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and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds thank you ed thank you al jazeera selects at this time. this is al-jazeera.
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hello from doha when i'm come out santa maria this is the news from al-jazeera air and seaports they are still closed and yemen despite the saudis promised in that. also ahead russia says it plans to scale back its military forces in syria as several sets of talks on the country's future move ahead. zimbabwe's stock market has lost six billion dollars in a week so can a new president rescue the ailing economy and police in papua new guinea right a controversial strain in detention camp in south also they are moving refugees. so the u.n. is saying saudi arabia has not followed through on its promise to lift a two week blockade of yemen's main international airport and a major seaport and it is putting millions at risk of stop. nation and disease but
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saudi led coalition fighting in yemen had announced it would reopen but some airport and the port of her day there by thursday to allow in much needed aid the red cross is saying five cities are now without clean water as a result of the blockade some are and how they are among them also sather in the north thais and i'll be there in the south that those five cities alone putting two and a half million people at risk from a new cholera outbreak and other water borne diseases the u.n. says the blockade has aggravated an already dire situation we're talking twenty one million people in need of aid in what is being called the world's largest humanitarian crisis has our report. many expected that come thursday aid would be flowing once more through her data one of yemen's major ports saudi arabia announced on wednesday it would ease its blockade of yemen's air and sea ports and that within twenty four hours humanitarian supplies would resume arriving in her data where around eighty percent of yemen's food imports are delivered as
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well as via united nations flight to the capital sanaa on thursday u.n. officials still weren't totally sure when they'd be given access to restart bringing supplies to yemen we were told that litigation received assistance. just a day so we could in the applications or quest for the ships to collins's aborts and also for flights to come and deliver political news here you have to summon also to bring it to us just us so we would think things are normal procedures to get in with the lights and we will leave those places and those in some little animals will be some opening of the ports as well as notification is it of the actual operational costs not. other aid workers have told al-jazeera they welcomed the saudi announcement but don't believe it goes far enough yemen the most impoverished country in the middle east is facing a number of crises. a cholera epidemic that has seen over nine hundred thousand
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suspected cases since april the largest outbreak ever recorded and the u.n. says seven million people are on the verge of famine and that severe acute malnutrition is endangering the lives of almost four hundred thousand children plus the latest danger an outbreak of the potentially fatal disease diptheria is threatening children and elderly in the central city of. not just human as it is said things with. the fuel shortage in the countries that he says you know we want to try me to the fuel is a comedy this weekend as by this it will listen to a looper issues that you. now as the u.n. grows yet more concerned and a humanitarian crisis becomes even more dire yemenis in desperate need wait for answers and aid. does either. we heard from alex develop but executive director of the world peace foundation he says the international
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community has failed in its response to yemen yemen is the famine the crime of our generation it is the destruction of an entire country true gradual degradation of its economic infrastructure its social welfare infrastructure the deprivation of food it's not as though the deliberate intent of the saudis and the reason that allies has been to create starvation but the way in which they have conducted the war has had that foreseeable result and their priority of conducting the war in the way they want to has consistently over written any humanitarian sensibility even up to today and clearly. unless nature ethics or may not only to bring in urgently needed humanitarian assistance to open the port to open the airports to be sure to revive and rebuild the health care infrastructure but
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also to to rebuild the basic economy this is going to be a disaster that will last a generation if the united nations declares famine in a particular place it does cause a humanitarian outcry it does call cause international agencies to say we must and to does generate publicity but there are no legal mechanisms there are no political or legal obligations on any government to try to prevent famine and this is clearly a shortcoming over many decades we have seen huge progress in overcoming famine in fewer famines less lethal famines and then in the last year or so that progress is being reversed because of the callous indifference of a number of governments around the world. it's moved to other news the syrian opposition groups have renewed their demand for the resignation of president bashar al assad the declaration came during a conference held in the saudi capital of riyadh there had been speculation the negotiations committee would soften their position after their leader had job step
