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in africa here in a bathing you'll fall in and out how many of the persons that you're sending out you should be your child soldiers and i said my child soldiers reloaded at this time. with over forty thousand people killed under his rule it took twenty five years to bring him to a court of law. but why for so long with such a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west who are not reporting to the congress that to the press they were engaged in a clandestine cover al-jazeera unravels the history of chad's notorious former president the same habit a dictator on trial at this time on al-jazeera. another attack in nigeria a teenage suicide bomber attacks a boss killing as many as fifty people.
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watching of several life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes we. know the core of the good is caught in. a blunt message for robert mugabe from his former allies as a barber is part of it moves ahead with impeachment. also me and bar accused of subjective rager to what's described as a vicious system of apartheid. all smiles and handshakes in russia or a serious president thanks a lot amir putin for in his words saving his country. bottom to the program beginning in nigeria where as many as fifty people have been killed by a suicide bomber above be in the northeastern state police say
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a teenage bomber targeted about because people were arriving for boarding prayers no group has claimed responsibility but boko haram carries out regular attacks in the region let's get straight over to our correspondent embedded dress who's at the di gerry and capital. of the death toll is rising from those initial reports we got also an official did tell us that the medical facilities really couldn't cope with the number of casualties that had been a volt in that blast. absolutely and. this is of course one of the major crisis a movie the town of moby has seen in the last thirty years since book was chased out of the city in two thousand and fourteen they drove into movie two thousand and fifteen they occupied the city for more than a month until the nigerian army alongside vigilantes chased them out so basically
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when the suicide bomber walked into the mosque it was almost packed and more and more people are arriving for the early morning prayers there was when the bomb went off and a lot of people were injured apart from the initials dead of more than twenty it's thought that many other people succumb to death because of the severity of the injuries they sustained in the early morning attack so for movie this is a major major crisis the general hospital in the town is not fully equipped to deal with the situation according to what we hear people had to drive for i was away from your life including emergency medical workers for them to come to movie to give a helping hand to deal with the crisis well for them i would believe it will come back to when we get more about those casualties thanks very much. thousands of people have been demonstrating outside zimbabwe's parliament calling for president robert mugabe to step down impeachment proceedings are currently of the way the rule exulted p.f.
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has accused the gobby of allowing his wife to usurp power being too old to lead the said it on national assembly are meeting but the gatherings too large to be held in parliament so it's happening at a nearby conference said to instead of the main opposition leader is warning the process must be transparent. now. i know that people that post. what you wish that. it is. not. yet. you. know that it was my fault. i want to know. from the beginning let me tell you their election. the transition of power has been largely peaceful so far but the rhetoric
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is getting steadily more aggressive the influential war veterans are warning m.p.'s not to stand in the way of mccarthy's impeachment. no in be can be found to be on the wrong side by the people whose bible on the issue of the impeachment was bubbly you they were believed by the people who were going to put it mildly we wouldn't all this war tend to cluster i don't discourage you from making the important only put your decision to resign but we do have your names and very soon we may be visiting you do with that you are. lead to the old man all we is the people is what we do have it is we are not with you for the constitutional processes we said you got this know the call of the good tidings couldn't. speak tossers live in the capital harare forest of course just bring us up to speed her oh in terms of the impeachment process where we are with those at peace.
