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other than the morning in the sense i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue that could be what leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is award winning programs to take you on a journey around the globe. expert analysis. it's all about who's in charge who controls the resources and documentaries that will in your eyes it's a technology story it's a business story it's a social story and it's a political story all wrapped into one it's unpredictable television that truly inspired us only on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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i don't welcome my name is peter w. you're watching the news live from doha sixty minutes of news and comment today. agrees to take back thousands of right angle refugees who fled to bangladesh. mugabe's exit deal zimbabwe's former president was granted immunity from prosecution before he stepped up. but. also this forced out the asylum seekers who had refused to leave the former australian run prison camp on man asylum. and i'm found out how much with all the sporting coding from the usa gymnastics doctor. guilty to multiple touches of sexual assault and then pick champions are among his victims.
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ok let's get going and bangladesh say they've signed a deal for the repatriation of the rohingya refugees it's hoped it will allow the refugees to return home once their paperwork is finished inside bangladesh at least six hundred thousand growing or muslims have escaped across the border into bangladesh since a military crackdown began in august another deal comes a day after the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson called the military action ethnic cleansing the u.s. has since suspended official travel to parts of rakhine state in case there were protests over those remarks we'll get more on that for you as soon as we can. the police in papua new guinea have entered a decommissioned prison camp on ma'am a silent trying to evict refugees who are refusing to leave about fifty of them left in buses but around three hundred thirty others say they're too afraid to go outside the former australian run facility fearing attacks by local people now the
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camp was closed last month after papua new guinea ruled it was unconstitutional since then the refugees have been living in increasingly filthy conditions without clean water or supplies but charney is a refugee on the island he gave us details of that police raid. in the immigration markets. so many question for the. present come and it is an attack. on life not for a few do. you want to. see . the gratian of. the folly they are destroying everything all of you lining their bank. they are throwing. you know our shell. talking with people and treating people then you must
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move nice prison come on the rip you need is refusing to leave the prison camp because they are so young that we are not going to need this prison compound go to another prison. let's get more on that story for you let's see the comments from the australian prime minister mr turnbull. staying there is obviously designed they think this is somewhere they can pressure the australian government to let them come to australia well we will not be pressured i want to be very clear about this our border security the integrity of our borders is maintained by my government it is maintained by my government and we will not outsource our migration policy to people smugglers the people on menace should go to the places alternative places of safety with all of the facilities they need they should do so
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peacefully and they should do so you know accordance with the lawful directions of poppy new guinea weeks is the country in which the center is like a good. well patrick mcgorry is a professor of us mental health of the university of melbourne he says them and aren't getting access to the psychological treatment they need. these men are chronically suicidal they are extremely demoralized after four years of incarceration with no real hope about their future and even though they join your refrigerator there's really no clear immediate plan for resettlement for them so in those situations then with the withdrawal of venture presence medical care and supervision there's a very significant risk of suicides occurring and that's one of the concerns that we have now a strain medical association the president of that association dr michael gannon has made a bid to. urge the minister peter dutton to allow the strong
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medical association to send a expert medical team over to assess the health needs including mental health needs of these men ok let's get more on our top story for you the deal to repatriate range of refugees back to me in ma from bangladesh joining us live here on the news hour benjamin's a walk he is an independent southeast asia analyst and a fellow with harvard law school's human rights program benjamin good to talk to you again the reality is surely is this it was the army that chase these people away because everyone's calling it ethnic cleansing and it's the army who will have to supervise all greenlight their return how does that work. well it doesn't work unless two things happen first and foremost u.n.h.c.r. has to be involved on the myanmar side of the border to assist to assess whether or not the conditions for the return of the ranges are such that they can return in both safety and dignity and on the bangladesh side of the border refugees are
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entitled to be given adequate and accurate information so that they can make an informed decision as to want as to whether or not they wish to return any return any repatriation has to be fully voluntary and entirely safe of the two different forms of pressure here that this deal is an on so to the pressure on the son suchi therefore the pressure on the me and mom military and also a different kind of pressure but it is pressure nonetheless on bangladesh and the bangladeshi authorities when it comes to sustaining looking after these people. yes on the bangladeshi side that pressure is quite understandable bangladesh is a very impoverished country it doesn't have the capacity nor would most countries to basically accept over six hundred thousand refugees overnight into a part of the country that is almost entirely agrarian and in which most native bangladeshis have a hard time surviving themselves as for the pressure on aung sang suu kyi and on