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down lot earlier this week that group is backed by saudi arabia but also condemned iran's role in the conflict an accused of destabilizing the region this meeting is actually one of several diplomatic efforts aimed at ending the fighting in syria over in sochi in russia president vladimir putin's been hosting the leaders of iran and turkey kremlin wants to see support a political solution and it has planned a conference next month to achieve that the observers say it's unlikely assad would negotiate with the next round of un back talks due to begin in geneva on tuesday as well and another process has been running in a capitol latest round of talks between opposition groups and government representatives are scheduled for early next month the major out convert from those has been the creation of the four so-called deescalation zones inside syria so let's try to. tireless together with mohamed
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who is a professor of conflict resolution at george mason university joining us here in doha forgive me i was getting confused with what the director was saying in my ear as i read through all of those things i thought this many process is ongoing is there a way to pull them all together because they're all achieving and i use that word loosely different things one. dynamic several shifts on various fronts for example the russians have decided to minimize or decrease their military presence in syria so as they are going to work with one. naval. force. base i mean could be considered. however this reduction in the military dynamics doesn't mean that there is less involvement i think that it is
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a tactical move by the russians to move from heavy military maneuvering of the conflict into some diplomatic option of a formula that could go hand in hand with the geneva process so the prospects of the syrian offer is over in the syrian conflict is moving shift whether the same time there are new friends of. the five you have the turkish front you have the iranian front and most will be down the road we will have the israeli front if really the iranians manage to move toward the golan heights so the map is shift industry and the geo political geography is shifting and it's going to make it more challenging for any intervention to make some headway in the process of mediating the conflict just thinking as we see pictures there of president putin with president asad as far as president assad is concerned he's he's won or he's winning at least which makes the prospects of him negotiating. white slim doesn't
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it and certainly is not going to step aside as they as the opposition would want or the russians claim that they have saved syrian state so this is a very serious claim of influence not only inside syria it's the entire middle east at the same time the syrian military also claims that it has regained ninety percent of the so-called liberated territories so there is a strong russian syrian military front that is making progress but the same time this is going to open a new fragmentation within syria within the opposition because in the long run the russian presence will not will no longer be an assett it may to turn into a labor billet especially when you have the new dynamics how to store the inside politics and how to do what i what we have you know that we have a scenario with the u.s.
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in iraq back in two thousand and nine two thousand and ten so we have the next round of geneva talks coming up which has been the longest running of the talks and the most official if i can put it that way the fact that there is a standard going on as well and there has been this other russian effort in iraq does that maybe. what effect do you think that will have on the geneva talks do you think you can make them any more effective i think it's go into it or it's going to trigger more. diplomatic challenges for the u n a number one you're not going to have a unified opposition daily. to sit next to the or opposite the government and the leadership at the same time the question we should ask is what influence or what the real power mr de mistura has in bringing twistin some all the possibility towards. at the same time we have that or the meeting of the it
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becomes like a precondition step before geneva at the same time and the other question that we also should we should also on today is how far the russians the turks and the iranians are helping the geneva process so unfortunately the geneva process is. been traveling to do more and more because we have four major crises we've been one of them one we have the political crisis about syria and who should be with the. should remain in power or not you have the humanitarian crisis half of the put a population is i.d.p.'s already for years let alone about half a million of casualties then you have the security crisis that is now being here out of the all of the regional and international powers i'm talking about eyes and so everybody is trying to maneuver or to handle one segment of the crisis from this
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and the fourth one which is what's in in the or making it more difficult for geneva process is there i'm if occasionally of the latent cold war between the regional powers right when the saudis and iranians and all the elements are not helping the geneva we should pick up on one of those points you made and that is the humanitarian side of things because we can talk about men in suits in however many different cities we want especially the ones who are saying oh the syria war looks like it might be coming to an end it's not coming to an end not for the people on the ground in syria is it why i think the international community has failed syrian civilians just recently from the very beginning so you had the obama administration that was hesitant about the red line red line the use of chemical weapons that's number one number two i was all over the world and wondering why. so and then all deploying