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we are still meeting the having it filed a motion to tell what they plan to file the motion to dismiss and the about five hotham and a lot of people waiting for being used to saying that they hope they do the right thing you have signs that are saying that they are tired of a president who got really saying the president must go enough is enough seen really remarkable scenes here with this party supporters will all raise. enough is enough. in the language of. goalies enough is enough. sense to try and end this political crisis and actually worried about regional body interfering with the process they saying that they've heard the president zuma and some other leaders are coming to harare tomorrow to meet president mugabe and they're saying last time setting it in two
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thousand and eight and the contested election we ended up unity government and it didn't really help me still stayed. the frustration maybe here is it. must go to help the parliamentarians voted to impeach him at some point today saying that they feel that came from the calling today independence day big they say they feel something is coming something is coming and they say they hope that something is that praise them a lot they will step down the country. to see what happens in the coming hours to come back to sort of a high risk thank you. let's go now to time the page who joins me now from johannesburg on regional reaction of course so you just heard how true that saying the people feel the sadic are protecting mugabe they are. of course mugabe will be top of the agenda. yes well they have been that meeting has just wrapped up a short while ago it was held in rwanda and gola because that country is currently
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the chair of the cedric the regional bodies organ on security meeting chaired by south african president jacob zuma of a south africa currently holds the chairmanship of acetic and we have heard a very short communique from that extraordinary meeting in which they really reiterated that they're greatly concerned and announced you know something which seems fitting to these dramatic events unfolding in harare they are saying that so i've been president jacob zuma and goal as president xi while loading co will be traveling to harare tomorrow on wednesday where i'm sure the assumption will be that they will be meeting with president robert mugabe they clearly want to see for themselves how he is what he has to say and exactly what the situation is on the ground it is very unlikely that they will respond to the court made by the war vets
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that he step down but i'm sure it will be largely a very private conversation stepping out of line with set x. normal normally minimalist approach we heard from botswana and president in common who's always been outspoken on zimbabwe calling in an open letter that the presidency posted on facebook and twitter something he had knowledge as being unusual but president of what's won in camera today outright calling for president mugabe to step down or see what else they have to say as they make their way to harare for the moment tanya thank you. let's move to south asia now where treatment of its regular slaves have been delighted to apartheid in a report by amnesty international the organization spent two years investigating the cause of the current ring of crisis which has forced hundreds of thousands of refugees to flee over the border to bangladesh now the report says that b.m.r. has been segregating remaining people in an open air prison by confiding them to
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their villages it adds that the a moral authority is are guilty of being openly racist towards rigor and says iraq is state where a military crackdown has been going on is a crime scene ring a living in the enviro also denied citizenship on the basis of their ethnicity many are deleted from official records making it almost impossible for those who fled the violence of the country to return home. and the least that is the senior director for the research da partment without the city international she told our desire that the international community is too complacent about what is happening in me and mark. well tip toeing probably a good word to describe it and that's something that has been particularly appalling both in relation to the latest wave of violence that drove hundreds of thousands of huge across the border but also in relation to the ongoing system of our say that we describe in our report i think the world is way too willing to buy into the restoration presented by the myanmar authorities about the need to convert
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terrorism about the need to establish security and that's why we felt it was a very important moment to remind both him gun fire officials and their international counterparts that absolutely no considerations be it security or the need to convert terrorism can justify the on going crimes against humanity to justify the system of apartheid on one hand of course as always where i believe at the first place to the myanmar government to address laws and regulations and policies and practices that established the system of the first place but also to bring to justice those who are responsible for our feet and for all the crimes against humanity that one has documented but we are also calling on the international community there are very specific measures that international community can take such as imposing a global arms embargo to address the abuses by the myanmar military such as
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conditioning any developmental age on the principle of nondiscrimination and such as should the myanmar government fail to bring those responsible to justice using other mechanisms international internationalized courts and universal jurisdiction mechanisms to bring to justice those responsible for crimes against humanity and well still ahead here on al-jazeera america's asian allies welcome donald trump's move to put north korea back on the terrorism blacklist. two thousand i lost my house with nothing. and. the white house wants to deport sixty thousand haitians who fled the ruins left by a powerful earthquake seven years ago. hello vietnam's been getting hit recently actually still not but two hundred millimeters
