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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2017 11:00am-11:34am +03

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this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of shorts personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects at this time.
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some of the asylum seekers who refused to leave the film a story of a prison camp on madison island and forced out. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. and bob weighs new lead up promises change and new job said of his swearing in on friday. under pressure the saudi led military alliance says that it will lift its blockade of yemen to allow in aid. at a doctor who helps several u.s. gymnasts to a live picture lori now faces a long time behind bars. police
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in papua new guinea have entered a decommissioned prison camp on menace island trying to evict refugees who are refusing to leave around fifty of them left in buses around three hundred thirty others say they're too afraid to go outside the former australian run facility fearing attacks by local people the prison camp was closed last month after papua new guinea ruled that it was unconstitutional since then the refugees have been living in increasingly filthy conditions without clean water or supplies. a refugee on the island gave us details of the police raid. in the immigration markets. so many reports to the. prison camp and it is an attack. on life not for a few days. gratian
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not. for me they are destroying everything belonging. they are throwing. you know our shell. talking with people treating people then you must move prison come on the roof you need with refusing to release prison camp because they are so young that we are not going to need this prison compound go to another prison. straightly as prime minister insists the refugees should go to the alternative accommodation that's been provided for them on the island they are staying there is obviously designed they think this is somewhere they can pressure the australian government to let them come to australia well we will not be pressured i want to be very clear about this. our border security the integrity of our borders is maintained by my government
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it is maintained by my government and we will not outsource our migration policy to people smugglers the people on manis should go to the places alternative prices of safety with all of the facilities they need they should do so peacefully and they should do so you know accordance with the lawful directions of papua new guinea we is the country in which the center is located let's hear now from us here is andrew thomas his online asylum three bus loads of refugees have passed us on the only roads to the prison which is over the water there behind me now we know that the place went in early morning on thursday papa new guinea in time about four or five hours ago now the accounts we hear of what happened very refugee say that they use force or violence against them in the place so they didn't they only destroyed property and they were just trying to incentivize if you like the refugees to leave but in the course of that we heard that fifty or sixty men were taken by the place
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i think that those that we just saw passing along the road right here just in the last three or four minutes were those men the first bus contains refugees and one of them leaned out of the window and said help help us the second one had a man who went out and said some insulting things about australia but this is all a very live situation. zimbabwe's incoming president was reportedly in constant contact with military leaders in the days following his firing by robert mugabe the former vice president and. returned home to cheers in celebration of big promises to create jobs for the people of zimbabwe the country's economy has collapsed many are already holding up what i got was a because of hope even before he's been sworn in as president reports. when. the country two weeks ago he said he would be back to lead his people former president robert mugabe sacked him as vice president so his wife grace could take
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over in just one week the military seize control resigned on tuesday the man nicknamed the crocodile returned wednesday and he is now in charge to. you i mean phone he was. he revealed there were plans to eliminate him he says he was poisoned allegedly by the g forty faction ins on a path. the rulings on a. presidential candidate. but some people don't believe is the right man for the job he was a faithful and for decades we embraced by the one. they were
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together. and so we are not so sure whether we are free. but we are hoping we are free people who supports mugabe the former president what are the good things done by zimbabwe's first leader will be forgotten to start baying for years blood in all sorts of names i think is pretense of the highest order. normally of this period of liberation respect to the africans. which the incumbent to also take up the torch in order led down that spirit of liberation. he knows and have high expectations they know he is a businessman some his say that gives them hope he has realistic plans on how to rebuild a broken economy. his own. life to al-jazeera andersen's is there andrew. talking about a new era of democracy the people there really expect things to change quickly.
