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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2017 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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pressed they were engaged to a clandestine. al-jazeera unravels the history of chad's notorious former president the same habit a dictator on trial at this time on al-jazeera one of the really special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to the story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it as you know it's very challenging liberally particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. more protests against robert mugabe is about boys ruling party says the president's a source of instability prepares to impeach him.
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alexander robin this is are just like my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes candy as opposition says a supreme court decision upholding president can be after the election victory was taken under duress. also willing to talk to all parties germany's president keeps open all options after the gauche asians to form a governing coalition collapsed and iraq's top court has the final say over the kurdish referendum. welcome to the program. in africa was a barber as a battle president robert mugabe appears to have ignored a deadline to resign so what happens now having already voted him out as their leader the ruling. p.f.
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party is meeting and will push ahead with trying to impeach mcgarvey now that motion could be filed in parliament as early as tuesday frustration is turning to anger with hundreds of students out protesting calling for gabi to go and the pressure on him to leave is coming from almost every direction zambia's has sent its former president an elder statesman age ninety three now kenneth coward to harare to try and convince mcgarvey to step down now the leader of zimbabwe's war veterans association is among those demanding the garveys resignation. because what we don't want to see him is in the moore's law we saw him go to the national division to pretend is if everything is normal if you are saying that you will be dealing with but we are saying. now. you would tell me please leave. and lead the. new or new
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page so it looks like we're heading down the path of robert mugabe's impeachment and for that to happen there would be a vote in parliament a two thirds majority is needed for proceedings to begin the opposition has tried unsuccessfully to impeach mugabe before what's different this time is that the president's own party which holds a massive majority in parliament appears to want him gone so an impeachment process could pass but this is only a first step impeachment proceedings could take weeks and a separate trial may be needed to have mcgarvey removed from office to mcmurtrie as the head of the africa program at the institute for justice and reconciliation he says impeaching mcgarvie may be challenging as it's likely to still have some support in parliament. that's quite a rare occurrence where the party sanctions it so you want to. mugabe's engineman within parliament and women who might decide to in fact find ways to
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escape to extend the process and by mugabe time so that he can seek a solution of some kind of. a solution that is there is not what has been described by the by the by the military led approach will have a big story we're following in africa is that kenya's oppositions president who are coming out as election victory is illegitimate despite the supreme court upholding the results of last month's disputed vote the repeated election in october had been ordered by the supreme court after it concluded there were irregularities in the earlier vote in the first the opposition boycotted the poll rerun which president kenyatta won with ninety eight percent of the vote of the series the lead counsel for president of iraq and yet he says kenyans need to accept the court's ruling. we are unfairly holding the president to a different standard you know i mean he want to lecture on the past and i mean
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there was a difference of one point four million but you want to election again i mean he what you got almost the same forty good laws. he has all the legitimacy you know a presidential candidate needs both politically and i think kenyans really will understand that you know this process has now come to an end and this is the result this is the final word on this process. patches have broken out an opposition stronghold in kenya's capital nairobi after the supreme court upheld the reelection result they are before with demonstrators in the district threw stones at troops patrolling the area has the latest from outside the supreme court in the capital. despite the ruling from the supreme court that upheld the results of the october twenty sixth presidential rerun the opposition in kenya says it's an illegitimate government and it won't accept the outcome of this battle that's been going on for
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several months now it says that the ruling by the supreme court was made under two wrists indicating it doesn't believe that the judiciary acted independently we're yet to hear from the opposition about what exactly it will do next we do know it's called for economic boycotts as well as a campaign of civil disobedience so far it's also supporters to remain calm say that would it would indicate the way forward at some point later in the day and now the ruling party jubilee as well as the electoral commission has of course welcomes this ruling the see the electoral commission says he would use information further details coming from the supreme court in about twenty one days time to improve how it operates and runs elections while jews believe. that this legitimizes what they've been saying all along that can you are taught won the election fair and
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square this despite a boycott by the opposition and we expect to see can you sworn in on the twenty eighth of november. germany's president has reiterated the need for further discussion stressing it's important that all coalition partners come to an agreement to form a functional government and his comments came after talks between a chancellor angela merkel and her would be coalition partners collapsed the pro-business free democratic party has walked out of marathon negotiations the opposition social democrats have rejected a new coalition under merkel calling for fresh elections house to house. what was dubbed the jamaica coalition between the green party the yellow color of the f.t.p. and the black color of the c.d.u. appears to be dead weeks negotiations since the federal election in september have failed to form a cohesive government after i'm glimmer called didn't win a large enough majority from voters it's back to square one for michael after the pro-business f.t.p.