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is in way in the last twenty four hours and you can see why in the forecast it's still on shore breeze green is the color of right and that's the forecast we've got a few showers the north of a high night of the southwest of china on the club might be thick enough to bring a bit of snow to the higher ground west of sichuan by thursday but for the most part china is enjoying fine weather again it's a northerly breeze the northeast monsoons talking in dollar culberson and twenty in hong kong down to twelve in shanghai but both places should be in the sunshine with a close low humidity now the monsoon burst its recently showed so much cloud up in the northeast edition backlash is gone that you can see apart from the coast of myanmar we're looking to the far south of india and sri lanka for current rain and still we have the problem up in the plain northern plain of rather poor quote has become very unhealthy officially once again which is no great surprise it will be a nice for the next few weeks probably months there is clatter and a hint and they are to some disturbing atmosphere which is a good thing given
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a few showers of rain or snow in the hindu kush or down towards some parts in the poll and a hint also maybe of some rain in the next day or so. i provoked it all is it alison whether online we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on sect a member of a complex one but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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you're watching have to say these are these are our top stories fifty people have been killed in a suicide bombing good mamby in north eastern out of what state police say a teenaged bomber targeted a mosque as people were arriving for morning prayers the group has claimed responsibility by boko haram carries out regular attacks in the region. thousands of people have been demonstrating outside zimbabwe's parliament calling for president robert mugabe to step down impeachment proceedings are currently underway . there mars treatment of its regular services be the likened to apartheid in a new report by amnesty international the rights organization says b.m.r. has been segregating really good people in an open air prison by confiding them to
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their villages. lebanon's prime minister will be to the egyptian leader. seizing kyra later on choose day as he makes his way home after a two week absence saturday left paris where the french president has been mediating the fallout from his shock resignation really suddenly quit as prime minister while in riyadh earlier this month the third state in the kingdom for a further two weeks made while evidence rb chief has called for full readiness from forth from his troops on its southern border with israel he said it a day ahead of prime minister saad hariri six-pack did return to beirut as a recorder has the latest from the capital. the army statement ahead of independence day lebanon is in a state of war with israel and that's why the army chief calling on the troops to remain vigilant to face the possibility of any israeli threats but in that statement the army chief mentions the extraordinary political situation in the country and it is extraordinary the prime minister suddenly resigned two weeks ago
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while he was in the saudi capital he stayed there for two weeks and mysterious circumstances with some in lebanon suggesting that he was being held hostage so the army calling on the troops to make sure that or to prevent anyone to try to exploit this political instability lebanon is not immune to political crisis nor is it immune to security incidents as a result of the political crisis now the prime minister saddle had he is expected to attend in the pendants day celebrations on wednesday it is still not clear whether or not he will submit his resignation on wednesday or on thursday and it's still not clear if if there is there is some sort of compromise can be reached but undoubtedly there is fear that if there is no consensus or an agreement there could be a prolonged political paralysis and that would leave the possibility of security incidents in lebanon. iran's president says france can play a productive role in the middle east hassan rouhani told french president marvelled back in a phone call that he should take a realistic and impartial approach the tension between iran and france increased
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last week after backgrounds that tehran should be less aggressive in the region and earlier president hadi strongly criticized saudi arabia in a speech was that all your heart foreign ministers of a worn out old exhausted and ineffective body namely the arab league gather while their only concern is to saudi arabia which committed so many crimes against the yemeni nation and bombs them every day expresses concern that the yemeni people manage to fire a missile that hit riyadh in response to two no half years of bombings. syria's president bashar assad has held talks with russia's leader vladimir putin in sochi they are allies in the syria's six year war battle the black sea resort on monday the kremlin says putin told assad the fight against groups in syria is close to ending he said once that's over finding a peaceful political settlement will be the key issue. he would never president assad knows and he told me during my talks that thanks to the efforts of the
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russian army syria is saved as a state much has been done to stabilize the situation in syria and i hope in the near future we'll put a final stop to fighting terrorism in syria. we just had a meeting with president vladimir putin and i passed greetings and gratitude to him and to the people of russia for the efforts which russia put in saving our country i particularly emphasize the role of the russian armed forces and the sacrifices you have made to reach this goal thanks to your efforts and the efforts of our allies many syrians could return to their homes and i would like to express gratitude to you for what you have done on behalf of all the syrian people. all the ground attacks on a besieged rebel held suburb of the syrian capital intensified over the past week killing more than eighty civilians the volunteer group syria's civil defense says more than two hundred as strikes have hit. since last tuesday and some of. the turkey syria border. more children wounded in near strikes and.
