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on the deep reservoir accountability if you can give them the opportunity and wonderful things stop. looking at us with distance there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here we badly need at this moment neither she and the president has done about it as resides donald trump is going to be the next president retaliation we're back now to go go back she finally canisters of gas i just want to be doing their best to prevent the behavior getting in the way to skip recorded. by having to be achieve something that never happened before. yes and die from studio full team here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha forty
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back to bowl welcome to the news great will he old board t.v. leaves office a deadline for zimbabwe's in bottle president to step down has come and gone but there's no sign robert mugabe is giving up power members of his rulings on o.p.'s party opera tatting to meet to discuss his possible impeachment would have been made tests from harare. also on the great german chancellor merkel sphere of term in office is in doubt after talks on forming a three way coalition government collapse they couldn't agree on immigration levels climate change and the future of the e.u. what happens next is unclear but i knew he could be just around the corner and spending their childhood in prison three hundred palestinian children are behind bars in israel facing bought treatment torture and constant violations on universal children's day we take a look at how the israeli occupation is affecting. arm or hand in the hundreds
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right wing activists in israel ushering photoshop pictures of their presidents on twitter atop the what ruben ruben did to upset them and how others are reacting to the us using the hash tag a.j. news brit. here with a news great live on air and streaming online three you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us zimbabweans are watching very closely to see what happens next as the resignation deadline has now passed for embattled president robert mugabe the ninety three year old leader has defied his own ruling zanu p.f. party and the military despite their ultimatum to him to voluntarily leave office or face impeachment. during his speech on sunday mugabe didn't even address the subject his grip on power has weakened since the army intervened on wednesday in
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iraq over who should succeed him but the crisis started two weeks ago when mugabe angered army commanders after he sacked his deputy with many seeing it as an attempt to get his wife grace to take his place so what happens next well proceedings to remove him from power could begin as soon as tuesday when the zimbabwean parliament meets his how an impeachment process works in zimbabwe the constitution says the senate and national assembly must get a simple majority vote to stop the proceedings against said a state that could be for a number of offenses such as serious misconduct failure to obey uphold or defend the constitution willful violation of the constitution and an inability to perform the functions of the office due to physical or mental incapacity and if the vote passes then a joint committee is set up to investigate but even if it recommends removing the
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president both houses have to back the move with two thirds majority. let's bring in now bright matonga to the news grid he's a former zimbabwe government spokesman a deputy information minister he's also a member of the ruling zanu p.f. party joins us live from harare thank you so much for speaking to us. i want to get to the process of what happens next politically but first of all we've heard reports in the last hour that zimbabwe's state broadcaster has been put on standby for an expected broadcast by the military can you tell us what's going on behind the scenes right now between the zimbabwe an army and the politicians are they on the same page as to what happens next. exactly is to what. been discussed.
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there was a meeting with the president last night there was a live broadcast. to see if something is the way forward so zimbabwe at the moment is it was. a very hectic week very little people. here but it's been visiting teams of people. do you think the military knew that president mugabe wasn't going to resign on sunday evening. but i think the president is to their commander in chief naturally the old consult him. trying to manage the process because it's a very difficult process monitoring. you know.
