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moves together so we can be the line of defense for lebanon and i'm for the stability of lebanon this gathering today is going to be repeated you'll see me visit every part of lebanon the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is now calling the running a crisis ethnic cleansing to listen went to me in ma last week to address the unfolding refugee crisis more than six hundred thousand people have fled across the border into bangladesh the statement from tellus and says those responsible for the atrocities in rakhine state should be held to account and to spacious building in zimbabwe where hundreds of people are at the airport to welcome back to become the new president's emmerson and god is on his way back from south africa he'll be sworn in on friday. the russian president vladimir putin has told his turkish and iranian counterparts there is a real chance of ending the war in syria speaking in such a putin said he believed a new stage had been reached in the syrian crisis but he also want to achieve in a political solution would require
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a compromise on all sides russia and iran allies of the syrian president bashar al assad who made a surprise visit to sochi on monday turkey back some syrian rebel groups. more news on the web site al jazeera dot com tweet me i'll tweet you back i'm at peter w one jane is here with the with the news grid even top of the hour all season by. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current of the matter. into it. in.
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the in the in. the in. by i'm having ok i'm going the strain i went out of here i don't hear falling on you to do comment the stream team is that they will try to get your comments on to the show now what you saw was in bob way speaker of parliament jacob on tuesday november the twenty first announcing the resignation of the now former president robert mugabe facing intense pressure from both the public and his own ruling zanu p.f. party the ninety three year old mcgarvey stepped down just one week after the army
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placed him under house arrest of course the conversation about the end of mccarthy's thirty seven tenure is buzzing online look at that his make up a buzzing might be an understatement when it comes to this story from the high hopes of saturday's solidarity march to being disappointed by mugabe's speech on sunday and if he defied calls to resign many zimbabweans are now openly celebrating the resignation of. the only president they've ever known a saddam guy was departure from office ignited a huge discussion online and these are just some of the hashtags zimbabweans have been using in the last few days to share their stories from the streets of harare from save them to mind the zimbabwe to mugabi must go there was news continues to break a number of people have weighed in on what look obvious departure means to them including a zen o.p.'s parody a cowed our jima gobby has resigned the new era has begun the mori writes i never thought i would live to see the day mugabi resigned history has been written and
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not all zimbabweans are celebrating though many sweetheart writes mugabe is no longer our president i'm not happy about it that man protected us for years others were forecasting the road ahead driver and news publisher in zimbabwe says he was emotional adding that he also never thought i would see this day this is a stepping stone towards is the bob way we want but it won't be easy thanks and he can with us now our roving africa correspondent who room a task in harare mr henry there are times when reporting gets personal you are as involved in these last three day what is it been like sharing this story with us outta there. i still can't believe it following events the girl having imported in this country for so long having been born here grown up here when school here is still surreal i'm still struggling to just call him robert mugabe you've always called him the president understand he's
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has had been such a big part of every zimbabwean life you know from the policies that we grew up and from from the way the family ran the country every zimbabwean was affected and i was thinking about how there were good and bad days and how it is almost sad that now he's being remembered for all the things that were wrong in this country and the economy the corruption the nepotism but there was a time and i remember the time that i was growing up here education i got probably the best education you can even ask for here he pushed through an education for policy he wanted basically blacks involved in to be educated because remember in the colonial years in white minority rule blacks were given any very education and he really pushed that and in terms of land i mean yes the way it was done was chaotic everyone knows that but people understand that you couldn't have a system where a white minority had most of the good land so people did say in that sense thank
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you thank you for trying to redistribute light unfortunately things in a horribly horribly wrong it's it's been emotional it has been a really emotional they've been really hard trying to get to separate yourself and be objective as a reporter reporting on the story i've tried i've tried my best but it has been really really emotional reporting on the scene the highs and lows this country's been to the seeing a great man in school you look up to him and think of him as your grandfather you know what is what is he doing today what what is he. doing for the country what is he done for the country and it's just sad to think just started to go downhill i was surprised that he went down this way i'm one of those who never thought he'd go mugabe was have become entrenched in your life and now that he's gone. i think i still call him i still can't believe i me. thank you feel personal take on what
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he's been reporting today from harare zimbabwe we will keep an eye on your reporting on al jazeera english and also if you're watching your following online you can follow her at twitter and she's at my taseff thanks very well joining us now from harare to discuss what the future of zimbabwe might look like without mugabe at the helm bright matonga is a former spokesman for the governing zanu p.f. party as well as mugabe's government mcdonald the money guy is a political analyst guy is also up analytical analyst and linda my study day is a human rights activists she also hopes to represent what are essential as a member of parliament welcome to the stream everyone and its involvements what an amazing day it has been for you right you should share with us where you were when you heard the news that president robert mugabe was stepping down. and. sitting about what was it.
