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tv   The Rollback Trumps Toxic War  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2017 1:32am-2:01am +03

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agreed to delay his resignation after requests from president bush. re returns eleven on tuesday the first time since he announced he would step down in a televised statement in saudi arabia. syrians living in the procedure on clay the eastern huta a so short of food they're eating from bins eating animal food and feta from hunger according to a u.n. report the rebel held area has been under siege by forces loyal to president assad for the past five years the u.n. world food program says at least four people have died because of hunger refuting a child who killed himself. meanwhile russia iran and turkey have agreed to support the syrian people's congress bringing together government and opposition representatives russia's vladimir putin said he believed the syrian crisis has reached a new stage. for the saudi led coalition has announced it will reopen yemen's main international airport and the port of her data to let humanitarian supplies go through the coalition ordered the closure of air land and sea ports two weeks ago
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following missile strikes missile attack by who three rebels say it has led to crippling age shortages in hearts of young and those the latest headlines here on al-jazeera there's more news for you in about twenty five minutes don't go away though fault lines is coming next thanks for watching. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the wound. so no matter where you call home algiers the internet will bring in the news and current of families that matter to. al-jazeera. now the breaking news on the russia investigation since president trump took office the trump show has offered plenty of distractions the raining right now is a profanity laced tirade ban and he's now out of for all of the drama and the disappointment disappointed very disappointed there's one achievement can't be
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denied my administration is putting an end to the war on coal and have clean coal really clean coal with today's executive action i am taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on american energy to reverse government intrusion and to cancel job killing regulations he's made good on a campaign promise to repeal hundreds of federal. no agency has rolled back regulations more efficiently than them vironment a protection agency or e.p.a. a government body created to protect health and the environment thank you thank you very much to lead trump chose a climate the nine politician from oklahoma who's backed by the fossil fuels industry it's good to see some coal miners here at the e.p.a. and who sued e.p.a. fourteen times on behalf of many of the polluting industries he's now supposed to regulate were no longer to have regulatory assault on any given sector of our economy that's going to end up
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a sign in this executive order putas targeted dozens of environmental rules from the obama administration signature plan to cut carbon emissions to bans on toxic chemicals we've never seen anything like what scott pruitt the through on under down in this episode of fault lines we travel. downstream to communities with cautionary tales about what this rollback could cost and by the way regulations not only in this industry but in every industry. we're doing them by the thousands every industry. in two thousand and eight donna listen people how to the emory river near kingston tennessee to the side of the biggest industrial spill in u.s. history. it was coal ash the waste looked over when power plants burnt coal to generate electricity i couldn't believe that a beautiful river like ants that was clear and open and flowing was just so the
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giant. six years later it happened again donna found herself here on the dan river in north carolina as more than thirty five thousand metric tons of coal ash spilled from a broken pipe but meet the pond where it was stuart. he got a patent for our. perfect the pond was owned by duke energy north carolina's main electric power provider. a staffer the waterkeeper alliance a group that advocates for clean water donna went to assess the damage that stay infamous pipe that spared thousands of gallons of heavy metal contaminated coal ash waste into the nan remember all the way to virginia. what it looked like when it was feeling so this really thick we were a story and as it continued to go downstream the entire river turned this sick the rain and it's like cinder and ash it smelled like. oh
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this is a whole ashtray here yet that's so we had to lean over to get that sample right out of that pipe and there was no arsenic no worse no lead there was no crummy in any of the samples of three and then once you got here all of sudden you had thirty seven times more arsenic you had to live you had. you know you had this weight of coal ash heavy metals coming into this room. for years many american coal fired power plants have been dumping their ash into unlined goods covering it with water and adding their waste water to the result was a toxic mixture of high and arsenic mercury lead and other heavy metals. the dan river spilled was a reminder that the pits could break catastrophic cliff and that they often leaked into groundwater. after the accident north carolina state assembly passed legislation requiring due to fix monitor and eventually close its coal ash basis.
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to comply to cut a test the water on properties like the programs which lie within three hundred meters of a pond. the result. we. did it here the other day. two thousand and fifteen when my husband came in the mail lady she pulled up and said hey ya we got something. and i'm sitting right here drinking my coffee and he's standing right there and he has. the water's contaminated and i went. what. he said are whale water is contaminated. and i just remember this. this year and they're not took the paper from them and i'm lookin at it. remember going right here to my site. looking out that window. i had no idea.
