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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2017 7:00am-7:34am +03

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i learned a fair bit in love at this time on al-jazeera. oh . captaining a leading used team at sixteen years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. home game at this time. it's apartheid and me and mark that's according to a new report released just moments ago by amnesty international will have
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a live report. from kerry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. then i lost my house with nothing. sixty thousand haitians in the u.s. over the devastation of a powerful earthquake or told don't call. them always reeling hardy begins in pietschmann proceedings against robert mugabe as he refuses to resign as president . should have happened a long time ago should have been years ago. as president donald trump says he's designating north korea as a state sponsor of terror paving the way for more sanctions. and international has accused me and maher of trapping there were hendra community and a. humanizing regime that amounts to apartheid the new amnesty report is based on
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a two year investigation that aims to reveal the cause of the current revenger crisis and accuses me of segregating or henge and an open air prison by confining them to their villages and restricting their freedom of movement human rights organization also concluded me and mar authorities treatment of the henge amounts to apartheid describing rakhine state as a crime scene hence a living in myanmar also denied citizenship on the basis of their ethnicity many are deleted from official records making it almost impossible for those who have fled the country to return home now reporters covering the story tonbridge hawtreys and cox's bazar at a refugee camp in the us first though let's go to scott heiler he is live in yangon myanmar so scott this is perhaps the starkest language so far describing what has been happening to the roof and there's all this talk of repatriation but you know how realistic is that when there's now
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a report that really talks about the root causes of this and and how they need to change how do you expect this to be discussed today with with world with leaders that are talking about this. exactly other over fifty foreign ministers here from europe and asian nations in myanmar for a two day meeting this is the second day the final day of this meeting and what's going to be interesting is how it's discussed in a press conference it's kind of the end of this two day meeting in the next couple of hours how this will be dealt with the hinge issue because it's obviously very sensitive here and the way it's been handled by the government here in the past in myanmar is they have said a it was a it's an internal issue so they have been very reluctant to talk about it particular when it comes to reports and there have been a great many reports of come out specifically about this crisis with the regime joe we've seen since the late late august this massive exodus of six hundred thousand plus refugees riggins refugees who have crossed over into bangladesh many reports
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from human rights organizations they have in common commented directly on those and then looking back into the history they've also said that you know they don't call this population revenge and that's something that they don't say in any official communication and they say for the most part that a lot of these people there were a hinge up aren't part of me and mark they don't recognize them they don't recognize them as citizens they don't recognize them as an ethnic body so this goes back years and years and years and that's kind of what we're seeing in this amnesty international report that just came out and how they say it's an apartheid like situation but when we look forward as to what's going to happen if there's going to be a change of stance by the myanmar government highly unlikely highly unlikely they'll change any kind of stance highly unlikely that you'll even hear the really hinges a name uttered in this press conference with these fifty plus foreign ministers here in country because the government here does not recognize as that as an ethnic group here in this nation remarkable scott hider life scott thank you it's good now
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live to tender chaudhry who joins us from cox's bizarre on the bangladesh mian mar border and. there is a very stark language in this report that their attention would tell you yes we know this we have been living this this is this is why we have left so what are the what are conditions like for them and do they really want to go home. well indeed i mean they go all around he has been coming in within the last few months we have interviewed and others have interviewed a saying pretty much what it corroborated basically what them the c. international think now we interviewed some of the people who just crossed into buying a that's just a few days back you know and they say that look we are confined to our home we are not allowed to go to a hospital or even the to buy you know groceries in fact we have to smuggle out of at night to find food you know so this is pretty much what is going on is basically they're living in a state of kind of feeling some of the villages and if they do come out a lot of them are detained and taken away from unknown places one man i interviewed
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said that look my seven year old son and my brother were taken away and that they detained somewhere or they're killed we don't know so this is pretty much the dramatic scene everywhere you talk to among their own refugees and they even say that we're not discriminated from that this is not the first time in the study from one thousand nine hundred two when the state of the citizenship rights of them they have to have a valid id most of them don't have that and they have restricted in their movement where they can go access to good medical facilities or school or pretty much none exist and therefore thousand really and yes living in sin three in the capital of. state there in a fence like area risk the movement so if you don't call that a prototype what is that for outside in that case so it's pretty pretty valid what two years investigation revealed by them mr international as well as us human rights organization have put the similar type of discrimination that face me and my army chief last week said that it is the citizens of myanmar who will decide who
