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retaliation we're going to go. back she finally kind of says something that best to prevent the media getting anywhere skipper going to thank. me achieve something that never happened before. al-jazeera. and. zimbabwe's ruling party prepares to impeach robert mugabe is the man who may
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replace him reportedly speaks out. for again i'm off indonesia without his air live from doha also coming up miramar is accused of subjecting the ranger to what's described as a vicious system of apartheid. syrian president assad makes a flying visit to russia thanking credit putin for in his words saving his country plus. should have happened a long time ago should happen years ago. u.s. president donald trump puts north korea back on a terrorism blacklist paving the way for more. but first the man considered most likely to replace robert mugabe is in bob when president has reportedly spoken out for the first time since the military takeover
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amazon women gaga has said in a statement that president mugabe should resign immediately when gaga was a longtime ally a ally of mugabe and his deputy before he was fired earlier this month andrew symonds now takes a closer look at him as an man and god was background. two leaders one side by side who became sworn enemies this is how an extraordinary sequence of events started this is in relation to tell me nation. of employment as vice president m s m n i gag had been sacked by robert mugabe are accused of being unreliable disloyal and deceitful speculation pointed towards grace mugabi the president's wife as being behind the move the two had publicly fallen out in the jockeying for position over who should succeed ninety three year old mcgarvie. that highlighted the two factions splitting the ruling party at the time the
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military and the war veterans loyal to. grace mugabe's sam who dubbed g. forty one fled abroad but his supporters planned their response and it was dramatic the head of the defense forces warned the army would step in if the purges of politicians it favors didn't stop hours later armored vehicles rolled into the capital harare we wish to assure the nation that he's excellent to the president of the republic of zimbabwe and commander in chief of views and i would defend forces. he and his family. and sound and the security is going to teach many of my gob is long term supporters had clearly abandoned him. so the basic core
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from is the row as the president and first. appear. stayed quiet a tactic that didn't surprise observers of the man who has been nicknamed the crocodile for his style in dealing with opponents the one men always not the loud mouth used to when you look at it when it wants to attack is just cold blooded you doug. cause until the person. is not knowing what is going to happen and. one guy had been a powerful and loyal member of mugabe's inner circle serving as justice minister speaker of parliament and vice president his supporters praise his business acumen and hope he can improve zimbabwe's dire economic situation if given the chance he's
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also suggested reengaging with the west after years of international isolation under the gobby andrew simmons al-jazeera let's go live now to harare and our correspondent there have ever since this drama started her everyone's been saying where is the crocodile now we seem to have heard from him there's a report that circulating which is supposedly his first words. these are unconfirmed reports we need to stress that there is a statement that is circulating in islam and are going has not been seen in public since he left the country more than two weeks ago this report is alleging that he's afraid to come back to the country because he's afraid for his life few weeks ago a few months ago he was allegedly poisoned he had to go to south africa for treatment spent about
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a week in hospital there and then came back and then those are clear signs that there was a rift really between him and some people in the country but again i must stress it is unconfirmed reports that this statement is circulating and that it says what it says because he has not been seen in public he has not been seen in public saying anything on camera and as far as we know according to the army that spoke to the nation yesterday he is out of the country all they said was he will return soon so wherever he is and whether this is confirmed or not being his words he remains crucial to the process that the army has got under way in terms of of having a change of leadership in zimbabwe today. exactly it is crucial in a synagogue interim leader. it's highly likely he'll be between eighteen presidential candidate zanu p.f. as far as a concerned he is the leader going forward the key things to watch today of course
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are what's happening on the ground present mcgarvey has called for a cabinet meeting this happens every tuesday cabinet meets the president discussed policies of concerning of the country are the key thing to watch there is who is going to attend and who is going to boycott and then of course the motion of no confidence motion to impeach president mugabe in parliament later on this afternoon parliamentarians saying they are going to file that motion to impeach him outside parliament we expect people to gather in protest calling for prism of global to step down but in terms of the when and where he is seen as the heir apparent in here and people are expecting him to one day take over as president of this country ok thanks for that her models are live in harare now mere mass treatment of people has been likened to a party in a report by amnesty international the organization spent two years investigating the cause of the current crisis which has forced hundreds of thousands of refugees to flee across the border to bangladesh the report says that miramar has been
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segregating range of people in what they call an open air prison by confining them to their villages it adds that myanmar also origins are guilty of being openly racist towards the ranger and says rock and state were a military crackdown has been going on is a crime scene ranger living in meum are also denied citizenship on the basis of their ethnicity many of them are deleted from official records making it almost impossible for those who fled in the country to go back home well anna neistat is amnesty international senior director for research and she told us what now needs to be done. in relation to the ongoing system of a party that we describe in our report i think the world is way too willing to buy into the restoration presented by the myanmar authorities about the need to convert terrorism about the need to establish security and that's why we felt it was
