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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2017 10:00am-10:34am +03

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what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al jazeera. where every. head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of the economy this is easily this no news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on zero zero. for the first time in thirty seven years and bobby gets a new president we live at the swearing in of emerson one god why.
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this is al jazeera life and how it was a coming up. like his ations of beatings as police forcibly remove refugees from a former australian run prison camp in pop what mckinney. syria's opposition relinquish their demand that assad must go as a precondition ahead of talks in geneva. argentina's navy says an explosion was heard near the last known position of a missing submarine is fear grows for the forty four crew. zimbabwe has about to get its first new president in thirty seven years in the next hour or so m.s.n. went on god where will be sworn in as leader is an important moment for the people
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with expectations running high that he'll be able to turn the country's fortunes around. most and bobbins of any known life under robert mugabe's rule. i think they change. because we have proceedings i think you will be able to change everything. but as for me i wish to. this country i think it was made for me i think. all the same was. i don't think it's a shame because they are people of the same party maybe their policy would be the same but you just see the best but the seventies with the suffering i think is a positive change. i think if that was you. then
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maybe we can get going to get jobs for me i think in zimbabwe we need a unity government so if this. is the destroyed for the past seven years so we need unity government. we will get jobs. and i was really depressed for what i was. those guys from they didn't do but they didn't teach willingly but they did it for their own protection they're only interested the interesting. so this is the same people also just want to. do the world for the better when people's anderson is reports from harare. a soldier trying to sort out the gridlock in harare's russia. just over a week ago the army was engaged in a military takeover with armored cars deployed on these streets the pace of change
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here has its people still trying to take in our generation of all thoughts area and rule by robert mugabe could be passing to the man sitting beside him here in different times. and emerson moon and back where i had sworn loyalty to mugabe over many years in many different roles he was part of the fight for independence that came in one nine hundred eighty after a fierce bush war against forces from the white minority government of what was then rhodesia later he was also part of security operations that crushed rival liberation forces in meant to be land but he denied any part in massacres that saw thousands killed the new zimbabwe brought better education and health to the masses wouldn't get why rose in the ruling zanu p.f. party and he enjoys the support of many war veterans who led the campaign of violence against white farmers. those actions took zimbabwe into
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a new century and has been one in which people have seen decline and ruin hyperinflation corruption food shortages in what was the breadbasket of africa even the loss of its currency and rampant unemployment on every street you see young people often well educated but without jobs they're optimistic now with reservations about one of gagra i want to hear the change of the political system from the autocratic to most. political system. is seen as a man who's smart on business he's masterminded a move east meaning dealings with china and economists think he may deliver if he's bold with appointing the right people the former president. based on petrol. it'd be really nothing to do with competence and what people can do or you know can deliver so we're hoping that when you then go to a team that is going to responsible for driving the economy is going to be
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different team and let him give confidence to the international community but also confidence locally people are what they have now is a real sense of anticipation this new president will have to prove himself not just by words but actions and soon they've suffered too long with shortages on food on fuel to mention a few but most of all but anything else a shortage of hope it's going to be a hard act but a new president is about to set out on a journey that may not only bring new hope but better fortune to people feel they deserve so much better. let's get the latest from here in metacity his live in harare tell us where you are and what we are expecting her. i am just outside the stadium and i can tell you people are very excited there they are making their way inside the and now isn't stadium i can tell you not everyone
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is going to fit inside it's impossible but people are going to try staring was filling up quickly people waiting for this began also waiting to hear what it was the man and the other is going to say when he makes a speech is it going to be a speech that unifies all zimbabweans or is it just going to be a zanu p.f. type of speech with some people here are concerned about they also want to know of course what is he going to do about the economy concrete plans of our economy he is a businessman so some people say that perhaps perhaps he does have some tangible plans to improve economy and also what is he going to take international community are they going to come back to zimbabwe bring investment create jobs for people right now is a sense of excitement a historical moment many zimbabweans never thought they'd see this day that robert mugabe would resign and the new president will be sworn in it has happened lots of excitement people really kahnawake for this day to come and go and people actually waiting outside peacefully quietly to get inside to get