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really my go ahead delivered big time in terms of his promises and his view his vision of the future in terms of zimbabwe being open for business not just with the west but also with china. is definitely a mood of extreme hope here but like everything else in this country has been in such short supply for so long that it's really lit a blaze of new thinking here however the reality no one is naive enough to think that this could happen overnight and no one is naive enough to think that it won't happen without political change. is a major point party that's been in power for four decades is now in a situation where many big decisions have to be made about it structure in a way that's the discussion that's going on now then following on from that we're
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going to see elections in the new year when will that happen it can happen according to the constitution up until september ideally should happen people feel as soon as possible that will be around march but the reality could be. now what about the opposition that's the next really major question will be inclusion could there be a government of national unity further down the road these are questions that won't be answered right away and that is why there could be some shifting expectations it's managing expectations that this new president will have to immediately come to terms with it's fine to make promises but many promises of being given over many years and they've not been delivered to the absolute demise of so many people right across the spectrum of the seventeen million population in zimbabwe right now given that andrew what is the mood on the streets with especially with the backdrop of
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such serious economic problems. well it's incredible to see the change here it's absolutely amazing people who never realize really what the could be a day like this ever happening in their lifetimes let alone ever at all there is i mean that. that. is a very old leader ninety three years of age would eventually go it always been there but then this new man i think there is a lot riding on his business acumen hugely in the sense that he's done so many deals with china in particular elsewhere also deals with the i.m.f. they haven't delivered could be a minus in some areas but he does have business acumen he also has a history that's tarnished with with blood it has to be said in the past along with . that is a war veteran aspects to his past that are very very much belong to some of the
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negatives and. however people in the main the very much. a viewpoint whereby they see you have to be pragmatic you have to move forward in order to get to feed your children to have any hope for the next generation and this is politic it has to happen and that is something there isn't naivety on the streets it is a real solid realisation that there is change coming it's going to be big change it needs to be the right sort of change that's inclusive for all zimbabweans and that of course brings in the minority whites as well and a whole range of other issues so there is a huge amount of work to be done and right now of course but gabi grace his wife who is seen by most as the downfall of the big. man in political terms. and you have here
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a situation now where the two of them all in zimbabwe according to. all the people we've spoken to there is social media photograph of them both on a city what is said to be an official residence that has been verified fully but there is protection awarded to them and seemingly you know you obviously want to know the question to answer the question was there a deal well there probably was when if ever that will become public is another matter but it's. widely assumed it means there will be no action taken against certainly robert garvey and indeed grace as well possibly she is suspected of a whole swathes of of of which are bordering on. whether or not they were legal or not particularly and in possessing the land that was acquired through the dubious means so really right now so much going on and of course the next big punctuation point in this is going to be the swearing of the oath by the new
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president here in harare on friday. sevens live in harare many thanks hundred the saudi led coalition says that it will reopen yemen's main international airport in a few hours to allow in humanitarian aid the seaport of data is also reopening the partial lifting of the blockade follows pressure from the us and the un ports were close to weeks ago after hooty rebels fired a missile at the saudi capital riyadh aid agencies are pleading for the saudi led coalition to completely lift its blockade twenty eight million yemenis are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. we're monitoring these developments and we're trying to see whether that actually takes place on the ground of course if that were to happen that would be a very welcome and critically important development we have made clear the tremendous amount of needs on the ground we're ready to help if the ports are open
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so we'll keep tracking this and and see where we go from there in addition to the war in yemen as well as the threat of famine and the world's worst cholera outbreak doctors are concerned about another potentially fatal diseases but it's with reports. to be a newborn in yemen means facing one of the toughest chances of survival in the world this is one of the only hospital still open in sana'a the capital of these babies make it out of here then will have to battle cholera malnutrition and now diptheria. most of the hospitals in the capital of closed others are on the verge of closing perseverant because of the austerity measures we're implementing. in the central city of arab an outbreak of the theory is threatening children and the elderly. slowly recovering from a disease for which there's been an effective vaccine for one hundred years my throat was swollen my ears were painful the hospital has treated me but they don't have enough medicine sometimes my nose bleeds like yesterday when i was at school i couldn't bear it hospitals and clinics which have been destroyed by war are already
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overloaded trying to manage a cholera epidemic and a million infected yemenis the two week blockade of c n airports by the coalition of countries led by saudi arabia is stopping essential medical supplies including vaccines from getting through. hundreds are dying because of the lack of medicine and other medical supplies we try to offer everything we can but there's only so much we can do within our limitations. the world health organization says diptheria is spreading quickly one hundred twenty cases and fourteen deaths have been confirmed so far most of the casualties the children bernard smith al-jazeera. a weather update next here on al-jazeera then a day after accusing me of ethnic cleansing in rakhine state the u.s. that poses a partial travel ban will tell you more on russia's president says that efforts to end the war in syria are entering a new phase as three key players in the conflict meet in sochi.