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a peacekeeping force on the ground so if you don't take such a measure you don't even know what's going on so basically we close the door against two factions in syria civilians and the regime to fight took each other and then we try to observe from this and so this is i think the first serious genocide of the twenty first century and fortunately the international community did not learn from what happened in the one in one thousand nine hundred four and they always say never again don't they know how much of a pleasure talking to you really interesting thank you to be with you thank you. let's move on the first images of robert mugabe and his wife grace have been released since the form of them when they resigned on tuesday and granted immunity from prosecution under a deal brokered as part of his resignation security and political forces have told al jazeera the agreement guarantees his safety in zimbabwe i mean he won't be going to exile the sources say mcgovern wants to die in his home country was about the
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stock market for six billion dollars and its main index has slumped forty percent since last wednesday that is when the military power of course would lead to mugabe stepping down so people are hoping that amazon will be sworn in on friday can turn the economy around this report is from fundamentally anyway what w.'s been making cabinets coffins and doors and go to monsey for more than twenty years business is not always been great but it's worse than ever now the carpenter says a point kaname and political upheaval means rising costs and customers with less money to spend i think. things will be james. the. know the president things will be i think he'll be ok the small town like many others in rural areas is in desperate need of development a single todd road runs through the town center there's no running water and not
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everyone has electricity many years say government economic policies meant to help the poor have been ineffective often only benefiting the political elite most people here farm and salvaged both to make ends meet with about eighty percent of zimbabweans unemployed and many have few options some have stayed while others have left some when looking for work alongside the market shift but unlawful search for a pair of shoes for a living. i've got a wife i've got children. but look at my job what i'm doing after more than three decades with one president there's no promise of change but many here wouldn't speak to us on camera believing it's not safe after years of political oppression in private they did say they want peace along with economic recovery it's thoughts political freedoms won't emerge overnight there generally policy changes. and
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courage investors. property rights the left of property rights. very discouraging and short of. job creation. most of the bracing is a planned when emerson went on god why is sworn in on friday but many zimbabweans are wondering whether a new face will bring meaningful transformation always it will be more of the same . ones he's involved with. here's what's coming up on this news hour bangladesh and me and mine are agreeing on a deal to repatriate ranger refugees bob's on the ground plenty of skepticism about that also why a statue in san francisco's chinatown is straining relations with the city in japan and sport an n.f.l. game in washington reignites the controversy the redskins take on the new york giants in a traditional thanksgiving game details still to come. now
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police in papa new guinea have raided a former australian run prison camp on man of silence and forcibly removed about sixty refugees this is the facility that was closed three weeks ago power and water supplies were cut but more than four hundred refugees refused to leave and have continued protesting inside and it's home it's their own medicine. the police came in early in the morning more than three weeks after the former australian run prison had its power and water supply cut off refugees who are refusing to leave say they were peacefully resisting but the police hit them with sticks and stones after twenty three days surviving on rain water and small amounts of smuggled in food the refugees weakened by hunger say that at least two men collapsed or were
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knocked unconscious in the rate police seized mobile phones to stop the refugees posting more videos and photos the flow of information became a trickle one refugee managed to speak to al-jazeera before his phone was confiscated. immigration law. when you. would you. be gracious not. for me. everything about sixty refugees were loaded onto buses and taken away al-jazeera filmed them as they sped along the road into town refugees shouted help to us from an open window. a delegation from international humanitarian organizations
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who are visiting man a silent promised access to see conditions in the former prison on thursday following the raid they were told their visit was off. there is the thing to close and here in my leader of civil society kind of thing getting in and from a democratic nation under the rule of law. for thirty years has gone to lots of disasters and humanitarian situations and i'm not allowed to visit we were told to do that there was no way we'd be allowed past a checkpoint on the way to the prison. and then taken out brought here to loring the main town on the island then you accommodation is near and australia's government says it's ready for them and they should have moved in weeks ago but i've seen some of the accommodation and the still heavy machinery working on it and we tried to film a new home from a nearby road so private security could track stopped us this is the accommodation of the refugees are moving to australia the government says it's ready to go. but
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is that because there are trucks there it's clearly still being worked on but the state of the new camp isn't the major issue for the refugees our. resistance is. the main reason is because. we didn't come from. they fear being dumped and what they see is merely an alternative to jail still on a remote island and the australian government takes no responsibility for it at all andrew thomas al jazeera on matter side and when you get it. in the mediterranean almost eleven hundred migrants were rescued on wednesday by various aid groups coast guards and patrol boats the german charity scene watch says it's time now on their way to italy with two hundred fifty four refugees on board the group includes a newborn baby picked up with its mother after being delivered on one of those