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the generals in myanmar it is been inadequate it came primarily very late and you can't simply make a decision like this or make a policy like like this by decree again there has to be participation of the u.n. refugee agency and there has to be consultation and consent of the refugees involved how much of this entire crisis in your mind has been driven by something that the military a well aware of and it's not ruled that they adopted back and i think it was eighty one eighty two to do with citizenship and residency rights it's almost like his part of the military d.n.a. and in a way they can't quite stop themselves. no they can't ethnic cleansing isn't something confined to the past two or three months the ethnic cleansing campaigns against rangers have been going on for years if not decades and i would expect despite the fact that the m.r. thirty's are saying that they'll accept any of us any of several forms of identification as proof that these people fled me on mar one has to keep in mind
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that a lot of people won't have those forms of identification with them not having had them on their person when they had to flee the attacks against them and those forms of identification have not been considered valid for citizenship in the country myanmar will use every every avenue at its disposal as at its disposal to basically make the case that these people that they've been referring to as bengalis now for years are in fact from bangladesh because that use of the word bengali is kind of loaded because it's good is good judgment folded into it one last very brief point if you are a bangladeshi work. in cox's bazaar and you are the person who's told you were involved in the writing going back to me and mom told them they are safe why should the right believe that. they shouldn't they should they should be able to assess some of this information first hand u.n.h.c.r. often facilitate something called go and see visits whereby certain select numbers
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of refugees cross back into their country of origin and are able to see for themselves whether their land their houses their cattle. are intact and waiting for them if such is not the case they have the right to refuse to go back benjamin's work either in bangkok thank you very much. to zimbabwe where the former president robert mugabe has been granted immunity from prosecution under a deal brokered as part of his resignation security and political sources telling al-jazeera the agreement guarantees his safety in zimbabwe and means he won't go into exile sources say mugabe expressed that he wants to die in his home country mugabe hasn't been seen or heard from since he quit but there is a photograph of him with his wife grace there it is taken some time we think after he took the decision to step down under simmons joins us live now from harare andrew what else do we know about this agreement that they've reached.
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not a great deal not a lot is known and certainly nothing official says of suggesting that there is a deal in place it was part of the negotiations for him standing down he thought that he had immunity and he could go all the way but that was not the case apparently and now this all coincides with that photograph you've just shown circulating on social media a grouping that includes not just grace mugabi his wife sitting on the sofa beside him but also some other figures behind them one of them a negotiator who was talking both to the mirror and to the other faction involved also a major finance and also an intelligence member. high placed it television office so now what is happening now is that we're hearing
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a lot of talking is going on in the senate p.f. party about structural change what that will mean with the economy a big priority we've seen already emerson got to. explain to very large crowds on his arrival in zimbabwe that he speak out in the economy and jobs is a top priority the exact mechanism for delivering in a short space of time is open to some question but then the man hasn't had a chance yet he's just got back he's going to be sworn in as the new president of zimbabwe an immensely historic moment in a major stadium here in harare on friday and the questions abound about how he will try to deliver a better future for zimbabweans he has to manage expectations the i.m.f. is warning that the situation here is critical only recently it warns that not only that there is a massive problem with jobless figures some estimates putting it in around ninety
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percent. there is not necessarily a not even see here amongst people about the hopes for this man actually delivering there is a recognition that there is a problem he is through and through he has followed a similar career course. with all the violence that it entails and obviously. in particular in the eighty's but there is a feeling that there should be some real politic now that he is a very good business figure he knows business well he's dealt with china on numerous occasions he's dealt with the i.m.f. so there is hope that he can deliver the other question is elections how free and fair will they be there is up to september twenty eight hundred for those elections to take place for condé the leader of the african union and president of guinea and says give them a chance a new p.f. is a freedom party give them a chance there are problems but give them
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a chance so the a.u. is behind him the i.m.f. will obviously want to speak to him very very soon indeed and international leaders are already getting in touch i understand about obviously not only investment opportunities but also a new future there is going to be a lot of surprises i think in the roll out of hearing here in harare on friday interesting you talk there about the i.m.f. and remain there are countries in the region that the i.m.f. has basically said look we're going to pull our financing here because we know what you're actually doing with the money so mr mugabe's replacement has got to show that he's better than being just the understudy between one free and fair elections he's got to be seen you've already touched on this but he's got to be seen to be doing it and doing it quickly. has to do that you've hit the nail right on the head i've spoken to a number of economists today who say this has to be a high priority can't just be more of the same he has dealt with china as i said