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in control of. the policing side of things and. it's a very difficult process while what you say is that when you said that whole process when you say it's a difficult process indeed this seems to be a lot of tiptoeing around transit mugabe why is it important for the army to thread carefully here even for zanu p.f. to thread carefully why why do you think it's a difficult process. first and foremost you know president. has done and not for the country we mustn't forget that terms of empowerment of zimbabwe terms of education in terms of is done a lot but we were just saying look i think you. should have group someone to take over this is not a dynasty you really need to do something or about that process so i gave to
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the president. because there is a lot of anger on the ground people are frustrated people don't have jobs go to about ninety percent unemployment rate whether that is true or false but things are bad for the ordinary person even if. there is no inward investment. in our public. forty percent of g.d.p. so we don't have you know economic growth. we've got industries we've got shows but there's nothing going on so it's very difficult for for the country. see. this matter will be bloodshed in the streets we don't want to see that right he is still the president you say and i have a question here a comment from a one of our viewers because so mr mugabe is still the president he's no longer
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leader of zanu p.f. and the sonoma ganga has been appointed as the new leader of zanu p.f. but we haven't heard from him since this appointment was made and jonathan here a viewer from zimbabwe on facebook has asked you know if you think mr magara will be an improvement and he things that zimbabweans by appointing magog as head of zanu p.f. and possibly president in the future if mugabe were to step down that zimbabweans would be leaping from the frying pan into the fire what do you respond to that. i also been on the ground that's who i'm talking to you. the moment. who is going to be the next president i think just want you to be anything. if something new something different we have headed. for
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a long time. in one thousand. nine hundred eighty. nine hundred eighty seven the president up to the. nine times it has never happened it's a world record but it was. some cases but now i think it's hard to form a president you know to you know to you know to to return in a graceful manner. in zambia over the region even in malaysia. break. time to two ears to win over to someone else. but i think for the good of everybody thank you so much we need to protect that because he's done a lot for. this in that but he is the opposition i think also challenges the right at the moment. in opposition. in this
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process of assisting zimbabweans in coming with a new leader united black while. other political parties. listen guys let's just do this together a system will even then thank you so much just bright matonga thank you so much for speaking to us we heard your message there i thank you for taking the stand to speak to us bright matonga is a former when government spokesperson and that information minister he was live there from harare i want to now bring in our correspondent in zimbabwe harmattan who joins us on. on the line harrow as we've said we are in unchartered territory here uncertain times for zimbabwe as we wait to hear what happens next as far as president mugabe is concerned what is the mood like today on the streets of harare public expectation was high on sunday that mugabe would resign but he didn't what
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are people saying ok we seem to have lost our connection with. our correspondent in harare we'll hopefully bring him back online in just a few minutes so she can tell us about the mood in zimbabwe today but a huge conversation online about what's happening in zimbabwe not just in the country but throughout the african continent it's huge again folly but like you said not just in zimbabwe this is happening on the african continent as a whole mainly in kenya south africa botswana and nigeria and it's also spread to the u.k. canada as well as australia with over three hundred thousand tweets about mugabe in the past twenty four hours and once again it just simply sends us messages that people the people response here in regards to mugabe's speech is simply instead
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through social media and people have been mobilizing protests in zimbabwe's capital harare this person has been shed many times today with people saying that they won't tire until the president leaves his post some even dubbed this event the big buy boy with the hash tag mugabe moscow and these are some of the scenes we saw at the university of zimbabwe today hundreds of students threatened to go on strike and refuse to rise exams until president mugabe steps down they're also calling for his wife grace the gobby to have her degree revote many are angry claiming that mrs mugabe obtained her degree within two months. and later joined other activists who called for an event known as the pick people's picnic and this took place in africa unity square opposite parliament the organizers say that this was a demonstration but also a time to pray for the future of zimbabwe.
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i also heard from lynn that muscle riera she's a zimbabwean human rights activist who's just been acquitted for speaking out against the president she had some strong words to say about the people's rights to express themselves. with. some. expression that. this is.
