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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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thank. the achieve something that never happened before. one day fidel castro arrived to the country club and they decided to play god. and suddenly if you didn't cast just said she give i magine shade if we could put on the bird's offs cuban's of our in this magnificent not a chronicle of the revolution and its aspirations through the prism of its architecture cuba's unfinished space at this time on al-jazeera the be . a potential breakthrough in the right hinge a refugee crisis greece to take back thousands who fled to bangladesh. hello
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i'm adrian finighan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a. symbolic ways new leader promises change and new jobs and head of his swearing in on friday. some asylum seekers who refused to leave the former stray and run prison camp on madison island forced out. at a crucial test high school seniors in south korea take their career defining college entrance exams.
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bangladesh say that they've signed a deal for the repatriation of the hinge of refugees it's hoped that they will allow the refugees to return home once the paperwork is completed by bangladesh hundreds of thousands of escaped across the border from me and to escape an army crackdown let's go live now to gang scott hyde scott we've been expecting some sort of deal to be signed for some time now explain the significance of this why it's important to both me and and bangladesh. later on we know for sure that the last stages of this memo of understanding that was signed today thursday here in myanmar had reached the final stages the advance stages of negotiations over the last two days that's because bangladeshis a foreign minister was here in country and we know that he met with unsung suchi myanmar's leader this morning on thursday and then after that soon after that this memo of understanding was signed why it's important to each country myanmar has been facing increasing international pressure over the situation with the or hinge
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of refugees and that outflow massive outflow from a kind state following a military crackdown here some three months ago they have been facing international pressure from human rights groups of various reports saying that this was ethnic cleansing the united states secretary of state rex tillerson just on wednesday evening called it ethnic cleansing for the first time to drop the administration has used that phrase so they have been facing some serious international pressure so they need to show some progress of resolving the situation or at least down the path of resolving the situation for bangladesh they have six hundred twenty thousand refugees in their blood just across their border so they obviously are concerned about the health of those refugees and also how permanent they might become those refugee camps if the situation were to go on so that's why it's important to both of these nations that they're able to reach some kind of understanding which we now hear that they they have so that the process can start of repatriating some of these hundreds of thousands of people adrian this just
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a day after u.s. secretary of states rex tillerson called the crackdown in rakhine ethnic cleansing what more pressure is the u.s. applying here. yes definitely that and again you know he was here just last week rex tillerson for the first time in myanmar had meetings with on song suchi and really kind of had some pretty direct conversations with them with with unsung suchi and the leader of the military here and pretty harsh words saying that there needed to be an independent report investigation as to what's happened in rakhine state but what's also interesting we're hearing just today because of this statement last night from administration first time saying this is a cleansing that the u.s. embassy here in myanmar is restricting u.s. embassy staff travel to parts of rakhine state for the next couple of weeks bracing for potential protests based on what now the u.s. administration's stance is and that is they say this was ethnic cleansing of the
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last several months. all right scott many thanks indeed scott hyde life there in yangon now to zimbabwe not much is known of robert mugabe his movements over the last few days we can show you what's said to be the first picture of the form of the zimbabwean president since his resignation earlier this week we know it was taken some time after he stepped down his wife grace who's been the focus of much of the backlash against mugabe is also seen with him this as a zimbabwe's new leader promises change and new jobs ahead of his swearing in on friday let's take you live now to harare zimmer's anderson and is there. so anderson but on god has promised a new era of democracy andrew to zimbabwe do people there really expect change to
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come quickly. there are very big expectations adrian as you say mean a guy who has actually promised a lot and it's time now for him to start delivering the mood was ecstatic in that whole celebration event effectively it was like a photo call if you will the serious business of dealing with zanu p.f. hierarchy in terms of what the priorities are for the party as opposed to the actual government and the parliament was the keynote point of the meeting on wednesday night and now the nitty gritty of preparation for the signing in on the oath that into. the presidency on friday which will now happen at the stadium a sports stadium was in parliament this will be a mass event expected to be very big indeed but as far as those expectations it's
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managing those expectations which is the real key task for. he is in a position whereby he has the same sort of political history as mugabe in terms of the liberation movement going back four decades he has got blood on his hands and in fact was part of many policies that have hurt deeply tragically a lot of people however as a politician he stands tall and quite successful in his contacts within the business community the china with the west and also with the i.m.f. so there is this hope that there will be at the very least a renaissance if you will easier trading with zimbabwe being open for business investors already listening to every word of media coverage working out their stance a china has indicated that it's quite happy to see the back of the gobby not in those words obviously but diplomatically signaled that this is ok. with china and
