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or if you join us on saturday no evil person just wakes up in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness is a dialogue that could be what leading to some of the confusion i lie about people say we don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera facing the realities if a piece of machinery goes wrong is there a chain of litigation through which we can bring a legal system to bear getting to the heart of the matter i don't think we need of the what some of my producers just to hear their story on talk to how does it at this time. this is al-jazeera.
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this is a news hour from london coming up. zimbabwe's incoming. is welcome back by cheering crowds outside zanu p.f. in harare. represents the survivors cry former bosnian serb command rocko malott it she is found guilty of genocide war crimes he's sentenced to life imprisonment lebanese prime minister saad hariri addresses supporters outside his home after putting his resignation on hold. and i'm far as riled all the day sporting including barcelona i a spot in the knockout round in the champions league they need at least a draw eventis to clinch a laugh sixteen place. the
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man who will become the next president of zimbabwe says the country is witnessing a new stage of democracy vice president. made the comments to thousands of cheering supporters in the capital harare following the resignation of robert mugabe after thirty seven years in power. i don't really see. you i mean phone need to focus. on. the weight of your money this sosa's makes said brown only on this. one. president former president ok. you
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know. we've. always always said see. our sleeping he. was. well let's cross to free the melody who is life for us and harare i mean you are listening to the whole speech how different did he sound to his predecessor. well mungo over certainly wanted to use the opportunity to instill confidence in zimbabwe and that this time around things would be different talking about the importance of democracy and this being a new beginning for the country he said everything they wanted to hear talking
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about peace and job creation especially considering how the difficult circumstances involved winds have had to live under with a failing economy and who they consider to be a dictator robert mugabe the the former president so it appears as if when a government has departed from some of the rhetoric that zimbabweans have heard for decades indicating that this is a time for change he also looked back over the last a few weeks he's time in south africa when he had to flee zimbabwe and interesting enough he spoke about a attempt to poison him in recent weeks and at that time he in fact had to leave the country for medical attention so he's spoken about the difficulties he's also faced and in that way perhaps getting more zimbabweans on inside they already think of him as a hero. as well as the military intervened in
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a difficult political situation creating a new opportunity and renewed hope for millions of zimbabweans he made a lot of emphasis on the role that zimbabweans and subs play and how much the future is about them and the change they want to see so this very much about what zimbabweans are hopeful for in the days going forward as when a guard was expected to be inaugurated on friday he also talked about the voice of the people is the voice of power he said the will of the people will always succeed and he mentioned the word democracy outside of the zanu p.f. bubble if you like how do you think it will have gone down with the wider country with people sitting out. sign of harare valid and the belief may be that their voices could be heard or at least the people that they would vote for could be heard. this is a time away leadership here in zimbabwe would want to look for unity throughout the
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country given the political difficulties that face in the past the repression that the opposition and its supporters has face even looking back at the two thousand and eight election that robert mugabe lost and the military intervened in allowing him to stay in power what's important to note is that a man of god who made the sadrist at the zanu p.f. headquarters yes he is the president of the party yes he represents the ruling party but one would imagine that this could have been done at a neutral venue that would have given all the bob with zimbabweans rather the opportunity to perhaps participate and move away from the party specifically looking at the country as a whole macabre did praise zanu p.f. specifically in how it's handled the political situation in recent days and how robert mugabe was removed from the presidency of the party and ultimately resigned the opposition in this country would certainly continue to have support they are
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a lot of policies a sonic p.f. has that's put in place that zimbabweans haven't been happy with and again this has a lot to do with the economy and a million hundreds of thousands of the bobbins having to leave the country just because they can't make a living here and they can't support their families so given what's happened in the last few days those on a player is sitting in a very advantageous position given that it's been praise for the role it played in taking the country forward and ridding it of robert mugabe from a the miller there with the very latest from harare and we'll be talking a little later in the program little bit more about the challenges facing the new president. survivors of europe's worst massacre since the second world war have been celebrating a verdict by the international criminal court judges in the hague have sentenced a former bosnian serb commander ratko my luggage to life in prison for his role in the murders of eight thousand muslim men and boys in the town of srebrenica in one
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thousand nine hundred five in a moment we'll hear david changes report from srebrenica but first. at the hague the chamber finds. each guilty as a member of first joined common enterprises of the following counts count to genocide the verdict came a lot of his victims have waited decades for but the seventy three year old former bosnian serb general wasn't in the court to hear it he'd been a gentle moments earlier for this outburst the midst of that if you. if you continued like this. we adjourn his defense team had urged the judge to halt proceedings citing concerns over his blood pressure but the court rejected the plea finding guilty on one of two counts of genocide and nine of war crimes and
