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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2017 3:00am-3:34am +03

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it was a surprise that anybody could actually all about that song in the habit of being in a bar no protection is going to take a decade of work to do the line from the cost of the boba trump toxic war but this time zero. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. should've happened a long time ago should happen years ago. u.s. president. a state sponsor of terrorism paving the way for more
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sanctions. to al jazeera live from my headquarters in doha. also ahead zimbabwe's wedding party begins impeachment proceedings against robert mugabe after he refuses to resign as president the head of syria's main opposition body the high negotiations committee steps down just days before key talks in saudi arabia and as coalition talks fail in germany angela merkel says she prefers new elections. u.s. president trump has designated north korea a state sponsor of terrorism trump also promised more sanctions against pyongyang but secretary of state rex tillerson says washington has not given up hope of
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resolving the nuclear crisis on the korean peninsula through diplomacy she hopper tonsil reports from washington d.c. . the designation of as a sponsor of terrorism. should have happened a long time ago should happened years ago in addition to threatening the world by nuclear devastation north korea has repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism including assassinations on foreign soil. however this announcement wasn't a certainty some officials at the state department were reported to as north korea did not meet the legal definition of a state sponsor of terrorism two cases have been cited during the deliberations the killing of kim jong un's half brother adam a lazy an airport and the treatment of american students was a woman who died of his injuries after being released from north korean custody neither represent terrorism they argued nonetheless more sanctions will now be
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announced by the treasury department their words unclear this will prove to be anything more than a symbolic measure given all of the sanctions that have already been levied against pyongyang something the secretary of state alluded to i don't want to suggest to you that the designation is suddenly going to put a whole new layer of sanctions olympia's again i think we already have north korea so heavily sanctioned in so many ways with the u.n. resolutions that have been undertaken but this will close a few additional. analysts are attempting to discern a comprehensive strategy for north korea from the trumpet ministration i think it's disappointing trump came to washington as an outsider and i really thought that maybe there was some chance that he could have a policy towards north korea that would be different and more creative than the ones that the inside the beltway crowd have implemented. the north koreans have said they would end their nuclear tests and resume negotiations if the u.s.
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and its military exercises with south korea the u.s. has ruled that out so in the meantime the administration is once again relying on sanctions and harsh rhetoric shepherd hansie al-jazeera washington jim walsh is a senior research associate at the massachusetts institute of technology security studies program and he says he doesn't think additional sanctions are in effect a way to pressure north korea back to the negotiating table. sanctions are not enormously popular on capitol hill as a policy tool and in some ways it hits the policy sweet spot if you're not sending troops in you're not putting boots on the ground and you're not just simply ignoring our problems it's really gives politicians a middle way to look like they're doing something even if it's not very effective i don't think it's going to matter very much at all so you have the president saying you know this pressure is going to force them back to the bargaining table miley
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skeptical of that and i'm not sure you know forcing someone to negotiating table what sort of negotiation you get when you do that on the other and i think the president's critics are saying well this might undermine diplomacy with china who we want to help with north korea i'm not sure that's really true either i just don't think it's going to matter very much the north koreans are very good at evaluating sanctions in other words they've innovated in the face of a challenge we sort of do the same thing over and over again expand the number of companies being designated to the number of people that sort of thing and they figure out ways to get around it you know you can't just put sanctions on you have to if you put sanctions you have to respond to their countermeasures or you're just doing the same thing over and over again let's move on to other news now and zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has begun talks with former vice president and the said mangala and cons of the ruling party started and pitchman proceedings against the embattled leader the motion again small gobby is due to be presented to
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parliament on tuesday off to hang it known what a deadline to sign him and toss a has more from her. the monday new deadline for president roberts macgyver to resign or face in each meant has come and gone later that evening the military said operation restore legacy is making progress there is a bubble of defense and security services i encouraged by new developments which include one that the between the president and the former vice president committed numbers of. expected in the country shortly. thereafter the nation will be advised on the outcome of talks between the two. calls for the president to step down are growing louder the war veterans wants more gobbets closest allies say they are losing patience. with people who don't want to see him as president we saw him go to the national television to pretend as if
