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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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of harare some important breaking news at this hour is zimbabwe's long time leader robert mugabe has stepped down we will continue to bring you reaction throughout the evening here on al-jazeera do stay with us. while celebrations break out in zimbabwe as parliament of the speaker announces the
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resignation of president robert mugabe he suspends the impeachment debate. and our entire this is al jazeera live from london also coming up a teenage suicide bomber tom it's a mosque in northeastern nigeria killing at least fifty people. in mars accused of subjecting its were hendra to what's described as a vicious system of apartheid. syrian president bashar al assad makes a flying visit to russia thanking got him a pitch in for in his words saving his country. and a cool for the international criminal court in the hague to investigate alleged crimes involving u.s. forces in afghanistan. are
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the world's longest serving head of state robert mugabe has announced his resignation. cheers broke out in zimbabwe's parliament after the speaker read out mugabe's resignation letter. impeachment proceedings have now been suspended and crowds have already gathered outside the parliament to cheer on his removal from office or at least his resignation said it now at some live pictures coming to us from harare people out on the streets this is a moment that they've been waiting for for a number of days if not a number of years in some cases of the resignation of the ninety three year old president who had kept people waiting in for the last few days since the military takeover of the country he had not announced his resignation on sunday night as expected but finally now has resigned. in a letter to parliament he said he finally gave public notice of his decision as soon as possible with people cheering on the streets that cause heating of
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thousands of people pouring out into the streets to welcome the news let's bring in there is jonah who's with me now in this is a huge moment just as in my way but for the for the region isn't it. it's an immense moment for zimbabwe there's no doubt about that he's been in power for thirty seven use the only leader that most in bob wins can remember having since independence cos there was a president in place at the beginning but mcgarvey was always the man with the power in his hands he's survived. many many crises in his country he survived three successive implosion of the economy and the rebuilding and then the implosion again he's survived other internal type of coup attempts but this time he's run out of road as we had basically been forced to resign and zanu p.f. had had got rid of him as a leader but he still at that point didn't resign and the chief whip to be a chief whip has not been very happy that the president has chosen to go
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voluntarily this would have ended in serious embarrassment serious and. perhaps but perhaps also worse was potential the potential for this so the fact that it's happened all peacefully as opposed to a really for everyone absolutely i think it's quite extraordinary given the recent history of zimbabwe the way the successive elections have been put down by the military in essence preventing the opposition from winning they have always both to bolster mugabe in power they have always balls to design new p.f. in power there has been a great deal of marland's in keeping him in power and the fact that he's been toppled peacefully is quite extraordinary i think that the details of this story absolutely have yet to be written there are a lot of quite big gaps in understanding quite what has happened and how zanu p.f. voting mugabe as you say as leader he refusing to resign in the big speech on sunday night when he was massively expected to do so and insisting that he would continue to preside over the zanu p.f. conference in december you know questions asked about whether this was simply not
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in his character for a man like mugabe to resign on live television that he would cling on with everything that he had that he would insist on following a constitutional and party process if he was to be a departure he would go only in that manner but things have been pushed to the point where parliament was actually sitting in a special session this afternoon and beginning. a process to impeach him and just as that process was beginning he hands in a letter of resignation perhaps simply realising that it was nothing else left for him to do and this is my sort of bizarre situation we've had the crowds in harare some of them holding posters of the army chief. and the ousted president and god go on. and so that and sergeant up to general going to you can we actually now march to reestablish our contact with harry which also he's in harare for so we've we were just talking just now about the fact that he's actually celebrating the military who instigated this departure and they're now doing the now hoping that
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timonen god will be back what's the expected. he will need the country now. just pushing him in a hurry if you can hear me. my roots are in the studio but some of them are now on the street somewhere you are. getting. hearing about. it coming around to hear you. say going to say independence day to be free from the mccarthy era family with a set of people. that didn't happen. you know. what a fight the people make it mean you fight. the whole thing.