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a glimpse of this moment to savor this moment and hopefully they are hoping this means it's the beginning of a bright future for the country already very much so thank you for that. hundreds of refugees are being forcibly removed from a decommissioned prison camp on man a silent by police and perpendicular. officers clear the three hundred seventy eight men from the former australian run site activists say police destroy the belongings to make them leave the camp was closed three weeks ago but many refugees refused to go saying they feared being attacked one of the refugees we've been in contact with among the sons sent us this video describing what happened. you mentioned office of. my most recent may be. some of the few you. are locked into the future
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by force it is clear you know shot. your door. if you don't put in the refugees. so city use the. song we send them from the hospital to me so. i know something i feel your point you son with three young women will take it a few years by force. thomas is on man asylum with the latest from the. whole of the refugees have now been picked from the former australian run refugee prison at longbridge which is about half an hour from where i'm standing out of town all those refugees now being brought in buses to the main town of lowering for australia's government says there is
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a perfectly good accommodation that they can move into we haven't been allowed me about accommodation and aggressive security guards stop and striving down the road towards a slight chance of filming it on friday for refugees who've been moved there have told us that accommodation is not ready to talk with no running water no power they say they also have stories of being beaten i think from prison again we can't independently verify but as far as australian government is concerned this is a major moment because their big facilities now closed down and this is the big feeling in their eyes of the transfer of responsibility away from australia and towards company beginning. as prime minister malcolm turnbull says moving on to a new facility elsewhere on the island is a good outcome. now i'm pleased to say in terms of manis that the reports we have that bus loads of the people at mannus leaving they're complying with the lawful directions of the pay injury authorities and moving to the alternative
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facilities available to them and that's as they should that's that's that is precisely what you should do if you're in a foreign country you should comply with the laws of that other country. saudi backed syrian opposition groups have agreed to form a fifty member delegation to attend next week's u.n. sponsored talks they've renewed their demand for syrian president bashar assad to resign jane a conference on the conflict in riyadh but assad stepping down well not be a precondition for negotiations i'm a business but. as for the participation in the sochi conference this is a conference that has been proposed and there is no date for it we haven't been told about its goals we don't know who is the reference of this conference there is no description for it nor a composition for this reason we say we are getting ourselves ready to go to geneva our aims to accomplish the alternative of bashar assad's regime this is our job no
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less than that and this will take time. some a binge of a joins us from the turkish city of near the syrian border it was a long deliberation what happened in riyadh what happens. like everything that we see in syria this was bitterly divided from the very beginning we had groups coming in which represent the fighters we had groups representing the syrian national council we had high negotiations committee and we had independence and on top of that we had groups from moscow and cairo these are two parallel platforms that operate in these two cities and represent syrians there so it was a big discussion there was a lot of deliberation this news conference which you just heard actually happened very very late into the night and we do been expecting it throughout the day but they couldn't agree on the final terms and finally they did and it seems the message here is very strong that bashar al assad has no future in the transition
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government it's very interesting the way they phrased the defense it's not a precondition but this is a goal that we're striving to words and that is. the reservation that the moscow platform had that when you see that bashar list. will not be part of the transitional government it kind of shows that there is a precondition so going into geneva they don't they haven't been ironed out all of their differences but they seem to have come up with a united voice a large group of people fifteen members including very in their final communique not just talked about this but also talked about representation of women by thirty percent in the government it talked about how the united nations need to play a serious and active role in bringing all sides together coming back to the negotiating table respecting syria's sovereignty and making sure that it's a concrete that respects all of its citizens the turkomans the kurds the syriac to the arabs the sunnis in the shia so it should be an all inclusive transition which puts an end to the fighting in syria how will this play out in geneva decent.
