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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2017 11:00am-11:34am +03

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and. where everything. was different not just whether someone saying it was very red because. i think it's how you approach an official and if it is a certain we're doing it you can just. story and fly out. lebanese prime minister. independence day celebrations two weeks after his shock resignation in saudi arabia.
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i'm sammy's a than this is al jazeera live from also coming up. very. i believe this is a new generation of. celebrations braces a new era without president robert mugabe. attention shifts to the former vice president who's expected to be sworn in as about ways new leader. plus a verdict due in the war crimes trial of former bosnian serb military leader. q used of genocide. is back in beirut two weeks after announcing his resignation while in saudi arabia
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how do these attending lebanon's independence day celebrations president michel aoun has refused to accept the prime minister's resignation believing it was done on the juris previously said harry was being detained by saudi authorities but has denied the accusations. is live for us in beirut so tell us about his presence there and what capacity in the shop in the parade and what does that tell us about his political status right now. you sunny. as the prime minister. i think that's capacity that is he's attending the right of the moderating the independence day along with president michel i will. speak at a mall about to be about it so the top leadership hope he's here today and told them this is a crucial moment they would like to showcase unity of this very delicate moment for
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the country. now that he's back in lebanon the take us through the political process that has to happen now because we do have this sort of conflicting situation where he's resigned the president hasn't accepted his resignation yet. what he did. exactly as president michel i will said that the resignation was. halted but he has been very critical of saudi arabia saying that they detained saddam had to be i guess by his will of that he made without the red house and and and here right now this is what is going to happen in the coming hours. after the end of this all right behind it is going to meet with president bush and i was at the presidential palace that's where president out is going to cost saddam had me to renounce his resignation many political parties the leaders in the country are
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going to step up russia on how to get it to renounce his resignation if that happens on the hope that this is going to be good news for lebanon it will avert a crisis in the country but it had already insists on stepping down that is going to create a real political crisis in the country because it has a backdrop of the although it political divide. it remains to be seen whether all the parties can agree on a successor never really steps aside. putting together a government filling a high political post never an easy task in lebanon hashem how much political consensus is there right now between all the factions. there are they somehow mary has a new sentiment in the country with. rallying behind their leader would
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see they must think that. should stay. prime minister there's this feeling of national pride. they believe that. to make that announcement in saudi arabia at the center of the reject. interference here in lebanon the substance of your dynamics in the country now that. the governing coalition. presided by standard how do you. present the sell out there needs to be more unity in the coming weeks to behave to see other countries from trouble it's not that. the parties will continue. the same government but it's not that. i think the governing coalition would
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collapse it would be extremely difficult. to me and you politically to take. prime minister. all right we'll leave it there for now from beirut. the sound of cheering and dancing in the street the resignation of president robert mugabe was a moment to celebrate across much of zimbabwe thousands of people filled city squares as news spread mugabe was stepping down after thirty seven years in power and in the coming hours the man likely to replace him and the cinema will be returning home he's expected to be swiftly sworn in. zimbabwe's new president also reports from holiday. jubilation on the streets of harare across the country that robert mugabe rule for thirty seven years while to liberation as maybe even days. news demagogy was stepping down came as both houses of parliament sat in an
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extraordinary session to debase the president's impeachment the speaker suspended the session and told m.p.'s that he received a letter. mugabe wrote that he was resigning with the media's effect voluntarily in order to facilitate a smooth transfer of power. to the crowds outside those who was many thought they'd never have ever since i was born i have never seen this day i'm so glad for thirty seven years we have been our fathers were there when. you went to war. what we're going to carry to show well listen here mugabe's departure comes an emotional week off the minute she first took to the streets intervening in party politics over his succession it likely means that this
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man. will become zimbabwe's interim leader i had of elections in. those zubrin now some a cautious about the future and a person who's been proven by where you live to listen to people simply what you see what we. know if. we have only one look. and politicians like for a new fight hard. to top form a couple through these demonstrations and words ready. to play the game fairly. if it is not when to play the game fairly we will take him on you also we are sick and tired of the sun look here soon. i had for decades been a faithful mugabe lieutenant described as a president's enforcer close to the army and nicknamed the crocodile if you would describe him as a democrat. many are right to wonder with the era we're much different from the
