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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2017 6:00am-6:34am +03

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weapon of the syrian dictatorship with other mothers sometimes a call to goodbye there to guide them continue to be sure really active and go to. the disappeared of syria at this time on al jazeera and. al jazeera. where ever you. i will preside over it. which must not be prepared.
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zimbabwe's president robert mugabe remains defiant the spyder monday deadline for him to resign or face impeachment. and there this is our sara live from doha also coming up. with twenty eight days we will be called to the polls again to the. presidential election heads for a runoff conservative sebastian and yet it takes the lead but fails to get fifty percent of the vote. a special session of the arab league condensor iran and the lebanese group hezbollah accusing them of destabilizing the region. and we take a look at some of the challenges facing refugees and aid groups on the greek island of lesbos.
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but again and zimbabwe are where a much anticipated speech by president robert mugabe has failed to meet the expectations of those seeking his ouster god they ended a televised address to the nation without announcing his resignation instead vowing to stay on for several weeks they were met also reports from harare zimbabwe's president robert mugabe insists he's not going to resign speaking from state house flanked by army generals he said he will be at his on a conference in december. in a few weeks from now preside over it. which must not be prepared. by any act. to undermine it all to compromise the outcome in the eyes of the public. the ruling party removed him as leader on sunday but he still
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as a party member zanu p.f. the party has given with a band till midday on monday to lead. the students through. impeachment proceedings. if. they were expectations he would resign after massive demonstrations are saturday calling for him to step down these are uncertain times for the country a lot can happen in the next few hours days or weeks president mugabe is using to go he insists his fate should be decided at the december party conference. the army seize control in the week and confine the country's leader to his private residence in harare zanu p.f. has reinstated him a synagogue where the former vice president who mugabe fired he is now head of. grace magog has been removed as head of the party's women's league and fired from zanu p.f. my god is a master tactician he has survived assassination attempts and out with it is
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enemies in the opposition and within his own party president mugabe has made it clear he's not going down without a fight al jazeera had. got his announcement was watched closely around the world especially by zimbabwe's neighbors china page has more from johannesburg. this much anticipated speech by zimbabwean president robert mugabe would have been watched by many south africans and of course the many ism bob wayans who now call this country home having left their own because of political persecution and many of course for economic reasons the fact that it didn't turn out how many people had expected with a resignation really shows us how fluid and dynamic this evolving situation is and that is perhaps why we saw a lot of his that and see on behalf of officials on sunday to comment on events unfolding there so south africa's government said it didn't want to say anything until monday that's when the deadline is for coast to be reached here first put in place for the president to resign or else face and preachment and the southern
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african development community or said it also didn't want to make any comment until after its emergency summit and choose day luanda angola south africa has played a leading role in trying to reach a amicable solution to what to what south african president jacob zuma describes as a political impasse he sent on voice to zimbabwe which have been photographed in these negotiations but i think on this day those negotiators really played a backseat role one of the things that really stood out for me and president mugabe's speech was this line he said that the country has a legacy of resistance and i think he is really living up to that legacy if you like and holding on resisting this really unprecedented amount of pressure for him to step down stephen shana's mugabe's biographer he says this is the end of this him bob leaders time in power. this is simply the old man going down with all of
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his guns firing. blank shots however because they can't have any real effect he's a gentleman who's going to have to reinvent himself he does not have the world's kindest pasta if i can put it this diplomatically is possible but i think he will try to reinvent himself so he can reconnect the country globally the task is very very much to forge some kind of economic base so the country can come out of great inflation come out of non-productivity come out of a pos where everything was maad four decades back and try to take the country into a future of stability it will take a long time before we can take it into actual prosperity i think three hundred percent inflation by christmas and i don't think you can reverse that overnight just by a new president this is going to take months of very very difficult work to even lay the foundations for reinvigoration of the economy and in fact there's no