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china has been a key part in holding some sort of lifeline here what do we make of this picture and are you referred to it when it first began to circulate on social media an hour ago here it is now we're looking at it it was taken some time after robert mugabe's resignation pictured sitting on a sofa with with his wife grace what's being made of it there in harare. well first up we're not absolutely sure when this was taken but just that it was certainly within the past forty eight hours and you see there rather glum faced. well you could say glum faced gobby and his wife grace beside him looking definitely very down in the mouth now behind them i'll give you a line up that we can see on the left screen. and in the television quite an important one and then beside him in the middle of the reserve bank governor gideon
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gono to his side you will see a catholic priest who was a key mediator between the military and the garb in now this is as i say it's not fully verified but this is certainly being seen as some confirmation that the couple are still within zimbabwe that has been all of the reports to that effect there's no plan for mcgarvie and his wife grace who is seen as the key figure for all of this actually happening because of her involvement in politics and her involvement not just in political dealing but also in business dealing legal business dealing in grasping land taking land without any form of permission without any legislation using man to do men to do that there are lots of negative stories circulating about her which wouldn't necessarily surprise you
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right now but certainly it's becoming clearer and clearer that she was a liability politically to her husband really when he has to do any form of inquest on this end of his four decades of power nearly four decades of power then his partner for decades his junior is really a key instigator in all of it so what is happening now is really it has to be said. form of speculation that this couple have got a deal no one knows what that deal is but a lot of people are speculating that is it is assurance that they will not be any way put towards the courts for any transgressions and bending of the law breaking the law or any of the issues that have taken passed over the recent years so that is the speculation but the reality is right now that they are in zimbabwe under god
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they can move around in their own free will but intend to stay is what we're hearing all right andrew many thanks indeed anderson is there live in iraq. police in papua new guinea have entered a decommissioned prison camp on menace island trying to evict refugees who are refusing to leave around fifty of them left in buses around three hundred thirty others say they're too afraid to go outside the former story and run facility fearing attacks by local people the prison camp was closed last month after papua new guinea ruled that it was unconstitutional since then the refugees have been living in increasingly filthy conditions without clean water or supply a speck was shiny a refugee on the island gave us details of the police raid. immigration markets are now. so many pressure for the. present come. attack. this moment.
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for all. the great. folly. throwing everything. it's throwing. shells. people treat people then you must present. refusing to leave prison camp because they are. not going to leave this prison compound go to another prison camp attorney as prime minister insists the refugees should go to the alternative accommodation that's been provided for them on the island they are staying there is obviously designed they think this is somewhere they can pressure the australian government to let them come to australia well we will not be pressured i want to be
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very clear about this our border security the integrity of our borders is maintained by my government it is maintained by my government and we will not outsource our migration policy to people smugglers the people on mannus should go to the places alternative places of safety with all the facilities i need they should do so peacefully and they should do so cordons with the lawful directions of papua new guinea which is the country in which the center is located let's hear from al jazeera central thomas on man asylum. three bus loads of refugees have passed us on the only road to the prison which is over the water there behind me now we know that the place went in morning on state papa new guinea in time about four or five hours ago now the accounts we hear of what happened very refugee say
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that they use force or violence against them in the place so they didn't they only destroyed property and they were just trying to incentivize if you like the refugees to leave but in the course of that we heard that fifty or sixty men were taken by the place i think that those that we just saw passing along the road right here just in the last three or four minutes were those men the first bus contains refugees and one of them leaned out of the window and said help help us the second one had a man who went out and said some insulting things about australia but this is all a very live situation patrick mcgorry is a professor of youth mental health of the university of melbourne he says that the main situation is taking its toll on their mental health. these men are chronically suicidal late they are extremely demoralized after four years of incarceration with no real hope about their future and even other engineer refugees there's really no clear immediate plan for resettlement for them so in those situations then with the withdrawal of venger presence medical care and supervision there's
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a very significant risk of suicides occurring and that's one of the concerns that we have now a strain medical association the president of the association dr michael gannon has made a bid to. urge the minister peter dutton to allow the air strike a medical association just send a expert medical team over to assess the health needs including mental health needs of these men and weather update next year on al-jazeera then under pressure the saudi led military alliance says that it will lift its blockade of yemen to allow aid. plus faces another controversy this time about the way it dealt with a massive security breach.