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earlier he has dealt with a number of of top figures internationally but what has to happen is the gates of got to open has to be as the cliche goes zimbabwe open for business in real form without restrictive measures without a host of other legislation which makes it difficult to do business furthermore there needs to be quick programs to get people back into work. are immensely restrained when you consider the mood here is you know we don't have any police on the streets right now would you believe that's not being mentioned by a lot of people the reason for that is that they won't be reengaged until probably . is actually in place so we're going to see there the because the police are the police chiefs directly connected to the rival faction. party which we're not party but grouping which grace mugabe at the head of it those police officers further down the chain traffic officers people rankings definitely on side but
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with the new movement but there are no police the military are around a fairly low profile in most places but no traffic officers patrolling the streets nobody actually on the ground. good atmosphere if you go in harare it has to be said people are optimistic people are very very very interested to hear what this man is going to promise them and there has to be a pretty impressive delivered delivery not just of words but of actions thanks very much. well one of his most controversial policies was the land reform program it made it legal for black zimbabweans to seize properties from white farmers without any compensation for farm a sort safety in neighboring countries such as zambia the policy was meant to consolidate mr guppy support but instead it decimated the agriculture industry is tanya page. doug stanley loves the smell of freshly turned the site of his harvest
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makes it all worth the hard work. farming is in his blood now he's working in zambia having been driven off as famine zimbabwe by supporters of president robert mugabe fourteen years ago i bought my from after independence you know and i got clearance from the government to say that they weren't interested in that land and then. you know to be told to move along you know it's quite a thing and you do you do all that development. it was my home four thousand white farmers were forced off the land damaging zimbabwe's agriculture industry its main export crop tobacco has almost recovered but the maize harvest which is also been hit by years of drought remains too large to feed the nation people are dying of starvation star food. you know we are really living in zambia squatter fees and books and probably farmers in zambia
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and really it's actually exporting fruit juice bar with zambia isn't the only country benefiting from the zimbabwean farmers expertise many are in south africa botswana and mozambique to another to some ministers around the horn but we drive stories about. five years ago and drive around to the farm and there was absolutely nothing happening and it wasn't only the white farmers who were affected their workers also suffered poor members living in fear of mugabe's supporters on the farm he flayed just before it was seized he's also still hurt by what happened a country is not about white black. us government. what they did it is ticking farms from wag the dog never wrong there are zimbabweans who disagree many say they've been affected from the government's reforms was. but they were devastating
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for those forced off the land they had invested time money and so much more in. now we don't belong in your group we're like a lost tribe they are making a positive contribution and other countries but it isn't the same because it isn't holland tahnee a page out jazeera zambia lots more news on the sport still to come here on the news for you will also bring you these stories. the excitement of exams but it's so intense for south korean students it can be a major life changing experience. i'm john hendren in fulton texas and town celebrating the thanksgiving holiday still devastated from hurricane army. and in sports news with santa it's argentina versus brazil in the final south america's biggest club football to.
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lebanon's prime minister saad hariri says the recent political crisis was a wake up call reminding his people to put their country first ahead of regional issues mr hariri put his resignation on hold when he returned to beirut on weapons day after the president asked for more dialogue in the southern and i'm supposed to step down in the saudi capital riyadh more than two weeks ago the move was seen as part of the regional rivalry between saudi arabia and iran really had a coalition government with the iranian backed hezbollah which has welcomed his return. from beirut. the political crisis has eased but the main problem between the two major political alliances the pro and pro has bill. camps has not gone away has arms and the groups to militarily intervene in conflicts beyond lebanon's borders have long divided the lebanese political differences that
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are unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. i believe an agreement can be reached to stick to the disassociation policy lebanon should stay away from all the conflicts of the arab region we need a new disappear because of politics i'm not. just like. i'm going to run the ball game somebody is playing with them all controlling them all many. of them is standing by him. three weeks ago lebanon found itself yet again on the brink prime minister resigned while he was in saudi arabia it was unexpected even his closest aides were shocked to stay in the kingdom was mysterious many in lebanon including the president accuse saudi arabia of forcing him to resign and holding him hostage and last week he left for paris after french mediation he came back to day he then decided to suspend his resignation saying he
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wants to give time for dialogue so what happened many here believe it was not an internal lebanese affair can he do when you can be a major power as you small post to avoid direct conflicts which is the case between iran and saudi they each supporting small groups in lebanon to fight the battle for example the saudis are using prime minister hariri to pressure iran and hezbollah. and you have eighteen six hereon groups and many of them are supported by foreign powers and none of them are sticking to dissociation policy here nor are they working for the interests of living on the. iraqi forces have launched an operation to clear remaining just out of the bordering syria troops from the iraqi army and the shia popular mobilization forces are taking part in the campaign against isis fighters. hiding in a big strip of border land the iraqi prime minister. says he'll announce the final defeat of the young group in iraq once the operation has ended. the four countries
