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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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oh is it alison whether online we were in a hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you must address or if you join us on saturday. but. this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al jazeera new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. more protest against mugabe's students take to the streets over his refusal to step
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down rulings on e.p.a.'s party prepares to impeach him. they are in total this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. supporters of the hurricane yet to celebrate to the supreme court upholds his presidential win the opposition so the decision was made under duress. what next for germany chancellor angela merkel holds talks with the german president after negotiations to form a governing coalition collapse. and we look at how small businesses are bearing the brunt of libya's foreign oil revenues. and those involved ways ruling party says it will begin the process to impeach president robert mugabe on tuesday after the ninety three year old ignored
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a deadline to resign hundreds of. have marched through the capital harare demanding the governor step aside as only p.f. had given mcgovern till midday on monday to resign voluntarily or face impeachment they voted to remove him as their party leader on sunday the leader of zimbabwe's war veterans association is demanding mugabe's to step down. the people who don't want to see. we saw him go to the national television to pretend as if everything is normal if you are saying that. we are saying mugabe go now go now. your time is up please leave it out and let the country start on a new only new page. joins us live from harare lots been lots of twist so far in this what's the latest. m.p.'s are still meeting
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here at the party here say that on tuesday there will be a motion to impeach the president in parliament on tuesday morning the main opposition party m.d.c. led by morgan saying that i will meet and decide whether there will join sun appears in that motion to impeach the president we've also been told that some people planned to gather outside parliament in the park opposite parliament where they'll be a prayer gathering they'll be singing and dancing people are also protesting saying that they'll be praying for the country and a calling for president mugabe to step down so a lot of things planned for choose day all eyes on parliament and what the outcome will be and have people been angry about his refusal to stand. we're seeing people becoming increasingly angry early on monday students at the university of zimbabwe the biggest university say they won't be writing exams and they were shut down the university until president mugabe resigned so they spent
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the whole day outside singing dancing a calling for his downfall and the main concerns were the economy every student you spoke to was there as a student as a young zimbabwean i'm less than thirty years old and i'm struggling i may have one or two degrees but i can find work and i have family members that also can find work this is not the zimbabwe that i wanted a prisoner macgyver has failed if he can deliver he must go and you must go suso pressure is mounting and we do know that. there will be an emergency meeting this the regional body of southern african nations will be meeting there and zimbabwe will also be discussed in those talks. thank you very much indeed. kenya's opposition has dismissed president who can unite as election victory as illegitimate despite the supreme court upholding the results of last month's vote
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in a unanimous decision the court dismissed challenges but october's repeated action was conducted illegally but opposition leader raila odinga insists the ruling was made under duress i mean to miller has more from nairobi it took just a few minutes for supreme court judges to end months of political uncertainty the presidential election of the twenty sixth october this year by up. as is the election of the third respondent the. supporters were in a jubilant mood outside the court before president elect looking out his plan to swearing in the next week as soon as we. hadn't read the supporting the. rights and outside the case a victory and that was the legitimate. ruling jubilee party and the electoral commission say last month's rerun was free and fair
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despite an opposition boycott and a voter turnout of less than forty percent and the opposition the national super alliance says it won't recognize can yachters president it believes the supreme court didn't act independently when upholding kenyatta election when tension increased in opposition strongholds as demonstrators about to fight for what they say is political justice our democracy was jeopardized i want democracy was put on a ledge and i want to show them that wanted to talk to tauriel government. can is plagued by political and economic divisions worsened after two controversial presidential elections in just three months ago ruling party says it will go up to form an inclusive government the opposition not only the disability in fact that we want our colleagues in the op was. that kenya is bigger than you that all of us
