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syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from their family right near the most terrible thing in syria just maybe this has been the invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship or the other sometimes a call to duty better to die than continue to be she really didn't go to. the disappeared of syria but this time on al jazeera. we al jazeera has eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for the audience that's incredibly to others. yes. we. did see all of you i've told you this. is
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a ball boys incoming need to end this and makes his first public speech to adoring crowds in harare. and again on for the sequel and this is al-jazeera live from london also coming up . guilty of genocide and war crimes home across new subcommand right cannot it she's sentenced to life in jail was he resigned just a few weeks ago but lebanon's prime minister says his resignation is now on hold. on the video that shows the moment a north korean soldier made his previous cape to the surface. the man who will become the next president of zimbabwe says the country is witnessing a new stage all. say former vice president emerson when gaga addressed thousands of
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cheering supporters in the capital harare on his return from south africa the day after robert mugabe's resignation are in mythos reports from harare. when. the country two weeks ago he said he would be back to lead his people former president robert mugabe sacked him as vice president so his wife grace could take over in just one week the military seize control resigned on tuesday the man nicknamed the crocodile returned wednesday and he is now in charge to. me. i mean certainly the mayor says. he revealed there were plans to eliminate he says he was poisoned at the age of the by the g forty faction engine lit by grace. the rulings on
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a party once when i got to be the presidential candidate. is a must. but some people don't believe what is the right man for the job he was a faithful ally of mugabe for decades we are not impressed by the one who replaced him they were together in the. street and so we are not so sure whether we are free but we are hoping we are free people who supports mugabe the former president worry the good things done by zimbabwe's first leader will be forgotten to start praying for your blood and call him all sorts of names i think is pretense of the highest order. normally of this period of liberation respect to the african. wish the incumbent to also take up the torch in order. that spirit of liberation
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when i got says he knows and have high expectations they know he is a businessman some here say that gives them hope he has realistic plans on how to rebuild a broken because. al-jazeera. is the managing editor of one hundred radio he says a ball boy may not change as much as people want given the ruling party is still in charge i think the problem we have we have a situation with the p.f. is managed to reinvent itself is like zanu p.f. is a snake that is managed to shed off its skin the skin is more garbage but it remains a snake if it feels threatened it will bite so i think this is the problem for a lot of people this man has been friends and allies with mugabe for over fifty years that's half a century so i'm reminded of how i remained in power in two thousand and eight it was the same with the help from the army was secured mugabe is violent
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election so it is the same person who has been able to remove mugabe so here is the problem if the army have intervened now to secure mugabe the presidency what happens next year when the opposition wins elections will the army allow an opposition president to take over having stated clearly in the past that they will not salute anyone who has not fought the war. survivors of europe's worst massacre since the second world war have been celebrating a verdict by the international criminal court judges in the hague of sentence former. to life in prison for his role in the murders of eight thousand muslim men and men and boys in the. in one thousand nine hundred five in
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a moment we'll hear david's report from. the first need this update from the hague the chamber finds. guilty as a member of first joined common enterprises of the following counts count to genocide the verdict that came a lot of his victims have waited decades for but the seventy three year old former bosnian serb general wasn't in the court to hear it he'd been a gentle moments earlier for this outburst the mist of a light if you. if you continued like this. we adjourn his defense team had urged the judge to halt proceedings citing concerns over his blood pressure but the court rejected the plea finding guilty on one of two counts of genocide and nine of war crimes and crimes against humanity during the chaotic breakup of the former yugoslavia the court ruled that milan it's
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carried out a relentless campaign of ethnic cleansing aimed at ridding non serbs from bosnian territory there's nothing curious about executing prisoners there's no security about. causes people to flee from their homes. individuals prosecuted convicted by these tribunals are in receipt but she was because they're being prosecuted and convicted for not respecting the geneva conventions among those crimes are some of the worst atrocities carried out in europe since the second world war thank you the four year siege of sarajevo which an estimated ten thousand people were killed in shelling and sniper fire and the massacre of thousands of muslim men and boys in the town of srebrenica where my colleague david chaytor now reports. the mothers of srebrenica called once again in the horror of their own memories watching the court proceedings in the hague in a small museum in the middle of the cemetery where their loved ones are buried they
