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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eight. december on al-jazeera. i am taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on america without regulation profit tax policy on health. and the environment it was a surprise. that some in. the big pharma protection it's going to take a decade of work to do so why some of the cost of the trump toxic water at this time on al-jazeera.
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me and not agrees to take back cellphones a brief injury refugees who fled to bangladesh. out of that eye for mr ball and this is al jazeera light from london also coming up . forced out the asylum seekers who used refused to leave the film australian run prison camp a minus sign and. mugabe's exit still anger reports of the president has been granted immunity from prosecution plus. i'm john hendren in fulton texas a town celebrating the thanksgiving holiday still devastated from hurricane party. follow me and model and bangladesh have signed a deal for the rip. for him. i noticed that the report traditions will begin within
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two months but it's not clear how many refugees would be allowed to return home since august more than six hundred thousand reckoned to have fled a military crackdown and me and mom many are now concerned about how they steal well the fact that it's quite high the reports from. after days of negotiating bangladesh's foreign minister abdul hassan mahmud ali and myanmar leader on song suchi reach an agreement on a repatriation plan for the ranger who fled rakhine state over the last three months the memo of understanding was signed in a foreign minister level working group created as the leaders reached agreement some of the hundreds of thousands of or hindu refugees who fled the violence spoke of their concern about how the repatriation will work. i don't think we did they discriminate against us because we are muslim and rango if they accept us as running is and give us full citizenship and allow us to live in peace and harmony then we will consider returning obviously the fight we have really suffered they
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have committed so many atrocities against us killed many of my family members burned our homes and taken our land if they give us equal rights citizenship and security then we will consider going back added pressure on myanmar to move forward with the red cross is coming from washington a week after his visit to the country u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson called the army crackdown in rakhine ethnic cleansing that's the first time the trumpet ministration has used that description in his first visit to the capital neighbored or last week to listen call the events in rakhine as just horrific he also said an impartial independent investigation is needed. russia's ambassador to me and maher says the ethnic cleansing label is unhelpful and an independent investigation is not acceptable for me. so many and gone agree that all may be going on a when you know in my opinion the statement by the u.s. secretary of state is one sided he's meddling in our country's affairs. even though
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a repatriation agreement has been reached it's not clear how quickly the refugees were turned to myanmar not to mention of they'll be going back to the villages they were a victim from or even if many villages which were left in flames still exist it's not hard to al-jazeera yangon or benjamins walkies a fellow with harvard law school's human rights program and says any repatriation must be voluntary. u.n.h.c.r. has to be involved on the myanmar side of the border to assist to assess whether or not the conditions for the return of the ranges are such that they can return in both safety and dignity and on the bangladesh side of the border refugees are entitled to the given adequate and accurate information so that they can make an informed decision as to want as to whether or not they wish to return any return any repatriation has to be fully voluntary and entirely safe u.n.h.c.r. often facilitate something called go and see visits whereby certain select numbers of refugees cross back into their country of origin and are able to see for
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themselves whether their land their houses their cattle. are intact and waiting for them and if such is not the case they have the right to refuse to go back. at least in part of the guinea have raided a former australian run prison camp a man is silent and forcibly removed about sixty refugee the facility was closed three weeks ago when power and water supplies were cut but more than four hundred refugees refused to leave and have continued protesting inside and thomas has more now from an assignment. the police came in early in the morning more than three weeks after the former australian run prison and its power and water supply cut off refugees who are refusing to leave say they were peacefully resisting but the police hit them with sticks and stones after twenty three days surviving on rain water and small amounts of smuggled in food the refugees weakened by hunger say
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that at least two men collapsed or were knocked unconscious in the raid police seized mobile phones to stop the refugees posting more videos and photos the flow of information became a trickle one refugee managed to speak to al-jazeera before his boat was confiscated. immigration law. only short for. proper. gratian not. everything about sixty refugees were loaded onto buses and taken away al-jazeera filmed them as they sped along the road into town refugees shouted help to us from an open window. a delegation from international humanitarian organizations
