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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2017 12:00am-1:01am +03

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measures employed to tackle pollution in one of china's showcase cities the thing that my twenty twenty on attacks seem to occur to me only i like to. wallow in it. and how environmental grassroots campaigns are joining forces in the us there is a global connection that is happening and we're going to utilize that power to make change not only for today but for a future generations as well. at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera.
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hello there i'm dealing with all of this is the news hour live from london coming up. it's about when celebrate into the night after robert mugabe resigns as president. the vice president his firing two weeks ago triggered by a god is dime fall is expected to replace. a teenage suicide bomber killed thirty fifty people in a mosque in northeastern nigeria. the urgency grows in the search for an argentine submarine missing for almost a week now. and only welling's with sports news including champions league are exactly five years until cattle host the football world cup you'll hear what the total sponsors are by confident it will be a success. if
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very warm welcome to the hour after thirty seven years in power robert mugabe has resigned as president of zimbabwe the news part seems of jubilation around the country with thousands of zimbabweans pouring into the streets within minutes of the announcement the gobby sent a letter to zimbabwe's parliament as it launched proceedings to impeach him have now been suspended their willing party says emerson managua vice president whose firing triggered forgot his downfall will be sworn in as president wednesday or thursday well this is the scene currently live in harare what people are celebrating looks like those celebrations will be going on long into the night they've been out on the streets now for hours since that announcement was made and we've seen some of the soldiers stationed around harare celebrating and shaking hands with those people out on the. streets don't know how reports now on the day's events. delirium on the streets of harare
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her name. across the country the but my garbage man six thirty seven yes wild celebrations going on for hours news that mugabe was stepping down came as both houses of parliament sat in extraordinary session to debate the president's impeachment the speaker suspended the session and told m.p.'s that he'd received a letter that the. only way a fish the. mugabe wrote the tea was resigning with immediate effect voluntarily in order to facilitate a smooth transfer of power. to the crowds outside those woods many thought they'd never hear ever since i was born i have never thought that i would see this day i'm so kids but that just seven years we have been somebody our father
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was there when told that was the war that he went to war he did it well but mugabe and his wife were going to bury her so well it's just tough to get. his departure comes an emotional week off to the military first took to the streets into the evening in party follow takes over his succession it likely means that this man and listen when i'm gaga will become zimbabwe's interim leader ahead of elections in two thousand and eighteen and this is a movement that was about well you've lived is missing and what the people simply what will simply up in you what we did or such as what you're doing if you watch now in full or when you want to be one member of a button and politicians again ring up for a new fight ahead we have supported them and i got to tell them a couple through these demonstrations and words. god was to play the game fairly if it is not well to play the game fairly we will take him on you also we are sick
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and tired of a sudden here soon. had for decades been a faithful mugabi left tenant described as the president's and for so close to the army nicknamed the crocodile if you would describe him as a democrat yeah people will wonder whether zimbabwe's new era would be much different from its past on this night and for now though many can hope. let's go to her in the tasso we can also see tonya paid standing by there in johannesburg but let's head first to her who's in harare for us so how are will soon those scenes of jubilation are people does reveling in the moments like now. yes they are they know there are huge problems ahead of course but right now is about living in the moment savoring it they're saying it's been a long hard fought battle and they glad that it's finally happened to some people
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they still they still can't believe us prism of god lives in part of every zimbabweans life since one thousand nine hundred eighty even ups and downs in the country your life has been affected by the mugabe family the good as the bad times here in somalia it got to a point where it just got so bad especially with the current people were so frustrated and it wanted a way out they needed a way out and that way ours came from god but has resigned looking forward to a brighter future how are is anyone asking questions right now about the whereabouts of mugabe and what exactly is next for them. sudden people are some people really don't care those who are awesome where he is have been told by the army that this you know that he's still with a private private private residence in with his wife the question now is will they be prosecuted for the crimes and alleged human rights abuses that they have
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committed some people say they should because it's unfair they want justice other people say leave them alone if they have stolen a lot of money millions of dollars let them keep it let's just focus on building the country and move forward so opinions of vides on the magog is the people who do still support them and i have to be say it has me the time to come out but come out and openly speak in support of the mugabe is a lot of the his supporters are quiet right now some we're told have left the country and our room what about two more witnesses feeling of celebration starts to abate a little bit what happens next politically. next is when will a muslim in and be seen in public when the swearing in ceremony happen. away in zero thursday so it's about moving forward taking the country forward taking the napier forward as well so all eyes on him as a man and god the way he makes his first public appearance what is this speech
