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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2017 10:00am-10:34am +03

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substantively needed best to prevent the behavior getting in the way it was good because it. might. be achieve something that never happened before. that's not what we're talking about the past about shooting people or not it was trying to shoot a gun themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem are you worried that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war that the city's general security sure the people who paid the price clearly there writeup unprejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. clinging to power but then bob was president mugabe is just hours away from
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a deadline to resign opium. hello i'm often done here with al jazeera live from doha also coming up. back to court kenyans await what could be the final verdict on the most disputed presidential election they've ever had. the euro for the after germany's coalition talks fail. a special session of the arab league condemns iran and the lebanese group hezbollah or accusing them of destabilizing the region. but first step down or face impeachment these are the choices for the zimbabwean president robert mugabe now he's already been removed as party leader but the chorus of calls for him to quit is growing in less than three hours from now we
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could be finding out his fate zanu p.f. as the ruling party have given mr mugabe a deadline of ten greenwich mean time to officially resign and end his thirty seven year long reign if he doesn't do that parliament is meeting from tuesday and then it is expected to hold a vote of no confidence paving the way for him to be impeached now on sunday despite the mounting pressure president mugabe refused to announce that he is stepping down in an address to the nation hiram a tougher reports from harare. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe insists he's not going to resign speaking from state house flanked by army generals he said he will be at his on a conference in december. few weeks from now preside over it. which must not be
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prepared to. act. to undermine it all to compromise the outcome in the eyes of the public. the ruling party removed him as leader on sunday but he still as our e.p. a party member of the party has given with our banter midday on monday to leave. the instrument. impeachment proceedings in order to move forward. they were expectations he would resign after massive demonstrations are saturday calling for him to step down these are uncertain times for the country a lot can happen in the next few hours days or weeks president mugabe is really using to go he insists his fate should be decided at the december party conference . the army seize control earlier in the week and confine the country's leader to his private residence in harare zanu p.f.
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has reinstated him a synagogue where the former vice president who mugabe fired he is now head of. grace magog has been removed as head of the party's women's league and fired from zanu p.f. mugabe is a master tactician he has survived assassination attempts and out of what it is enemies in the opposition and within his own party president mugabe has made it clear he's not going down without a fight. or let's go live now to her and get the very latest on the horror of the the address made by president mugabe muscle stunned zimbabweans everybody gathering in anticipation expecting him to announce his resignation. people are baffled they can't understand well so much press of president mugabe just will not step down he's insisting he's not going to resign so zanu p.f. say they're going to impeach him but impeachment could take weeks that means he could be around for this december conference today we're expecting reaction from
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various individuals the war veterans will give a press conference on their reaction to the president saying he's not going to resign and then the army is going to issue a statement later in the day martin and. then appear has named a new leader that is. has anybody seen him we know what we hear he's in the country but he hasn't been seen in public so people waiting to hear from him on the way forward we expect to shouldn't take too long he should make an appearance sometime soon or people are asking is why is the president using this way why is he refusing to go some analysts are saying perhaps he's buying time in the speculation is that the longer it takes to resolve this crisis it could divide the army it could divide members of zanu p.f. but that could work to his advantage so right now it's all a wait and see are we waiting to see where it was seven and what is what he's going
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to say and of course for that deadline at ten g.m.t. whether we'll know for sure whether he is definitely going to resign or stay on and as he made that address of course he was flanked by some of the country's top military officials do you get the impression that the military were aware that he was not going to resign in that speech or do you think that the military was perhaps taken by surprise. there was a lot of speculation i mean this address was delayed it took a long time to happen and let's take a lesson behind the scenes that the president had his own speech that was written hours that he wanted to read before storming the generals so there was a bit of delay but it's all speculation that he confirmed but people feel that is what happened so there is an indication that to some extent maybe the army was taken by surprise but speaking to the war veteran leader yesterday at the central committee meeting. was said that he feels the process is taking too long to remove
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mugabe he said he suspects as a war veteran that perhaps the army may be protecting the president trying to make sure he has a dignified exit all right thank you for that. correspondent live in harare now to kenya where the supreme court is expected to deliver a ruling on whether it will uphold the result of last month's controversial presidential election rerun now the ruling follows two days of arguments on the validity of that second vote tensions are running high in nairobi where people have been out on the streets in protest the opposition leader raul adinda says at least thirty one of his supporters are being killed by police and militia since friday if the election result is up held. after we sworn into office on november the twenty eighth live now to nairobi and a correspondent for media miller for media what are we expecting them from the supreme court. well the supreme court is expected to
