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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2017 6:00am-6:34am +03

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substantively the best to prevent the media getting anywhere in this campaign. he achieved something that never happened before. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we learned that the invective from the government to just shoot him soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government. the tours for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins of bloody rise of iraq at this time on al-jazeera. chaotic scenes in australia's former prison camp on mount a silent as police try to fix the remaining refugees will be live from there.
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hello i'm down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. this. evening. the man set to be zimbabwe's next leader makes a triumphant return home after he fled the country. a life sentence for former bosnian serb commander rock i'm glad it shot that he's found guilty of genocide and war crimes and to russia says there's a real chance to end the war in syria but the situation on the ground remains desperate. police have entered a decommissioned prison camp on popular guinea's mannus island to try to evict the
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refugees about four hundred people are refusing to leave the former strain one facility which was closed last month they say they fear being attacked by local people with bad it was bush on iraq gee on the island gave us details of that police raid. in immigration law if you turn on so many pressure for thirty dollars any time the present come. attack then. a lot of refugees are small enough comfort to see you they are. on the floor they are fine but the aggression often turns on to the police and they are destroying everything all of belonging to the bunker. destroying. you know our shells. they are talking with people treating people then you must move this prison come on the refugees is refusing to
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leave this prison camp because they are saying that we are not going to leave this prison compound go to another prison come. and a little bit later in the program now the man who will become the next president of zimbabwe says the country's witnessing a new stage of democracy for the vice president. addressed thousands of cheering supporters in the capital harare on his return from south africa the day author robert mugabe's resignation ports from harare. when. the country to he said he would be back to lead his people former president robert mugabe sacked him as vice president so his wife grace. in just one week the military seize control resigned on tuesday the man nicknamed the crocodile returned wednesday and he is now in charge to.
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you i mean. he revealed there were plans to eliminate him he says he was poisoned allegedly by the g forty faction ins on a path led by grace of god. the rulings on. a presidential candidate. but some people don't believe is the right man for the job he was a faithful ally of mugabe for decades we embraced by the one. they were together. with that we are free. but we are hoping we are free people who supports mugabe the former president worry
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the good things done by zimbabwe's first leader will be forgotten to start paying for use blood in all sorts of names i think protests of the highest order. long live the spirit of liberation respect to the africans. the incumbent to also take up the torch in order. that spirit of liberation when i got glasses he knows and have high expectations they know he is a businessman some here say that gives them hope he has realistic plans on how to rebuild the broken economy. is the managing editor of one hundred radio that's a zimbabwean online station based in the u.k. he says the country may not change as much as people want i think the problem we have we have a situation with managed to reinvent itself is like zanu p.f. is a snake that is managed to shed off its skin the skin is more but it remains
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a snake if it feels threatened it will bite so i think this is the problem for a lot of people this man has been friends and allies with mugabe for over fifty years that's half a century so i'm reminded of how i remained in power in two thousand and eight it was the same with the help from the army we secured. a violent election so it is the same person who has been able to remove mugabe so here's the problem if the army have intervened now to secure the presidency what happens next year when the opposition wins elections will the army allow an opposition president to take over having stated clearly in the past that they will not salute anyone who has not fought the war. the u.s. secretary of state has issued his strongest condemnation yet to treatment of range him calling it ethnic cleansing rex tillerson visited me in my last week but
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avoided using the term ethnic cleansing he's now threatening sanctions for those responsible for what he calls renders the trustees in rakhine state more than six hundred thousand range of muslims an escaped across the border into bangladesh since a military crackdown started three months ago scott hardly has more now from young gone so thursday is the second day of closed door meetings discussing a possible repatriation program with officials from bangladesh foreign minister's office also myanmar's office here in the country now we know that they've been discussing over the last couple days but we haven't heard any details this is because all those meetings behind closed doors nothing has been made public this comes on the heels of a meeting earlier in the week of over fifty foreign ministers from asian nations and european nations that bangladeshi foreign minister stayed on for a special visit as it was calling so they could discuss the issue of repatriation at the end of this meeting there is the indication that they'll be some kind of member of understanding in other words how things will work moving forward this is