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foundation except that foreign countries such as china for instance would pump some liquidity into the economy there is no productive base that makes commercial sense of this moment in time but nearly all the votes counted former president sebastian pinera is leading presidential election with more than thirty six percent of the vote but here will face a runoff next month with socialist contender and former journalist. who came in second in the early twenty three percent decides the race for the top seat chileans also elected senators deputies and regional council members. in twenty eight days we will be called to the polls again. remember there are two options the destinies that await us are very different one is the wrong path which is lead to stagnation and failure the other path which you should take which is the route to a better time which will create
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a more fair and supportive and free chile or latin american editor to see a newman is a capital santiago i'm in a downtown santiago hotel which has become the campaign headquarters for. the conservative former president and billionaire who wants a second crack at the presidential palace he won the most votes in this first round of today's presidential elections but he may not have such an easy time of winning when the runoff takes place in a month's time he will be facing senator and former journalist. he is an independent but the candidate of continuity a center left this who will have to align himself with a new left wing coalition that scored surprisingly well in this election on sunday but as things stand now nobody can really tell just which way it will go when the chileans are forced to go back to the polls in december. talks to form germany's
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next coalition government have collapsed after the free democratic party walked out of negotiations chance longer merkel has been trying to forge a coalition between her christian democratic union the christian social union the pro-business f.t.p. and the brain party since federal elections in september if an agreement cannot be reached germany faces another election. with the thoughts of an now we have to deal with the facts and the fact is that we couldn't conclude the coalition talks successfully this means that i will inform the german president tomorrow about the state of affairs and then we have to see how this develops further. i mean one of the arab league in cairo has agreed to condemned iran and hezbollah labeling the lebanese group a terrorist organization saudi arabia requested the meeting to discuss alleged violations committed by iran in the region against a backdrop of heightened tensions between riyadh in tehran for its myth has more.
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the egyptian secretary general of the twenty two nation arab league suggested they all shared concerns about iran is attempting to influence life across the arab world from yemen to lebanon to iraq and to syria. to the whole region has suffered for the past few years the results and consequences of this dangerous iranian policy so dition violence tarion divisions attacks on embassies actively supporting outlawed militias attacking legitimacy the list in reality is much longer. saudi arabia's foreign minister told the meeting but his country's frustrations with iran go back decades all the way to the iranian revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine. cut off if you will any leniency towards iran's hostile policies will encourage iran to continue with their hostile enterprise that's why
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today we're required to stand up genuinely and honestly with our people and governments to adhere to the charter of the arab league and international laws and to stand up to these religious policies of iran. as they are oblique held its meeting iran's foreign minister was in southern turkey the talks on the syrian civil war tweeting from there mohammed javid zarif said he was working to build on the ceasefire iran helped achieve in syria he added that the irony is that the kingdom of saudi arabia accuses iran of destabilization while itself fuels terrorists wages war on yemen blockades catarrh and foments crisis in lebanon yemen iran denies accusations but it supports the rebels they're fighting the saudi led coalition which is fighting on behalf of yemen's internationally recognized government in syria iranian backed fighters of help shore up forces loyal to president bashar assad saudi support opposition fighters and were accused of
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allowing their citizens to fight for eisel and lebanon's prime minister resigned while in riyadh citing a reigning interference in lebanese politics the saudis were accused of forcing sada hariri to step down bernard smith al-jazeera so my shahadah is a professor of middle east studies at university of oklahoma he says some members of the arab league are hesitant about condemning iran or hezbollah too strongly as they have good relations with tehran. the arab league as a regional organization cannot do much and has not been a very powerful or regional organization even compared to other regional organizations there is one measure however that is quite practical and it's a small measure and that has to do with arab telecommunications satellites no longer broadcasting iranian financed television stations that's really the only immediate practical implication of this so this is a largely symbolic gesture on the part of the saudis and on the part of the arab
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league that it is not certainly the entire arab world versus iran saudi arabia and the core elements behind saudi arabia the quartet as it were the saudis the emraan t's the bahraini s. and the egyptians outside of the gulf now are the primary players in this conflict and sometimes egypt has a tapes with regards to some issues like for example syria but yes the herbal does divide and i don't think and as we've seen many other countries in the arab world including morocco for example tunisia are fully in the so d. camp with regards to iran or with regards to other issues that divide the saudis and there are iranians like the g.c.c. qatar crisis for example and israeli cabinet minister says his government's had covert contact with saudi arabia to discuss their concerns about iran energy minister evolve steinitz made the disclosure in a radio interview it's the first time
