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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2017 1:00am-1:33am +03

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at least found in the forest my research has shown that forest trying to cite reduces stress hormones and relax us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest instead of medicine sun blessed beaches breathtaking scenery but there's another reason that draws people to cyprus it's not always easy for mixed faith couples to marry in the middle east and that's why the mediterranean island has become an ideal destination for couples and love to have a civil marriage al-jazeera world looks at what happens when romance cuts across religious lines cyprus island a fitbit in love at this time on al-jazeera. mugabe defiantly embattled zimbabwe and later vows to stay in power and preside over the
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ruling party's congress despite being sucked. and citizen this is al jazeera live from london also coming up a special arab league meeting in cairo condemns it around and calls has a terrorist organization polls close in chile is election with former president sebastian pinera favorite to win. the new hopes of finding argentina's missing submarine after investigators you see fell satellite signals. his roles about wife and it seems president robert mugabe is reluctant to give up power and it. though he was widely expected to announce his resignation in a televised address like i would if i the expectations by pledging to preside over
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a zollo p.f. congress next month instead let congress. in a few weeks from now. preside over its processes which must not be pre-positioned by any acts calculated to undermine a new eight or to compromise the outcomes in the eyes of the public as i conclude this address i am aware that many developments have been the party own have been championed and down and by individuals in the name of the party. given their feelings all the past and
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under these my age have triggered in some quarters such as developments. such developments quite understandable however we cannot be guided by bitterness. range for. both of which mood. not meek will not make us any better but you may not have. any. game by beards his speech followed a meeting between will be a minute she chiefs but while that was taking place the president was sacked as leader of the ruling party p.f. by its central committee is being given until midday on monday to resign president all face impeachment while they were jubilant scenes of their zanu p.f.
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party meeting in harare as the sacking was announced the ninety three year old president is being replaced by amisom. a man he recently cites as vice president mugabe has been on the house arrest since the elements of control when say how much asa has more from. surprise and disbelief off to saturday's march with hundreds of thousands of people on the streets calling for president mugabe to go he has said he is not residing any plans to be at the party conference or congress in december people are now asking what next they know the sanity of central committee have given the president up to day on monday to resign if he doesn't they're going to go to parliament and impeach him so there is a standoff at the moment also people watching the reaction of the army we know that they're not happy with it we know that they also wanted to go were they continue to be patient lots of uncertainty in the air the main thing now is that has refused to
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step down and people are wondering what's going to happen later on in the next coming hours the next coming days some zimbabweans you tuned in to watch my speech lawyer felt let down by his refusal to resign. the general did walk away peacefully and with his dignity but he refused to do that he's tried to do so stop and we're just waiting. to hear something definitive like i'm i'm stepping down i'm resigning or something. and he didn't say anything unless there's a country with bed to square one. for my view i think. i have to move you used to go to the impeachment route yeah i think is the only solution because currently our defense forces right now they cannot. and for more we're joined again by professor stephen chan from the school of
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oriental and african studies at the university of london they also wrote a book life of power and violence thanks very much for staying around this is obviously clear intention by the president to stay until congress in december but do you think he can survive the week i'd be most surprised if he survives that we can't address the congress he's no longer the president of the party he was sacked this morning this is just defiance this is simply the old man going down with all of his guns firing. shots however because they can't have any real effect on the war veterans of said they want to mobilize people to get back on the streets again on wednesday is a potential that could flare up the great march the other day was very very peaceful if they have to do it again i think that there is every single possibility of major rioting in the streets of iraq. we know we should probably tend to the man
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who is tipped to take over he's always already been named the leader of the of the designer pair of party i miss him and what do we know about him and how much of a challenge is he going to have on these plates if indeed he doesn't take over he's a gentleman who's going to have to reinvent himself he does not have the world's kindest pastor if i can put it this diplomatically is possible but i think he will try to reinvent himself so he can reconnect the country globally the task is very very much to forge some kind of economic base so the country can come out of great inflation come out of non-productivity come out of a past where everything was mired for decades back and try to take the country into a future of stability it will take a long time before we can take it into actual prosperity he's facing huge problems with the economy at the moment and i you have quite a diet prediction for even the immediate situation with the economy i think three
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hundred percent inflation by christmas and i don't think you can reverse the overnight just by a new president this is going to take months of very very difficult work to even lay the foundations for reinvigoration of the economy and in fact there's no foundation except that foreign countries such as china for instance would pump some liquidity into the economy there is no productive base that makes commercial sense of this moment in time and we are looking now probably impeachment on monday as a. piece of or talked about the war veterans very much pushing that how does that physically happen where parliament will convene probably on tuesday and he's been given to tomorrow or monday to resign and then your face impeachment on tuesday parliament will convene and passive vote basically impeaching the president and at that point in time he will no longer be legally the president of zimbabwe thank you very much stephen jones. by joining us i'll just.