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blockade in cas i have added two institutions and eleven people to what they call the lists of terror saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt claim the castle based world a union of muslim scholars and international islamic council promote terrorism through islamic discourse but often no evidence the world union of muslim scholars is headed by yousif. and has sunni and shia members in september it condemns saudi arabia for the reported arrest of more than twenty muslim scholars there both groups have a large following across the world the individuals added to the list include members of the outlawed egyptian muslim brotherhood casaus foreign minister has given a keynote speech to counter terrorism conference in london shaikh mohammed bin abdul rahman al fanny's has cattle remains resolutely committed to eradicating terrorism of all kinds but that it wants constantly. to seek a new collective approaches to the global threat on terrorism in
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a changing world. since two thousand and four that it took aggressive steps to cut off the finest of terrorists by developing the proper legislation at the proper religious rooted framework and improve our financial monitoring system that has learned that the key eradicating terrorism and its ideology must be through a holistic approach by coming by combining tough security measures with more lasting safeguards we can all succeed. let's get more from jamal sheil who's at that conference in london for us here on the news jamal good afternoon. yes it is a significant conference in the sense that is this first of its kind to take place in the united kingdom which has been at the forefront of the fight against
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terrorism as it's known commonly particular when you're talking about i so isis imperiously obviously the significance that qatar is actually now taking the lead in this discourse together with its partners like the united kingdom has to be seen in the frame of or in the prism of the g.c.c. crisis obviously a crisis that started roughly about six months ago with the blockading nations accusing to have actually supporting terrorism now one of the participants in those is mr. who is the new european union scored a meter on combating terrorism and i want to start by asking you for us the significance of a conference like this when we're talking about. constantly new groups coming up we're talking about i saw which has been essentially running riot throughout the middle east and even european countries coming under attack from the group what is this conference going to do in that attempt to try and bring an end to what many see as the biggest threat to world security these days for it's really important
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initiative because we need to look forward and try to identify with what i call the black swan something that is an expected but medieval very quickly remember ten years after nine eleven in twenty. nine hundred eleven. we are told that there was nearly destroyed some of bin laden had been killed and the americans who were deciding to israel from from iraq two years later. was created and three years later the calaf it was proclaimed by baghdad so we need to work more and try to identify the looming threat well right now as i mentioned obviously you have qatar as a major partner in this conference what does the instability in the g.c. . in the gulf mean for efforts by the international community to try and combat. terrorism because the g.c.c. and they are broad that's been recently plagued by conflicts was seen as
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a safe haven of stability that is no longer the case so what does this mean in terms of the impact of the g.c.c. crisis on it and what are you doing to try and bring an end to this in order to essentially bring all sides on board with your agenda you're right we were to see a conflict then we would like to see an effective g.c.c. it's important for this ability of the region and important for all security as well and therefore we stand ready to to do anything possible to see the efforts of the go wait indeed. conflict the high representative macguineas said to go with your authority that we stand ready to bring all expertise and people and we are people we are working on it we don't want to take sides in this conflict but we would like it to be solved quickly but you you say you don't want to take sides but qatar is part of this conference we haven't seen the saudi arabians or the united arab emirates invest enough in terms of counterterrorism and in fact we know for
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example when you're talking about nine eleven as you mentioned from the nineteen hijackers the vast majority were actually saudi arabian or immorality so what what's your message to those countries. i don't agree i was sitting with the top leaders of saudi arabia last friday in brussels you know content so it's not a beauty contest we wander about on both sides to do more and engage more with us and that's what we try to achieve thank you very much for your time well it's not like i say oh even though this conference is centered on the countering terrorism aspect obviously not far from the agenda is what is going on in the g.c.c. and the to and fro in terms of accusations that are being thrown at each side of supporting terrorism we're not doing enough in terms of. countering terrorism there are those like the european union who are trying to steer clear of taking one side as we heard there and say that you know it's time that people focused on the threats that affect all of these nations but obviously there is that underpin in
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this which is that there are groups that are being supported by specific sides or there are genders that are being supported by specific governments and news conferences often are used as an attempt to try and shut lights on the good work that some countries are doing maybe the more destructive works that other countries are accused of doing also peter thank you. he was the most expensive tropical storm on wreck or wind and flooding causing the two hundred billion dollars worth of damage breaking the record set by hurricane katrina in two thousand and five nowhere was harvey's devastation felt more than in a run says county in texas where hundreds remain homeless for the thanksgiving holiday john hendren is spending the holiday in the texas of fulton. ok the only thing you me most over on this thanksgiving holiday the people of texas have fewer blessings to count. for manic depression.
