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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2017 6:00am-6:34am +03

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pressed they were engaged to a clandestine. al-jazeera unravels the history of chad's notorious former president the same habit a dictator on trial but this time on al-jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of that you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tab that they're on there. and that's the way al-jazeera is a fall into a true media network. i'm going to get a police use force to fix all the refugees who refused to leave
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a form a strategy and run doesn't get. blown down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up as navy says there may have been an explosion on a submarine that went missing more than a week ago. air and sea ports remain closed in yemen despite a saudi promise to lift a blockade. and zimbabwe's stock market has lost six billion dollars in a week and a new president rescue the economy. police and pop in again a have removed all remaining refugees some a controversial form a strange and run prison camp on mount sinai. officers use force to clear the three hundred seventy eight men of the
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decommissioned site refugee activists say police destroyed their belongings to make them leave when the camp was closed three weeks ago but the refugees refused to go saying they feared being attacked by local people. mourning the police. attacked the prison camp and the. refugees. in that time talking to. remove. prison time. for. preventing their own one conflict. moment and the refugees more. refugees forced. by for.
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a peaceful protest more than one hundred for more than twenty. i think i think. you know the government the government. responsible well al jazeera is under thomas joins us on the phone now from minus island andrew so reports now that all the refugees have been moved from the camp just bring us up to date with what's been happening on through. well clearly what we know now to aaron is the alteration we still for keeping a kid from the school most pretty and run prisons for refugees was just the beginning at the end of the twelve buses league had left the school in a prison on friday and actually hearing from refugees like john you're you just play the pics of all the refugees as well pap and you can even place the
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immigration office here and now will study the us government open to all the refugees now the moved from that pool in the prison and taken to alternative accommodation in the nearby town of the hall an hour away from where that prison is walled and i'm just doing the sort of facilities are available to them at this new camp. yes so we've seen from a distance some of the. security. there would be about building the that they need because a lot of contradictions how would you pay off the refugees australian government think tank weeks now but the old times of accommodation it's painted it's ready. and the victim she should move to it even though it's managed by pop when you get government rather than australia is a form of prison was the refugee story but it still it seems that you accommodation is not ready it's still being built it doesn't have any security from the outside tablets they clearly dangerous for them some are being attacked the truth lies
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somewhere in between some of that accommodation is ready maybe they think it's. it all the tapping but it is weighty and it's habitable some of it even seen heavy machinery there as well so the truth is somewhere in between. the reason that the refugees could not want to leave that form of prison would primarily to protest they have been abandoned by australia and by the rest of the world as far as they can the last pool you dumped in the prison on our side and what i want is to be moved to another prison the state without prison walls but still under a most interim other country and then forgotten about i'm a fool if i'm almost there. with a major protest which is what the last three weeks we've been refusing to leave the old prison in the world would most of their life and to that extent it was the protest is what they still do not want to be here on mass on some other thomas that
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amount of silence andrew thank you. now saudi backed syrian opposition groups have agreed to form a fifteen member delegation that will attend next week's u.n. sponsored talks they again demand the resignation of president bashar al assad during a conference on the country's future in riyadh but asaad stepping down will not be a precondition for talks meanwhile russia is planning to reduce the number of its troops in syria by the end of the year while the meeting is one of several diplomatic efforts aimed at ending the fighting in syria in the russian city of sochi president vladimir putin has been hosting the leaders of iran and turkey the kremlin wants to see as support a political solution and its planned a conference next month to achieve that but observers say it's unlikely assad will negotiate all this comes as the next round of u.n. but talks are due to begin in geneva on tuesday another process has been running in the cousin capital as stana the latest round of talks between opposition groups and government representatives i should do for early next month the major outcome from
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them has been the creation of four so-called deescalation zones inside syria where monitor khouri is a professor of conflict resolution at george mason university he says the agreement in russia raises complications for the talks in geneva. the question we should ask is what influence or what the real power mr de mistura has in bringing twistin some all the possibility towards at the same time we have the or the it becomes like a precondition step before geneva at the same time and the other question that we also should we should also entertain is how far the russians the turks and the iranians are helping the geneva process so unfortunately the geneva process is. been traveling read more and more because we have
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a major crisis within one we have the political crisis about syria and who should be with that. should remain in power or not you have the humanitarian crisis half of the put a population is i.d.p.'s already really is that alone about half a million of casualties then you have the security crisis that is now to be inherent in the by all of the regional and international powers i'm talking about i said so everybody is trying to maneuver or to handle one segment of the crisis from this and the fourth one which is woodson in the or making it more difficult for geneva. there i'm if occasional of the latent cold war between the regional powers between the saudis and iranians and turks families of forty four crewmembers of a missing submarine are firas of the argentinian government as fears grow over their fate the navy's announce of a possible explosion was detected near the last known location of the n.r.a.
