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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2017 10:00am-10:34am +03

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degree down to what the southern parts of africa and the rain that we saw at the cape town is now working its way east with its hit over it all wednesday for cape town is brightening up on the temperature as a recovering to. al-jazeera . and three. the lebanese prime minister returns home sadly how do you the lands in beirut more than two weeks after his shock resignation in saudi arabia.
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in beirut lebanon commemorates its independence day i mean growing anxiety about the future of a country. sami's a dan this is now just here at live from doha also coming up i believe very ten thousand. people our children our generation i believe this is a new generation of. celebrations in zimbabwe embraces a new era without president robert mugabe. and the tension shifts to the former vice president who is expected to be sworn in as always the new leader. plus a verdict is due in the war crimes trial of former bosnian serb military laid out common that it used to be genocide in the one nine hundred ninety s.
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. prime minister sadly is back in beirut two weeks after announcing his resignation while in saudi arabia how do these attending lebanon's independence day celebrations president michel aoun has refused to accept the prime minister's resignation believing it was done under duress previously said had really was being detained by saudi authorities we are denies the accusations it's been a world when few weeks in lebanese politics and for the balance of power between saudi arabia and iran prime minister salaheddin really shocked me with a surprise resignation on november the fourth you saw the concerns about a threat on his life and blamed hezbollah the group black backed by iran other speculated on whether the saudis were pressuring him to do we gave his first t.v. interview more than a week after quitting he looked uncomfortable on screen prompting more speculation
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he was being held against his will in the kingdom on november the eighteenth how did he finally left saudi arabia and instead of going home to live in the flew to paris to meet french president emanuel on that call meanwhile saudi arabia recalled its ambassador to germany saying comments by the german foreign minister about how really in the political crisis was shameful. and on tuesday egypt's president days after an arab league emergency meeting to discuss iran. is live for us we can go there right now so first of all in one capacity is he attending this parade is that in any sense an indication that perhaps he is about to withdraw his resignation. attending the. prime minister expecting president
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arrive. to. the top leaders of. the speaker of the parliament. michel aoun who is about to arrive and i can see the presidential helicopters flying over the area this is going to be crucial in. unity for. all the leaders here to commemorate independence day and we have no indication whatsoever about. next move some people affiliated with him his. own stepping down. different political leaders. all right we apologize for that we're obviously having
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a bit of. listening to what our correspondent. trying to fix and come back to me a little bit later. now to the sound of cheering and dancing in the street the resignation of president robert mugabe was a moment to celebrate across much of zimbabwe thousands of people filled city squares as news spread mugabe was stepping down he was thirty seven years in power and in the coming hours the man likely to replace him imus and guy well will be returning home he's expected to be swiftly sworn in as in bob ways new president. reports from harare. jubilation on the streets of harare across the country that robert mugabe rule for thirty seven years while to liberation was maybe even days. news demagogy was stepping down came as both houses of parliament sat in an
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extraordinary session to debase the president's impeachment to speak at the speed of the session and told m.p.'s that he received a letter. mugabe wrote that he was resigning with the media's effect voluntarily in order to facilitate a smooth transfer of power. to the crowds outside those who was many thought they'd never have ever since i was born i have never seen this day i'm so glad that you have been here we have been out. there when. you went to. bury. you mugabe's departure comes an emotional week after the military first took to the streets intervening in party politics over his succession it likely means that this
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man. will become zimbabwe's interim leader i had of elections in. the exuberant now some a cautious about the future and a person who's been proven by. you've learned to listen to people simply what you see what. the people are now if we only speak on live. and politicians are gearing up for a huge fight ahead we've supported timonen got to talk form a couple through these demonstrations and words from the two men on guard was to play the game fairly if it is not well to play the game fairly we will touch him on you also we are sick and tired of the sun hope you soon. go ahead for decades been a faithful mugabe lieutenant described as the president's enforcer close to the army and nicknamed the crocodile if you would describe him as a democrat. many a right to wonder with the era be much different from the past on this night and
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finale not many k. . people are quite. liberated. while. no one knows what's going to happen next it's a new dawn for the country for a people who have only known one leader since the one nine hundred eighty. s. the latest now with. the big question when is the country get a new president. while it's it's complicated i think people now are still digesting what has just happened this is the first day without robert mugabe and this is the news people are saying that by a lot of released in the air people hoping that something new something better is coming and they're hoping that that man will be endless and when you will take over
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from a robert mugabe is expected back in the country a few hours from now and people planned to celebrate his return and hear what he has to say and this is the iconic first street is. looking a little rundown a sign of what the economy has done to the bubbly this used to be a place where you come as a child and and sit with your family and talk and have luncheon and just celebrate life and just enjoy life but because the economy as a corner people are getting back to it you probably wondering why the celebrations of stop just because life has to go on some obvious one of making a plan if you miss a day not working you can't feed your family and there are no jobs here so people most people are vendors they sell anything from the nonnes tomatoes a phone and you talking about graduates people with degrees so they're hoping that . when he comes back we'll give him a sign of what he plans to do about the economy and hopefully it'll be good news
