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somerset pennsylvania let it rest of the debate you're getting anyway let's get the call to. be achieve something that never happened before. or is it a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of a complex one but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. thank. you are in total this is
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news hour live from london coming up. more protests against mugabe as students take to the streets over his refusal to step down rulings on the p.f. party begins impeachment process against him. supporters of american yeah to celebrate after the supreme court upholds his presidential when the opposition say the decision was made under duress. what next for germany chancellor i'm going to machall holds talks with the german president after negotiations to form a governing coalition collapse. and ip descended in doha with all your sports news on a sad day as nine hundred ninety eight one billion champion yunnan of aatma dies from cancer at the age of forty nine better more coming up this news hour.
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is about ways ruling party has told its chief whip to proceed with president robert mugabe's impeachment after the ninety three year old ignored a deadline to resign hundreds of students have marched through the capital harare demanding that mugabe step aside zanu p.f. had given the go until midday on monday to step down voluntarily they voted to remove him as their party leader on sunday well they'd been given that deadline to resign voluntarily or face impeachment that was midday on monday they voted to remove him on sunday and the leader of zimbabwe's war veterans association is demanding also that mugabe step down. the people who don't want to see a misprint in the most oh we saw him go to the national television to pretend as if everything is no more if you are saying that it will be good attending this party congress we are saying mugabe go now. your time is
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up please leave state house and let the country start on a new on a new page. arbutus a has been speaking to protest as in harare. students from the university of maine say they not going to write exams the. president. resigned to the growing number. of it. and they say that life as young people in zimbabwe has been i'm bearable for the one of them is daniel who is a student here. tell me what is like what is life like. it's been very difficult for most out of to come. because of finances and those that have graduated steward they can manage to. find
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that prices so even if some we have money they can feel also to pay school fees because you get thirty dollars out of the day and you have to sleep in a queue so that you can exist that. thank you very much. and have a vote of no confidence on tuesday. will begin proceedings to impeach the president that could take a couple of weeks for the moment all eyes on prison. intervening trying to convince the ninety three year old. president. kenya's opposition has dismissed president who kenyatta his election victory as illegitimate despite the supreme court upholding the results of last month's vote in a unanimous decision the court dismissed challenges that october's repeated action was conducted illegally but opposition leader. the ruling was made under duress some of the miller has more from nairobi. it took just
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a few minutes for supreme court judges to end months of political uncertainty the presidential election of the current six talked over. by a. as is the election of the third respondent the. supporters were in a jubilant mood outside the court before president elect who took in the artist's plan to swearing in the next week and still haven't we. haven't read the supporting the. benefits and outside the case a victory and that was the legitimate. ruling jubilee party and the electoral commission say last month's rerun was free and fair despite an opposition boycott and a voter turnout of less than forty percent and the opposition the national super alliance says it won't recognise can yachters president it believes the supreme
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court didn't act independently when upholding kenyatta election when tension increased in opposition strongholds as demonstrators about to fight for what they say is political justice our democracy was jeopardized i want democracy was put on a ledge now i want to show them that wanted to talk to real government. and i'm not. kenya's plagued by political and economic divisions worsened after two controversial presidential elections in just three months ago ruling party says it will go up to form an inclusive government the opposition not only the disability in fact that we want our colleagues in the op was. that kenya is bigger than you that all of us must reach peace all of us must reach ethnic coexistence the opposition says the government has been using armed militia and bullets to disperse supporters. as the opposition ponders its next move it's uncertain if any
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further protests will have the impact it hopes for as many other kenyans prepare to move on from al-jazeera nairobi. anglo-american says she'd prefer to call a snap election in germany rather than lead a minority government to speaking after talks to form a coalition government broke down the three way coalition talks included merkel's christian democrats and the greens but they fell apart following the withdrawal of the free democratic party tomorrow our reports from berlin. as germany's political uncertainty increased on monday the country's president had a stark warning for the various party leaders here but. in september and the election on september twenty fourth the parties had to take on responsibility of germany this responsibility and accordance with the german constitution cannot simply be given back to the electorate already or he had met chancellor angela merkel following the collapse of talks between her party the greens the socialist
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democratic party and the free democratic party or f.t.p. merkel since been trying to send a reassuring message to germany and the outside world is that i can talk it is at least a day of to perfection on how to go forward. but i will do everything possible as transitional chancellor to ensure that this country will be well led through these difficult weeks the pro-business f.t.p. had been part of coalition talks in september's elections fail to deliver a majority for any one party late on sunday they pulled out suggesting they simply couldn't offer any more compromises on issues such as clean energy and immigration as. we were conducting exploratory talks not forming a government at the end you decide whether to trust that the recent common vision and it is exactly this a common vision for the country is that what's missing merkel's former partners the socialist democrats or s.p.d. have consistently ruled out to being part of another so-called grand coalition