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going to say is it about uniting zimbabweans or is it just about zanu p.f. as a party is about as a hoping that he comes back as a leader who will cheat all zimbabweans as equal realize the economy is the main focus of them at the moment they are kind of relieved that he is a businessman they are hoping international community will come in come in and invest in the country so all eyes on him as a muslim and other who as you can understand has a huge huge task ahead of him is the main focus when you've been talking to people about fixing the economy there was one lady i remember you spoke to and she said so many brains wasted over these past twenty years in zimbabwe is that the big focus for everybody now. that is the big focus when you walk around the streets you see people selling on the side of the road you have a child. i'm
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a scientist i just current find work so i have to end up selling tomatoes bananas on the side of the road how you merely ating is that a lot of people feel that so much has gone to waste because one man hung on to power for so long that every the barbarian has a family member or family members who've left the country to go to other countries just looking for opportunities looking for work so there is hope that some of those lives will come back and help rebuild the country rebuild the economy so yes the economy has been the main gripe of many zimbabweans many people hoping it improves sooner rather than later so their life from harare hurry thanks well there have been of course celebrations too among many zimbabweans in neighboring south africa tanya page is live for us in johannesburg their time is of course a big zimbabwean population where you are what's been the reaction. use a very large zimbabwean population here south africa is the economic hub of the region has really borne the brunt of the exodus that howie was talking about of
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many zimbabweans have basically come here disparate least searching for work we've seen some repeats and those scenes of harare mirrored here in johannesburg with people coming out on the to the streets relieved happy of a real mood of celebration not only here in johannesburg but also in pretoria outside the zimbabwean embassy there and as harry was saying they really it's the economy that people want to see get back on track because there are also lots of people here qualified teachers scientists nurses people who work experience of just can't get jobs and so they've come here to south africa to work in supermarkets to do manual labor to work as car guards for a few dollars a day and that's better than nothing that they would earn back at home basically and time you want. that for cup play in the next ten to steps that zimbabwe takes.
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well over the past few days we've been talking to lots of zimbabweans here and there felt pretty adamantly and pretty across the board that they didn't want south africa all southern african development community to the regional body sadek to interfere in their business a lot of people really resent the role that cedric and south africa have paid over the past many years because people believe that by approving what i have at times many people believe been questionable elections bad for south africa and other governments in the region have played a part in extending the presidency of robert mugabe the only person or leader in the region who's really stood out and speaking against robert mugabe is botswana's president in karma who again called for president mugabe to step down to south africa's played trying to play a leading role in reaching a negotiated settlement seen on voice too and we understand that still south
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africa's president jacob zuma will go to harare tomorrow on wednesday however they're really going to be very careful and cautious will not want to be seen to be interfering or extending on their mandate or impinging on zimbabwe as. sovereignty i think we're at the most likely to see the sort of thing that zambian president to go along who has been calling for tonight in a statement he says they want to see the pull back to the barracks they want to see human rights respected and for national cohesion and unity to be the focus in zimbabwe now the new page there live from johannesburg tania thank you. when it takes a look back now at robert mugabe's presidency. every few years. there will always be people. in control that was two thousand and seven. ten years later when the
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people let their views be known opiate encouraged by zimbabwe's military robert mugabe ignored them and then surprise them when he didn't announce his resignation by now widely predicted t.v. address i thank you and good night after thirty seven years in control mcgarvie found it hard to let go he's made a career by deftly apa new for potential rivals one of the first to be sidelined was joshua como a fellow liberation fighter and comer was leader of the party with gabi merge them with his zanu p.f. party their alliance was uneasy i don't cum i was relegated to the figurehead role of vice president. at the turn of the century the gobby started seizing farms owned by whites to a peace supporters angry at the slow pace of land reform the economy shrank by a third unemployment soared about eighty percent. out
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of this economic turmoil another rival emerged we must have given it is sounding defeat morgan chang form the movement for democratic change it became popular enough to risk defeating mugabe in a presidential election runoff in two thousand and eight. i was beaten up frequently arrested and intimidated dozens of his supporters were killed allegedly by zanu p.f. thugs and the m.d.c. leader withdrew from the election worried about the stability of its neighbor south africa forced both men into a coalition chiang or i became prime minister but mcgarvey retain control of the police army and secret service and with that the real power of god he won the election four years ago by a landslide supporters said voter registration lists were manipulated critics said mccarthy was just as ruthless at dealing with rivals in his own party war veteran
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and vice president joyce mature and was fired in two thousand and fourteen accused of corruption and plotting to assassinate the gobby this time a gabby's wife grace was seen as instrumental in engineering mature is down for it was the clearest signal yet the mcgarvie was now not only protecting his own position but also laying the path for his wife to succeed him the sacking of emerson made that obvious the vice president nicknamed the crocodile had been in pole position to succeed mugabe firing him cleared the way for his wife. but this time the ninety three year old president had gone too far when a god is close to the military leadership and they stepped in. after thirty seven years robert mugabe's days of exercising unchallenged well over joining me live in the studio is alex mcgee writes on zimbabwean law and politics he was chief advisor its opposition leader morgan tsvangirai and he was about ways prime minister in a coalition government alex
