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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 324  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2017 8:32pm-9:00pm +03

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the main problems will be i mean off the top has been about the dire state of the economy in zimbabwe and the suffering that. people what kind of things need to be tackled first by whoever takes over if you didn't date is god was as expected but i think reestablishing international connections zimbabwe it was placed under international sanctions following the expropriation of farmland in two thousand the idea being behind that initially was reduced. population that obviously didn't happen quite in the in the way that was expected so that is a first step that's going to happen there also needs to be risk reestablishment of faith in the zimbabwe and currency so currently zimbabwe does not have its own currency it is a basket i think i believe it's twelve to fifteen other currencies they've also issued something called notes which are supposed to be equivalent and pegged to the u.s. dollar nobody believes in their value anymore and they've depreciated massively so we are looking at sort of very serious inflation with dire consequences obviously for average people and i'm suppose we maybe got a hint from one of the few i mean that many reactions in terms of international
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reaction so far to this but people are kind of waiting to see i think what happened is that we've had the british prime minister saying that the resignation of. the opportunity to forge a new path free of oppression and perhaps not free repression in line. to suggest that yes people want to be partners but need to be a change in the way they operate you can't just be a change leader i think given. by the military and also by people on the street there clearly needs to be some sort of change the way that the country is run internally and externally for international partners to engage properly they're going to need to see policy change they're going to need to see a change in direction that change a man and a strategy and what about the future of her new position because actually in some ways. or course want her mentor so that zanu p.f. now is only strengthened by the way this is all happening and can can the opposition a strong woman. i mean in many ways this is a. interesting transition because it's more of
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a factional. competition between different wings and here than it is between any two different political ideologies are parties the m.d.c. is generally the main opposition party headed by morgan trying is generally regarded as quite weak at this point that being said he has according to reports now returned to zimbabwe from some from south africa where he was in exile for several years he is and when her are now clearly she wants to be part of this transition and is rallying support around his message of change because i think you very much indeed. and this return to harm a tough guy who's been doing a starting job of gathering people. interrupting the celebrations here in the over to you. told to someone from the opposition on to invite. the a.b.c. . to what do you think call him a someone and why as
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a leader. of the prison for so i think you've been through judging this fight is the response. you understand when you when you move to the issue of us it has been admitted is. this accused this is a. political violence is accused is someone who has been. if the much mix of. posts to those with him to see what school means. many. people with it in the name of a muslim and. i think there's been a little bit is there. room by. room by. room to see the point for this hour as a true self. some people. see it.
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as. the pot and. the struggle that i've been forty five a.m. to see of us is once a month has been a. lot of intimidation and that we fighting that to. have in this initial perception of them disease from them disease and them to see was ready to finish. without at least. owning disposability. has been cut short by the. disease of a. disease this is. you know the. speaking to. the regional bodies.
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want to. reach. the region is a little. bit of the this is where the people of this. still we've. been for sure. in two thousand and eight. it's. the zimbabweans for realizing when they voted for president. but then this brings into dealt with. on the side of the people of zimbabwe for the events of august. or into the next phase. of the critical terms. making sure that there was two of them it was about is going
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to come so. close they do not come to solve it the proposal is exposed by the much in the guinness book of as expose them in the form of david and excitement with a newsletter about the double sport for you with this guy who has to make sure the mic to suppose that is the problem and to make sure the police the mayor who voted present sensible government to this man before the next election and the ritual to save. the day of the group made to the gun and also to make sure that the snow tell you to take. to the box with the old man but i think going forward no it is the old civilians to make sure that. was it. thank you very much for. just what i. believe. it's reality. looking.