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a senior israeli politician has confirmed such contacts are taking place and it's was asked why israel was keeping its ties with saudi arabia secret he says relations with muslim countries are often hidden because that's what the other country wants. i can say that we have secret relations with moderate arab and muslim states we don't shy away from that but the other side is the one which wants to keep such relations quiet we respect the desire of the other side if we are dealing with saudi arabia or any other arab or muslim countries we have to protect the secrecy it's true that saudi arabia is not a democratic state and we prefer to work with democratic states but saudi arabia during the last two years has become more moderate it has moved clearly against terrorism and against inciting terrorism and it works with us against the expansion and aggression of iran still ahead on al-jazeera the search continues for an argentine submarine four days after it went missing. a drive for change talks on
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north america trade agreement could affect carmakers in mexico. how i we've got stormy weather pulling away from the eastern seaboard of the u.s. at the moment eastern policy of kind of the to be replaced by crisp sunshine bright skies coming back in behind behind our area a cloud of right but still he's out into the open waters of the northwest pacific. in new york modestly the top temperature there for. some snow central parts and it's got to watch and some snow over towards the west around the rockies pacific northwest of the u.s. seeing some rain sleet and snow a fair amount of cloudy and i just think a little further south which as we go on through tuesday said quote adult life and
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much of california. just around the eastern seaboard but atlanta stays further north it shouldn't be too bad some bright sunshine coming back in thirteen celsius in new york top to be around seven degrees that will ever. badly but she was day afternoon back to across the greater ride today as we have got some cloud of rain just pulling away from hispaniola pushing towards puerto rico there's a lot of cloud a society one that brings a very heavy downpours into colombia. venezuela and a few showers there into dominican republic and also for haiti want to show is still looking for jamaica. short films of hope. and inspiration. stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects at this time. watching out of syria let's recap the top stories this hour zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has resisted calls to step down despite increasing pressure for him to resign in a televised address to the nation the gobby says he'll stay on to oversee the party congress next month that's after he was sacked as party leader and give it a monday deadline to resign or face impeachment. with nearly all of its counted
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former president sebastian and yet it is leading chile's presidential election with more than thirty six percent of the vote but panetta will face a runoff next month with socialist contender. who came in second with an early twenty three percent. the arab league has condemned iran and hezbollah at a meeting in cairo calling the lebanese group a terrorist organization saudi arabia requested the meeting amid heightened tension between riyadh and tehran over eleven our. place in kenya have used tear gas to break up a demonstration by supporters of opposition leader raila odinga the protests broke out in nairobi after a number of people were shot dead says at least thirty one of his supporters have been killed by police and militia since he returned to the country on friday doing it successfully challenge the reelection of president hu a kenyatta in august he then boycotted though a rerun saying he still wouldn't face a fair race can his supreme court is expected to decide on monday if kenyatta is to
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be sworn in for a second term or if there will be another round of elections the minimal reports from nairobi. a now familiar scene for kenyans as the country's political fate is decided in court the supreme court has received two petitions that want to invalidate the october twenty sixth presidential run a former member of parliament says fresh nominations for the presidential candidate should have been held before the raid run while human rights activists say the election should have been called off once the only other main contender opposition leader raila odinga withdrew from the race but the electoral commission says the election was legal and kenyatta his victory should be upheld president elect rikan yatta who won the rerun with ninety eight percent of the vote insists the petitions are a waste of time legal expert julius came boyce's kenya's facing a historical process with potentially the results of
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a second election being thrown out this is a consolidated petition one is challenging the manner in which. i can deliver on his mandate so that is a legal issue the other one me. going on i mean it's based on the twenty thirty in decision of the supreme court saying once the as a presidential candidate withdrew they should have been fresh and emissions so one is more technical the other one deals with the substance. the stiegel challenge to the election result is the second in just months two months ago those caught a nod to the presidential election it said there were irregularities in how the electoral commission counted the final results and a new election should be held with just the two main contenders taking part that time around the core challenge came from the main opposition the national super alliance this time though political parties have stayed away and kenyans appear to