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that is the the biggest question that everybody is asking because the division between the moscow platform on the surface has been a bridge but it doesn't seem to be have gone away and then again you heard in that sound bite said the real fear here and what syrians have been telling us behind closed doors is that they don't think that if moscow if this geneva deliberation fails they will have no other option but to go to sochi you have to realize that the iran turkey and russia are back to talks that are happen that have happened in sochi and there's another round of them where opposition parties will be invited they say that russia is actively trying to undermine the geneva process russia is actively trying to take the lead drawn in carving out the future of syria which according to them according to russian aspirations has a place for bashar al assad in it and that is not acceptable to the people on the
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ground so a lot of play on the geneva eight conference which is going to start from the member the twenty eighth of the opposition is going to be there they're going to be representatives from the syrian government and obviously fighting groups as well who have made it very. cleared to leave their representatives who are representing them in every area diplomatic circles that there will be no compromise on the under future of bashar al assad if he is there it is going to be normal people that some . stayed on al-jazeera and n.f.l. tradition on thanksgiving in the u.s. raid nights a long running controversy. howlers a big lump of warm over much of western and indeed north came in the last day or so when the british isles
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a lot of snow currently falling in scandinavia now woman speaking is lighter than cold air and that's a little pool of code if it's very hard to push out of the way so even tomorrow you have one degree in minus five in moscow was the warm part of against it was was was sort of about nine and rain still further back double figures still for london for paris and of course madrid stuff about seventeen mark much of central eastern europe is warming up only slowly because the sun's reasonably warm when it's there from dawn till dusk and then you pump a bit of warm and you get cloudy a bit warmer weather in austria snow still there on the tops of the alps this is such today's forecast and there is a bit cold coming in behind finally paris at nine london about seven but by this time moscow still sitting in minus six the cold still hasn't moved now for the south we've had quite weather recently over the whole of the mediterranean sea from the point of view wind and rain but it has been massive cloud that came out about area is sitting now over libya and increasingly know when the egypt is thick enough
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in places one of two spots of rain but mostly not.
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alleghany watching elegy mind of our top stories this hour zimbabwe is about to get its first new president in thirty seven years and then. it will be sworn in thousands of people are pouring into the national sports stadium to witness the historic event winds of life under robert mugabe's room. police in papua new guinea have forcibly removed refugees from the decommissioned prison camp on man a silent office is clear the three hundred seventy eight men from the former australian run site one refugee told al-jazeera several people were injured. syrian opposition groups gathered in riyadh have agreed to form a delegation of fifty people to represent them at next week's talks in geneva calls for president bashar assad to have been renewed but he's stepping down will not be
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a precondition for negotiations. let's go back to harare where andrew symonds joins us from inside the stadium where morning will be sworn in what do you hearing about events and how it's going to play out there. world judging by the size of this event and the mood it's going to be an extraordinary occasion a moment. with an extraordinary but it isn't what many people think it is very much. in many ways more of a history. of the. struggle. the figo brought down off the navy for decades of absolute rule of a phase which had been completely unchallenged he ruled with an iron fist
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that was nobody who could overwhelm his forces repression and in recent years at ninety three years of age it seemed he was invincible yes that power thirty seven years of it was destroyed in a matter of days and the reason for that was that his wife grace mugabe. told. the zimbabwean affluence over the phone of that let me just take it for a cameo on jane to give you an idea of the numbers here i'm afraid to look this way this is a sixty thousand seats a stadium that is going to be packed they claim eventually his running lights we expect will swear again not to be old son but there is very little indication of the older events certainly though they will sit on the circumstance well that is extraordinary ready when he can sit up and going to god was history i was trying to