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for the millions as we've been struggling for so many years so i mean i don't what has happened to me. you know resignation letter has been his home. we don't really know until some official actually tells us but now people in this private residence this speculation in the negotiations he obviously secured safety for himself and his family maybe he's also retained some of his assets but to be honest most people in zimbabwe don't really care anymore they don't want to hear about robert mugabe anymore to them he he's a reminder of the bad days the bad economic times here in zimbabwe so the key thing now is moving forward what is coming next. is a businessman people hope that means to apply his energy to the economy but some also worry we also just. people and not the small people on the ground so a lot of uncertainty in the air but while people wait life has to go on they have
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to try and make some kind of money so they were getting on with their lives waiting for him to return a big. thank you i will leave it there thanks so much for that had him with us on. now reaction to mugabe's resignation has been coming in from around the world and many calling this a moment of hope for zimbabwe page reports from johannesburg. as the news that robert mugabe had resigned hit the streets of johannesburg there were celebrations relief that one of africa's strongman had gone we want. to thank you this is no it's not i do not know this is just so many years but that was just a. few. of. these are
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a fraction of the hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of zimbabweans who have lift their homeland in a desperate search for work and some who fled political persecution a sense that a profound change has taken place was echoed at the united nations secretary general and his predecessors have made clear that we expect all leaders to listen to their people and from britain's foreign secretary this is a moment of hope for zimbabwe and for the people of zimbabwe the state department was also looking to the future we look forward to and hope for free and fair elections he was a disport to some but remains an influential figure in african politics many zimbabweans believe countries like neighboring south africa helped to keep him in power by approving elections some thought a questionable since about was military intervened south african president jacob zuma has encouraged a negotiated settlement but it was thembi as president go along the who took the
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lead reacting to magog his resignation saying it's time for the army to return to their barracks so zimbabweans can focus on cohesion and unity a call echoed by the main opposition in south africa the democratic alliance another opposition party the economic freedom fighters. so it's an bob which should advantage and promote mugabe's land reform program that stripped quite commercial farmers of property placing it in the hands of black people instead the use of robert mugabe's legacy in this region will be mixed many people supported his ideals but not the way they were realised and for a long time many people have forty should step down they'll be glad it's happened pace fully but not that it took so long tanya page out is there a johannesburg. the un security of korea of violating the arms this agreement that ended the korean war by chasing a defector across the border into the self this video shows that effects are being
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pursued and shot at his across the military demarcation line he was rescued by south korean soldiers who dragged him to safety on their side of the border the defector also is a soldier he's recovering in hospital after surgery the key findings of the special investigation team are that the k.p.a. violated the armistice agreement by one firing weapons across the m.t.l. and two by actually crossing the temporarily you can see personnel at the jail say notified k.p.a. of these violations today who are normal communication channels in. and requested a meeting to discuss our investigation and measures to prevent such violations kathy novak has the latest from seoul now. this is a t.v. footage reveals more details of the defection that occurred last week we're seeing a north korean soldier driving a vehicle toward south korea other north korean soldiers realize this is happening
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and start to chase him at a certain point the vehicle becomes stuck in the north korean soldier is forced to exit the vehicle and run towards the south korean side this is the point at which the united nations command says north korean soldiers have violated the terms of the armistice that is because they say north korean soldiers not only shot bullets to warn the south korean side and crossed the border but also that a north korean soldier physically crossed the demarcation line and was in the south korean territory for a few moments now we're told that the south korea north korean soldier lay on the south korean side until a south korean and united states joint forces were able to crawl towards him and pull him to safety he has remained in hospital since this incident occurred last week we're told that he has regained consciousness though there are not that many more details of his exact condition but we did learn last week from a doctor was that there were parasites inside him that the doctors said he had only
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seen in a textbook given some insight into the kind of conditions that north koreans are facing and indeed the kind of conditions that this defector was fleeing that i had an al-jazeera a novel idea how one libraries using seats so education in the community you. can use it and say goodbye to film but you know it will david cameron says. the and the earth. hello there it's turning mild if i'm any of us in europe at the moment on the satellite picture you can see the area of cloud just toppling in from the atlantic and gradually edging its way eastwards and it's in this section where we've got the milder the leading edge of that rain though that's hitting the cold air and as it
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does say we're seeing a fair amount of snow so snow first and then the mall works its way across us but in therefore from all the that it has been over recent days we get up to around ten degrees and then that woman will work its way up toward stockholm and on thursday it will be what it will be but will be up at around eight degrees but the south largely fine enjoy now for the southeast corner forcing greece we're looking at around seventeen in athens and we're also looking at around sixteen force in madrid across the other side of the mediterranean here it's largely fine unsettled as well you can see the winds drifting southwards towards egypt so along that north coast it is feeling cooler than elsewhere and towards the west a bit will cloud head but still make it to around twenty two degrees that cloud melts away as we head through thursday but you can see a system beginning to develop air over parts of our area and that could give us one or two showers the central belt of africa is seeing plenty of sunshine but it's in the south where we're seeing more in the way of showers all stretching its way towards cuba. with.
