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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2017 7:00am-7:34am +03

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what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we learned that interactive from the government to just shoot him soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government how do you know why. the tories for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing the displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins and bloody rise of local iraq at this time on al-jazeera. zero. and. we will not be pressured i want to be very clear about this. australia vows not to
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back down as a tries to think to silence a custom a from a prison camp. hello i'm daryn jordan this is al jazeera lie in from doha also coming up. this. man set to be zimbabwe's next leader makes a triumphant return home after he fled the country. a life sentence for former bosnian serb commander rock i'm not a chopper he's found guilty of genocide war crimes and first the united nations now the united states calls me and most military action against the ranger ethnic cleansing. police a man to die decommissioned prison camp on papa new guinea's man asylum to try to
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evict refugees about four hundred people are refusing to leave the former strain and one facility which was closed last month they say they fear being attacked by local people but by it was bush on the refugee on the island gave us details of that police raid. immigration law. when we start for the. present. time. oh i thought for a few would you. be gracious enough. for me they are destroying everything all of you lying in their bunker. they are exploring. you know our shell. talking with people or treating people then you must move nice
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present on the roof you need to refuse you can release prison camp because they are so young that we are not going to need this prison compound go to another prison. al-jazeera sondra thomas has the latest from an asylum three bus loads of refugees have passed us on the only road to the prison which is over the water there behind me now we know that the place went in morning on state papa new guinea in time but four or five hours ago now the accounts we hear of what happened very refugee say that they use force or violence against them in the place so they didn't they only destroyed property and they were just trying to incentivize if you like the refugees to leave but in the course of that we heard that fifty or sixty men were taken by the place i think that those that we just saw passing along the road right here just in the last three or four minutes were those men the first bus contains refugees and one of them leaned out of the window and said help help us the second one had
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a man who went out and said some insulting things about australia but this is all of our life situation meanwhile australia's prime minister insists the refugees must go to alternative accommodation that's been provided for them on the island. staying there is obviously designed they think this is somewhere they can pressure the australian government to let them come to australia well we will not be pressured i want to be very clear about this. our border security the integrity of our borders is maintained by my government it is maintained by my government and we will not outsource our migration policy to people smugglers the people on manis should go to the places alternative places of safety with all of the facilities they need they should do so peacefully and they should do so you know accordance with the lawful directions of papua new guinea which is the country in which the center is located well let's talk to. a former lawyer and human rights director of
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get up an australian campaign group she joins us live from melbourne and talk to us first about this raid on the camp we're hearing that police entered the camp to physically evict the refugees what's your response to the raid and the way it's been carried out where we think it's a critical situation it's clear that the refugees have sustained injury and we are witnessing globally now and unfolding crisis on man a silent. we understand that you were recently smuggled into the camp i mean what sort of conditions are the refugees living in and what dangers they face locally. well i have a background in post conflict zones and the conditions we witnessed was worse than anything i have ever seen it was horrifically hot men were sleeping inside shipping containers all over crowded the containers were sore heart and unlivable that the
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camera lens couldn't film inside because it steamed up there was no water there was clearly men with significant medical issues that had not received medical attention the men had not had food other than small scraps biscuits here and there for three way and these men have been detained in those conditions for over four years the vast majority of them have been found to be refugees and their play was clear simply for safety and you're a former lawyer so i'd like to get your legal take on them on this somebody who's responsible for the camp and the refugees australia blames p. and g. papa new guinea blames australia but why is there such confusion as to who is legally responsible for the refugees. well the international legal situation in regards to australia's offshore detention regime is actually quite settled it is clearly a struggle is responsibility shares some responsibility but fundamentally disease strongly in government that forcibly say and people to these are loans and it is
