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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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al jazeera is a very important source of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it where every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain a good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera.
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this belief and despair in argentina as families of forty four people aboard a missing submarine are told their relatives may have been the victims of an explosion. alone barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up in the next thirty minutes bangladesh and myanmar agree on a deal to repatriate. but on the ground there skepticism police in papa new guinea raid a controversial australian the tension camp and start forcibly removing refugees. and talk about pressure where in south korea where hundreds of thousands of students have sat the most important that exam of their life. thank you for joining us families of forty four crewmembers of
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a missing submarine are furious at the time government as fears grow over their fate argentina's navy has announced that a possible explosion was heard near the last known location of the they are a san juan but its whereabouts are still unknown there have been emotional scenes at them out of the naval base where relatives of the subs crew are gathering many accuse the government of the liberally keeping them in the dark and letting the crew operate a submarine that was to what. you know the submarine wasn't found but they say it's three thousand meters below the sea so annoyed they don't tell you anything that's why i say they are swans they are wicked and have been e.p. lighted us they knew about it and. we are nothing has yet been confirmed the news being relayed by the audience i neva lost or it is is looking increasingly grim for the forty four members crew members of the submarine
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the ira some one which disappeared with lost contact with the author or it is now more than nine days ago the naval spokesman for the cable b. came out to say that they had received off information that an abnormal singular short violent no new killer event that was consistent with an explosion had been received has not spoken about the fate of the forty four crew members after that news was relayed to the family members some of them came out to say they were very angry with the art and final authority is first of all for taking so long to bring this information to light and secondly about not being told anything any confirmed information about their family members that they are now many of them spearing the world in the meantime the two search and rescue operation involving aircraft ships and on the sea rescue equipment from at least nine countries is still going on in rough waters in the south atlantic around the spot where communication was last
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hard with the submarine something like four hundred thirty kilometers off the southeastern coast of argentina as i say information means the hopes and expectations are increasingly dire but nobody is giving up just yet until that information has been confirmed. me and maren bangladesh of signed a deal for the repatriation of rohingya refugees bangladesh said it will begin within two months but it's not clear how many refugees would be allowed to return home since august more than six hundred thousand ranger have fled a military crackdown in myanmar many are concerned about how the deal will affect them but hide low reports from younger. after days of negotiating bangladesh's foreign minister abdul hassan mahmud ali and myanmar leader on song suchi reach an agreement on a repatriation plan for the ranger who fled rakhine state over the last three
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months the memo of understanding was signed in a foreign minister level working group created as the leaders reached agreement some of the hundreds of thousands of or hindu refugees who fled the violence spoke of their concern about how the repatriation will work i don't think we did they discriminate against us because we are muslim and rango if they accept us as running is and give us full citizenship and allow us to live in peace and harmony then we will consider returning obviously the place who have really suffered they have committed so many atrocities against us killed many of my family members been to hymes and taken our land if they give us equal rights citizenship and security then we will consider going back added pressure on myanmar to move forward with the range of crisis coming from washington a week after his visit to the country u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson called the army crackdown in rakhine ethnic cleansing that's the first time the troubled ministration has used that description
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in his first visit to the capital neighbored or last week to listen call the events in rakhine as just horrific he also said an impartial independent investigation is needed. russia's ambassador to me on maher says the ethnic cleansing label is unhelpful and an independent investigation is not acceptable for me and more so many young gone agree but oh maybe going on a when you know in my opinion the statement by the u.s. secretary of state is one sided he's meddling in our country's affairs. even though a repatriation agreement has been reached it's not clear how quickly the refugees were turned to myanmar not to mention of they'll be going back to the villages they were a victim from or even if many villages which were left in flames still exist it's got hotter al-jazeera yangon. at least eight people are dead and dozens more injured after a suicide attack in afghanistan's eastern province the attack happened in the provincial capital of jalalabad officials say the explosion targeted a local police commander who was recently dismissed from his job the officer