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a very important moment to remind both myanmar officials and their international counterparts that absolutely no considerations be it security or the need to convert terrorism can justify the ongoing crimes against humanity to justify the system of apartheid while european and asian foreign ministers have been meeting in me in march they've been talking about the range of crises but only on the sidelines of the summit that's been taking place scott heiler has been following developments from young gone. the today foreign ministers meeting wrapping up on tuesday here in myanmar and there are some developments when it comes to the range issue they were really kind of carried out on the sidelines of this meeting and one particularly coming from the foreign minister of china he said that they would like to play a constructive role in dealing with the range issue they said they've come up with a three point plan to help push this forward the first as a cease fire in right kind state and also the second that they say that there should be a repatriation of some of those refugees in bangladesh back to work and stay here
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in myanmar and third there should be a long term plan to make sure that there's no conflict down the line now it's unsung suchi the leader of myanmar on monday during this meeting she said that a lot of the world's problems right now she didn't specify this to were kind situation here a lot of the world's problems can be tied to illegal immigrants she said that about tensions she said that about conflict again didn't specifically mention here and what's going on there was also some comments coming out from european foreign ministers saying that they were hopeful with the situation based on conversations by lateral conversations they had with on songs to keep you know we know that the foreign minister from bangladesh was in town here in myanmar for that two day meeting he is going to be staying on for a couple more days words coming out that they are going to continue negotiating a repatriation schedule and plan with myanmar's government now this is something they say it's going to take place over the next two days or he's going to be here for the next two days unsung suchi has indicated that she would like an agreement
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to be reached by the end of the week with repatriation so there's movement on that front no details no announcements exactly how that's going to move forward but from both sides bangladesh and myanmar indications that these talks are really advancing when it comes repatriating some of those range of refugees. ok we can go to have a child in our correspondent who's actually in the on the bangladesh side of the border with me in my he's in cox's bazaar that is of course where so many of the hundreds of thousands of refugees have found a certain amount of shelter there i'm just wondering rarely if ever has the plight of the range of people received so much international attention i'm just wondering are people still coming to cox's bizarre is this still a steady stream of refugees leaving me a man coming to bangladesh. yes not in the big ways like in the beginning of the end of august rather than beginning of september but the trickling down every day or every other day just last friday about four
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hundred reindeer refugees crossed into bangladesh the were stranded in no man's land and eventually what a lot in couple of days ago inside bangladesh we spoke to many of the throwing out refugees who arrive recently that what is the condition on the other side they said look we are not an able to get out of our homes there is restitution we have to have special permission our card in order to roam around we cannot go to the shops our children don't go to school we don't have access to medical facilities and many of them also say that any man folks particularly if they get out of their home they're beaten and taken away to unknown destination even seventy year old child was taken away when the father was describing to us the situation is very tense out there they want to scape this kid there said that we had no other villages been by and we don't want to live there the situation is very hostile towards us so nothing has really changed the world rescue committee ly a beginning of this month said that they expect about two hundred thousand going to
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refugees to comment moving to bangladesh within coming days and months because of the situation down there we also got recalled that many thousands of rangers are stuck in bases on the other side of enough river and in the jungle what the concourse into because there is no boat movement with a bang with this government had put a severe restrictions on plying our fishing boat our private boat and to restrict them to freddie anyone get these that they don't want any more refugees coming in they want some sort of agreement made so that repatriation process at least initiated now on the issue of repair tray ssion that santucci say that it will be based on the foundation of one thousand nine hundred two agreement which is not going to go well with the bangladesh because it is according to the foreign minister is not up to date it doesn't made that requirement of today's. dynamics plus it doesn't address the issue of citizenship it is only based on resident shape also the fact that me on my site and its policy that they will be confined in
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a vehicle model village which came under criticism from the un what is a model village exactly a confinement a camp because they're not going to be allowed in the incest little home so that is itself with a very controversial thing and if it goes under the one thousand nine hundred two agreement at lisbon where the foreign minister said that only fourteen thousand refugees will be eligible to go back to me on much that's a very very sticky point in dade and there is no conclusion yet to any of the time they challenged he lived in countries bizarre thank you. including. paulo or metro thought it. was. really. the go price is topic number one is cast as foreign minister has another meeting with the u.s. secretary of state. and false hopes in the search for the missing argentinian submarine.