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who are visiting man a silent were promised access to see conditions in the former prison on thursday following the raid they were told their visit was off. there is the thing to so close and hear in my leader of civil society kind of thing getting in and from a democratic nation under the rule of law who for thirty years gone to lots of disasters and humanitarian situations and i'm not allowed to visit we were told to do that there was no way we'd be allowed past the checkpoint on the way to the prison. the men taken out brought here to loring the main town on the island then your accommodation is near here and australia's government says it's ready for them and they should have moved in weeks ago but i've seen some of the accommodation and the still heavy machinery working on it and we tried to film a new home from a nearby road so private security tracks stopped us this is the accommodation of
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the refugees are moving so the australian government says it's ready to go. but is that because there are trucks there it's clearly still being worked on but the state of the new camp isn't the major issue for the refugees our protest our resistance is. the main reason is because our freedom we want our freedom we didn't come from. prison for ever they fear being dumped what they see is merely an alternative jail still on a remote island and the australian government takes no responsibility for it at all andrew thomas al jazeera on man aside in papua new guinea. now zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe has reportedly been granted immunity from prosecution under a deal brokered as part of his resignation security and political sources have told
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al-jazeera the agreement guarantees his safety in zimbabwe and means he won't go into exile the sources say mcgarvey expressed that he wants to die in his home country. live out our correspondent andrew stevens in the capital harare and android guess is not a huge surprise is it that mcgarvey would have pushed for some sort of immunity deal. not at all what we understand is that he had thought that he had immunity against prosecution as he was defiant and refused to resign but it was make clear to him that in the impeachment process he would get no immunity that he would risk everything that is apparently from the sources we've been hearing from the situation now the question is whether it will extend for for a full lifetime for his wife grace mccarthy there's a more ill feeling towards her it's argued than him right now for her to seats is
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as is described by her opponents organizing so many political. attempts to undermine the other camp so to speak in the zanu p.f. party she's also accused of a number of of highly questionable dealings on land and property taking over large areas of land and property against the will of people so this is still ongoing but he does have security robert mugabe a ninety three year old not only that he can have access to foreign countries and that includes a visit probably quite soon to singapore for attention in a medical center and he's been frequently going to singapore he needs that link and that will continue but certainly right now as you can see from the picture that's been distributed on social media that he is looking grim certainly and
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not necessarily all well but certainly unhappy and so is his wife and he celebrations of course when a new hobby finally resigned but what is the mood do you think now in zimbabwe ahead of friday's inauguration the next president. is is on a really big mission to convince everyone but he can be trusted that his promises will be fulfilled it is a hard task but the. it's the answer is pretty positive so you see already from those pictures of massive celebrations on his arrival in zimbabwe of course on friday in a packed sports stadium expect elation there to really addresses the crowds. of office historic act as the new president of zimbabwe hopes are very high will they be fulfilled the jury is out on that particularly on the economy he has to deliver jobs he has to deliver good government it's
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a very very tall order but right now most people feel they'll give him the chance of full coverage of that of course here on out there i do for the moment thank you one of robert mugabe's most controversial policies while he was president was the land reform program it made it illegal for blacks in barbarians to seize properties from white farmers without compensation many of those farmers sought safety in neighboring countries such as zambia and i was there as tony page has been speaking to some of them. doug stanley loves the smell of freshly turned the site of his harvest makes it all worth the hard work farming is in his blood now he's working in zambia having been driven office famine zimbabwe by supporters of president robert mugabe fourteen years ago i bought my from after independence you know and i got clearance from the government to say that they weren't interested in that land
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and then. you know to be told to move along you know it's quite a thing and you do you do all that development and. it was my home four thousand white farmers were forced off the land damaging zimbabwe's agriculture industry its main export crop tobacco has almost recovered but the maize harvest which is also been hit by years of drought remains too large to feed the nation people are dying of starvation so their food. you know we really are living in. squalor fees and books and probably farmers in zambia and actually exporting fruit to zimbabwe zambia isn't the only country benefiting from the zimbabwean farmers expertise many are in south africa botswana and mozambique to another to some ministers and the homburg real jobs reason. five years ago and drive around to the farm and there was absolutely nothing happening