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wanted justice as ever then. when it came a surge of elation followed by a wave of emotion they'd waited twenty two years for this movie but they too have all had a life sentences families and villages torn apart a heavy burden of grief that they will take to their own graves. among them was not jima caught in this iconic photograph of the genocide pleading with a u.s. soldier to help her get back a house mint her son and her brother but this was no safe zone. they were gone forever so i got some space sort of according to the models and i'm delighted that the court has brought such a judgement i'm a happy mother i've waited for these judgment the twenty two years as a mother as a sister as a wife i personally fought for these so much from day one until today. more than eight thousand muslim men and boys died in the killing fields around. but still one
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thousand victims have not been found every week in the forests and the hills around in this cemetery they're finding yet more bones so the problem is what the future brings what do we leave toward children what happens after the deep divisions between ethnic communities here look set to continue the service member of the tripartite presidency of bosnia herzegovina said the court did not deliver justice but politics distrust instead of trust. said instead of reconciliation there will be political conflicts david chaytor al-jazeera. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has promised his supporters he'll stick with them and defend his country well the two weeks after announcing he was stepping down while in saudi arabia there really is now back in beirut where he's agreed to delay his resignation after
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a request from the president saying holder has more from beirut. he came home to take part in independence day celebrations eighteen days after announcing his resignation in saudi arabia it was the first time saddle had it has been back in big brute since that unexpected announcement in riyadh he was received as a prime minister and warmly greeted by the president michel aoun who publicly accused saudi arabia of forcing her to resign and preventing him from leaving the country the saudis said they feared for his life back home how did he did say he would clarify his political position once back in lebanon and it seems a compromise deal has been worked out how did he suspended his resignation to allow for further consultations. i presented today my resignation to president and he urged me to wait before offering it and to hold on to it for more dialogue about its reasons of political. groet and i like green. party represents one of two
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major alliances in lebanon on the pro saudi camp hundreds of his supporters gave him a hero's welcome outside his home many lebanese from across the political divide believed he was being used by saudi arabia as a pawn in their attempt to target iran and that him and his family were held as hostages there how did he has a national unity government that includes his political opponent the pro iranian has blocked the prime minister has long demanded hezbollah this arms and ends its military interventions in arab countries tensions have undoubtedly but the events of the past are reminder that lebanon is a proxy state it's caught in the middle of a regional power struggle and it's in the pendants has long been open to question. the crisis that began with her resignation was widely seen as having been forced on the prime minister by saudi arabia to counter iranian influence in lebanon.
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i'm here with you and we will continue onwards together so we can be the lowing of defense for lebanon and for the stability of look at this gathering today is going to be repeated you'll see me visit every part of lebanon how did say how long he's willing to put his resignation on hold political differences between the rival alliances are longstanding and unlikely to be resolved soon his decision to stay in office may be more of a result of mediation efforts by world leaders to put lebanon's latest political crisis on hold. beirut syrians living in the besieged and cave of eastern huta a so short of food that they're raging animal food and fainting from hunger according to a united nations report the rebel held area has been under siege by forces loyal to president assad for the past five years more than one hundred seventy thousand residents are struggling to get food u.n. world food program says at least four people have died because of hunger including
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a child who killed himself. well the russian president vladimir putin has told his turkish and iranian counterparts that there is a real chance of ending the war in syria speaking at three way talks said he believed a new stage had been reached in the syria crisis. reports from the black sea resort of sochi. the war in syria is nearly over the three presidents meeting in sochi now it's time to rebuild the shattered country of lady may putin thinks a plan he's been pushing for weeks now is gaining momentum through the retraining. i am satisfied by the fact that the presidents of iran and turkey have supported an initiative to hold an all syrian forum a congress of national dialogue in syria the crebain driven initiative aims to bring a broad spectrum of syrian government opposition and civil society groups to sochi
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in early december to plan for the country's future. and join me in congo we have all talked about oppositions all three countries have spoken in favor of convening this congress of national dialogue. but the president has been telling putin he won't accept kurdish groups linked to the p.k. k. being there and turkey's president still seems lukewarm on the idea. let me agree with president putin and he said we need to build on the momentum achieved as we talked together with mr rouhani we agreed that we need to extend our ties in all the areas. even less enthusiastic is the syrian opposition group the h n c which says it refuses to discuss the future of syria outside of the un's geneva framework at an opposition conference beginning in the saudi capital riyadh early indications are that groups will keep their insistence assad must go despite