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that they are the haste and paid by the australian taxpayer in fact that these men have been held there for over four years the legal situation is also clear internationally that this is an international human rights crisis four years ago when amnesty international went into the camp they termed a catastrophe and numerous international observers and agencies have echoed that recommendation since the international legal sphere is quite clear this is an international human rights crisis perpetuated by the australian government and in fact the u.n. h.c.r. said just that last week but what is not clear is the use drily in domestic attempts to make politics and gain political fiber out of the plight of these people ok and definitely in terms of the astronomy and domestic politics this is a confusing situation let me get a final thought from you because the australian government says no hang on there's another facility not far from honest which the refugees should be moving to so
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what's happened to that facility and while they're moving there. reports indicate that the facilities around finnish but even apart from that there has been an established history of violence on the island many refugees and this was outlined in the human rights watch report have suffered injuries violence people have been killed on the island they are currently inside a naval base where they are quite secure and the fear is that if they are moved to these new facilities that they will be exposed to violence but also apart from that it is very clear that the local community has absolutely had it with the situation and they have been vocal protests and in fact yesterday there was no local blockade of the new facilities to try and prevent people being forced into their ultimately calls have decided and fairly sorry that this is no longer a problem of their making and this is something restrained government has to sort out so from the mains perspective they face a slow death potentially inside the camp currently but
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a rapid one outside. thank you for talking to al jazeera. now the man who will become the next president of zimbabwe says the country is witnessing a new stage of democracy for the vice president. addressed thousands of cheering supporters in the capital on his return from south africa the day author robert mugabe's resignation. reports from the capital harare. when. the country two weeks ago he said he would be back to lead his people former president robert mugabe sacked him as vice president so his wife grace could take over in just one week the military seize control resigned on tuesday the man nicknamed the crocodile returned wednesday and he is now in charge do. you i mean the only was. he
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revealed there were plans to eliminate him he says he was poisoned allegedly by the g forty faction in zanu p.f. led by grace of god. the rulings on a party once went on to be the presidential candidate. but some people don't believe is the right man for the job he was a faithful ally of mugabe for decades we embraced by the one who replaced him they were together. and so we are not so sure whether we are free but we are hoping we are free people who supports mugabe the former president what are the good things done by zimbabwe's first leader will be forgotten to start paying for your blood in all sorts of names i think is the highest order.
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long live this period of liberation respect to the africans. in order. that liberation. says he knows the high expectations they know he is a businessman some here say that gives them hope he has realistic plans on how to rebuild a broken economy how to. have. the u.s. secretary of state has issued his strongest condemnation yet of me in my treatment of range are calling it ethnic cleansing rex tillerson visited me in my last week but avoided using the term ethnic cleansing he's now threatening sanctions for those the what he calls renders atrocities in rakhine state more than six hundred thousand range of muslims have escaped across the border into bangladesh since the military crackdown began three months ago. survivors of europe's worst massacre since the second world war are celebrating a verdict by the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia judges
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of sentence the former bosnian serb commander right come to life in prison he was convicted for his role in the murder of eight thousand muslim men and boys in the town of one thousand nine hundred ninety five reports from the hague the chamber finds. guilty as a member of first joint criminal enterprises of the following counts count to genocide the verdict came a lot of his victims have waited decades for but the seventy three year old former bosnian serb general wasn't in the court to hear it he'd been a gentle moments earlier this outburst the mr milosevic if you if you continue like this. we adjourn his defense team had urged the judge to halt proceedings citing concerns over a lot of his blood pressure but the court rejected the play finding guilty on one
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of two counts of genocide and nine of war crimes and crimes against humanity during the chaotic break up of the former yugoslavia the court ruled that milat it carried out a relentless campaign of ethnic cleansing aimed at ridding known serbs from bosnian territory there's nothing curious about executing prisoners there's nothing greeks about. causes people to flee from their homes so individuals prosecuted and convicted by these tribunals aren't they receive much use because there's been prosecuted and convicted for not respecting to geve a conventions among those crimes and some of the worst atrocities carried out in europe since the second world war frankly the four year siege of sarajevo in which an estimated ten thousand people were killed in shelling and sniper fire and the massacre of thousands of mostly men and boys in the town of srebrenica time for a short break here not just iraq when we come back not resigning yet lebanon's