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rubber to. libya is of course one of the main transit countries for migrants and refugees trying to reach europe but many who were herded onto the boats never actually make it across the mediterranean instead they are picked up and returned to libya had reports now from a detention center in the capital tripoli. these migrants were rescued by libya's coast guard in the mediterranean and brought here to this detention center in the libyan capital tripoli now they are from several african countries and they say they have fled war poverty and unemployment in their countries some of them say they have nothing at all to live on in their own countries they have taken a tough journey through the desert and they have paid people smugglers to get to libya to try to cross the mediterranean to europe authorities here say that these migrants add more pressure to the already troubled local economy the migrants are
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being taken care of by authorities here they also have to go through medical check and the international organization for migration helps deporting those who want a voluntary return to their countries with security and financial collapse in libya human trafficking and smuggling have become a groom trade not only african migrants who risk their life but also many libya locals paid people smugglers to get to europe through the mediterranean despite european efforts to monitor the mediterranean this crisis does not seem to be ending any soon until order and stability prevail in libya. many of those migrants who are trapped in libya are off and sold into slavery rwanda's government is saying it will offer some of them refuge the government simon did not say how many refugees it's willing to take hundreds of thousands of africans traveling through
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and if you are often held by smugglers and then forced to work for little or no money and even government has pledged to investigate the allegations that migrants are being sold off in the country. we are from the head of the presidential council to the interior ministry and the department working against illegal immigration dealing with this issue there has been instructions to form an investigative committee to find the truth and capture those responsible and take in the courts to be punished now the leader of germany's social democratic party is under pressure to help form a government with chancellor angela merkel and schultz met the president softer talks to form the new administration broke down on sunday he is under increasing pressure to start those coalition negotiations with mrs merkel dominic tain reporting now from berlin it's been a day of meetings for the social democrats party leader martin short's first with his senior colleague the president of germany frank fattush fine meyer which was
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called at the request of the president basically to see whether mr shultz feels there's any possibility of being able to find a solution to the political and past that has developed since the weekend when the coalition talks between the other main parties collapsed and then there was a meeting for mr shultz with his senior party colleagues on the s.p.d. the social democrat board later in the afternoon the point to be made there is that mr schultz has been implacably opposed until now to the idea of another grand coalition with angle americans christian democratic party but increasingly voices of senior social democrat colleagues of his have said well look actually if they can't be a government of a different political hue maybe we should go back into government with angela merkel because germany needs to billet that's the point to make here that there are very many other factors at play not least on the european scale given the importance europe germany has in the e.u. given breaks it talks and other important european matters that will require
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a stable government in germany. we'll get a break on the news hour and still to come. destruction and anger growing as families wait for news of the missing submarine. i'm john hendren in fulton texas a town just celebrating the thanksgiving holiday still devastated from hurricane harvey. and in support of brazilian football star sent to nine years in prison all right that story coming up a little later. hello most of the action has already happened into thanksgiving weekend there you can see a lot of clout of the u.s. you might get an idea is pushing up over the rockies and then dipping down at the plain states that should be the cold bit well it is but in comparison to last i saw
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it's not like cold and we're still plus three when you peg the snow in ontario but come south of the border and it's sunshine right degrees in toronto a bit of rain might swing through the upper midwest but rain really has been concentrating in washington state and b.c. is well even this is becoming rather less obvious rather less intense it's still it's cloudy through much of california and he's down to twenty seven days been up to but low thirty's reason is this bit of cooling trend but probably cold we have seen a drop down to single figures in trying to chicago so represents the midwest and the great lakes but new york sets to twelve degrees up in new york state might see a cold enough or a little bit of snow you'll see that there was an active weather throughout the caribbean and it's been focusing in the last day i say on jamaica and eastern cuba you can see the white cloud never really leaving there's been some surface flooding ninety one millimeters in twenty four hours might tell you why that rain belt is still there but it's breaking up still a lot to bring a few showers jamaica to cuba and maybe rather more to costa rica.
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documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.