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now this quote my attention is quite interesting it was reported by the technology website tech zim at the rulings on the p.f. party removed images of president mugabe from his official website it was apparently done after they pass a unanimous vote to remove your gobby from his position as party leader and secretary and as you can see his picture is replaced with an image of the country's ancient ruins of great zimbabwe. so we continue to monitor all of those developments coming out of zimbabwe to send in your thoughts pictures and videos we love to receive all of them use the hash tag news grid or message me directly on the trail of ahmed raila thank you very much meanwhile leaders of the southern african development community sadek are due to meet in angola on tuesday to discuss the zimbabwe political crisis here is al-jazeera is turning a page with more on the regional reaction. zimbabwe's flag flies high over
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a part of johannesburg as. on monday zimbabwe's. south africa's president jacob zuma the regional body and the united nations to encourage president mugabe to step down but most of the zimbabweans we spoke to here don't think that's a good idea. to stay away from criticism was knees by a snake is pretty. good but the other kind is most of the free why because the terms in with. if you get. a big problem in there we're supposed to be involved with the way this kind of but they did nothing but now we're trying to do that to fix what is going on on our own so if they get involved now they are destroying that thing with all of this is a look house particularly under president. south africa's approach known as quiet
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diplomacy but that's also led to criticism about south africa and said it has been ineffective and may have in fact helped its stand robert mugabe's presidency by approving elections but the bigger challenge of course of of the growing democratic deficit in the region i think is a broader challenge for sadeq we've seen some progress in relation to electoral democracy in the frameworks and expand the guidelines on for elections and so forth but this is not translating into a range of other areas in terms of deepening democracy. hold an emergency meeting in angola where it's likely to reaffirm its position calling for a negotiated settlement and for zimbabwe's constitution to be respected but exactly what it ends up responding to depends on quickly unfolding events in zimbabwe that are largely beyond statics control. tanya page reporting there from john is for again don't forget we have a special page on al-jazeera dot com with all the very latest on what's happening
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in zimbabwe you'll find a timeline that's updated reaction and analysis on the crisis it's all day on al-jazeera dot com. now to kenya and the supreme court's hair has cleared the way for president hurrell kenyatta to be sworn in for a second and final term in office next week his supporters are jubilant the opposition though is furious fighting and some deaths have been reported in the country opposition leaders say the court ruling which upholds kenyatta's election victory in last month's rerun is illegitimate has a report from nairobi it took just a few minutes for supreme court judges to end months of political uncertainty in the presidential election of the. as is the election of the third respondent the. supporters were in a jubilant mood outside the court before president elect look at the artist's plan
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to swearing in the next week as soon as we. haven't read the supporting the. rights and outside the. victory and that is a legitimate. ruling jubilee party and the electoral commission say last month's rerun was free and fair despite an opposition boycott and a voter turnout of less than forty percent of the opposition the national super alliance says it won't recognise can yachters president it believes the supreme court didn't act independently when upholding kenyatta election when tension increased in opposition strongholds as demonstrators about to fight for what they say is political justice our democracy was jeopardize our democracy was put on a ledge and i want to show them that if the tory m.p. victorian government. can is
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plagued by political and economic divisions worsened after two controversial presidential elections in just three months ruling party says it will go up to form an inclusive government the opposition not only the disability factor we want our colleagues in the op was. that kenya is bigger than you that all of us must richmond's all of us must reach ethnic coexistence position says the government has been using armed militia and bullets to disperse supporters. as the opposition ponders its next move it's uncertain if any further protests will have the impact it hopes for as many other kenyans prepare to move on from al-jazeera nairobi. joining us now on the news great for more on the situation in kenya is iran go houghton who's an executive director of the advocacy organization chapter one which
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focuses on governance and accountability is live from the kenyan capital nairobi thank you very much for being with us so who are kenyatta now has a constitutional mandate but does he have a popular mandate is. is this a legitimate government that's going to be recognized and accepted by the kenyan people. the term legitimacy i think is controversial what is clear is that he will have to win over. several tens of probably six to seven million people that were left during the october twenty sixth election with no option after their candidate pulled out so i think the ball now shifts into the president elect's. corner to think through what is it that he can offer so that he can actually represent not just his own supporters but provide leadership and branch to his opposition figure but really to address the issues
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that have been demain through the last one hundred twenty days and these are essentially issues around electoral electoral reform issues around security sector reform we've seen too many of our children and too many citizens lose their lives at the hands of or in the arms of of police and we also need to see a number of the into the independent bodies the electoral commission and for that matter the supremum court restored in terms of their independence and i think it important step at this point would be a couple of statements from president elect that he will deal with issues around inequalities build an inclusive economy and protect the position of the independent commission so what we have we haven't heard that message yet that the president elect right now meanwhile and the nasa coalition have threatened a campaign of civil disobedience and economic boycott even before this ruling today because it seems that it have no other legal recourse is that going to achieve