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extraordinary thing of the arab league in cairo has a greater condom iran and hezbollah calling the lebanese group a terrorist organization saudi arabia requested a meeting to discuss alleged violations committed by iran in the region and it heightens tensions between riyadh and teheran over lebanon and smith has the details. the egyptian secretary general of the twenty two nation arab league suggested they all shared concerns about iran is attempting to influence life across the arab world from yemen to lebanon to iraq and to syria. the whole region has suffered for the past few years the results and consequences of this dangerous iranian policy sedition violence fueling secretary in divisions attacks on embassies actively supporting outlawed militias attacking legitimacy the
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list in reality is much longer. saudi arabia's foreign minister told the meeting that his country's frustrations with iran go back decades all the way to the iranian revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine. if you will any leniency towards iran's hostile policies will encourage iran to continue with their hostile enterprise that's why today we are required to stand up genuinely and honestly with our people and governments to a dare to the charter of the arab league and international laws and to stand up to these religious policies of iran. as they are oblique held its meeting iran's foreign minister was in southern turkey for talks on the syrian civil war tweeting from there mohammed javid zarif said he was working to build on the ceasefire iran helped achieve in syria he added that the irony is that the kingdom of saudi arabia
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accuses iran of destabilization while itself fuels terrorists wages war on yemen blockades catarrh and foments crisis in lebanon in yemen iran denies accusations that it supports the rebels they're fighting a saudi led coalition which is fighting on behalf of yemen's internationally recognized government in syria iranian backed fighters of help shore up forces loyal to president bashar assad saudi support opposition fighters and were accused of allowing their citizens to fight for eisel and lebanon's prime minister resigned while in riyadh citing a reigning interference in lebanese politics the saudis were accused of forcing saddle hariri to step down bernard smith al-jazeera polling stations have now closed across chile and the votes are being counted to determine who will be the country's next president though to turnout was much higher than expected but the second round of votes between the two top candidates is likely with no one so far
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winning a clear majority the see a new man is in santiago. where ten tab was a national football stadium it is the largest polling station in all of chile and the votes are being counted as i speak there over there people the names of the winners are being read out one by one running sort of neck and neck between the government candidate and the conservative former president. now the interesting thing is that the polls had predicted that there would be a very low turnout that has not been the case which seems to confirm that what we're seeing all over the world right now that the polls are becoming predictably unpredictable and the fact that so many people have turned out to vote is actually good for the center left coalition and bad for the opposition which would seem to indicate that all those have a sampling it will probably will get the most votes in this first round there will be a runoff in a month's time still to come on al jazeera. continue to arrive plain why
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they're increasingly reliant on help from small child. pitches that tell a story award winning and thought provoking just go on in washington. how are we going to see it warming up once again across southeastern parts of australia stormy weather in the process of pulling out of the way dry skies coming back in behind still a little bit of clout there just around south australia was a little drive its way through as you go on through the next day. of high pressure will become the dominant feature winds coming in from the northeast at twenty nine thirty degrees celsius the melbourne and for adelaide to perth around twenty one celsius so the chances for taught. to weather up around the top dog are looking
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rather stormy in the next. also while too. i was there into the south is that hey that's continuing thirty celsius in melbourne thirty two degrees there in adelaide are area of high pressure caving things low as he said all across a good part of new zealand over the next day or it's a bright skies coming in head nine hundred. twenty one in alton winds coming in from a southwest direction so a little colder than over towards australia i was sixteen celsius some cold and chilly sunshine here for tuesday then as we go on the into the middle part of the way temperatures will pick up cold enough in japan as well talked in tokyo of just ninety degrees.