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one of. the most sort of when you did the much goes i was the one on the. house so to speak. so i followed this whole process i went to the parliament i wanted to make sure that you know we you know. i wish that you know he'd done this in a dignified manner so that's why we're pushing hard you know we mobilized people so that he can see cells and i was happy with the speaker read that you know i robot guarded to here by ten am i we just went a while it was. but i can say. thank you mr president thank you for the more than forty years that you from pre-independence post-independence there are a lot of good memories you know you are fearless. you're go getter but
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unfortunately things had to happen the way that happened but. today is reseller brittingham the good the bad in the ugly story are and rationally unfortunately mama mama mama got there you just messed everything up for us but while father you are such a role model education empowerment those are things that we the good things that i can remember of course there were bad things also you know doesn't do bad things is part of the history of the country but good and bad things but today is another day just so happy that he's decided. to spend time it is home maybe to write his memoirs you know are not the only one you're not the only one feeling like that you mention independence i want to bring up this week from eugene he says
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this is a second independence born zimbabwe since gaining independence in one nine hundred eighty we have endured the woes of mugabe's reign hash tag mugabi or designed it's the end game to a regime at mcdonald's you see here he's treating this as an independence day is that how you're feeling or what's going through your head. well. well i think that the political moment it definitely. wasn't that dependence. but it's but but but if i was too much of what was happening in mexico which is the point that i was about assuming that a lot of the feelings that we have a similar to what people think but it's what makes this situation a bit different it's that mixed feelings i think that when colonialism ended. thirty two people it was a spiritual experience about it but it does give it a lot but i just talked about some of the things that was talked about. the most
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and so we just get to go and we have to. succumb to pressure but they also something that some people associate of just doing good. and i think that that also. makes students with used budgets cuts and but that's one group of people who are not but people like my so to see it go but we're still concerned it was real but. it was that lead to it what is happening now is. that we would begin to think that the old hip certainly is. as it is a little bit because of that but it is going to look if that is so when we have to see the president who still. that is if that is. the one that is going to. let me share this if you tout your political analyst there are lots of political analysts on twitter as well let me share this tweet with you when i got is
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a former vice president and she went ahead of him badly and militant they all work in this together and one of them will be in line to the throne yet both men were former allies of mcgarvey and a both above seventy years old do we now see a pattern so we're looking at forward looking ahead is it possible that there could be more of the same tile or is this really a big milestone for symbolic. well first of all given all your views and your view on this year. i think it's important that everyone recognizes that this is this is a moment yes in its historical moment however what we should be celebrating is the activation of the zimbabwean constitution the constitution that was in that in twenty thirty it's now coming into play. the military which i take my hat off to conduct of the operation under the guidance of the constitution and even as we are where we are today is because of what the constitution provides for us as citizens
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and therefore i am celebrating a moment where the constitution has come to life constitutionalism has come to life a president is being set for the future. in that light also say that. while everyone is euphoric everyone is very happy understandably maybe perhaps some people or. i would also say that that euphoria nine hundred eighty is what got us to where we are today people forgot to focus on institution and focus on emotions and those emotions were embodied in robert. robert mugabe became the system. and that system where we are today and therefore i would rather recommend that people focus on the institution that we have to build from the moment is great but tomorrow we have a lot of work out how do you do that what is focus on institutions actually means.