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crimes against humanity during the chaotic breakup of the former yugoslavia the court ruled that milan it's carried out a relentless campaign of ethnic cleansing aimed at ridding known serbs from bosnian territory there's nothing curious of executing prisoners there's no security about . thousands of people from the whole. individuals prosecuted and convicted by these tribunals are in the receiver because there's been prosecuted and convicted for not respecting the geneva conventions among those crimes are some of the worst atrocities carried out in europe since the second world war thank you the four year siege of sarajevo in which an estimated ten thousand people were killed in shelling and sniper fire and the massacre of thousands of mostly men and boys in the town of srebrenica where my colleague david chaytor now reports. the mothers of srebrenica called once again in the horror of their own memories
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watching the court proceedings in the hague in a small museum in the middle of the cemetery where their loved ones are buried they wanted justice as ever then. when they came a surge of elation followed by a wave of emotion they'd waited twenty two years for this movie but they too have all had a life sentences families and villages torn apart a heavy burden of grief that they will take to that of great. among them was not jima caught in this iconic photograph of the genocide pleading with a u.s. soldier to help her get back a house meant her son and her brother but this was no safe so. they were gone forever so. i am delighted that the court has brought such a judgment i'm a happy mother i've waited for these judgment to twenty two years as a mother as a sister as a wife i personally fought for these so much from day one until today more than
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eight thousand muslim men and boys died in the killing fields around. but still one thousand victims have not been found every week in the forests and the hills around in this cemetery they're finding yet more. so the problem is what the future brings what do we leave toward children what happens after this the deep divisions between ethnic communities here look set to continue to serve member of the tripartite presidency of bosnia herzegovina said the court did not deliver justice but politics distrust instead of trust but. instead of reconciliation there will be new political conflicts when david chaytor is four still in srebrenica david incredibly moving pictures that of the mothers of srebrenica listening to the verdict in the end though there is a sort of key individuals who are being prosecuted but there are
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a lot of the the terror that was inflicted on this community the people are still at large still walking around the communities where these people are still living. yes that's the extraordinary and haunting thing about this situation that this is still a mixed community and those of frozen lines of conflict between them. i think are so deep that there can never be a reconciliation i was talking to many of the the mothers of said. in their communities and they said to me that they were surrounded by empty buildings buildings where their close family used to live and those memories every single day come back to them now they were brave to return in the first place they had to for so their way back into the house with police help that they were forced out of by i'm allowed to choose men and so in a way i don't seek they can ever be any hope certainly in the near future with the
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other politicians we have here in bosnia had to governor of finding any reconciliation a tool of breaking through a bit getting above such an awful history it is the case that one of the women was telling me that she remembers and she lost a son and a to two of her sons and she said that they they were the soldiers were raping young women in the streets they were choosing the pretty women they were doing it deliberately there were single rapes and mass rapes and was happening right there on the roads in front of their houses how can you ever forget stories like that situations like that the answers you can't so it's it's a small comfort for for these women and for the communities here about it's not a case of closure there can be no closure in cases like this as i said these memories will go to their graves with them. and you mention in your report there
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david about remains of people who were massacred still being filed and the effort still very much ongoing in that area to try and and find something of those who are still missing to really help those relatives and have some closure. yes it is extraordinary that this hunt for the one thousand victims that have been found is still going on but it's more a case now of people determined to try and find them some are in the forests behind me when they try to escape they were tracked down and killed those have been individual cases so very hard to find where their bodies are that are also probably being eaten by animals be in bits and pieces one of the women that i spoke to said that she got her two sons back to brave large tall boys she said and she got them back in pieces and they're now buried in the graveyard behind me
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so it is a case that it's almost impossible for these communities to live together when they have such memories and also of course soon as the case of many of those people who were put into rape factories run by the bosnian serbs they've seen their the people who raped them walking around in the streets and sorry ever walking around here they've never been convicted they've never gone before court they've never faced justice and now the victims can see them walking free so it is really is quite an extraordinary situation so the justice that they had in the hague has not been justice for all by any means david chaytor there with the reaction to that verdict at the hague and sharp and it's. still ahead on the news our report from bangladesh on efforts to tackle mao nutrition among ranger refugee children. this
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was spared the child but barack obama's internet regulation policy may not be so lucky we'll tell you our. sport a week after qualifying his team for next year's world cup australia's football coach calls it quits. russia iran and turkey have agreed to support a syrian people's congress bringing together government and opposition representatives speaking at talks in the black sea resort of sochi president vladimir putin said he believed a new state should be reached in the syrian crisis but he warned that achieving a political solution would require compromises from russia and iran major allies of syria's president bashar al assad who made a surprise visit to sochi on monday turkey backs syrian rebel groups well let's cross live now to road challenge who is monitoring those talks in sochi they