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someone but the vessel still hasn't been found and emotional scenes of the modern plantain naval base where relatives are gathering many accuse the government of deliberately keeping them in the dark letting the crew operate a submarine that was too old to navigate. has more from out a platter. the lights are still on the naval base behind me here in marble platter but hope certainly seems to be fading very fast for the fate of the forty four crew members of the submarine the ira one the argentine authorities with the backing from about ten countries still continuing the search and rescue operation out here in the south atlantic ocean but. looking for a submarine at the bottom of the ocean they don't hold out much hope that the crew will have survived the family certainly after being told a few hours ago about the latest news about the explosion that apparently happened just a few hours after the last communication with the submarine back on the fifteenth
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of november they certainly seem to be seem to have given up hope that they will see their loved ones again they left this naval base after being told at the news very very angry with the authorities for the lack of information for the contradiction the information they were receiving and also some of them angry at the age of the submarine built in one thousand nine hundred three commissioned in one thousand nine hundred five they said it shouldn't have been out at sea or though the argentine or thorough it is said it was not obsolete that it was in good working condition so very sad day in argentina as they say the rescue operation continuing horrendous conditions here in mar del plata and even worse out at sea really days of mourning it's a car people now look at the fate of those forty four crew members almost eleven hundred migrants were rescued on wednesday in the mediterranean sea by various aid groups coast guards and patrol boats the german charity see what says it's boats
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and now on their way to italy with two hundred fifty four refugees among them is a newborn baby picked up with its mother after being born. where libya is one of the main transit countries of migrants and refugees trying to reach europe but many are heard it on two boats never make it across the mediterranean instead they picked up and return to libya mahmoud at the wind reports from a detention center in the capital tripoli. these migrants were rescued by libya's coast guard in the mediterranean and brought here to this detention center in the libyan capital tripoli now they are from several african countries and they say they have fled war poverty and unemployment in their countries some of them say they have nothing at all to live on in their own countries they have taken a tough journey through the desert and they have paid people smugglers to get to libya to try to cross the mediterranean to europe authorities here say that these
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migrants add more pressure to the already troubled local economy the migrants are being taken care of by authorities here they also have to go through medical check and the international organization for migration helps deporting those who want a voluntary return to their countries with security and financial collapse in libya human trafficking and smuggling have become a groom trade not only african migrants who risk their life but also many libya locals pay people smugglers to get to europe through the mediterranean despite european efforts to monitor the mediterranean this crisis does not seem to be ending in any soon until order and stability prevail in libya. for many migrants who get trapped in libya are often sold into slavery rwanda's government says it will offer some of them refuge the government statement didn't say how many refugees the country's willing to take hundreds of thousands of africans traveling
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from libya are often held by smugglers and forced to work for little or no money for the libyan government's plans to investigate the allegations that migrants are being sold off. we are from the head of the presidential council to the interior ministry and the department working against illegal immigration dealing with this issue they have been instructions to form an investigative committee to find the truth and capture those responsible and take in the courts to be punished . also to come here not just our including bangladesh and me margaret in a deal to repatriate ranger refugees but on the ground the skepticism. traditional thanksgiving week nights a long running country this morning. hello
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most of the action has already happened there into thanksgiving weekend there you can see a lot of clout of the u.s. you might get an idea is pushing up over the rockies and then dipping down at the plain states that should be the cold bit well it is but in comparison to last i say it's not like cold and we're still plus three when you peg the snow in ontario but come south of the border and it's sunshine right degrees in toronto a bit of rain might swing through the upper midwest but rain really has been concentrating in washington state and b.c. is well even this is becoming rather less obvious rather less intense it's still it's cloudy through much of california and he's down to twenty seven days been up to about what low thirty's reason is a bit of cooling trend but probably cold we have seen a drop down to single figures in trying to chicago so represents the midwest and the great lakes but new york sets to twelve degrees up in new york state might see it cold enough for a little bit of snow you'll see that there is an active weather throughout the caribbean and it's been focusing in the last day i say on jamaica and eastern cuba