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and hurry who do you think is going to replace mugabe was it too early at the stage to know what the succession will be doing expected to be a man and done what. you. will want. to get a person but i mean i think. we are in one of this. anyone can seize up but safety for him in a way i think. he said. that. we don't know what time's a dream. in terms of investment and that was here and. he is now the interim leader he is the really hard so he is the man who people are sticking to make a significant one. last. briefly we've got still those pictures a lot of that coming to us from here are the story scenes of people celebrating the
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end of the era mcgarvey era journal how it is still with me in the studio so we're just going to talk about the i mean i got a he was the vice president he was ousted originally by without ways kind of led to this whole thing starting what role do you think he might come back to and how is that going to work i mean let's look at who use them as a man governor goes all the way back to the very beginning of the story with mugabe one of the stalwarts of independence a veteran of the war he's a man who has been beside mugabe throughout these being known as mugabe has been for nickname because the crocodile the man who orchestrated the killing of thousands. and if an effort to put down opposition at that time and he's also worked very closely with the military in putting down various opposition attempts to win power at the ballot box now he's the vice president was vice president he was fired as part of an internal power struggle he then called upon
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the military called upon him and they worked together to bring about the situation that we have now so it is highly likely that it will be the next president of zimbabwe leading one hopes to elections in two thousand and eighteen but it is important to understand this man these he's not a man with immense democratic credentials the is a man very much steeped in the past of zimbabwe alongside mugabe quite what he's sending see to the throne if you like heralds for the future of zimbabwe i would say is highly questionable i'm not sure if we can bring a higher. heritage if you could here is they were just talking about what kind of a man. is all people hopeful that actually things will change given that he was part of the he was part of the establishment wasn't he and perhaps also responsible for some unpleasantness throughout the history. zimbabwe people are people hopeful that things will change in zimbabwe with the departure of mugabe.
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was. that even. sorry about that we are as you can probably tell me if you dish it defies you the sound they are not those live pictures extremely scenes there in harare so we're not able to talk to to the moment but let's bring back in jonah how and just you mention when we're talking about that the war veterans they're sort of announcement during the last few days that they were also keen for the departure of mugabe was part of the process wasn't of of getting at this to this point. what do you think their role will be in of in the future zimbabwe. well it's an interesting question in itself because the war veterans of course are not all war veterans this is an old organization so grassroots organization made up of some people who were around during the war and some people who weren't but have been very influential in pushing in pushing government policy or enforcing government policy to cuba terms
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of the removal of white farmers from the agricultural lands and so on they will continue i'm sure to be influential it is a question now i think of all of the organs of state and the bodies and institutions of state hitching themselves to the next body or person in power and that is going to be an ongoing war and once the writing was on the wall that mugabe's time was up and don't forget it was all part and parcel of mugabe's life grace and dignity powered her she was not necessarily a fan or friend to the war veterans nor to the military you know into the modern gulf war faction so removing her news of all of those partisan groups now moved him you know just just one thing that's come in the last couple minutes so the ruling party has said that when i got one who was the recently fired. vice president a little much now isn't taking over as we get within forty eight hours so that perhaps that succession will be quite quick where he's been voted in of course as
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president so he was going to be that way things that actually you know that is the route to get on the economies of how mugabe goes what kind of assurance i mean for some of this is starting to emerge at the moment but presumably he will be given some kind of assurances in order to actually resign because otherwise he would have done it sooner well there's obviously been a negotiation going on behind the scenes and we will find out in due course this is one of the unknowns that will emerge to complete the picture of this story but one of the things that had been discussed was the possibility of immunity for both himself and for his wife grace and the mcgarvie apparently holding out not just for immunity but also for the ability to retain his accumulated wealth that his property is essentially to be able to quietly go away and quote hopefully quietly many people will be thinking and retire with all the money that he has accumulated and properties and safety and immunity for he and his wife. i'm going to try one more time to see if we talk to her you know we haven't got on with her yet and that
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journey just on the issue of the kind of the broader regional. stability in the area we know that the regional body had been quite sort of cautious in in terms of responding to a military takeover because i was you worried about the president of the military beating out of a sitting leader. but obviously didn't want any kind of pressures at home what do you think does this set any kind of precedent you think this way the way this has happened for other leaders who might be. perhaps quite entrenched and not keen to leave i don't think i want to wade particularly into the politics of regional countries but i think what is interesting in that particular context is that had there been a had there been a full blown in the military coup to remove robert mugabe from power that would have been something that had to act upon the regional body. of governments would have had to act upon that to try and secure mugabe's place to try and preserve. it's decision in power now what was interesting about the speech that he gave on sunday night when he failed to resign was that he very pointedly absolved the