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past on this night and for now though. no one knows what's going to happen next it's a new dawn for the country for a people who have only known one leader since the one nine hundred eighty. s. get the very latest now with how them without. how does the the day after the resignation fail to people wow they digesting it all. or this is the first day without robert mcgarvey and the newspapers kind of have the mood of how people are feeling there's a big sense of relief that the old days are gone and that there is hope. that something new and better is coming a muslim and a god was expected to arrive in a few hours people hope he will come and resuscitate the economy on the streets of
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tel abrasions have died down somewhat people getting on with their lives this is first used to be a lot cleaner than this a many many years ago and now look at it it's looking very run down a sign of what economy has done to the city to the country the corner that's how most of them barbarians make their living selling on the streets vending they call it they sell anything they can find to to make ends meet are you not talking about people who go to school these are people with degrees some of them university degrees the current find work so there's so much hope that the man and god are when he arrives will tell people what he plans to do with the economy because a lot of people are just sitting waiting with nothing to do really hoping that something something good is coming and they hope that something good will be a change in the economic status a change in how their lives will be and they hope that. is the man who will bring
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that positive change how smooth is the. expected to be given that he no longer is the vice president he's been sacked is the constitutional power still clear and obvious truth. it's not really so clear remember there is another vice president. who is out of the country when all this happened he was on a fishel business overseas and he was a lying to graceful garbage and robert mugabe and since all this happened he has not returned so he technically is still divides and so i suppose the speaker who's going to be giving a press conference soon or an hour or so from now may outline all those intricacies but i think it's safe to assume that mr hope was not coming back to zimbabwe because people are saying that he could be arrested for alleged corruption and other things he's alleged to have committed but in terms of him someone. but he seems to be a huge way behind him people seem to say he's the one for now who should take over
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so all eyes on him when he makes his first public appearance what is he going to say is he going to be a leader for all the people or will it just be more of the same i will leave it there for now thanks so much. paul brennan takes a look at the life and career of a veteran zimbabwe and lead out robert mugabe they will never be. here there will always be. in control that was two thousand and seven. ten years later when the people left their views be known opiate encouraged by zimbabwe's military robert mugabe ignored them and then surprise them when he didn't announce his resignation and is widely predicted t.v. address i thank you and good night after thirty seven years in control mcgarvie found it hard to let go he's made a career by deftly apa new phoring potential rivals. one of the first to be
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sidelined was joshua como a fellow liberation fighter and comer was leader of the tsar to party with darby merge them with his zanu p.f. party their alliance was uneasy and comer was relegated to the figurehead role of vice president. at the turn of the century the gobby started seizing farms owned by whites to apiece supporters angry at the slow pace of land reform the economy shrank by a third unemployment soared about eighty percent. out of this economic turmoil another rival emerged we must accuse him of sounding defeat morgan chang form the movement for democratic change it became popular enough to risk defeating mugabe in a presidential election runoff in two thousand and eight. i was beaten up frequently arrested and intimidated dozens of his supporters were killed allegedly
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by zanu p.f. thugs and the m.d.c. leader withdrew from the election worried about the stability of its neighbor south africa forced both men into a coalition chanter i became prime minister but mcgarvey retain control of the police army and secret service and with that the real power of god he won the election four years ago by a landslide supporters said voter registration lists were manipulated critics said mccarthy was just as ruthless at dealing with rivals in his own party war veteran and vice president joyce maturer was fired in two thousand and fourteen accused of corruption and plotting to assassinate the garbage this time a gabby's wife greats was seen as instrumental in engineering mature its downfall it was the clearest signal yet the mcgarvie was now not only protecting his own position but also laying the path for his wife to succeed him the sacking of emerson made that obvious the vice president nicknamed the crocodile had been in
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pole position to succeed mugabe. firing him cleared the way for his wife. but this time the ninety three year old president had gone too far when gaga is close to the military leadership and they stepped in after thirty seven years robert mugabe's days of exercising unchallenged power well over. the un's accusing north korea of violating the armistice agreement which ended the korean war by chasing a defector across the border this video shows that in fact of being pursued and shot at as he crossed the military demarcation line he was rescued by south korean soldiers who dragged him to safety on their side of the border but in fact also a soldier is recovering in hospital after surgery. the key findings of the special investigation team are that the k.p.a. violated the armistice agreement by one firing weapons across the m.t.l. and two by actually crossing the m.d.o. temporarily you can see personnel at the g.s.a. notified k.p.a.
