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it's involved wins with cool south africa then their homes on temporary some permanently people have been driven out of their home prone tree by political persecution and as home was talking about previously about the di economic situation i know zimbabweans in south africa here in johannesburg who are qualified teachers with years of experience who work for just a dollar or two a day guarding a house on the street. is. there anything that the jobs that are really nonexistent that are available back at home so they'll be a lot of people relieved than pleased to be here and also a little bit shocked just on my way in to the office i was approached by a neighbor who's about where and she had been receiving the emergency cools from home and i was shocked she just didn't believe it she sort of grabbed him by the shoulders and gave me a shake and asked me if it was true so i had the pleasure of delivering that used
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to there's a woman. in person and twenty's me reaction yet from the south african government because they've been. sort of at the forefront of the talks around this departure which wasn't as quick as some had perhaps it would be. there hasn't been any reaction we did come. just a short while ago however that there would be a continuation of the visit and now. that south african president jacob zuma will still go to harare tomorrow on wednesday along with the end goal is president and c.e.o. that was something that was only announced just a few hours ago and they say that it will go ahead and that it said that they were greatly concerned by events unfolding in zimbabwe and that they were going to be making that visit to south africa because that is not only original power but its current. but she of said at the southern african development community we didn't
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know whether there was going to be delivering a message but frankly that's really all been eclipsed if you like by events of the last half hour or so and what was the experience. experience when he would presumably know. when god were quite well. all of the top leaders in both the governing party here in south africa the african national congress and those in zanu p.f. have known each other for many years decades in some instances and there is a lot of respect shared among those leaders and also among the parties which really makes up the southern african quite unique if you like many all of the countries in southern africa are still dominated politically by these former liberation movements formally which are now you know in in government so there is they're united by a shared history of struggle against as an apartheid here in south africa and so
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there is a bond between all of them of course over the years and certainly you know definitely behind the scenes there's been a fraying all those relations how about we have never seen. really take a very outspoken stance and be very critical of zimbabwe because nobody inside it really wants to see it that president the only individual leader who's who's gone out on a limb if you like his is botswana's president incomer who retire reiterated today a call he's made previously for president mugabe to step down but i think ultimately what's happened outside diplomatically a new south africa has played an important role but said ike itself hasn't really been that strong an instrument and what's unfolded here more nearly an outsider looking in but clearly a peaceful transition is in everyone's benefit and all countries all citizens. in
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the region would want to strain want to see a stronger particularly economical economically is a mob way. down a paycheck thank you very much indeed tennis rejoined harley. live in harare with a laser celebrating crowds haru every two years. i. haven't seen. even union members to listen to despite she didn't seem to be fighting being disloyal so your reaction to the news that the president has signed we are very happy i am from the opposition the political party missional people sparty which is led by dr j. as to what i don't function i am a provincial member so we are very excited about what has happened the form of it took to tell this and i get the full of. we have been under the impression for that seven years and i'm a company should assume that you are saying what has happened this was good spun we
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are very excited we are saying this is a warning to all african governments or any of that to kids who are hiding behind this subject to see they think that they could be protected by such if there is no protection there is what is core to the people speak our so we are saying this is it good to listen to all of us want to tell you the office and we are also even wanting him in and got winnie to office we are saying he has to introduce you know to place the governance transitional covenants democratic rule with the shaun of the world to the to we the people of zimbabwe who are sick and tired from cut this machine missions because the sole person we have it excited to you can see with what is happening currently that to people well placed where if enough to talking openly in the public and no. city of the past. week in
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opposition to a strong. this is not going to weaken any office in the pot with supporter timonen got to talk form a couple through these demonstrations and you expect that someone that was to play the kim family if it is not going to play the game fairly routinely came on your own so we are sick and tired of the sudden you. put that seven years no opposition to government in its involvement since independence in tonight's show you are saying we want to timika to cool it is trying to make all of us in a political parties a stronger force it was the power of the people mostly from the opposition with. this one and got one thing to talk well into the members of the defense forces to talk about the other to night.