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how we got the usual big and rather lively showers across southeast asia lots of clouds showing up here a little cluster of storms rolling through the south china seas pushing towards thailand in the south of the country one hundred millimeters of rain coming down in twenty four hours fairly heavy showers as one would expect just around mottram ally peninsula further south into way into the shore as we go on through the next few days so he's back to see some very heavy rain down towards java as we go on through us today had a little bit of wet weather recently into the eastern side of a strike because of me keeping an eye on the cricket we had a few showers here just after lunch in. brisbane wessel weather making its way through the but ready for the southeastern coast of the story has been the hate some very high temperatures right called breaking november heat from melbourne getting up to thirty three celsius through the course of a wedding day going out into friday we're looking at highs around thirty two degrees and that heat also extending its way down across
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a good part of tasmania similar values as we go on through saturday one of two spots of rain should be fine for the cricket twenty seven celsius there at this stage and not too bad that two into fine and dry well as you want to try to across new zealand with high pressure in china out. i am taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on america without regulation. tax policy on health. and the environment going to summarize. all of. that. protection is going to take. the line down the cost of the. toxic war and this time on al jazeera.
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i get the top stories this hour on al-jazeera me about bangladesh say that they've signed a deal for the repair tradition of or hinder refugees hope that it will allow them to return home one step paperwork is completed by bangladesh hundreds of thousands of are injured of fled an army crackdown in me and. images of robert mugabe have emerged the believed to be the first since the fall was about when president resigned on tuesday the scene with his wife grace has been the focus of much of the backlash against. a place in papua new guinea have entered a decommissioned prison camp on my this island trying to evict refugees who are refusing to leave around fifty of them left in buses bus around three hundred
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thirty others say that they're too afraid to go outside the formal straight months of the very attacks by local people. the saudi led coalition says that it will reopen yemen's main international airport in a few hours to allow in humanitarian aid the seaport of her data is also reopening the partial lifting of the blockade follows pressure from the u.s. and un ports will close. two weeks ago after who the rebels fired a missile at the saudi capital riyadh aid agencies are pleading for the saudi led coalition to completely lift its blockade twenty million yemenis are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. we're monitoring these developments and we're trying to see whether that actually takes place on the ground of course if that were to happen that would be a very welcome and critically important development we have made clear the tremendous amount of needs on the ground we're ready to help if the ports are open
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so we'll keep tracking this and and see where we go from there in addition to the war in yemen as well as the threat of famine and the world's worst cholera outbreak doctors are concerned about another potentially fatal diseases but it's with reports. to be a newborn in yemen means facing one of the toughest chances of survival in the world this is one of the only hospital still open in sana'a the capital of these babies make it out of fear then will have to battle cholera malnutrition and now diptheria. most of the hospitals in the capital of closed others are on the verge of closing perseverant because of the austerity measures were implementing. in the central city of if an outbreak of diphtheria is threatening children and the elderly is slowly recovering from a disease for which there's been an effective vaccine for one hundred years my throat was swollen my ears were painful the hospital has treated me but they don't have enough medicine sometimes my nose bleeds like yesterday when i was at school i
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couldn't bear it hospitals and clinics which have been destroyed by war are already overloaded trying to manage a cholera epidemic and a million infected yemeni's the two week blockade of c n airports by the coalition of countries led by saudi arabia is stopping essential medical supplies including vaccines from getting through. hundreds are dying because of the lack of medicine and other medical supplies we try to offer everything we can but there's only so much we can do within our limitations. the world health organization says diptheria is spreading quickly one hundred twenty cases and fourteen deaths have been confirmed so far most of the casualties the children burnitz made al-jazeera. the united nations says that syrians in a besieged suburb of the capital damascus is so hungry that they're scavenging from litter bins government forces and allies of cut off the rebel held district of eastern five years days of relentless airstrikes and bombarded the opposition