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of these violations today who are normal communication channels in. and requested a meeting to discuss our investigation and measures to prevent future such violations kathy novak has the latest from seoul. this is a t.v. footage reveals more details of the defection that occurred last week we're seeing a north korean soldier driving a vehicle toward south korea other north korean soldiers realize this is happening and start to chase him at a certain point the vehicle becomes stuck in the north korean soldier is forced to exit the vehicle and run towards the south korean side this is the point at which the united nations command says north korean soldiers violated the terms of the armistice that is because they say north korean soldiers not only shot bullets to warn the south korean side and crossed the border but also that a north korean soldier physically crossed the demarcation line and was in the south korean territory for
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a few moments now we're told that the south korea north korean soldier lay on the south korean side until a south korean and united states joint forces were able to crawl towards him and pull him to safety he has remained in hospital since this incident occurred last week we're told that he has regained consciousness though there are not that many more details of his exact condition but we did learn last week from a doctor was that there were parasites inside him but the doctors said he had only seen a textbook given some insight into the kind of conditions that north koreans are facing and indeed the kind of conditions that this defector was fleeing so had an al-jazeera one of america's most recognizable broadcast this is suspended over him probably hevia as a new report shows sexual harassment is ingrained in us society. sheet . music and say goodbye to former teen idol david cassidy.
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from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. how the words wet and windy and mild come up in a good part of west near this huge arch of cloud here is a is bringing out with it from the sas a fairly high temperatures but over the british isles a particular windy is the probably the word of the day was wet for some places when you get to sixty degrees in london the forecast twelve's through france and sixteen or more died in spain portugal are very mild we are in november the cold deep the whole slice is still there from sweden down through other baltic states belarus and towards the east and black sea west always likely nice in turkey and in anchorage
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seventy three degrees now this position states the next two days if anything gets colder than two plus one as a max and moscow minus four but this area middle europe little wind temp she's about where they should be is in contrast to the still windy and miles stuff further west this is now thursday looks when these are quite clearly but the temperatures really are quite high now that's what's going on in europe which means the mediterranean really wasn't much involved now we have got some cloud around in north africa hold circulation designed to run up over our want to light showers in the science or the science of tunisia. the weather sponsored by cattle race. you are making great point even mounts when they're on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say you know evil person just wakes up in the
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morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue could be was leading to some of the confusion a line about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. they're watching out zero time to recap our headlines prime minister. is back in lebanon two weeks after announcing his shock resignation in saudi arabia he's attending independence day celebrations beirut with president michel hours. after an all night party it's quiet again on zimbabwe's streets of president robert
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mugabe announced he was stepping down people are now awaiting the return of emerson and. he's due to fly back to zimbabwe in the coming hours he's expected to be sworn in as the new leader. the un's accusing north korea of violating the arms disagreement that ended the korean war by chasing a defector across the border but the fact was a soldier who was shot as he crossed the frontier he was rescued by south korean soldiers and dragged away to safety. let's bring you some breaking news coming in the u.s. navy says an aircraft with eleven people on board has crashed into the pacific ocean it was. on its way to the aircraft carrier ronald reagan which is currently in the philippine sea the japan based fleet says a search and rescue operation is taking place seventeen sailors have so far died in two accidents this year whilst working for the fleet.