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make that ruling any time from now they they we are expecting the six sitting judges to give a final verdict on whether or not work in the arts or his win in that rerun will be upheld. if they will rule in favor of the petitioners who argue that the electoral commission didn't fulfill its constitutional mandate in terms of holding free and fair elections a number of issues over come out of these petitioners raise ranging from the fact that the opposition leader withdrew from the election himself as well as his running mate and they say that the election should then have been canceled also those issues around the about fresh nominations these petitioners also say that once a rerun was called after the initial august eighth election was an old they should have been fresh nominations presidential presidential candidates which then would
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have determined were kenyatta and reloading as candidates they say because this didn't happen were kenyata wasn't actually a valid and right the case of course by that point. had withdrawn from the race so it's quite conceivable then today the supreme court could effectively roll that kenya has to have another election is that more what is a is a distinct possibility. that certainly is a possibility and one that kenyans are very worried about it's already been at least five months of campaigning and elections and uncertainty i'm however there is concern around the judiciary itself if we look back to the rerun just the day before they had to be an application to the supreme court to stop that election from happening the supreme court didn't search there weren't enough judges available and so of course there is concern around the independence of the few dishes and whether or not it's been compromised so this of course would impact on any of quarter fourth. judgment and why that happens whether or not the supreme
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court rules in favor of these petitions or not martin all right for me they will get back to you then as soon as that verdict becomes available thank you for media . now angela merkel for this in as german chancellor is in doubt after talks aimed at forming a new coalition government collapsed the pro-business free democratic party as one of the four parties in the negotiations pulled out late on sunday night citing irreconcilable differences now mrs merkel says she now plans to meet the german president and that's a signal that she doesn't believe that her christian democrats will be able to form a coalition it could mean fresh elections following the september whole. the thoughts of an only now we have to deal with the facts and the fact is that we couldn't conclude the coalition talks successfully this means that i will inform
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the german president about the state of affairs and then we have to see how this develops further. afield to come here and out of their heads raised by satellite signals from the missing out in time submarine. is the best case remains on the. us cult leader and convicted mass murderer. has died after more than forty years in prison. very places we finally got to see the end of that stormy weather around greece the balkans pulling out of italy easing over towards turkey as we go on through the next couple of days a clear sky is coming in behind here's our area of low pressure that brought a violent storm to flooding rains that damaging winds into
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a good part of grace that's in the process of driving a little further east which as we go on through the next day or so monday still see a few showers in and around the vicinity but the wettest weather we because western parts of turkey go on into tuesday clear skies come back in behind athens at around thirteen degrees celsius that's right and snow just around the eastern side of the but it's right to say east part of what it was a little bit of rain into parts of cyprus for a time before moving on into syria wintery mix there across the balkans pushing up a little further northwards throughout hungary and then some rain just coming into the far north of the region cloud and right fourteen for london as we go on through tuesday for a dry course a good part of north africa might just catch wanted to showers just around the coastal fringes of tunisia but across the north there it will be pretty breezy across northern areas of egypt as we go through the next attack killer in cairo at twenty one degrees.
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trying to remind you of the top stories here at al-jazeera zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has been given a deadline of ten g.m.t. to resign he's already been voted out as leader of his ruling zanu p.f. party which could then try to impeach him if he doesn't agree to leave office after days of violence can you supreme court is expected to deliver a ruling on whether it will uphold the result of last month's controversial presidential election rerun if the result is up held. after will be sworn into office on november the twenty eighth. angela merkel's position as german chancellor is in doubt after the talks aimed at forming a new new coalition government collapsed the pro-business free democratic party one of the four involved in the negotiations pulled out on sunday night citing irreconcilable differences. suchi the de facto leader of miramar has said that the world is facing conflicts because illegal immigration
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spreads terrorism and she made these comments whilst in the me i'm our capital naypyidaw as she was discussing the revenger refugee crisis at a summit being held for european and asian countries me a man has been accused of violence the forcing out hundreds of thousands of unwanted range of muslims. an emergency meeting of arab league members in cairo has condemned iran and hezbollah are labeling the iranian backed lebanese group a terrorist organization the meeting was called for by saudi arabia and comes at a time of heightened tensions between regional rivals riyadh and tear on bernard smith reports. the egyptian secretary general of the twenty two nation arab league suggested they all shared concerns about iran is attempting to influence life across the arab world from yemen to lebanon to iraq and to syria.