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we're going to have a christmas eve is going to get a christmas. card. mayor jimmie kendrick lost his barn two cars in much of his electricity in hurricane harvey and he considers himself lucky . three months after the eye of the storm ravaged nearly every building here a survey returned by most of iran's as counties remaining twenty five hundred students brought stunning news we got quite a few there home with about ninety eight percent of those they're homeless in some way with corn in the texas law and school that means they could be without electricity or could be in the situation or living with somebody else two percent and we're still living in tents. many live in this tent city even as demolition crews are still tearing down their homes about twenty trailer homes from the federal emergency management agency have arrived here in arends this county but
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three hundred fifty families have asked for help finding housing the fulton fishing pier he used to be a gathering place for the town and it was practical the money generated from running fishing gear and selling snacks here paid for the police department but since the powerful winds of hurricane harvey tore through it at points it needs to be rebuilt from scratch many hotels restaurants and stores are either financially wiped out or wiped off the map what did you lose in hurricane harvey our little american dream so we lost our hardware brand new business it was all right here yeah it was just right here front door i was right there ok so he's putting the deck up today donna townsend own three businesses here one was destroyed one was badly damaged the third was rescued by fulton residents to your neighbor's house yeah they were as an friends and customers you know everybody needs
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a place to least say hello again how are you so the sugar shack became the town hall pretty much pretty much as texans along the gulf of mexico begin the long task of rebuilding their lives most of those we talked to say on this holiday they're thankful for what remains john hendren al-jazeera fulton texas. time for your weather here's what we got where you can see it was fine and dry in texas there peter but up towards the northwest we have got some flooding on the cards for thanksgiving and you say this area cloud here just pulsing its way in from the southwest on that conveyor belt it's one of those pineapple express effects going on there all the way from hawaii pushing right up across the pacific northwest brought some really heavy rain in across the region for the past few days actually and that wet weather does extend north of the border indeed is pushing up across a good part of b.c. as well as the british columbia also seeing some very nasty weather at present but you come further south and it's a very different story it's fine dry hot and sunny in l.a.
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gorgeous weather here temps got up to thirty four soldiers on wednesday afternoon should be about twenty three degrees at this time of year so you can see people asking in the warm sunshine we hang on to that heat for southern parts of california as we go on through the next couple of days thirty one cells just maybe twenty nine cells is there see a little further north though much colder across the pacific northwest rain and snow still piling in here at least as we go on through the day so that your thanksgiving out there down to the south fine and dry southeast we have got some cloud in the rain for a time i would gradually push away from florida as we go on through the course of friday saturday looks fine and settled and up towards the northwest you can see more rain coming in here peter. everson thank you so much still to come here on the news hour for your efforts to end the war in syria will analyze if too many players will actually complicate the possible solution. it was boys for this room
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he designed it for this room and that's such an important part of why this or that special. and after making music for nearly one hundred fifty years the oldest instrument of its kind in the states is struggling to stay in tune. and in the sport the longest winning streak in the n.b.a. this season has been able to win and santa has the details in about fifteen minutes . captaining a leading used team at sixteen years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game at this time
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on a jersey and under put it well on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel that or for even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. well again recapping your top stories here on the news our leaders meum on
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bangladesh have signed a deal to replant create rain the refugees at least six hundred thousand of them have escaped what amnesty international describes as a dehumanizing a party regime and the best says the process will get underway within two months. zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe has been granted immunity from prosecution under a deal brokered as part of his resignation security and political sources told al jazeera the agreement guarantees his safety and zimbabwe and means he won't go into exile. the un is urging australia to help deescalate tensions at the prison camp it used to run for refugees in papua new guinea now earlier local police enter the facility on manna silent trying to evict hundreds of refugees who are refusing to leave. yemen's main international airport has not reopened despite the saudi led coalition saying it would the military alliance had announced
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they would be allowing humanitarian aid into santa's airport and the seaport of data they'd been facing increasing pressure from the u.s. and the u.n. to lift the blockade ports were closed two weeks ago after hoofy rebels fired a missile at the saudi arabian capital riyadh the united nations and aid agencies say the measures could lead to mass starvation jamie mcgoldrick is the u.n. humanitarian coordinator in yemen he told me a little earlier requests have been made to offload the aid but there's been no movement so far. well i was going to see the innocent from the coalition to see that they were there and of course all humanity card was to come in and we also hear that sound was also because of the. quest and to bring sensible. diet and so if for grain or all of the with the same time for the sun here or for you in an international passengers. well we were told that the northern gate