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walked out of the long running talks. yes it was not meant in thoughts and only now we have to deal with the facts and the fact is that we couldn't conclude the coalition talks successfully this means that we will have to inform the german president about the state of affairs and then we have to see how does develop further immigration levels climate change the future of european union were amongst the areas of contention in the felde coalition talks. and gentlemen we have struggled for hours days and weeks longer than we had planned for that's freedom or curt's we have made various compromise offers during the last weeks namely to expose his european pull with questions of migration and education one cannot dictate that an entire public. the talks collapsed after mark was conservative christian democrat and its proviron sister the christian social union party felt to win a majority and its traditional partner martin short's the social democrats refused
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to help the second shock result from september's election was the surge of the far right anti immigration a.f.p. mark was widely criticized for a line one point two million migrants it's understood the jury in the talks the f.t.p. the c.d.u. and the c.s.u. parties push for a harder line on migration controls whereas the greens wants to set an immigration limit of two hundred thousand the parties also struggle to find common ground on climate change as the greens push to reduce coal generated power. after twelve years warning europe strongest economy anglo-american looks anything but steady and the euro is taking a bashing on money markets. she could form a minority government with either the f.t.p.'s or the greens but she would have to win support from others on individual policies slowing down the process dramatically or she and president frank could decide to hold another election in
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the hope of ending or at least delaying this current stalemate. is there still ahead here on al-jazeera libya's volatile political and security situation is hurting oil production we'll tell you about its impact on small businesses also the cult leader and convicted mass murderer charles manson has died after more than forty years in prison to stay with us here on just. however we got some other cool and wet weather affecting parts of china over the next day or so that a cloud down towards southern most parts of say a fair bit of snow a little further north just around trunking province for say some very heavy snow coming through here for a time was how conditions and you can see for a frosty picture here showing up quite nicely cooler air does stay in place as we
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go on through tuesday chengdu a little further west seen temperatures hovering around twelve degrees celsius but the wintry weather never really too far away as we go on into weather stay down to the south you could see some bits and pieces of cloud and rain particularly across central and northern parts of vietnam the northeast monsoon driving the disturbed weather in the northeast monsoon still driving some rather disturbed weather it's eastern more especially southeastern parts of india towards flank of the showers coming in here over the next day or so but you could see some wet weather there up towards andro but there is for the north it does stay dry more fog and smoke around new delhi temperatures here around twenty two celsius over the next few days further showers down towards the south you notice as we go on through the next day or so could also see some wet weather coming in across the arabian peninsula over the next day or two eventually pushing towards doha here we have a high of thirty degrees.