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since doing badly in september's vote now they're hoping for a snap election. we think it's important that the citizens of our country the sovereign voters are able to evaluate the situation again we are not afraid of a new election is based on the election result of september twenty four we are not prepared to enter a grand coalition with german leadership seen as crucial for european union trying to push through reforms the collapse of the talks simply you're affording likely the next government will. necessarily be a stronger government because it has come about in a rather cumbersome and conflictual process which doesn't make for a very energetic or vicious government it will rather be one that will try to prick magically continue and muddle through rather than to shake up europe with new ideas the next few days will prove crucial not only in shaping germany's immediate
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political future but also about some of the e.u. now even if the country does avoid having to vote again and whatever shape the next government will tell you the stability that german leadership once represented is now being brought into question. here on berlin where he has been a cerebral she's the project manager at the global public policy institute a think tank focusing on german foreign policy thanks for being with us so i mean michael has already said as you put it i'm very skeptical about minority governments and new elections would be the better path how likely is that as an option now do you think it seems to be increasingly likely and today was a very dramatic day for german politics but the minority government option even if america doesn't want it no party really seems to want it the president has basically called on all parties today to make something work to form coalitions this was also hinted at his own social democrats to maybe think about it again but
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it seems increasingly likely that there will be new elections next year you know there will be quite difficult for says democrats to come back on that promise of not going into into government with a. the president frank had a stand. on his former party and his party and asked them to reconsider they have excluded one that going into another grand coalition because they have suffered in terms of votes every time they've done this in the past few years but much insures and most of the s.p.d. has been very strong be emphasizing that they are not going to. be going into another grand coalition with merkel and they're actually looking forward to elections which we just heard and so what was the main reason you think for the f.t. be pulling out they weren't just getting enough of what they wanted you think it is grandstanding is really hard to tell at this moment it was always going to be
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difficult for all parties and especially the smaller parties the greens and the f.t.p. but it's really. hard to tell the greens and the city you are saying that there was a very concrete compromise on the table and there were also a lot of issues on tax on digitalisation that were basically given to the f.t.p. as a compromise that they could have gone and run with basically and presented that to their voters there's a bit of a suspicion that the f.d.p. is basically kind of didn't want to be in government in the first place they they haven't been in government in the parliament for the last four years so it is a more comfortable position for them to be in opposition for the next few years and kind of regain their strength so that there's a suspicion that they'd never really wanted to be in government and need never really seriously tried what about voters and what do they make of the idea of another election it would be voter fatigue at this stage and if so what kind of effect would it have on the results. again this is very hard to
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say right now it will also depend on how the other parties and campaigning for the social democrats for example who were very unhappy with their own style of campaigning in retrospect there see this as a chance and maybe if they actually go out and make some more courageous cases on europe for example or in social policies that by and activate some voters but you're right there might be there's a big danger of voter fatigue which will then also could how did the right wing populist party that has now just two months ago made it into a problem and for the first time you mention in passing they europe presumably will this i mean it already has sent jitters through the markets and in europe all the uncertainty what do you think the impact would be i mean if for instance merkel would no longer in charge in germany would. that have a big effect on europe you think this remains to be seen
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right now it looks like she is likely to run the next government despite the problem us now with the. coalition forming even she seems to want to stand for a new election and there's no clear alternative within the city you that would make it easy for the city to find an alternative now for the next election so it's likely she will stand again still this is has quite dramatic consequences for europe because europe has been waiting for germany to form a government now for the last two months and if there are new elections this will be taking place next march that earliest more likely in april or later and then there again will be correlation talks so that means there's no stable government in germany and around next summer and that also means we can't in germany respond to the proposals that might call and france has put on the table on how to reform the eurozone on basically take any kind of leadership role in europe or the world so thank you very much indeed for your time thank you. coming up on this news hour
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from london good news for gaza as a vital border crossing with egypt is to remain open for two more days. you have small businesses are bearing the brunt of libya's foreign oil revenues. and in sports one is car racing is at a crossroads this season comes to an end in the united states. that cashel committee of the red cross says the yemeni cities of santa beda and now without clean water shortage of fuel corresponding saudi led blockade has caused pumping stations to shut down some yemeni ports have reopened and desperately needed food and aid but critics say it's not enough damage under-reports. in yemen where a humanitarian catastrophe continues unabated anger rises as supplies window.
