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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 185  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2017 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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nl the rights organization says miramar has been segregated its range of people in an open air prison by confining them to their villages and only stat is amnesty international senior director for research she told us what now needs to be done. in relation to the ongoing system of our party that we describe in our report i think the world is way too willing to buy into the restoration presented by the myanmar authorities about the need to combat terrorism about the need to establish security and that's why we felt it was a very important moment to remind both young our officials and their international counterparts that absolutely no considerations be it security or the need to convert terrorism can justify the ongoing crimes against humanity to justify the system of apartheid syria's president assad has held talks with the russians russia's leader vladimir putin in sochi the allies met in the black sea city on monday according to the kremlin putin told assets the fight against armed groups in
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syria is close to ending meanwhile the head of the largest saudi backed syrian opposition group has resigned riyadh his job had led the high negotiations committee since december twenty fifth. right you're up to date those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it is the stream of. young rich and famous in china one of the news goes behind the great chinese firewall to meet the cyber celebs of a booming multibillion dollar business. like this time on al-jazeera. today on the stream we're joined by special guest mo the billionaire philanthropist who made his fame and fortune developing mobile phone services across the african continent now he's giving back through his work focused on promoting good
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governance and leadership in africa. joining us from london though it were him is the founder of the most foundation and the motive for him. prize the world's largest prize award for excellence to a departing african leader his foundation also puts together and ambitious a one of a kind index on african governance and that was released today and abraham is called it a mirror to recall exactly what is happening on the continent most great to have you on the stream when i think of african governance good governance i think about you when i hear your name i think about good african god of governance but when you were a young man what was it that you wanted to do what was your ambition. i love the sciences and engineering. and i really want to be. wanted to be a scientist. my role model with people like i only star in. that
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i want to do nor. inclination to be a businessman or to be a lancer with well i would. like to be. i have a picture here and this is you picking up an honorary university degree at bradford university in its review or professor john gardner what kind of student were you when you were a diligent student. i was reading about really top of my class. my mother always installed and asked the importance of education. that is always for work lost their way out of poverty. i was always able to. so from there of course to your foundation we got this tweet from up there have been saying what motivated you to start your foundation which of
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course is one of the things you are known for now what was the impetus behind that . in obion. isn't all of this comes from the area norse. of egypt. we've lived there for sounds of years. social cohesion. caring for the community is part of our culture i was lucky i was a boy who made it good. never expected to be a rich man and. once you make some money then what is important or what you going to do with that. i need to watch it to give it back. to give it back in a meaningful way. you know food for children. maybe medicine and that's all
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wonderful and i love to be able to do that but i thought if i can find a way to stop help stop. people be poor being needy. did was really a root of the problem. instead of the symptoms because there is nobody to africans to people because a continent is rich and there's not many african people. so we need to find one why are we poor. don so i came up with is because we are but the government and if we're going to improve the governance then we can move forward that's why i'm delighted to focus on my work and then of governance to really ensure that we have a better future for our children. mo i asked our online audience serious question here what makes a good african leader i want to show you some of their responses delis says
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a good african leader has a clear vision and he's go on tainted the leader must be honest i'm worthy of trust he goes on to say corruption doesn't undermine constitutional and fundamental rights of governance this we do not have another one here elements or says a lead him as love his people subtly most african leaders don't. and sami these are his qualifications transparent and brave these values disappear from our well as a leader such as mandela there now only stories what do you make of that is this hope but also this reality. listen i mean that is just not fair we have some wonderful leaders for africa in africa i mean look for me the problem is we have a few bad apples which will make the news you ask everybody that you know mbutu would say i would we had no idea i mean we know but anybody
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knows for instance my high in a nobody knows messire any nobody knows just how not or hama there's a lot of wonderful leaders but the media doesn't talk about them i mean i can do wonderful stories about many of those the those many of them one hour awards and unfortunately we african be able even don't know our heroes and that is if you have fortunate. and i love that you are keeping a positive here i kind of hate to be the bearer of bad news because one of the things that our community brings up time and time again is yes there are good leaders but there's also in dimmick corruption of course corruption happens all around the world and takes different forms different names but this is one of the things people tweeted us about challenges to good governance robert says corruption is the order of the day and you've got and. corruption systemic rot bribery in
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africa particularly and one other person sarky says corruption corruption corruption when we asked about the challenges of governance now i know that when you launched your mobile communications company that would eventually become you were pretty adamant about keeping things transparent keeping corruption and bribery out of the dealings how did you do that. it was simple i mean predatory had a wonderful board i don't insisted almighty shareholders so it should be in the board fortunately i had. investors from the i.f.c. the celestial financial brain the. c.d.c. which is really a branch of government. which is the american government. vision man development agency which is german government ever more which is dutch government yes admittedly. there were small shareholders three percent four bits and five bits it might as i said i was as people of the board so we had a board which has really
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a lot of powerful players and we took a solution that chief executive running any of our companies in africa. could not dispense more than thirty dollars that is a lot of us. any larger sums had to get over the board so nobody can go to the c.e.o. and say give me a couple of maybe you have to have an election year say sure you know we'll have a right to the board but that board is. nobody would try to lie to that kind of board asking for a blanket. to be honest very few people asked for bribery and lets people know that you don't nobody who bothers you and we have almost a member that. bribery is like other it takes to.