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anything are they going to go ahead with that threat you think. the country is deeply polarized it's beginning to have major impact not just on the economy but even on the social fabric many people have been left wondering how is it that their neighbors became only a last name or a different language from them so not since i think we have to think very carefully about the next few weeks to make sure that the country does not become even more polarized right in our. last week one of the members of parliament produced the succession bill which seeks to get to partition kenya into two separate republics and i think all the signs are there that if we're not able to move from battle grounds to a common ground we're not going to see a very smooth the next two three months thank you so much for speaking to us and
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sharing your views with as iran the heart and executive director of chapter one joining us on the news great from nairobi kenya thank you and this mohammed i don't recently sat down with got a kenyan opposition leader for a talk to al-jazeera program and this was just a few days after the rerun election which boycotted and in this interview he talks about why he withdrew from the race and what he intends to do if you've missed it on t.v. you can catch it online at al-jazeera dot com just click on shows and then click on talk to al-jazeera. in other world news the german president says he's not willing to call it's not election instead he's urging all parties to find common ground in form a new government coalition talks collapse after the free democratic party one of the four involved in the negotiations pulled out on late sunday citing the recount it recounts of all differences front walter steinmeier has the power to call an
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election early but he made it clear he did not want to. if it isn't but time isn't known me and so for political parties now have to take responsibilities in forming a government it's always a difficult process which includes hesitation but the task to form the government is high maybe the highest task given to parties by the produce you need to mark we see and this task remains. well from all the political uncertainty germany is facing i speak to. break brock now who's a professor of european studies at stanford university he's via skype from berlin thank you so much for being with us i deal seem to have been within reach just a few days ago what went wrong in these talks well this is very difficult to understand and only across the world but also for germans this is a very. good time for the german economy for the situation the unemployment down
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everything seems to be fine and now we have for the first time a new attempts to form a coalition that we never experienced before where the liberal party the green party and the two sister partners from the conservative camp and they managed to ruin the negotiations at an early stage on rather minor problems which are far from the challenges that germany and europe faces and they stop the election stop the negotiations over things that matter for the party yes but not so much for germany as a whole the election results in september what wasn't you know they weren't very good for for merkel and i know that the president had said that he wouldn't call this not be election for now but if he were to in the future can she afford actually through to go through another vote and would her party in fact want her to lead them into a new election. well this is for the first time since
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two thousand and five when she wasn't like that chancellor for the first time a situation where the hero of america could come to an end she announced when the liberal party left the coalition talks last night that she would be the one to guide the party through the complicated face that that is in front of us but as things turn very complicated at the moment it would be far too early to predict whether it will be america in snap elections two ohm be the candidate of the conservative party and the rydberg know of course what happens in germany on the political scene there is closely watched across the rest of europe we have the bracks negotiation talks going on right now and what happens it is quite important to the e.u. is that is that taken into account when these negotiations happen. well
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when the negotiations started which were not even called negotiations but they wanted to find out whether they have enough in common to negotiate i was absolutely sure that we would see a positive result first of all given the very positive situation and germany and china rule and secondly that for the first time in the history of this country we have a populous party being represented in the parliament and the populists congress wait to see that the establishment is failing that is the process from within and on top of it the european union is patiently waiting for a stable germany to take that leadership for all the urgent reforms that need to be at rest like migration policy you know like a reform of the monetary union like the reform of the newly announced defense union there are so many construction sites on the european level that we simply can't afford to have and i'm able jeremy that can't even get its act together
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domestically here we brought no thank you so much for your insight on this rick bruckner is a professor of european studies at stanford university us via skype there from berlin thank you for your time now you watching us on facebook coming up a report from my colleagues at a.j. plus on school students reclaiming their indigenous identity and still ahead on the news great return to sender u.s. sanctions on iran blood donations to help victims of last week's devastating earthquake to stay with us. hello the weather looks a little disturbed course when he calls so the middle east over the next few days the littlest clouds just rolling in it's coming in from the but it's rainy season very recently across the southeast and cold if you have through grace pushing
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across turkey and that cloud is. you can see that stretching all the way over into iraq into iran it will turn to right we got some snow over the turkish mountains for tuesday wester weather so you make a little further ace's but that wet weather you can see that a lot of rain they're getting all the way into iraq baghdad seeing some wet weather kuwait city also seeing some rather heavy rain i'll just not a little further east which is we go on through a way to stay well bits and pieces of rain coming through at that time you can see it does start a little further south down towards the gulf down towards us here in cutter as we go on through tuesday some wet weather around that northeastern corner of saudi arabia and by wednesday always a possibility of seeing a little bit and weather even here in doha as we go on through the second half of the way so some rather heavy rain recently into eastern parts of south africa a little brighter little warmer as well the heavier rain is further north we have got some showers there around the democratic republic of congo towards angola basin pieces of cloud out towards a southeastern corner but warm. what
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began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we learned that the indebted to from the government to just shoot him soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government tried out yet why. the tories for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins and bloody rise of local iraq at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are.