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facing realities if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a train of litigation through which we can bring a legal system to bear getting to the heart of the matter i don't think we need of the world but some of my british is just that he had a story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. welcome back you're watching after their i'm so hold rahman a reminder of our top stories the deadline given for zimbabwe's president robert
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mugabe to resign has now passed the ruling zanu p.f. party says its members are meeting to discuss impeaching mugabe he so far refused to step down. kenya's supreme court has validated president his victory in last month's disputed presidential election rerun the ruling follows two days of legal arguments in the out of due to be sworn into office in eight days time. germany's president has reiterated the need for further discussion stressing it's important all coalition partners come to an agreement to form a functional government his comments come after talks between chancellor angela merkel and her would be coalition partners collapsed the opposition social democrats have rejected a new coalition under merkel calling for fresh elections. said to the middle east now where lebanon's prime minister is to visit egypt on choose day as he makes his way back to beirut after a two week absence saad hariri is still in france which is trying to mediate the
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fallout from his shock resignation but he quit in the saudi capital on november fourth and stayed there for two weeks prompting suggestions that he was being detained hariri has promised to return to lebanon by wednesday as the latest from beirut. saying that he's going to clarify his position once he returns they're. also said that he will be attending independence day celebrations on a wednesday but what is becoming clear is that he has position is not clear because if he is insisting on resigning then he would come directly from france and submit his resignation. he's saying that he's going to attend independence day celebrations and he. boy supposed to egypt egypt the country just like france and they've been mediating in this crisis in both france and egypt enjoying good relations with all the players in this crisis and egypt also stressing the need for
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stability in lebanon and saying that the time is not right to confront hezbollah so we have to remember when title how do you resign from the saudi capital it was a move against hezbollah in one way or the other it backfired because this country came together the rival camps came together because of the way in which. he resigned they felt that it was a decision imposed a from outside so it seems that there are diplomatic efforts to try to find a solution maybe he returns he agrees to withdraw his resignation with conditions attached to maybe the different tribal councils will agree to discuss the contentious issues like hezbollah's arms as well as hezbollah's decision to militarily engage beyond lebanon's borders so it is still quite unclear but what is clear is that there are efforts to try to solve this political crisis and end the political vacuum that resulted from the prime minister's decision to announce he is stepping down israel's energy minister is the first member of the cabinet to
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confirm secret contact with saudi arabia about concerns of iran steinitz admitted long rumored tales have been held talks with but isn't saying with whom the saudis officially denies that crown prince mohammed bin film on metaphysical that israel two months ago. i can say that we have secret relations with moderate arab and muslim states we don't shy away from that but the other side is the one which wants to keep such relations quiet we respect the desire of the other side if we are dealing with saudi arabia or any other arab or muslim countries we have to protect the secrecy it's true that saudi arabia is not a democratic state and we prefer to work with democratic states but saudi arabia during the last two years has become more moderate it has moved clearly against terrorism and against inciting terrorism and it works with us against the expansion and aggression of iran. has also said its interests are in line with israel's. i
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don't think. we think is really a threat on the way. we have differences solving an issue but does not reach to a point to a war against israel because we understand that. states. and other states you know. brother. when there's a big. fight iraq's top court has ruled september's kurdish referendum answer session was unconstitutional iraq's kurds voted overwhelmingly for defying the central government in baghdad which had ruled the ballot in the in one column has the latest from baghdad. this decision was made on monday morning in iraq he said supreme court and nobody's expecting it any other way than being considered an
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institutional what this does to them is it allows the bush asians to open up between baghdad and the kurdish region now a lot of what's on the table that's already been discussed but this is now a much more concrete basis in which discuss the key things that are being discussed the border crossings who gets to stroll into the kurdish region example on the border with turkey the border force that will. be back out of court and also is the issues of salaries being paid on a percentage of the nation's all right we're going to the kurdish region this referendum was incredibly popular internationally that was no real interests for this independence but i mean to. the president having to actually resigned his position. that referendum to place now there is a deal on the table for us and the un that's likely to form the basis of any