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beneath pink skies by the time half. hour is the sun sets in the city of angels. hello the long lived intense low that was briefly medications that ran across from italy to western turkey is now no more but it is still a massive planet still producing a lot of rain that's the north coast of turkey in the last twenty four hours fifty millimeters there's bit more to come in the line no one was following the end of russia north was but maybe the more active weather is coming in here you wouldn't think so but that's a day with much warmer and over western europe replacing what has been for a while pretty cold stuff this which is still cold it's single thing is maximal which means you get snow on the back edge today in turkey was anchored about six degrees the line on the forward edge of what's coming in also producing some snow for rumania on the east side of austrian slovakia and maybe the high ground in southern germany that which is code is still there tomorrow in fact was going down
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to three but we've listed ten from vienna this is all quite something that through germany and france look at the tender in london sixteen degrees is a huge difference in about twenty four hours. taking all the action away from the central mediterranean sea and are much quieter scene there is a lot of cloud apparent running up from the south from the sahara but it's nothing more than a bit of cloud in the skies so the temperatures are in the low twenty's not the settled in north africa. the weather sponsored by catch. it when they're on line we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on saturday. but. this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag stream and one of your pitches might make the actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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the top stories here at al-jazeera the man considered most likely to replace robert mugabe of zimbabwe president has reportedly spoken out for the first time since the military takeover. asserted a statement that president mugabe should resign immediately. a mammal treatment of its rich people has been likened to a party in a new report by amnesty international the rights organization says miramar has been said. people in an open prison by confining them to their villages.
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that syria's president assad has met russia's vladimir putin in sochi the past spoke in the black sea resort city on monday morning now getting details of the meeting according to the kremlin. putin told us that the fight against armed groups in syria is close to finishing he said one of the threats over finding a peaceful political settlement will be the. number of president assad knows and he told me during our talks that thanks to the efforts of the russian army syria is saved as a state much has been done to stabilize the situation in syria and i hope in the near future we'll put a final stop to fighting terrorism in syria let's get more now from our correspondent in moscow rory chalons. this is a canny piece of putin stage management so we have two important meetings coming up in the next few days one of them is going to be taking place tomorrow which is who's in meeting with the presidents of turkey and iran and then also we have
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a meeting in riyadh an opposition conference organized by saudi arabia now ahead of both of those two events we have popping up in russia and meeting with russia's top military brass essentially the people that have saved his skin and the message is both to anyone who wants it's gone that's the turks that the saudis that's the catteries that's the united states and the message is clear is staying assad is ours and you have to deal with it and also it's a message to hatter themself he's been brought here to russia and he's met the people who saved him he judy played along saying that russia's military has protected syria as a state what he means by that of course is that it's protected himself now russia believes that the stage is set for the next bits of the process and that bit of the
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process is political russia says that essentially the war is in its last moments now. has been shored up the political process in geneva can start moving again well meanwhile the head of the largest syrian opposition group has resigned riyadh was made leader of the high negotiations committee in december twenty fifth he his space with the several other key officials are step down ahead of an opposition conference in saudi arabia as well as a new round of u.n. sponsored talked to the due to take place in geneva a statement from his job did not say why he was quitting that the saudi backed tighe negotiations committee the agency is the. main block for syrian opposition groups it was established in late twenty fifteen as the main opposition negotiator at the un talks in geneva is made up of several military and political opposition groups the agency has always called for the removal of president assad is the basis