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received a says twelve o'clock on the twenty third which is today so we can turn the obligations for the quest for the ships to come into the ports and also for flights to come in and to deliver medical material to some and also to bring in our stuff so we are expecting through the normal procedures to get on board overnight and we all flew those planes can resume to more and more for they'll be some of the ports as well as norfolk aisha's or the actual original started but there's been a lot going on because in the highest level from nations days in from the u.n. itself the thing that's where we are today and there was a letter from the second journal which said that they want to the poor soul but that the airport open and then the u.n. agreed to send an international team to the to discuss some of the concerns the so english and the nineteen will be despised as soon as we get the green light received a letter back we were getting there not just the humanitarian side of things of the sort of commercial issues that we need the fuel shortage in the countries the only
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severe we want to try measure the fuel is also a comedy to this part of this is by the cynical addition to the lower operations to continue. well as well as the war in yemen together with the threat of famine is the world's worst cholera outbreak we're talking about now doctors are concerned about another potentially fatal disease as well here's bernard smith. to be a new born in yemen means facing one of the toughest chances of survival in the world this is one of the only hospital still open in the capital at these babies make it out of fear that will have to battle cholera malnutrition and now diptheria . most of the hospitals in the capital of closed others are on the verge of closing perseverant because of the austerity measures we're implementing. in the central city of arab an outbreak of diphtheria is threatening children and the elderly is slowly recovering from a disease for which there's been an effective vaccine for one hundred years my
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throat was swollen my ears were painful the hospital has treated me but they don't have enough medicine sometimes my nose bleeds like yesterday when i was at school i couldn't bear it hospitals and clinics which have been destroyed by war are already overloaded trying to manage a cholera epidemic and a million infected yemenis the two week blockade of c. in airports by the coalition of countries led by saudi arabia is stopping essential medical supplies including vaccines from getting through. hundreds are dying because of the lack of medicine and other medical supplies we try to offer everything we can but there's only so much we can do within our limitations. the world health organization says diptheria is spreading quickly one hundred twenty cases and fourteen deaths have been confirmed so far most of the casualties the children burn it's made out a zero. the united nations says syrians in a busy suburb of the capital damascus are so hungry scavenging in litter bins and
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government forces and their allies have cut off the rebel held district of eastern ghouta for five years days of relentless airstrikes of bombarded the opposition stronghold now the world food program says the situation could worsen for around one hundred seventy five thousand people when food stocks run out soon the french president says the u.n. security council should consider sanctions against libya if it does not crack down on people trafficking in manual macro condemned the auctioning of refugees as a crime against humanity he was meeting the guinea president of a condé who is also chair of the african union commission the u.n. is calling for an investigation for an outcry over a video said to show african refugees being sold as slaves inside libya. demands by the u.s. government to free five businessmen imprisoned in venezuela being dismissed by the president nicolas maduro the executives with jule nationality were detained as part of a corruption investigation they work for citgo that's a u.s. subsidiary of venezuela's state owned oil giant. internally meaning flying only
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that event is wailin executives from citgo were in venezuela for a meeting and were detained under order of the attorney general based on a complaint that i made now the united states embassy says that five of the six detainees are american citizens and since they're american citizens the u.s. government has demanded that they be released these people were born in venezuela they are venezuelans they will be judged for corrupt the eaves and traitors that they are. argentina's reported a new clue in the search for a missing submarine that has forty four crew on board the navy says a noise was detected near the subs last known location hours after it went missing a week ago as for the crew could be running out of oxygen. the reports from buenos aires. more than a week after the air a sound one lost contact there is still no answers still no indication where it might be or what happened the only certainty is that if it is stranded at the
4:43 pm
bottom of the south atlantic it's supplies are running critically low. rescue operation involves four thousand people from nine countries with more than forty ships sixteen aircraft underwater rescue equipment and the latest technology but so far there are leads have been false ones. a life boat was found all the manufacturing data was collected analyzed and verified with the submarine command force to see if it was the same type san juan may have it was determined that it did not belong to the submarine the t l one seven hundred class diesel electric submarine was built in germany in one nine hundred eighty three with capacity for thirty seven crude with a forty four on board when it disappeared it can sail it speeds of twenty five knots that's forty five kilometers an hour and dive to two hundred fifty meters
4:44 pm
these things have turned out well before a few years back russian submarine some people aboard a russian submarine were rescued what was said to be three hours of oxygen left and so as long as there's any hope and as long as the estimates go all the way out to two fourteen days which is the longest estimate i've seen i think we have to assume that the crew is tall live and behave as if they can be rescued navy commanders say this sub has food and fuel for up to ninety days but diminishing oxygen supplies are a growing can. for the families of the cruise and the whole of argentina. there are still many questions to be honest about the age of the vessel whether it had a functioning back up communication system the quality of the maintenance but there for later for now with the energies or the hope is focused on finding the forty four crew members of the ira san juan alive and well. on the fly now does it when osiris. no school tests can be scary of course but few countries put students under