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we have many people with kidney failure and cancer and many other diseases but there is no treatment where can we go. hundreds took to the streets in the city of her date on sunday demanding the saudi led coalition reopen air and sea ports to allow the unimpeded flow of much needed aid. in one of her they just hospitals where medical supplies are running dangerously low a baby diagnosed with cholera is seriously ill. yemen which is on the verge of famine is also suffering from the worst cholera outbreak ever recorded nine hundred thousand suspected cases of the disease have been recorded since april was this fact of how hospitals need anaesthetic materials surgically switches and surgical to medicines and many other things yes and all these things enter through these ports if they are closed these materials decrease. the un is growing increasingly concerned that there is a point it becomes a second. i think one where there was
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a million people who are living lives including four hundred children under the age of five who are those skeletal bitches that you see on t.v. those people are living in a similar existence and if we interrupt their very fragile supply which is located then those people get closer and closer to the summit. representatives of the un's office for coordination of humanitarian affairs in yemen are eager to travel to saudi arabia to discuss the issues face to face with saudi leaders but can't really afford to send a team to be able to discuss the procedures for the data or. study to do but all of the discussion charts and saying something. in addition to the humanitarian concerns a new report from the s.a.m. organization a geneva based rights watchdog says that at least seven hundred sixteen cases of rights violations were committed against civilians in yemen last month. the alleged
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violations included extra judicial killings physical assault arbitrary detention forced displacement torture and violations of press freedom. more than five hundred were attributed to iranian backed who the rebels who are currently in control of the capital sanaa while the saudi led coalition was deemed responsible for at least one hundred violations says the watchdog back in her data a vital port remains closed as yemenis grow ever more desperate for help. just. ahead of a larger saudi backed syrian opposition group has resigned after an eighty two year ten he had his job front of the high a negotiation is committee and he along with his spokesperson a step down the head of an opposition conference in saudi arabia a statement from he did not say why he was quitting the agency and the main anti government umbrella block which includes political and groups and has represented
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the opposition in peace talks. but leader of lebanon's hizbollah group has denied any involvement in the firing of a ballistic missile into saudi arabia on november the fourth a huge short while ago house on this road also dismissed accusations by the arab league that it's involved in terrorism as unfortunate or serious as you know what it has more from beirut. what really i had two messages one to the arab league responding to their statement their resolution which called hezbollah a terrorist organization and they accuse that of supporting terrorist groups in arab countries hezbollah saying that no we are not sending advanced missiles or ballistic missiles or even guns to any arab country including yemen and actually mocking saudi arabia and its allies telling them what have you done name us a battle where you fought against eisel and us are all are saying there's an international consensus that i sell is a terrorist organization but it is hezbollah it is iran it is iraq it is the syrian government they are the ones leading the fight against isis almost trying to say
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how can you call as terrorists when we are fighting a terrorist organization and the second message nasr law had it had to do more with internal lebanese politics you have to take it within the context of the resignation of the lebanese prime minister saad of heidi who said that he would be ready to withdraw his resignation if hezbollah disengages itself from regional conflicts and like you mentioned earlier hezbollah nasrallah saying that we are ready to pull out our advisors and our commanders and our trainers to we sent to iraq because iraq is very close to announcing victory against isis so almost saying that we sent our troops to fight the ice so there is a just cause and we don't have any other you know ambitions so is he trying to open the door to some sort of a compromise so that the how do you he can withdraw his resignation and there could be some sort of a national agreement in lebanon so those two messages coming from hezbollah trying to really justify why it extended its reach beyond lebanon's borders. libya's power vacuum has seen oil production drop sharply over the past three years
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but rivalry between national governments and armed conflict haven't just hit major businesses they've also affected small companies would have been well head reports from tripoli. her own is one of many shop owner was affected by the fame in chile creases in libya. with a shortage of hard to currencies in local banks appreciating commit it is from abroad is hard for him especially as prices have risen in business is on the decline of the. we need liquidity to buy hard currency from the black market because we are committed to pay off our instalments to foreign companies our central banks monetary policy is so difficult it doesn't help us at all we don't get letters of credit from the central banks anymore the libyan dinars a value has been falling drastically in the last three years and banks have a stop to providing hard currencies to the people of libya has