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and it wasn't only the white farmers who were affected their workers also suffered poor members living in fear of mugabe's supporters on the farm he flayed just before it was seized he's also still hurt by what happened a country is not about white black. yes. it is. like the it does the wrong there are zimbabweans who disagree many say they have been affected from the government's reforms. but they were devastating for those forced off the land they had invested time money and so much more and. now we don't belong anywhere we. like a lost tribe they are making a positive contribution and other countries but it isn't the same because it isn't
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hard tiny a page out zambia. oh i still had sown the program. the excitement of exile but in south korea success or failure can be a life changing experience. and a new development in the search for the missing authenticity and. the rain clouds have well and truly gathered across southern parts of china down into the southwest more big downpours coming in here cool and while cloudy there for hong kong on friday with a high of sixteen degrees celsius and the rain really setting in as we go on into sas they could be colder still just fifteen degrees at this stage. and they continue to be driven in the cross good parts of vietnam over the next day i was
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two for the philippines over the next day also the lobby showers they make their way across the by of bengal all the way down into sri lanka for much of india which should be settled and find a little more clout there into southern parts having said that and said the possibility of some some showers a little bit damp weather just up the eastern side of india over the next day otay may stay strong. small in the cooler weather into the northern plains new delhi at around twenty three degrees cooler to into where the arabian peninsula over the next day or so has of just twenty six celsius here in doha with a little bit of cloud you know just for friday a possibility of one or two spots in the heavier rain will be into west central parts of saudi arabia and southern end of the red sea certainly with a chance of seeing some wet weather a little drier and brighter by saturday. captaining
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a leading used team at sixteen years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. home game at this time. again i'm at the top stories here on al-jazeera and by that say they've signed a deal for the record tradition of hundreds of thousands of or injure. the un is
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urging australia to protect refugees as a detention center it needs to run in proper new guinea police on assignment of trying to evict hundreds of refugees who are refusing to leave. and security and political sources have told al-jazeera the zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe has been granted immunity from prosecution as part of his resignation deal. now most insurance the leader of germany social democrat policy has met the country's president to see if they can break a political impulse since the election that talks to form a government led by charles i'm going to call broke down over the weekend shows the so far refused to enter any coalition talks but is on the increasing pressure to do so while i was there was no mccains following that story in berlin for us and give us an idea of the significance of this meeting like. there's been a day of meetings mr schultz felicity as you say he met his social democrat
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colleague president frank in my earlier on today the last of the meetings a big part of main party leaders that mr sharon meyer said had to happen following the collapse of those talks between other parties just a few days ago after that meeting he went on to him mr schultz that is went on to a meeting of senior members of the social democrat party is still under way now effectively and that's the important because there have been it's been a clamor of voices from senior social democrats since the collapse of those talks between the free democratic to the greens and angle americans party over the weekend who basically said well look if there can't be a coalition with that side then perhaps we ought to go back into coalition again with angle america because they would be the only other party that could do that but of course the sticking point there is that mr schultz has insisted since the moment of the election defeat on the twenty fourth of september that he would lead his party into opposition so you have the sense of class not just between angela
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merkel and other parties but also between mr schultz and his own party colleagues or is a lot of talking taking place but what happens if they can't come to any agreements . well the doomsday scenario as it were would be new elections but the problem there is the devil is in the details because the constitutional arrangements in modern germany modern democratic germany since the second world war whether it's difficult to call new elections that it can't just happen with a clip by clicking your fingers and that sort of thing if your president frank that has to be a procedure that needs to be gone through and some say it couldn't the election couldn't be until april of next year so people want to avoid that so the question then would be if the social democrats do want to go into government again with mangler merkel then they have to basically say something now in the next few days the next week or so so that they can try to form an agreement because remember there are many other factors at play here the european perspective the talks about