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can come back to our country you know basically has been. spreading this prejudice against their own terming them as being the only settlers for all along you know ok . and shot a lot of press and cox's bazaar so join us next hour when the author of that amnesty international report will be joining us live in the program and yes dad is amnesty's senior director for research and author of cage without a roof she'll be joining us live it right here on al-jazeera. yes president donald trump has designated north korea a state sponsor of terrorism trouble also promised more sanctions against pyongyang but secretary of state rex tillerson says washington has not given up on resolving the nuclear crisis on the korean peninsula through diplomacy shared batons he reports from washington d.c. . president trumps of the designation of north korea as a sponsor of terrorism was long overdue should have happened
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a long time ago should happened years ago in addition to threatening the world by nuclear devastation north korea has repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism including assassinations on foreign soil. however this announcement wasn't a certainty some officials at the state department were reported to as north korea did not meet the legal definition of a state sponsor of terrorism two cases of them cited during the deliberations the killing of kim jong un's half brother at i'm a lazy an airport and the treatment of american student on a woman who died of his injuries after being released from north korean custody neither represent terrorism they argued nonetheless more sanctions will now be announced by the treasury department there it's unclear this will prove to be anything more than a symbolic measure given all of the sanctions that have already been levied against pyongyang something the secretary of state alluded to i don't want to suggest to you that the designation is suddenly going to put
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a whole new layer of sanctions all in because again i think we already have north korea so heavily sanctioned in so many ways with the u.n. resolutions that have been undertaken but this will close a few additional loopholes all analysts are attempting to discern a comprehensive strategy for north korea from the trumpet ministration i think it's disappointing trump came to washington as an outsider and i really thought that maybe there was some chance that he could have a policy towards north korea that would be different and more creative than the ones that the inside the beltway crowd have been implementing. the north koreans have said they would end their nuclear tests and resume negotiations if the u.s. and its military exercises with south korea the u.s. has ruled that out so in the meantime the administration is once again relying on sanctions and harsh rhetoric. washington as you know that has more now
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from the south korean capital seoul. this move allows the united states to impose more sanctions against north korea but there is already a sweeping sanctions program in place and it is largely a symbolic move nevertheless the south korean government has welcomed it saying along with international sanctions and pressure it will contribute to a peaceful resolution of the north korean nuclear issue japan's prime minister shinzo ave have all has also welcomed the move saying it will put more pressure on the government in north korea now this move is part of the us is larger program of trying to exert maximum pressure on north korea and force it back to the negotiating table it was lifted this state sanctions of terrorism designation was lifted back in two thousand and eight when there were hopes of salvaging within six party talks which north korea ultimately walked away from and now by designating it again there are some hopes that it may put pressure on others to take more action
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against north korea of course china is often mentioned as a country that has a special relationship with north korea its largest trading partner and one of its only friends in the world a chinese envoy has just wrapped up a trip to pyongyang there are some hopes that that may signal a return to dialogue but of course in the past north korea has reacted angrily to sanctions saying that it is proof that the u.s. has a hostile policy against north korea and that country uses it as an excuse to further pursue its nuclear and missile programs. tens of thousands of haitian immigrants are facing deportation from the united states most were allowed in after the two thousand and ten earthquake which destroyed much of their country but their status was temporary and the top administration says conditions have improved enough for them to return home and a gallagher reports on the haiti in miami. when haiti was hit by
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a devastating earthquake in two thousand and ten thousands left for the u.s. some were offered temporary protected status over the decades the programs helped almost half a million people from nations ravaged by natural disasters and war for years it's been extended by presidential decree and has allowed recipients to legally live and work in the united states to deport them to at least where you know they will not be free in the case of haiti i didn't make it marlene bastiaan says removing this special status will have devastating consequences it will wreck their lives it will it will destabilize their families it will separate their families because we are talking about people who have been living here for an average of thirty years. they have deep roots in our communities those roots of found across the country many of those granted protection have u.s. born children who may be forced to leave with their parents you know they look for
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the music you don't know really i imagine they can't even sleep to see all your dreams crumble your efforts to have a home in this country and to have to leave it's inhumane others like jodeen say going back after so many years isn't safe or practical i lost my house in haiti two thousand then i lost my house i don't i would not. want to go ahead. i don't have a place to stay in and i had to soldier on by here ending the protected status of long established communities is seen by advocates as cruel and unnecessary for years over deportation has already led to an influx of haitians seeking asylum in canada times overwhelming local authorities for years those benefiting from temporary protected status have been referred to as living in limbo but in truth they've established businesses started families and become valued members of their communities those who's now lost their status face the prospect of being sent back