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escaped unharmed but to his children were killed interpol says it's arrested forty people in a major operation against human trafficking in west africa five hundred people including two hundred and thirty six children were rescued in raids in chad mali mauritania nizkor and senegal those arrested face prosecution for offenses including human trafficking forced labor and child exploitation. listen but when you give me you have raided a former australian run prison camp on malice silent then forcibly removed about sixty refugees the facility was closed to three weeks ago and power and water supplies were cut but more than three hundred refugees refused to leave and have continued protesting inside and thomas has more now from than a sign. the police came in early in the morning more than three weeks after the former australian run prison and its power and water supply cut off refugees who
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are refusing to leave say they were peacefully resisting but the police hit them with sticks and stones after twenty three days surviving on rain water and small amounts of smuggled in food the refugees weakened by hunger say that at least two men collapsed or were knocked unconscious in the rate police seized mobile phones to stop the refugees posting more videos and photos the flow of information became a trickle one refugee managed to speak to al-jazeera before his boat was confiscated. immigration law. only short for. you would you. be gracious. everything
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about sixty refugees were loaded onto buses and taken away al-jazeera filmed them as they sped along the road into town refugees shouted help to us from an open window. a delegation from international humanitarian organizations who are visiting man a silent were promised access to see conditions in the former prison on thursday following the raid they were told their visit was off. there is the thing to so close and hear in my leader of civil society kind of thing getting in and from a democratic nation under the rule of law who for thirty years gone to lots of disasters and humanitarian situations and i'm not allowed to visit we were told to though there was no way we'd be allowed past the checkpoint on the way to the prison. the men taken out or brought here to lauren the main town on the island
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they knew accommodation is near and australia's government says it's ready for them and they should have moved in weeks ago but i've seen some of the accommodation and the still heavy machinery working on it and we tried to film a new home from a nearby road so private security for trucks stopped us this is the accommodation of the refugees are moving say the australian government says it's ready to go. but is that because there are trucks there it's clearly still being worked on but the state of the new camp isn't the major issue for the refugees our protest our resistance is. the main reason is because our freedom we want our freedom we didn't come from. prison for they fear being dumped what they see is merely an alternative jail still on a remote island and the australian government takes no responsibility for it at all andrew thomas al jazeera on my side and in papua new guinea. yemen's main
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international airport hasn't reopened this fight the saudi led coalition saying you would the military alliance had announced it would be allowing humanitarian aid into airport and the seaport of data they'd been facing increasing pressure from the u.s. and u.n. to lift the blockade but how many reports seem here just days ago many expected that come thursday aid would be flowing once more through her data one of yemen's major ports. saudi arabia announced on wednesday it would ease its blockade of yemen's air and sea ports and that within twenty four hours humanitarian supplies would resume arriving in her data where around eighty percent of yemen's food imports are delivered as well as via united nations flight to the capital sanaa on thursday u.n. officials still weren't totally sure when they'd be given access to restart bringing supplies to yemen we were told that litigation received assistance.
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just a day so we could in the applications or quest for the ships to come into the boards and also for flights to come and political means he of to some also to bring it to our stuff so we would think things are normal procedures to get to the light and we will leave those places in those into little animals with at least opening of the ports as well as notification is it of the actual operational costs. other aid workers have told edges either they welcome the saudi announcement but don't believe it goes far enough yemen the most impoverished country in the middle east is facing a number of crises. a cholera epidemic that has seen over nine hundred thousand suspected cases since april the largest outbreak ever recorded and the u.n. says seven million people are on the verge of famine and that severe acute malnutrition is endangering the lives of almost four hundred thousand children plus the latest danger an outbreak of the potentially fatal disease diptheria is
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threatening children and elderly in the central city of. not just the human as it is said things there's also. the fuel shortage in the countries that he says you know and we want to try me to the fuel is also accommodated this part of this openness by the city ghoulish and to allude to operations that continue. now as the u.n. grows yet more concerned and a humanitarian crisis becomes even more dire yemenis in desperate need wait for answers and aid. does either. still to come on the program zimbabwe's stock market has lost six billion dollars in a week can a new president rescue the ailing economy and a thanksgiving tradition in the u.s. that's making anti-racism activists.