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briggs it will take place in december the e.u. summit that sort of thing well that needs to have a stable government and one final thing to point out here the irony of the situation is right now the old coalition government the old grand coalition government is still in office doesn't have a mandate it's a caretaker administration mr schultz is happy for that government to continue but he doesn't want to seem to want a future grand coalition and that is what's being thrashed out right now by his senior party colleagues all right we'll wait to see what happens dominic embedded thank you. because as foreign minister has made the keynote speech at a counter-terrorism conference in london shaikh mohammed bin abdul rahman al thani says kathy remains resolutely committed to eradicating terrorism of all kinds. wants constantly. to seek a new collective approaches to the global threat on terrorism in a changing world. since two thousand and four that it took aggressive steps to cut
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off the flow of finance of terrorists by developing the proper legislation at the proper legislative framework and improve our financial monitoring system that has learned that they can't think terrorism and that side ology must be through a holistic approach by coming by combining tough security measures with more lasting safeguards we can all succeed. navy says the noise detected near the last name the cation of a missing submarine with forty four crew on board is consistent with an explosion a huge sea and as such is continuing off the coast of so find they are a san juan let's go to buenos aires and speaks out there is daniel daniel bring us up to date them the latest on the search is not sounding good. well as you say it's
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not looking good nothing has yet been confirmed but the fate of those forty four crewmembers on the submarine the twenty is looking increasingly grim a short while ago the naval spokesman enrique came out and said that they received information of an abnormal short of violent non-nuclear event which was consistent with an explosion that they come from a very roundabout way from the argentine ambassador in all three been talking to an organization there which was monitoring which monitors nuclear explosions is very kids was not a nuclear explosion but they then passed that information on to argentina and it's now being passed on to the families of those forty four crew members they are extremely angry some of them have come out to say why is it taken so long for this information to come to light and they are many of them now fearing the worst they are fearing that their loved ones are dead in the meantime the rest search and rescue operation is continuing it's a huge operation with at least nine countries involved latest technology under sea
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rescue equipment planes and ships right across the south atlantic looking for any sign of life from the submarine there have been a fair number of false leads in the last few days and now into the ninth day of the search and rescue operation and some of those false leads have been very frustrating they raised hopes and then dashed those hopes and expectations and again the families waiting at the. base hoping that this latest information will prove to be another false lead but it's certainly looking grim now for those forty four crew members and also time for the families. now it's been an important day in south korea with hundreds of thousands of students sitting their university entrance exams south korea is a competitive country and authorities take extraordinary measures to make sure students get to the tests and do well so depart is a day late and many businesses open later to reduce traffic congestion as you know
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the reports from seoul. the years of study and long nights of after school tuition have all come down to this. i prepared a lot but now the days here i feel uneasy and nervous the was welcome to school by younger friends students in this new tory asli competitive country know the day long exam can determine not only what university they will attend but also their career and marriage prospects and ultimately their status in society the exam day has become a national event these students have shown up early to cheer on their classmates the late comers can have a police escort and aren't allowed to take off morning during the english listening . when a rare earthquake damaged buildings in the southern regions of the country the exam was postponed across the nation by a week. but it is no longer
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a make or break event for everyone while her classmates were cramming in the hours before the test known as the sooner. and was relaxing in a cafe with a friend she attends a specialized school and has already been accepted into university through a relatively new system which considers high school grades essays and extracurricular activities instead of the single exam i feel grateful because i know there are some people who who look towards the tsunami as if that's their last chance to prove themselves and they study so hard to just show everything that they have studied and one day a growing number of students have been opting for the new system today only thirty percent of university applications are based primarily on exam results. the education and college admission systems are changing to ease fierce competition