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the radios for any of the jets in the sky before they begin driving and her child in duma to be. in with rubber another air strike has had homes and the same routine followed. this is why rescuers continue to ask what updates on aircraft activity while they drive. activists say artillery or mortar shells triggered unexploded munitions left behind by cluster bomb attacks syrians in the besieged suburbs the bargeman has been relentless. from the rubble of homes and apartments some survivors emerge. as dawn breaks it's clear that many of the dead remain buried. in the early hours we closed the store and when harm fifteen minutes later a missile hit was a different kind of missile in another missile over there killed people and then there was another one people are still under the rubble. it's been
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a week since the syrian government and its allies increased attacks after the fighters took over the largest military barracks in the suburb of damascus. syrian state media say military forces are carrying out what they call intensive strikes against terrorist positions. that's not for the civilians of. the ask if the babies in these tribes were terrorists. there's a flurry of diplomatic activity in saudi arabia and russia involving turkey iran and the syrian opposition but in the war of attrition which has gone on for more than six years syrians besieged on the front lines do not believe anymore statements which say that the war may be coming to an end. palestine suspended all communications with the us after the trumpet ministration threatened to close the palestine liberation organization sawfish in washington
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d.c. the us threat was a response to palestinian efforts to take israel to the international criminal court they're building a case of illegal settlements the u.s. state department says the p.l.o. is breaking the law by calling for a prosecution. while the u.s. president told trump has put north korea back on america's list of terrorism sponsors it's a move welcomed by asian allies but some secretary of state rex tillerson is giving up hope that the crisis can be solved through negotiation she have returned see how small for washington d.c. . president trumps of the designation of north korea as a sponsor of terrorism was long overdue she had happened a long time ago should have been years ago in addition to threatening the world by nuclear devastation north korea has repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism including assassinations on foreign soil. however this announcement wasn't a certainty some officials at the state department were reported to as north korea
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did not meet the legal definition of a state sponsor of terrorism two cases of them cited during the deliberations the killing of kim jong brother at i'm a lazy an airport and the treatment of american student on a woman who died of his injuries after being released from north korean custody neither represents terrorism they argued nonetheless more sanctions will now be announced by the treasury department there it's unclear if this will prove to be anything more than a symbolic measure given all of the sanctions that have already been levied against pyongyang something the secretary of state alluded to i don't want to suggest to you that the designation is suddenly going to put a whole new layer of sanctions olympia's again i think we already have north korea so heavily sanctioned in so many ways with the u.n. resolutions that have been undertaken but this will close a few additional loopholes all analysts are attempting to discern a comprehensive strategy for north korea from the trumpet ministration i think it's
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disappointing trump came to washington as an outsider and i really thought that maybe there was some chance that he could have a policy towards north korea that would be different and more creative than the ones that the inside the beltway crowd have implemented. the north koreans have said they would end their nuclear tests and resume negotiations if the u.s. and its military exercises with south korea the u.s. has ruled that out so in the meantime the administration is once again relying on sanctions and harsh rhetoric she abberton see washington. tens of thousands of haitian immigrants are facing deportation from the united states that most were allowed in after the twenty ten earthquake which destroyed much of haiti but their status was only temporary and the trumpet ministrations as conditions on the island have improved enough for residents to go home and the galahad report from little haiti in miami. when haiti was hit by
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a devastating earthquake in two thousand and ten thousands left for the u.s. some were offered temporary protected status over the decades the programs helped almost half a million people from nations ravaged by natural disasters and war for years it's been extended by presidential decree and is allowed recipients to legally live and work in the united states to deport them toward place where you know they will not be free in the case of haiti it doesn't make it marlene bastiaan says removing this special status will have devastating consequences it will wreck their lives it will it will destabilize their families it will separate their families because we are talking about people who have been living here for an average of thirty years. they have deep roots in our communities those roots of found across the country many of those granted protection have u.s. born children who may be forced to leave with their parents who know
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a lot more than i need to get on the route i imagine they can't even sleep to see all your dreams crumble your efforts to have a home in this country and to have to leave it inhumane others like dean say going back after so many years isn't safe or practical i lost my house in haiti. then then i lost my how out i would not. want to go ahead. players those. i made by here ending the protected status of long established communities is seen by advocates as cruel and unnecessary for years over deportation has already led to an influx of haitians seeking asylum in canada times overwhelming local authorities for years those benefiting from temporary protected status have been referred to as living in limbo but in truth they've established businesses started families and become valued members of their communities those who've now lost their status face the prospect of being sent back to countries they