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negotiations between baghdad and the regions but these negotiations i look forward to going to be a lot more autonomy more. back out. over. libya's volatile political and security situation has meant that oil production has dropped sharply over the past three years but rival national governments on domme conflict doesn't just have major businesses it's also affecting small companies as mahmoud abbas who he the reports now from tripoli. and out on is one of many shop owners ethic did buy the fein in chilled prices in libya. with the shortage of the currencies in local banks appreciating commit it is from abroad is hard for him especially as prices have risen businesses on the decline of the. we need liquidity to buy hard currency from the black market because we are
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committed to pay off our instalments to foreign companies our central banks monetary policy is so difficult it doesn't help us at all we don't get letters of credit from the central banks anymore the libyan dinars a value has been falling drastically in the last three years and banks have a stop to providing hard currencies to the people libya has a population of sixty million people and it's rich in oil resources but the country hasn't had a unified government and has been dealing with rival militias for the past few years many here say the oil revenue which is the backbone of libya's national income has been wasted. four major oil ports were located by a militia from july two thousand and thirteen till august last year that caused oil production to drop from one point six million barrels a day in two thousand and twelve to three hundred fifty thousand barrels per day
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last year this year it has reached it nine hundred thousand but experience say the huge deficit of the last a few years can't be easily compensated for happy. since two thousand and thirteen till now libyan oil production has lost more than one hundred fifty billion dollars that includes oil smuggling the damage of oil installations because of blocking them for a long time several oil pipes and fields have also been destroyed we have eight tanks out of one thousand tanks that have been burnt down at our side report. within turn of fighting and political division in several areas some oil fields continue to be repeatedly blockaded by tribal militias others have been attacked by isolated. until cases restrained in the country businesses like our own might remain vulnerable. tripoli and. the world is facing new threats partly because of illegal immigration and the
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spread of terrorism. made the comments in the capital while discussing the ring a refugee crisis at a summit for european and asian countries security forces are accused of violently forcing out hundreds of thousands of rohingya muslims today we are facing a new period of global uncertainty and instability conflicts around the world are giving rise to new threats and emergencies illegal immigration spread of terrorism and violent extremism disharmony and even the threat of nuclear war philippine president has branded the communist armed group the new people's army a terrorist organization. has more from the philippine capital his statement comes after a leader of the new people's army apologized for the death of a four month old baby during a raid that the group conducted in and province in the southern philippines when
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president of ego is sworn into office he promised to finally forge a peace deal with the communist party of the philippines which is the political arm of the new people's army he appointed leftist leaders in the government now more than a year and a half into his administration and after several failed peace negotiations with this group he's finally turned back on that promise i think is the most important thing. we recognize them as legitimate rebels but. killing innocent people and even in front of four months old i'll be seeing a proclamation. i removed because they were real illegal in fifty or at least semi movement which would never it all right then soon basing them pretty awesome but it's not. the terror to says the group has long been involved in illegal
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activities like extortion and kidnapping and he says the group is one of the reasons why the agricultural industry has been held back here for decades now deterred to spline to tag the group as terrorists will be in complete alignment with the united states in two thousand and two upon the request of former president gloria macapagal arroyo the united states listed the new people's army as a terror organization and that has not changed since his movies seem to be something that will please the hierarchy of the philippine military here for two reasons number one the philippine military has always been skeptical when it comes to negotiations with the new people's army and that it also has looked at the group as the enemy of the state. little progress is being made to renegotiate a major trade agreement between the united states canada and mexico negotiators for the north american free trade agreement known as nafta holding their fifth round of
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talks in mexico city and while it is that to see what the talks means a factory workers over all of north america. this freight train arriving at an industrial port in central mexico has been traveling nonstop from chicago the cargo on board includes tons of bra materials and automobile components. here assembly is done by workers who supply parts to some of the world's largest automobile manufacturers. mexicans are very hard workers and we learned very fast and the labor has high skilled apart from that is low cost. under the rules of origin set by nafta sixty two point five percent of auto parts and materials must be sourced from north america in order to enter the marketplace free of tariffs is . part of the current nafta negotiations however the united states is demanding that parts originating in the region must be raised to eighty five percent.