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military of responsibility for a coup. in language that nobody would ever have heard mcgarvie he admitted that there had been basically gross failures of governments and management in the country in the military was entirely right in stepping in and highlighting those things and carrying out the actions that it did to result that in other words there was no coupe people nothing to see here this was all completely proper and within the constitutional mora's was the expression that he used and i think the very purpose of that in conjunction with the military was to take away the word coup and prevent intervention by the regional countries. so the zimbabwe parliament speaker saying they're working on legal issues to make sure the new leaders in place by the end of wednesday that's what you're leading to that. they had voted for when and where to take over so he will be in position fairly quickly i suppose that avoids any kind of power vacuum but what do you think the role of the opposition will be
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because they've been quite diminished and then the last few years do you think they have any kind of potential for new elections soon or what you think that the future of the opposition role is look i mean i i mean i really think that's the that's open to guesswork there's been lots of speculation particularly on the part of international governments and diplomats that this process is a process which will or at least could lead to a democratic resolution in zimbabwe and election there is one do you any way constitutionally next year an election which could be a properly democratic vote in which the opposition would take part and. when i wouldn't say but possibly come up with some to the government of national unity the so the basic premise to that theory or line of thinking is that a man like emerson. comes into power as a democrat. i think we will find out sooner or later probably sooner whether that is the case but certainly his history doesn't suggest it. and the
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the fact that he's been there for so long and was in some ways the kind of people grew up with him in many cases and they did they'd lived under this era. do you think there's a reluctance almost to have a change too much change when you get to that situation you kind of got to go but people actually want to hold on to something of the of the past well i think it's a it's a history of revolution is new in zimbabwe and the revolutions elsewhere think of cuba where people have as you say he was in power for thirty seven years but he's figure was around the revolution as it were the war that was for ten years before that you know people many people have never known anything else and will be deeply reluctant in the emotional and psychological sense to give up on zanu p.f. the party that has led that lived into freedom never mind the fact that it also led them to absolute poverty and inequality but yes there will be a reluctance of course to parker i think we can now talk to her much as i was live
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with the crowds there in harare so harry it's an extraordinary scene that what people been saying to you. one thing i. might. say. for the aso. that i think they want to one cannot be a nazi i think we because somebody think. we have it looks you are sucking up to floyd feel like. your is of economy sucking corrupt and. you would like to be as they say that they hope that the biggest. and that hopes they'll get rid of some of the corruption and the and that they can omit troubles how confident are they that if they get in and as
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leaders that will happen any time soon. there are some people who are saying that anything when they got one has been in government since ninety eight you call. them . that they describe and they're wondering what we are now in egypt really going to bring or is it more a i'm from people are concerned. mortified of an apparent drug war levy mceachern the constant. scrub since. people officers are kind of leaving. what do you get time right now i think for that well being including my kids the one goal and that was to look. back to the year opposition supporters or i will be part of what i call. people that i've seen over the people pull people out of because of politics things that are. there then take it
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from this imprecise moment and take got the outstanding ubiquitously of the country right now saying some of these but they. lead. people to be happy in. fact a decade not. they now i. say bring that. out. you're doing work because you thought it. but now it. has a better one it's not just moved on to take our and how rude what do they feel now about the mugabe family i know we're trying to talk about is it about the centers it was quite noisy do they feel resentment about the way them going is a great in the last few years or was it just really for the stages that they've gone. but i know i could be on the natalee factor a lot of the ball very very i agree very very angry at the makati family why
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they're so good but not so when i see things that the cry being. made about africa and they think. that maybe. what happened and all the things they buy the money there. it was a crime. and people were threatening that. and we were getting there that night the night of the day i don't need people here i think what you personally don't like that he did not. want the crime but not all of the money that they so he would like don't you think clearly. not you keep their. what were. people to. make being put into place you know like united. and good luck got
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a meeting to. take place why did it. make you want to come into their the country. as you know you know make a living on the ground but now i am with us at the time being thank you very much describing the people been talking about it feels like independence day in zimbabwe today let's have a listen in to the senate patients on the streets. was the. was the. was the was. was the was.