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a very warm welcome to you can see in my shift paper here goodbye twenty five questions and we've already been suggesting that this story is fascinating to so many people around the world but for thirty million zimbabweans in the country and i decided that it has truly been extraordinary moment hasn't well it's an incredible moment it's a moment that many zimbabweans never thought they would experience because over the last few years it did appear like mr mugabe who'd be president for life but what has happened in the last seven days has been so amazing and a lot of people are really pinching themselves to find out if this is real and you can see the emotion you can see the election and see the happiness of people in that area all over the world that in itself shows you the burden that mr mugabe has become on the nation and it's a problem with you too because you helped write the constitution which we've seen in action these past few days well you know people can be very critical where i've
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said a lot of things and probably constitution i was very privileged to be part of the team that wrote the constitution and the use of the impeachment proceedings which we never thought would be used because and believe it so much control of parliament has really been gratifying for me something that is so i'm doing that if it weren't for those provisions you know in the past the provisions were written in such a way that you could have dissolved parliament when you were threatened with impeachment but you removed that and many people didn't realise it and that's why you were so powerless on this occasion to talk it's a proud moment but also how many what do you mugabe have stepped aside. mugabe hasn't changed from the person that he was he was always a stubborn man even from the days of the war single minded. his really negotiations for independence seventy nine show that he was like that over the years we have seen that he makes a decision is sticks by eating he never wants to change in this case i thought that
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you would have given up maybe even for five days ago but he continued to fight it's only the threat of dealey aged by this investigation by parliament through impeachment that probably told you that this was the end of the road short term and slightly longer term politically speaking so what are we going to see like the happening over the next few days when the former vice president and his former get the former vice president who was sacked becomes the president and then what about those elections next year how do you see the political flow from here when i think you know the new president and real appreciate that is going to be. goes well. and he has to show genuine leadership he is to demonstrate that he is willing to be inclusive is given hints that he wants to be inclusive that he wants to the open and to work with other people in order to help zimbabwe go through remember we're going through some serious economic challenges at the moment in terms of elections
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elections in zimbabwe have always been a period of difficult division and fighting and so for then we hope that culture has come to an end and we think the parties have to really have a serious discussion about next year's elections after this new transitional arrangement will be for seven months before the elections oh will they agreed to extend it so that the transitional arrangement is probably given time to stabilize things but these are issues that they're going to be discussing over the next few days and over they'll come up with a solution that is for the good of the country that this story is really about. thirteen million zimbabweans isn't that and what they want and what we've seen today as you so beautifully put it is that burden being lifted but what they want are jobs food on the table how are they going to start to make that happen well you know there are so many things that need to be done zimbabwe has
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a lot of potential zimbabwe has a lot of talent zimbabwe has lots of resources but these are going under utilized but also i think it's important if you don't live in an island you work with that zimbabwe has worked with china but it's been a very. relationship has been more healthy in one party than the other but there's been a broken relationship with the western countries and i think it's important that zimbabwe really gauges and it looks to me like. you have developed some fairly good relations with countries around the world the un china and i think that's important to be able to build those platforms because we need all the help that we can get but once we get that support i think the bubble will flourish and there is a very good potential that's what we can do one last word you optimistic. very cautious but you know i have to be optimistic and a day like today untested alex thanks very much coming up this news hour lebanon's prime minister stops off for talks with the egyptian and cypriot presidents on his way home. amnesty international accuses me of marva parted over its treatment of
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wreckage of muslims plus. i'm under richardson in resale cats the exact point where in five years time the world cup will be kicking off. a teenage suicide bomber has killed at least fifty people in northeastern nigeria the attack targeted a mosque in the town of a dam was state police say it happened this people were arriving for morning prayers no one has claimed responsibility for that attack are more now from the capital of the. the attack came as washington is where gathering for an early morning prayers movie itself has been relatively calm since its occupation by boko haram and later they were chased after one month stay in the city so the city itself is not far away from the bulk of the problem say the epicenter of boko haram
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insurgency we've seen in the last few weeks or so how the book what our fight is from the forest service a forest have invaded communities like medically like. the headquarters of medical exams and have killed a lot of people they attempted in the last one week particularly to retake the time but what repelled by the military so a lot of people still believe that fighters belonging to boko haram although the group has not claimed responsibility has infiltrated communities about not far away from the boundary with border state so we probably will see the rise in the number of the people who died or who will die because of the severity of interest to sustain in the early mornings the tax the sick or decided to stay there stepping up their operations in the northeast of the country to calm things down and to finally get people caught on but over the last few months we've seen how book one has adapted and could doing to target a soft targets in the northeast of nigeria and news has emerged of another attack