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a very complex issue you're talking about over six hundred thousand people that me and my government said that they want that to be voluntary repatriation but there are also other issues outside of documentation it's also about safety what conditions will those refugees who do come back will be facing in rakhine state so obviously many issues to go through but right now we're hearing there are indications from both sides that they hope to have some kind of memo of understanding after this meeting on thursday or possibly even by friday now survivors of europe's worst massacre since the second world war i celebrating a verdict by the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia judges of sentence the form above military come on iraq come luggage to life in prison he was convicted for his role in the murder of eight thousand muslim men and boys in the town of shrub and nine hundred ninety five the bulk of reports from the hague. the chamber finds rocks comin out each guilty as a member of various strong criminal enterprises of the following cones count to
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genocide the verdict that came a lot of his victims have waited decades for but the seventy three year old former bosnian serb general wasn't in the court to hear it he'd been a gent did moments earlier this outburst oh mr milosevic if you. if you continued like this. we adjourn his defense team had urged the judge to halt proceedings citing concerns over a lot of his blood pressure but the court rejected the plea finding guilty and one of two counts of genocide and nine of war crimes and crimes against humanity during the chaotic breakup of the former yugoslavia the court ruled that milat it carried out a relentless campaign of ethnic cleansing and ridding known serbs from bosnian territory there's nothing here in the boat executing prisoners there's no security about. thousands of people to flee from their homes. individuals trust security convicted
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by these tribunals very few we see but she really was because there has been prosecuted and convicted for not respecting the geneva conventions among those crimes and some of the worst atrocities carried out in europe since the second world war thank you the four year siege of sarajevo which an estimated ten thousand people were killed in shelling and sniper fire and the massacre of thousands of muslims men and boys in the town of srebrenica time for a short break here on al-jazeera when we come back not resigning yet lebanon's prime minister reconsiders its options and a doctor who helped several u.s. gymnasts olympic glory now faces a long time behind bars more on that same. however
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say it's a very heavy rain just pushing across the eastern seaboard of the u.s. easing out into the open waters of the atlantic still some of that damp weather in place for the time being see this area of disturbance just across the mid atlantic states up towards new england in into a certain parts of canada was a northwest still pretty disturbed here is no walk out of the right topping up the flooding that we've seen a. around northern areas of the u.s. particularly northwestern corner there and into western parts of canada of course british columbia seeing more cloud and right and they will get chopped up as we go on through thursday more heavy downpours more wintry weather there just coming in over the rockies in between is fine and dry some lovely weather getting up to twenty one celsius there in denver cold enough touch as we go on into friday but twenty three for dallas and by friday still that wet weather into the southeastern corner georgia the carolinas down in florida still seeing some lively showers i'm hopeful the showers the longest bows of rain the snow not quite as expansive across the northwest into western canada by this stage of things starting to ease so you
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showers a's two across central parts of the caribbean still a fair bit of wet weather there just towards southern parts of cuba nudging a little further north which in the west which as we go on through thursday with the right for jamaica. transport measures employed to tackle pollution in one of china's showcase cities the thing that my twenty two might see all the time sitting next to me only on lacking any. and how environmental grassroots campaigns are joining forces in the us there is a global connection that is happening and we're going to utilize that power to make changes not only for today but for future generations as well. this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera police event of a decommissioned prison camp on papa new guinea's minus island to try to fix the refugees about four hundred refusing to leave the former us trade in one facility which was closed last month. the man who set to become the next president of zimbabwe says the country's witnessing a new stage of democracy for the vice president and this movement and god what a chance for south africa a day after robert mugabe resigned. and the former bosnian serb military chief has been sentenced to life in prison he was convicted of the massacre of eight thousand muslim men and boys. in one thousand nine hundred five join the bosnian war but it was found guilty on ten charges of genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity
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. prime minister hariri has put his resignation on hold after returning home from saudi arabia he's back in beirut suddenly resigning and more than two weeks ago in the country and to political uncertainty. he came home to take part in independence day celebrations eighteen days after announcing his resignation in saudi arabia it was the first time saddam had eaten has been back in beirut since that unexpected announcement and. he was received as a prime minister and warmly greeted by the president who publicly accused saudi arabia of forcing her to resign and preventing him from leaving the country the saudis said they feared for his life back home. did say he would clarify his political position once back in lebanon and it seems a compromise deal has been worked out how d.d. suspended his resignation to allow for further consultations. i presented
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today my resignation to president and he urged me to wait before offering it and to hold on to it for more dialogue about its reasons a political background and i agreed. represents one of two major alliances in lebanon on the pro saudi camp hundreds of his supporters gave him a hero's welcome outside his home many lebanese from across the political divide believed he was being used by saudi arabia as a pawn in their attempt to target iran and that him and his family were held as hostages there how did he has a national unity government that includes his political opponent the pro iranian hezbollah the prime minister has long demanded hezbollah this arms and ends its military interventions in arab countries. that is a proxy state it's caught in the middle of a regional power struggle and it's in the pendants has long been open to question.