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at this time. welcome back reminder the top story on al-jazeera zimbabwean president robert mugabe has resisted pressure to resign and his c.v. address mugabe said he would preside over the ruling party conference next month despite being sacked as its leader. a special arab league meeting in cairo has
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condemned iran and cold its lebanese ally has a terrorist organization saudi arabia called extraordinary session to discuss alleged iranian violations in the region. the polls have closed presidential election billionaire businessman and full mitchell am president sebastian pinera is favorite photo is likely. palestinian officials say they will freeze all communications with the u.s. if the trump administration does close the office of the palestinian liberation organization in washington on friday the u.s. state department announced it would shut the p.l.o. in ninety days if it did not engage in direct and meaningful negotiations with israel and said the p.l.o. must not just cases against israel the international criminal court. has more from ramallah in the occupied west bank. israeli settlements in the occupied west bank
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keep growing and the palestinian liberation organization says the expansions have doubled since president trump came to power they were illegal under international law and it's something the p.l.o. could pursue at the international criminal court in washington the u.s. state department says if that happens it will close the p.l.o. his office and in ramallah palestinian officials were shocked and disappointed. we are punished for threatening to go to the court and mr netanyahu is not punished for committing the crimes for which we are going to court which is the settlements on the. land of the west bank and in and jerusalem occupied them it is sixty seven so what do you make out of this pressure to do what several palestinian officials told us the closure of the pillows office would end us legitimacy as a broker for peace since he was elected president trump has said he'll deliver a peace deal the palestinian officials say they haven't been given any details
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analysts say previous u.s. administrations didn't approve of the expansion of the illegal settlements this american administration. to the violations of the butt of rights especially settlement expansion they seem to be more sensitive. to try to get help of the national low in recent months israeli media have reported an israeli government plan to close the p.l.o. his washington office but prime minister benjamin netanyahu hasn't said much in a statement he said he appreciated the american decision palestinian president mahmoud abbas told the u.n. general assembly in september that the two state solution is in jeopardy so he said the expansion of israeli settlements like the one on this hilltop should be challenge to the international criminal court the u.s. now wants to block that and that would leave the palestinians with few remaining
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options and little to bargain with in any potential peace process now come where al-jazeera ramallah in the occupied west bank. an israeli cabinet minister says his government has had covert contact with saudi arabia to discuss the two countries concerned about sharon the energy minister you val steinitz made the disclosure in a radio interview is the first time a senior israeli official has confirmed that such contacts have taken place steinitz was asked why israel was keeping its ties with saudi arabia secrets he said ties with muslim countries are often hidden because the us will feel the country will. argentina's defense ministry says it has detected seven failed satellite calls that may have come from a missing submarine raising hopes that the forty four crewmembers could still be alive contact was lost with the sound one on wednesday don't know why i'm there reports from the submarines based in model platter. it's been more than
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four days since the argentina thora his last communication with the air a san juan satellite phone signals were detected on saturday giving course the hope . we had seven call attempts of a few seconds each possibly with a very low signal which didn't complete that information is still being checked we're confirming it so we can squeeze what we can out of that information to get firm darter to localize it a huge search and rescue operation is underway with all of argentina's available resources being deployed along with assistance from a number of countries including the united states with these multi-mission search planes and specialist underwater rescue vessels turns to desperation and back to hope again all here know that the south atlantic is a cruel and unforgiving sea and with each hour that passes without contact being made without a sighting the anxiety is rising argentina is holding its breath hoping praying for