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back you're watching out there a time to recap the headlines this hour after an all night party it's quiet again on zimbabwe's streets after president robert mugabe announced he was stepping down people are now awaiting the return of anderson he's due to fly back to zimbabwe in the coming hours he's expected to be sworn in as the new leader. prime minister saad hariri is back in lebanon two weeks after announcing his shock resignation while in saudi arabia he's attending independence day celebrations and very rude president michel aoun. the un's accusing north korea of violating the anstice agreement that ended the korean war by chasing a defector across the border defector a soldier was shot as he crossed the frontier was rescued by south korean soldiers who dragged him to safety. bosnian serb leader on trial for war crimes is set to find out his verdict in the coming hours. that she is accused of crimes against
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humanity during the conflict involved in one thousand nine hundred five including the genocide of muslim civilians warn our viewers this report by david chaytor does contain some images you may find disturbing. it was in the siege of sarajevo the world first heard of ratko malachi he ordered his serbian troops to kill mutilate and terrorize a civilian population. this is his voice on an intercepted radio communication directing his serb artillery guns to open fire on a muslim suburb because he said not many serbs live there. the artillery rounds grenades and sniper fire killed and wounded thousands in the city one thousand six hundred one of them were children. cameras recorded some of the
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atrocities the scenes they captured are still almost impossible to watch let alone describe such was the scale of the barbarity. the memories haven't faded nor the names of the victims. yet my dear friend i mean it she was thirty nine died on this day she went house to the market to buy food for her child my friends. and adnan ebro he make it. the most serious charges of genocide and crimes against humanity relates to the town of srebrenica. when large his troops overran the town they hunted down and killed more than eight thousand muslim men and boys. in this previously unseen archive film he's seen threatening the town's muslim leader not usually to watch and it wasn't do you want to survive or do you want to vanish when you know they're.
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lost two of our sons in the campaign of ethnic cleansing she had to wait nearly two decades before their bodies were recovered and identified them as the news and. they did all sorts of terrible things to us killed and slaughtered raped girls in front of us in the middle of the street. this is where one of her sons was killed a bomb in a nearby village twelve hundred men were slaughtered here and their bodies bulldozed into mass graves not even i will let us there. i would like it most if not a shirt front of a firing squad assassins are gone then let him be gone as well. this cemetery a few hundred metres away from shore his house is the final resting place of two of our sons and many but not all of the other victims from the surrounding valleys their dates of birth are all recorded this man was eighty five alongside
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a boy of just thirteen they all died in july one thousand nine hundred ninety five a poignant poem was composed in their memory made justice become our of then judge made the tears of mothers become prayers that. will never happen again to no one and nowhere. al jazeera. all right let's take you back to that parade we were covering earlier in the lebanese capital beirut independence day. but it's also an independent rather than for other reasons just have put it on the side to lebanon after he made that shock resignation announcement while traveling in saudi arabia there he is we saw him moments ago conferring with the president was
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now standing on his right and shall i when there let's bring in hush. live for us from beirut so high shem powerful message being said just by showing up today standing next to michel aoun right what is the message. interesting to see a while ago president michel aoun tweeting prime minister. saying to us they would have forced. the day to talk to each other at the presidential palace today but the lebanese leaders would like to showcase a moment of unity to the country united behind its leader to behave well to the promise that we're talking about a country with a divided along sectarian lines a mind that this political crisis that started with. his resignation what you see today is the coming together to say that they don't want
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to see it with countries interfering into their own. i think the coming hours. will talk to them how did it convince him to renounce his resignation. on top and that he. might face with its. then it is certain to. come back to you when those talks image they get on the way out of there from the lebanese capital. talks are taking place in the russian city of sochi to determine the outcome of the syrian war turkey which backs syrian rebel groups and president bashar al assad's allies iran and russia are there groups opposed to our side will gather in the saudi capital riyadh follows as a surprise visit to russia on monday for talks with president vladimir putin the u.n. says more than thirty flights carrying much needed aid into yemen have been cancelled
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in requests for new ones being answered humanitarian staff have been unable to move a they in or out of yemen's capital son house in saudi arabia tightened its blockade two weeks ago so i'm yemeni ports have reopened to allow in food and fuel but a group saying it's not enough the un's warning millions of people face starvation if the measures are lifted. and there are fears the crew on board a missing argentine submarine are close to running out of oxygen hopes were raised when a u.s. aircraft searching for the sub spotted white flares over the southern atlantic the argentinians levy says it's unlikely to have come from the vessel which disappeared a week ago more than a dozen international vessels are taking part in the search rough seas and strong winds have made rescue efforts difficult conditions are expected to improve in coming days the u.n. has condemned the suicide bombing at a mosque in nigeria which killed at least fifty people it happened on tuesday
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morning in the town of movie in northeastern adam our state and turning a good turn as is calling for those behind the blast to be brought to justice no one's claimed responsibility so far police say the bombing bears the hallmarks of. the first attack in movie since nigeria's army forced the group from the town in two thousand and fourteen. almost to a visit the library to get a book how about borrowing some seeds to take home and grow a public library in the united states is loading them out to show the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables to help the city of tucson arizona to be designated a un world city of gastronomy hard to joe castro's being to see the city library in action back in the middle of the arizona desert is in no way says not just for books before seeds.