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the crisis that began with had it is resignation was widely seen as having been forced on the prime minister by saudi arabia to counter iranian influence in lebanon. i'm here with you and we will continue onwards together so we can be the line of defense for lebanon and for the stability of lebanon this gathering today is going to be repeated you will see me visit every part of lebanon how did they say how long he's willing to put his resignation on hold political differences between the rival alliances are longstanding and unlikely to be a result on his decision to stay in office maybe more of a result of mediation efforts by world leaders to put lebanon's latest political crisis on hold. russia's president vladimir putin has told his turkish iranian counterparts there's a real chance of ending the war in syria speaking at three way talks putin said he believed
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a new stage been reached in the conflict challenge reports in the black sea resort . the war in syria is nearly over said the three presidents meeting in sochi now it's time to rebuild the shattered country. putin thinks a plan he's been pushing for weeks now is gaining momentum through their training. i am satisfied by the fact that the presidents of iran and turkey have supported an initiative to hold an all syrian forum a congress of national dialogue in syria the crebain driven initiative aims to bring a broad spectrum of syrian government opposition and civil society groups to sochi in early december to plan for the country's future. and join me in calling we have all talked about oppositions all three countries have spoken in favor of convening this congress of national dialogue. but the president has been telling
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putin he won't. except kurdish groups linked to the p.k. k. being there and turkey's president still seems lukewarm on the idea. of them as we human are let me agree with president putin and he said we need to build on the momentum achieved as we talked together with mr rouhani we agreed that we need to extend our ties in all the areas. even less enthusiastic is the syrian opposition group the h n c which says it refuses to discuss the future of syria outside of the un's geneva framework at an opposition conference beginning in the saudi capital riyadh early indications are that groups will keep their insistence asaad must go despite pressure to compromise with his plan for a congress of national dialogue russia seems keen to shake the political future of syria much like it's already shapes the conflict if putin successful this will be
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to the benefits of his ally asaad and yet again the dreams of the opposition will suffer rory tallinn's al-jazeera sortie let's go back to our top story we brought you earlier the police raid on a refugee camp and men are silent and pumping again a al-jazeera as under thomas joins us live from there now under what more can you tell us. well daryn just in the last three minutes three bus loads of refugees have passed us on the only road to the prison which is over the water there behind me now we know that the place went in morning on state papa new guinea in time about four or five hours ago now the accounts we hear of what happened very refugee say that they use force or violence against them in the place say they didn't they only destroyed property and they were just trying to incentivize if you like the refugees to leave but in the course of that we heard that fifty or sixty men were taken by the place i think that those that we just saw passing along the road right here just in the last three or four minutes where
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those men the first bus contains refugees and one of them leaned out of the window and said help help us the second one had a man who went out and said some insulting things about australia but this is all a very live situation and i'm joined here by tim costello who's a well known humanitarian and you're working for the australian council for international development and you've been here since yesterday you were told thursday that you as the independent judge of what was going on were going to get access to that center it didn't happen did it tell me what did happen thursday morning well what happened tuesday morning was a sense that something was brewing in an action was going to happen and it could if you was announced kids in the school because of the village in the naval base stay home all the residents stay home. the extension of the cold and so melanesian families the pain gee families have been smuggling on water food and water into them because they hospitable generous they say they don't have family here they didn't have land here we got to help them that cotton was tight and the squeeze was