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sounded like they were the three leaders were speaking with one voice the impression in reality that you found. look well i think they all basically have come to agree that there is the need for a what they're calling congress of national dialogue and this is something that putin has been pushing for a few weeks now but there has been a sticking point for turkey particularly which is the turkey thinks that some of the groups that have been invited kurdish groups are terrorist organizations and so he has been saying to russia for the the amount of time that russia been pushing this idea that it isn't happy with this invitation. basically what this congress is supposed to be doing is inviting representatives from across the spectrum of
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syrian society to come here to start a couple weeks time at the beginning of december and sit down together and try and shouts the future of syria so it's about getting agriculture moving again about getting schools and hospitals functioning about basically rebuilding the country. and yes i think all three of the men here. were in agreement i still get the impression though that turkey is a bit lukewarm about the idea one thing rouhani said which i think was quite interesting was that he as he put it can prepare the ground for the new constitution for syria and i think this affirms some of the suspicion is all speculations about this particular congress which is that russia is trying to use it as a kind of interim measure between the start of talks which have been going on for the last year or so which are pretty much technical and about cease fires and the geneva talks much stalled of course which are about a political solution if this is true you know if we are going to have this congress
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then russia looks like it is trying to use it as a way to shape the constitution of syria maybe for for in its own image or its own eyes ahead of any geneva talks good to get your thoughts which i was there with the latest from this talks in sochi. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has promised to support says he'll stick with them and defend his country. he was stepping down one saudi arabia. his resignation after request from the president dialogue. from beirut. he came home to take part in independence day celebrations eighteen days after announcing his resignation in saudi arabia it was the first time he has been back in beirut since that unexpected announcement and. he was received as a prime minister and warmly greeted by the president who publicly accused saudi
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arabia of forcing her to resign and preventing him from leaving the country the saudis said they feared for his life back home. did say he would clarify his political position once back in lebanon and it seems a compromise deal has been worked out how d.d. suspended his resignation to allow for further consultations. i presented today my resignation to president but he urged me to wait before offering it and to hold on to it about its reasons a political background. represents one of two major alliances in lebanon on the pro saudi camp hundreds of his supporters gave him a hero's welcome outside his home many lebanese from across the political divide believed he was being used by saudi arabia as a pawn in their attempt to target iran and that him and his family were held as hostages there how did he has a national unity government that includes his political opponent the pro iranian
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hezbollah the prime minister has long demanded hezbollah this arms and ends its military interventions in arab countries tensions have undoubtedly. already reminder that is a proxy states. it's caught in the middle of a regional power struggle and it's in the pendants has long been open to question. the crisis that began with her duties resignation was widely seen as having been forced on the prime minister by saudi arabia to counter iranian influence in lebanon. i'm here with you and we will continue onwards together so we can be the lowing of defense for lebanon and for the stability of look at this gathering today is going to be repeated you'll see me visit every part of lebanon how did say how long he's willing to put his resignation on hold political differences between the rival alliances are longstanding and unlikely to be resolved soon his decision to
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stay in office may be more of a result of mediation efforts by world leaders to put lebanon's latest political crisis on hold. beirut. the saudi led coalition has announced it will reopen yemen's main international airports and the volatile ports to let humanitarian supplies get through the sounding coalition announced the closure of yemen's yemen's main london seaports two weeks ago following a missile assault by hooty rebels but the un urged them to lift the blockade warning that the closure of the airports and the main ports and how the data would worsen the country's cholera epidemic and increase the famine about seven million people in yemen depend entirely on food aid and four million rely on a group for clean. dramatic video has been released showing the moment the north korean soldiers escape to south korea across one of the most heavily armed boarders
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in the world during the chase north korean soldiers fire that they defect and one brief they cross the border into the south a violation of the armistice agreement that halted the korean war kathy novak has more from so. extraordinary video of a soldier risking his life to escape from north korea at around three in the afternoon he's seen driving a truck past a checkpoint on the north korean side of the demilitarized zone or d.m.z. on the heavily fortified border fellow soldiers are shown running after the truck which becomes stuck the defector then gets out and runs towards the border known as the military demarcation line or n.t.l. just meters away soldiers from the k.p.a. or north korean people's army opened fire hitting the defector it's thought five times one even chases him over the border before returning to the north korean side . the key findings of the special investigation team are that the k.p.a.