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to return to expect anybody to persecute him who wanted to set him free he said the old man there's no need for punishment on him prior to some of these ministers who were looting and all those who killed two people for over one thousand eighty up to take they must be persecuted which led to justice tickets on the force there was no need to assess loads of people for no apparent reason anybody who wasn't home in the killing before listen to justice must take this one was full of attempt at a reason why this would turn of mind to let them stay at their house and let them call to see him by their low area what you want is to you leave him alone was his to own if you are sitting still young we are praying to. but you are saying since it is an
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old minutes and i did not know but to pay restitution to them with the old to piss it was said no he was actually a sinner too as a victim list i don't think is what so many years to live from no. i did. everything. so that was a hairy metacity practical to keep the nine going there given all the crowds rushing around and jubilance that let's remind ourselves about the main news it is an official from zimbabwe's ruling is on appeal but has now said that the former vice president and assuming that i will take over as leader in forty eight hours now that president robert mugabe has resigned anderson is take a look a closer look at when i got was background the man who could become zimbabwe's president. two leaders one side by side who became sworn enemies this is how an extraordinary sequence of events started this is
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a new lesson to ten minutes. of employment as vice president emerson my god what i had been sacked by robert mugabe are accused of being unreliable disloyal and deceitful speculation pointed towards grace mugabi the president's wife as being behind the move the two hundred publicly fallen outs in the jockeying for position over who should succeed ninety three year old mugabi. that highlighted the two factions splitting the ruling zanu p.f. party at the time the military and the war veterans loyal to him and i got grace mugabe as you sam who dubbed g. forty my god well fled abroad but his supporters planned their response and it was dramatic. the head of the defense forces warned the army would step in if the
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purges of politicians it favors didn't stop now as later armored vehicles rolled into the capital harare we wish to assure the nation that he's excellent to the president of the republic of zimbabwe and commander in chief of these i'm up with finn forces. g. mugabe and his family are safe and sound and their security is going to teach many of my gob is long term supporters had clearly abandoned him. that. should have been recalled from is it as the president and first. stayed quiet a tactic that didn't surprise observers of the man who has been nicknamed the crocodile for his style in dealing with opponents he is
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a one man boy is not to be allowed to use culpability when you look at it when it wants to attack is just called blood to you doug crowley was until the person is not knowing what is going to happen the new. number. one guy had been a powerful and loyal member of mugabe's inner circle serving as justice minister speaker of parliament and vice president his supporters praise his business acumen and hope he can improve zimbabwe's dire economic situation if given the chance he's also suggested reengaging with the west after years of international isolation under the gobby andrew simmons al-jazeera. what ching that live pictures in harare after the resignation of robert mugabe the ninety three year old
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president of the country who's been there for thirty seven years and who had failed to resign on sunday night when many people had expected him to in a long speech he has now resigned today in a letter that was read out to the parliament let's bring in jonah how is it you know what we were hearing there from one of the opposition parties saying that they were sick and tired of the new p.f. which i suppose you want spect but they also they were expecting a man who is expected to take over from. mugabe to play the game fairly well what kind of chances are there of of a democratic transition in zimbabwe where this was an official we were listening to of the party of choice majeure she was the vice president also sacked by mugabe because he feared she was getting too close to power which is the way he's dealt with all of his opposition up to now yes the message from him was. you must now foremost i'm going to managua a government representative of all of us and play the game fairly well look i mean i think the most that anyone can hope for in the very short term now is that women
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got go out to the sense really of magnanimity form some sort of government of national unity kronberg bring the country together on a transitional basis leading to the elections which to do next year he may delay this. why so much that magnanimity is because he's really not under any pressure to do that because if you look at the sort of organs of power and influence over him zanu p.f. remains the majority party it is likely to continue to remain so going into those elections the opposition don't have the numbers the only external influence on the country really is such a clear regional grouping of countries who have political problems of their own they're not going to throw stones and rocks houses as it were and try and force on monoglot any particular agenda so yes it would be a question of magnanimity what happens in the election though is that it is likely i think to goes on a p.f.c. way and beyond that the question of what sort of president is to managua will be a democrat or otherwise well you've only to look at his posture to realize that