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the. scenes than i am going on right now ben smith takes in a pocket and life and career woman who has resigned. there will always be. in control that was in two thousand and seven. the was ten years later when the people let their views be known albeit encouraged by zimbabwe's military mccarthy ignored them and then surprise them when he didn't announce his resignation in a television address and i thank you and good night. after thirty seven years in controlling the gobby found it hard to let go he's made a career by definitely outmaneuvering potential rival isn't one of the first to be
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sidelined was joshua and co mo a fellow liberation fighter and co mo was leader of the party mugabe merge them with his zanu p.f. party their alliance was uneasy and in como was relegated to the figurehead role of vice president. at the turn of the century mcgarvie started seizing farms owned by whites to appease supporters angry at the slow pace of land reform the economy shrank by a third unemployment soared above eighty percent. out of this economic turmoil another rival emerged we must to give him more garbage is sounding defeat morgan chang or i formed the movement for democratic change he became popular enough to risk defeating mcgarvie in a presidential election runoff in two thousand and eight. i was beaten up frequently arrested and intimidated dozens of his supporters were killed allegedly
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by zanu p.f. folks the m.d.c. leader withdrew from the election. worried about the stability of its neighbor south africa forced both men into a coalition or i became prime minister but mcgarvey retain control of the police and secret service and with that the real power. mcgarvie won the election four years later by a landslide supporters said voter registration lists were manipulated critics said mccarthy was just as ruthless at dealing with rivals in his own party war veteran vice president joyce majority was fired in twenty fourteen accused of corruption and plotting to assassinate mccarthy this time his wife grace was seen as instrumental in engineering majeure his downfall it was the clearest signal yet that mcgarvie was now not only protecting his own position but also laying the path where his wife to succeed him. the sacking of emerson managua made that obvious the vice president nicknamed the crocodile had been in pole position to succeed
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mccarthy firing him cleared the way for his wife. but this time the ninety three year old president had gone too far and al gore is close to the military leadership they stepped in after thirty seven years robert mugabe's days of exercising unchallenged power were over bernard smith al-jazeera. well international reaction is starting to come in to the news of the resignation of robert mugabe her joins us live from harare we've had. the british prime minister last few minutes saying resignation if we're going to provide zimbabwe with an opportunity to forge a new cost free of oppression i guess that's what a lot of people will be hoping for. such. as. in. the last. in the. notion of the focus on dean and when thousands of people want to ask the
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kids why especially when the train to carry out the and back in with the rebellion and he crushed them and throughout the election opposition forces to be coming to the city. by sunday he was. using force to get what he wants a. family who lost people would those who knows that and so i suppose the sense that they feel that justice has finally come out at least for now anyway he's gone and they're hoping that he will be prosecuted for those atrocities but it's still early days but yes a lot of people did feel oppressed by it. as a family and when he was president of the country and it was interesting to her the way this is played out with people actually quite supportive it would seem of the role of the army in bringing about the end of the mugabe era
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a sort of somebody holding up posters of the army chief constantino. which is kind of surprising in so in some ways isn't it. it is right over the you know. when mr. housing is a. state that. i think on the seat of the frustration i just want to see. people that want to point the only way that could be done was with the military so when the minute to intervene you didn't see the general public complaining that it was that. they. will. lose. and not to be able to meet kids