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you can see the white cloud never really leaving there's been some surface flooding ninety one millimeters in twenty four hours might tell you why that rain belt is still there but it's breaking up still a lot to bring a few showers jamaica to cuba and maybe rather more to costa rica. i am taking your story. without regulation. tax policy on health. and the environment it was a surprise. that. it's going to take. down the cost of the. toxic war and this time.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on the al-jazeera papa new guinea police and he was forced to remove all remaining refugees from a controversial former australian run prison camp a man asylum officers used force to clear relocate the three of the seventeen. saudi backed syrian opposition groups have agreed to form a fifty member delegation to attend next week's u.n. sponsored talks they again demanded the resignation of president bashar al assad but said it's not a precondition for the negotiations in geneva and the argentine navy says a possible explosion was detected near the last known location of a submarine which disappeared more than a week ago families of the forty four missing crewmembers cues the government of
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keeping them in the dark. now the united nations says saudi arabia has not followed through on its promise to lift a two week blockade of yemen's main international airport and a major seaport that's putting millions at risk at starvation and disease well the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen had announced it would reopen airport and the port of had dated by thursday. to allow in much needed aid but the red cross says five cities are now without clean water because of the blockade and that puts two and a half million people at risk of a new cholera outbreak and other water borne diseases and the u.n. says the blockade has aggravated an already daya situation with twenty one million people in need of aid in what's been called the world's biggest humanitarian crisis as this report. many expected that come thursday aid would be flowing once more through her data one of yemen's major ports saudi arabia announced on wednesday it would ease its blockade of yemen's air and sea ports and that within twenty four
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hours humanitarian supplies would resume arriving in her data where around eighty percent of yemen's food imports are delivered as well as via united nations flight to the capital sanaa on thursday u.n. officials still weren't totally sure when they'd be given access to restart bringing supplies to yemen we were told that litigation received the system. so that in the applications quest for the ships to come into the boards and also for flights to come and deliver political news here you have to summon also to bring it to our stuff so we would think things are not going to see just again want to remind you of those places and those in the movie that we saw or any of the boys as well as notifications in the actual operation. other aid workers have told ages either they welcomed the saudi announcement but don't believe it goes far enough yemen the most impoverished country in the middle east is facing
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a number of crises. a cholera epidemic that has seen over nine hundred thousand suspected cases since april the largest outbreak ever recorded and the u.n. says seven million people are on the verge of famine and that severe acute malnutrition is in danger in the lives of almost four hundred thousand children plus the latest danger. an outbreak of the potentially fatal disease diptheria is threatening children and elderly in the central city of. we want to do that not just the humanitarian side of things there's also. the fuel shortage in the countries that he says you know we want to try meeting the fuel is. organised by the city will listen to the loop reach that. now as the u.n. grows yet more concerned and a humanitarian crisis becomes even more dire yemenis in desperate need wait for answers and aid. and disease well it's the one is on the world peace
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foundation he says the international community has failed in its response to vienna . yemen is the famine the crime of our generation it is the destruction of an entire country through gradual degradation of its economic infrastructure its social welfare infrastructure the deprivation of food it's not as though the deliberate intent of the saudis and the reason that our allies has been to create starvation but the way in which they have conducted the war has had that foreseeable result and their priority of conducting the war in the way they want to has consistently over written any humanitarian sensibility even up to today and clearly. unless nature and so may not only to bring in urgently needed humanitarian assistance to open the port to open the airports to be sure to revive
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and rebuild the health care infrastructure but also to to rebuild the basic economy this is going to be a disaster that will last a generation if the united nations declares famine in a particular place it does cause a humanitarian outcry does call cause international agencies to say we must act it does generate publicity but there are no legal mechanisms there are no political or legal obligations on any government to act to prevent famine and this is clearly a shortcoming over many decades we have seen huge progress in overcoming famine in fewer famines less lethal famines and then in the last year or so that progress is being reversed because of the callous indifference of a number of governments around the world. the first images of robert mugabe and his wife grace have been released since the four my zimbabwean leader resigned on tuesday mcgarvie has been granted immunity from prosecution under