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prime minister reconsiders his options. plus faces controversy at the way it dealt with a massive security breach more on that status. from the clear blue sky. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city. well i don't often get the chance to say it's looking pretty wet across the middle east but that is exactly what we have at the moment more heavy showers also a cloud rolling across iraq iran pushing towards afghanistan clear skies coming in behind we have seen something just around gaza for example around the gaza strip are seeing some flooding coming through here that weather also affecting a good parts of turkey of course flooding across northern areas of syria could still see some snow just around the mountains for thursday wet weather that just around the caspian sea that's just how it runs right out into
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a good parts of iran co-direct coming in behind twenty one twenty two degrees there for kuwait city but any getting up to seventeen celsius in baghdad so really time to grab the sweaters as we go on through the next couple of days and may while well that wesley weather will head towards us here in. some cloud of rain across northern parts of saudi arabia the flooding of course. we've seen the wet weather there all the way across riyadh as well that will come very close to us as we go on through thursday much of thursday saying some places of rain for a good parts off the day hopefully as we go on into the weekend it will start to dry up and start to brighten up to by the state dry to the south. the weather sponsored by cats and place. you are making remarks there on line the u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say. in the morning and say i want to cover the
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world in darkness is a dialogue could be what leading to some of the confusion about people saying we don't actually know what's going on join the conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back to the top stories here on al-jazeera police have entered a decommissioned prison and again is money asylum to try to fix refugees about four hundred people are refusing to leave the formal astray and run facility which was closed last month. a man who set to become the next president of zimbabwe says the country's witnessing a new stage of democracy for the vice president and. the time for south africa
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a day out of sight and the former bosnian military chief has been sentenced to life in prison he was convicted of the mask of one thousand muslim men and boys a tribe in one thousand nine hundred ninety five during the bosnian war was found guilty on ten charges of genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity. lebanon's prime minister has put his resignation on hold. he's back in beirut suddenly resigning in riyadh more than two weeks ago. into political uncertainty. he came home to take part in independence day celebrations eighteen days after announcing his resignation in saudi arabia it was the first time he has been back in beirut since that unexpected announcement and. he was received as a prime minister and warmly greeted by the president who publicly accused saudi
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arabia of forcing her to resign and preventing him from leaving the country the saudis said they feared for his life back home. he did say he would clarify his political position once back in lebanon and it seems a compromise deal has been worked out how to spend it his resignation to allow for further consultations. i presented today my resignation to president and he urged me to wait before offering it and to hold on to it for more dialogue about its reasons a political background and a green. represents one of two major alliances in lebanon on the pro saudi camp hundreds of his supporters gave him a hero's welcome outside his home many lebanese from across the political divide believed he was being used by saudi arabia as a pawn in their attempt to target iran and that him and his family were held as hostages their. heads a national unity government that includes his political opponent the pro iranian
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hezbollah the prime minister has long demanded hezbollah this arms and ends its military interventions in arab countries. that is a proxy state it's caught in the middle of a regional power struggle and it's in the pendants has long been open to question. the crisis that began with how did his resignation was widely seen as having been forced on the prime minister by saudi arabia to counter iranian influence in lebanon. i'm here with you and we will continue onward together so we can be the line of defense for lebanon and for the stability of lebanon this gathering today is going to be repeated you'll see me visit every part of lebanon how didn't say how long he's willing to put his resignation on hold political differences between the rival alliances are longstanding and unlikely to be resolved soon his decision
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to stay in office may be more of a result of mediation efforts by world leaders to put lebanon's latest political crisis on hold. beirut. leading palestinian political factions including hamas and fatah have agreed to hold elections by the end of next year the group's made the joint statement following reconciliation talks in cairo last month hamas agreed to cede powers and gaza to the palestinian authority in a deal mediated by egypt well not a way palestinian american political analyst he says the latest deal is sorely lacking. it's much about nothing with what they said now i think they have failed to achieve anything that helps the palestinian people whether in the west bank or gaza and i think this is between the top guys the big guys and everybody is trying to get the other side to surrender to the other i think it's a says sad day in the in the in the palestinian people's life and history that they
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do not agree even on opening the borders and negotiate an opening of the borders for the two million people in gaza from what i know i think the egyptians are much worse than the israelis now and keeping that blockade against the palestinians in order to bring down and bring a solution to their issues with hamas with targeting hamas and the palestinian people they are still refusing to open their borders they want to have control of the gaza strip like they did before nine hundred sixty seven war where not the not over the gaza strip to the israelis so what from what i see i think we are still not in the event the square one we are still outside the possibility of reaching anything that can help the palestinian cause and let's keep in mind the americans and the europeans will refuse and they it is on their books they will not deal with any government that hamas is part of it so what kind of elections are we going to have and what are we going to do when there are elections and hamas is part of it