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muster. lima beans. the soybean here at the pima county public library in tucson members of the public can take home live seeds we've already planted our garden yes we let us. leaks carrots then we got the seeds here the idea is just as books can so one idea into the mind to help inspire and educate a community so too can actual seeds that go into the ground and sprout into a learning experience connecting people with the life giving earth people need to know one where their food comes from and how to grow and sustain themselves in their community and also to keep traditions going and to pass those along with four thousand years of agricultural history tucson is recognised as a unesco world city of gastronomy the seed library distributed more than twenty six
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thousand seed packets last year and a library partners with a local food bank to combat hunger in the community their focus is really helping low income families and organizations grow some of their own food create some of these green spaces in their homes and in their organizations to be able to supplement their diets classes at the food bank demonstration garden teach the public to harvest and thresh yeah we do this. well pressing dance into save seeds for later the more we can save our own seeds in this community and distribute the seeds amongst each other we're going to end up with an amazing stock of seeds that's really well adapted to this climate and this region for free look at the mountains i mean could it be any more beautiful here harry crane rents a small garden plot next to an elementary school seeds from the library have brought home some delicious returns these are french brecht that are called french strategies so let's. that's very
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very fresh very flavorful very glad. to see library asked successful growers to bring back seats from their harvest for the next person to borrow but there's no such thing as overdue fees or penalties if you can't manage good luck all right thank you you're welcome all right so those are done and we'll wait and see green says he hopes to share from his harvest soon to keep the circle of growing going i do joe castro al-jazeera tucson arizona. well the singer i'd said david cassidy has died aged sixty seven. with. the goal of these various prime five decades after a well known role in the nineteen seventy's show the partridge family he died in hospital from kidney and liver failure. a good man.
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and this is al jazeera time take a look at some headlines prime minister saad how did he is back in lebanon two weeks after announcing his shock resignation while in saudi arabia he's attending independence day celebrations in beirut and his later expected to meet president michel aoun. about has more from beirut. this is going to be crucial. for leaders. to commemorate independence day we have no indication whatsoever about sat. next to me. after an all night party it's quiet again on zimbabwe's streets after president robert mugabe announced he was stepping down people are now awaiting the return of emerson and he's due to fly back to zimbabwe in the coming hours he's expected to be sworn in as the new leader the un's accusing north korea of violating the this agreement that ended the korean war
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by chasing a defector across the border between the two countries that affect a soldier was shot as he crossed the frontier he was rescued by south korean soldiers who dragged into safety talks are taking place in the russian city of sochi to determine the outcome of the syrian war turkey which backs syrian rebel groups and president bashar assad's allies iran and russia are there groups opposed to our side will gather in the saudi capital riyadh it follows a surprise visit to russia on monday for talks with president vladimir putin. the u.n. says more than thirty flights carrying much needed aid into yemen have been cancelled requests for new ones being answered humanitarian staff of been unable to move. yemen's capital sana'a. and its blockade two weeks ago some yemeni ports
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have reopened to allow in food and fuel but aid groups say that's not enough the un's warning millions of people face starvation if the restrictions and measures. those are your headlines the news continues here now to syria after inside story. facing reality if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a train of litigation through which we can bring a legal system to bear getting to the heart of the matter i don't think we need of the what some of my previous issues did hear their story on talk to how does iraq at this time. is the war in syria really almost over syria's president visits russia thanks for the sacrifices they say victory is close and to talk about a political solution how likely is that with a badly divided opposition and rebel areas bombarded by as strikes this is inside story.


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