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put on and now we've just seen the reason why they were moving people. straightening for you you wanted to get to see what conditions were like inside that prison or being a former prison i should say you weren't able to do that how frustrating is it to be stood right here and not really know what's going on inside because a leader of civil society in australia where you have democratic rights and rule of law given that this is a stranger's responsibility every pay injury from the highest down to the lowest says this wasn't a problem we actually did the right thing by a stranger a favor now they've just washed their hands and war as an australian to come in and not be able to even see what is being done in our name leaves me deeply ashamed of the restasis conflict between what the refugees inside us saying on social media because they have access to that and they talk about a polling station but they feel worse in the village about half an hour from here and australian politicians peter dutton the prime minister of us people the immigration minister these refugees you just look at their perfect because it's
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going to seize in town have you seen those specifics he's telling the truth well the truth is halfway between the facilities will be ready maybe in three or four weeks i went yesterday and i can say as you and i actually are saying they're not ready yet. the problem isn't that they won't finally be ready the problem is the thirtieth of october deadline came straight in government knew it was coming and they literally walked away without actually having them ready the facilities will be fine but they're not ready secondly for these refugees i know they're going to be forgotten once they're out of here you're not going to come in the media is not going to come they've had for years of being forgotten and maybe it's going to happen again i think thank you very much well this is i think fast moving situation as i say we've just seen what looked to me about sixty refugees taken away in buses we assume to the local town of long ago although what will happen to them is very unclear whether they'll be held by the place the military here whether they'll be put in this so-called alternative accommodation and that's what happens to about
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the three hundred fifty we think other refugees inside that prison will again that very much up in the air at this stage are to under thomas their own man asylum and pop and again a hundred thank you. now the saudi led coalition has announced it will reopen yemen's main international airport on the vital seaport of had dated to let in humanitarian aid ports were closed to weeks ago after who the rebels find a missile at the saudi capital riyadh about seven million people depend entirely on through their aid in yemen struggling to deal with the famine the world's worst outbreak of cholera. now leading palestinian political factions including hamas and fatah have agreed to hold elections by the end of next year the group's made the joint statement following reconciliation talks in cairo last month hamas agreed to cede powers in gaza to the palestinian authority in a deal mediated by egypt. the french president says the u.n. security council should consider sanctions on libya if it does not act on human trafficking and condemned the auctioning of refugees as
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a crime against humanity during a meeting in paris with the president of guinea alpha condé comes after a video appearing to show african refugees being sold as slaves in libya and it sparked a global outcry. has called for an investigation. it is crucial to condemn these situations and denounce them through international law to fight and do everything to eradicate traffickers is now our priority we should try to anticipate the situation because libya is in a political transition there is presently no stable government we are working actively in the framework of the united nations mediation so that there can be a durable political situation. just so it's not acceptable situation and not just the selling of refugees but also the conditions they kept in is an absolutely inhumane situation now ship searching for a missing argentinian submarine are investigating an unusual noise the hunt for air
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a sound one has reached a critical phase now with fears the forty four crewmembers on board could be running low on oxygen dozens of planes and boats are searching the waters off the argentinian coast but there's still no trace of the vessel the noise was detected near the subs location hours after it went missing a week ago. reports now from what as hours. more than a week after the air a sound one lost contact there are still no answers still no indication where it might be or what happened to it the only certainty is it if it is stranded at the bottom of the south atlantic its nocs engine supplies are running critically low the search and rescue operation involves four thousand people from nine countries with more than forty ships sixteen aircraft underwater rescue equipment and the late. this technology has so far there are needs have been false ones.