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to commit that so business also is responsible for bribery and always complain about this issue look we are serious and we hold our officials in africa accountable is and we keep talking about it and expose it but what about the business people who are involved in that do you know that all european countries only. or criminalized corruption around the year two thousand or seventeen years before that corruption and bribery was legitimate actually it was tax deductible. same guys lecturing africans about bribery will letting their business people bribe our leaders and actually give them tax incentives also to do it by
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two thousand people made a crime so then larger question when's the last time you hear that germany or france or denmark or sweden or indeed britain detect any businessman to court over bribery in africa i haven't heard about that so. the business people are getting screwed tree nobody should think the light on that so little understand really unless international community also become serious about the issue of corruption or cannot move forward we have been talking about anonymous companies where companies where nobody knows who owns it and this is a vehicle for the getaway car for for corruption money if you are really there and it's just money you're not going to walk to the local bank and put it there but you have to would have said all share come but it's somewhere hidden behind some
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lawyers in it and who say that should indeed you know that should be stopped why we need anonymous companies and again we see governments that are in the heat of this issue but our john is a major issue but we need everybody to be serious liability so it is not i mean after a good book a corner of the market and precious time to get real about right now let me show our audience where we are in terms of your mo abraham index of african governments for this year and looking at this just the summary of third of the countries driving overall import improvement in african governments. that has some level of being positive but also a lot of room for improvement let's start with the the positive countries where where would you point to in the continent where you're saying i'm so impressed by what they've been doing. clearly the countries which are top ranking
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our and if they count those who share doing quite well and move in for. countries like. but which one. do you well orders or sometimes also they store here and there but such achieve such high marking that lead in far ahead so in the top six or seven countries they actually desire to be much movement. we see a country look at give birth is doing well sometimes it's a good story a little bit but really up there. why have a number of really good go good companies which are. delivering services and people are. doing the right. they don't have of course this small group
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of countries which are down there have been down there for a long line and. some some of them suffer from conflicts and conflicts armed conflicts and social unrest usually destroy governments. but some of them came out of it and moved forward so very. very you know i would of course for example came out from a difficult time and now they're one of the best improve our actuary. or. tunisia's doing well. in the country which managed the what they call this being very video shows in a sensible way and for what they have challenged but joins a top ten so we'll moderately i hate to cut you off there because i love the list of the countries that are doing well but unfortunately there are many members of
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our community and some of the countries that may be not doing so well so let's get straight to it this is a tweet here it's there implicating the country i think you can read through the lines pauline says should leaders stay in power for thirty seven years and of course she's referencing our president robert mugabe of uganda zimbabwe excuse me this is a video card and we actually got out of zimbabwe about that leader have a listen to what you need a supporter told us you see head of the fish first when i look at the state and i think that. and with all that has been happening in my country deeply so much corruption you know they have to expand and see an accountability i think of how the mind leadership needs to change so my question to you is can we really. dog new tricks can we change the
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mindset of our leadership and of course the top line of the news today for zimbabwe is that gobby has ignored the ruling party lead a decision to make sure that he resigns he faces impeachment now so what do you make comment there. it is really affronts for a number of years i've been making statements about situations and asking the question how come. our continent is is a continent of young people vast majority of our people are brought in years old and why we have somebody at mind you three years or sink he can really blends if you chose us who are good people who he knows nothing about them look when they are sixty five years or if you are a teacher engineer doctor whatsoever people say thank you very much i have a test now is my rabbit telling us that the running a country is such
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a trivial job that somebody cannot stay away for two hours we should be able to do it. it is a nicholas and it is so said that gabby always had been a hero of the independence is that i can end up his political life like this if you leave on time. people would be better that you have met then his legacy look at mandela you came out a blizzard said of you just want him and you not even to stay for a second and say ok guys goodbye get somebody younger to do it this is leadership. let me just show you something this is from again from this year's index it's about human development and for the the legend anyway that screen is showing improvement dark green a lot of improvement the paint areas are areas first concern but i'm just thinking
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in terms of human resources on the african continent it's young people that are so important so this is a pretty good scar for the continent fifty six point one out of one hundred one why do you focus so much on the youth of the continent because you feel that they are critical to how it goes for its. number one the majority of the arab nation as young people so that is that the majority of our people secondly does our future. will have its ordinary over young to be able comic forward our demography wherever you wish while in this. early ages of our democracy is different from any other continent or else. this one that we have young people your age number of young for fifteen million young to be able to come to the marketplace to work working age every year fifty million people now that is