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every. with the news here on al-jazeera these are our top stories the united nations says saudi arabia has not followed through on its promise to lift a two week blockade on yemen's main international airport and a major port said it would reopen airport and the port of had by the. u.n. says this blockade is worse than yemen's humanitarian crisis saudi backed syrian opposition groups of once again demanded the resignation of president during
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a conference on their country's future and there had been speculation the negotiations committee would soften its position after its leader. of the of this week and the lady of germany's main opposition social democrats is under pressure to help chancellor angela merkel form a government. that the president talks to form a new administration broke. bangladesh have signed a deal for the repatch of the refugees it is hoped it will allow those refugees to go home once their work has been completed by bangladesh which more than six hundred thousand ranger who fled the crackdown in rakhine state over the past three months scott hyde the reports now from young. after days of negotiating bangladesh's foreign minister abdul hassan mahmud ali and myanmar leader on song suchi reach an agreement on a repatriation plan for the ranger who fled rakhine state over the last three months the memo of understanding was signed in
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a foreign minister level working group created as the leaders reached agreement some of the hundreds of thousands of or hindu refugees who fled the violence spoke of their concern about how the repatriation will work i don't think we did they discriminate against us because we are muslim and rango if they accept us as running is and give us full citizenship and allow us to live in peace and harmony then we will consider returning not listen to what we have really suffered they have committed so many atrocities against us killed many of my family members been to hymes and taken our land if they give us equal rights citizenship and security then we will consider going back added pressure on myanmar to move forward with the ranger crisis coming from washington a week after his visit to the country u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson called the army crackdown in rakhine ethnic cleansing that's the first time the troubled ministration has used that description in his first visit to the capital neighbored or last week to listen call the events in rakhine as just horrific he also said an impartial independent investigation is
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needed. russia's ambassador to me on maher says the ethnic cleansing label is unhelpful and an independent investigation is not acceptable for me. so many and gone agree oh maybe going on you when you know in my opinion the statement by the u.s. secretary of state is one sided he's meddling in our country's affairs. even though repatriation agreement has been reached it's not clear how quickly the refugees were turned to myanmar not to mention of they'll be going back to the villages they were a victim from or even if many villages which were left in flames still exist it's not hard to al-jazeera yangon. families of forty four crewmembers of a missing submarine a furious at the argentinian government as fears grow over their fate the navy has announced a possible explosion was detected at the last known location of the plan but the vessel still hasn't been found not surprisingly emotional scenes at the. naval
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base where relatives are gathering many accusing the government of deliberately keeping them in the dark and they think the crew operate a submarine that was too old to navigate. the submarine wasn't found but they say it's three thousand mages beloit so annoyed they don't tell you anything that's why i say. they are wicked and have manipulated us but i knew about it one after my correspondent. although nothing has yet been confirmed the news being relayed by the arjun sign naval or thor it is is looking increasingly grim for the forty four members crew members of the submarine the ira some one which disappeared which lost contact with your thor it is now more than nine days ago the naval spokesman and the cable t.v. came out to say that they had received off information that an abnormal singular short violent no new killer event that was consistent with an explosion had been
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received has not spoken about the fate of the forty four crew members after that news was relayed to the family members some of them came out to say they were very angry with the arjen final thorough it is first of all for taking so long to bring this information to light and secondly about not being told anything any confirmed information about their family members they are now many of them spearing the word in the meantime the two search and rescue operation involving aircraft ships and undersea rescue equipment from at least nine countries is still going on in rough waters in the south atlantic around the spot where communication was last hard with the submarine something like four hundred thirty kilometers off the southeastern coast of argentina as i say information means the hopes and expectations are increasingly dire but nobody is giving up just yet until that information has been confirmed. the venezuelan president nicolas maduro is dismissing u.s.