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pressure to compromise with his plan. for a congress of national dialogue russia seems keen to shape the political future of syria much like its already shapes the conflict if putin successful this will be to the benefit of his ally assad and yet again the dreams of the opposition will suffer rory talons al-jazeera sorty the saudi led coalition has announced it will reopen yemen's main international airports and the vital port of the data to let humanitarian supplies go through the closure of yemen's main air land and sea ports two weeks ago followed by following a missile attack by hitler rebels has led to crippling aid shortages about seven million people in yemen depend entirely on food aid and four million rely on aid groups to clean. still ahead on the program. a critical phase. about
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a. break in the georgian capital as counterterrorist units raid to an apartment block. however we still have a chance of one of just around brisbane as we go on through the remainder of. the cloud just showing up here brace just fading want to use those showers in for the cricket i should claim as we go on through the coming days meanwhile down towards the southeastern corner it has been hot and it's been fine and sunny they'll be getting up to thirty one celsius tasmania also say some very high temperatures thirty two degrees here on the web to stay off the hottest november day for over a decade now bit of cloud right that will make its way in across the great
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australian bite as we go on through thursday and on into friday bright skies come back in behind twenty seven celsius for perth getting up to twenty six in adelaide still getting up into the low thirty's there for brace been will see temperatures at around twenty eight degrees come across the tasman sea it is fine and dry some lovely weather into new zealand high pressure ridge so it settles and it is. getting up to around twenty celsius in christchurch twenty two for all clear maybe twenty three as we head towards the weekend so a good place to be meanwhile we've got some wet time when she weather pushing costa pad over the next couple of days struggling to get into double figures by friday afternoon. i am taking the story steps to lift the restrictions on america without regulation profit tax policy on how they and the environment was
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a surprise. all about that stuck in the habit of going to borrow a protection it's going to take a decade of work to do it from blood from the cost of the ballpark trump toxic war but this time on al jazeera. i'm again on to remind of the top stories here all down to zero. the man was vice president and a similar god one has addressed cheering supporters in harare he said the country was witnessing a new stage of democracy only the resignation of a book of
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a. former bosnian serb general what came about it has been found guilty of war crimes and genocide the seventy three year old orchestrated the massacre of eight thousand muslim men and boys in trepanning set in one thousand nine hundred five. and lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has agreed to delay his resignation on to a request from the president michel aoun hariri return to lebanon on tuesday. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has called the revenge a crisis i think cleansing following his visit to me and mall last week he says those responsible for the atrocities in rakhine state should be held accountable well in jordan has more from washington d.c. . the u.s. announcement on wednesday that it believes ethnic cleansing is happening in iraq state in me and maher is remarkable the announcement from the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson comes barely three months after the military
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started a crackdown on an armed were hanged a group which the military says was responsible for carrying out terrorist attacks . washington has long said that david l. has the right to ensure national security but that this crackdown has gone too far more than six hundred thousand ethnic were being a men women and children have fled from state into the neighboring country of triggering a massive refugee crisis the u.s. believes that it is now up to the authorities in naperville both civilian and military to ensure the quick repatriation of all of these ethnic rohingya as well as to make certain that they are protected from recriminatory and attacks they also are calling on the government to grant the rohingya full citizenship something which they have never enjoyed now the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has met several times with authorities
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from me and maher urging them to basically change their ways and to make the situation involving the rohingya as safe and as stable as quickly as possible but so far there has not been any real change at least to the satisfaction of officials here in washington so now comes not just the determination that ethnic cleansing is underway but there is now also the threat of potential target u.s. sanctions against those people inside me amar who are responsible for the ongoing attacks on the rohingya it's now up to the people in me and mark both in the civilian and in the military leadership to try to see if they can actually comply with washington's demands it's a risk which they may not want to take leading palestinian political factions including hamas and fatah have agreed they need to hold elections by the end of next year that he just made the joint statement following marathon reconciliation