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among students and to provide more learning opportunities a focus more on learning and less on memory. i believe the level of stress that students have from study is lower than the past second year student kung sailin agrees her stress levels are lower than they might have been but still not exactly low. just still exists because you know there are many academies and students are pressured to be more excelling because the universe never cities are you know a big factor in their futures. and for many students this test could still be the crucial factor that determines what kind of future they will have kathy novak al-jazeera saw. it has been three months since hurricane harvey slammed into the gulf coast of the united states and nowhere was harvey's devastation felt more than in arkansas county in texas where hundreds remain homeless for thanksgiving john
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hendren spending the holiday in the texan town of fulton. ok it's now everything you need most over on this thanksgiving holiday the people of fulton texas have fewer blessings to count after third thought about taking my lab one time for manic depression is that you said you know you were going to have a christmas this kid's going to get a christmas promise you start. mayor jimmie kendrick lost his barn two cars in much of his electricity in hurricane harvey and he considers himself lucky . three months after the eye of the storm ravaged nearly every building here a survey returned by most of iran's as counties remaining twenty five hundred students brought stunning news we've got quite a few that are home with that ninety eight percent of those they're homeless in some way according to the texas law and school that means they could be without electricity or could be in the situation or living with somebody else two percent
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and we're still living in tents. many live in this tent city even as demolition crews are still tearing down their homes about twenty trailer homes from the federal emergency management agency have arrived here in arends this county but three hundred fifty families have asked for help finding housing the fulton fishing pier used to be a gathering place for the town and it was practical the money generated from running fishing gear and selling snacks here paid for the police department but since the powerful winds of hurricane harvey tore through it at points it needs to be rebuilt from scratch many hotels restaurants and stores are either financially wiped out or wiped off the map what did you lose in hurricane harvey our little american dream so we lost our hardware brand new business it was all right here yeah it was just right here front door was right there ok so he's putting the deck
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up today donna townsend own three businesses here one was destroyed one was badly damaged the third was rescued by fulton residents to your neighbor's house yeah they were is and friends and customers i know everybody needed a place to least say hello again how are you so the sugar shack became the town hall pretty much pretty much as texans along the gulf of mexico begin the long task of rebuilding their lives most of those we talked to say on this holiday they're thankful for what remains john hendren al-jazeera fulton texas. just time for me to remind you that you should check out all websites there it is that's what the front pages looking like leading on the latest situation in citing the range of refugees in bangladesh the address as that is al-jazeera dot com al jazeera dot com the latest international news to check it out.
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and a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera and bangladesh say they've signed a deal for the repository. refugees on the desk the officials say the refugees will stop protesting home in two months but minimal hasn't specified how many will be allowed back in one six hundred thousand range i have crossed into by the desk since a brutal military crackdown began in the west highland has more from. myanmar's been facing increasing international pressure over the situation with the real hinge of refugees and outflow massive outflow from a kind state following a military crackdown here some three months ago they have been facing international pressure from human rights groups various reports saying that this was ethnic cleansing the united states secretary of state rex tillerson just on wednesday evening called it ethnic cleansing for the first time to drop administration has used that phrase so they have been facing some serious international pressure so
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they need to show some progress resolving the situation. the un is australia to help deescalate tensions at a prison camp used to run for refugees in papa new guinea earlier police entered the facility or minus island trying to evict hundreds of refugees who are refusing to leave around fifty a sonnet seekers are believed to have left and three hundred remaining. security and political sources have told al-jazeera that zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe has been granted immunity from prosecution they say the deal was brokered as part of his resignation guaranteeing his safety in zimbabwe and letting him avoid acts out the sources say mcgarvie stated that he wants to die in his home country. of germany social democrat party has met the country's president to see if they can break a political impasse since the election talks to form a government in germany led by chancellor angela merkel broke down over the weekend
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she also so far refused to enter the coalition talks spot is under increasing pressure to do side. forces of launched an operation to clear remaining always suffices out of the deserts of bordering syria troops from the rocky army and sheer popular mobilization forces attacking passive defense against ossified his who are hiding in a long strip of border land and those are the latest headlines stay with us my team is here is coming up next by the end.


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