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a population of sixty million people and it's rich in oil resources but the country hasn't had a unified government and has been dealing with the rival militias for the past few years. many here say the oil revenue which is the backbone of libya's national income has been wasted. for ports were located by a militia from july two thousand and thirteen till august last year that caused oil production to drop from one point six million barrels a day in two thousand and twelve to three hundred fifty thousand barrels per day last year this year it has reached it nine hundred thousand but experience say the huge deficit of the last a few years can to be easily compensated for happy. since two thousand and thirteen till now libyan oil production has lost more than one hundred fifty billion dollars that includes oil smuggling the damage of oil
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installations because of blocking them for a long time several oil pipes and fields have also been destroyed we have eight tanks out of one thousand tanks that have been burnt down at our side report with internal fighting and political division in several areas some oil fields continue to be repeatedly blockaded by tribal militias others have been attacked by isolated and until cases restrained in the country businesses like her own might remain vulnerable. tripoli. continues to demand the release of its journalist hussein who's been in prison for eleven months hussein is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and strongly deny is repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail hussein was arrested on december twentieth while visiting his family. a temporary opening of gaza's
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crossing on the border with palestine in egypt may be extended by two days israel and egypt blockade of gaza has meant the crossing has been closed for most of the last decade as i'm sure there is marc webb reports the palestinian side of the crossing. these men are angry and tired of being stuck in gaza. hundreds of entity egypt since the rafa crossing reopened temporarily on saturday but there's frustration among many more haven't been able to leave yet many of them students trying to reach universities abroad mohammed ahmed two months late for starting his master's in business administration in turkey we want. there is nothing like oh you cannot go out because your. students as a government can find their way for us. on the buses of people.
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just a fraction of the sixteen thousand. crowds of the students that we're going to get across that many of them say that they were listed on courses started in september and if they don't get to their institutions. places and lose their scholarships. words of one frustrated parent lose their futures to. priorities being given to cases such as those going to other countries for medical treatment that's not available here. the crossing was cheap to open permanently five days ago part of the reconciliation between palestine two main political parties fattah and hamas hamas has been in control of gaza since it forced plateau out of here in two thousand and seven and still controls the interior as part of the reconciliation brokered by egypt the border itself is now manned by officials
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from the palestinian authority led by palestinian president mahmoud abbas the leader of fatah political analyst who summer winter told us he thinks the reconciliation and the permanent reopening of rafa crossing happen within a few months without any one of gaza's problems i think that people. if. israel an egypt blockade of gaza is lost in ten years crossings being closed for most of it many here that won't make it across this time hoping the permanent reopening will come soon. malcolm webb al-jazeera at the rafa crossing in gaza. much more to come on the program including. foreign minister
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dismisses the blockade against it as an excuse to disrupt the region stability. billionaire businessman and former journalist competing for the chilean presidency run off. the moroccan run is leading to a dominant position. however the weather looks a little disturbed across many parts of the middle east over the next few days so that all this cloud is just rolling in it's coming in from the mediterranean sea so very recently across the southeastern corner if you have through grace pushing across turkey and that cloud is you can see that stretching all the way ever into iraq into iran it will turn to some snow over the. day west or whether you make
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a little bit that wet weather you can see that a lot of rain there getting all the way into iraq baghdad seeing some wet weather kuwait city also seeing some rather heavy right i'm just not a little further east which is we go on throughout this day well bits and pieces of rain coming through at that time you can see it does a little further south down towards the gulf down towards us here. as we go on through tuesday some wet weather around that northeastern corner of saudi arabia. day always a possibility of seeing a little bit and weather even here in doha as we go on through the second half of the way so some rather heavy rain recently into eastern parts of south africa a little brighter little warmer as well the heavier rain is further north we have got some showers there around the democratic republic of congo towards angola some places of cloud out towards a southeastern corner but warm. what
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began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we learned that they were in there to from the government to just shoot him soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government tried yet why. the tories for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins bloody rise of iraq at this time on al-jazeera. captaining a leading used team at sixteen years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game at this time
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on a jersey in. the mind of the top stories here on out is there. is ruling party has started the process of impeaching president robert mugabe as the army reveals the vice president is expected back in the country very shortly. kenya's opposition has dismissed president who can get as election victory as illegitimate despite the supreme court upholding the results of last month's vote. and america says she preferred to call snap election in germany rather than lead a minority government after coalition talks broke down. returning to our top story now on the impeachment move against the zimbabwean president robert mugabe