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stronghold the world food program says the situation could worsen for around one hundred seventy five thousand people when food stocks run out soon the syrian opposition groups meeting in the saudi capital have renewed their demand for the removal of president bashar al assad in a draft resolution the communique states a governing body could include members of the government saudi arabia is a back of the syrian opposition it says the aim of the conference was to unify the groups ahead of negotiations with you to get a one in the way on tuesday in geneva. for countries blockading katsav added two institutions and eleven people to what they call that list of terror saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt claim that the cattle based world unit of muslim scholars and international islamic council promote terrorism through islamic discourse but often no evidence the world union of muslim scholars is headed by use of. and has sunni and shia members in september it condemned saudi arabia for the risk the reports of
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the arrest of more than twenty muslim scholars that both groups have a large following across the world the individuals added to the list include members of the outlawed egyptian muslim brotherhood cathouse prime minister has reiterated that dialogue is the only way to find a solution to the gulf crisis it interview with cat how t.v. shakeup develop in he says that interference in doha is internal affairs is a red line. so the middle east region including the gulf faces serious challenges right now many issues remain unresolved issues and there's no doubt that the g.c.c. has played an important role in alleviating or finding solutions to some of the issues in the region its absence at this time is having a negative impact as part of our national responsibility to our people it is imperative for all of us to work to maintain the existence of the g.c.c. and to resort to dialogue to resolve any problems without infringing on the
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sovereignty of states the president of france says that the u.n. security council should consider sanctions against libya if it doesn't crack down on people trafficking and money condemns the auctioning of refugees is a crime against humanity he was meeting guinea's president of condé who's also chair of the african union commission the u.n. is calling for an investigation after an outcry over a video that said to show african refugees being sold as slaves in libya the pressures on around six hundred thousand students in south korea as they write college as they sit rather college entrance exams the fiercely competitive national exam was postponed last week due to an earthquake and students will be tested in mathematics and sciences korean english and korea and all the english as a second foreign language go live now to seoul as kathy novak used kathy we know how important this test can be just how much stress
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a south korean students under right now. huge amount of stress at the school i'm standing outside now they've just a raft of this all important one day long exam that for many will really determine not only where they go to university but their future career prospects even their marriage prospects and ultimately their status in society this is a confucian society that puts a lot of emphasis on education it's known as having education fever so these students have been through high school they sit in their classes all day and then most of them will go on to cram schools after and study further until around ten p.m. or later and then there's still homework and much of that is to prepare for this all important exam because it is so important in this is cited to go to university and preferably a good one it's a lot of pressure on the parents as well so what you see here while we're here this morning we saw younger students cheering on their classmates as they arrived to
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take this exam we saw the parents dropping kids off and a lot of them went on to buddhist temples and catholic churches to pray for success for these students because it really does make up the beginning of a very important part of their life. what steps have been taken to to address this problem because it is a problem isn't it that it was so many kids reporting that they're unhappy in south korea what's being done to tackle it. i think the government does acknowledge that it is a problem because as you say south korean students are among the world's most successful but they're also reported to be among the world's most unhappy a recent survey comparing countries in the developed nations among the o.e.c.d. group o.e.c.d. group rather found that south korean students were twentieth out of twenty two countries that was a slight improvement on last year where they were ranked dead last i should say but
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it still is a lot of pressure on the kids when they take this college entrance exam you see that when you see that planes aren't allowed to take off or land during the listening portion late comers are allowed to have a police escort and those classmates i say as i said show up to cheer them on and the government really does recognise the kind of stress that these students are under so one of the things that it is trying to do is encourage encourage students rather to look at other ways to get into university that means that it's not all or nothing when it comes to this test so about seventy percent of students now are opting for a new system that was introduced in recent years that allows universities to look more at the whole picture their grades during high school extra curricular activities essays and interviews and some students actually were able to sit out the exam today because they had already been accepted into university so that's one