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in nigeria's other wallace states more than thirty cattle hardass were killed by unidentified attackers in the newman area the attack began on sunday and ended on monday there's also been a suicide attack in the northern iraq a time contested by both the government in baghdad and the kurdish regional authorities at least thirty people were killed and dozens were also wounded when a car bomb detonated near a crowded marketplace in the town of toes come october has been no immediate claim of this. in a surprise visit to russia on monday syrian president bashar al assad held talks with his russian counterpart vladimir putin the meeting comes ahead of a syrian opposition conference in riyadh and another summit in sochi where putin will host the leaders of turkey and iran or challenge reports. ahead of a crucial few days for syria bloody may putin put on a last minute show with political stage management
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a surprise visit by bashar assad to russia and a meeting with the military top brass who prevented his government from collapse the night and he knows and he told me today during non salk's of the thanks of the efforts of the russian army syria has been saved as a state much has been done to stabilize the situation i hope that in the very near future we will reach the final point in the fight against terrorism. the other common lot of thanks to your efforts and the efforts of our allies many syrians could return to their homes and i would like to express gratitude to you for what you have done on behalf of all the syrian people that meeting proceeds two events both beginning on wednesday and opposition conference organized by the saudis in riyadh and a summit in sochi where putin is due to greet presidents of turkey and rouhani of iran. russia iran and turkey have forged what some would say is a curiously durable partnership they support different sides in syria and have
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different goals every couple of months for nearly a year now the three have co-sponsored talks with syria's government and opposition forces in the kazakh capital astana by hosting this negotiation back to spearhead of them russia shows its growing influence in the region is that russia's back after the soviet collapse it shows that russia is not a powerful player probably yes powerful and united states at least that we must want to present itself negotiations have resulted in four deescalation zones in syria very often violated and much criticized by the opposition designs are made achievement of the estimate talks russia turkey and iran say that fighting has reduced enough to now push ahead with a political settlement in geneva balancing their different priorities isn't easy russia wants to safeguard parts. it's regional interests turkey is still saying that assad must go but is now primarily concerned with confronting the kurds and
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iran wants to finally crush all those saudi backed so the rebel groups those disparate groups are facing pressure both on the battlefield and from their backers saudi arabia's opposition conference is an attempt to instill unity and perhaps some more flexibility before any geneva talks on monday one of the opposition's most anti asaad voices quits riyad his job ahead of the high negotiations committee said his decision was forced after six years of conflicts the syrian war as foreign stakeholders appear to be looking for a way out and asaad is looking more secure than he has in years or a challenge how does iran moscow lebanese prime minister saad hariri has stopped off in cyprus to meet the president there is almost way back to lebanon more than two weeks after announcing his resignation whilst in riyadh earlier he was in cairo where he held talks with the gyptian leader abdel fattah el-sisi prime minister has
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said he'll explain his position once we were turns home has more now from beirut. sad that heidi this evening was in the age of the second leg of the trip that took him also to paris after he made his resignation in riyadh saying that he is who will be in beirut tonight to attend the national day of independence celebrations which are going to take place tomorrow that is going to be an extremely important moment for lebanon where all the political leaders with attend the ceremony and that we're expecting talks to start about the future of the country it remains to be seen whether prime minister said that how did it will go ahead with his resignation or might it back track particularly if he gets reassurances from all the different parties that. all
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the problems will be solved still to come this hour what next i'm going markel after the collapse of corelation government talks. among certain future tens of thousands of haitians face deportation by the trunk of ministration. and his forehead manchester united let cockle escaped a jail sentence in america. hello there it's turning milder from many of us in europe at the moment on the satellite picture you can see the area of cloud just toppling in from the atlantic and gradually edging its way eastwards and it's in this section where we've got the milder the leading edge of that rain though that's hitting the cold air and as it does say we're seeing a fair amount of snow so snow first and then the mall works its way across us
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beilin therefore from all this that it has been over recent days we get up to around ten degrees and then that woman will work its way up toward stockholm and on thursday it will be wet it will be grey but will be up at around eight degrees for the south largely fine enjoy now for the southeast corner forcing greece we're looking at around seventeen in athens and we're also looking at around sixteen force in madrid across the other side of the mediterranean here it's largely fine unsettled as well you can see the winds drifting southwards towards egypt so along that north coast it is feeling cooler than elsewhere and towards the west a bit more cloud should still make it to around twenty two degrees that cloud melts away as we head through thursday but you can see a system beginning to develop here over parts of our area and that could give us one or two showers the central belt of africa is seeing plenty of sunshine but it's in the south where we're seeing more in the way of showers all stretching its way towards cuba.