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talks in cairo right now what has been following the developments from gaza. palestine's two main political parties fighter and hamas along with twelve other palestinian factions came out with a statement after two eleven hour days of talks in cairo brokered by egypt they've agreed to hold elections before the end of next year for all positions in the palestinian authority including the presidency and all positions below that the date for the elections will be set later by president palestinian president mahmoud abbas they've agreed that in just over a week the palestinian authority will take over of ministration of gaza from hamas amasses been in control here for the last ten years since they fought with fatah and pushed them out to do to take over very soon both sides all sides agreed to friel political prisoners those held here in gaza and in the west bank and they agreed to reform the palestinian liberation organization which the organization
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that represents palestine internationally will be reformed to include representatives from hamas and from some of the other factions and to adjust its mission and mandate accordingly all sides agreed that senior government officials from egypt will come here within the next few days to monitor these terms that have been developments of what's been agreed upon but no date was set for the permanent reopening of the rafa crossing for most people in gaza the only way in or out it's a border crossing with egypt has been closed to most of the last ten years reopen temporarily for a few days earlier this week but no date has been set for its permanent reopening. now the search for an argentinian navy submarine that's been missing for a week has reached a critical phase with fears the forty four crew on board could be running low on oxygen dozens of planes and searching the waters off the coast of argentina but
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there's still no trace of the submarine. reports from buenos aires. more than a week after the air a sound one lost contact there is still no answers still no indication where it might be or what happened to it the only certainty is that if it is stranded at the bottom of the south atlantic its oxygen supplies are running critically low the search and rescue operation involves four thousand people from nine countries with more than forty ships sixteen aircraft underwater rescue equipment and the latest technology but so far there are leads have been false ones. a life boat was found all the manufacturing data was collected and verified with the submarine command forced to see if it was the same type the san juan may have it was determined that it did not belong to the submarine the t l one seven hundred class diesel electric submarine was built in germany in one thousand nine hundred
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three with capacity for thirty seven crew with a forty four on board when it disappeared it can sail at speeds of twenty five knots that's forty five kilometers an hour and dive to two hundred fifty meters these things have turned out well before a few years back russian submarine some people aboard a russian submarine were rescued what was said to be three hours of oxygen left and so as long as there's any hope and as long as the estimates go all the way out to fourteen days which is the longest and i've seen i think we have to assume that the crew install live and behave as if they can be rescued navy commander say this has food and fuel for up to ninety days but diminishing oxygen. lies are a growing concern for the families of the crew and the whole of argentina. there are still many questions to be asked about the age of the vessel or whether it had a functioning back up communication system the quality of the maintenance but there
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for later for now with the energies all the hope is focused on finding the forty four crew members of the a r a some one alive and well. right now this is one of cyrus. three gunmen and a police officer have been killed in a security operation in georgia's capital tbilisi sheeting broke out late on tuesday lasted for almost twenty hours georgian authorities said the men were members of what they called a terrorist organization from tbilisi walker. georgian security forces battled for hours on wednesday with armed men in this apartment block in east of the city the suspects had been under surveillance for several weeks one was arrested on tuesday evening but when security forces moved in the gunman opened fire with automatic weapons and grenades police and special forces
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stormed the building early wednesday. but it took until the late afternoon before the shooting fell silent three suspects and a security officer killed three officers wounded. georgia's state security agency said the men were not georgian citizens one theory is that they may have been a cell from the rest of north caucasus. within the framework of international antiterrorism cooperation the relevant measures are underway to identify the criminal lengths in order to fully identify the members of the group that heavy gunfire those loud blasts that were repeatedly heard throughout the day have ceased and now we have seen security services leaving the scene. that this operation is over. georgia's capital tbilisi has never experienced a counterterrorism operation like this the task now is to find out who these men were and what they were planning. for
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a steelworker al-jazeera tbilisi. the russian parliament's upper house has approved a bill that would require international media outlets to register as foreign agents the u.s. imposed similar rules on the russian state broadcaster r t after allegations of russian influence in the u.s. presidential election law will come into effect when it's signed by president vladimir putin. dramatic video has been really showing the moments a north korean soldier escaped to south korea across one of the most heavily armed boarders in the world during the chase north korean soldiers fired at the defector and one briefly crossed the border into the south of isolation of a almost disagreement that halted the korean war kathy novak has more from some extraordinary video of a soldier risking his life to escape from north korea at around three in the afternoon he's seen driving a truck past a checkpoint on the north korean side of the demilitarized zone or d.m.z.