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what's life without clean water like you get that ladder from your state government saying your water is contaminated. it changes everything new day it changes what you did it changes what you think about it changes people don't want to come to my house they don't and they don't want anything from. here's where it is public health recommends that you not use your well water not to use for drinking in cooking that say you test in two thousand and fifteen chilled debra's well water had potentially unsafe levels of a navy and an exhibition with chromium heavy metals have been linked to cancer this is the second one this is getting but here is where it says there is only and then in march two thousand and sixteen. point two in north carolina's health and human services department lowered the safety standard and said don't notices that's the
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ok to drink later we have withdrawn the do not drink uses recommendation because we have determine your water is safe to drink as water and most cities and towns across the country. energy want to make any. but i get model water every two weeks when they can or take they say to give the resume and paste to my on. the cover there but. after the day in river spilled more than a decade of work environment protection agency finalized a new set of rules. that complicated names but a simple goal preventing coal waste pollution. there was the coal combustion residuals world which required energy companies to monitor their coal ash ponds and shut down leaking pits. in the rule betsy sutherland's team wrote the steam electric power plant effluent guidelines are rule with to say hey you really need
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in the twenty first century to start treating these toxic waste and not pouring them untreated and in coal ash ponds there are rule was really thing you know if you comply with us you really don't need to have the coal ash holding ponds any more. so than was a senior official in the e.p.a. is officer water and has spent thirty years working at the agency when she retired last summer. she was so dismayed by the trump administration's push to roll back regulations that she went public with a scathing goodbye memo and decided to share her story i wanted to warn people that they didn't need to be vigilant and they didn't need to be aware of all they're going to lose the next four years. just weeks after pruitt took charge of the p.s.a. he announced he would consider repealing the very rules sutherland's team had written the first we knew that he had decided to even reconsider the role with when we thought his draft press release that said that he was going to grant these
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petitions he was going to reconsider that role because it had an enormous job losses than they normally think anomic impact i don't know why he said that because at that point in april we had never briefed him once on this role and we could have been. definitely showed him and great detail that there with not going to be any big job loss or any big economic impact how does it feel that you put years into creating that kind of a role and then seeing it repealed so almost imperiously are quickly heartbreaking because we know that that rule was so important and phone now theri to protect public health. b.p.a. rules would have made life safer for communities across the united states that live near coal fired power plants and coal ash ponds. well north carolina has moved to make energy companies clean up their leaky pits there's evidence in many states of ponds contaminating nearby groundwater. near the blues creek steam station lies
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a leaking coal ash pond which to be energy has plans to drain and still. make sure this call this close is good ok we're going to haul ass pad is over here . it's behind us terry and they've taken that out of that part of the plane in the coal ash i guess that's what they're doing out on a positive charge right across the street but beyond that back way back there that's the power. under it davis says the painful spot started appearing on her body about five years ago those are kind of the newest can you detail. why how do you get the source people haven't taken a shower. they're all in moscow. i say this you see this you see this. every two weeks andre receives bottled water from duke energy test of shown high levels of heavy metals underground water recently researchers at
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a nearby university told her that found unsafe amounts of arsenic in her soil. when ingested arsenic has been documented to cost in rushes and they caught before they are. what they say they said that i had the highest concentration of arsenic in my soul named barry. the whole area. and that's why they were calling me now why i said what i needed to he said we're going to raise that the letter out but we wanted you to know. your soil is found to exceed e.p.a.'s regional screen levels of forty milligrams per kilogram for. when they told you arsenic what went through your mind and i just might fell apart. after i fell apart. has to kunar she never acknowledged that they poison your water
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. they have to pay if they do that. no i have to document employee. out of my pocket which i don't have that kind of mind and i'm a get it from somewhere i go bankrupt which i'm almost there when you think of all this is taken from you physically financially emotionally. how does that make you feel. thrown away. don't make me cry. thrown away. because i don't think i should have to go through this all this about myself. in september denounced the e.p.a. will consider repealing the coal combustor residuals rule industries request. you also want to head to repeal crucial parts of the rule sutherland's team wrote which would have ended the disposal of toxic liquid waste in ash and ponds. i just don't