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a word a sign of life from the forty four crew members. i also pray for the crew members of the argentinian navy submarine who have gone missing. in the air a san juan one of three argentine navy submarines was built in germany in one thousand nine hundred three and has since been refitted to serve another thirty years it was on a ten day voyage from the southern port of wire to its base the model plotter when contact was lost the weather is not helping but the search and rescue operation continues unabated. under al-jazeera. argentina. police in kenya have fired tear gas to break up a demonstration by supporters of opposition leader. the protests broke out in nairobi after a number of people were shot dead overnight. at least thirty one. forces have been
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killed by police and militia since he returned to the culture on friday i think successfully challenge the re-election of president hu or kenya after an organist in amboy causes a rerun of the elections saying it still wouldn't be a fair rice kenya supreme court is expected to decide on monday if kenyatta will be sworn in for his second term or if new elections will be held so made a miller has more from nairobi a now familiar scene for kenyans as the country's political fate is decided in court the supreme court has received two petitions that want to invalidate the october twenty sixth presidential run a former member of parliament says fresh nominations for the presidential candidate should have been held before the rerun while human rights activists say the election should have been called off once the only other main contender opposition leader raila odinga withdrew from the race but the electoral commission says the
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election was legal and can yet as victory should be upheld president elect a rookie not to who won the rerun with ninety eight percent of the vote insist the petitions are a waste of time legal expert julius kim boyce's kenya's facing a historical process with potentially the results of a second election being thrown out this is a consolidated petition one is challenging the my main which. i delivered on his mandate so that is a legal issue the other one me. going on i mean it's based on the twenty thirteen decision of the supreme court saying once the as a presidential candidate this should have been fresh and emissions so one is more technical the other one deals with the substance. the snigger challenge to the election result is the second in just months two months ago those caught a nod to the presidential election it said there were irregularities in how the
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electoral commission counted the final result and a new election should be held with just the two main contenders taking part that time around the core challenge came from the main opposition the national super alliance this time though political parties have stayed away and kenyans appear to have little interest in what's happening in court this certainly is a level of fatigue as many kenyans look forward to the end of months of election campaigning voting and legal battles and unfortunate but some say a court ruling either way won't immediately solve the political crisis brought on by political economic and ethnic divisions this winner takes a. presidential system. has failed us and i think it's failing many other african countries as well. perhaps in. very diverse us. nations like like libya we need
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a hybrid parliamentary system but. but. what duty of the citizens. majority would everything all citizens should feel included in government and for a second time kenyans wait patiently to learn if they should prepare for new elections or a presidential swearing in within the week for me to al-jazeera in iraq. officials in morocco say at least fifteen people have been killed in a stampede as food aid was being handed out in city with about sixty kilometers from where they say five other people were injured in the crash interior ministry says a criminal investigation has been open and. aid groups in greece are struggling to help the nearly two hundred refugees arriving via land and sea every day many of them seek shelter on the island of lesbos which has become a popular landing hub for approximately one million refugees since twenty fifteen
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john psaropoulos went there to find out more. omar is trying to keep his costs from climbing he's borrowed this warehouse from a fisherman to store donated clothes a dozen volunteers have come from all over the world to help him. has spawned a number of volunteer run groups in the past two years what makes his different is that he is himself a refugee who once spent fourteen hours in these waters swimming from turkey to greece yes i meant them by boat but they swim and they know where the highway feel in the sea and they know what the people feel and they see when the fear i know how when with the rebuild the great coast guard recently called on help when a group of refugees landed there rubber boat on an uninhabited island off us and refused to leave when i spoke with. them for them.