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violated the armistice agreement by one firing weapons across the m.t.l. and two by actually crossing the m.d.o. temporarily the defectors body is seen lying motionless on the south korean side of the border then soldiers from the joint u.s. and south korean security battalion are seen crawling towards the injured defector to drag him to safety it's rare for defectors to try and breach the joint security area puntland jum tour groups on both sides of the border regularly visit though the u.n. command says no tourists were there when the shooting happened. the north korean soldier remains in intensive care in a south korean hospital where he's regain consciousness and his wounds are no longer life threatening a doctor treating him says the surgery revealed a parasitic worms he'd only ever seen in textbooks giving an insight into the dire conditions north koreans face and the kind of life this defector was fleeing kathy
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novak al jazeera sole. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has called the revenge a crisis ethnic cleansing in the wake of his visit to myanmar last week he says those a sponsible for the atrocities in iraq and state should be held accountable roslyn jordan has more from washington d.c. the u.s. announcement on wednesday that it believes ethnic cleansing is happening in iraq and state in me and maher is remarkable the announcement from the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson comes barely three months after the military started a crackdown on an armed were hanging a group which the military says was responsible for carrying out terrorist attacks . washington has long said that david l. has the right to ensure national security but that this crackdown has gone too far more than six hundred thousand ethnic were being a men women and children have fled from state into the neighboring country of
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triggering a massive refugee crisis the u.s. believes that it is now up to the authorities in naperville both civilian and military to ensure the quick we patriae sion of all of these ethnic rohingya as well as to make certain that they are protected from recriminatory and attacks they also are calling on the government to grant the rohingya full citizenship something which they have never enjoyed now the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has met several times with authorities from me and maher urging them to basically change their ways and to make the situation involving the rohingya as safe and as stable as quickly as possible but so far there has not been any real change at least to the satisfaction of officials here in washington so now comes not just the determination that ethnic cleansing is
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underway but there is now also the threat of potential target u.s. sanctions against those people inside me and maher who are responsible for the ongoing attacks on the rohingya it's now up to the people in me and mark both in the civilian and in the military leadership to try to see if they can actually comply with washington's demands it's a risk which they may not want to take on more than six hundred thousand people have fled across the border into bangladesh facing widespread malnutrition. is that . one of the major challenge that aid agencies are facing is severe malnutrition among refugee children more than half the population among their idea refugees are children because of that bang of the government and unicef started a nutrition awareness week started on fifteenth of november and will continue to the twenty second of november the main idea is to let the mothers know about this
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program that there are clinics set up in all the camps to provide nutrition out medical facilities for the mothers and their children in the within the camp. my grandchild is not well she's not teaching well and he's very weak which is why. now many of the i interact with israel already suffering from malnutrition while in iraq and stayed those children and their parents walked hundreds of miles across into bangladesh without much food supply now they're suffering severe malnutrition cases hands bangladesh going on unicef started this awareness program and to treat this as a major challenge i spoke to one of the spokesperson for unicef we have to consider one thing that when these children were in myanmar history lynn were already suffering from malnutrition which was all the louis emergency threshold and also there was sartain defiance among these people in terms of being treated against malnutrition so this is why you had running this in this campaign down here. still
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ahead on al-jazeera a sign of the times with the country's civil conflict that colombians are finding new words to discuss and. it's an unwelcome sound to most but scientists in california are looking for help recording this and one of the biggest rivalries in international cricket is set i will have the details and spoke. to a. with. hello changes are a foot has been a foot to be honest as a massive cloud out stretches from the eastern side of the black sea through the southern caucasus iraq and on to iraq on the coast the gulf coast of iran eighty four millimeters in the last twenty four hours a significant amount of rain i would have been repeated through saudi as well but this is very obviously something going on it's the winter front it's the winter rains coming in and the forecasts facilities are just more of the same as possible
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iran across the gulf the north around to shall around the caspian sea likely the temperature fifteen still in tehran you're on the edges tempers have come down with seventeen in baghdad but it's not really cold yet whereas the snow obviously in the forecast probably falling now actually on the high ground east and turkey day that will slowly disappear it might even show itself briefly in the high ground the funnels assyria as well when the sun returns and we're up to fifty to thirty oversee the season has changed that will be a permanent change doesn't mean you're right all the time but it's far more likely and it's likely encounter in the middle of society and of course the run during the possibly they may be less likely on friday anyone dimple could be quite substantial in this part the world i don't want small in south africa. the cloud is showing and the rain is falling.