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know if they're going to put anything in its place or just repeal that hasn't been decided yet are americans being put at risk by this administration absolutely i think public health and safety is going to suffer and i think that is is going. to be immediate all the actions them already taken again just at the point i left just seven months into the administration have enormous public health ramifications already and we have got live really got three and a half more years of repeal of the have of us. b.p.a. refused our interview request. but robert murray the founder and c.e.o. the biggest privately owned coal company in america agreed to speak with us at my peak in two thousand and thirteen i had eighty four hundred jobs in murray energy corporation now i'm down to about six thousand jobs. all due to democrats
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barack obama radical environmentalists liberally latests and yes those who support windmills and solar panels how strumpet ministration doing on the list he's doing very well on a donor to trump's campaign and inauguration murray says he's given the president a list of all the regulations he wants repealed including the steam electric effluent guidelines and the coal combustion residuals or c.c.r. roll they c.c.r. or they are focused on is not a major issue and what destroyed the united states coal industry making power plan this dream protection rule the subsidy for windmills and solar panels. these rules have also been brought back most americans take for granted that they have clean water to drink or swim or recreate in a clean air to breathe or safe food to eat is you're pushing the e.p.a.
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to roll back the protections that provide those things are you willing to trust today's energy companies petro chemical companies coal companies to protect those resources without of federal mandate to do so i don't think scott pruitt or president trump has ever directed anyone to do that they know they they have a mandate under our law to protect the environment what we have seen though is the access to pay back their political friends from the democrats have been done away with they've rolled back rules that it took like ten years ago in place they had economic studies they had scientific studies had meyer mills studies and then they rolled them back you know you know your lawyers that's where you're wrong they weren't protecting anyone these rules that mr trump and mr perk have overturned relative the coal industry. had no
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protection on the environment at all why not wait a second he wrote the diary two rules that we've talked about the flu limitation guidelines for the coal combustion residuals these were prompted in part by what happened in tennessee and the bay and river in north carolina no they weren't these were rules written to favor certain segments of this inside which were pumping money into the democrat party. while it's hard to deny the trumpet ministrations favors to the fossil fuels industry the sweeping rollback extends to other powerful companies. and delivers the fed chairman c.e.o. of delta chemical company dow chemical was among the first to feel the benefits the regulatory burden is for the people behind me and for the great companies of this country and just woke up to an impossible situation we're going to sell them very quickly. there are a few places dell's presence could be felt more strongly than in california's
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central valley. the reach of produce more than a quarter of the country's food absorbing millions of kilograms of pesticides each year. among them for purify us in a phosphate manufactured by doubt and commonly sprayed on citrus and other crops you know the name. for twenty four years honey anglo has worked in the valleys vineyards and grow. she's raised four children and early on she knew her son isaac was different. and both his quandary you never have unknown. turns against them which you can't do you know many quinta and then your own program but i'm. going else less going that many so mr levin and. when i'm fed amana and. then it's going to eat. at the nana and the s.d. so yeah. ok. clowe do you believe that isaac's
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attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or eighty h.t. is linked to clarify us they live in one of the california counties where the pesticide is most used i can't. but i think i meant that. i got. it. for eight. minutes and. in nov twenty sixth teen there was hope when the e.p.a. published a proposal to ban clipper fos. study after study had shown that compare for us is linked to lower i.q. a.d.h. d. and autism in babies who were exposed to it especially during their mothers
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pregnancy and had been linked to respiratory problems in young children. in two thousand and one that sector side have been outlawed for use in american homes. now e.p.a. scientists have finally determined that any amount of it was too big a risk to the safety of young children they were banning it for use in agriculture to. so i said do you worry about the chemicals that are used on the plants around here ever since i started getting. sick because usually it's terrible. my eyes are not. and then my head hurts them or stomach and then i usually say this will be their thought you know thirty three. you see there you know. thing. do you ever wonder how life would be different for isaac