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for any solution to the syrian war. let's talk now to sami niger who is director of the levant institute for strategic affairs he's joining us now live from beirut given that it seems that the war is effectively over we just heard president. putin and president assad say that the war is over victory clearly is with president assad what difference does it make that the leaders this agency grouping has resigned. i mean. we don't know yet if this resignation would mean that we are abandoning the geneva trog to the advantage of the sochi or a stand trial and we are abiding by russian rule to set the stage for i mean
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a political settlement it's no doubt that the fight against die is nearing to an end and the war is practically over and every party is getting ready to go into the negotiation table it's the time now to drop a political settlement now that the syrian opposition and particular ash and see is i mean in front of this china and it has already suffered a lot of divisions and its turn and division the syrian opposition in large i mean we can. understand right and now there are i mean facing this challenge you will because they lost militarily but they have the chance to win diplomatically to have their seats and to make their voice here negotiation table
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to be part of the political settlement in a way that will i mean. sure that's right can i generated because i'm not clear are you saying that the agency despite losing many of its key leadership figures still has. a certain amount of leverage if you like still can represent a faction of a faction of the syrian people at the forthcoming talks taking place in geneva and searching. definitely i think. it has been challenged by other oppositions group. despite the fact that at last some clout on the field it is the more steady present that is. despite all the short coming because.
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several was from the syrian opposition because there is no better alternative to ash and because as well of different countries and what the arab countries or european countries and even americans supporting this group so it have it has what is required in terms of legitimacy and once more there is no better alternative to this group now the question for them is to come up united and to have to make their voice here and to try to recover diplomatically what a military leader they were not able to achieve so i mean the idea thank you very much. now half hour foreign minister has warned the middle east could be heading for dark ages as he accused the four blockading arab states of creating drama and discovered in the region mohammed bin abdul rahman al found he was speaking in
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washington d.c. as he ended his trip to the united states is our state department correspondent. warm greetings at the u.s. state department on monday for cutoffs foreign minister. thanks for. bringing. us thank you thank you thank you at the top of the list the saudi led political and economic blockade of qatar. now in its sixth month earlier on monday i haven't been. told an audience the blockade is affecting his country's ability to sell its oil and natural gas overseas but danny also said the bigger problem is this by launching the blockade the saudis that rocky's the heinies and the egyptians have made the middle east more unstable regional players i think that responsibly taking
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political gamble with the lives of other nations citizens with no exit strategy the coteries argument is simple the blockade simply isn't the result of a spat between them and the saudis and the u.s. should be worried but it's not clear whether this new argument will be enough to spur washington to put more pressure on both sides to resolve the crisis rosalyn jordan al-jazeera at the state department the us president donald trump has what north korea back on america's list of sponsors of terrorism but his secretary of state rex harrison isn't giving up hope that the crisis can still be so through negotiation she have a ton of police now from washington. president trumps of the designation of north korea as a sponsor of terrorism was long overdue you should have happened a long time ago should happened years ago in addition to threatening the world by nuclear devastation north korea has repeatedly supported acts of international
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terrorism including assassinations on foreign soil. however this announcement wasn't a certainty some officials at the state department were reported to argued that north korea did not meet the legal definition of a state sponsor of terrorism two cases have been cited during the deliberations the killing of kim jong un's half brother at a malaysian airport and the treatment of american student who died of his injuries after being released from north korean custody neither represents terrorism they argued nonetheless more sanctions will now be announced by the treasury department there it's unclear this will prove to be anything more than a symbolic measure given all of the sanctions that have already been levied against pyongyang something the secretary of state alluded to i don't want to suggest to you that the designation is suddenly going to put a whole new layer of sanctions olympia's again i think we already have north korea so heavily sanctioned in so many ways with the u.n. resolutions that have been undertaken but this will close