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the u.n. war crimes tribunal is set to deliver its verdict in the trial of former leader that comal adage he was the commander of the bosnian serb army during the conflict in the early ninety's the lie that she is charged with genocide over the genocide that strive a need so where more than eight thousand muslim men and boys were killed surely will cross over to david chato is in trouble need seven first let's get the latest from leave barca he's at the hague where the verdict will be read so nieve take us through what has to happen in court today. well first and foremost what we are expecting here is a truly historic moment blandish has been on trial for four years here the hague he was arrested back in two thousand and eleven his trial didn't start until year after that in two thousand and twelve came to an end in december last year what we are expecting is the chance to give a lengthy summing up of between sixty to ninety minutes before delivering the
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verdict if it is a guilty verdict then the sentence will be similar tamia sleep given at the same time this is perhaps one of the most closely watched war trials that's ever taken place here at the hague the last one to take place here the i.c.t. y. the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia after this it will wrap up its work here of course it has been functioning since the end of the balkan war in one thousand nine hundred ninety five a very very long wait for those alleged victims of melodic twenty two years and we've seen already at the start of this final verdict some of the representatives some of some of his victims the mothers of separately some of their delegates have arrived here to to hear this all important announcement that should be given in roughly an hour to two hours time all right we'll leave it there for now let's bring in our correspondent david chaytor who is in serbia needs her now
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what does this mean for some of the relatives of the victims where the memory is still very much alive where you are in srebrenica. yes the the mothers of the victims will be coming here to this extraordinary cemetery and watching a live feed of the proceedings at the international court and they hope that it will bring some sort of closure some sort of catharsis for them but i expect to see very emotional scenes they're actually going to be watching that feed in the bunker just below me and many of them have been talking to me it is extraordinary what they've gone through what they've suffered and what they still feel here so that it against it will be very very important for them now especially because this whole area was a safe haven under the protection of united nations forces and yet the biggest massacres since the second world war took place in and around this very spot and
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the u.n. base which is just across the way from this cemetery actually has a plaque put up on it and it says that what happened here was a failure of the international community sami so what they're hoping now is that some form of justice will be their revenge the international community in a way they feel has to justify its position justify their failure here and this court will do that for them they will tell you they're on the strive and it's a genocide trial. now talks are taking place in the russian city of sochi which could determine the outcome of the syrian war turkey backs syrian rebel groups president bashar assad's allies iran and russia will also be at the meeting group supposed to i said a meeting in the saudi capital riyadh it follows as a surprise visit to russia on monday for talks with president vladimir putin of putin and u.s. president trump of agreed there's no military solution to the conflict in syria
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instead they've pledged to develop what they call an ultimate political solution the leader spoke on the phone after putin met syria's president kimberly halkett has more from washington d.c. . the call between vladimir putin and donald trump comes on the heels of their very informal meetings along the sidelines of the apec economic summit in vietnam and while the two in this latest call did not discuss russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election they did talk syria with both leaders agreeing that the way to resolve the crisis is diplomatically. we had a great goal with president bush we're talking about syria very of course we're talking about north korea we had a poll that lasted almost an hour and a half we just put out a release on the goal but we're talking very strongly about bringing peace to syria what donald trump did not answer however when asked by reporters is whether it's
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his view that the future of syria includes bosh remaining in power now this is a very stark contrast to donald trump's predecessor barack obama not only did obama come close to ordering air strikes on syria following a two thousand and thirteen chemical weapons attack but he also made very clear his view that there was no future for syria with bashar al assad in power they're off is the crew on board a missing argentine submarine are close to running out of oxygen hopes were raised when the usa searching for the sub spotted white flags over the southern atlantic but the argentinean navy says it's unlikely to have come from the vessel which disappeared a week ago more than a dozen international vessels are taking part in the search rough seas and strong winds of hampered rescue efforts a new u.s. studies reveal that sexual harassment because a higher rate in low paid jobs figures com is one of america's most recognizable