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the mind. seems to members president robert mugabe has resigned as impeachment proceedings against him got underway and a letter submitted to parliament the ninety three year old said he was standing that small town zation of power. but there have been. on the streets of the capital harare since news broke of resignation former vice president. mugabe sacked earlier this month is expected to take over within the next forty eight hours. well anderson is takes a closer look now at mine and i'm going back. to leaders of one side by side
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who became sworn enemies this is how an extraordinary sequence of events started this is in relation to ten minutes. of employment as follows first m s m n i had been sacked by robert mugabe accused of being unreliable disloyal and deceitful speculation pointed towards grace mugabi the president's wife as being behind the move the two had publicly fallen out in the jockeying for position over who should succeed ninety three year old mugabe. that highlighted the two factions splitting the ruling party at the time the military and the war veterans loyal to. grace mugabe is sam who dubbed g. forty my god what fled abroad but his supporters plan their response and it was
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dramatic the head of the defense forces warned the army would step in if the purges of politicians it favors didn't stop hours later armored vehicles rolled into the capital harare we wish to assure the nation. that he's excellent to the president of the republic of zimbabwe and commander in chief of these i'm up with defense forces. g. mugabe and his family safe and sound and their security is going to teach many of my gob is long term supporters had clearly abandoned him. that the robot governor should have been recalled from is it as the president and first son appear. stayed quiet a tactic that didn't surprise observers of the man who has been nicknamed the
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crocodile for his style in dealing with opponents he is a one man always not to be allowed to mouth is calculated when you look at it when it wants to attack his prose just how blair did you don't believe that was a slaughter until there the person is not knowing what is going to happen and if that tax. payment. had been a powerful and loyal member of mugabe's inner circle serving as justice minister speaker of parliament and vice president his supporters praise his business acumen and hope he can improve zimbabwe's dire economic situation if given the chance he's also suggested reengaging with the west after years of international isolation under the gobby andrew simmons al-jazeera. this is in
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pictures now we're bringing you live here on al-jazeera in that plane lebanese prime minister saad hariri he had stopped in cyprus the president there has been on a whirlwind tour after leaving said arabia he's also been in egypt where he heard talks in cairo with the egyptian leader abdel fattah el-sisi so as i say that's his claim on the runway taxi in beirut now you remember that a couple of weeks ago the lebanese leader resigned a shock resignation whilst he was in saudi arabia there was lots of speculation over three or four days as to whether he was being held against his will inside the arabia he then gave a very heart felt in the city in which he said he would return to lebanon to make further decisions and to explain his decision he also said in that interview that one of the reasons that he left and lebanon was because he was in danger and he also said that he thought it was time for the country move forward with
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a different leader who will have a correspondent who can talk to us and in fact is in a harder joins me now and say no we're seeing the plane door open i think we're about to see sad hariri return home. yes saddle having a day back in beirut for the first time really since her father resignation on november fourth for the resignation ritual delivered in a televised address from the saudi capital riyadh in late it raised a lot of question i resignation that ignited a crisis to reeks really of a lot of uncertainty not true throughout the nation but a. circumstance while in saudi arabia many in lebanon believe death in one way or another had it it was being held off so happy to be back in. definitely. like i mentioned in the various circumstances there were the come out of turmoil over his fate but that the political crisis was for there and that
12:36 am
political crisis they know how confusing has it been for people this whole situation over the past couple of weeks with him being in saudi arabia and then resigning then as you point out the political turmoil continues. well look it up immune to political crises or political instability. a people were worried because blood found itself really at the center of a work rivalry between the reagan one had leaders relation roads of saudi arabia again had the lobby have an eye of the law being a member of. their government they wanted to curb in peru and so. let's say backfired because the lebanese came together from across the political divide before very humiliated by the fact that their prime minister won't work with
12:37 am