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by the time. where is the sun sets in the city of angels. however the weather doesn't look too bad across southern parts of europe at the moment. and dry now so that is the sort of the mediterranean little bit of a cloud just around the eastern side of turkey still some wintry weather just moving over the mountains had some wintry weather to it to the northwest of europe past scotland over there the high ground here said he sings on that wintry weather as is the case to into scandinavia tightly packed i said to indicate some pretty strong waves but it has been reasonably mild for some london and paris at around fifteen celsius going to loose those kind of valleys as we go on through the next couple days you can see cool air does start to dig its way in into central and northern parts of europe as we go through the next few days is the top temperature
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in london on saturday we're going to notice that shaking chill coming through him minus five the high in moscow but further south as you can see we are still getting up to around seventeen eighteen degrees for some as that winter weather just around eastern parts of we've got to dry weather into central areas still quite breezy you notice into a good part of the northwest certainly around scotland and areas of england will see that western weather making its way further south which as we go on through the next couple of days meanwhile across northern parts of africa it's generally father dry just a little bit of cloud. there with sponsored by the time. you are making. when they're on line the u.s. response to. the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminal or if you join us. in the morning and say i want to cover the world in darkness is a dialogue. about people saying they don't actually know what i'm
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joined. at this time. but i get the top stories this hour on al-jazeera police in papua new guinea and to decommission prison camp on madison island trying to evict refugees who are refusing to leave around fifty of them left in buses. around three hundred thirty others say they're too afraid to go outside the foremost radio. fearing attacks by local people. next president was reportedly in constant contact with military leaders in the days after he was fired by wrote the book of
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a former vice president's. home cheers celebrations he promised to create more jobs to be sworn in on friday. and saturday led coalition has announced that it will reopen yemen's main international airport within a few hours vital seaports of the data will also be letting in humanitarian aid who follows pressure from the u.s. and the u.s. . what our top story this hour the eviction of some of the asylum seekers from the forest really a prison camp on this island patrick mcgorry is a professor of youth mental health at the university of melbourne he joins us now live from there professor good to have you with us we've heard much over the past few days about the physical conditions that these men have had to endure in the physical ailments from which they're suffering how will their ordeal have affected their mental health. well today you probably are aware that twelve former strains of the year very very prominent australians elder
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australians people who many of whom were health and medical professionals have expressed great concern about the health and the physical and mental health of these men. the situation until this morning was that they were remaining in the in the defunct and closed prison camp because they as you said in the story they were afraid of it for their safety to leave the the the syllabi but that meant that they were. not able to access clean water sanitation food even and or made it medical services and as a result their immediate survival was was being put at risk so this was the main concern that we were expressing to our prime minister and to the leader of the opposition that something urgently needed to be done to help these men and reduce the risk of death from
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a number of risks you mentioned the middle health conditions well these men are chronically suicidal late they are extremely demoralized after four years of incarceration with no real hope about their future and even of engineer refugees there's really no clear immediate plan for resettlement for them so in those situations then with the withdrawal of antidepressants medical care and supervision there's a very significant risk of suicides occurring and that's one of the concerns that we have so professor what is your message to the government of australia. well it looks now that the situation changed the men seem to be being moved to a new facility which. it wasn't clear where how ready this facility actually was but it seems that. the facility may be ready in which case food water and medical services may well be able to be provided to them. but this it's so