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have little interest in what's happening in court this certainly is a level of fatigue as many kenyans look forward to the end of months of election campaigning voting and legal battles unfortunate but some say a court ruling either way won't immediately solve the political crisis brought on by political economic and ethnic divisions this winner takes it all presidential system. has failed us and i think it's failing many other african countries as well . perhaps in. very diverse us. nations like like libya we need a hybrid parliamentary system that. but. but don't you have the citizens. with everything all citizens should feel included in government and for a second time kenyans wait patiently to learn if they should prepare for new
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elections or a presidential swearing in within the week for me to al-jazeera and i wrote. representatives from three leading nations back in the so-called deescalation zones in syria have met and they took a city of on telly a russian turkish and iranian foreign minister has gathered ahead of plan talks by their presidents on wednesday a somber bench of a report from antalya. this was a preliminary meeting between the three foreign ministers ahead of the meeting that is going to take place in sochi in three days time where the heads of state of russia iran and turkey will be meeting about the situation inside syria what we heard from the russian foreign minister was along the lines of expanding the various collation zones we've already heard with the limiting that was held between the russian and the american heads of state that there might be the possibility of another deescalation zone on the border between syria and jordan are also under discussion was the inclusion of kurdish fighters who are operating on the border
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between syria and turkey and we heard the turkish foreign minister told al jazeera that the issue of president bashar al assad's future was not discussed here but will come up in sochi and he said that turkey's position about this has been clear . today we have discussed issues which have not been fully implemented from the istana talks we also discussed monitoring posts within and outside italy but turkey will be inside and outside there will be russia and iran also ahead of wednesday's such a summit our chief of general staff and other security personnel will also meet so the three sides have come to an agreement to go ahead to sort to discuss the situation in syria to try and avoid civilian casualties come up with a roadmap to a permanent solution which includes the geneva road map that was laid out by the united nations and they will be discussing contentious issues that are including
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not just the kurdish fighters the future of president bashar al assad but also the situation in the fighting continues. argentine officials say satellite signals detected on sunday did not determine the location of that missing submarine the defense ministry it said it detected seven failed satellite calls that may have come from the a.r.e san juan raising hopes that the forty four crewmembers could still be alive contact was lost on wednesday and i'll try more reports on the submarine space and martha. it's been more than four days since the argentina authorities lost communication with the sun one satellite phone signals were detected on saturday giving course the hope. we had seven call attempts of a few seconds each possibly with very low signal which didn't complete that information is still being checked we're confirming it so we can squeeze what we can out of that information to get firm data to localize it a huge search and rescue operation is underway with all of argentina's available
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resources being deployed along with assistance from a number of countries including the united states with these multi-mission search planes and specialist underwater rescue vessels. the desperation the back to hope again all here know that the south atlantic is a cruel and unforgiving sea and with each hour that passes without contact being made without a sighting. is rising argentina is holding its breath hoping praying for a word a sign of life from the forty four crew members. i also pray for the crew members of the argentinian navy submarine who have gone missing. in the air race on one one of three argentine navy submarines was built in germany in one thousand nine hundred three and has since been refitted to serve another thirty years it was on a ten day voyage from the southern port of wire to its base the model plotter when
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contact was lost the weather is not helping but the search and rescue operation continues unabated. argentina. around five nafta negotiations continue in mexico city this is a renegotiation of the free trade agreement after president donald trump became president the stalemate could lead to major economic fallout on both sides of the border and apollo reports from mexico city. this freight train arriving at an industrial port in central mexico has been traveling nonstop from chicago the cargo on board includes tons of bra materials and automobile components. here assembly is done by workers who supply parts to some of the world's largest automobile manufacturers. mexicans are very hard workers and we learned very fast and the labor has high skilled apart from that is low cost. under the rules of