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the saudi led coalition has announced it will reopen yemen's main international airport on the vital seaport of her data to let in humanitarian aid groups who are close to weeks ago after who the rebels fired a missile towards the saudi capital riyadh about seven million people depend entirely on food aid yemen's struggling to deal with a famine and the world's worst cholera outbreak will hillary mann leverett is a former u.s. state department official she says there's doubt over whether the blockade will continue. we'll have to really see whether the saudis make good on their pledge they have not done so before so we there is reason to be skeptical even if they do though the past two weeks in particular have taken the already dire situation in yemen to catastrophic levels there is a us government agency here in washington that was created in one thousand nine hundred five after the last famine in ethiopia to monitor conditions of hunger around the world and they just said this week that yemen is facing its very what
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they would categorize as the very worst conditions for famine phase five almost like a hurricane category five a phase five situation for famine in yemen but so far it does look like the pressure has worked the international outcry has has made a difference where i see potentially some reason to hope that pressure though could change this dynamic is that in washington the power dynamics have been a bit have become a bit complicated and congress is getting increasingly concerned about what the saudis are doing and others in the administration outside of the white house in the state department in the defense department they're becoming increasingly concerned about this about saudi after actions in yemen but up until up until now the saudis do have a backer in the white house in president trump and his senior advisor jard cushion or until that changes i'm not sure we're going to see a real change in the in saudi activities in yemen well in addition to color doctors
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are now warning of a defeat outbreak but it's myth reports. to be new born in yemen means facing one of the toughest chances of survival in the world this is one of the only hospital still open inside the capital if these babies make it out of the middle have to battle cholera new tradition diptheria. or most of the hospitals in the capital of closed all those are on the verge of losing will persevere and because of the austerity measures we're implementing. in the central city of. an outbreak of the theory is threatening children and the elderly is slowly recovering from a disease for which there's been an effective vaccine for one hundred years my throat was swollen my ears were painful the hospital has treated me but they don't have enough medicine sometimes my nose bleeds like yesterday when i was at school i couldn't bear it hospitals and clinics which have been destroyed by war are already overloaded trying to manage a cholera epidemic and a million infected yemenis the two week blockade of c n airports by the coalition
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of countries led by saudi arabia is stopping essential medical supplies including vaccines from getting through. hundreds are dying because of the lack of medicine and other medical supplies we try to offer everything we can but there's only so much we can do within our limitations. the world health organization says diptheria is spreading quickly one hundred twenty cases and fourteen deaths have been confirmed so far most of the casualties the children bernard smith al-jazeera the french president says the u.n. security council should consider sanctions on libya if it does not act on human trafficking emanuel condemned the auctioning of refugees as a crime against humanity during a meeting in paris with the president of guinea alpha condé comes after a video appearing to show african refugees being sold as slaves in libya sparked a global outcry un second general antonio good at ash has called for an investigation. now three gunman and a police officer have been killed during
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a security operation and georgia's capital tbilisi shooting broke out late on tuesday and last of almost twenty hours investigators say the men are members of what they call a terrorist group robin foster walker reports from tbilisi. georgian security forces battled for hours on wednesday with armed men in this apartment block in east of the city the suspects had been under surveillance for several weeks one was arrested on tuesday evening but when security forces moved in a gunman opened fire with automatic weapons and grenades police and special forces stormed the building early wednesday. but it took until the late afternoon before the shooting fell silent three suspects and a security officer killed three officers wounded. georgia's state security agency said the men were not georgian citizens one theory is that they may have been
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a cell from the rest of north caucasus. within the framework of the international anti-terrorism cooperation the relevant measures are underway to identify the criminal lengths in order to fight it and the members of the group that heavy gunfire those loud blasts that were repeatedly heard throughout the day have ceased and now we have seen security services leaving the scene an indication that this operation is over. georgia's capital tbilisi has never experienced a counterterrorism operation like this the task now is to find out who these men were and what they were planning robin for a steelworker al-jazeera tbilisi. ships searching for a missing argentinian submarine are investigating an unusual noise the hunt for air race son one has reached a critical phase with fears the forty four crew onboard could be running low on oxygen dozens of planes and boats are searching the waters of the argentine coast