practically that is the feeling here of course kerry revered this. country came together how long will the european laugh because the political differences are still there and the question remains whether the capital in that nation or is he going to withdraw well we understand that the president is going to try to give him from resigning. to try to find the. sort of a compromise rather having a resignation holder there joining me to talk about these coming pictures that the lebanese prime minister saad hariri is now back at home in. the united states has announced a number of sanctions to put pressure on north korea's nuclear weapons programs one chinese person for chinese trading companies and twenty vessels they do business with john yang have been targeted comes
12:38 am
a day after president trump in north korea back on a list of state sponsors of terrorism well let's go to was jordan in washington d.c. hi there well so what's the significance then of these sanctions. julie the significance of these sanctions is that this is the united states basically living up to its obligations under two recently passed u.n. security council resolutions designed to make north korea give up its efforts to build its nuclear weapons program as well as to was stop building ballistic missiles those are the missiles that would be used to deliver nuclear warheads if the north koreans decided to fire them at any other country this is as you say going after a chinese man who owns a number of export import companies that do business with north korea upwards of six hundred fifty million dollars a year according to the u.s.
12:39 am
treasury department this would basically make it impossible or illegal for u.s. persons to do business with these three companies or with this individual because they are accused of supporting the north korean government's efforts to expand its arsenal of nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles twenty north korean ships have also been designated that people are not supposed to use them for any purpose because they are accused of being used to basically transport illegal equipment and material to the north korean authorities so that they can continue building nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles this also of course underscores the u.s. efforts to try to deny shipments of things such as iron and iron or lead lead or oil and other commodities from north korea to other
12:40 am
countries again because those items are no longer allowed to be sold on the global market is really a way of trying to deny north koreans the ability to get the cash they need in order to build up their weapons programs. whether or not it's going to bring the north koreans back to the bargaining table to try to get rid of its nuclear weapons program once and for all remains to be seen but the united states says that diplomatic efforts are not over and certainly imposing new sanctions such as these is part of what they are using to try to stop north korea from becoming more of the de facto nuclear state for us jordan and live from washington d.c. wallace thank you. treatment of it so him to muslims has been likened to apartheid by amnesty international the organization spent two years investigating the calls of the current crisis which has forced hundreds of thousands of refugees to flee to
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. european and asian foreign ministers have discussed the have been a hidden job crisis at a summit in million mark scott has more now from young gong. it was a meeting planned before the recent crisis that sent more than six hundred thousand refugees from rakhine state here fleeing for their lives into bangladesh the crisis became the focus of horn ministers and representatives from more than fifty european and asian nations gathered in me in march capital napier. as the leaders were wrapping up their final day of the two day talks amnesty international unveiled a report on the plight of the revenger in myanmar. after two years of research digging into the roots of how the rich have lived in myanmar the human rights watchdog concluded it was apartheid like the author of the report told our jazeera the government's reasoning for the range of treatment is not only unjustified it's criminal in relation to the ongoing system of a party that we describe in our report i think the world is way too willing to buy
12:42 am
into the restoration presented by the myanmar authorities about the need to convert terrorism about the need to establish security and that's why they felt it was a very important moment to remind both them young our officials and their international counterparts that absolutely no considerations food security or the need to combat terrorism can justify the ongoing crimes against humanity to justify the system of apartheid and back at the foreign ministers' meeting myanmar's leader on song she said that her government is working with bangladesh on an agreement a repatriation for those who fled over the last three months the bangladeshi foreign minister will stay on after the meeting in myanmar continuing with the. negotiations repatriations working toward a memo of understanding or demo you this is why we are going to be having biological discussions to do foreign minister tomorrow and the day after and we hope that this will result in
12:43 am