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were he not exposed. to this pesticide. and they. saw me mark on this one i think. they would learn this. i looked the monk ammonia. then the p.c. so in a way that the me the maybe they're not among them. then there are me for the income and then. environmental organizations that it's to the e.p.a. for years to a local peer fos for sure that finally would win the agency published a proposal to ban it. but then in march trump's new e.p.a. administrator reversed course declaring the science not certain not for a ban and delayed any decision for five more years. all towers works for the present site action network oh hey josh rushing out once when trump's impeaching
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for a fuse to ban it it was a surprise to all of us that an agency could actually nor all of that background and all of that science what does the e.p.a.'s own science say about it yeah so he's only scientists agree that corporate foss is unsafe in any amounts when they looked at the amount of the. and soap and water on the outside of our fruits particularly on even on the inside of an orange so it's actually migrates through the rind of an orange to the inside of it that was enough to impact a child's brain so fundamentally that couldn't be used in any amount but there's an enormous body of science on this one side of it that is is true it like privy to some other body it's time for some other studies on the other side and i think the thing that that proved is privy to is a close relationship with the chemical industry and the message that that put put forward as one of uncertainty and you know this is the classic cop out it's you
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know play out of big tobacco's playbook any time you can let's talk it up to uncertainty researchers from the university of california berkeley have been tracking a group of mothers and kids from california's farmworker communities for almost twenty years there's one of three major studies that e.p.a. scientists relied on to determine the core pierrefonds can be toxic to a child's brain. dr kim hurley cautions against waiting for certainty what studies like ours show is that on average mothers who have higher exposure during pregnancy to two pesticides like this are at higher risk of having children with a d h d but making that one to one link back and saying this child's a.d.h. d. is caused by this pesticide is something that's it's really almost impossible to do is there ever going to be a smoking gun if you wanted absolute proof what you would have to do is take a large group of pregnant women and randomized them to have some of them receive a dose of compare for us and some of them receive
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a placebo and then see what happens and obviously that's never going to happen it's unethical it's illegal it's horrible we wouldn't do that so if you're waiting for absolute proof you're not going to find it so when you look at the body of work that out there on both sides the this issue how strong is the argument for regulating it i personally believe that the e.p.a. scientists that reviewed the scientific literature on clear preface did an appropriate job and they came to a conclusion that supported was supported by science and protected american children. chemical did not respond to our interview requests but it's data repeatedly that it stands by the safety of us. in california there are state rules to limit how close to field workers cools daycares in homes growers can spray potentially harmful pesticides but they can't prevent mistakes. just a few weeks after the e.p.a. decided not to ban culpeper fos after all when they arrived to work packing
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cabbages in this current county filled with sammy some medicine for me got it can pay. for it. when the. going to be i say i don't much. want to not buy the endless. it's people war me throwing a lot. let him to settle in for me get through the wall. eventually the workers were told to go home one was taken to hospital others were treated by first responders and did they warn you about the impacts that pesticide could have on children if exposed you know one of the head of. california's department of pesticide regulation released a report confirming that clip purifies had drifted from a tangerine field about eight hundred meters from where when it was working. so did
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you know before just now that that's what you were poisoned. then i know they must point up again in one moment of the heat on the n.c.o. they harm us that if it doesn't fit on no gun no they can't look and also at that. speed i must say that you know i mean one moment. to run the e.p.a. is office a chemical safety implosion prevention trump is nominated a chemical industry consultant. who are contracted out down to safety threshold work appear fos many times less protective in the e.p.a. zone. if confirmed he'll be one of many former industry insiders now in leadership positions at the e.p.a. . and the rollback has just begun. the trump administration thing is that one thursday a change in a political party the new party in charge gets to determine what is finance and what intention hearing and what is economic fact this executive order is one of
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many ways we're going to get real results when it comes to removing job killing regulations and leashing to get all the opportunity the havoc that thing wreaked and environmental protection now is going to take a decade or more to to undo that you've spent a dow chemical i think. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call it a dependency we have a mismatch between the way we on the magine are to be and the reality of the twenty first century in africa here in about a good deal for you and i want to show you how many of the persons that you're
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sending out you should be child soldiers and like i said my child soldiers reloaded at this time. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects at this time. this is al-jazeera.


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