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macdonald is a research in the department of government at the london school of economics he's also the former director of the crisis in zimbabwe coalition he joins us live from harare thank you very much indeed for for being with us now within the last few minutes we've had the chief of the army appearing on television and saying that the military has now agreed on a road map with president mugabe what you think that roadmap much entailed in. i think that part of the challenge is that no one really knows what they're talking about but one which was. probably. some kind of. process. the president described didn't. govern the country but it's very unclear especially given the fact that.
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back in the country. perhaps going ahead. to the movement. and i think that we have clearly seen from the military intervention over the course of the last week that the intent on ensuring some kind of a dignified. strain. which which we with the narrative that.
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i don't think that will be able to discuss it. is imagine. these particular people at the moment it is no. doubt. that. given the statement that they made last week saying that mugabe must have done in line with sentiment it would be. infected. after talking about the popular sentiment that. popular sentiment so. i think that the opposition.
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and in terms of the. trouble it can be a long process but i don't think i think that. the last week is that those actions . during the impeachment process is a process where people act with the later. rather than the spirit of the law and if they do that this process is dragged. through the motions rather than doing anything substantive in terms of following procedure so if they take that route and i think that. it should take a little time. by the end of this week the country should have a new president. or
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president of announced this designation a couple of hours ago it's a cabinet meeting at the white house he said it was long overdue the north korea had to alcatel its but this tech missile a nuclear program and its support of international terrorism and he said that on tuesday the treasury department will now announce further sanctions against north korea that even though president trump did present this as a bit of a no brainer at the cabinet meeting we understand from reporting from the state department that it wasn't a foregone conclusion that state department lawyer said north korea didn't meet the internationally legally recognized definition of terrorism there are two main examples that have been cited by the administration first of all the killing of kim jong un's half brother adam a lazy and forward and secondly the treatment of an american student or woman who
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was detained in pyongyang then returned to the u.s. and died subsequently a very mysterious injuries state department lawyer said that didn't meet the definition of terrorism nonetheless the administration has decided to put north korea back on this list joining iran. and syria on that list had been on the list before from one thousand nine hundred eight when it bombed a south korean airliner killing about one hundred people clearly that did meet what the state of public thought was the definition of terrorism it was then taken off in two thousand and eight by george w. bush and made a renewed push for diplomacy over the nuclear program and now once again north korea is back on a state sponsor of terrorism in the eyes of the united states of ministration she have a chance to thank you very much got us foreign ministers ending a ten day visit to the u.s. where he's been discussing the g.c.c. crisis speaking in washington d.c. mohammed bin abdul rahman of fannie said that the blockade on qatar by saudi arabia
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bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt is being used as an excuse to disrupt regional stability. regional players are acting responsibly taking political gamble with the lives of other nations citizens with no exit strategy. not even wisdom prepares aid for starving children is being used as a leverage. while the atrocities of syria are being tolerated and in the same way that yemen is being put in a meaningless stalemate. now with these powers makes their attempt in lebanon. this is the month of behavior. with complete disregard for the suffering lived and did we. want to senate and jordan and state department in washington so he gave his comments ahead of
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a closed door meeting with the u.s. or state do we have any inkling of what happened during that meeting. we have not yet received a readout of the meeting between the secretary of state rex tillerson and mohamed had been. the qatari foreign minister but they did have a very brief public comments before they went into that meeting a couple of hours ago it is important to note that the purpose of the foreign minister's visit to washington was really to try to put more pressure on washington to help for dissolve the crisis between his country and the other countries that had implodes to blockade against back on june fifth saudi arabia in the united arab emirates and egypt this is a situation where the qatari foreign minister argued during a press event earlier on monday that not only is this having an economic impact on his country but that it's also leading to increased instability across the middle
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east and by couching the argument in those terms loren it might be assumed that this is a way of perhaps getting washington's attention to pay closer attention to the connections between what could be considered a regional spat among just a handful of countries and really the overall security posture of the middle east in which of course the united states has a great number of national security interests and it is that looking any closer to being resolved this crisis. it doesn't appear as if the crisis is any closer toward being resolved mr advani was asked about this during his press availability early. on monday and he said even though the u.s. president donald trump has extended an invitation for the parties to meet at camp david the presidential retreat the colorings have said yes but as far as they know the other side has not responded in the same way and so unless there are direct