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but there's still no trace of the vessel the noise was detected near the subs location hours after it went missing a week ago. ober is facing investigation after revealing it suffered a massive data breach affecting fifty seven million people but kept the details quiet for more than a year the hackers say they're found the data on an amazon cloud survey used by the ride sharing company they claim they were paid one hundred thousand dollars in ransom to keep the breach quiet alan fischer reports. it's not just the hack that's causing problems for it's the cover up the loss of personal data of fifty seven million customers and drivers worldwide is bad enough but the company took extreme measures to cover it up for more than a year and that will cause huge problems the company's new chief executive officer of course he who only took over in september has said in the statement none of this should have happened and i will not make excuses for it we are changing the way we
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do business it was a top twenty sixteen that hackers pooled names e-mail addresses and phone numbers of fifty million users worldwide the personal information of seven million drivers was taken as well but the company insists no credit card information social security numbers or triple cation details were stolen the company had a legal obligation to report the hack to regulators and tell drivers their license numbers were taken but it didn't do that instead it paid a one hundred thousand dollar ransom to keep the heart quiet no doubt the recent news is great i mean issue for people who oppose it it's also probably quite good news for us competitive so companies like left and other right sharing companies it's not clear that they will to survive if it continues down this this line of corporate culture and mismanagement they have many incentives to make sure that these issues don't happen again bruce regulators are looking into the breach and the attorney general of new york has launched his own investigation it's not the
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first time or has run into problems in march this year the founder was recorded arguing with one of his own drivers he later apologized. more than twenty people were fired after an investigation into sexual her. osment at the company in london the first steps have been taken to ban the company right because of what was described as reckless behavior and on tuesday the company was fined almost nine million dollars in colorado after investigators found it was employing fifty seven drivers who either had field or should have failed criminal background checks there were violent offenders in there and there are also people whose license had been revoked because of dui and they were letting those people drive anyway and they knew it but there is a world wide company valued at around sixty nine billion dollars it's no facing massive new fines and a series of civil suits from those hit by this latest breach alan fischer i'll just do.
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a quick recap of the top stories here this hour police in papua new guinea have entered a decommissioned prison camp on man asylum to try to evict refugees about four hundred people are refusing to leave the former australian run facility which was closed last month they say they fear being attacked by local people if they move to alternative accommodation and the thomas has more from an asylum. three bus loads of refugees have passed us on the only road to the prison which is over the water there behind me now we know that the place in the morning on state papa new guinea in time about four or five hours ago now the accounts we hear of what happened very refugee say that they use force or violence against them and the place they didn't they only destroyed property and they were just trying to incentivize if you like the refugees to leave but in the course of that we heard that fifty or sixty men were taken by the place. the man set to become the next president of zimbabwe says the country's witnessing a new stage of democracy former vice president and the someone got to address
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thousands of supporters in the capital harare he returned from south africa a day after robert mugabe resigned. the u.s. secretary of state has issued his strongest condemnation yet of the million miles treatment of the ranger calling it ethnic cleansing rex tillerson threatening sanctions for those responsible for what he calls her end as atrocities in northern rakhine state the former bosnian serb military chief has been sentenced to life in prison he was convicted of the massacre of eight thousand muslim men and boys a tribe in one thousand nine hundred five during the bosnian war that it was found guilty on ten charges of genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity. the saudi led coalition says it will reopen yemen's main airport and the vital seaport of the data to let in humanitarian aid ports were closed to weeks ago after who the rebels fatah missile towards the saudi capital riyadh yemen struggling to deal with a famine and the world's worst cholera outbreak leading palestinian political
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factions including hamas and fatah have agreed to hold elections by the end of next year the group's made the joint statement following reconciliation talks in cairo last month house agreed to cede powers in gaza to the palestinian authority. well those were the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after the stream. africa going through seismic changes country stands out because it's considered so successful why is. president of ghana. talk to watch. me ok and your in the strain today is the trumpet ministration trying to turn protesting into a crime some civil rights activist thinks so and they are fine.


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