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today where she's leaving heading into wednesday morning to wednesday ok tomorrow morning ask. you a question who will be. the acting president. what was going to be happening i don't think. those are the questions that we should be addressing right now so that tomorrow you don't find someone in a power grab a vacuum and jump in to fill that so you're not the only one asking those questions other people watching the show live on you tube the cell he's one of them he says i hope the power vacuum here is behind meaning mugabe doesn't cause chaos for those who will fight for power now that he's gone he goes on to ask questions ourselves will grayson gary try to stay on politics or will she go into exile of course a lot of unknowns there bright but what do you make of what will happen next the session while linda i'm going to give this one to you we have
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a lot of people online asking about is there going to be power grabbing and what will happen to both robert mugabe and his wife grace mugabe and are those questions that are on your mind as well. i don't have those questions right now because a militant reason garden was expelled from seoul appears and from politics and i didn't mean that there is any political parties involved with that will be able to take that to what they can into their political but and mugabe has resigned which shows that she wants nothing to do with politics from today with it was call westley didn't voluntarily but we have to call it and say opposition get organized and which again onto the track and right now if there's going. to. be here frankenstein. now you mentioned how the constitution was working in zimbabwe that is why president mugabe had to resign a cali boy here says to us in
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a strange pessimist obvious resignation should not be based on military intervention that doesn't promote democracy in africa and you say what. if if i can try to bring some context into. the military intervention that we saw last week when the first lady will form a first lady now began her so-called rallies back in twenty forty before former vice president joyce would you was expelled from the. she i think grew a very big head politically although she was a political move with. now to cut a long story short by the time that she started these rallies again in twenty sixty she particularly was offensive at one rally in last year which he directly attacked the military and directly attacked president underwear and sometimes what
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was perceived to be vulgar terms. and. from there she was considered a security threat reports were rife in both private media. in different political circles that the military were unhappy with with the discontent she was causing but yet they stayed themselves they stayed in the barracks for over two years so this is not an intervention in the in the context of seizing power i think that's a misconception what they did was. stop what was going to be an explosive situation had she actually succeeded in taking over the vice president let me just add to joshua there was absolutely this is a mouser dot com has been an in-depth portrait of robert mugabe and his presidency this is the newly elected robert mugabe as we go back thirty seven years mcdonald's when you look at this picture and you look at the hope and the joy in this picture
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what would you say is the legacy of president mugabe. well it certainly got the better of. it and i think that is something. to be covered but when people talk about legacy usually people talk about one or two things that. was true and then the end. that some people will form. the next. but at this point the way that will not. element. is also. what they deserve and it is it was. useful to go but it's people just. want to do that and that's when it's used but of course it's. fortunate for members let's just. see in the way that it's a country in the championing of political causes that it's called but.
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it's often it's. political it's so here's another remembrance of mugabe's legacy silver on twitter says unfortunately his resignation came a little bit too late he'll be remembered as a man who tried to cling on to the people's call as a gambler with faith who tried to postpone the inevitable but pushing forward a little bit on to what will happen next we got this comment from a member of the opposition in d.c. which morgan chang or i is the president good to told us we see the removal abu dhabi not as the end but just as the beginning of the democratization process in zimbabwe we want a total democratization of the country we want a la tour reforms that will make sure a proper and law toral commission will be able to conduct elections that are free and fair linda what do you make about comment.