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the whole region has suffered for the past few years the results and consequences of this dangerous iranian policy so dition violence. tarion divisions attacks on embassies actively supporting outlawed militias attacking legitimacy the list in reality is much longer. saudi arabia's foreign minister told the meeting but his country's frustrations with iran go back decades all the way to the iranian revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine. if you will any leniency towards iran's hostile policies will encourage iran to continue with their hostile enterprise that's why today we're required to stand up genuinely and honestly with our people and governments to adhere to the charter of the arab league and international laws and to stand up to these religious rights policies of iran. as the arab league held its meeting iran's foreign minister was in southern turkey the
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talks on the syrian civil war tweeting from there mohammed javid zarif said he was working to build on the ceasefire iran helped achieve in syria he added that the irony is that the kingdom of saudi arabia accuses iran of destabilization while itself fuels terrorists wages war on yemen blockades catarrh and foments crisis in lebanon yemen iran denies accusations but it supports the rebels they're fighting the saudi led coalition which is fighting on behalf of yemen's internationally recognized government in syria iranian backed fighters of help shore up forces loyal to president bashar assad saudi support opposition fighters and were accused of allowing their citizens to fight for eisel and lebanon's prime minister resigned while in riyadh citing a reigning interference in lebanese politics the saudis were accused of forcing zada hariri to step down bernard smith al-jazeera. well the lebanese prime minister
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saad hariri is on his way to cairo on tuesday as he makes his way back to beirut following a two week absence mr hariri those still in france which is trying to mediate in the political fallout from his shock resignation he quit in the saudi capital on november the fourth and he stayed there for two weeks and that prompted suggestions that he was actually being detained mr hariri has promised to return to levon and by when say the lebanese president michel aoun and said that he won't accept mr hariri his resignation until he comes back to lebanon. that israel's energy minister has become the first member of the cabinet to confirm covert contact with saudi arabia about concerns over iran you valve's steinitz admitted contact has been made both saudi arabia and israel view iran and its allies like hezbollah as a threat to middle east peace. gaza's
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a rougher border crossing with egypt will close later on monday after temporarily opening for the first time since two thousand and seven it was open on saturday as part of a reconciliation deal between palestinian rival factions hamas and fatah under the deal the crossing will improve for good making it easier for people to get in and out of blockaded gaza the palestinian interior ministry says around thirty thousand gazans have applied for entry to egypt within the past few months. their representatives from three leading nations backing the so-called deescalation zones in syria have been meeting in the turkish city of antalya russian turkish and iranian foreign ministers gathered ahead of planned talks by their presidents on when say a summer binge of aid reports now from an tahlia. this was a preliminary meeting between the three foreign ministers ahead of the meeting that is going to take place in sochi in three days time where the heads of state of
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russia iran and turkey will be lifting about the situation inside syria what we heard from the russian foreign minister was along the lines of expanding the various collation zones we've already heard with the looting that was held between the russian and the american heads of state that there might be the possibility of another deescalation zone on the border between syria and jordan are also under discussion was the inclusion of kurdish fighters who are operating on the border between syria and turkey if we heard the turkish foreign minister who told al jazeera that the issue of president bashar al assad's future was not discussed here but will come up in sochi and he said that turkey's position about this has been clear. today we have discussed issues which have not been fully implemented from the istana talks we also discussed monitoring posts within and outside italy but turkey will be inside and outside there will be russia and iran also ahead of
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wednesday's such a summit our chief of general staff and other security personnel will also meet so the three sides have come to an agreement to go ahead to sort to discuss the situation in syria to try and avoid civilian casualties come up with a roadmap to a permanent solution which includes the geneva road map that was laid out by the united nations and they will be discussing contentious issues that are including not just the kurdish fighters the future of president bashar al assad but also the situation in the fighting continues. a motion national air and sea search of the cares of argentina has failed to find a submarine which disappeared five days ago with forty four crew on board hopes were raised when satellite signals were received on saturday but as daniel shriner reports from the subspace amal del plata navy experience haven't been able to save the signals from the stricken zob. it's been more than four days since the argentina thora his last communication with the air