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testament to mind the from harare thank you. so much for bringing in the time the patrons in the neighboring the south africa protests a little bit about the reaction of south africa to this. news from zimbabwe. for the shock of it really starting to think through no now that bit of a pass a happening and downtown johannesburg the lights which you can see over my shoulder as there is involved when desperate here in south africa people who mostly have come here looking for work because the economic situation in their own country has been in decline for many years now on the official front with might put a call into government and they say that they don't have anything to say just yet however they can throw. that they think that south african president jacob zuma
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will still go to harare from any. day and he was it was only announced just a few hours ago and events on the ground may have eclipsed the necessity for that we understand he is still going to undertake that trip along with angolan president . official from from the main opposition party that it could be. it's. actually actions to the zimbabwean people calling for free and fair elections next year and so for the removal of the governing design in those elections and calling on africans that it was time to be liberated from the liberation we've also heard from the opposition leader in zambia. sending congratulations to zimbabwe and also reiterating the point by the democratic alliance that this was a message for african leaders that this is powered by the people for the people and
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to the people to the opposition that second largest opposition here in south africa . freedom fighters with a bit of a different message actually saying calling on the zimbabweans at this time of immense change to. the land reform program and the president. which returned land to the black majority and led to the removal and kicking off the land and off commercial farms of civil thousand white commercial far as. saying that that is the one legacy of mugabe's that must be advanced and protected by the by the supports nationalization of land and some state institutions here in south africa. thank you very much indeed. that's just to remind you know about robert mugabe's life and long career. looks back. yet. there will always be.
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that was in two thousand and seven. was ten years later when the people let their views be known albeit encouraged by zimbabwe's military mcgarvie ignored them and then surprised them when he didn't announce his resignation in a television address and i thank you. and good night after thirty seven years in controlling the gobby found it hard to let go and i made a career by definitely outmaneuvering potential rival because i'm one of the first to be sidelined was joshua and co mo a fellow liberation fighter and como was leader of the party mugabe merge them with his zanu p.f. party their alliance was uneasy and in como was relegated to the figurehead role of vice president. at the turn of the century mugabe started seizing farms owned by whites to appease supporters angry at the slow pace of land reform the economy
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shrank by a third unemployment soared above eighty percent. out of this economic turmoil another rival emerged we must to give him more garbage is sounding defeat morgan chang or i formed the movement for democratic change he became popular enough to risk defeating mcgarvie in a presidential election runoff in two thousand and eight. i was beaten up frequently arrested and intimidated dozens of his supporters were killed allegedly by zanu p.f. folks the m.d.c. leader withdrew from the election. worried about the stability of its neighbor south africa forced both men into a coalition or i became prime minister but mcgarvey retain control of the police and secret service and with that the real power. mcgarvie won the election four years later by a landslide supporters said voter registration lists were manipulated critics said
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mccarthy was just as ruthless at dealing with rivals in his own party war veteran vice president joyce majority was fired in twenty four team accused of corruption and plotting to assassinate mccarthy this time his wife grace was seen as instrumental in engineering majeure his downfall it was the clearest signal yet that mcgarvie was now not only protecting his own position but also laying the path where his wife to succeed him the sacking of amazon managua made that obvious the vice president nicknamed the crocodile had been in pole position to succeed mccarthy firing him cleared the way for his wife. but this time the ninety three year old president had gone too far and is close to the military leadership they stepped in after thirty seven years robert mugabe's days of exercising unchallenged power were over bernard smith al-jazeera around three
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million zimbabweans of emigrated from their home country to south africa in search of work following zimbabwe's economic collapse opposition politician. has held the governor's resignation as the end of an oppressive regime. for all fixed to tell it's like if you pull off a lucy phone we have been under the impression for that seven years and i'm a compass assume and you are saying what has happened to this us good spline we are very excited we are saying this is a warning to all african governments or any other. being behind is subject to see they think that they can be protected by such there's no protection there is what is called of the people was our show you say this is a good to listen to all of the can do does want to tell you the office and well also if in the morning when and up are twenty two office we are saying.