a more human side quickly which is to enable those to stop the safe and voluntary return of all who is not going to cross the border it won't be an easy process as many fled quickly as the violence escalated they won't have the documents to prove they lived in rakhine state many regions of villages were burned raising the question if they are repatriated what conditions will they face and what are the guarantees that violence won't larry get there al-jazeera yangon germany the collapse of correlation talks has left the country in political limbo all the major parties appear to prefer to be in opposition while townsel i'm glad marco said she isn't a poor so holding another election the mccain reports now from berlin. her mandate is from the president not parliament and so for now angela merkel remains as chancellor in a chamber where she has no majority and where four parties now say they prefer opposition to government with her this is uncharted territory for modern germany
12:44 am
which was previously so used to stable coalitions. in mind. and we have a common responsibility for our country and we don't only have this responsibility for our country but for europe which needs a government that is capable of acting their reactions from abroad show that europe and other countries in the world are waiting for us our challenge is a big as much as we need strong neighbors our neighbors need to trust your partner at their site. one person whose role is very important right now is the occupant of this building. president frank miles roll is normally a figurehead for germans but if no realistic prospect of a coalition emerges he would have to call new elections and for now he says all parties must be ready to try at least to talk about forming a new government tuesday saw a succession of leaders come to meet him among them leaders of the green party who had appeared ready to make serious compromises to enter government for her part
12:45 am
angela merkel has said she believes coalition talks were not destined to fail but that she and her party will not shrink from another general election venue. if new elections are called a word to be called i should say then it wouldn't be what the vote is but then we would accept it and i do not fear anything to be honest and yet her party's performance in september's election was considerably worse than the polls had predicted and while publicly her colleagues support her as their leader some suspect she is nearer the end of her career than the start one analyst says if there weren't. elections there's no guarantee a similar and past might not happen again we might end up in the very same situation and nothing has changed so polls from yesterday showed us there are no movement in the polls so parties there was not a single party which gained more lost more than one percent three democrat leader
12:46 am
christiane lynn helped broker a deal with angle america's party in his home state in the spring now he has scrapped it a national deal with her in the autumn if new elections do come constitutional experts say it would not be before next april dominic came. early and. trumpet ministration is planning to scrap a temporary residency program that allows haitians to live and work in the united states about sixty thousand people who arrived after the earthquake that devastated haiti in twenty ten and i facing deportation white house says conditions in haiti have improved enough to allow them to return but haitian advocates disagree and are arguing the government to reconsider u.s. aircraft searching for missing arjan time separation has faults of white flares over the southern alam atlantica that the argentinean navy says it's on likely to be from the vessel itself forty four crew members on board the a r a san juan which
12:47 am
went missing last week more than a dozen international vessels have joined the search rough seas and strong winds have made rescue efforts difficult the conditions are expected to improve over the coming days daniel has more now from when osiris. with each hour with each day that passes the hopes of sides and the anxiety increases the search and rescue operation is now into its seventh day with the backing of several countries in the region the united states with the latest technology on the water rescue vessels on planes searching a vast area of the south atlantic one of the great hopes is that the weather which has been atrocious these last few days with waves of up to eight meters high has now got a little bit better which will hate in that rescue operation meanwhile the whole country the whole of argentina is watching waiting and praying that the forty four crewmembers will be rescued as soon as possible. we
12:48 am
continue to see everything in our power using all national and international means at our disposal to find a soon as possible i wish all the families and the crew to stay strong in these difficult times the great concern now is that if the submarine is at the bottom of the sea that it's oxygen supplies will be running a very low recent reports of noises at the bottom of the sea of a stray lifeboat of attempted satellite telephone calls turned into force leads meanwhile the country argentina watches and waits for news. still ahead this hour we'll have the latest in the champions league including crunch matches for real madrid and liverpool that's in sports. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
12:49 am
business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together with over forty thousand people killed under his rule it took twenty five years to bring him to a court of law. but why for so long with such
12:50 am
a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west who heard that recording to the coercive to the press they were engaged in a clandestine live over al-jazeera unravels the history of chad's notorious former president the same habit a dictator on trial at this time on al-jazeera. from. last. hour jazeera. where ever you are.