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to countries they don't longer think of as home and they gallacher al-jazeera little miami. has more from washington d.c. well the department of homeland security said back in may that it was probably going to be suspending this program so the haitians knew that this was coming and then made the announcement just just today. it's the dark part of homeland security has been working with haiti and has said that the living conditions since two thousand and ten since the earthquake back then has improved the economy has continued to proven to improve in haiti and it also said that many of the people who were who had been living in displacement camps within the country or within the island have left those camps and so it's time for the haitians that are here in the u.s. to leave but on top of that you also have to consider that this sort of fits into the trumpet ministrations policy on immigration it's get tough policy on immigration president trump has questioned this program and critics say that this
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is been sort of a backdoor way into amnesty for of some immigrants here in the united states. still ahead on al-jazeera. or on a. date for. the gulf crisis top at the top never went to meetings between the u.s. and qataris foreign minister. she warmed our hearts nineteen ninety eight one. has died from cancer at the age of forty nine. from the clear blue sky to toe home. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city. hello there we've got plenty of unsettled weather across the middle east at the moment the satellite picture is showing the cloud gradually drifting its way eastwards making its way across iran there and then more following it working its
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way across parts of iraq now some of this cloud is giving us some fairly shop outbreaks of rain there's more still to come as we head through the next few days on tuesday that system will be making its way down the gulf security it's likely to see quite a few more thunderstorms we're also see some very heavy rain over parts of turkey and in turkey we're expecting a lot of that to turn wintery and that will gradually slip its way eastwards as we head through the day on wednesday if we had a bit further south and we can see that cloud here is it gradually stripping its way down the gulf it's not too far away from doha over the next few days so there's always the risk that we could see the odd shower i think most likely is thursday further south more cloud around the south coast of oman so solid could be rather gray at times the major scatch the old shower we had down to was the southern parts of africa but a bit of unsettled weather here at the moment you can see the latest system just making its way into the southwest corner so cape town would have rather a cold day temperature just fifteen degrees also a fair amount of clouds and rain around to that system there isn't sticking about
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it's working its way eastwards durban will be wet there as we head into wednesday but capetown will be brighter. there with sponsored by qatar. i provoked it all is it alison whether online we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you u.k. has to address or if you join us on saturday if i'm a member of a complex. which broke up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on our. zero.
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zero these are the top stories this hour amnesty international has accused me and maher of trapping there were hints of community in a dehumanizing regime that amounts to apartheid based on a two year investigation the new report says meehan maher has been segregated in there and community in an open air prison are restricting their freedom of movement . to travel ministration is planning to scrap a temporary residency program that allows haitians to live and work in the united states sixty thousand people who arrive from haiti after the country's devastating earthquake in two thousand and ten now face deportation the white house says conditions have improved enough for them to return home. has designated north korea a state sponsor of terrorism and the us president has also promised more sanctions against pyongyang both japan and south korea welcome the move saying it will help denuclearize the north. president robert mugabe has begun talks with former vice
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president emerson in managua comes as the ruling party started pietschmann proceedings against the embattled leader the motion against mugabe is due to be presented to parliament on tuesday after he ignored a deadline to resign. as more from harare. the monday new deadline for president roberts macgyver to resign or face it he meant has come and gone later that evening the military said operation restore legacy is making progress there is a bubble of defense and security services i encouraged by new developments which includes that to be driven by the president and the form of vice president committed mustn't numbers i'm not god well we as expected in the country shortly. then after the nation will be advised. of talks between the two. calls for the president to step down a growing louder the which and once mugabe's closest allies say they are losing
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patience. with people who don't want to see him as. we saw him go to the national television to pretend everything is normal if you are saying that. we are saying mugabe go no go no go no. your time is up please leave. and let the country start on a new order new page. m.p.'s say they will file a motion in parliament and choose day to impeach mcgarvey opposition m.p.'s will decide whether to join them president mugabe is an increasing pressure to step down and regional leaders are trying to find a quick solution to zimbabwe's political crisis. students at the university of zimbabwe say it's time for the ninety three year old leader to step aside they are refusing to take exams and threatening to shut down the investing. being poor zimbabwe must be restored.