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no to piss it governance transitional covenants democratic rule with shaun of the world that's all we the people of zimbabwe we are sick and tired from cut this machine your assertions become the sole person we have very excited you can see with what is happening currently that you people will place where even afraid to talking openly into public announcement of the fuss and you expect that someone has to play the victim then if it is not when to play the game sending lewd text him on your own we are sick and tired of the sudden appearance soon put at seven years no position to comment innocent since independence in eighteen nineteen so we are saying we want to trim a critical it is plain to make the political parties a stronger force it was the power of the people mostly from the opposition with.
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this one and got one thing to talk to and the members of the defense forces to took them cut out of power. to return to expect anybody to persecute him who wanted to set him free he said all to me. there's no need for. the ministers who are looting and all those who killed two people. up to take it they must be persecuted which spread to justice take its course there was no need for. people in the recent. homes in the killing people unnecessarily justice must. listen we turn a mind to. let them call to sin by and. what you want is to leave him alone was he is too old if you are still young we are going to deal with you
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but you are saying since he's an old two minutes and i couldn't be dealing with it and all to piss in was. not so many as to leave from. added to this is africa the financial times is with me again in the studio and that's one of things that can be interesting is to see what happens to the mugabe is and we heard from just there from one voice one view on this and from our correspondent there she was saying that some people say you know don't let them leave the country they have to pay for what they've done and others are saying let them go don't prosecute them you know it's kind of the end of this and let's just let bygones be bygones but in some ways the handling of that is going to be crucial isn't it absolutely i mean this is the question of our times brought you know to the international stage by the creation of the international criminal court do you let bygones be bygones you prosecute rulers or leaders who
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have committed. committed atrocities or in this case a mis ruled and and sort of go through transition that way i would imagine that again mr mugabe is a pretty savvy political operator for all that he's ninety three years old he has probably negotiated some sort of protection for himself i would imagine in the intervening two days between when he was kicked out as head of his party and his resignation tonight because it originally on the sunday night he was still talking about continuing in power and essentially saying that only god could remove him from office that defiance is not going to has resigned it's been billed as sort of voluntary but he certainly felt the pressure did not just from the streets of people coming out protesting but also from the army of tapping him on the shoulder firmly well absolutely i mean once you're under house arrest and you have generals marching into your home. you know and putting you up on television at sort of you know university graduation to signal to the people that you know he's alive and
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well and taking over the national broadcaster clearly you're under a substantial amount of pressure to present you know in the last couple days the way almost nobody seemed to know what was going to happen even the people in town appear if we spoke to a spokesman who based in the u.k. for don't appear to still say well it isn't really a coup and the person. the pressure still needs to be followed almost as though everyone was too frightened of saying that actually in the end he would have to go and perhaps for fear that perhaps someday. when we heard somebody speaking on the streets. he was the person who were most afraid i'm sure i mean a lot of very repressive regime for activists for journalists i mean you heard testimony from activists saying that they've been beaten spent time in jail now they feel that their efforts are vindicated but i mean the protests that we saw coming out sort of over the weekend i mean these were the first large scale protests that had been able to happen again and many many years many zimbabweans had never taken to the streets like to protest against their leader before so i
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think. you know there's there's a lot of emotion and there's also you know still some holding back and even when the news of his resignation broke you know i was following very closely on twitter and people were very hesitant to say you know this is actually happening this is real now by him it should be. returned to her much as it has been following events since that resignation and obviously the days running up to it how true we've been talking about the the atmosphere on the streets but also what people want to happen to the mugabe so what's your sense now of the prevailing feeling and with them going right now. celebrating slavery. do you think. and his wife should be dismissed or some of the prosecution i think for starters we already down so we just need something for