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one day period cast for a rival to the country club and be decided to play god. and suddenly if you didn't cast just said to she give you a magic shade if we would put. bread sauce cubans over our in this magnificent land it a chronicle of the revolution and its aspirations through the prism of its architecture cuba's unfinished space at this time on al-jazeera i am taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on america without regulation profit dictates policy on health. and the environment was a surprise. on that side of the havoc the big pharma protection is going to take a decade of. the line down is the cost of the boba trump toxic war but this time on al-jazeera. the
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big. welcome back a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera i am always vice president and. addressed cheering supporters in here he said the country was witnessing a new stage of democracy following the resignation of robert mugabe. former bosnian serb general ratko my luggage has been found guilty of war crimes and genocide seventy three year old orchestrated the massacre of eight thousand muslim men and boys. in one thousand nine hundred five and lebanon's prime minister saad hariri
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has agreed to delay his resignation after a request from the president michel. returned to lebanon on tuesday. let's return now to our top story the return of former vice president. to zimbabwe i'm joined again by nick bronson a senior researcher at the africa research institute so having my dressings on. supporters outside the headquarters in harare now we're looking forward to friday the inauguration when he becomes president and then while he's in training is massive as it was first on the list well i think restoring confidence in the economy has to be a key priority and there's a huge domestic and external audience to address here firstly zimbabweans of lost confidence in the board know it's the sort of surrogate currency that was introduced as part of a basket supposedly for it to incentivize exports but it's definitely not done that
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it's just resulted in dollars flowing out of the economy and secondly to. international creditors and partners. international financial institutions so when i've got one has to really show he's serious about restoring calm. on the economy and tackling the absence of dollars. huge task on its own that will come with some conditions with us improving public financial management guaranteeing some sort of private property rights maybe even compensation. for people who were forced off the land i mean it's really hugely politically sensitive and also everybody will be looking in from outside thinking about investment will bring in new jobs which was the key one of the key things he talked about as to what he does politically and you use the word democracy. there isn't any kind of election going
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to happen he is just going to be installed do you think he'll not towards the opposition i think it's a really interesting question he i mean he's certainly under no pressure. you know formally to include opposition figures in in his government. any sort of gesture he makes would however be incredibly well received both by figures in zimbabwe and outside so there might be scope for some appointments but my hunch would be that you know he'll want to keep the finance ministry and local government and a lot of the parastatals under control of people in zanu p.f. with we want to on the election next july or august i think the removal if we can use that word. go away has sent a little bit of a shockwave amongst other african dictators are we looking at the possibility of an african uprising an african spring well i think we have to be really cautious here you know military intervention is not
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a positive thing on its own and the gains that we were hoping for in zimbabwe is far far from secure so i mean it's certainly send some shock waves among the older generation of leaders in southern africa really. polities national liberation movements are empowered they're generally quite good at handling their own internal successions and ensuring that unpopular presidents don't overstay in power and sacrifice the party a share of the vote so you know zimbabwe's been the exception rather than the rule in that regard and i think you know if we're going to see action it's not going to be one of them bob voice neighbors france and thanks very much for giving us your thoughts on this very special day. the international organization for migration says there are up to three million zimbabweans living abroad many are in south africa also as i respond to one man who says mugabe's departure has given him hope
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that he and his family could return home tanya page has more from johannesburg. progress might get a remembers days in zimbabwe when all he had to eat was an avocado from a tree in his parents' yard and the sight of his friend's injuries after he'd been beaten up by police for supporting the opposition so that night when i hear that my friend one of my friend. was tortured and isn't working you can't even wake up that's true. he left his family and friends with here the heart of one of robert mugabe's legacies is that his policies divided families and scattered zimbabweans over the world and this region's economic how the south africa has borne the brunt of that exodus in the street alone almost every house is occupied by zimbabweans many haven't seen their loved ones for years my brother was