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a san juan satellite phone signals were detected on saturday giving course the hope . we had seven call attempts of a few seconds each possibly with very low signal which didn't complete that information is still being checked we're confirming it so we can squeeze what we can out of that information to get firm darter to localize it a huge search and rescue operation is underway with all of argentina's available resources being deployed along with assistance from a number of countries including the united states with these multi-mission search planes and specialist underwater rescue vessels. to desperation and back to hope again all here know that the south atlantic is a cruel and unforgiving sea and with each hour that passes without contact being made without a sighting yang's r.t. is rising argentina is holding its breath hoping praying for a word a sign of life from the forty four crew members. i
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also pray for the crew members of the argentinian navy submarine who have gone missing. in the air a san juan one of three argentine navy submarines was built in germany in one thousand nine hundred three and has since been refitted to serve another thirty years it was on a ten day voyage from the southern port of wire to its base the model plotter when contact was lost the weather is not helping but the search and rescue operation continues unabated. argentina. now little progress is being made to renegotiate a major trade agreement between the united states canada or mexico negotiated for the north american free trade agreement on after holding their fifth round of talks in mexico city man well the apollo is there to see what the top. i mean for factory workers all live in north america. this freight train arriving at an industrial
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port in central mexico has been traveling nonstop from chicago the cargo on board includes tons of raw materials and automobile components. here assembly is done by workers who supply parts to some of the world's largest automobile manufacturers. mexicans are very hard workers and we learned very fast and the labor has high skilled apart from that is low cost. under the rules of origin set by nafta sixty two point five percent of auto parts and materials must be sourced from north america in order to enter the marketplace free of tariffs is. part of the current nafta negotiations however the united states is demanding that parts originating in the region must be raised to eighty five percent here. we will complete with nonmembers so says the united states we're going to compete and
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we will take the lion's share. of. the proposal by the u.s. has sparked a heated debate among trade negotiators but mexican auto industry leaders seem calm and confident in fact the director of this manufacturing port says they're expecting growth. we actually short staffed we have seventeen thousand employees and we are looking to hire and hundred feet down and. automakers like g.m. chrysler ford and others all have manufacturing plants in mexico the proposal to alter nafta rules of origin is in an effort to narrow the seventy four billion dollar trade deficit the u.s. has with mexico experts warn that such a change could disrupt the supply chain and have negative impacts on both jobs in mexico and the price of vehicles for consumers bundled up alone just data mexico city. now the notorious american serial killer charles manson has died in hospital
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at the age of eighty three among the victims of the cult leader was the heavily pregnant actress sharon tate who up reynolds reports. for an entire generation of americans charles manson was the living embodiment of evil a symbol of an era when the country seemed to be spinning out of control his baleful stair compelling millions to make sure their doors were locked at night and to lie awake listening for intruders with murder in their minds in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine manson's so-called family a group of dropouts drifters and burned out hippies murdered seven people in two separate attacks in los angeles they acted on manson's orders the victims were taken by surprise at night in their homes and brutally stabbed and shot to death the gang left messages including death to pigs and helter skelter scrawled in blood the slain included the rising young actress sharon tate who was eight months
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pregnant on trial for the murders manson carved an x. into his forehead which he later turned into a swastika he taunted the court and at one point tried to attack the judge prosecutors argued his motive was that african-americans would be blamed for the murders thereby inspiring an all out racial war which manson called helter skelter manson prosecutors said believed he and his gang would survive and prosper in the aftermath manson and three other family members were sentenced to death but the california supreme court temporarily overturned the death penalty in one thousand nine hundred ninety two and the sentences were reduced to life in prison he gave interviews expressing no remorse maybe i should have killed four or five hundred people then i would have felt better and would have felt like i really offered society something. you know if i wanted to kill somebody i'd take this book and