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origin set by nafta sixty two point five percent of auto parts and materials must be sourced from north america in order to enter the marketplace free of tariffs this. is part of the current nafta negotiations however the united states is demanding that parts originating in the region must be raised to eighty five percent or here. we will compete with nonmembers so says the united states we're going to compete and we will take the lion's share. the proposal by the u.s. has sparked a heated debate among trade negotiators but mexican auto industry leaders seem calm and confident in fact the director of this manufacturing port says they're expecting growth. we actually short staffed we have seventeen thousand employees and we are looking to hire and hundred feet down and. automakers like
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g.m. chrysler ford and others all have manufacturing plants in mexico the proposal. to alter nafta rules of origin is in an effort to narrow the seventy four billion dollar trade deficit the u.s. has with mexico experts warn that such a change could disrupt the supply chain and have negative impacts on both jobs in mexico and the price of vehicles for consumers bundled up in the mexico city aid groups in greece are struggling to cope with the number of refugees headed there by land and seen many end up on the island of lesbos where a million people have landed since two thousand and fifteen. reports from their. omar is trying to keep his costs from climbing he's borrowed this warehouse from a fisherman to store donated clothes a dozen volunteers have come from all over the world to help him lesbos has spawned a number of volunteer run groups in the past two years what makes his different is
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that he is himself a refugee who once spent fourteen hours in these waters swimming from turkey to greece yes i meant them by boat but they swim and they know where the how i feel in the sea and they know what the people feel and they see when the i feel i know how and with that that everybody the great coast guard recently called on help when a group of refugees landed there rubber boat on an uninhabited island off and refused to leave when i spoke with a. twenty minute there to spend four of them. on what we do here believe me we were. there and we will help you and the river. also helped to clothe and feed these afghans who arrived overnight less of us has been the european landing for more than a million refugees since twenty fifteen as this life jacket and rubber raft graveyard attests and the island continues to receive the majority of arrivals in
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greece which is why it continues to volunteer organizations refugee for refugees manages to scrape together three to four thousand dollars a month in donations from britain spain and the united states it's a small operation but increasingly important european funding for engineers on the aegean islands ended in july leading many of the larger groups with corporate salaries and overheads to pull out the government is calling on those who can support themselves without public money to take their place. we don't even require an organization to be an ngo five friends can come and declare that they will teach french to the refugees on mondays wednesdays and fridays we encourage solidarity we depend on it. also called was an ambulance driver in syria helping to ferry the sick and wounded to turkish hospitals for treatment he's still essentially doing the same job but this time for free jump. on the north shore of lesbos.
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these are your headlines on al-jazeera as a vice president robert mugabe has resisted calls to step down despite increasing pressure for him to resign in a televised address to the nation and gabi says he'll stay on to oversee these on a party congress next month that's after he was sacked as party leader and given a monday deadline to resign or face and pietschmann were nearly all the votes counted former president sebastian pinera is leading chile's presidential election with more than thirty six percent of the vote but he will face a runoff next month but socialist contender yeah who came in second with twenty three percent. in twenty eight days we will be called to the polls again to. remember there are two options the destinies that await us are very different one is the wrong path which is lead to stagnation
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and found here the other path which you should take which is the route to better times which will create a more fair and supportive and free chile. talks to form germany's next coalition government have collapsed after the free democrats party walked out of the negotiations. markel has been trying to forge a coalition between her christian democratic union and three other parties since federal elections in september if there is no agreement germany does face another election the arab league has condemned iran and hezbollah at a meeting in cairo calling the lebanese group a terrorist organization saudi arabia requested the meeting and it heightened tensions between riyadh and tehran over lebanon police in kenya have used tear gas to break up a demonstration in nairobi by supporters of opposition leader raila odinga he says at least thirty one of his supporters have been killed by police and militia since
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he returned to the country on friday at least fifteen people had been killed five others injured in a stampede in morocco as happened in a village about one hundred fifty kilometers southwest of casa blanca is food aid was being distributed at a market most of the victims were women there so the headline news continues after al jazeera so lex. we are living through a technological revolution the machines taking over a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a train all of this to go to which we can bring a legal system to bear oxford university professor of machine learning steve talks to all disease this time.


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