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in the u.k. you couldn't make it even today if you know my my father and my mother but he's been in regular contact with his brother as mugabe's presidency crumbled it's created hope for the first time in years although the men sit to replacement he has been part of the establishment for decades. now used to think of the people of zimbabwe. one to think whatever they did like. the vice president. gore. we don't know what its capability i think he deserves a chance their three month old son is even more of a reason to return home. now than this new future that. we might benefit that might benefit our kids really need to go home i will definitely go home. now that changes come there's certain it will be for the better tinier
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page al-jazeera johannesburg. explosions and gunfire have been heard in the georgian capital tbilisi after security forces raided an apartment block so the security service says that several members of an armed group refused to surrender and they opened fire with automatic rifles throwing hand grenades at least one soldier has died one suspect has been arrested. the russian parliament's upper house has approved a bill that would require international media outlets to register as foreign agents the u.s. imposed similar rules on russian state broadcaster r.t. after allegations of russian influence in the us presidential election law come into effect when it's signed by president vladimir putin. the philippines chief justice is warning that attempts to impeach her could threaten the country's democracy the house of representatives is preparing to begin impeachment hearings against justice maria nor the serrano she's been one of the few people willing to
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criticize president rigor deterred day last month for a president that has a vow to impeach or a no for alleged corruption general allen has more from manila. supreme court chief justice dissident who is accused of corruption violating the constitution and the betrayal of public trust she did not show up at the hearing today but she was represented by her lawyers who are appealing to the committee to junk the complaints filed against her because these see these are baseless accusations now in their recent interviews with local networks here so then who hinted that presidents are the good authority may have a hand in the plan to oust her from the supreme court it is something that butera to denies but just a few months ago he challenged not just to end all but another official woodsmen. morales to resign from their positions because they had come up with these issues
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that have been seen as adversarial to president would be good to tear it is policies now both officials chief justice of endo and of woodsmen morales are appointees of former president been ignored keno aquino and other cabinet members are also facing different charges filed by president rodrigo deterred his government now the members of the committee of this congress assures the public that they are in fact going to be fair that the child will be made public in the proceeding will be impartial but critics are finding this questionable because majority of those in congress are now allied with the president and the group that filed a case against iran or is actually also closely associated with president of the good authority many worry that these are attempts by the president not just to silence the opposition but also to silence dissent regulators in the united states are planning to scrap rules that provide for equal access to the internet the net
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neutrality policy was introduced by the obama administration the change is seen as a major victory for the telecoms industry but a setback to those who favor unrestricted access to the internet michaela has more . you are hereby part. and annual thanksgiving tradition as president trump formally pardoned a turkey and jokingly says he considered repudiating those pardons given during the obama era hater and todd's pardons cannot under any circumstances be revoked but the very real process of repealing pass legislation is no laughing matter the latest move against rules guaranteeing what is called net neutrality put in place by the obama administration in twenty fifteen these rules acknowledge the internet was an essential utility like water or electricity prohibiting the big providers from manipulating access to it in their own interest for example the rise
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and deliberately slow down netflix to promote its own content providers until it was stopped by the f.c.c. a body that may now reverse that decision robyn's internet providers should not be allowed to in choose which pieces of the internet they wanted to liberate your house or who gets to reach your computer faster than who else imagine or premium version of premium version of. all of the stuff that we kind of better phones and tablets and laptops and just kind of take for granted is free services are either going to get worse or more expensive or both. the f.c.c. chair pie argues that removing the restrictions would create a more competitive environment in which consumers could demand greater transparency by providers in choosing a plan that's best for them the decision to go ahead will be taken by simple majority at an f.c.c. meeting in mid december the board put together in recent months consists of three
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republicans and two democrats the votes expected to go along party lines three in favor and two against. and while it won't rescind the pardons for turkeys the trumpet ministration has the power and intent to pass the death sentence on the obama era concept of unfettered individual access to the internet mike hanna al jazeera washington. colombia's deaf community has been forced to come up with new ways to discuss the peace deal reached by their government with far credible the truth as deeply divided the country as colombians have struggled to find common ground and as alexander around piet explains those conversations have been particularly difficult for their violence victims. displacement words and concepts difficult to grasp for many people but there were almost impossible for deaf colombians who were lacking words to describe. this new
