legal expert julius came boyce's kenya's facing a historical process with potentially the results of a second election being thrown out this is a consolidated petition one is challenging the my main which. i delivered on his mandate so that is a legal issue the other one me. going on i mean it's based on the twenty thirty in
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decision of the supreme court saying once the not a presidential candidate this should have been fresh and emissions so one is more technical the other one deals with the substance. the snigger challenge to the election result is the second in just months two months ago those caught a nod to the presidential election it said there were irregularities in how the electoral commission counted the final result and a new election should be held with just the two main contenders taking part that time around the core challenge came from the main opposition the national super alliance this time though political parties have stayed away and kenyans appear to have little interest in what's happening in court this certainly is a level of fatigue as many kenyans look forward to the end of months of election campaigning voting and legal battles unfortunate but some say
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a court ruling either way won't immediately solve the political crisis brought on by political economic and ethnic divisions this winner takes it all presidential system. has failed us and i think it's failing many other african countries as well . perhaps in. very diverse continuous. nations like like libya we need a hybrid parliamentary system but. but. but don't you have the citizens. majority with everything all citizens should feel included in government and for a second time kenyans wait patiently to learn if they should prepare for new elections or a presidential swearing in within the week for me to al-jazeera in iraq. officials in morocco say least fifteen people have been killed in astound paid as food aid was being handed out in city. about sixty kilometers from
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a so where are they say five other people were injured in the crush. bangladesh says it's negotiating with a range for the repatriation of revenge of refugees who fled a recent crackdown in announcement came after a number of foreign ministers from europe and asia visited the refugee camps in cox's bazaar on the bangladeshi side of the border more than six hundred thousand were hidden just have fled northern ma'am ma since august the e.u. foreign policy chief federica mother rené says she wants to support me. kitty in implementing a solution. anti-government protests have flared up again in togo most demonstrators have been demanding constitutional with full and an end to the ruling family's fifty year grip on power but the president is refusing to back down larry on a honda accords. the government put the figure x.
12:45 am
twenty thousand the opposition says there were ten times that number the discrepancy over how many were out on the streets of togo's camp was a long way on saturday gives some insight into just how far apart the opposition and to government and how little interest they have been each other's views protesters want a president for missing day out and a two term limit on who will take his place but the president is resisting sidestepping proposals that would see him go. fifty years is too much for one family we're sick of this you'll see we're sick of this. for three months people have been calling for an end to the political dynasty togo is the only country in west africa that doesn't and he had to presidential term limits that's kept than a single family in power for half a century first missing by
12:46 am
a demo for thirty eight years and then his son who took over in two thousand and five when his father died president full pledged in late september to hold a constitutional referendum but the proposal for a two term presidency is not retroactive that means missing by could stand again even twice potentially keeping him in power until twenty thirty as tensions rise the president has called for loyalty from the armed forces protesters have responded by handing out flowers to those seemed to keep the peace the lord's will shock the military a flower for each member of our armed forces the army is ours we want the armed forces to take the lead in the struggle and finish it with us the government was having none of that. no no no our armed forces are loyal to our institutions that is final nothing beyond that. the situation appears to have no clear
12:47 am
resolution in sight both sides blame each other for violence that has killed sixteen people of the last three months was difficult leaders and members of the african union have stepped in to try to get the two sides talking but until that delivers meaningful change these protesters insist that will keep matching maidana honed al-jazeera. still to come it will have all the sports news including a dramatic end to the season on the european goals tour details coming up. when we managed the financial system between one thousand forty five and one hundred seventy one there was not a single financial crisis anywhere in the world and then in one thousand nine hundred one the bank has lobbied and they said no no we don't need controls you
12:48 am
know the market won't discipline us banks love to make loans to sufferance why because behind the sovereign millions of taxpayers we can see reaction to the liberalization fight just as we saw in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be going to already is ugly in many parts of the world where people are saying if my government when took off to my interest then i would look for a stronger she's a fascist i don't care if you promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will fight for him i think that's where we're heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face.
12:49 am
now it's said one picture is worth a thousand words on a new exhibition showcasing award winning photo journalism is getting people thinking about the world's most pressing issues and their responses to it than a cigarette went to take a look at the world press photo exhibition in washington d.c. . in the u.s. capitol a city known for making headlines visitors are going underground immersing themselves in some of the year's most gripping news stories from around the globe. the world press photo exhibit at the dupont underground gallery features the best in visual journalism from the uplifting to the unnerving. curator robert mind says photos such as that capturing the assassination of the russian ambassador to turkey are among the most compelling it's a photograph of contrasts you have
12:50 am
a exhibition space where everything is very controlled you have the man's finger in a safety position on the gun and yet you have that extreme anger in his face. the exhibit in an abandoned trolley station features two hundred fifty photos by press photographers some are projected onto the walls they cover a broad range of topics from the protest of a pipeline in north dakota to the war in afghanistan it's an amazing image and it reminds you of peotone after that to the impact of fishing on sea turtles there's a green area around the turtle and the more you look at it the more you realize it and mine says photos humanize the story in a way the written word doesn't it explains in a single image so much about an issue and complexities behind an issue that gets people thinking this exhibit is in the heart of washington embassies universities and think tanks so the idea is that people come here and take a look at these pictures and maybe begin talking about them and potentially
12:51 am