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do now he'll have to spell out in very clear terms our he's going to talk over a pro-con economy how he's going to bring back jobs how he's going to fulfill the oath and so many people who all determined to see this through and they will look silly feel to what is done in the fall by saying so the jury is out on whether this man can convince the world that he means to do business with good governance with free elections in the new year and a new way of managing and governing this country john i can feel the vibe from that one of the head all the way here under thanks for that and. the man accused of planning the two thousand and eight non-biased. taxes been released from house arrest hafiz saeed walked free after a pakistani called rejected the government's plea to extend his detention by three months saying he was found of a banned group has been under house arrest in the horse and january is expected to
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lead prayers later on friday say there's a large following in pakistan mostly because of his charitable works india has expressed outrage over sides release. he. confirms once again. the lack of seriousness on the part of pakistani government in bringing to justice but but in terms of highness act of terrorism including by individuals and entities designated by the united nations the u.n. says saudi arabia hasn't followed through on its promise to lift a two week blockade on yemen's main international airport and they may just support the blockade is putting madeline's at risk of starvation and disease as mama gems in reports. many expected that come thursday aid would be flowing once more through her data one of yemen's major ports saudi arabia announced on wednesday it would ease its blockade of yemen's air and sea ports and that within twenty four hours
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humanitarian supplies would resume arriving in her data where around eighty percent of yemen's food imports are delivered as well as via united nations flight to the capital sanaa on thursday u.n. officials still weren't totally sure when they'd be given access to restart bringing supplies to yemen we were told that the agave received assistance. so we could in the applications or quest for the ships to come into the boards and also for flights to come and political means he had to some also to bring it to us so we were expecting to see just again want to remind you of those places and those in the movie that we saw opening of the course as well as notification is it of the actual operation. other aid workers have told ages either they welcomed the saudi announcement but don't believe it goes far enough yemen the most impoverished country in the middle east is facing
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a number of crises. a cholera epidemic that has seen over nine hundred thousand suspected cases since april the largest outbreak ever recorded and the u.n. says seven million people are on the verge of famine and that severe acute malnutrition is indeed. the lives of almost four hundred thousand children plus the latest danger an outbreak of the potentially fatal disease diptheria is threatening children and elderly in the central city of. not just. a few surely countries that. want to try me. on this by. now as the u.n. grows yet more concerned and a humanitarian crisis becomes even more dire yemenis in desperate need wait for answers and aid. sudan's president has offered to
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make his country russia's gateway to africa omar al bashir met russia's leader vladimir putin in sochi russia says the u.s. is provoking conflicts in the region and sudan needs protection from america also hinted at allowing russia to use sedans red sea bases the international criminal court has issued two arrest warrants for bashir of accusations of war crimes and genocide in the darfur region. and if you look at it we are against u.s. involvement in the domestic affairs of the arab countries we have historical issues for example in south sudan and in the darfur region the u.s. is behind all of it. relatives of forty four crewmembers of a missing submarine are accusing the argentinean government of deliberately keeping them in the dock they were emotional scenes at the model plotter naval base after it was revealed that a possible explosion was detected near the last known location of the. vessel still
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hasn't been found some family members say the government with the crew operate a submarine that was too old to navigate. you know the submarine was in sound but they say it's three thousand meters below the sea they don't tell you anything that's why i say they are swine and have manipulated us they knew about it. as more from their platter the lights are still on the naval base behind me here in mar del plata but hope certainly seems to be fading very fast for the fate of the forty four crew members of the submarine the. one the argentine or storage is with the backing from about ten countries still continuing the search and rescue operation out here in the south atlantic ocean but. looking for a submarine at the bottom of the ocean they don't hold out much hope that the crew will have survived the family certainly after being told
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a few hours ago about the latest news about the explosion that apparently happened just a few hours after the last communication with the submarine fifteenth of november they seem to have given up hope that they will see their loved ones again they left this naval base after being told that the news very very angry with the author it is for the lack of information for the contradictory information they were receiving and also some of them angry at the age of the submarine built in one thousand nine hundred three commissioned in one thousand nine hundred five they said it shouldn't have been out at sea or though the ark in time. said it was not obsolete that it was in good working condition so very sad day in argentina as they say the rescue operation continuing horrendous conditions here in mar del plata and even worse out at sea really days of mourning it's a car people now look at the fate of those forty four crew members. almost one