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act now a new glossary of the finds through signs and drawings fifty seven missing words to help this community understand in this case the country's peace deal with fire gravels. who works at the national institute for the deaf but dissipated in the process. before i had no knowledge of the context of peace it seemed like a boring issue what the country was living didn't interest me because i couldn't understand it now i'm able to read the text and understand many terms i'm able to connect concepts i'm included in the conversation with the assistance of a sociologist the group chose words that were either missing or required a better understanding these were defined in spanish then interpreted through signs and translated again until there was no discrepancy between the language and its base will interpretation sometimes one sign represents many words other times we need a sequence of science to say just one word for example one word like conflict existed
9:46 pm
and had a limited context of use in the sign language so we had to find a way to broaden it. is there sign language is still a work in progress. our sign language is very elementary now it's being used in high schools and universities are still missing many words science for peace is just one of a series have. answered by the central bank to reach the most vulnerable communities in the country and guarantee their participation in the ongoing national discussion about. the bank's cultural manager says the glossaries importance goes beyond the deaf community at a moment of deep divisions around when you include people you learn you make they were your possibilities for the country what they taught us is that actually no one really knows what transitional justice means no one of the common people this
9:47 pm
special is the chord they may know but we as a regular person need someone to explain to us need someone to help us make this that is loaded with content it's a small but far from obvious step to build a more inclusive and open society for all. still ahead a novel idea. and help educate the community and more russia. will explain and school. student.
9:48 pm
9:49 pm
with. a most people visit a library to get a book but how about borrowing some seeds to take home and grow a public library in the united states is loaning out seeds to encourage people to eat fruits and vegetables i did a castro has been to tucson arizona to see the seed library in action. back in the middle of the arizona desert is in no way says not just for books before seeds squab. muster. lima beans. the soybean here at the pima county public library in tucson members of the public can take home live seeds we've already planted our garden yes we let us. leaks
9:50 pm
carrots then we got the seeds here the idea is just as books can so one idea into the mind to help inspire and educate a community so too can actual seeds that go into the ground and sprout into a learning experience connecting people with the life giving earth people need to know one where their food comes from and how to grow and sustain themselves in their community and also to keep traditions going and to pass those along with four thousand years of agricultural history tucson is recognised as a unesco world city of gastronomy the seed library distributed more than twenty six thousand seed packets last year and a library partners with a local food bank to combat hunger in the community our focus is really helping low income families and organizations grow some of their own food create some of these green spaces in their homes and in their organizations to be able to supplement their diets classes at the food bank demonstration garden teach the public to
9:51 pm
harvest and thresh yet we do this. little pressing dance in to save seeds for later the more we can save our own seeds in this community and distribute the seeds amongst each other we're going to end up with an amazing stock of seeds that's really well adapted to this climate in this region for free and look at the mountains i mean could it be any more beautiful here harry crane rents a small garden plot next to an elementary school seeds from the library have brought him some delicious returns these are french bread and they're called french stratasys so let's. that's very fresh very fresh very flavorful very glad. to see library asked successful growers to bring back seats from their harvest for the next person to borrow but there's no such thing as overdue fees or penalties if you can't manage good luck all right thank you you're welcome all right so those are done and we'll wait and see as he
9:52 pm
hopes to share from his harvest soon just to keep the circle of growing going. castro al-jazeera tucson arizona now the sports news i was a. thank you so much sue former u.s. olympic gymnastics doctor larry nasser has pleaded guilty to multiple multiple charges of sexual assault and will face at least twenty five years in prison master was accused of sexually assaulting more than one hundred twenty five women and girls but pleaded guilty to seven counts olympic gymnasts ali rosman mckayla maroney and gabby douglas are among the women who have publicly said they were long nasser's victims the plea deal calls for a minimum prison sentence of twenty five years but a judge could set the minimum sentence as high as forty years. for wrong. that one song or be sorry that this was like oh yes to to to wait for fire of the control
9:53 pm
and you know i prayed the rosary every day for forgiveness for their remarkably you know we want this community here and i have no animosity towards anyone i just want you know that it's time. again since the biggest thing is not so we need to move forward in the sense of growth in the united they create. more teams are set to secure their spot in the last sixteen in the champions league later on wednesday to have a chance to seal top spot in group day by beating eventis away later are so were knocked out by you a last season in the quarter finals and their manager insists they're doing their best to learn from that defeat he says if you chill out so you know i've watched the video and i still continue to watch it because at the end of the day it's useful to help prepare for the match the circumstances are quite similar even at the time we are playing at the knockout stage we know there are strong team playing at home the style of the much playing hard in the first two minutes we saw this