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a change something not so prosecution on what personally i think let them have let them just doesn't that we don't care it's a free stuff that's all we're looking for. and it's a huge huge day what does it mean for you as a young person you know it's very. surreal because you know i'm thirty years old somebody in the u.s. in zambia and south africa the same age as me they've seen five six presidents and i've only seen one same as my mother and my grandfather and everybody else in my family my friends circle so. we really don't care what's going to happen we don't know what's going to happen to zimbabwe but this is a start there's a ray of hope that's all we're about and violent is anything that going forward going forward. it's not about seeing zimbabwe as a happy right now even of the army's really happy but it doesn't mean it's going to be easy it's going to be hotter than ever but zimbabwe for zimbabweans we have to work harder and now we have to ask ourselves to sort about what the country can do
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for us but what can we do for our country zimbabwe we have to rebuild it relies on the overnight is going to be five years ten years but it's a stock. if it is going to be. what it's really. want to meant by. it's like a car that was a wreck. you just part of. the body that's damaged the engine was damaged the wheels were down the steering didn't even wasn't even there yet so it's a long walk to freedom but it's a start to take you from this whoa what i needed to think of it when i got will be . you know what they walked together fifty seven years people don't know this but he was with the governor for fifty seven years. so it was i don't know it was thirty seven years of this is just too much and you wonder if this seeing this when
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the wife is giving speeches and insulting everybody i'll be seeing the suffering that people are going through they're probably not seeing it because their reach already and i remember one time when president obama came to africa addressing the african union president zach you already reach i don't know. stand what you want to say for so long you can go and enjoy your money so we'll can without is going to be known in the mansions take them who were taken from their stocks. as tax free status thank you very much appreciate it guys. and that they are expressing themselves tonight if you. needed celebration. what kind of country is it going to be learned and heard just on that. there was a very eloquent wasn't he an incredibly. so hopeful about the future but also very realistic he's not saying it's going to be amazing now he was he was talking about
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it being a long hard road ahead do you think that's do you think a lot of people feel like natural do you think that most people will feel that things will improve quickly. i think most people would be. a long couple of years maybe even decades before the top of the mouse. that is due to the economy to this year so people know if you don't have a job you'll get a job. take time i think people right now in the city of sydney. just say that things called any was. under the strain is our guest in the studio so we are at the end of an era in zimbabwe robert are they going north to thirty seven years in power and we heard from some of the kind of limiting of of people's expectations they know it's going
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to be tough do you think permanent government is the person to change the country and to bring it back. to some sort of semblance of a kind of normal country i think it's very difficult to say at this point i mean it was one of the. closest allies for working dependents against britain onwards so they were very closely allied and he was also known as one of. some of his more let's say controversial policies so. so far most of what he has done has been in line with mugabe because they sort of want locked in a lock so i think what we'll see now is sort of how. the person who takes over in forty eight hours tries to look at renegotiating an entry into the international community for zimbabwe which has been very isolated for a very long time. and seems on the streets. it seems as though this
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party has just spread and just normal people on the street celebrating in challenging as. i suppose in terms of the region huge sigh of relief that this is so-called peaceful i would imagine so i mean for south africa in particular i mean as some of your correspondents were speaking about earlier there is already a large population the zimbabweans that flow across the border into south africa which already sever suffers from its own problems with unemployment and that has created tensions there. that if there was greater instability you know others in the region and those from neighbors have been facing you know flows of people trying to leave the country so i think you know so far everybody's holding their breath and hope maybe this is going to put us in a relatively orderly. and you've been watching live coverage of the resignation of robert mugabe in zimbabwe off to thirty seven years in power the ninety three year
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old had resisted pressure initially from the military takeover in the country to leave he said he wouldn't resign on sunday at all to further pressure and more protests on the streets he has offered his resignation that was read out in the. hanumant so robert mugabe has now resigned as president of zimbabwe we have more news for you in just a few minutes and the news hour more analysis i don't actually know what yes there are.
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five senses.
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over a hundred and sixty years ago a musician started a band in an arty srijit in cairo and their bras band was so popular it gave birth to an entire musical genre. as a century and a half later the sound still resonates with many egyptians today house about the people's music at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.


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