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everything is normal if you are saying that. we are saying mugabe go now. your time is up please leave. and let the country start on a new or new page out of p.f. m.p.'s say they will file a motion in parliament and choose day to impeach mcgarvey opposition m.p.'s who decide whether to join them president mugabe is an increasing pressure to step down and regional leaders are trying to find a quick solution to zimbabwe's political crisis. students at the university of zimbabwe says time for the ninety three year old leader to step aside their refusing to take exams and threatening to shut down the investor. being poor zimbabwean must be restored to its. president that he should no longer want you in power so everybody who does not does
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not understand the rule of the people is not becoming constitution or delinquent. these are uncertain times. and charted territory for some other events of the last few days have shaken the party and the state. has. now bright matonga as a former governor spokesman and deputy information minister and he says the time has come for president mugabe to go or. at the moment. who is going to be the next president i think they just want a new office it will be anything as long is there is something new something different we have ahead president mugabe for a long time nine terms it has never happened it's a world record but it was good in some cases but now i think it's high time former president you know to you know to you know to to return in aggressive woman and his friends. in zambia over the side egregious even in
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malaysia. a break in is time two years to win over to someone else. but i think for the good of everybody we need to keep his legacy we need to protect that because he's done a lot for the people with. that but he is the opposition i think you are also a challenge but at the moment. in opposition. in this process of assisting zimbabweans in coming with a new leader people are united black white. this is. the opposite political parties. united force guys let's just do this together let's assist our president to resign we don't hurt you but i think he just has to hand over to someone else. to kenya now where opposition the opposition has dismissed president who has an election victory as illegitimate despite the supreme
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court upholding the results of last month's vote judges dismissed challenges that it told as repeat alexion was conducted and legally opposition leader during and service the ruling was made under duress form of the miller has more from nairobi it took just a few minutes for supreme court judges to end months of political uncertainty the presidential election of the. as is the election of the third respondent the. supporters were in a jubilant mood outside the court before president elect looking out his plan to swearing in the next week that's still haven't we. haven't read the the. outside the they say every street and that is a legitimate. party and the electoral commission say last month's rerun
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was free and fair despite an opposition boycott and a voter turnout of less than forty percent and the opposition the national super alliance says it won't recognise can yachters president it believes the supreme court didn't act independently when upholding kenyatta election when tension increased in opposition strongholds as demonstrators about to fight for what they say is political justice. i want democracy was put on a ledge now i want them to tory m.p. tauriel government. kenya's plagued by political and economic divisions worsened after two controversial presidential elections in just three months ruling party says it will go up to form an inclusive government the opposition not only the disability in fact that we want.
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that kenya is bigger than you that all of us must reach out all of us must reach ethnic coexistence the opposition says the government has been using armed militia and bullets to disperse supporters. as the opposition ponders its next move it's uncertain if any further protests will have the impact it hopes for as many other kenyans prepare to move on from al-jazeera nairobi. the head of the largest saudi back syrian opposition group has resigned after nearly two years and he was appointed leader of the high negotiations committee in december two thousand and fifteen his spokesperson and several of officials have stepped down ahead of an opposition conference in saudi arabia and a new round of u.n. sponsored talks in geneva a statement from his job did not say why he was quitting the agency is the main anti-government umbrella bloc which includes political and groups well jonathan
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crystal is a fellow at the world policy institute and middle east expert so unity among the opposition committee is important but may be impossible for any leader to achieve i think that there are two possible reasons you know one is of quite a thankless job i think that he's had over the last couple of years he is acting as an umbrella group for a very wide range of organizations that really have competing goals competing interests don't necessarily work with each other some of them show up sometimes and not other times and it's in some ways it's a bit of a p.r. sort of position it plays well to the a western audience it plays well to the other powers in the region to make it seem like they're someone speaking for all of these groups when in reality they don't so i think that there's a certain frustration that anyone would have in that circumstance now the timing comes not only before these meetings but it also is time to around
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a lot of. a flurry of activity from saudi arabia in the region and so you know it is too early to know for sure what is going on but you know it could be that this saudis had a particular replacement in mind it could be that he was frustrated that things were going nowhere and didn't want to go through a sort of farcical display at these meetings but i think we'll find out in the days to come i imagine. still ahead on the bulletin hopes in the search for the missing arjen time navy submarine plus. the gulf crisis as topic number one and meetings with tween the u.s. secretary of state and those foreign minister.