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let's get all the day's sports news now with ali judy thank you very much trophy how does it route to the knockout stages of the champions league after thrashing. in cyprus. they brought for a round midway through the first half and the gulf in cost was clear by halftime with two goals by bands of another one from nacho so it was four nil at the bright as he took over christiane over now down in the second half so it goes from him it finished six now. well severe made a sensational second half comeback against liverpool only a three nil finish thirty three but i from a second minute go was followed by another from set our money in from a no combined again for a third liverpool before half time but
12:52 am
a ninety third maybe equaliser completed an incredible city a fight back sorry finished three free. spartak moscow third in their group after being house for one one draw by marable so behind severe three points behind it is liverpool and group f. now please stay alive for the three no whenever shaq to the nets group with his manchester city final one nil jade position has reached the last sixteen the one zero draw against porto who are now threatened by leipsic four one win is a mark on your dorm and are out with a two one defeat against tottenham who already. i just united are cruising in their group but it. is escapes a potential jail sentence in los angeles he agreed to pay four hundred fifty dollars in compensation to beverly hills place after i responded to five noise complaints at a house he was renting in the summer the charge was reduced to
12:53 am
a disturbance of the pace for misdemeanor which carried a maximum sentence of six months in jail the first silverware of the australian season has been settled with sydney f.c. bating adelaide united to win the f.a. cup sydney and blue apply in their home stadium and i opened the scoring within twenty minutes the national coverage with the goal. otherwise equalized midway through the second half a great finish for mykola illusion each and one one is how it started after ninety minutes ten minutes were left in extra time went by were headed sydney back in front. of our lives i was alice approach to a ball boy and to a man i in a red card for him played champions sydney with time the cup the third try for the one this year and then there celebrating numbers that bore. with five years to go until the start of the twenty twenty two world cup in qatar the man in charge insist he has no regrets about bringing the tournament to the middle east for the first time. so despite the ongoing blockade by some neighboring countries the event
12:54 am
has the power to unify the entire arab world and in richardson reports. x. or in this case chevy marks the sports the spanish world cup winner standing on what will be the center spot when cattles world cup kicks off in five years time despite a political dispute which is seen for nearby countries imposing an air sea and land blockade on cats or officials insist their preparations remain on track and that the events has the potential to pull the region closer together to recognize that powerful what it means for a people going to see a people is like a dog when i say our people is the arab world middle east and will always be worse and will always continue being worse and we suffered abuse yes we suffered abuse if we ever regret it now we'll never agree with five years to go and so kick off organizers at taking the opportunity to urge the blockading countries to allow their people to enjoy and benefit from what will be the middle east's biggest ever
12:55 am
sporting events i told them and they say this designed to promote unity shouldn't be used as a political tool. a smaller scale events has already been hit next month cattle is due to host the gulf cup but three of the countries at odds with cattle saudi arabia bahrain and the united arab emirates have decided to pull out setting a potentially worrying precedence for twenty twenty two doesn't send out the right signals and i think you know you're actually going to have to sit down. sit down and very carefully about how they're going to. use three countries got caught in terms of how that might go forward. on the outskirts of katter's capital doha grass fit for a world cup is being grown already two years of research has gone into developing the ideal turf the man in charge of the project wants the work being done here what
12:56 am
benefit all countries in the region we are thinking here qatar is a part of the war and you cannot just like decide to not be a part of the world. and our legacy from a plan from the beginning is to share as much as information and benefits with other countries so even if they don't think that they need it here in qatar we think still we are brothers right now growing the perfect grass looks to be significantly easier than cultivating political harmony the hope is that in five years time cateye will be a focal point for football and nothing else. and the richardson al-jazeera. and let me give you a little bit more background to get i was hosting of the world cup remember fifa surprised the sporting world seven years ago financing a debate in four other countries to win the bid but almost immediately qatar faced criticism and allegations of corruption which its leaders continue to deny the conditions of migrant workers on world cup sites remains a concern for some critics that sparked the international labor organization
12:57 am
closing a complaint earlier this month so i'm in agreement signed by qatar would improve the situation for more than term million for workers and set a new standard for the gulf states. now the dates of the twenty twenty two world cup of also being criticized at the time what was moved from the northern hemisphere summer time when temperatures are extremely high in qatar so november when it's colder european leagues are threatening legal action over the disruptions of their domestic show juice so women organizers say the decision was mild by three four and that is all for me thank you very much sleep we will leave you now from the news hour with more of the scenes from today in zimbabwe they've been celebrating government obvious resignation after thirty seven years in power. louis.
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the the how do you have the time got. all right so you have heard our living there. than you about where you are you. know put out cheney no surely not she says what young man. ever that was born i have never thought of that though these days.
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travel often. by trying to use an awkward far east new prague bible. books if only. i could. land my valleys and scott i. would venture. to scuttle it. because faraway places close it. says together with cattle i always.
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a new poll ranks mexico city is the pull for worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets was no money on a uses a new service it's called loud drive it's for women passages only and drum by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers. symbolic playing celebrate into the night after a while but when.


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