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negotiations you can probably expect this blockade to go on for some time in jordan thank you very much indeed. you will movie year in medicines agency from london to amsterdam when the united kingdom finally leaves the block a decision was arrived at by a vote in may is one of two agencies currently based in london which have to relocate because it breaks it if aka has more. it isn't meant to happen until the end of march two thousand and nineteen but its effects are already starting to be felt plans are on the way to see the departure of two of the e.u.'s biggest and most important agencies the european medicines agency base and they said go leaning the skyscraper and the european banking or authority only a few hundred meters away from here and it equally shiny building these organizations receive tens of millions of dollars in funding they employ together more than a thousand people they're highly paid highly skilled and many of them are somewhat
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reluctant to leave this prestigious location when it comes to the e m a it also attracts thirty six thousand experts and specialists a year who attend hundreds of different conferences that's a huge money spinner for the surrounding area think of all the hotels and restaurant bills that come with those kind of events the irony is that the u.k. may have to pay for the departure of the european medicines agency because of a lack of a break coolers in the rental of the skyscraper. the coast of departure around seven hundred million dollars the british authorities may try and post the best talent to work. but there are some concerns that some of these employees may leave before the stars are in two years' time undermining any hope of a possible smooth transition and just a front foot notion that story the european union has just announced that it's picked paris to succeed london as the head of the european banking you want to
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party needs the e.u. . prime minister of iraq's kurdish region has dismissed a ruling by the supreme court which is the results of the september secession vote . as the decision goes against the rights of the kurds which are enshrined in the constitution in september iraq's kurdish region voted overwhelmingly to break away from the central government in baghdad. reports from that. this decision was made on monday morning in iraq he said the supreme court the novis like to get any other way than it being considered and constitutional but what this does do now is it allows the bush a sense to open up between baghdad and the kurdish region now a lot of what's on the table has already been discussed but this is now a much more concrete basis and let's discuss the key things the big discussed the border crossings who gets to stroll into the kurdish region example on the border
9:43 pm
with turkey the border course that will carry that effect back out of court and all that also is the issues of salaries being paid on a percentage of the not nations on the record i repeat going to the kurdish region this referendum was incredibly unpopular internationally there was no real interests for the kurdish independence but i missed what that to a supersonic president having to resign this position of stuff that referendum to place now there is a deal on the type of us and the un that's likely to form the basis and he's going to say since it's backed up on the kurdish regions but these negotiations i look forward to going to be a lot more autonomy more twenty three that i'm back out of looking. over that street. in chile a billionaire businessman and a former journalist is set to contest iran off for the presidency for many to
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sebastian pinera won the first round that will compete against the center left senator and a humble or yeah next month in america editor mr newman reports from santana. he's back on his he most polls had predicted chile's former conservative presidents have a stamping it out would score a new reversible win in sunday's general elections with thirty six percent of the vote. less than expected a victory in a runoff is not assured still in his campaign headquarters the billionaire businessman who promises better times for chile sounded triumphant. we are very happy because tonight we have achieved a great electoral result we have opened the door that leads to a bit of. the result. that the majority are not happy with the performance of their current government but it's not so much the. thing to the right then they are to the center after four years of
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major structural reforms reforms that many see as having gone too far while others not far enough. those who want more profound social change voted for badly sanchez the biggest surprise of the selection the candidate of the new left wing coalition fired by bernie sanders scored twenty percent of the vote almost time was second place candidate. the senator and former journalist who promises to consolidate the current government's reforms will face next month in a runoff he dismisses suggestions that the former president has more experience. sebastian pinera has bad experience his government was accused of corruption and constant charges of conflicts of interest. but a great many chileans on the political right center and left say they've lost confidence in their politicians who are seen as being more preoccupied with
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furthering their own interests and people feel disappointed. they may. different things but the works don't be an. issue now is whether those who want to consolidate the current government structural reforms and all are more than those who want to reverse them to see in human. still to come on the program report on the death of charles manson the cult leader and convicted of mass murder who's died more than forty years in prison. and peter will have details of italian football team that's broken an eighty seven year old losing record that's coming up in sports.