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lines on al-jazeera and the stories trending on al-jazeera dot com at number one and why they can never be a two state solution interesting opinion piece about these really honest sunni conflicts number two what's behind modi's huge popularity in india on this trip very popular indeed and also trending the political crisis in zimbabwe and president robert mugabe ignoring the ruling party's deadline to quit more in those stories and much more on our web site al-jazeera dot com. with a news grade on al-jazeera we've got people watching today from zimbabwe india south africa thank you for your company and remember you can have your say on today's show by sending in your questions and comments for us and our correspondent as well as i guess you can do so on facebook live facebook dot com slash news great on twitter our handle is at a.j. english get news grades and you can also whatsapp us plus nine seven four five zero
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one triple one four nine all the different ways to get in touch with us on the bottom right of your screen right now. it is the united nations universal children's day a time when there is particular focus on the needs and welfare of children around the globe one small part of the world where children are being adversely affected by the call. them is in the occupied palestinian territories now the numbers that you can see on this website taking up this is a data gathered by the group defense of children international palestine it shows the impact on children of these really military and set the presence these numbers are just what twenty seven thousand eleven palestinian children in solitary confinement fourteen have been killed in iran three hundred palestinian children on detained for more on this let's speak to. special representative in the state of palestine she is live from jerusalem thank you very much for being with us on the
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news groups and you have. first of all on the number of palestinian children killed this year that number is fourteen when we say children what ages are we talking about and under what circumstances these children killed well thank you very much first of all for your interests of the situation of palestinian children it's true regrettably too many children continue to be affected by the conflict here and regrettably they're limited in their opportunities in many ways the examples you cite are just one but i would also want to draw your attention to the fact that many children are not being able to fulfill their full potential for example because they have limited access to education because they will have to live in gaza where they're facing an electricity crisis and so their potential is not being fully realized that the number that i also
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found quite astounding is that of the number of palestinian children in prison three hundred you know who are these children just tell us a bit more about that what are they being held for and what are the conditions that are they facing in these prison. well i'm not a in a position to comment on this exact number you've cited it's clear that children are in contact with the military and security forces in many instances whether it's in east jerusalem or in the west bank and what we are advocating for is that children's faces not in jail we're really looking to engage with the authorities on both sides of this conflict to make sure that we prevent children having to be in contact with military forces that in cases where acts may have been committed or allegedly committed that alternatives to detention are found we believe that
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children's faces in school with constructive activities after school in neighborhoods that are safe where they can play and we are looking forward to engaging with all of those who can really help improve the situation in that regard ok thank you for speaking to us is. of unicef live fare from jerusalem thank you for being on the news great or let's bring in social media producer once again for another story related to the israeli military right here. folly president reagan riven is israel's conservatively could party parts he's now facing backlash from rightwing citizens and that's because he's refused to pardon this man. who's in jail for manslaughter he was caught on video shooting dead. a palestinian who was wounded after attempting to stab israeli soldiers. that