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we no longer want you in power so everybody who does not does not understand the rule of the people is not become a constitution or delinquent. these are uncertain times it's uncharted territory for zimbabwe events of the last few days have shaken both the party and the state. kenya's oppositions us president or her canalis election victory is the spite the supreme court upholding the results of the disputed vote the repeat election in october had been ordered by the supreme court after it concluded there were irregularities in an earlier vote in august the opposition boycott of the poll rerun which president kenyatta won. with ninety eight percent of the vote opposition in the rye loading alleges the latest court decision was taken under duress the opposition not only the disability in fact that we want to.
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be given you not all of us must reach all of us must reach that's only going to. the head of the largest saudi backed syrian opposition group has resigned after nearly two years he was appointed leader of the high negotiations committee in december two thousand and fifteen his spokesman and several other officials have stepped out ahead of an opposition conference in saudi arabia and a new round of u.n. sponsored talks in geneva a statement from the job did not say why he was quitting the agency is the main anti-government bloc which includes political and armed groups jonathan crystal is a fellow at the world policy institute a middle east expert he says unity among the opposition committees important but may be impossible for any new leader to achieve. i think that there are two possible reasons you know one is it's of quite a thankless job i think that he's had over the last couple of years he is acting as
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an umbrella group for a very wide range of organizations that really have competing goals competing interests don't necessarily work with each other some of them show up sometimes and not other times and it's in some ways it's a bit of a p.r. sort of position it plays well to the a western audience it plays well to the other powers in the region to make it seem like they're someone speaking for all of these groups when in reality they don't so i think that there's a certain frustration that anyone would have in that circumstance now the timing comes not only before these meetings but it also is time to around a lot of. a flurry of activity from saudi arabia in the region and so you know it is too early to know for sure what is going on but you know it could be that the saudis had a particular replacement in mind it could be that he was frustrated that things were going nowhere and didn't want to go through
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a sort of farcical display at these meetings but i think we'll find out in the days to come i imagine. the qatari foreign minister has wrapped up his us took the matter with a k. meeting and washington d.c. ahmed ben. described the blockade against qatar as an aggressive power play and expressed his concern that the region could be headed towards more instability al-jazeera state department correspondent alison jordan reports. warm greetings at the u.s. state department on monday for foreign minister. or ministroke on the car they are going to bring. all we are. very. pleased. at the top of the list the saudi led political and economic blockade of qatar now in its sixth month earlier on monday mohamed bin. told an audience of the
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blockade is affecting his country's ability to sell its oil and natural gas overseas but also said the bigger problem is this by launching the blockade the saudis them rocky's the behind us and the egyptians have made the middle east more unstable region and. i think that responsibly taking but it's a good gamble with the lives of other nations citizens with no exit strategy the connery's argument is simple the blockade simply isn't the result of a spat between them and the saudis and the u.s. should be worried but it's not clear whether this new argument will be enough to spur washington to put more pressure on both sides to resolve the crisis. jordan al-jazeera at the state department. lebanese prime minister saad hariri has scheduled to visit egypt on tuesday where he will meet with president al fatah el-sisi he's been in paris since saturday where he met french president mandela mccraw who's played
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a key role in mediating who released the sudden resignation he resigned on november fourth on a trip to saudi arabia but lebanon's president has not accepted it with speculation here he was acting under duress review he has promised to return to lebanon by wednesday for independence day celebrations will move al-jazeera continues to demand the release of a charmless mahmoud hussein who's been in egyptian prison for eleven months now he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny hussein has repeatedly complained of mistreatment and jail he was arrested on december twentieth while visiting his family. yes regulators have approved a trance canada company's plan to route the keystone x.l. pipeline through the state of nebraska the decision comes to spite a recent major oil spill from the company's existing pipeline john hendren reports . the state of nebraska says yes to canadian oil interests and no two american environmentalist but we're sure they are here if there's. an unusual pairing of