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on the heavily fortified border fellow soldiers are shown running after the truck which becomes stuck the defector then gets out and runs towards the border known as the military do you mark haitian line or m.t.l. just meters away soldiers from the k.p.a. or north korean people's army open fire hitting the defector it's thought five times one even chases him over the border before returning to the north korean side . the key findings of the special investigation team are that the k.p.a. violated the armistice agreement by one firing weapons across the m.t.l. and two by actually crossing the m.d.o. temporarily the defectors body is seen a lying motionless on the south korean side of the border then soldiers from the joint u.s. and south korean security battalion are seen crawling towards the injured defector to drag him to safety it's rare for defectors to try and breach the joint security
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area puntland jum tour groups on both sides of the border regularly visit though the u.n. command says no tourists were there when the shooting happened. the north korean soldier remains in intensive care in a south korean hospital where he has regained consciousness and his wounds are no longer life threatening a doctor treating him says the surgery revealed a parasitic worms he'd only ever seen in textbooks giving an insight into the dire conditions north koreans face and the kind of life this defector was fleeing kathy novak al jazeera soul. and a quick reminder you can find out much more about many of the news stories we're covering by going to our website that's what it looks like at the moment leading almost events in zimbabwe the address is al-jazeera. dot com. thank you out of reminder of the top stories here on the al-jazeera. the bob weighs in coming
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later anderson was addressed supporters after his return to harare from south africa sworn in as president on friday following the resignation of robert mugabe but god was said the country was witnessing the beginning of a democracy. with this. oh i knew. this. former bosnian serb general right came a lot it has been convicted of genocide and crimes against humanity and sentenced to life in prison a lot it shocks straight at the massacre of eight thousand muslim men and boys in one thousand nine hundred five and what the court ruled was a relentless campaign of ethnic cleansing the seventy three year old was objected from court in the hague before the verdict was read out lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has agreed to delay his resignation after requests from president
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michel aoun really were turned eleven on tuesday the first time since he announced he would step down in a televised statement in saudi arabia. syrians living in the besieged on clay the eastern huta a so short of food that eating from bins eating animal food and fighting from hunger according to a un reports the rebel held area has been under siege by forces loyal to president assad for the past five years the u.n. world food program says at least four people have died because of hunger including a child who killed himself. we will russia iran and turkey have agreed to support a syrian people's congress bringing together government and opposition representatives russia's lot of it putin said he believed the syrian crisis has reached a new stage. the coalition has announced it will reopen yemen's main international airport on the port of her data to let humanitarian supplies go through the coalition ordered the closure of air land and sea ports two weeks ago following
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missile strikes missile attack by who think rebels has led to crippling aid shortages in a few. of those though his headlines here there's more news for you in about twenty five minutes don't go away though fault lines is coming next thanks for watching. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. now the breaking news on the russia investigation since president trump took office the trump show has offered twenty obstruction breaking news right now it was a profanity laced tirade ban and is now out of for all the drama and the disappointing disappointing very disappointing there's one achievement trump here.


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