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demands to free five jailed businessmen executives were with deal nationality were detained as part of a corruption investigation they work for a u.s. subsidiary of venezuela's state owned oil giant in time the ministry not only venezuelan executives from citgo were in venezuela for a meeting and were detained under order of the attorney general based on a complaint that i made now the united states embassy says that five of the six detainees are american citizens and since they're american citizens the u.s. government has demanded that they be released these people were born in venezuela they are venezuelans they will be judged for corrupt thieves and traitors that they are. now remember hurricane harvey the most costly tropical cyclone on record when flooding caused nearly two hundred billion dollars of damage more than hurricane katrina back in two thousand and five and nowhere was harvey's devastation felt
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more than in around this county in texas where hundreds remain homeless for thanksgiving which americans are celebrating on this day john hendren is spending the holiday in the texas town of fulton. ok with me. over on this thanksgiving holiday the people of fulton texas you are blessings to count. for manic depression. we're going to have a christmas this kid's going to get a christmas. card. mayor jimmie kendrick lost his barn two cars in much of his electricity in hurricane harvey and he considers himself lucky . three months after the eye of the storm ravaged nearly every building here a survey returned by most of iran's as counties remaining twenty five hundred students brought stunning news they got quite a few of their own with that ninety eight percent of those they're homeless in some
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way cord in the texas law and school that means they could be without electricity or could be in the situation or living with somebody else two percent and we're still living in tents. many live in this tent city even as demolition crews are still tearing down their homes about twenty trailer homes from the federal emergency management agency have arrived here in arends this county but three hundred fifty families have asked for help finding housing the fulton fishing pier he used to be a gathering place for the town and it was practical the money generated from running fishing gear and selling snacks here paid for the police department but since the powerful winds of hurricane harvey tore through it at points it needs to be rebuilt from scratch many hotels restaurants and stores are either financially wiped out or wiped off the map what did you lose in hurricane harvey our little american dream so we lost our hardware brand new business it was all right here
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yeah it was just right here front door was right there ok so he's putting the deck up today donna townsend own three businesses here one was destroyed one was badly damaged the third was rescued by fulton residents say the neighbor's house yeah they were as an friends and customers i know everybody needed a place to least say hello again how are you so the sugar shack became the town hall pretty much pretty much as texans along the gulf of mexico begin the long task of rebuilding their lives most of those we talked to say on this holiday they're thankful for what remains john hendren al-jazeera fulton texas. a decision by san francisco to recognize a memorial to women forced into sexual slavery by the japanese during world war two has strained ties with its sister think the soka statue was part of a long running effort by activists to shed light on
2:39 am
a very dark capta in the history of the conflict rob reynolds has the full story. the statue in san francisco's chinatown neighborhood shows three somber young asian women holding hands while an older woman looks on from below. activists say it symbolizes the hundreds of thousands of women and girls mostly from korea who were abducted and enslaved in imperial japanese military brothels before and during the second world war eighty nine year old young so levy is one of the few surviving so-called comfort women she was kidnapped from korea at age fifteen and forced to work in a brothel in taiwan where one woman would be forced to have sex with as many as one hundred or more soldiers every day. activists in south korea and the united states say the government of japan has not issued a sufficiently sincere apology for that brutal wartime treatment activists have set
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up dozens of similar memorials around the world angering the japanese government. the comfort women issue has been deviled japanese south korean relations for decades despite repeated efforts to agree on an acceptable apology and reparations for survivors now it has damaged u.s. japanese friendship as well the mayor of osaka japan's second largest city severed its sixty year old sister city relationship with san francisco mayor hero for me yoshimura said san francisco breach of trust with osaka by officially accepting the privately funded memorial as. city property he called the decision japan bashing japan's prime minister shinzo has called on south korea to remove similar memorial statues but south korean president. has refused to move and also cast doubt
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on a twenty fifteen agreement and to settle the comfort women issue saying the korean people cannot emotionally accepted a traumatic legacy of war echoing down through generations robert oulds al-jazeera lebanon's prime minister has described the political crisis following his resignation announcement as a wake up call and urged the lebanese to put their country first. suspended his resignation following his return to beirut on wednesday his surprise decision to quit in the first place was announced in saudi arabia two weeks ago it was seen as part of a regional power play between saudi arabia and iran more from they know how about in beirut. the political crisis has eased but the main problem between the two major political alliances the pro and pro has camps has not gone away hezbollah's arms and the groups to militarily intervene in conflicts beyond lebanon's borders have long divided the lebanese political differences that are unlikely to be
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resolved anytime soon. i believe an agreement can be reached to stick to the disassociation policy lebanon should stay away from all the conflicts of the arab region we need a new disappear because of politics i'm not. just like. i'm going with the ball game somebody is playing with them all controlling them all many. of them is standing by him so three weeks ago lebanon found itself yet again on the brink prime minister resigned while he was in saudi arabia it was unexpected even his closest aides were shocked to stay in the kingdom was mysterious many in lebanon including the president accuse saudi arabia of forcing him to resign and holding him hostage and last week he left riyadh for paris after french mediation he came back to beirut he then decided to suspend his resignation