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a few additional loopholes all analysts are attempting to discern a comprehensive strategy for north korea from the trumpet ministration i think it's disappointing trump came to washington as an outsider and i really thought that maybe there was some chance that he could have a policy towards north korea that would be different and more creative than the ones that the inside the beltway crowd have implemented. the north koreans have said they would end their nuclear tests and resume negotiations if the u.s. and its military exercises with south korea the u.s. has ruled that out so in the meantime the administration is once again relying on sanctions and harsh rhetoric she average hansie al-jazeera washington. navy says a new sound that was detected in the search for a missing submarine definitely didn't come from the vessel the noise was picked up by two ships involved in the search naval officials say the submarine reported
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a technical fault before vanishing if we no contact with the crew since wednesday. is following developments from one side of. the search and rescue operation for the missing arjen time submarine. is continuing into its fifth day the operation coordinated partly from here the navy headquarters in one osiris and also from the naval base in which is where the submarine was heading having left the port of on the southern tip of argentina lost contact about four hundred thirty kilometers off the southeastern coast of argentina there's been nothing heard from it since and the reports they did try to make satellite phone contact with bases in argentina turned out to be unfounded it's also been revealed by the head of the argentine navy that shortly before contact was lost last wednesday it was reported at the batteries on the submarine where in difficulty. the submarine surfaced and
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reported a malfunction which is why the ground commander the submarine force ordered to change its route and return to its naval base in model plotter. there's now a massive search and rescue operation going on with help from a number of countries including the united states great britain chile with sophisticated monitoring equipment planes underwater rescue vessels the families meanwhile gathered in the port of. waiting to hear use their loved ones the situation looking increasingly pessimistic. there are no also there seems to be no word on the weather conditions certainly hampering the rescue operation. they don't forget there is. a web site we have today with. al-jazeera dot com.
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take a look at the top stories here the man considered most likely to replace robert mugabe is president has reportedly spoken out for the first time since the military takeover. has said in a statement that mugabe should resign immediately. from harare. these are unconfirmed reports we need to stress that there is a statement that is circulating it was a minute ago has not been seen in public since he left the country more than two weeks ago this report is alleging that he's afraid to come back to the country because he's afraid for his life few weeks ago a few months ago he was allegedly poisoned he had to go to south africa where treatment spent about a week in hospital there and then came back and then those are clear signs that there was a rift really between him and as some people in the country and near mass treatment of his muslims has been likened to a party in a new report by amnesty international the rights organization says myanmar has been
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segregated its range of people in an open air prison by confining them to their villages and the only stat is embassy international senior director for research she told us what now needs to be done in relation to the ongoing system of a party that we describe in our report i think the world is way too willing to buy into the wrestler rick presented by the myanmar authorities about the need to convert terrorism about the need to establish security and that's why we felt it was a very important moment to remind both in myanmar officials and their international counterparts that absolutely no considerations be it security or the need to convert terrorism can justify the ongoing crimes against humanity to justify the system of a party that syria's president assad has held talks with the russians russia's leader vladimir putin in sochi the allies met in the black sea city on monday according to the kremlin putin told assets the fight against armed groups in syria
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is close to ending meanwhile the head of the largest saudi backed syrian opposition group has resigned riyadh his job that led the high negotiations committee since december twenty fifth. right you're up to date those are the latest headlines from our office here at al-jazeera coming up next it is the stream of. young rich and famous in china one of the news goes behind the great chinese firewall to meet the cyber celebs of a booming multibillion dollar business. at this time on al-jazeera. down the street by special guest most abraham the billionaire philanthropist who made his fame and fortune developing mobile phone services across the african continent now he's giving back to his work.


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