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american cults leader and convicted. has died it won't of eighty three he was setting a life sentence for seven days in the one nine hundred sixty s. in the killing of a pregnant actress. for an entire generation of americans charles manson was the living embodiment of evil a symbol of an era when the country seemed to be spinning out of control his baleful stair compelling millions to make sure their doors were locked at night and to lie awake listening for intruders with murder in their minds in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine manson's so-called family a group of dropouts drifters and burned out hippies murdered seven people in two
9:49 pm
separate attacks in los angeles they acted on manson's orders the victims were taken by surprise at night in their homes and brutally stabbed and shot to death the gang left messages including death to pigs and helter skelter scrawled in blood the slain included the rising young actress sharon tate who was eight months pregnant on trial for the murders manson carved an x. into his forehead which he later turned into a swastika he taunted the court and at one point tried to attack the judge prosecutors argued his motive was that african-americans would be blamed for the murders thereby inspiring an all out racial war which manson called helter skelter manson prosecutors said believe he and his gang would survive and prosper in the aftermath. manson and three other family members were sentenced to death but the california supreme court temporarily overturned the death penalty in one nine
9:50 pm
hundred seventy two and the sentences were reduced to life in prison he gave interviews expressing no remorse maybe i should have killed. five hundred people then i would have felt better and when i felt like i really offered society something you know if i wanted to kill somebody i'd take this book will beat you to death with it and i wouldn't feel a thing would be just like walking to the drugstore charlie manson is dead but for americans of a certain age his name will always conjure up a shiver of fear of twisted minds and things that lurk in the night time for sport with peter lauren thank you so much the tennis world is mourning the loss of former wimbledon champion gannon of the czech died on sunday after a long battle with cancer she was just forty nine years old lee willing looks back on a career yana novotny became wimbledon champion joining
9:51 pm
a decade of high quality in the women's game. using an effective serve and volley style. check by how to measure win the federation cup in nonsense right it was a familiar nine in the ninety's and inside the likes of stepping out of the cellar and mary pierce i mean some classic matches. she became most famous for had tears in defeat in the ninety three wimbledon final she leapt four one in the final set against the formidable golf before her game disintegrated and she lost she captured hearts of tennis fans when she cried on the shoulder of the duchess of kent a member of the british royal family she also lost the ninety seven wooden final and seemed destined to remain a bridesmaid but her big day was to come a year later beating natalie toes straight sets on the famous cross a delayed and deserve triumph that delighted millions. novato one hundred four grand slam tournament scene ladies doubles twelve overall and sixteen including
9:52 pm
mixed doubles she was also in the olympic medalist in eighty eight and ninety six she retired in one thousand nine and was inducted into the international tennis hall of fame winning wimbledon and becoming a grand slam champion is the greatest thing ever but don't forget that is pretty much gave me everything and gave me the opportunity to travel i mean to speak another language and just you know to be a different kind of person and that's among thing that i will say i will always appreciate and treasure she was a popular member of cometary teams along with doubles partner martina navratilova but suffered a long fight against cancer when she finally lost on sunday your man of honor is most remembered for those two years on wimbledon center court but also as a champion lay welling's al-jazeera. the nascar racing season came to a close on sunday in the united states with the sport's biggest star dale earnhardt jr officially retiring it begins an uncertain new era for one of america's most
9:53 pm
popular sports with ratings and sponsorship dollars on the decline it is home and reports but cheap price tag on n.b.c. sunday's mean two things for many sports fans in the united states and f.l. and nascar but the two american sporting giants are in a rights to stop a drop in television ratings but there is god now all of that was forgotten for just a moment by nascar bosses as martin truex jr secured his first ever comp championship with victory at the homestead miami speedway in florida state may ship you know to be a perfect she says. to. the times where i thought her career was over with. but i was right i think it would be leaving me . with the guys the ok ok. the nielsen ratings showed that nascar t.v. writings have dropped by forty five percent over the past decade