9:54 pm
that much and we have to be prepared for it because it matches in total on wednesday there were two early cake offs a win for chelsea over a car a bag will send them through in group c. roma just need a point against that let it go to qualify from the same group and group a magistrate or not it just need a draw to book their place in the next round in group b. p.s.g. environ have already reached the knockout stage where guard lists are the results later. a week after qualifying for next year's world cup in russia australia's football coach has announced his resignation and past a call girl who has been in charge of the socceroos for the past four years in that time he led them to the two thousand and fourteen world cup in brazil and to the asian cup title in twenty fifteen but the fifty two year old says it's taken a toll on him and his family the people of this country will always be. me and my driver. think that i can do something more. but i grew up just
9:55 pm
you know sometimes it's just it's just an instinct that i just think it's a rotten from a. he that same for the organization for russian athletes have been banned for life from the olympics the courts had competed in the sled sports skeleton the last winter games in sochi where they've been found guilty of doping most notable being alexander to cough who took home gold in the games however the i.o.c. have not yet disclosed the exact details of the violations but have disqualified fide took off along with the three other guilty athletes. that one of the fears this rivalries in international cricket resumes on thursday the first ashes test between australia england gets underway at the gabba in brisbane the aussies haven't lost a test match of the venue since one thousand nine hundred eight and enter the series as favorites. i think about you only to to win you know it's
9:56 pm
reason why australia play played at this test of the series of all time because they've got such a good record here but. well way to start the series if we can go one up there then it really upsets the apple cart and it could give us a lot momentum going into the rest of it. the ashes has a long and storied history that goes all the way back to eighteen eighty two bouts when the first time australia's cricket team beat england on english soil now that's quite a feat considering england created cricket now this malkovich a wary appeared in the sporting times newspaper it says in affectionate remembrance of english cricket which died at the oval twenty ninth august eighteenth eighty two it added the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to australia that's how the ashes was born and this is what they play for a tiny urn measuring just eleven eleven centimeters tall legend has it that it was the perfume container handed to the english team by
9:57 pm
a group of women in melbourne an eight hundred eighty two it contained ashes of a burnt bale which is a little wooden piece that sits on top a set of wooden poles known as stumps in cricket england one block after that series since then the two sides have remained fierce rivals they face each other at least once every four years they play the best of five test matches these are games that can last up to five days long the basic role trying to stop the other team from scoring as many runs as you us really are trying to regain that little urn at home this time around. i think there is there's always pressure going into an ashes series particularly when you're playing it. you know we don't need to put any more pressure on ourselves if that makes sense you know it's still just another game of cricket and we have to come out here and make sure that we're playing well from the first ball and that's all your sport for now it's now back to think. thank you for when you next hear the high pitched whine of a mosquito researches from stanford university in california. not the repellant
9:58 pm
they want to recruit citizen scientists for a new app which will help them to track distribution record in the insect on your mobile phone on submitting their recordings experts can track the number of mosquitoes around the world they can then decide how best to implement controls against the disease carrying insect borne diseases like malaria and seek a virus kill millions every year. for this new felicity but i will be with you in a moment don't go away.
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i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job. you are making great remarks whether on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminalized or if you join us on sat. in the morning and says i want to cover the world of darkness is a dialogue that could be what's leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera a new era in television. it's a tough to do. list we had actual victims who had survived torture. detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you could. just stay the fuck would you
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have still got this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir accountability if you can give them the opportunity and wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand for him to refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership and so president hosni mubarak has resigned. is going to be the next president retaliation with the other guy go back chief i mean canisters of gas subsidies i believe it best to prevent the if you're getting anyway they're skeptical that. he achieved something that never happened before. so they. don't make this. he all of
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a you i mean no need to move this.


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