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believe me we were. there and we will help you and the river. also helped to clothe and feed these afghans who arrived overnight less of us has been the european landing for more than a million refugees since twenty fifteen as this life jacket and rubber raft graveyard attests and the island continues to receive the majority of arrivals in greece which is why it continues to need volunteer organizations refugee for refugees manages to scrape together three to four thousand dollars a month in donations from britain spain and the united states it's a small operation but increasingly important european funding for engineers on the aegean islands ended in july leading many of the larger groups with corporate salaries and overheads to pull out the government is calling on those who can support themselves without public money to take their place. we don't even
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require an organization to be an ngo five friends can come and declare that they will teach french to the refugees on mondays wednesdays and fridays we encourage solidarity we depend on it. it was an ambulance driver in syria helping to ferry the sick and wounded to turkish hospitals for treatment he's still essentially doing the same job but this time for free jump. on the north shore of lesbos now is so the picture is worth a thousand words on a new exhibition showcasing award winning photo journalism is getting people thinking about the world's most pressing issues and their responses to it than east about want to take a look at the world press photo exhibition in washington d.c. . in the u.s. capital city known for making headlines visitors are going underground immersing themselves in some of the year's most gripping news stories from around the globe. the world press photo exhibit at the dupont underground gallery features the best
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in visual journalism from the uplifting to the unnerving. curator robert mind says photos such as that capturing the assassination of the russian ambassador to turkey are among the most compelling it's a photograph of contrasts you have a exhibition space where everything is very controlled you have the man's finger in a safety position on the gun and yet you have that extreme anger in his face. the exhibit in an abandoned trolley station features two hundred fifty photos by press photographers some are projected onto the walls they cover a broad range of topics from the protest of a pipeline in north dakota to the war in afghanistan it's an amazing image and it reminds you of p.s. after that to the impact of fishing on sea turtles there's a green area around the turtle and the more you look at it the more you realize that that's in the. mind says photos humanize the story in a way the written word doesn't it explains in a single image so much about an issue and complexities behind an issue that gets
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people thinking this exhibit is in the heart of washington embassies universities and think tanks so the idea is that people come here and take a look at these pictures and maybe begin talking about them and potentially influence public policy. codea loven and veronica pharaoh's so the exhibit forced them to rethink stories and consider the people behind them you hear sometimes in the news but you're not really confronted with these things on a daily basis we also have discussed the ethical dilemma of the journalists and of the photographers who see it what is what is their role in responding to it are they just there observing and documenting or are they ethically obliged to follow through with something the exhibit is scheduled to one hundred cities around the world with four million people expected to see it curator robert minds hopes it will help people confront issues that make them uncomfortable or they may have forgotten diagnosed or broke al-jazeera washington.
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president robert mugabe has resisted pressure to resign. as leader of the ruling party by god he said in a t.v. address the issues that had been raised by military leaders and party members will be resolved at a party conference next month. if you weeks from now. preside over it. which must not be pre-positioned by acts calculated. to undermine it all to compromise the outcome in the eyes of the public the ruling parties chief weapon says that plan is so impeachment
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will go ahead as does the leader as in both ways and so in short war veterans christmas some valid while who has been leading a campaign to oust mcgarvie has called for protests in harare on wednesday. special are a big meeting in cairo has condemned iran cold its lebanese ally hezbollah a terrorist organization saudi arabia called the extraordinary session to discuss alleged iranian violations in the region. i live here probably the month. kind of the swift response reflects the gravity of the situation our countries are facing and the region is stability and security as fiercely and as a result of the ballistic missiles violations of iran and the blunt interference in their domestic affairs as are countries with him to destabilize and feel sectarian rep's among the people and to drive a wedge between ourselves and our people the polls have now closed in chile presidential election in a business much elaine president sebastian pinera is projected to win the most
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folks would who's likely to face a run off home base in kenya have five to gas to break up a demonstration by supporters of opposition leader. the protests broke out in nairobi after a number of people overnights those all the main headlines but stay with us witnesses next. hour. and for you.


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