influence public policy. codea loven and veronica pharaoh's said the exhibit forced them to rethink stories and consider the people behind them you hear sometimes in the news but you're not really confronted with these things on a daily basis we also have discussed the ethical dilemma of the journalists and of the photographers who see it what is or is their role in responding to it are they just there observing and documenting or are they ethically obliged to follow through with something the exhibit is scheduled to one hundred cities around the world with four million people expected to see it curator robert minds hopes it will help people confront issues that make them uncomfortable or they may have forgotten diagnosed or broke al jazeera washington. this fall and now his patron. so thank you so much the big four in men's tennis may not have been in action but the final day of the a.t.p. season did not disappoint at the world tour finals in london grigor dimitrov came
12:52 am
of age to beat david goffin and win the biggest title of his career the top eight players in the world start of the week at the o two but it came down to a battle between golf fan who don't forget beat roger favoring the sameas and dimitroff the bulgarian had defeated gough and in the group stages earlier in the week for the loss of just two games this was a much closer affair but the results the same in the end as dimitroff triumphed in the deciding set the twenty six year old is the first player to win the european showdown on his debut since alex put richer back in nineteen ninety eight will move to a career high ranking of three in the world on monday. in the doubles final in london there was a second consecutive year in the crown for henry continent and john king is the finish australian duo defeated top seeds lucas said cobalts and marcella melo six four six two it's their first title of the season and their first pay to win back to back titles at the world to a finals since the bryan brothers won in two thousand and three and two thousand
12:53 am
and four. to be honest good i thought every match and fight here were my better and better as the way it's gone so it's nice to actually come back and to find out. and they're going to go on as after winning despite his loss in the last four of the world tour finals roger federer has had a standout season winning two grand slam titles five other events and climbing back to number two by the time of the world rankings at the end of the year now earlier we spoke to the director of the sports science agency john moki and he got his thoughts on why the swiss is still able to be at the top of these game at the age of thirty six. there's no number of number of reasons why he's still a good omen such elite level. perhaps the first one is the fact that he's not just accepted that he is getting older and he's able to change a trainee recovery. if you look at what he's done it sure he's actually reduce the number of games each play twenty five percent compared to when he was in his late
12:54 am
twenty's or early thirty's there's a lot of things that change but first also and probably was supposed to last for woman probably the most dramatic change is that the hormones associated with muscle development and maintenance begin to. begin to slow down and not affect se particularly from a power or a speed or two so it's quite relevant in tennis also we see the quality of connective tissue drop and that can lead to a lot of injuries to cure tendons and ligaments because if you get injured more than you can train as much i'm not going to have an impact on you forms in golf the european tour has reached its conclusion with both the season long a race to dubai and also the chairmanship title decided on sunday and then pick champion justin rose had looked poised for a third straight to a victory and second order of merit crown after the shooting for much of the final round but three bogeys on the back nine ended his challenge that meant the
12:55 am
lucrative race to dubai title went to another englishman tommy fleetwood fleetwood finished in a tie for twenty first on eleven under but with two two of victories in abu dhabi and france this year that was enough to see him end the year as european number one for the first time meanwhile the season ending event was won by spain's john rom the twenty three year old who only turned professional in twenty sixteen finished on nineteen and for the second victory of the season. feels amazing. you know it's a hard to believe it's going to be a couple days who is going to go by till i realize that i would have done well a couple weeks to realize what i've done this year plan you know first grade. it was difficult because. when i you know i got anything going and you get to the twelfth thirteenth hole and i was looking at leaderboard and he was doing while and then it becomes difficult just makes it so you're watching what he's doing i wonder now if you know what's happening and you still got close to try on your game and that was difficult really towards the end of the round and then once i finished.
12:56 am
completely on my hands and which is the hardest thing to watch just up there been able to do nothing. so it was along our house i know. now this one is only for the bravest marathon runners and there's a marathon run over several days this one taking place right now in oman sunday's stage consisted of twenty kilometers of soft sands high dunes and small portions of hard aground with some grass along the way to. beatty of morocco when the second stage but that is only as far as the men are concerned the moroccan trails overall race leader in the title of a rusher by thirty seconds in the overall classification more than one hundred runners from fifteen countries are competing in this event spending one hundred sixty five kilometers of six stages across the oman desert it will finish on the shore of the arabian sea. have to learn. they didn't today stage was very hard with a lot of jews in the first ten kilometers but the remainder of the race was flatter
12:57 am
thankfully i finished in second place behind the world champion from the desert to the snowy slopes of italy with the freestyle skiing big a world cup continued big aries said to make it to the big debut at the winter olympics in pyongyang in twenty eighteen so with less than three months to go that it's not surprising that there was an all star field in milan for this event switzerland. triumphed in the men's competition after receiving a maximum of one hundred points for this eve effort and the aptly named colin bell a bears was victorious in the women's contests frenchwoman also tops the world cups . these. bring spain well rail and a vertical madrid slipped further behind barcelona in la liga standings after they draw on saturday valencia have taken advantage and are now six points ahead of the madrid but four behind barcelona valencia were away at espanyol on sunday and goals from jeffrey kahn dog and sente mean wrapped up
12:58 am
a two no win for them. and finally supporters of the dutch football club have made a moving tribute to the late son of their australian goalkeeper brad jones said today marked six years since the death of jones's five year old son luca after a battle with leukemia. joining a rendition of you'll never walk alone while lighting the stadium with a mobile phone. and we'll leave it there a sumo sport later. thank you pete said that is it from me citizen for this news hour but i will be back in a moment with much more of the day's news don't go away. for
12:59 am
years japanese have gone into the country's lush force for what they call. green or forest baby thirteen years ago dr king lee was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system but the a lot of
1:00 am
fine to side or essential oil is found in the forest my research has shown that far as trying to cite reduces stress hormones and relax us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest and the state of medicine sun blessed beaches breathtaking scenery but there's another reason that draws people to cyprus it's not always easy for mixed faith couples to marry in the middle east and that's why the mediterranean island has become an ideal destination for couples and love to have a civil marriage al-jazeera world looks at what happens when romance cuts across religious lines cyprus island offended in love at this time on al-jazeera.
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a defiant the embattled zimbabwean lady vows to stay in power and preside.


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