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must reach all of us must reach ethnic coexistence the opposition says the government has been using armed militia and bullets to disperse supporters. as the opposition ponders its next move it's uncertain if any further protests will have the impact it hopes for as many other kenyans prepare to move on from al-jazeera nairobi. i'm going back as fourth term is in jeopardy after talks to form a coalition government in germany broke down the three way coalition talks included merkel's christian democrats and the greens but they fell apart following the withdrawal of the free democratic party and in barbara reports. as germany's political uncertainty increased on monday the country's president had a stark warning for the various policy leaders. in the election on september twenty fourth the parties had to take on responsibility of germany
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this responsibility and accordance with the german constitution cannot simply be given back to the electorate earlier he'd met chancellor angela merkel following the collapse of talks between her c.d.u. c.s.u. coalition the greens and the free democrats or f.t.p. merkel's been trying to send a reassuring message to germany and the outside world is this an talk it is at least a day of to reflect on how to go forward but i will do everything possible transitional chancellor to ensure that this country will be well led through these difficult weeks the pro-business f.t.p. had been part of coalition talks in september's election failed to deliver a majority for any party late on sunday they pulled out suggesting they simply couldn't offer any more compromises on themes such as clean energy and migration as long as we were conducting exploratory talks not forming a government at the end you decide whether to trust that the recent common vision and it is exactly this a common vision for the country is that what's missing merkel's former partners the
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social democrats or s.p.d. have consistently ruled out being part of another so-called grand coalition since doing badly in september's vote now they're hoping for a snap election. we think it's important that the citizens of our country the sovereign voters are able to evaluate the situation again we are not afraid of new elections based on the election result of september twenty four we are not prepared to enter a grand coalition. with german leadership seen as crucial for a european union trying to push through reforms the collapse of the talks and the euro falling even if the country avoids having to vote again and whatever shape the next government takes the chancellor structure will be diminished but the barber al-jazeera hundreds of people in yemen have been protesting against the two week long saudi blockade of the main port used for aid deliveries they want her data reopened so that desperately needed aid can get into northern yemen one million people in three cities are said to be at risk of cholera and other waterborne
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diseases because of the blockade on ports and airports the saudis took the action already yemen's hoochie rebels find a missile close to their capital riyadh the red cross says the cities of her data and thais haven't been able to provide clean water in recent days due to a lack of fuel libya's power vacuum is seen oil production drop sharply over the past three years the rivalry between national governments and armed conflict hasn't just hit major businesses it's also affecting small companies would go head reports from tripoli. her own is one of many shop owners affected by the fame in chile creases in libya with a shortage of vodka currencies in local banks pushy saying commit it is from abroad is hard for him especially as prices have risen in business is on the decline of the. we need liquidity to buy hard currency from the black market because we are
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committed to pay off our instalments to foreign companies our central banks monetary policy is so difficult it doesn't help us at all we don't get letters of credit from the central banks anymore the libyan dinars value has been falling drastically in the last three years and banks have a stop to providing hard currencies to the people. libya has a population of sixty million people and it's rich in oil resources but the country hasn't had a unified government and has been dealing with rival militias for the past few years many here say the oil revenue which is the backbone of libya's national income has been wasted. four major oil ports were located by a militia from july two thousand and thirteen till august last year that caused oil production to drop from one point six million barrels a day in two thousand and twelve to three hundred fifty thousand barrels per day
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last year this year it has reached it nine hundred thousand but experience say the huge deficit of the last a few years can't be easily compensated for happy. since two thousand and thirteen till now libyan oil production has lost more than one hundred fifty billion dollars that includes oil smuggling the damage of oil installations because of blocking them for a long time several oil pipes and fields have also been destroyed we have eight tanks out of one thousand tanks that have been burnt down at our side report with internal fighting and political division in several areas some oil fields continue to be repeatedly blockaded by tribal militias others have been attacked by isolated and until cases restrained in the country businesses like her own might remain vulnerable. tripoli. still to come on the program we'll tell you about the billionaire businessman and former journalist.