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from brisk. of southeast asia. hello there it's very wet for some of us in north america at the moment but this weather system with us has been giving us some heavy rain to the north western parts of the u.s. in the western parts of canada that for western canada we've seen seventy three millimeters of rain there in vancouver and twenty five millimeters of that was just in three hours so we've seen some very heavy bursts of rain and over the mountains of course we've been seeing a fair amount of snow more very wet weather still to come as we head through the day on tuesday and that only slowly is edging its way eastwards on wednesday behind yet more rain still following for the east coast of the u.s. to well here we've got another weather system with us that's bringing a fair amount of snow as aggression sweeps its way eastward towards the coast as we head down with the central americas you can still see this weather system that we've got with us that's the one that gave us some flooding in colombia still
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giving us some fairly shop showers but gradually it is breaking up instead it does what some of us in cuba there on choose day and that stretches down through jamaica rather wet here and that system still with us as we head through wednesday to the south america well here it's been very wet for some of us as well particularly around rio this weather system just stretches down towards us at the moment and it's not going anywhere as we head into wednesday so another wet day for. the weather sponsored by the time. that i am a victim of manipulation between politicians held in guantanamo the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan continue to grow for years without trial do you know that your own government for six years has been telling every country in the world are innocent please take our quest for a better life that ended in incarceration guantanamo twenty two at this time on
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al jazeera. good to have you with us on these are our top stories has designated north korea a state sponsor of terrorism the us president has also promised more sanctions against pyongyang meanwhile secretary of state rex tillerson says washington has not given up on the nuclear crisis on the korean peninsula through diplomacy. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has begun talks with former vice president. who he fired two weeks ago. meanwhile got his heart his started impeachment proceedings against him the move comes after mugabe ignored his party's deadline to resign. the
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head of the back syrian opposition group has resigned riad her job as leader of the high negotiations committee for the past two years several other agency officials have also stepped down ahead of an opposition conference in saudi arabia and a new round of u.n. sponsored talks in geneva. the red cross and the have joined the list of yemeni cities that are now without clean water two point five million people live in the five cities where a shortage of fuel caused by the blockade has cost pumping stations to shut down some yemeni ports of reopened to a desperately needed food and aid but aid groups say it's not enough mohamed reports. in yemen where a humanitarian catastrophe continues unabated anger rises as supplies. we have many people with kidney failure and cancer and many other diseases but
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there is no treatment we can read go. hundreds took to the streets in the city of her date on sunday demanding the saudi led coalition reopen air. and seaports to allow the unimpeded flow of much needed aid. in one of her they does hospitals where medical supplies are running dangerously low a baby diagnosed with cholera is seriously ill. yemen which is on the verge of famine is also suffering from the worst cholera outbreak ever recorded nine hundred thousand suspected cases of the disease have been recorded since april it was the track that had hospitals need anaesthetic materials surgical switches and surgical tools edison's and many other things yes and old these things enter through these ports if they're closed these materials decrease. the u.n. is growing increasingly concerned that there is a point it becomes a second tipping point where those seven million people who are living lives
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including four hundred children under the age of five who are skeletal bitches that you see on t.v. those people are living in a similar existence and if we interrupt their very fragile supply. then those people would get closer and closer to the silent. representatives of the un's office for coordination of humanitarian affairs in yemen are eager to travel to saudi arabia to discuss the issues face to face with saudi leaders but can't we really offer to send a team to be able to discuss the procedures for the item or and so we stand ready to do that but it will either be with the scotian or chopped and saying something. in addition to the humanitarian concerns a new report from the s.a.m. organization a geneva based rights watchdog says that at least seven hundred sixteen cases of rights violations were committed against civilians in yemen last month. the alleged