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still getting hairy but. the main thing i suppose now is people are not necessarily looking beyond today that and as you mentioned a lot of policies plans. yet and the main thing now is is deliberating but then of course the back of everyone's mind you it is the economy you have a country what the highest unemployment rate in the world but you look at you like . the rocketing and you worry on them and they were there were long lines outside banks so that is the long term thing but for now it's about kind of breaking some of what again we glad that it takes that it's gone put it in this thing we would never let this happen again in the bar with a single out again if there happens to feel a break that he's gone. what do you think the opposition is going to do now in terms of especially campaigning or trying to get to to galvanize people to support
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them given given the way the perhaps people will want to cling on to some vestiges of the past perhaps with the new p.f. will the fact that. this is being brought about in this way they might want to kind of keep a little bit of the old guard in power. would you think about the opposition's chances now. i think the opposition is going to have a greenie a really hard time mobilizing themselves connection. can't you see and. i'm in and out even though it's part of the old established me somebody and i know he's a businessman they know me by the old like by the international me you know but it's national community. it depends what zanu p.f. does now if they quickly manage to put things in place that shows signs that the economy is recovering people could then say let's give this new kid
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a chance at the election it's the one thing if the some reason you don't or doesn't change then people might support the opposition but i do feel. to be really hard pull movement and get i the main opposition leader to dolphin i suppose because some people are just waiting to see what will happen with the money if they now have an alternative gone missing news on what is going to offer the people learn how to thank you very much in the service not to some of those are reactions on the streets of whom. are not very well for your knowledge of food so i'm good i have known them alone. i can you can you move a little brighter future because we are only to have the best to come in the world we have the ninos of the book the land the book the good linux people on it to get
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there and because we're here present on november seventh bridging independence here we are having i have realized our own has it will overwhelm. close you know yes. yes yes yes yes. all over. yes. let's bring in tanya paige is live in johannesburg in neighboring south africa and i guess that is a large number of zimbabweans who live there now and call it their home what are they what's their reaction been. well i think all of those scenes well as seen there in those pictures coming from harare of of relief a little shock and surprise and joy and celebration will be mirrored many homes across south africa as you mentioned there are many hundreds of thousands of
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zimbabweans who school south africa then their homes on temporary some permanently people have been driven out of their home pronto by political persecution and as home was talking about previously about the di economic situation i know zimbabweans in south africa here in johannesburg who are qualified teachers with years of experience who work for just a dollar or two a day got a house on the street that's where this is. anything but the jobs that are really nonexistent that are available back at hahn so they'll be a lot of people relieved and pleased and also a little bit shocked just on my way in to the office i was approached by a neighbor who survived went and she had been receiving the emergency cool's from home and i was shocked she just didn't believe it she sort of grabbed him by the shoulders and gave me a shake and asked me if it was true so i had the pleasure of delivering that used
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to. woman. in person and tony didn't have any reaction yet from the south african government because they've been. sort of at the forefront and they have the talks around this departure which wasn't as quick as some had perhaps thought it would be. there hasn't been any reaction we did. just a short while ago however that there would be a continuation of the visit and now. that south african president jacob zuma will still go to harare tomorrow on wednesday along with angola's president and c.e.o. that was something that was only announced just a few hours ago and they say that it will go and that they were greatly concerned by events unfolding in zimbabwe and that they were going to be making that visit south africa because that is not only original power but its current.


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