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a it to edge sort. if we created those people if you would your kid there would have an amazing workforce in africa with japanese our aging europeans our aging. there's not enough young people to really run the states and services everywhere we have this wealth of young educated people that's a great advantage for us but if will fit to train. his skills to this young people what will happen will end up with millions and millions of young people frustrated showplace desperate what you're going to do they were not i in the sahara taking it as a hobby or they're going to die in the military or any other right across a better life or they're going to become bronze to join a terrorist group or. at least a good day doing zat and day but i tend to have some kind of dignity or
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a mission carrying the machine guns. this is a crucial issue for us all to our future in africa depends on what's going on what we're going to do with our young people it's going to this way are going to go that way so we really have to understand that there are some who would agree with you says determination is already an established factor in african youth but the finance is the major brouhaha to their entrepreneurial dream so one of the challenges there but i want to pivot just a little bit to play a video comment from a former president this is president mugabe former president of that's one who was actually ever since the end of your award in two thousand and eight and here is what he told the story. this is the provision has allowed me to the team with my life i finished. for the season of end of a p g's so just election observation. mediation and participation
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if they feel it is a charitable foundation but it's a figure. such as deliberated for patients must i think about the asian african wildlife trust and the african of year. i also continue to work with their venture partners to prevent the spread of a check. book what do you want me for african governments for the year. a question straight to remember him. well i didn't hear the question quite clearly it was asking me what's next and what is your wish for african governance for the year ahead very specific twenty teen eyes i really hope to see i brought in the education and training of young people short and to the point where i'm just wondering with this index that comes out every year there's not one in europe there's not one in latin america there's not one in the americas not one in asia
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what is it that it can do as an index to help the continent. i think what we're doing in africa is unique and i hear many people would like to do the same for issue on europe bill gates was very keen to try to persuade europeans to do one for europe especially after the crisis in two thousand and eight you spoke about that in davis and but nobody came forward to do it friends ever in that in america have medicare they always say to me all this is why do you come and go in and x. for us and in general guys i'm an african i do africa you guys do your own continent. well i think some is just some people to do something i'm looking at some of the pos recipients of the most if were him prize. and only prize winning to nelson mandela and then here us impossible orients i'm just
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wondering thinking ahead could that be aim former female president joining that lineup of lawyers is it possible do you see that what you gonna tell me if you are the right to pursue a degree to say something about ellen i think and i'm not going to say anything because. i'm not a member of the prize committee i have no vote i don't know what you discussed it is a separate organization was all of the sources which does it's an assessment of the sites we know it it gave before we go bob nick in february sometime in february over there to be able to answer the question. we have time for just one more video comment and this is out of cards whom have a listen to show again. putting in mind the disability government is now working on repairing the relations and ties with who was assigned as any new plants or programs of money right here he's working on to respond to the recent critical
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needs in this ocean only concrete fields how do you contribute and empower you know either two thirds of the city's community are between the age of eighteen and thirty five is there any future visions or plans that include investing on youth by building their capacities to meet a future leader. so he brings that back to the question of youth. absolutely i mean we will try to do what we can in that area i mean we have a number of scholarships we have a number of. friendships also i don't know if my friend there but i will check in our website here to see what we plan to do that was all our core activity in chorus force is going towards the issue of governance but we encourage
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and work with other people what the work was many other groups and civil society to try to retool help so to say to war we have to leave and behalf of civil society was governments when we see this operation or that as far as that is a government with a lot of what we tried. for with pride of the south but. i'm fortunate there is richard or. also that. so that is reg number fifty. is rocking number prove out of fifty four out of this before it's source said this is my god this is my all and it's so sad but they're good we have the same ground or. government going all in. one party and one of the n.r.a. i'm one of the end of the show it's been such a pleasure talking to you i know there are two phrases that you don't particularly
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like about africa africa basket case africa rising give us an alternative way to think of the african continent in a pithy sentence africa the ellis home thank you very much my abraham it's been a pleasure having you here on the stream our conversation continues always online. game.
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we're here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of internet we cover it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we learned that there was in that to from the government to just shoot soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government. tried out yet why. the torrijos for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing of displacement of
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thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins of blood you eyes of iran at this time on al-jazeera transport mentions employed to tackle pollution in one of china's showcase cities they say that by twenty twenty all of the time she didn't want to be only like. whoa. and how environmental grassroots campaigns are joining forces in the u.s. there is a global connection that is happening and we're going to utilize that power to make changes not only for today but for future generations as well. this time on al-jazeera. zimbabwe's ruling party prepares to impeach robert mugabe as the man.


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