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thousand one hundred migrants have arrived in sicily after being rescued from the mediterranean sea in recent days here they are arriving at port just a few hours ago they were picked up by aid groups coast guards and patrol boats the german charity c. watch says a newborn baby was rescued when its mother had been born on a rubber dinghy. how many migrants trapped in libya often sold into slavery rwanda's government says it will offer some of them refuge but it wouldn't say how many refugees the country was willing to take hundreds of thousands of africans traveling through libya often held by smugglers and forced to work for little or no money. now how did a tradition in the u.s. has reignited controversy around sport and racism one of this is making thanksgiving football games was held in the capital for the first time in the league's history but the host team the washington redskins uses a name many people say is a slur against native americans and fisher has more. or many have been preparing
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the feast simon moir smith has been preparing the protest he says he will highlight the forgotten story of thanksgiving so we call this the justice for natives rally because of the omission of the murdered and mutilated native. and the thanksgiving narrative people don't know about it don't talk about it and you know it's a very white washed myth made comfortable narrative for people. has been simmering anger to over the name of the team in washington the redskins there's been a concerted effort to have it changed opponents claiming it is blatantly racist the american psychological society said such names and mascots are harmful but the union says the name is here to stay of you backed up by the majority of fans in several polls when you've got a mascot major n.f.l. football team that are boiling us down to this one representation one very represent racist representation on a holiday that's also supposed to honor the relationship that colonial governments
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have with native americans for us it's just all off the team's name was the big controller seen the sport in recent years but the focus this season and last has been more on players taking in the joining the national anthem to protest racism we're going to talk about police brutality and we need to include natives in the discussion there right now that dialogue is very much black and white but it's not natives are more likely to die at the hands of police go through a protesting say this is about more than just the name this is about celebrating and imagery and a behavior that was cruel and grotesque when people native to this land men women and children were literally skinned for money changing the name then. this would be a first step that would be something they could celebrate alan fisher al-jazeera at the home of the washington redskins. and again the top stories zimbabwe is about to get its first new president in
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thirty seven years in the next hour or so emerson morning guy will be sworn in thousands of people are poor into the national sports stadium to witness the historic event most symbolic wins of any known life under robert mugabe. police in papua new guinea have forcibly removed refugees from a decommissioned prison camp on mannus island officers cleared the three hundred seventy eight men from the former australian run site one refugee told al jazeera several people were injured now i'm pleased to say in terms of manners that the reports we have that bus loads of the people at man as leaving complying with the lawful directions of the pay injury authorities and moving to the alternative facilities available to them and that as they should. that is precisely what you should do if you're in
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a foreign country you should comply with the laws of that other country. syrian opposition groups gathered in riyadh have agreed to form a delegation of fifty people to represent them at next week's talks in geneva calls for president bashar al assad to have been renewed but he's stepping down will not be a precondition for negotiations. the man accused of planning the two thousand and eight attacks has been released from house arrest how few said walk free from a pakistani court rejected the government's plea to extend his detention by three months say it is found of a banned group has been under house arrest in the horse and january he's expected to lead prayers late on friday a large following in pakistan mostly because of his charitable work. well it is a forty four crewmembers of a missing submarine are accusing the argentinian government of deliberately keeping them in the dark they were emotional scenes at the model plotter naval base after it was revealed that a likely explosion was detected near the last known location of the outer sun one
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vessel still hasn't been found some phony members say the government that the crew operate a submarine that was too old to navigate. those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after inside story. you stand the difference. and this imagine is a culture clash that. al-jazeera russia's plan to end the war in syria after six years of fighting is the kremlin now in the diplomatic driver's seat and is the white house taking a backseat this is inside story.


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