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beat you to death with it and i wouldn't feel a thing it be just like walking to the drugstore charlie manson is dead but for americans of a certain age his name will always conjure up a shiver of fear of twisted minds and things that lurk in the night the world press photo exhibition is proving the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words dion estabrook is among the many taking a look at the award winning photo journalism. in the u.s. capitol a city known for making headlines visitors are going underground immersing themselves in some of the year's most gripping news stories from around the globe the world press photo exhibit at the dupont underground gallery features the best in visual journalism from the uplifting to the unnerving. curator robert mind says photos such as that capturing the assassination of the russian ambassador to turkey
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are among the most compelling it's a photograph of contrasts you have a exhibition space where everything is very controlled you have the man's finger in a safety position on the gun and yet you have that extreme anger in his face. the exhibit in an abandoned trolley station features two hundred fifty photos by press photographers some are projected onto the walls they cover a broad range of topics from the protest of a pipeline in north dakota to the war in afghanistan it's an amazing image and it reminds you of peotone after that to the impact of fishing on sea turtles there's a green area around the turtle and the more you look at it the more you realize that that's in the. mind says photos humanize the story in a way the written word doesn't it explains in a single image so much about an issue and complexities behind an issue that gets people thinking this exhibit is in the heart of washington embassies universities and think tanks so the idea is that people come here and take
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a look at these pictures and maybe begin talking about them and potentially influence public policy. codea loven and veronica pharaoh's said the exhibit forced them to rethink stories and consider the people behind them you hear sometimes in the news but you're not really confronted with these things on a daily basis we also have discussed the ethical dilemma of the journalists and of the photographers who see it what is or is their role in responding to it are they just there observing and documenting or are they ethically obliged to follow through with something the exhibit is scheduled to one hundred cities around the world with four million people expected to see it curator robert minds hopes it will help people confront issues that make them uncomfortable or they may have forgotten diagnosed or broke al-jazeera washington. with. with. take
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a look at the top stories here at out zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has been given a deadline of ten g.m.t. to resign he's already been voted out as leader of his ruling venue p.f. policy palm and could try to impeach him if he doesn't leave office so far he's refused to step down. people are baffled they can't understand why our to so much press of president mugabe just will not step down he's insisting he's not going to resign so zanu p.f. say they're going to impeach him but impeachment could take weeks that means he could be around for this december conference today we're expecting reaction from various individuals the war veterans will give a press conference on their reaction to the president saying he's not going to resign and then the army is going to issue a statement later in the day. kenya's supreme court is delivering a verdict on whether to uphold the result of last month's controversial presidential election rerun the ruling follows two days of arguments on the
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validity of the second vote now if the election isn't held who kenyatta will be sworn into office on november the twenty eighth angela merkel's position as german chancellor is in doubt of the talks aimed at forming a new coalition government collapsed the pro-business free democratic party one of four in the negotiations pulled out on sunday night so i think irreconcilable differences. suchi says the world is facing new threats partly because of illegal immigration and the spread of terrorism mia miles leader made the comments in the capital whilst discussing the ranger refugee crisis at a summit for european and asian countries an emergency meeting of arab league members in cairo has condemned iran and hezbollah are labeling the iranian backed lebanese group a terrorist organization the meeting called by saudi arabia comes at a time of heightened tensions between regional rivals riyadh and tehran and lebanon's prime minister is due to go to cairo on tuesday as he makes his way back
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to beirut after a two week absence saad hariri is still in france which is trying to mediate the political fallout from his shock resignation he quit whilst in the saudi capital on november the fourth or i drew up today those are the very latest headlines coming up next it's inside story. on counting the cost of venezuela in default as the oil rich country fails to pay its debt well look at what a messy financial unraveling could mean for starving people lebanon's economy is getting squeezed plus why zimbabweans are buying bitcoins counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. palestinian leaders cries them to end all communication with the u.s. government that's off to the trumpet ministrations said it will close the yellow's office in washington so what's behind this move and what does it mean for the tums peace plan this.


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