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measure that the government is taking to try to reduce that competition and reduce the stress that students are facing many thanks steve cathy that live in so the ride sharing company is on the investigation in the u.s. so it's a revealing that it suffered a massive data breach that kept the details quiet for more than a year hackers say they found the data of fifty seven million uses on an amazon cloud used by the company they claim that they were paid one hundred thousand dollars runs to keep the breach quiet island fisher reports. it's not just the. that's causing problems for river it's the cover up the loss of personal data of fifty seven million customers and drivers worldwide is bad enough that the company took extreme measures to cover it up for more than a year and that will cause huge problems the company's new chief executive officer of course will show he who only took over in september has said in the statement none of this should have happened and i will not make excuses for it we are changing the way we do business it was october twenty sixth in that hackers pooled
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names e-mail addresses and phone numbers of fifty million users worldwide the personal information of seven million drivers was taken as well but the company insists no credit card information social security numbers or triple kishan details were stolen the company had a legal obligation to report the hack to regulators and tell drivers their license numbers were taken but it didn't do that instead it paid a one hundred thousand dollar ransom to keep the heart quiet no doubt that recent news is great i mean issue for people who oppose it it's also probably quite good news for this competitor so companies like left and other right sharing companies it's not clear that it will to survive if it continues down this this line of corporate culture and mismanagement they have many incentives to make sure that these issues don't happen again bruce regulators are looking into the breach and the attorney general of new york has launched his own investigation it's not the first time or has run into problems in march this year the founder was recorded
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arguing with one of his own drivers he later apologized. more than twenty people were fired after an investigation into sexual harassment at the company in london the first steps have been taken to ban the company right because of what was described as reckless behavior and on tuesday the company was fined almost one million dollars in colorado after investigators found it was employing fifty seven drivers who either had filled or should have filled criminal background checks there were violent offenders in there and there were also people whose license had been revoked because of dui and. we're letting those people drive anyway and they knew it but there is a worldwide company valued at around sixty nine billion dollars it's no facing massive new fines and a series of civil suits from those hit by this latest breach. good to have you with us adrian from going to here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera
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mema and bangladesh say they've signed a deal for the repatriation of the hinge of refugees it's hoped that it will allow the refugees to return home once that paperwork is completed by bangladesh hundreds of thousands of ranger have fled and crackdown in me and scott hyla reports from yangon myanmar has been facing increasing international pressure over the situation with there were hinged refugees and that outflow massive outflow from a kind state following a military crackdown here some three months ago they have been facing international pressure from human rights groups various reports saying that this was ethnic cleansing the united states secretary of state rex tillerson just on wednesday evening called it ethnic cleansing for the first time to drop administration has used that phrase so they have been facing some serious international pressure so they need to show some progress resolving the situation an image of robert mugabe has emerged believed to be the first since the form a zimbabwean president resigned on tuesday he's seen in the picture with his wife
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grace who's been the focus of much of the backlash against becoming the saudi led coalition has announced that it will reopen yemen's main international airports the vital seaport of data will also be letting in humanitarian aid the move follows pressure from the u.s. and the u.n. ports were close to weeks ago after hooty rebels have fired a missile at the saudi capital riyadh. the united nations says that syrians in a besieged suburb of the capital damascus a so hungry that they scavenging from litter bins government forces and their allies of cut off the rebel held district of eastern the last five years the world food program says the situation could worsen for around one hundred seventy five thousand people when food stocks run out in coming weeks argentina has reported a new clue in the search for the missing submarine with forty four crew on board the navy says that a noise was detected near to the subs last known location just hours after it went
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missing a week ago ships and aircraft hunting for the out of san juan are now returning to the initial search areas feel that the crew could now be running out of oxygen there's a headline news out for you in twenty five minutes here on al-jazeera right after fault lines next ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time. now to breaking news on the russia investigation since president trump took office the trump show. right now it was a profanity laced tirade he is now out of for all the drama and the does.


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