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there isn't an overwhelming chance of him suddenly giving way to democracy or indeed even magnanimity journal thank you very much and that's a return to having the toss and has been reporting live on at events since the original sit before and after the resignation of robert mugabe harry if you can hear us over to. the. right here in russia the. problem of god. which we haven't figured out the. problem of god as a scientific think this day would come i am only ever since i was born i have never voted i don't see this day i'm so candidates for that just seven years we have been so proud of our fathers were there when told my father the war that you went to war
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he did to well what you got it is what we're going to carry to show well this was tough you know we had degrees with everything but we're suffering so i'm so glad i'm so close to him as a young person in survive it. what is it like living in a country under these economic conditions it has been very tough it's been very tough ever since i graduated just like millions of others in course. when we were waking then being underpaid i'm an economist but i was working for a company that was giving me eight thousand british. money here and i need to be taken looking after myself i need to further my studies but those things will happen the because you couldn't challenge was just true we didn't have to justify anything here so i just pray that the court just hit us and i'm on the i'm very happy that the innocent men that were over the hill. all you want that nothing will
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change because it's the old system. s. and as of now we know innocent men and all the i think i believe more than the two we are we are having a new leader at least it gives us hope the. can go to elections with sunday we know you want to get to get out but for now let's just pray let's listen it's because the brits wouldn't get this or no we're having this first phase discordant to stop the medicine. for the future we have a profit but i mustn't go before me. for me my soul is good that i can do is it is an appeal to the man today to even be your own man to meet you is part of who don't you was part of from invention which produced and you knew you was part of the people who made it through to the wind into the ocean and none are going to wind up this wonderful if it was part of the people who noticed the old the water out of
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the old that the future the will just want to see what the future holds for what's the constituent what. do you think getting old. that's the most excited i the main opposition you know what you think it's time for the next six twenty two. right now i think the. load for me it for me i think the incentive i know it puts it a chance to win the election why no one you know when before the elections were being leaked and so we got this subject and people will want to know that they keep it to the collection so you could do it but i wouldn't go to nigeria you know to say there was there were three and fake credibility i don't know these people would have to focus. but no real. yellow to
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go i think the old the don't look at what. will be this little expression one point zero zero zero zero zero zero what he's. telling us it is to the people who want to hold little looks good for the system yet so that maybe the chances of winning. that it's a mix of. the. load it's. just a function very much indeed and john hollister with me in the studio and it was it was interesting there was that the reference to that to the front of people right when educated but they then have no jobs in the state of economy in zimbabwe has been getting worse and worse one of the things he. always did was to blame the rest
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for the for the economic problems do you think that any of his successes would have a different attitude towards the west of the everest without instinct. you know to try to bring the kind of the troubles at home on the west. i mean one has to assume . that that particular line of argument passes away with mugabe's leadership because. inherits if he is to be the president in the long term or whoever's the president inherits an economy on its knees a currency decimated inflation going up by the day certainly by the week the price of stable huge unemployment as you say a very educated workforce that is one of the so that we are dire on the parts of mugabe's legacy he was always deeply committed to the idea of education he had that imbued him in him from a young age that the value of a quality education so yes this is a very qualified and educated workforce that has no work whoever takes the reins
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now must surely surely cry out for foreign investment they've got to create a playing field now an economic claimed playing field in which it is deemed safe for foreign investment to come in and you're not going to do that by decrying the western the politics of the west that i think was mcgarvie has got and that has to pass and one of things that's been quite interesting is actually the level of sort of peaceful protest because they came out in the streets over the weekend they protested it was all very peaceful even when they didn't resign on that sunday night when there weren't a lot of people had hoped he would they held a no they didn't there was no violence as far as i can anyway i'm sure that perhaps is is one of the things this is another strength another a controlled reality again bob when people which people have spoken about commented on over decades now even the most severe moments of crisis in the country people have never taken up arms people have never in themselves become violent which is not to say that not faced bottoms of course the military has stepped on stepped in in a couple of occasions and been severely brutal towards the opposition but the people
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themselves have always been largely peaceful and this is a certainly a quality quality of the zimbabwean people whether it's part of the garbage legacy either and it's peaceful and certainly this evening. jubilant to have a listen into the singing and the celebration. i am. here to see you. doing. so bringing on your page now live in johannesburg in neighboring the south africa search on your misspoke earlier it was early days for reaction are you getting anything from the government now to the news that the goal is resignation.