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saying he wants to give time for dialogue so what happened many here believe it was not an internal lebanese affair can he do when he could be any major powers you small opposed to avoid direct conflicts which is the case between iran and saudi they each supporting small groups in lebanon to fight the battle for example the saudis are using prime minister hariri to pressure iran and hezbollah. and you have eighteen six hereon groups and many of them are supported by foreign powers and none of them is sticking to disassociation policy here nor are they working for the interests of lebanon. iraqi forces have launched an operation to push the last i so far things out of the desert bordering syria. troops from the iraqi army and the she up popular mobilization forces taking part in this campaign iraq's prime minister haider the body says he will announce the final defeat of the armed groups in iraq once this operation and. his foreign minister has made a keynote speech at
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a counterterrorism conference in london a blockade against qatar is approaching its sixth month now saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt all accused her of funding terrorism denies shaikh mohammad been out there and he says the country remains committed to eradicating all kinds of terrorism. wants constantly. to seek a new collective approaches to the global threat on terrorism in a changing world. since two thousand and four the took steps to cut off the finest of terrorists by developing the legislation at the property just with a framework. and improve our financial monitoring system that has learned that the key and i can't think terrorism and its ideology must be through a holistic approach. by coming by combining tough security measures with more
2:45 am
lasting safeguards we can all succeed also in london covering us for us to. although the main theme of this conference here in london is combat and terrorism and how to confront groups like isis on to eradicate the threat that they pose to governments around the world there is an underlying theme behind all of this which is the g.c.c. crisis the fact that his call organized this event is significant because. has been accused by the blockading countries who have laid siege to qatar for almost six months now of actually sponsoring terrorism on the part that a government wants to achieve through organizing an event like this is to say that not only are those like use ations force but in fact the president governments and other authorities are at the forefront of combating terrorism and violence extremism is called together with partners like the united kingdom the united states and the european union so that's in itself is significance we are hard
2:46 am
statements not only from the foreign minister but also british ministers like the birds responsible for the middle east and the foreign office here are saying that obviously the push to fight or to combat terrorism will require a lot more cooperation would require a lot more resources by all parties in the region and in the international community obviously the fact that the g.c.c. itself is not in unison is severely divided is something that is troubling as far as a lot of the politicians are concerned. i was there and continues to demand the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein who's been in an egyptian prison now for eleven months he is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly deny and saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail as well he was arrested back on december the twentieth while visiting family in egypt sudan's president has offered to make his country russia's gateway to
2:47 am
africa. has met russia's leader vladimir putin in sochi he said sudan needed protection from the united states and he accused of provoking conflict in the region he also hinted at allowing russia to use sudan's bases in the red sea electronic cigarettes they are becoming more popular these days millions of users around the world now many states in the united states are trying to regulate what is now a multi-billion dollar industry they are implementing laws that would treat them more like traditional tobacco cigarettes gabriel alexander looks at that from new york up close it looks like cigarette smoke. but this is coming from someone who's babying from an electronic cigarette to understand what babying is look no further than frank de gras because it his store in new york that is all he sells ten years ago i think is when it first started by the really exploded
2:48 am
maybe in the last three or four years think of it is smoking but with flavors everything from cinnamon to watermelon to coffee the flavors derived from a variety of oils that bape arises they are inhaled from an electronic device. it's estimated about twenty million people in the world bape half of them are in the us de gras says customers often use beeping to wean themselves off tobacco cigarettes well we won't know for twenty years but people who are using it now across the board will feel better look better moving better i think than we thought but walk into the store and say i would never be able make this walk from my car to the store volatiles but health advocates say the chemicals in babying are dangerous oftentimes people that use these products are under the impression that they are safe that is just water but the u.s. surgeon general has said that it's not just water that is potentially harmful last year the european union decided to regulate east cigarettes the same as tobacco
2:49 am
even placing a broad ban on advertising of beeping products there is a lot at stake. blowing smoke electronically is big business cigarettes now represent a two point five billion dollar a year industry the global market is expected to reach as high as thirty two billion in the next four years while the industry is growing so to assist scrutiny new york is now the eleventh state in the u.s. to enact a ban on babying anywhere cigarettes are prohibited most shop owners say that these new rules at least here in new york city will defect their business because most people that vapor are smokers or former smokers that have been used to these rules for many years health officials everywhere continue to face how to regulate the new baber smoke increasingly in the air gabriels on dough al-jazeera new york.
2:50 am
oh goodness still ahead for you on the news are all the sports news. i'm really welling's with the samoan bug who scored preparing for a guy against england here in london the squad have been declared bankrupt but there's more to the story than the.