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broadcasters charlie rose this is splendid from c.b.s. off to eight women accused him of improper behavior in fish or reports. he's been the face of morning broadcasts of one of america's biggest networks for years as one does hit close to home but charlie rose was missing on tuesday morning facing allegations he harassed the number of female staff who worked on another one of his shows he's know been fired has failed presenters admitted it was a difficult story to report i've enjoyed a friendship and a partnership with charlie for the past five years i've held him in such high regard and i'm really struggling because how do you what do you say when someone that you deeply care about has done something. that is so horrible how do you wrap your brain around that gruesome self spoke out on the topic early this year after leaving cable news host was forced to stand down of the cases and that raises the issue of sexual harassment what it is about thing is probably been not exposed in
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our not enough in sense of the tension in the past so that people are afraid to come forward and people are coming forward now but while the headlines have been dominated by the cases involving harvey weinstein al franken and kevin spacey previously unpublished data obtained by the center for american progress says it's not just a problem for the elite and the wealthy in fact sexual harassment occurs at a much higher rate in industries with low paying jobs where women hold most of the poorest the data obtained from the u.s. equal employment opportunity commission reveals that from two thousand and five to two thousand and fifteen more than a quarter of sexual harassment charges came from industries with large numbers of service workers. nearly three quarters of sexual harassment charges include an allegation of retaliation which could stop people from coming forward and more than eighty percent of the wrestling claims came from women lot of low wage workers who simply are not in a place to complain you know they risk their family into economic insecurity they
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can't afford to lose they're trying to make ends meet and so they often. feel like they'll get fired or or other retaliatory action every day there seems to be new allegations against some well known figure our cultural icon but this data shows that the problem of sexual harassment is deeply ingrained in american culture and people are speaking out to change that culture change the climate and ultimately to change the future alan fischer al-jazeera washington. the singer and actor david cassidy has died at age sixty seven. cassidy's career and five decades after he became well known for his role in the one nine hundred seventy s. show the partridge family he died in hospital from kidney and liver failure.
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and let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now prime minister sadly the is back in lebanon to exhaust or announcing his shock resignation while in saudi arabia he's attending independence day celebrations in beirut later expected to meet president michel aoun. has more from beirut this is going to be crucial. to commemorate the. we have no indication whatsoever about. the next move. after an all night party it's quiet again on zimbabwe's streets after president robert mugabe announced he was stepping down people are now awaiting the return of emerson and. he's due to fly back to zimbabwe in the coming hours he's expected to be sworn in as the new leader. the un's accusing north korea of violating the armistice agreement that ended the korean war by chasing
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a defector across the border into fact a soldier was shot as he crossed the frontier he was rescued by south korean soldiers who dragged him to safety the u.s. navy says an aircraft with eleven people on board has crashed in the pacific ocean it was on its way to the aircraft carrier ronald reagan which is currently in the philippine sea the japan base fleet says as search and rescue operation is taking place seventeen sailors have so far died in two accidents this year whilst working for the fleet the u.n. war crimes tribunal is said to deliver its verdict in the trial of former military leader at kaamelott it was the commander of the bosnian serb army during the conflict in the early ninety's that it is charged with genocide over the massacre at srebrenica and more than eight thousand muslim men and boys were killed talks are taking place in the russian city of sochi which could determine the outcome of the syrian war turkey which backs syrian rebel groups and president bashar al
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assad's allies russia and iran are there groups opposed to us and are meeting in the saudi capital riyadh follows as a surprise visit to russia on monday. those are your headlines the news continues after the stream. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the way. al-jazeera. i believe. in chile. in the. wall enough.


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