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a deal brokered as part of his resignation security and political sources have told our jazeera the agreement guarantees his safety in zimbabwe and means he won't go into exile the sources say mcgarvie wants to die in his home country you know the leader of the main opposition party the movement for democratic change has cautiously welcomed the incoming president emerson atlanta ga ga my expectation is that. there is a lot of the must demonstrate that the nation is the only that a. million dollars more this is. a hope yeah who has a dish. of this or fish solution. for the respective. post you will. hit with a country that zimbabwe stock market has lost six billion dollars and its main
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index a slump forty percent since last wednesday that's when the military seize power which led to mcgarvey stepping down people hope that emerson and gaga will be sworn in on friday can turn the economy around under simmons reports from harare. a soldier trying to sort out the gridlock in harare's russia. just over a week ago the army was engaged in a military takeover with armored cars deployed on these streets the pace of change here has its people still trying to take in our generation of all thoughts area and rule by robert mugabe could be passing to the man sitting beside him here in different times. and emerson moon and back where i had sworn loyalty to mugabe over many years in many different roles he was part of the fight for independence that came in one nine hundred eighty after a fierce bush war against forces from the white minority government of what was then rhodesia later he was also part of security operations that crushed rival
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liberation forces in meant to be land but he denied any part in massacres that saw thousands killed the new zimbabwe brought better education and health to the masses wouldn't get why rose in the ruling zanu p.f. party and he enjoys the support of many war veterans who led the campaign of violence against white farmers. those actions took zimbabwe into a new century and has been one in which people have seen decline and ruin hyperinflation corruption food shortages in what was the breadbasket of africa even the loss of its currency and rampant unemployment on every street you see young people often well educated but without jobs they're optimistic now with reservations about one of gagra i want to hear the change of the political system from the autocratic to most. political system moon god why is seen
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as a man who's smart on business he's masterminded a move east meaning dealings with china and economists think he may deliver if he's bold with appointing the right people the former president. based on patronage it would be really nothing to do with competence and what people can do or you know can deliver so we're hoping that when you then go to a team that he's going to responsible for driving the economy is going to be different team and let him give confidence to the international community but also confidence locally people are what they have now is a real sense of anticipation this new president will have to prove himself not just by words but actions and soon they've suffered too long with shortages on food on fuel to mention a few but most of all that anything else a shortage of hope it's going to be a hard act but a new president is about to set out on
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a journey that may not only bring new hope but better fortune to people who feel they deserve so much better and are simmons al-jazeera harari. so the president has offered to make his country russia's gateway to africa omar al bashir has met russia's president vladimir putin in sochi he said sudan needed protection from the u.s. he accused of provoking conflict in the region he also hinted at allowing russia to use the band's red sea bases now myanmar and bangladesh have signed a deal over the repatriation of ranger refugees it's hoped it will allow the refugees to return home once their paperwork is completed by bangladesh more than half a million ranger fled an army crackdown in rakhine state over the past three months it's got harder reports from young after days of negotiating bangladesh's foreign minister abdul hasan mahmud ali and myanmar leader on song suchi reach an agreement on a repatriation plan for the ranger who fled rakhine state over the last three months
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the memo of understanding was signed in a foreign minister level working group created as the leaders are reached agreement some of the hundreds of thousands of or hindu refugees who fled the violence spoke of their concern about how the repatriation will work. i don't think we did they discriminate against us because we are muslim and rango if they accept us as running is and give us full citizenship and allow us to live in peace and harmony then we will consider returning obviously the fight we have really suffered they have committed so many atrocities against us killed many of my family members been to homes and taken our land if they give us equal rights citizenship and security then we will consider going back added pressure on myanmar to move forward with the red crisis coming from washington a week after his visit to the country u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson called the army crackdown in rakhine ethnic cleansing that's the first time the troubled ministration has used that description in his first visit to the capital neighbored or last week to listen call the events