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happened in march twenty sixth seen in the occupied west bank as our is original sentence was eighteen months in prison now israeli military shortened it by four months in september which is why riven says that he's rejected the pardon now in a letter to resign the president wrote an additional lightning of your sentence would undermine the strength of the military its values and the state of israel several members of the israeli cabinet have spoken out against this decision and the defense minister leaving them and said that although he respects the president he believes i quote there is a greater impact to be considered on those already serving in the military and young people who have yet to be drafted that the culture minister mimi reg of said the president has sent soldiers to soldiers the message that if they make a mistake they'll be abandoned and right wing activists have taken to twitter to criticize revenge they've been showing pictures like these showing the president
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wearing a cafe here this is a headdress seen as a symbol for palestinians and then nationalism so they're sharing it's hard now calling rivlin a traitor the police have opened an investigation into these pictures and the particularly to bruce and similar pictures of prime minister yitzhak rabin were circulated by is right wing israelis in one thousand nine hundred five soon before he was assassinated now were the member of the knesset i mean peretz condemned those sharing the photos and he called on prime minister benjamin netanyahu to support rivlin so what do you think about the president's decision to deny the pardon can actually a.j. news great or message me directly and ali thank you very much for that time now for a look at the day's other news here is norrin taylor in our london news center hi laura. thanks for yes hundred of people in yemen know been protesting against the two week long saudi blockade of the main port used for aid deliveries they want her
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data reopened so that desperately needed aid can get into northern yemen one million people in three cities are said to be at risk of cholera and other waterborne diseases because of the blockade on ports and airports the saudis took the action after yemen's who through levels fired a missile close to their capital riyadh iran says the arab league is full of lies after the group issued a harsh statement condemning both iran and its lebanese ally hizbollah at a meeting in cairo on sunday foreign ministers from the arab league accuse them both of destabilizing the region iran says the condemnation is a product of saudi pressure and propaganda also called on saudi arabia to stop what it called barbaric attacks on yemen and drop its boycott of qatar. south korea's spy agency says the north koreans may carry out more missile tests this year to ramp up the threat against the united states south korea says its intelligence has detected signs that missile engines are being tested tensions between north korea
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and the united states of escalated in recent months with both sides making nuclear threats that we know about has the latest for us from seoul. south korea's spy agency says it has detected signs of engine testing at north korea's missile facilities and that the north may test another missile before the end of this year it has been more than two months since north korea's last missile launch a relatively long lol for a government that has been ramping up its efforts to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach the u.s. mainland some have suggested that a break in activity could point to signs that north korea is really to come to the table for talks while other analysts have pointed out that this time of year historically has seen less test activity from the north in its latest update two souls parliamentary intelligence committee the national intelligence agency said there were no signs of an imminent test at north korea's nuclear test side but that
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another explosion could be possible at any time the agency also reported that top military officials in north korea have been punished for impure attitudes after the country's vice chairman of the ruling party conducted an inspection of the military's general political bureau for the first time in two decades the agency says that the bureau's chief and deputy chief were punished china says both me and martin bangladesh back its three point plan to resolve the crisis via a cease fire repatriation and poverty alleviation proposal came as mainmast leader suchi hosted a summit for diplomats from fifty one mostly european and asian countries a country has been accused of violently forcing out six hundred thousand range of muslims since late august with a military crackdown. european union is about to decide where to relocate two of its london based agencies when the united kingdom finally leaves the e.u.