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presidency runoff. and report on the death of charles manson the cult leader and convicted. has died after more than forty years in prison. however got some other cool and wet weather affecting parts of china over the next day i also have a cloud down towards southern most part to say the fabulous no a little further north just around trunking province for say some very heavy snow coming through here for a time was how can you say for a frosty picture here showing up quite nicely colorado stay in place as we go on through tuesday. little further west seen temperatures hovering around twelve degrees celsius but the wintry weather never really too far away as we go on into
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weather stay down for the south you could see some bits and pieces of cloud and rain particularly across central and northern parts of vietnam the northeast monsoon driving the disturbed weather in the northeast monsoon still driving some rather disturbed weather it's eastern more especially southeastern parts of india towards flank of the showers coming in here over the next day or so you could see some whether they're up to was under but that's for the north it does stay dry more fog and smoke around new delhi temperatures here around twenty two celsius over the next few days further showers down towards the south you notice as we go on through the next day i could also see some wet weather coming in across the arabian peninsula over the next day or two eventually pushing towards doha here we have a high of thirty degrees. on counting the cost of venezuela in defocus as the oil rich country fails to pay its debt well look at what a messy financial unraveling could mean for starving people lebanon's economy is
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getting squeezed plus why zimbabweans are buying bitcoins counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. or one of the top stories when i was there more protests have been taking place against zimbabwe's president robert mugabe as the ruling party instructs the chief whip to go ahead with his impeachment. supreme court judges in kenya have cleared the way for president who kenyatta to be sworn in for
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a second and final term next week. and i go america's full time as german chancellor is in jeopardy of the talks to form a coalition government broke down. but as foreign ministers ending a ten day visit to the us where he's been discussing the g.c.c. crisis speaking in washington d.c. had been funny said that the blockade on catch up by saudi arabia bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt is being used as an excuse to disrupt regional stability regional players i think that responsibly taking political gamble with the lives of other nations citizens with no exit strategy. not even with. it for starving children is being used as a leverage. while that's why cities of syria are being tolerated and in the same way that yemen is being put in a meaningless stalemate. now with these powers makes their item in lebanon.
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this is the magic behavior. reckless battle for seeking power with a complete disregard for the suffering left in their wake. when one has got a rose in jordan at the state department in washington he gave his comments out of a closed door meeting with the u.s. secretary of state what more did he have to say. well what khalid been. told the attendees at an event hosted by a local think tank was that not just the fact that what the saudi led coalition has been doing is disruptive to regional stability more particularly it is not leading to a quick resolution of the political crisis between the saudis the amorality is the behind these and the egyptians and he said that because of that disruption it's putting into jeopardy the effectiveness of the gulf cooperation council or g.c.c.
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to deal with regional security threats namely the ongoing threats from eisel and al-qaeda affiliated groups he also said that there's an opportunity being missed on developing economically across the greater middle east and he talked in particular about the situation in iraq which is finally coming to the end it hopes of its own battles against fighters in that country one other point which was made a point of stressing was that the countries are still very much in support of the efforts to broker some sort of resolution to their crisis with their neighbors as well as very supportive of the u.s. efforts to do the same however he says that he has had no no communications with the saudis and there there is really is no understanding of why when the u.s. and the kuwaitis are putting forward an effort to try to resolve the crisis that
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the other side hasn't actually come to the table to discuss their concerns and to try to resolve them within within that context that is the crisis looking any closer to being resolved. at the moment it doesn't appear as if it's going to be the foreign minister is currently meeting at this hour with the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson they gave a very generic comments before they started their closed door meeting but. certainly what has been coming. consistently from fish holes in doha including the foreign minister is that we are ready to negotiate but where are the saudis and the emirates in the baha'i needs in the egyptians they say that they have a right to exert their own foreign policy but that they need to be able to have a discussion face to face with the counterparts in order to end this crisis in jordan thank you very much. the prime minister of iraq's kurdish region has