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no longer think of as home and they get like roger zero a little eighty miami germany's president is holding talks with party leaders after talks to form a new coalition government collapsed president. who holds the power to call for new elections once political leaders to rethink their positions he said on monday that he was not in favor of a snap election three way talks involving chancellor angela merkel's christian democrats the greens and the free democratic party broke down on sunday night when south korea's economy was facing ruin two decades ago the government was rescued by the international monetary fund in a multi billion dollar bailout it's a joy to the incredible recovery since there is touted as a success story among station economies kathy novak has more of the challenges facing the economy today. for those who lived it this was an unforgettable display of sacrifice and patriotism hit hard by the asian financial crisis south korea's
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government asked the i.m.f. for a fifty eight billion dollar bailout and the country wasted no time getting to work on paying it back millions donated precious family heirlooms to be melted into gold bars parks and he was one of them so they cut him off i didn't hesitate to donate gold rings i got for my children's first birthdays and gold ben zygier for my wedding i was ready to give those up if it was going to help my country overcome the crisis. as a financial crisis swept the region it became clear south korea had built up crippling foreign debt imports exceeded exports by more than twenty billion dollars it was a shock for a population that had been enjoying a booming economy just the year before noon as people who were fired have been fired a lot of expression in the financial area number of small you know banks has to close the gold went to some way to helping even if largely psychologically and
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thanks to economic restructuring and currency movements south korea bounced back repaying its debt to the i.m.f. in about three years today this country is often held up as an economic success story the booming stock market a sign of investor confidence especially in companies such as samsung and here on day and g.d.p. per capita has more than tripled in the twenty years since the crisis there has also been a trade surplus in the billions of dollars for almost six years of her in the career news doing pretty good just through the eyes of foreign investors but if you look at the inside of korea and the government there are many problems among those problems rising youth unemployment. there are a lot more job seekers in korea than twenty years ago many people now are highly educated i feel that the and enough jobs for these highly qualified people. in my parents' generation a college diploma guaranteed a job nowadays everyone has
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a university degree so we're faced with more fierce competition and it's not much better for those wanting to start a small business about four out of five new businesses fail package and he says she's seen this and worse before. i hear the current situation is very bad but i believe we can get through this hard time just as we did in the past but in a recent survey of eight hundred south koreans less than thirty percent said they would donate gold today if their country faced another crisis kathy novak al jazeera saw the gas pipe explosion in the u.s. has forced people from their homes in the middle of the night it took firefighters in michigan two hours to bring the blaze under control police are investigating the calls. you're watching out is there i'm still rather these are our top stories in nigeria
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at least fifty people have been killed by a suicide bomber in mumbai in the northeastern state police say a teenage bomber targeted a mosque as people were arriving for morning prayers no group has claimed responsibility but boko haram carried out a regular attacks in the region. thousands of people have been demonstrating outside zimbabwe's parliament calling for president robert mugabe to step down impeachment proceedings are currently underway the rulings only appear has been accused of lying is wife to use her power of being too old to lead the senate and rational assembly are meeting but the gatherings too large to be held in parliament so it's happening at a nearby conference address stead of the main opposition leader is warning the process must be transparent. now that this is not being used by other people that was it. what you wish more than what it is.
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that you yeah you know you think. that it was my fault. you know what to. do from the beginning let me tell you their religion. lebanon's prime minister will meet addiction leader sisi in cairo later on tuesday as he makes his way home after a two week absence saad hariri left paris where the french president has been mediating the fallout from his shock resignation suddenly quit as prime minister while in riyadh earlier this month for the state of the kingdom for two weeks at least twenty people are being killed in a suicide car bomb attack in northern iraq the explosion happened at a crowded marketplace in the town of. the town is near the oil rich city of kirkuk and was seized by iraqi forces last month from the kurdish peshmerga. syria's
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president bashar assad with russia's leader vladimir putin in sochi the person at the black sea resort on monday the kremlin says putin told assad the fight against groups in syria is close to finishing you can see all of those stories on our web site at al-jazeera dot com both of you said half an hour with the news with a volley next it's the street. here is a very important fourth of information for many people around the world. have gone i'm still here. that nobody else is going. story to the forefront.


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