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alive but was found all the manufacturing data was collected analyzed and verified with the submarine command force to see if it was the same type the san juan may have it was determined that it did not belong to the submarine the t l one seven hundred class diesel electric submarine was built in germany in one thousand nine hundred three with capacity for thirty seven crude with a forty four on board when it disappeared it can say that speeds of twenty five knots that's forty five kilometers an hour and dive to two hundred fifty meters these things have turned out well before a few years back russian submarine some people aboard a russian submarine were rescued what was said to be three hours of oxygen left and so as long as there's any hope and as long as the estimates go all the way out to two fourteen days which is the longest estimate i've seen i think we have to assume that the crew is tall live and behave as if they can be rescued navy commanders say this has food and fuel for up to ninety days but diminishing oxygen supplies are
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a growing concern for the families of the crew and the whole of argentina. there are still many questions to be about the age of the vessel whether it had a functioning backup communication system the quality of the maintenance but that so late for now with the energies or the hope is focused on finding the forty four crew members of the ira some one alive and well. when osiris. search and rescue efforts are underway off a u.s. navy plane carrying eleven people crashed into the pacific ocean three of those on board are still missing eight people were rescued a plane was flying from i remember from my marine corps air station to the aircraft carrier ronald reagan which is on patrol in the philippine sea in japan. now a former u.s. olympic team doctor has been convicted of sexually abusing young girls and his cat laurie nasa worked for usa gymnastics that's the organization that prepares gym
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asked to compete in the olympics rob reynolds has the story. for years larry nasser was responsible for the care of most of the top gymnast in the united states in a michigan courtroom he pleaded guilty to charges of criminal sexual misconduct and admitted to using his position as team doctor to sexually abuse underage girls you molested seven girls ranging in age from under thirteen to fifteen you know all one hundred and twenty five women and girls reported that nassar assaulted. i was actually assaulted by larry certainly after my thirtieth birthday and it was a dark secret until i put the pieces together last september nassar worked at michigan state university and served as the usa a live picture mastic steam doctor during four olympic games high profile gymnast's including gold medal winners ali reisman and gabby douglas say nasser molested them under the guise of providing
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medical treatments he was reaching under their leotards or under their clothes with ungloved hands without consent without prior knowledge without another adult in the room and in many cases digitally penetrating them so i think he's a monster and i think it is so disturbing to me what he did to me and so many other people this is so much bigger than just me i mean it's such a and such a horrific thing to happen nasser apologized in court and i'm so horribly sorry also offering apologies was the usa gymnastics organization which failed to protect girls from nasser's predatory sexual activities the organization has compiled reports on sexual misconduct complaints against fifty four coaches but has declined to release the. gymnast and their attorneys say the institutions silence enabled their abusers and for decades own policy of on reporting sexual abuse created an
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atmosphere where predators marion arthur and hundreds of us. continue to prey on little girls if you want to stop this come clean fix what happened get rid of those who did it and move forward and instead what you're getting is stonewalling yasser faces additional charges including possession of child pornography he faces a possible minimum of forty years in prison a judge will decide his sentence in january robert oulds. the u.k.'s chancellor says the economy will grow far more slowly than expected over the next five years it faces brags that uncertainty and weak productivity philip hammond live in his first budget since the general election in june the government's put aside three billion pounds for preparations to leave the european union.
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at the top stories here the police event a decommissioned prison camp on papa new guinea's man assad and to try to evict refugees about four hundred people are refusing to leave the former astray and want to see which was closed last month they say they fear being attacked by local people under thomas has more from an asylum. three bus loads of refugees have passed us on the only road to the prison which is over the water there behind me now we know that the place went in morning on thursday papa new guinea in time about four or five hours ago now the accounts we hear of what happened very refugee say that they use force or violence against them and the place they didn't they only destroyed property and they were just trying to incentivize if you like the refugees to leave but in the course of that we heard that fifty or sixty men were taken by the place the man set to become the next president of zimbabwe says the country's witnessing a new stage of democracy former vice president i miss him and i got to address
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thousands of supporters in the capital harare he returned from south africa the day after robert mugabe resign. the us secretary of state has issued his strongest condemnation yet of me in my treatment of the ranger calling it ethnic cleansing rex tillerson is threatening sanctions for those responsible for what he calls her endless atrocities in northern rakhine state former bosnian serb military chief has been sentenced to life in prison he was convicted of the massacre of eight thousand muslim men and boys attributes in one thousand nine hundred five during the bosnian war that it was found guilty on ten charges of genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity. the saudi led coalition says it will reopen yemen's main airport on the vital seaport of her data to let in humanitarian aid ports were closed two weeks ago after who the rebels fired a missile towards the saudi capital riyadh about seven million people depend entirely on food aid yemen's struggling to deal with a famine and the world's worst cholera outbreak. leading palestinian political
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factions including hamas on thought to have agreed to hold elections by the end of next year the group's made the joint statement following reconciliation talks in cairo last month hamas. and gaza to the palestinian authority well those were the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera.


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