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dismissed a ruling by the supremes court which announce the results of the september secession vote as she says the decision goes against the rights of the kurds which in trying to the constitution in september iraq's kurdish region voted overwhelmingly to break away from the central government in baghdad imran khan has more from baghdad . this decision was made on monday morning in iraq he said the supreme court are no peace like to get any other way than it being considered and constitutional but what this does to them is it allows the good shape since to open up between baghdad and the kurdish region now a lot of what's on the table has already been discussed but this is now a much more concrete basis in which discuss the key things the big discussed the border crossings who gets to stroll into the kurdish region example on the border with to keep the boat of course that will carry that effect back out of port told
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also is the issues of salaries being paid on a percentage of the not nations all reppert britney going to the kurdish region this referendum was pretty become popular internationally that was no real interests for the kurdish independence but i missed what that a supersonic president having to actually resigned his position of stuff that referendum to place now there is a deal on the table for us and the u.n. that's likely to form the basis of any decisions it's hyped up on the kurdish regions but these negotiations all look forward to going to be for a lot more autonomy more twenty three that i backed out of. its authority over the street and have a nice prime minister saad hariri is to visit egypt on tuesday where he'll meet president of the fatah sisi hariri has been in paris since saturday where he met french president in one year and the whole he's played
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a key role in mediating the fallout from his shock resignation perry announced the move on november the fourth while on a trip to saudi arabia and stayed there for two weeks off to ponting suggestions that he was being detained there against his will harry has promised to return to lebanon by wednesday but independence day celebrations. gaza's rougher border crossing with egypt is to remain open for two more days a decision as part of a reconciliation agreement between fatah and hamas you came after her last gave the palestinian authority control of the crossing for the first time since two thousand and seven the gates were due to open permanently as part of reconciliation do between hamas and fatah but that's been delayed the palestinian interior ministry says about sixteen thousand gazans on the waiting list to cross into egypt. the european union is about to decide where to relocate two of its london based agencies and the united kingdom finally leaves the e.u. ninety nations of eyeing to host the european medicines agency and european banking or thirty if aka has more. it isn't meant to happen until the end of two thousand
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and nineteen but it's effect already starting to be felt plums are on the way to see the. biggest and most important agencies the european medicines agency base and they said the skyscraper and the. authority only a few hundred meters away from here in an equally shiny building. receive tens of millions of dollars in funding they employ together more than a thousand people there highly paid highly skilled and many of them somewhat reluctant to leave this. location when it comes to the e m a it also attracts thirty six thousand special this year who attend hundreds of different conferences that's a huge money spinner for the surrounding area think of all the hotels and restaurant bills that come with those kind of events the irony is that the u.k. may have to pay for the departure of the european medicines agency because of
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a lack of great cool is in the running skyscraper. at the coast of around seven hundred million dollars well a competition among states is now long to find a replacement. of these agencies that run as frank for the european banking all authority for the european medicines agency the british authorities may try their best to poach the best talent to work. but there are some concerns that some of these employees may leave before the city in two years time undermining any hope of a possible smooth transition. china says both me and maher and bangladesh back its three point plan to resolve the range of crisis fire a cease fire repatriation and poverty alleviation proposal came as near mars leader and some sushi has to do summit for diplomats from fifty one mostly european and
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asian countries a country has been accused of violently forcing out six hundred thousand range of muslims since late august with a military crackdown south korea's spy agency says the north koreans may carry out more missile tests this year to ramp up the threat against the united states south korea says it has evidence or it has detected signs that missile engines are being tested tensions between north korea and the united states of escalated in recent months with both sides making nuclear threats. and cheney a billionaire businessman and a former journalist says that the contest a runoff for the presidency. won the first round it will compete against the center left. next month america. he's back or is he most polls had predicted chile's former conservative president. would score a new reversible win in sunday's general election with thirty six percent of the
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vote less than expected a victory in a runoff is not assured still in his campaign headquarters the billionaire businessman who promises better times for chile sounded triumphant. we are very happy because tonight we have achieved a great electoral result we have opened a door that leads to a bit of. the results seem to show that the majority of chileans are not happy with the performance of their current center left the government but it's not so much the chileans are shifting to the right and they are moving to the center after four years of major structural reforms reforms that many see as having gone too far while others not far enough. those who want more profound social change voted for badly sanchez the biggest surprise of the selection the candidate of the new left wing coalition loosely inspired by bernie