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difficult to really know what's actually happening on the ground and information sources are not necessarily trusted anymore so. now are strained medical association the president of that association dr michael gallant has made a bid to. urge the minister peter dutton to allow the air strike a medical association to send a expert medical team over to assess the health needs including mental health needs of these men and to make sure that these are really being met and to care and preserve their lives really so we're urging the government to agree to that request and to send an expert medical team over to really assess the situation professor really good to talk to so many thanks indeed for being with us patrick mcgorry there in melbourne the u.s. has suspended official travel to parts of the en masse rakhine state it's concerned that they could be met by protests after the secretary of state accused me of
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ethnic cleansing of the rex tillerson toughened his stance after a visit to me in my last week he's threatening sanctions for those responsible for what he calls horrendous atrocities in rakhine more than six hundred thousand ridge of muslims are skate across the border into bangladesh since the military crackdown began in august talks are underway between bangladesh and me and maher on a deal to repatriate some of those refugees scott hyder has more from the angle. so thursday is the second day of closed door meetings discussing a possible repatriation program with officials from bangladesh foreign minister's office also myanmar's office here in the country now we know that they've been discussing over the last couple days but we haven't heard any details this is because all those meetings behind closed doors nothing has been made public this comes on the heels of a meeting earlier in the week of over fifty foreign ministers from asian nations and european nations the bangladeshi foreign minister stayed on for a special visit as it was coined so they could discuss the issue of repatriation at
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the end of this meeting there is the indication that they'll be some kind of memo of understanding in other words how things will work moving forward this is a very complex issue you're talking about over six hundred thousand people the myanmar government is said that they want that to be voluntary repatriation but there are also other issues outside of documentation it's also about safety what conditions will those refugees who do come back will be facing in rakhine states obviously many issues to go through but right now we're hearing there are indications from both sides that they hope to have some kind of memo of understanding after this meeting on thursday or possibly even by friday the united nations says that syrians in the besieged suburb of the capital damascus and so hungry that they're scavenging from lives have been government forces and their allies of cut off the rebel held districts of five years days of relentless and strikes a bombarded the opposition stronghold the world food program says the situation could worsen for around one hundred seventy five thousand people when food stocks
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soon run out. russia's president has told his turkish and iranian counterparts that there's a real chance of ending the war in syria but i'm here putin says that he believes a new stage has been reached in the conflict he's opposed to talks in the black sea resort of sochi from where rory chalons reports. the war in syria is nearly over the three presidents meeting in sochi now it's time to rebuild the shattered country of lady may putin thinks a plan he's been pushing for weeks now is gaining momentum to do it. i am satisfied by the fact that the presidents of iran and turkey have supported an initiative to hold an all syrian forum a congress of national dialogue in syria the kremlin driven initiative aims to bring a broad spectrum of syrian government opposition and civil society groups to sochi in early december to plan for the country's future. and join me in calling
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we have all talked about oppositions all three countries have spoken in favor of convening this congress of national dialogue. but the president has been telling putin he won't accept a kurdish group linked to the p.k. k. being there and turkey's president still seems lukewarm on the idea. let me agree with president putin and he said we need to build on the momentum achieved as we talked together with mr rouhani we agreed that we need to extend our ties in all the areas. even less enthusiastic is the syrian opposition group the h n c which says it refuses to discuss the future of syria outside of the un's geneva framework at an opposition conference beginning in the saudi capital riyadh early indications are that groups will keep their insistence asaad must go despite
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pressure to compromise with his plan for a. congress of national dialogue russia seems keen to shape the political future of syria much like its already shapes the conflict if putin successful this will be to the benefits of his ally asaad and yet again the dreams of the opposition will suffer rory tallinn's al-jazeera. syrian opposition groups meeting in the saudi capital have renewed dedham on for the removal of president bashar al assad in a draft resolution the communique states that the governing body could include members of the government saudi arabia is a backer of the syrian opposition it says the aim of the conference was to unify the groups and have negotiations in geneva on tuesday argentina has reported a new clue in the search for a missing submarine with forty four crew on board the navy says the noise was detected near the subs last known location hours after it went missing a week ago it's feared that the crew could now be running out of oxygen. a former