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howlers a big lump of warm over much of western and indeed northern europe it came in the last day or so when the british isles a lot of snow currently falling in scandinavia now woman generally speaking is lighter than cold air and that's a little pool of cold of his very hard to push out of the way so even tomorrow you have one degree in minus five in moscow was the warm part of against it was was was sort of out night and rain still further back double figures still for london for paris and of course madrid stuff about seventeen mark much of central eastern europe is warming up only slowly because the sun's reasonably warm when it's there from dawn till dusk and then you pump a bit of warm and you get cloudy but warmer weather in austria snow still there on the tops of the alps this is such a day's forecast and there is a bit cold coming in behind finally paris at nine london about seven but by this
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time moscow still sitting in minus six the cold still hasn't moved now for the south we've had quite weather recently over the whole of the mediterranean sea from the point of view wind and rain but it has been massive cloud that came out about jiri is sitting now over libya and increasingly know when the egypt is thick enough in places one of two spots of rain but mostly not. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call the dependency we have a mismatch between the way we. are to be and the reality of the twenty first century. how many of the person. chances of. child soldiers reloaded at this time.
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are in mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera families of forty four staff members of a missing submarine have accused argentina's government of keeping them in the dark over the cruise fate argentina's navy has announced that a possible explosion was heard near the last known location of the a r a some point . in bangladesh say they've signed a deal for the repatriation of hundreds of thousands of real hinge refugees. and at least eight people including two children have been killed and dozens more injured in a suicide attack in afghanistan's eastern congo harper. somebody
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was former president robert mugabe has reportedly been granted immunity from prosecution under a deal brokered as part of his resignation security and political sources have told al-jazeera the agreement guarantees his safety in zimbabwe and means he will not go into exile the sources say mugabe expressed what he that he wants to die in his home country. was about the stock market has shed six billion dollars and its main index a slump by forty percent since last wednesday that's when the military seized power which led to mugabe's resignation and they are now hoping that emerson will be sworn in on friday will turn the economy around read a miller has visited the town of go to muncie to speak to people about their hopes for the future anyway what top who's been making cabinets coffins and doors in go to monsey for more than twenty years business has not always been great
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but it's worse than ever now the carpenter says a poor economy and political upheaval means rising costs and customers with less money to spend i think the things we. know. the. didn't. know the president things would be i think. the small town like many others in rural areas is in desperate need of development a single tarred road runs through the town center there's no running water and not everyone has electricity many years say government economic policies meant to help the poor have been ineffective often only benefiting the political elite most people here farm and salvaged bills to make ends meet with about eighty percent of zimbabweans unemployed many have few options some have stayed while others have to live somewhere where looking for work alongside the market shift but unlawful
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search repairing shoes for a living. i've got a wife i've got children. but look at my job what i'm doing. after more than three decades with one president there's no promise of change but many here wouldn't speak to us on camera believing it's not safe after years of political oppression in private they did say they want peace along with economic recovery it's thought political freedoms won't emerge overnight policy changes that . encourage investors. property rights probably rights. being very discouraging. investment for. job creation. most of the bracing is a planned when emerson when god why is sworn in on friday but many zimbabweans are wondering whether
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a new face will bring meaningful transformation always it will be more of the same for me daimler al-jazeera gorham one season bob we're. so those friends and has offered to make his country russia's gateway to africa head of a meeting with the russian president vladimir putin in sochi omar bashir said sudan needed protection from aggressive actions by the u.s. we accuse the provoking conflict in the region he also hinted at allowing russia to use advance of red sea bases here is subject to arrest warrants from the international criminal court over alleged war crimes and genocide in sudan's darfur region. the size of russia's military force in syria meanwhile is likely to be substantially reduced and the drawdown could start before the end of the year that's according to the chief of the russian military general staff who was speaking in sochi on thursday meanwhile syrian opposition groups meeting in the saudi capital have renewed their demand for the removal of president bashar al