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we will compete with nonmembers so says the united states we're going to compete and we will take the lion's share. the proposal by the u.s. has sparked a heated debate among trade negotiators but mexican auto industry leaders seem calm and confident in fact the director of this manufacturing port says they're expecting growth. we actually short staffed we have seventeen thousand employees and we are looking to hire and hundred feet down and. automakers like g.m. chrysler ford and others all have manufacturing plants in mexico the proposal to alter nafta rules of origin is in an effort to narrow the seventy four billion dollars trade deficit the u.s. has with mexico experts warn that such a change could disrupt the supply chain and have negative impacts on both jobs in
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mexico and the price of vehicles for consumers went up a lot i just see it up mexico city the torrijos american serial killer charles manson has died the cult leader from the one nine hundred sixty s. passed away of natural causes in hospital aged eighty three he was serving a life sentence for seven murders including a heavily pregnant tryst rob reynolds reports. for an entire generation of americans charles manson was the living embodiment of evil a symbol of an era when the country seemed to be spinning out of control his baleful stair compelling millions to make sure their doors were locked at night and to lie awake listening for intruders with murder in their minds in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine manson's so-called family a group of dropouts drifters and burned out hippies murdered seven people in two separate attacks in los angeles they acted on manson's orders the victims were taken by surprise at night in their homes and brutally stabbed and shot to death
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the gang left messages including death to pigs and helter skelter scrawled in blood the slain included the rising young actress sharon tate who was eight months pregnant on trial for the murders manson carved an x. into his forehead which he later turned into a swastika he taunted the court and at one point tried to attack the judge prosecutors argued his motive was that african-americans would be blamed for the murders thereby inspiring an all out racial war which manson called helter skelter manson prosecutors said believed he and his gang would survive and prosper in the aftermath manson and three other family members were sentenced to death but the california supreme court temporarily overturned the death penalty in one nine hundred seventy two and the sentences were reduced to life in prison he gave
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interviews expressing no remorse maybe i should have killed four or five hundred people then i would have felt better and would have felt like i really offered society something. you know if i want to kill somebody i think is book and beat you to death with it and i wouldn't feel a thing would be just like walking to the drugstore charlie manson is dead but for americans of a certain age his name will always conjure up a shiver of fear of twisted minds and things that lurk in the light well after twenty five years of hosting big ticket events including the super bowl and the one nine hundred ninety six olympics. that you go one of the largest sports stadiums in the united states has been reduced to rubble two and
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a half tons of explosives were used in the controlled implosion of the georgia dome it hosted its final event in march and is being replaced by a one point six billion dollars stadium next door and of course you can follow stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com. we want you all just there are these are our top stories the deadline given for zimbabwe's president robert mugabe to resign has now passed the ruling zanu p.f. party says its members are meeting to discuss impeaching mugabe he so far refused to step down. kenya's supreme court has validated president who can be at his victory in last month's disputed presidential election we run the ruling follows two days of legal arguments and yet is due to be sworn into office in eight days
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time. germany's president has reiterated the need for further discussion stressing it's important for all coalition partners to come to an agreement to form a functional government his comments come after talks between chancellor angela merkel and her would be coalition partners collapsed the opposition social democrats have rejected a new coalition under merkel calling for fresh elections. and the german president frankie valli to stand there says that he is unprepared to call early elections and it is all parties elected to fulfill their duty to form a coalition but it isn't the time isn't known me and so forget the political parties now have to take responsibility for me government is always a difficult process which includes hesitation but the task of to form a government is behind may be the highest task given two parties by the voters in
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a democracy and this task remains. lebanon's prime minister is to visit egypt on tuesday as he makes his way back to beirut after a two week absence sartorially is still in france which is trying to mediate the fallout from his shock resignation now he quit the saudi capital on the vendor the fourth and stayed there for two weeks prompting suggestions that he was being detained who has promised to return to lebanon the rafa border crossing between egypt and garter is to remain open for another two days it's opened on saturday for the first time under the palestinian authority's control in ten years now the palestinian interior ministry says about sixteen thousand palestinians in gaza are on the waiting list to cross into egypt those were the headlines talk to al-jazeera is next here on alt. on counting the cost of venezuela in default as the oil rich country fails to pay if that will look at what a messy financial unraveling could mean for the starving people lebanon's economy
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is getting squeezed plus why zimbabweans ob gyn bitcoin counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. you can. see. we live in an age of rapid technological advances.


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