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violations included extra judicial killings physical assault arbitrary detention forced displacement torture and violations of press freedom. more than five hundred were attributed to. iranian backed hutu rebels who are currently in control of the capital sanaa while the saudi led coalition was deemed responsible for at least one hundred violations says the watch dog back in her data a vital port remains closed as yemenis grow ever more desperate for help. the land exactly of the international committee of the red cross says the blockade is depriving millions of yemenis of even they set health care as we speak two point five million people in crowded urban environments. deprived of clean water and sanitation why does is critical it is critical because yemen was only slowly emerging from the largest call it outbreak in modern times more than one hundred forty thousand people affected so what we fear is that if people are now
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again exposed to contaminated water color might flare up again and of course also other water borne diseases yemen was dependent on imports at ninety percent essential supplies such as food medicine and fuel come basically from abroad. currently less than half of the medical structures in yemen hospitals and clinics are functioning about one third of needed medicines are entering actually this was the situation before the border closure that started two weeks ago so clearly yemen is a very fragile country it's twenty seven million people have suffered a lot during these two and a half years of conflict so these additional constraints it is bringing the country to an absolutely catastrophic situation. lebanese promise to solve haiti is to visit egypt on tuesday where he'll meet with president top and see how data has
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been in paris and saturday where he met french president. who has played a key role in mediating the fallout from haiti sudden resignation how did he announce the move on the fourth of november while on a trip to saudi arabia and stayed there for two weeks prompting speculation he was being held there against his will he has promised to return to lebanon by wednesday for independence day celebrations. now the qatari foreign minister has wrapped up his u.s. diplomatic trip with a key meeting in washington d.c. mohamad been up the ramón all pani use the meeting to call the saudi led blockade against kutha an aggressive power play and express his concern that the region could be heading towards more and stability a state department correspondent rosalyn drawn in a poll. warm greetings at the u.s. state department on monday for foreign minister.
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thank you britain. thank you. at the top of the list the saudi led political and economic blockade of gaza now in its sixth month earlier on monday. told an audience the blockade is affecting his country's ability to sell its oil and natural gas overseas but also said the bigger problem is this by launching the blockade the saudis. and the egyptians have made the middle east more unstable region and. i think that responsibly taking political gamble with the lives of other nations. with no exit the connery's argument is simple the blockade simply isn't the result of a spat between them and the saudis and the u.s. should be worried but it's not clear whether this new argument will be enough to
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spur washington to put more pressure on both sides to resolve the crisis. at the state department. cheney says illegal immigration and the spread of terrorism are bringing new threats to the world myanmar's leader made the comments in the capital discussing the hendra refugee crisis at a summit for european and asian countries security forces in myanmar accused of violently forcing out hundreds of thousands of the hands of muslims. germany faces a new round of elections after talks to form a coalition government collapsed angela merkel said she was very skeptical about moving ahead with a minority government the three way calling talks included merkel's question democrats and the greens but fell apart following the withdrawal of the free democratic party jamal child reports from berlin. as germany's political uncertainty increased on monday the country's president had a stark warning for the various party leaders. in the election on
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september twenty fourth the parties to take on responsibility of germany this responsibility and accordance with the german constitution cannot simply be given back to the electorate earlier he'd met chancellor angela merkel following the collapse of talks between her party the greens the socialist democratic party and the free democratic party or f.t.p. merkel since been trying to send a reassuring message to germany and the outside world is this talk it is at least a day of to perfection on how to go forward but i will do everything possible transitional chancellor to ensure that this country will be well led through these difficult weeks the pro-business f.t.p. had been part of coalition talks in september's elections fail to deliver a majority for any one party late on sunday they pulled out suggesting they simply couldn't offer any more compromises on issues such as clean energy and immigration
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as. we were conducting exploratory talks not forming a government at the end you decide whether to trust that the recent common vision and it it is. please come of this and for the countries that was missing merkel's former partners the socialist democrats or s.p.d. have consistently ruled out to being part of another so-called grand coalition since doing badly in september's vote now they're hoping for a snap election. we think it's important that the citizens of our country the sovereign voters are able to evaluate the situation again we are not afraid of new elections based on the election result of september twenty four we are not prepared to enter a grand coalition with german leadership seen as crucial for european union trying to push through reforms the collapse of the talks simply your affording like the next government will not necessarily be a stronger government because it has come about in a rather cumbersome and conflict through a process which doesn't make for