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sanders scored twenty percent of the vote almost time was second place candidate. the senator and former journalist who promises to consolidate the current government's reforms will face next month in a runoff he dismisses suggestions that the former president has more experience. sebastian pinera has bad experience his government was accused of corruption and constant charges of conflicts of interest. but a great many chileans on the. all right center and left say they've lost confidence in their politicians who are seen as being more preoccupied with furthering their own interests and b. will feel disappointed biggest bully users promise one thing and then they make deals and implement different things but that's hopeful dix works you're going to get a key issue now is whether those who want to consolidate the current government structural reforms warts and all are more than those who want to reverse them to see in human
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i just see santiago. argentinian navy has admitted that satellite calls thought to come from a missile submarine did not in fact originate from the last vessel a san juan is believed to have suffered a fault related to its batteries and there's been no contact from the crew since last wednesday there are forty four sailors on board including argentina's first female sub-mariner american cult leader and convicted mass murderer charles manson has died at the age of eighty three he was serving a life sentence for seven murders in the one nine hundred sixty s. including the killing of a pregnant actress or brennan's reports. for an entire generation of americans charles manson was the living embodiment of evil a symbol of an era when the country seemed to be spinning out of control his baleful stair compelling millions to make sure their doors were locked at night and to lie awake listening for intruders with murder in their minds in one thousand
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nine hundred eighty nine manson's so-called family a group of dropouts drifters and burned out hippies murdered seven people in two separate attacks in los angeles they acted on manson's orders the victims were taken by surprise at night in their homes and brutally stabbed and shot to death the gang left messages including death to pigs and helter skelter scrawled in blood the slain included the rising young actress sharon tate who was eight months pregnant on trial for the murders manson carved an x. into his forehead which he later turned into a swastika he taught at the court and at one point tried to attack the judge prosecutors argued his motive was that african-americans would be blamed for the murders thereby inspiring an all out racial war which manson called helter skelter manson prosecutors said believed he and his gang would survive and prosper in the
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aftermath manson and three other family members were sentenced to death but the california supreme court temporarily overturned the death penalty in one nine hundred seventy two and the sentences were reduced to life in prison he gave interviews expressing no remorse maybe i should have killed four or five hundred people then i would have felt better and would have felt like i really offered society something. you know if i wanted to kill somebody i'd take this but would be cheated death with it and i wouldn't feel a thing it be just like walking to the drug store charlie manson is dead but for americans of a certain age his name will always conjure up a shiver of fear of twisted minds and things that look at the light and to muse on our website for you there just about as al-jazeera dot com.
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and one of the main stories making the news is about ways ruling party zanu p.f. has instructed the chief whip to begin the process of impeaching president robert mugabe after the ninety three year old ignored a midday deadline to resign hundreds of students have marched through the capital harare demanding without a step aside the leaders in my ways war veterans association is also demanding mcgovern's departure this was you have wanted the people's but we don't want to see moore's law we saw him go to the national television to pretend as if everything is normal if you are saying that. his party congress we are saying mugabe go now go now go now war now your time is up please leave stood out was and let the country start on a new or new page supreme court judges in kenya have cleared the way for president who are kenyatta to be sworn in for a second and final term next week. his supporters are jubilant the opposition is
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furious fighting and some deaths have been reported opposition leaders say the court ruling which up holds kenyatta's election victory in last month's rerun is illegitimate. i'm going to marco's fourth term as german chancellor is in jeopardy after talks to form a coalition government broke down the three way coalition talks including merkel's christian democrats and the greens but they fell apart after withdrawal of the free democratic party hundreds of people in yemen have been protesting against the two week long sounding blockade of the main port used for aid deliveries one million people in three cities are said to be at risk of cholera and other waterborne diseases because of the blockade on ports and airports. lebanese prime minister saad hariri is to visit egypt on tuesday where he'll meet the president of the c.c. i mean he has been in paris since saturday where he met the french president
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emmanuel michel who played a key role in mediating the fallout from his shop decision to resign on november the fourth. so when i'm more news in just under half an hour next counting the cost looks at what is right as default and the rise of bitcoin in zimbabwe do stay with us for that more news in just a bit like watching. a lawn have some secret this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business.


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