4:45 pm
the kind of pressure they experienced in south korea we're talking about the all important college entrance test which often sets the course of a young person's entire future this year was postponed because of our earthquake as kathy novak reports from seoul the government is aware of the stress the pupils feel in a country that does have a high suicide rate. the years of study and long nights of after school tuition have all come down to this. i prepared a lot but now the days here i feel uneasy and nervous. was. welcome to school by younger friends students in this new tory asli competitive country know the day long exam can determine not only what university they will attend but also their career and marriage prospects and ultimately their status in society the exam day has become a national event these students have sewn up early this year on their classmate
4:46 pm
late comers can have a police escort and police aren't allowed to take up more land during the english listening. when a rare earthquake damaged buildings in the southern regions of the country the exam was postponed across the nation by a week. but it is no longer a make or break event for everyone while her classmates were cramming in the hours before the test known as the sooner and was relaxing in a cafe with a friend she attends a specialized school and has already been accepted into university through a relatively new system which considers high school grades essays and extracurricular activities instead of the single exam i feel grateful because i know there are some people who who look towards those who know that their last chance to prove themselves and they study so hard to just show everything that they
4:47 pm
have studied and one day a growing number of students have been opting for the new system today only thirty percent of university applications are based primarily on exam results. the education in college admissions systems are changing to ease fierce competition among students and to provide more learning opportunities a focus more on learning and less on memory. i believe the level of stress that students have from study is lower than the past second year student kung sailin agrees her stress levels are lower than they might have been but still not exactly low. just still exists because you know there are many academies and students are pressured to be more excelling because the universe never cities are you know a big factor in their futures. and for many students this test could still be the crucial factor that determines what kind of future they will have kathy novak
4:48 pm
al-jazeera sort. still to come here on al-jazeera in the sports news the assay is well underway one of the biggest contests in cricket so i will tell you what happened on they want to keep it here.
4:49 pm
thank you sports news thank you very much for the former team doctor of the usa gymnastics team is facing at least twenty five years in prison lauren a saucer pleaded guilty to multiple targets of sexual assault i think they says
4:50 pm
against him a span across decades some of the united states and most high profile unpick champions are among his alleged victims bob reynolds has more. for years larry nasser was responsible for the care of most of the top gymnast in the united states in a michigan courtroom he pleaded guilty to charges of criminal sexual misconduct and admitted to using his position as team doctor to sexually abuse underage girls he molested seven girls ranging in age from under thirteen to fifteen you know all one hundred and twenty five women and girls reported that nassar assaulted. i was sexually assaulted by learners are certainly after a thirteenth birthday and it was a dark secret until i put the pieces together last september nassar worked at michigan state university and served as the usa olympic gymnastics team doctor during four olympic games high profile gymnast's including gold medal winners ali
4:51 pm
reisman and gabby douglas say national molested them under the guise of providing medical treatments i think is a monster and i think it is so disturbing to me what he did to me and so many other people this is so much bigger than just me i mean it's such a it's such a horrific thing to happen he was reaching under there leotards or under their clothes with an gloved hands without consent without prior knowledge without another adult in the room and in many cases digitally penetrating them yes or apologized in court at once. they sorry also offering apologies was the usa gymnastics organization which failed to protect girls from nasser's predatory sexual activities the organization has compiled reports on sexual misconduct complaints against fifty four coaches but has declined to release them gymnast's and their attorneys say the institution's silence enabled their abuser and for
4:52 pm
decades the i think you've been on holiday for of on reporting sexual abuse created an atmosphere where predators marion arthur and hundreds of you i think to continue to prey on little girls if you want to stop this come clean fix what happened get rid of those who did it and move forward and instead what you're getting is stonewalling yasser faces additional charges including possession of child pornography he faces a possible minimum of forty years in prison a judge will decide his sentence in january robert oulds al-jazeera. european football's biggest clubs have secure their place in the last sixteen of the us a champions league by social model were already through producing their biggest win in the competition to extend their perfect record and a group in their mosque or the twice to help his team through our celtic seven one you now lead the group with fifteen points english premier league chelsea champions
4:53 pm
while they thrashed. of has to be done to secure progression from group c. when scoring twice in the four win. and then we must be pleasing to. that we should. i want first to get them to go. through to the next round of chambers league or. to avoid. those games. became decisive for us i think it's very important. barcelona have also booked their spot with the droid guess you ventus and group deal you know messi started on the bench in turn but a point was enough to see the his team through. the shock of the night came in group a majesty united losing to basle and no sides in the group have gone through yet in group b.