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a very energetic or vicious government it will rather be one that will try to magically continue and muddle through rather than to shake up europe with new ideas the next few days will prove crucial not only in shaping germany's immediate political future but also that's of the you know even if the country does avoid having to vote again and whatever save the next government will tell you the stability that german leadership once represented is now being brought into question. the argentine navy says a new cell detected in the search for a missing submarine did not come from the vessel the noise was picked up by two ships involved in the search meanwhile naval officials have confirmed that they. reported a technical fault believed to be battery related before it went missing there's been no contact with the crew since wednesday there are forty four crew on board
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including argentina's first female sub-mariner on the sent us this update from when a site is. the search and rescue operation for the missing argentina and submarine . is continuing into its fifth day the operation coordinated partly from here the navy headquarters in one osiris and also from the naval base in which is where the submarine was heading having left the port of on the southern tip of argentina lost contact about four hundred thirty kilometers off the southeastern coast of argentina there's been nothing heard from it since and the reports they did try to make satellite phone contact with bases in argentina turned out to be unfounded it's also been revealed by the head of the argentine navy shortly before contact was lost last wednesday it was reported that the batteries on the submarine were in difficulty. the submarine surfaced and reported
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a malfunction which is why the ground commander the submarine force ordered to change its route and return to its naval base in model plotter. there's now a massive search and rescue operation going on with help from a number of countries including the united states great britain chile with sophisticated monitoring equipment planes underwater rescue vessels the families meanwhile gathered in the port of. waiting to hear news of their loved ones the situation looking increasingly pessimistic. there are no answers there seems to be no word on the weather conditions certainly hampering the rescue operation. now the u.s. government is attempting to block an eighty five million dollars deal between a service provider. and time warner the proposed agreement content from the broadcaster with. delivery networks the department of justice which has taken legal action says the deal would mean higher fees for services and customers. says it
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will fight to look so. a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera donald trump has designated north korea a state sponsor of terrorism the us president has also promised more sanctions against pyongyang but secretary of state rex tillerson says washington has not given up on resolving the nuclear crisis on the korean peninsula through diplomacy zimbabwe's president robert mugabe has begun talks with former wise president emerson man and god who you followed two weeks ago meanwhile mugabe's party has started impeachment proceedings against him move comes after mugabe ignored his party's deadline to resign lebanese promise to solve her duty is to visit egypt on tuesday where he'll meet with president of the fact that al sisi ideally has been in power since saturday where he met french president emmanuel mccraw on who's
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played a key role in mediating the fallout from his sudden resignation i d.-d. announced the move on the fourth of november while want a trip to saudi arabia and stayed there for two weeks prompting speculation he was being held there against his will but he has promised to return to lebanon by wednesday for independence day celebrations. says illegal immigration and the spread of terrorism bringing new threats to the world. made the comments in the capital. refugee crisis at a summit for european and asian countries security forces and myanmar are accused of violently forcing out hundreds of thousands of muslims earlier china proposed a plan to help resolve the situation which was put forward during a private meeting. the navy says a new sound detected in the search for a missing submarine did not come from the vessel the noise was picked up by two ships involved in the search meanwhile naval officials have confirmed that the.
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reported technical fault believed to be battery related before it went missing has been with the crew since wednesday there are forty four people on board. the headlines on al-jazeera the do stay with us and sad story is coming up next thank you for watching. president. faces impeachment everyone but. his time is up so what's next for the desperate for change this.


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