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assad in a draft resolution that had been speculation that the high negotiations committee would soften their position after the resignation of the former chief of riyadh who job the group is backed by saudi arabia it says the aim of the riyadh conference is to unify opposition groups ahead of upcoming negotiations in geneva. lebanon's prime minister says the recent political crisis is a wake up call reminding his people to put their country first ahead of regional issues saad hariri put his resignation on hold when he returned to beirut on wednesday after the president asked for more dialogue his surprise decision to quit announced in saudi arabia two weeks ago was seen as part of the regional power play between saudi arabia and iran has been talking to people in beirut to get their reaction to a dramatic. political crisis but the main problem between the two major political alliances the pro and pro hezbollah camps has not gone away hezbollah's arms and
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the groups to militarily intervene in conflicts beyond lebanon's borders have long divided the lebanese political differences that are unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. i believe an agreement can be reached to stick to the disassociation policy lebanon should stay away from all the conflicts of the arab region maybe they need to succeed because it's. just like. the ball game. three weeks ago lebanon found itself yet again on the brink prime minister resigned while he was in saudi arabia it was unexpected even his closest aides were shocked to stay in the kingdom was mysterious many in lebanon including the president accuse saudi arabia of forcing him to resign and holding him hostage last week he
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left for paris after french mediation he came back to beirut he then decided to suspend his resignation saying he wants to give time for dialogue so what happened many here believe it was not an internal lebanese affair. to avoid direct conflicts which is the case between iran and saudi they each supporting small groups in lebanon to fight the battle for example the saudis are using prime minister hariri to pressure iran and hezbollah. have eighteen six hereon groups and many of them are supported by foreign powers and none of them are sticking to dissociation policy here nor are they working for the interests of lebanon on. what the leader of germany's a social democrat party has met the country's president to see if they can break a political impasse since the election talks to form a government led by the chancellor angela merkel broke down over the shoulder says
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so far refused to enter coalition talks but is under increasing pressure to do so so mccain is in berlin for us. it's been a day of meetings for the social democrat party leader martin short's first with his senior colleague the president of germany frank fattush fine meyer which was called at the request of the president basically to see whether mr shultz feels there's any possibility of being able to find a solution to the political and pass that has developed since the weekend when the coalition talks between the other main parties collapsed and then there was a meeting for mr schultz with his senior party colleagues on the s.p.d. the social democrat board later in the afternoon the point to be made there is that mr schultz has been implacably opposed until now to the idea of another grand coalition with angle americans christian democrat party but increasingly voices of senior social democrat colleagues of his have said well look actually if there can't be a government of a different political hue maybe we should go back into government with angela
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merkel because germany needs to billet that's the point to make here that there are very many other factors at play not least on the european scale given the importance europe germany has in the e.u. given briggs it talks and other important european matters that will require a stable government in germany. it's been an important day in south korea with hundreds of thousands of students sitting university entrance exams south korea is a competitive country and authorities pull out all the stops to make sure that students get the tests and do well airline the partners are delayed and many businesses open later to reduce traffic congestion casanova reports now from seoul . the years of study and long nights of after school tuition have all come down to this. i prepared a lot but now the days here i feel uneasy and nervous. was
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welcome to school by younger friends students in this new tory asli competitive country know the day long exam can determine not only what university they will attend but also their career and marriage prospects and ultimately their status in society the exam day has become a national event these students have shown up early to cheer on their classmates the late comers can have a police escort and police aren't allowed to take up more land during the english listening. when a rare earthquake damaged buildings in the southern regions of the country the exam was postponed across the nation by a week. but it was no longer a make or break event for everyone while her classmates were cramming in the hours before the test known as the sooner. and was relaxing in a cafe with a friend she attends a specialized school and has already been accepted into university through a relatively new system which considers high school grades essays and
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extracurricular activities instead of the single exam i feel great because i know there are some people who who look towards the tsunami as if that's their last chance to prove themselves and they study so hard to just show everything that they have studied and one day a growing number of students have been opting for the new system today only thirty percent of university applications are based primarily on exam results. the education and college admissions systems are changing to ease fierce competition among students and to provide more learning opportunities a focus more on learning and less on memory. i believe the level of stress that students have from study is lower than the past. second year student kung say agrees her stress levels are lower than they might have been but still not exactly