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when i made the comment is that it is the actual reality on the ground will. position this is the time for opposition to regroup have for cause and actually ensure that the push for our electoral reforms it was for democracy to be to be a reality and zimbabwe not just the work that we have suffered of the unions from and constitutionalism we have suffered from a lot of violence non-alignment of laws of the constitution of zimbabwe which of them are very big challenge for opposition in egypt when a trait in the sun appears strongholds but at the end of the day everyone has got the freedom of association and that should be allowed to associate with a part of their choice so going forward we actually need to regroup as a two piece as a political party especially the opposition will. come. of changing the system because at the end of the day celebrating that's who got caught
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is not enough because we have a system that we have to dealt with the question is still a system of corruption this is what we in the system due to try to write back and going forward and of the one who wants to see a better zimbabwe which has in weber's prop what paul says we're probably get jobs what is critically important right now is to ensure that we have the system proper how to from bob it was not that coaching at that slant he had inherited the smith regime at the smith's esteem and way of doing things and never tried to change that system and going forwards that was all to date those are some of the challenges that we have to start working on how do we change the system how do we transform zimbabwe into a social democratic developmental state or to stop you just with the briefly i think what everyone should to remember into the excerpt from the opposition circles is that if i'm elected of course for instance in the next six months as provided
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for by the constitution the opposition doesn't stand and doesn't turn to chance because of the euphoria. that people are experiencing and expressing today. for the removal of president robert mugabe is the same euphoria the left with the ballot when vice president. running for the presidency and the opposition should look to twenty twenty three as the next opportunity perhaps to have. political media. yes. we should not also forget that image from the numbers not popular she didn't want to be the transitional government. if we got to i'm going to talk about accountability or not if you're just trying to case if you're trying to keep up with us how to type a minute how to keep up with us and indeed i was referring to the vice president who actually was fired and had to leave the country let's bring back in bright
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bright you said that you were part of a movement to get rid of president mugabe your happy that he is gone what is the plan next you were sitting in parliament earlier today you were happy to hear about the resignation now what. moral. president of zimbabwe. you would do that and do you suppose to finish him that. supposed to finish twenty eight that is what is provided for in the constitution. so i think the big task for. tonight is the people of zimbabwe we were so divided a low political alliance. so rush out and rushed all the elections because the environment has been polluted. people have got bad memories about the
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election so i think it's to unite people to bring even a transitional government. that will be. advised to mr. and. just you know to take his time sit down with write if you will charge all the million charge behaving in charge of the military be in charge tomorrow in charge. definitely not i think. once the president has this story i don't think they all rush to go away because as we speak right now we don't seem to have a policy they all went into hiding we don't seem to have our intelligence department they always. was. accused of taking part looting of resources. so the rebuilding process so that's why i'm saying we can't have elections next year because of these challenges where you don't live in an
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ordinance police force in all its intelligence services so that i know they'll go back to the ballot and maybe change uniform. right now as we speak you know there's not been any looting without well if they have what's in the. inside before you just walk around the corner there's a policeman they take money along the road you're driving there for five stops it was just ridiculous ok but so you really have. mcdonald entire island is such a fascinating time in your country's history we will continue to follow it with great interest in reporting on al-jazeera english as well where the last word to you jean who says i envision it in visit to a safer zimbabwe where more people will feel free less threatened to air their opinions a concern governance zimbabwe where the younger generation will thrive in a better economy let us not be stuck in the past let's look forward to our new tomorrow and of course you can continue to follow the news about zimbabwe online at
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www dot com zimbabwe what's happening and also an in-depth page about robert mugabe news thank you very much being part of the stream take a bite. to eat the earth. still. like this it's going to be all right bring. something to the. kids.
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good. the nature of news as it breaks the last time synagogue qualified for the world cup was in two thousand to fifteen years on and hope to do even better in russia next year with detailed coverage try to imagine that only seven years ago people were living right here balmy slim now the street has taken over their land from around the world donald trump is promising a major policy announcement on trade a potential challenge to caracas a missed opportunity a rock. that's not going to talk about
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something else about shooting people are not able to shoot a gun themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war to the cities general securities where the people who pay the price clearly their writeup unprejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the governments it's about real people. this is al jazeera.


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