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farmers and conservationists calls that decision dangerous and even go as far as we can test opis from going through because it will threaten that drinking water of americans just four days earlier the existing keystone pipeline leak five thousand barrels of crude oil in rural south dakota regulators in the midwestern state of nebraska say more canadian oil can flow through the u.s. along the long delayed keystone x.l. pipeline extension however the planned route through the american heartland faces in all but certain court appeal opponents want the nebraska supreme court to block it there's years of litigation ahead of this project the local citizen never asked up some of them were quite conservative and probably voted for trump they are against this pipeline and we're going to be with them until the end president barack obama stopped the pipeline extension in two thousand and fifteen over concerns about carbon pollution president donald trump revived it just a few months after taking office today we take one more step and putting the jobs
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wages and economic security of american citizens first. it's a familiar story in the american midwest the native american standing rock sioux nation has also waged an unsuccessful campaign to block another pipeline the dakota access as there those in nebraska plan to continue their fight but with the u.s. and canadian governments backing construction of what amounts to a superhighway of crude oil the odds appear to be against them john hendren al jazeera. time navy says a new sound attacked in the search for a missing submarine did not come from that vessel but always has picked up by two ships involved in the search meanwhile naval officials have confirmed that the air a san juan reported a technical fault believed to be battery related before it went missing there has been no contact with the crew since wednesday there are forty four crew members on board including argentina's first female submarine or former wimbledon champion has
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died the czech lost her battle with cancer on sunday she was only forty nine years old a welling's looks back on a remarkable career. in a vault in the big wimbledon champion during a decade of high quality in the women's going using an effective serve and volley style. check play a hotel measured in the federation top incidents where i was at the movie and i knew the ninety's inside the likes of sticky golf and of the sellers and maybe pierce i mean some classic match and. she became most famous for her tears in defeat in the ninety three wimbledon final she leapt four one in the final set against the formidable golf before going to sing to grated and she lost she kept you tarts of tennis fans when she cried on the shoulder of the duchess of kent a member of the british royal family she also lost the ninety seven wimbledon final and seemed destined to remain a bridesmaid but her big day was to come
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a year later beating natalie tows straight sets on the famous cross a delay didn't deserve triumph the delight of millions. the one hundred four grand slam tournament scene ladies doubles twelve over wall and sixteen including mixed doubles she was also in the limping medalist in the ninety six she retired in ninety nine and was inducted into the international tennis will refine winning window down and becoming a grand slam champion is the greatest thing ever but don't forget that is pretty much gave me everything and gave me the opportunity to travel i mean to speak another language and just you know to be a different kind of first and that's among thing that i will say i will always appreciate and treasure she was a popular member of commentary teams along with doubles partner. but suffered a long fight against cancer when she finally lost. yamana wagner is most remembered for those two years on wimbledon center court but also as
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a champion they want to. take a look at the headlines on al-jazeera amnesty international has accused me and mar of trapping there were hendrick community and a dehumanizing regime that amounts to apartheid based on a two year investigation a new report says meehan maher has been segregating the ranger community in an open air prison by restricting their freedom of movement. amnesty international has established that myanmar's origins have a posed as systematic and state sponsored system of cigarette geisha and discrimination on rahim. we've all aspects of their lives being severely restricted and their rights be violated on a daily basis we have concluded that this system amounts to the crime
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against humanity of a party. that was the author of the amnesty international report and in the stat is the group's senior director for research she'll be joining us live in about thirty minutes just after the five g.m.t. right here on al-jazeera donald trump has designated north korea state sponsor of terrorism both japan and south korea welcomed the move saying it will help denuclearize the north but u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says washington has not given up on resolving the nuclear crisis through diplomacy. ministration is also planning to scrap a temporary residency program that allows haitians to live and work in the united states sixty thousand people who arrived after the two thousand and ten earthquake which devastated haiti now they stay poor. the white house says conditions have improved enough for them to return home. kenya's opposition says president who cannot as election victory is illegitimate and despite the supreme court upholding
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the results of last month's disputed vote the repeat election in october had been ordered by the supreme court after it concluded there were irregularities in the earlier post that happened in august. those are the headlines news continues right here on al-jazeera after the strain keep it or. facing reality if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chance of litigation through which we can bring an ecosystem to bear getting to the heart of the matter we need of the world. hear their story on talk to how does it at this time. by special guest. paste his fame and fortune developing.


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