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low sure the it's just still exists because you know there are many academies and students are pressured to be more excelling because the universe never cities are you know a big factor in their futures. and for many students this test could still be the crucial factor that determines what kind of future they will have kathy novak al jazeera so all. the holiday tradition in the u.s. has reignited controversy around sport and racism one of this year's thanksgiving football games is for the first time in the league's history being held in the capital but the host seen the washington redskins uses a name that many people see as a slur against native americans alan fisher has more. or many have been preparing the feast simon moyer smith has been preparing the protest of those since gather moshing to d.c. for the big american football game he says he will highlight the forgotten story of
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thanksgiving so we call this the justice for natives rally because of the omission of the murdered and mutilated native. and the thanksgiving narrative people don't know about it don't talk about it you know the very white washed myth made comfortable narrative for people. that has been simmering anger to over the name of the team in washington the redskins there's been a concerted effort to have it changed opponents claiming it is blatantly racist the american psychological society said such names and mascots are harmful but you know says the name is here to stay of you backed up by the majority of fans in several polls when you've got a mascot major n.f.l. football team that are boiling us down to this one representation one very represent racist representation on a holiday that's also supposed to honor the relationship that colonial governments have with. native americans for us it's just all off the team's name was the big controller seen the sport in recent years but the focus this season and last has
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been more on players taking in the joining the national anthem to protest racism we're going to talk about police brutality and we need to include natives in the discussion right now that dialogue is very much black and white but it's not players are more likely to die the hands of police who through a protesting say this is about more than just the name this is about celebrating an imagery and a behavior that was cruel and grotesque when people native to this land men women and children were literally skinned for money changing the name they insist would be a first step that would be something we could celebrate alan fischer al-jazeera at the home of the washington redskins and you can find that much more in everything we've been covering on our website there it is the address al jazeera dot com and the top story there a story we've been following since august the who've had to escape in march and are now in bangladesh.
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now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera families of forty four crewmembers of a missing submarine are furious at the hour arjen time government as fears grow over their fate argentina's navy has announced that a possible explosion was heard near the last known location of the a r a san juan where but its whereabouts are still unknown there have been emotional scenes at the more than planned the naval base where relatives of the san juan who are gathering in accuse the government of deliberately keeping them in the dark and letting the crew operate a submarine that was to. know the submarine wasn't found but they say it's three thousand made his beloit so annoyed they don't tell you anything that's why i say they are swines they are wicked and have manipulated us they knew about it. me and maher and bangladesh say that they've signed a deal for the repatriation of range of refugees bangladesh officials say the
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refugees will start returning home in two months but many of our hasn't specified how many will be allowed back in more than six hundred thousand refugees have crossed the bangladesh since a military crackdown began in this at least eight people are dead and dozens more injured after a suicide attack in afghanistan's eastern province officials say the explosion in jalalabad that targeted a local police commander who was recently dismissed from his job the officer escaped unharmed but two of his children were killed there was no immediate claim of responsibility interpol says it's arrested forty people in a major operation against human trafficking in west africa five hundred people including two hundred thirty six children were rescued in raids in chad mali mauritania cher and senegal the un is urging history aliyah to protect refugees out of the tension center used to run in papua new guinea police amana
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silent have tried to evict hundreds of refugees who are refusing to move yemen's main international airport has not reopened that this by the saudi led coalition is saying that it would the military alliance had announced it would allow humanitarian aid into some airports and the seaboard of the data where those are the headlines are going to have more news for you in half an hour join me then stay with us though coming up next the it's the straight ahead. i've been the ok you're in the stream authorities building the case against
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inauguration day protesters in the u.s. why.


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