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nineteen nations are vying to host the european medicines agency and european banking with orci the fucker has more. it isn't meant to happen until the end of march two thousand and nineteen but its effects are already starting to be felt plans are on the way to see the departure of two of the e.u.'s biggest and most important agencies the european medicines agency base and they said go leaning the skyscraper and the european banking or authority only a few hundred meters away from here in an equally shiny building these organizations receive tens of millions of dollars an e.u. from they they employ together more than a thousand people they're highly paid highly skilled and many of them are somewhat reluctant to leave this prestigious location when it comes to the e m a it also attracts thirty six thousand experts and specialists a year who attend hundreds of different conferences that's a huge money spinner for the surrounding area think of all the hotels and
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restaurant bills that come with those kind of events the irony is that the u.k. may have to pay for the departure of the european medicines agency because of a lack of or break coolers in the rental of this skyscraper. the coast of departure around seven hundred million dollars well a competition among states is now on to find a replacement home for both of these agencies that are clear front runners for the european banking or thirty for the european medicines agency the british authorities may try their best to poach the best talent to work. but there are some concerns that some of these employees may leave before the stars are granted in two years' time undermining any hope of a possible smooth transition. and that's it for me for the news get back to. now and thank you very much for that cut us foreign minister is ending a ten day visit to the us way he's been discussing the crisis speaking in
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washington d.c. mohamed bin abdul rahman al funny said that the bill kate on. bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt is being used as as an excuse to have set the power balance in the region . regional players are acting responsibly taking political gamble with the lives of other nations citizens with no exit strategy. not even wisdom prepares it for starving children is being used as a leverage. while the atrocities of syria are being tolerated and in the same way that yemen is being put in a meaningless stalemate now with these powers makes their item lebanon. this is the magic behavior. reckless battle for seeking power with a complete disregard for the suffering left in their wake. wasn't jordan joins us
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now in his grade from the state department in washington ross what was the biggest take away then from the qatari foreign minister's remarks in washington. the biggest take away from the foreign minister's remarks were his views that this ongoing power rift between qatar and members of the g.c.c. and also with egypt is basically contributing to regional instability and one thing that shaikh mohammad been. told people who were attending this event at the center for in the national interest is that the united states is trying to broker a resolution to this crisis but that the saudis. and the egyptians have refused to come to the bargaining table and he says that is despite wishes to resolve this crisis not just because of the ongoing threat to the ongoing health of
6:46 pm
the g.c.c. itself as a form for resolving crises but also as a regional threat not being able to deal with things such as the rise of eisold and al-qaeda affiliated groups he says a big opportunity has been missed to try to bring these groups to heel he also suggested that there is perhaps some impediment now to the process of trying to reestablish peace between the israelis and the palestinians that those efforts despite the u.s. is ongoing interest in resolving that long running political standoff has been stymied again because of this dispute mr all dani also suggested that there may be economic repercussions not just to qatar which has been the subject of an economic blockade since june fifth but it could redound to the other countries in the region as well so he has just arrived here at the state department for
6:47 pm
a brief meeting with the secretary of state rex tillerson and he's going to be looking for more of a push to try to get this crisis resolved but in an answer to a question from our colleague alan fischer he basically in. kate is that it's up to the saudis and its allies to basically end this crisis once and for all wasn't jordan at the state department in washington thank you ross and all your questions on the qatar gulf crisis answered on this page on al-jazeera dot com one of the root causes of the crisis which countries cut ties with qatar what have been the economic consequences all the important questions answered on al-jazeera dot com. now iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali how many has traveled to one of the areas were saved by a magnitude seven point three earthquake just over a week ago more than four hundred fifty people died in what was he runs worth quake in a decade around half of them in the town the supreme leader visited tens of thousands
6:48 pm
of iranians are still in desperate need of help thirty thousand homes are unlivable now in the media's aftermath of the earthquake many people rallied to help out including an iranian american living in the u.s. state of michigan he managed to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars on facebook but like others collecting donations for iran victims he hit a snag because of u.s. sanctions on iran. he joins us now from detroit with his story thank you very much for being with us on al-jazeera so talk us through what happened exactly when i understand facebook took down your page what did they tell you actually when you started this campaign exactly the day after the earthquake happened and. from the very first e-mails that they need to provide them with the proper documentation. i have the legal authorization
6:49 pm
and the licenses to transfer desfontaines to iran and on the other side i was aware of this and. contacted department of treasury to obtain the required authorizations by. what they received their response was a general e-mail that the percy job should i apply for this license and they provided the me link for application which usually takes several months to get this license. and that's why i was in search of the nonprofit organizations that they already have this permit right and because the. the fundraiser page was on my personal account facebook said that we are not able to transfer funds from your account to a nonprofit so they saw the only remove the current and without any
6:50 pm
notice without any north of occasion which gave me a little bit hard time to explain to donors the right so what's happened then to the donations that you received understand you got quite a lot of money from people we know what happened to it were you able to send it to you on actually this was a kind of like successful and most important in gauging campaign in facebook and. we were collecting about like one hundred thousand dollars a year i'm sorry a day. so facebook said that the only thing they can do because of security measures and technical issues they only can refund the donors this is the only way and the us need to rerun this campaign but you know this is earthquake i can other rina rerun the campaign because it takes
6:51 pm
a while and we need that to wait them to refund the phones to donors and starting once again it was very time sensitive and people it was in urgent need of this found in iran that's why i discussed this work with them and finally they came with the statement that they are going to refund this money back to the donors and on behalf of this campaign they are going to donate another two hundred thousand dollars to this campaign ok to be transferred to iran through nonprofit organizations ok thank you so much shahid majority for sharing your story with us joe had no jaffee fundraiser for the iran quake victims joining us there from detroit thank you for your time we appreciate it all right coming up next tatiana will join us on the news grade with a look at sports and we'll be looking at how tennis great are reacting to the death of former wimbledon champion ana navarro at the age of fourteen i do stay with us.