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team doctor connected to the u.s. olympic gymnastics team faces forty years in prison the sexually abusing at least one hundred twenty five age girls the judge told larry nasser the used his position of trust in the most vile way to abuse children it's the latest in a series of sex scandals in u.s. sports entertainment journalism and politics rob reynolds reports. for years larry nasser was responsible for the care of most of the top gymnast in the united states in a michigan courtroom he pleaded guilty to charges of criminal sexual misconduct and admitted to using his position as team doctor to sexually abuse underage girls you molested seven girls ranging in age from under thirteen to fifteen in all one hundred and twenty five women and girls reported that nassar assaulted. i was sixteen assaulted by larry certainly after my thirtieth birthday and it was
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a dark secret until i put the pieces together last september nassar worked at michigan state university and served as the usa a live picture mastic team doctor doing for olympic games high profile gymnast's including gold medal winners ali reisman and gabby douglas say nasser molested them under the guise of providing medical treatments he was reaching under their leotards or under their clothes with ungloved hands without consent without prior knowledge without another adult in the room and in many cases digitally penetrating them so i think he's a monster and i think it is so disturbing to me what he did to me and so many other people this is so much bigger than just me i mean it's such a and such a horrific thing to happen nasser apologized in court and i'm so horribly sorry also offering apologies was the usa gymnastics organization which failed to protect
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girls from nasser's. predatory sexual activity the organization has compiled reports on sexual misconduct complaints against fifty four coaches but has declined to release them gym lists and their attorneys say the institution's silence enabled their abuser. own policy of on reporting sexual abuse created an atmosphere where predators marion arthur i'm hungry to. continue to prey on little girls if you want to stop this come clean fix what happened get rid of those who did it and move forward and instead what you're getting is stonewalling nasser faces additional charges including possession of child pornography he faces a possible minimum of forty years in prison a judge will decide his sentence in january robert oulds al jazeera.
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could tell you this adrian forget here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera police in papua new guinea have entered a decommissioned prison camp on minus island trying to evict refugees who are fusing to leave around fifty of them have now left in buses pass around three hundred thirty others say that they're too afraid to go outside the formalised ready and run facility fearing attacks by local people the prison camp was closed last month to papua new guinea ruled that it was unconstitutional zimbabwe's next president was reportedly in constant contact with military leaders in the days after he was fired by robert mugabe former vice president emerson my god was returned home to cheers and celebrations as he promised to create more jobs zimbabwe's economy has collapsed many see him as a beacon of hope he seemed to be sworn in on friday and are simmons has more now from harare. there is definitely a mood of extreme hope here but hope like everything else in this country has been
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in such short supply for so long that it's really lit a blaze of new thinking here however the reality no one is naive enough to think that this could happen overnight and no one is naive enough to think that it won't happen without political change the saudi led coalition has announced that it will reopen yemen's main international airport within a few hours the vital seaport of her data will also be letting in humanitarian aid the move follows pressure from the u.s. and u.n. ports will close two weeks ago after who the rebels fired a missile at the saudi capital riyadh the u.s. has suspended travel by officials to parts of me and miles will kind state it's concerned that they could be protests the secretary of state accuse me in my ethnic cleansing of the more than six hundred thousand range of muslims have escaped across the border into bangladesh since a military crackdown began in august the united nations says that syrians are besieged suburb of the capital damascus or so hungry for their scavenging from
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litter bins government forces and their allies of cut off the rebel held district of eastern for five years the world food program says the situation could worsen for around one hundred seventy five thousand people when food stocks run out in the coming weeks those are the headlines i'll be back with more news for you here on al-jazeera but after today's edition of the stream next. but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. ok and your history today is the trumpet ministration trying to turn protesting into a crime some civil rights activist thinks so and they are fighting to stop it.


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