4:54 pm
by munich i have already called fi that for the next round they beat underline two one stretching their winning streak on the coaching. to nine matches in all competitions. brazilian side graeme you know i have taken the upper hand after the first leg of the copilot dorris final this is the biggest club football competition in south america where they're hosting argentinian side who are competing in their first final and us held firm until the eighty third minute when matilda to zero came off the bench to clinch a one nil victory graeme you will have. into the second leg and went to cyrus next wednesday hoping to clinch the first couple of that his title says nineteen ninety five. on the ashes is on the way with the australian hosting the first ashes test against england in britain rain affected the first morning of play at the gabba but england made a solid start with james vincent making eighty three on his debut before being run
4:55 pm
out australia struck back with two it gets late in the day to leave the tourists on hundred ninety six for full. marks to him and also made fifty three for england cummings it was the best of the all these bowlers would to make it. the longest winning streak in the n.b.a. the season has come to an end the boston celtics a had won sixteen straight games the fourth longest run in their history but that was ended by the miami heat gorgon scored twenty seven points as the heat claimed one hundred four four ninety eight victory boston tasting defeat for the first time in thirty five days. and i had to back to peter some of the n.t. very much she later. the oldest pipe organ in the united states is struggling to make its one hundred fiftieth birthday a lack of money for repairs is a big concern in new york city the music director at some patrick's old cathedral
4:56 pm
mens' has become as much a mechanic as he is a musician to keep the pipes into you. man so i am the director of music here at the basilica of st patrick's cathedral in new york city. this organ was built by a man named henry urban back in eight hundred sixty eight and i like to think it was his finest work. it was boyce for this room he designed it for this room and that's such an important part of why this organ special. it's a wonderful combination of visual art and also sonic r. . and has almost two thousand five hundred pipes it is all mechanical so you can see how everything works so here we are inside oregon.
4:57 pm
down here we have the bellows and they go all the way underneath the instrument and they go up and down and therefore. there is no electricity in eight hundred sixty eight telegraph had just been invented. so when i press down on a pedal air goes inside here and plays that no. the organ right now has some issues there are little things that happen but since it's mechanical i can go back there and fiddle with it and get it working again and have a lot of these around you because this happens all the time when mechanical issues it's a lot of work it's done and all of those tens of thousands of services this played . now or approaching its one hundred fiftieth anniversary next year we're watching a fund raising campaign to preserve assessment for future generations. it is
4:58 pm
a huge project but we want to conserve it as best we can with as much of the original materials as possible that's a wonderful connection we have with the past it's like this or else spoken to people one hundred fifty years ago and it speaks to us now with this beautiful town . and you can catch again all our reports on our back half our programs for the website i'll just look up thomas the address you need in our next half hour we'll take a live update from under simmons in harare will ask whether robert mugabe's career placement can deliver on his promises so far as he's. that's what we're talking about all the time they asked about shooting people or not he was trying to show to burn themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem are you worried that this conflict could erupt into a power right open war that's of the general security issue where the people who
4:59 pm
pay the price clearly there writeup unprejudiced setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. when we managed the financial system between one hundred forty five and one hundred seventy one there was not a single financial crisis anywhere in the world and then in one thousand seven hundred the bank was not beat and they said no no no we don't need to charge you know the market will discipline us banks love to make loans to some friends why because behind the sovereign a millions of taxpayers we can see the reaction to the liberalization of finance just as we sorted the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be. ready is. in many parts of the wound where people are saying if my government went look after my interests then i would look for a strong if he's a fascist i don't care if you promises to secure the stability of my life and my
5:00 pm
people i will fight for him i think that's where we're heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain a good logical rational people versus a crazy month and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint trying to bring mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. or agrees to take back thousands of wrangle refugees who fled.


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