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in rakhine as just horrific he also said an impartial independent investigation is needed. russia's ambassador to me on maher says the ethnic cleansing label is unhelpful and an independent investigation is not acceptable for me. so many and gone agree but now i'm waiting on you when you know in my opinion the statement by the u.s. secretary of state is one sided he's meddling in our country's affairs. even though a repatriation agreement has been reached it's not clear how quickly the refugees were turned to myanmar not to mention of they'll be going back to the villages they were a victim from or even if many villages which were left in flames still exist it's not hard to al-jazeera. now a holiday tradition in the u.s. has reignited controversy around sport and racism one of this year's thanksgiving football games is being held in the capital for the first time in the league's history but the host team the washington redskins uses a name many people see as a slur against native americans helen fisher has more. or many have been preparing
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the feast simon moir smith has been preparing the protest he says he will highlight the forgotten story of thanksgiving so we call this the justice for natives rally because of the omission of the murdered and mutilated native. and the thanksgiving narrative people don't know about it don't talk about this you know it's a very white washed myth and made comfortable narrative for people. that has been simmering anger to over the name of the team in washington the redskins there's been a concerted effort to have it changed opponents claiming it is blatantly racist the american psychological society said such names and mascots are harmful but the union says the name is here to stay of you backed up by the majority of fans in several polls when you've got a mascot major n.f.l. football team that are boiling us down to this one representation one very represent racist representation on a holiday that's also supposed to honor the relationship that colonial governments
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have with native americans for us it's just all off the team's name was the big controversy in the sport in recent years but the focus this season and last has been more on players taking in the joining the national anthem to protest racism we're going to talk about police brutality and we need to include natives in the discussion right now that dialogue is very much black and white but it's not natives are more likely to die at the hands of police though through a protesting say this is about more than just the name this is about celebrating and imagery and a behavior that was cruel and grotesque when people native to this land men women and children were literally skinned for money changing the name they insist would be a first step that would be something they could celebrate alan fischer al-jazeera at the home of the washington redskins.
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a quick reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera police in papua new guinea have used force to remove all remaining refugees from a controversial former australian run prison camp on menace island officers have now relocated all the three hundred seventy eight detainees saudi backed syrian opposition groups have agreed to form a fifteen member delegation that will attend next week's u.n. sponsored talks they again demanded the resignation of president bashar al assad through a conference on the country's future in riyadh but assad stepping down or not be a precondition for negotiations meanwhile russia is planning to reduce the number of its troops by the end of the year the u.n. says saudi arabia has not followed through on its promise to lift a two week blockade on yemen's main international airport in a major seaport it had said it would reopen some port and the port of her data by thursday. from the world peace foundation is calling for urgent action unless. it's a way not only to bring in urgently military assistance to open the port to open
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the airports to cure to revive and rebuild the health care infrastructure but also to to rebuild the basic economy this is going to be a disaster that will last a generation the argentinian navy says a possible explosion was detected near the last known location of a submarine which disappeared more than a week ago families of the forty four missing crew members accuse the government of keeping them in the dark. almost eleven hundred migrants were rescued on wednesday in the mediterranean sea by there is a group's coast guards and patrol boats the german charity sea world says it's boats are now on their way to italy with two hundred fifty four refugees the group includes a newborn baby picked up with its mother after being delivered on a rubber dinghy. on the first images of robert mugabe and his wife grace have been released since the former zimbabwean leader resigned on tuesday but god has been
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granted immunity from prosecution under a deal brokered as part of his resignation security and political sources told al jazeera their treatment guarantees his safety in zimbabwe. wants to die in his home country well those are the headlines the news continues. after fault lines. a hundred and sixty years ago and musician started a band in an r.t. should wait in cairo. brass band was so popular it gave birth to an entire musical genre. a century and a half later the sound still resonates with many egyptians today. the people's music at this time on al-jazeera. now breaking news on the russia investigation since president trump took office.


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