2:51 am
time for a look at the day in sport has far. thanks very much a holiday tradition in the u.s. has reignited controversy around sport and race is on one of this year's
2:52 am
thanksgiving football games is for the first time in the leeks history being held in the capital but the host team the washington redskins uses a name many people see as a slur against native americans alan fisher has more. or many have been preparing the feast simon moir smith has been preparing the protest he says he will highlight the forgotten story of thanksgiving so we call this the justice for natives rally because of the omission of the murdered and mutilated native. and the thanksgiving narrative people don't know about it don't talk about it you know it's a very white washed myth made comfortable narrative for people. has been simmering anger to over the name of the team in washington the redskins there's been a concerted effort to have it changed opponents claiming it is blatantly racist the american psychological society said such names and mascots are harmful but the union says the name is here to stay of you backed up by the majority of fans in several polls when you've got a mascot major n.f.l.
2:53 am
football team that are boiling us down to this one representation one very represent racist representation on a holiday that's also supposed to honor the relationship that colonial governments have with native americans for us it's just all off the team's name was the big controller say in the sport in recent years but the focus this season and last has been more on players taking in the joining the national anthem to protest racism we're going to talk about police brutality and we need to include natives in the discussion there right now that dialogue is very much black and white but it's not natives are more likely to die at the hands of police though through a protesting say this is about more than just the name this is about celebrating an imagery and a behavior that was cruel and grotesque when people native to this land men women and children were literally skinned for money changing the name they insist would be a first step that would be something they could celebrate alan fischer al-jazeera at
2:54 am
the home of the washington redskins. brazilian forward has been sentenced to nine years in prison for rape or being convicted of taking part in the gang rape of an albanian woman in milan in two thousand and thirteen and italian court ruled that the thirty three year old and five other brazilians assaulted the woman who was twenty two at the time after plying her with alcohol in a nightclub or being you know who currently plays with atletico mero in brazil pleaded not guilty the his lawyer and has never appeared at any of the court hearings in italy he denies the charges and says he will appeal the decision. the favorites to win the europa league arsenal suffered an upside to their group game against cologne but will still progress as group winners are some vendor made eleven changes for the trip to germany and watched his side go down one nil they win the group because red star belgrade drew against bartell off the brazilian side gremio has taken the upper hand after the first leg of the cup at
2:55 am
liberty to doris a final this is the biggest club football competition in south america they were hosting argentinian side lanas who are competing and their first final lanas held firm until the eighty third minute when midfielders came off the bench to clinch a one nil victory. heading to the second leg and went to serious next wednesday hoping to clinch their first copa liberty doris title since one thousand nine hundred five. with very strong on home soil will be without people or opponent also knows that we are stronger at alvin i believe that the final is there is no way goals rule we just need one goal to equalise a final. the samoan rugby team are going through difficult times on and off the pitch as they prepare to face a strong team in london samoa haven't won an international this year and their rugby association or
2:56 am
a good performance. with a prospect when they met while this summer and same have been in england there has been a development on their financial story which is that world rugby side they are being supported that they do have the money that they're not bankrupt and we will do everything it can to make sure they're ok i mean we did see with a twenty twenty three rugby world cup going to france that was for financial reasons that was our world rugby could support the smaller nations who are struggling. in the middle i want to stay out of this and say look it's between samoa and world rugby and this that the england players would give some of their considerable much thousands of dollars what doesn't that's going to happen as for the much itself and i'm trying not to disturb the players going through every saying here they had a disappointing defeat against remind you and haven't won this year so they're really going to need to step it up against this tough england side unlikely to win
2:57 am
we think back to the glory days when some world cup quarter finals in the ninety's but what people want is to put in a good performance because there's so much talent out there. if you have what the al-jazeera. boys are having fun. as well we play rugby do you think. this will play your best performance of the year. this is the one with. and that's all you swore for now more later all right barbara thank you for that we are back at the top of the hour just a couple of minutes away with another full full of news here on out of syria i can also more stick around and see.
2:58 am
december on al-jazeera we look back at twenty seventeen through the eyes of five families have been affected by some of the big stories of the year in an
2:59 am
increasingly polarized world people in power sheds light on the darkest abuses of authority ten days of comprehensive coverage about nuclear arsenals around the globe and the impact they have on the diplomatic stage a special program dedicated to this year's nobel peace prize laureates i can and their pursuit of a nuclear weapon free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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air and sea ports remain closed in yemen despite the saudi.


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