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well south africa's government says this has happened they are still going to send president jacob zuma to harare from angola with there was an emergency said it so much of the southern african development community that my son is still going to send president zuma at the stage we suspected there might be a message delivered in that visit but of course all of that's been eclipsed by events that have been forwarded just in the last couple of hours we understand in downtown johannesburg the lights of which you can see behind me there there is about wins on the street knowing echoing some of those things i want to smaller sure that we see coming live from harare there are many hundreds of thousands of zimbabweans here in south africa driven out some for political reasons many for economic reasons looking a little broader across the region to zambia we've had
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a statement from the opposition leader. saying congratulations we stand by our zimbabwean brothers and sisters and calling for other leaders around southern africa to take. i'm a surely adopt the stance that this is power by the people for the people and to the people. and on the one of the things i suppose that to they must be relieved about to talk about it a moment ago was the fact that this is what happened peacefully because they're already around three million zimbabweans in south africa any kind of shock that could have caused it is an upset and. civil mourning but it would have caused an important or. oh absolutely anything that happens in zimbabwe or which is surrounded by five other southern african countries has an enormous an impact on those neighbors not just south africa which has borne the brunt of that survey exodus from zimbabwe but all those other countries have
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pretty large zimbabwe in diaspora populations and we're talking about as jonah was just mentioning there you know that mugabe has a legacy of strongly to see of improving education and zimbabwe abets had the flow on effect of creating a lot of very qualified experienced teachers and i know a man for example who works here in johannesburg on the street guarding cars for a couple of dollars every day so that sort of investment has been drained from the country because people just can't get jobs at home and so they come to places like south africa which is an economic hard for the region looking for the money even if it is just a pittance but it's that kind of money that gets sent back home in remittances which is an important part of zimbabwe's economy now which supports all the people that hari was talking about earlier who just struggled to put food on the table. thank you very much indeed for that and that's
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a return now to her mentor so who's life first in harare haru we've been talking about. the possibility of him being the new leader one of your guests earlier from the national people's party saying that he expects men and god work to play. the game fairly is that people are calling for the turn right. and to be able to. enjoy the race and anthony davis the moment that was. taken over. do you think you'll be a fair man do you think is what this country means. i think and this issues that to . you live to listen to this and what you see what do you do such as what you're doing. or we only hear one member of the budget was he was giving this people. that's what if it. wasn't meant to
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talk to us but no. definitely has been to change in your if you need. to stoop to to change things. that. the ticket cost of people calling ruthless using the keys of some. things in this country do you think . change its spots. in the game of politics i think that it. was good. to newspaper. has been used. since the old time post-independence and to. what to just pick him. to just be a senior politicians are capable of doing anything we can to. bring. you what. you want the sooner we'll have
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a job what has it been easy. for us to be coming from a similar way. to. looking for. so with a little touch of. you won't be able to sustain the oath you brought it was also your own will to the fullest and to kill you on the minute to own up to the fight you do it. is a tribute to someone who wants to get to the o.t. this it would you. have been a situation in to those that need to if they knew what is the if you hope it does. in the sim most bang for what it actually is. the thank you very much the what's on the right the right lots of the. time i was the only toss of them the only invent in
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zimbabwe as i'm listening to scenes on the on the ground in harare people absorb the news of the resignation of the no serving president robert mugabe. i am. the owner. of seventeen g.m.t. and you're watching the world's oldest her stay.


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