9:54 pm
a downward trend in sport by not limbs limited to nascar as television viewing habits and technology changes aims to chip its attendances out on the side down and that only means that sponsors a pang far less to advertise during races. that the a demographic study this year showed enough confidence to be ninety four percent white it's based sits in america's southern states and skews conservative and notably older that makes the challenge of attracting a new younger audience even harder and that wasn't helped on friday when the sports arnie active female driver danica patrick announced she'll be putting out the flame on her career next season my sister told me i was supposed to. oh so they were. the biggest hits no is the retirement of the
9:55 pm
school its biggest on dale earnhardt jr he finished twenty fifth and he's finally rice he was going to announce cosmos popular drive in each of the last fourteen season the twenty seven ten season now ends at a crossroads all right in least homan al-jazeera. earlier i spoke to dad and wife he's the executive director at the same to facilitate of the six in alabama to find out more about this uncertain time for nascar. it's really hard to describe how important are our junior is to this. he represents you know probably you know not what i'm going to talladega for example the past is not uncommon to see eighty percent of people wearing dale earnhardt jr you know gear he's beloved you know fourteen years and rose been most popular driver he's as close to royalty is it comes you know for the sport and attendance at the events of declined t.v. viewership has gone down and it really took
9:56 pm
a big hit when the recession hit back you know about ten years ago the people who tend to go to nascar are more blue color in nature and they have less disposable income and so it was a very difficult for for that particular to refer to bill to continue to support this for it's all about eyeballs it's about the number of eyeballs and it's about having that that the demographic group that you're wanting to reach as a sponsor watch this for and love this for and nascar is ten is tending to be an older sport posts are on average or about fifty seven years of age your average viewer whereas other sports you know like the m.l.s. major league soccer and the n.b.a. are much younger almost twenty years younger and so you're seeing more and more sponsors actually leave nascar to go to one of those sports. stage three of the grueling on this american has been won by a moroccan muhammad bt who is also now the overall race leader the moroccan look to unstoppable as he made his way across the sand dunes of monday's twenty nine
9:57 pm
kilometer third stage the one hundred runners also across two valleys as they started to head in a south easterly direction towards the arabian sea they crossed a portion of the day that with no roads or tracks and had to follow flags until the finish line the action began before seven in the morning to help the runners avoid the harshness of the sun actually elected not today. a little bit harder the start was a little bit hard for me at the first two stages but today was good so i did better today started. then finished very strong i think this next story is an example of when setting a record is not such a good thing italians say our team better event or have become the first team ever in europe's top five leagues to lose the opening thirteen games of the season benevento lost in injury time to suss solo on sunday to one with the school thanks to a late penalty it's the worst start to ever to a season since manchester united back in one nine hundred thirty thirty one and
9:58 pm
finally one of the venues of the ninety ninety six summer olympics and the super bowl has been demolished the georgia dome was built in one thousand nine hundred two new sterns n.f.l. side the atlanta falcons and so earlier this year the space will now be turned into a hotel while the falcons new stadium sits next door. and that's all the sport more coming up again later thanks peter grimm and you can catch up on time with our website address that is dot com. that's it for me. but to julie will be here a minute. oh
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is it allison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship basis is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make the actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera is correspondent live in green the stories they tell.
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fluent in world news transport measures employed to tackle pollution in one of china's showcase cities they think that by twenty twenty on attacks seem to want to be only online. and how environmental grassroots campaigns are joining forces in the u.s. there is a global connection that is happening and we're going to utilize that power to make changes not only for today but for future generations as well. this time on al-jazeera.


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