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we're talking right into his tatyana yes it's a very sad day in tennis actually folly as the sport has lost a former wimbledon champion at the age of just forty nine she celebrated her just last month. the has died off to her long battle with cancer the women's tennis association said she passed away peacefully and her place of birth as the czech republic no one when title in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight she also twenty four titles during her career her best ever ranking with wild number two so
6:54 pm
an amazing career and life that she does leave behind as expected there's been a lot of reaction to this on social media the all england club itself posted this on that it's a page saying that she was a true champion in all senses of the word and one thousand nine hundred ninety eight triumph will live long in the memory bob rachet is a former austrian player she actually got the chance to share the court with iana she posted this on her twitter page what a wonderful person beautiful soul tennis player we've lost today i'll miss you young. and this was also the picture that she posted of them playing together for men's wimbledon champion pat cash is also tweeted he said so sad to hear that fellow wimbledon champion or no vote now has passed a sweeter nicer and more talented athlete you would ever meet ok not one moment all nascar racing fans were talking about on sunday the sport's biggest star del and her junior officially retired after the season finale of starts an uncertain new
6:55 pm
era for one of america's most popular sports with ratings down at least home and reports. but steep price tag on n.b.c. sunday's mean two things for many sports fans in the united states and f.l. and nascar but the two american sporting giants are in a rights to stop a drop in television ratings the camp is gone now all of that was forgotten for just a moment by nascar bosses as martin truex jr secured his first deaf accompt championship with victory at the harm stead miami speedway in florida stole a ship you know to be a perfect season church jury. ok. it's amazing i thought my career was over with. it's i was right in thinking i believe in me. but the guys who were ok. nielsen writing sure the nascar t.v.
6:56 pm
writings of dropped by forty five percent over the past decade a downward trend in sport by not names limited to nascar as television viewing habits and technology changes forty eight stitches but it's attendances outside down and that only means that sponsors a pang fall less to advertise during races. i don't think i'm going to hold on to a big hit when the recession hit back you know about ten years ago the people who tend to go to nascar are more blue color in nature and they have less disposable income and so it was a very difficult for for that particular group of fans to build a continued just to support the sport a demographic study this you showed enough confidence to be ninety four percent white it's by sits in america's southern states and skews conservative and notably older that makes the challenge of attracting a new younger audience even hotter and that wasn't helped on friday when the sports
6:57 pm
arni active female driver danica patrick announced she'll be putting out the flame on her career next season. my sister told me it was supposed to. be so that would be. the biggest hit though is the retirement of the sport's biggest star dial and hard jr who finished twenty fifth in his final rites he was going to nascar's most popular driver in each of the last fourteen seasons the twenty seven ten season now ends at a crossroads. elease home an al-jazeera. ok you heard in that report about nascar being a sport with its base in the southern states of the united states and online activity certainly shows that this is a him up sharing where all of the tweets using the hash tag nascar were generated on sunday or around twenty five thousand on sunday with most of them coming from
6:58 pm
charlotte north carolina atlanta and the state of georgia and second place as always you can get in touch with us using the house i gave a use grid or tweet me if i'm tatiana peter stone that has more sports at eighteen hundred g.m.t. before now fully expect new touch and i think you very much and that will do it for today's news great remember to keep in touch with us on social media at all times as ever a.j. news great for me fully back to the whole team thank you very much for watching we will see you here again tomorrow i seriously team at fifteen hundred g.m.t. by phone.
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thank. you fine senses.
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