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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2017 11:00am-11:34am +03

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everyone has a deep reservoir of talent but the if you can give them the opportunity and wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership and president hosni mubarak has resigned. is going to be the next president retaliation we're going to go. back chief i mean canisters of gas i just want to believe it best to prevent the media getting anywhere in the skeptical that. he achieved something that never happened before. for the first time in thirty seven years and is getting a new president we're live at the swearing in of m.s.
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and one on god. and i'm jane dutton this is al jazeera life and it was a coming up. accusations of beatings as police forcibly remove refugees from a former australian run prison camp in papua new guinea. syria's opposition give up their demand that asaad moscow as a precondition ahead of talks in geneva. argentina's navy says an explosion was heard near the last known position of a missing submarine as fear grows for the forty four crew. zimbabwe is about to get its first new president in thirty seven years in the next . mornin god will be sworn in and thousands of people are pouring into the national
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sports stadium to witness the historic event as several african leaders expectations are high that men on god will be able to turn the country's fortunes around most zimbabweans of any known life under robert mugabe's rule. i think they change. because there we received a new president i think you will be able to change everything. but as for me i wish to. rule this country i think it was paid for me i think he swore the same was. change. i don't think it's a shame because they are people of the same party maybe their policy would be the same but you just see the best but the seventies with the suffering i think is
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a positive change. i think if that was you. then maybe we can get we're going to get troops. shortly we'll get more from outside the stadium as people pour in but first anderson is right inside where. will be sworn in i gather people they are pretty excited about this and. it's an extraordinary atmosphere and it's running really like jay innocent. we've seen pictures up on the diamond screen behind me and let's just. take a look at the situation here look at the mood. but then on the line all of this is such a concern about the future. whether. can deliver whether or not they can actually bring this country from its needs its have seen an extraordinary sequence
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of events thirty seven is. certainly within days old and he built it seemed as if it could never be just destroyed. homes. with a miniature you'll seeing it now in folds very much. with the whole approach to the factions the whole enfolded feuding at a political level and. the level of came so close you had on the one saw. the first lady who was organizing politically the old and in many ways in business dating says well she was cool the woman that was her nickname because of a taste in clothing expensive lifestyle she was also in the. movement . and she was in a position where she was making
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a real push to succeed husband that played badly with the minutes on the minute three very much alone to. whom. the history of schooling. in the struggle for independence. with a unit known as the full circle. it actually helps. in position only leadership in the movement he was very much in both after independence. fights with the old. and that's a feeling. he was too mono ways to use it. to his involving flounces of us but it showed how ruthless on the p.f. was going to be and in power many of whom this was as it was a one he was out of and now we have this transition a peaceful transition to extrude something in the sunshine of our offering there
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you have the stage set for a handover of power that is remarkably peaceful and we know you are in the middle. told directly with mugabe that's been spoken and they consider the situation. to owning. the load with this month alone. and this is. the. signal final settle down. this is. a change of clothes whole the leadership. thing.
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holds its education. as well. whether the could be that of free elections in the new definitely there will be elections when that is a question that's open on whether or not they open the long running opposition that's never really had a free hand to compete on the ground sending in squirrely whether it will get the freedom to do that whether human rights will be corrected whether or not well the questions are endless it is a country on its knees is a country with an economy that's bankrupt that doesn't even have the its own currency anymore than the people and just as well as ecstatic with a fresh hope for the future so the situation jane right now here is that it's running lights it's going to be a huge occasion and there is optimism here but it's laced with dread that it could
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be more the same in the future maybe a new beginning in some ways but it just really a change of name wrote them a new beginning this is here along the way i'm starting with those reservations. inside the stadium pop outside that's where our image is also waiting for more non-god way to arrive one of people that telling you about their expectations for today. people are boring in the stadium but it is getting hold of people you've been now on not going to be able to get inside but they are quite high high expectation was being mainly young involving. and they're saying things like we want to give him a seven and. he must understand that we've only known one leader robert mugabe and he didn't really do young of the bombings who are the majority we want jobs what is
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going to do to create jobs because a lot of the baby i'll graduate from a one degree to degree but ican find work if it is in the day. but not the tomatoes more things on the street within the confines of anything else to do. they really hoping that. not polarize the fight when it. comes to supporting. the body the same as the. other one the main thing is job getting. jobs jobs.
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and only beginning. as president and the country tries to avoid all of it is going to be a long day for many zimbabweans are a let's leave it there bring in. is a writer and commentator on african affairs he joins us from london very good to have you with us we can really feel a sense of excitement and hope for the first time for many people in zimbabwe officer long what can moan and god really deliver. i think jane this is a great day for africa a great day for zimbabwe because they just about money. monarchical regime family rules dominate after eight years so that is probably a signal to the rest of the african continent including those leaders who don't really want to leave but those who want to line up their wives and children but are
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saved i think has got a huge possibility for zimbabwe i know that at the center of it all what he would be wanting and i think what all the bourbons want is to be given a chance if a chance by the international community because if. is if you like realize our to be part of the global world there is no way in which it can sink in the west and waiters because gen remember zimbabwe was isolated zimbabwe became the cuba of africa very very difficult from his point of view i think that is a huge opportunity my my my colleagues on the ground are suggesting that hope and expectations of an element of change meaning in him other than the mugabe's zimbabwe has got all the partitions all the possibilities given an opportunity there's no way in which mr moran got what doesn't deliver and i know he must think you can't transfer on to him now a very good thing so excuse me jumping in can you transform enough considering his history of and he's linked to a fair bit of violence in the past he's been you know in the thick of things and
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desired p.f. very close to mcgarvie does he have what it takes to be different now to be a leader of the economy to bring around positive change normal human rights abuses . i think it does in terms of human rights abuses i think the jury's out this is something that has been a focus on zimbabwe i think it has to be a bit an element of give and take i think it quite recognises that in the unlikely event that he doesn't listen to all zimbabweans who will be watching him then probably the result may be the same beyond that you know he's generally very very able and capable person number two jane you know that after about nine hundred ninety five or there about this guys together had actually delivered a fairly decent zimbabwe between nine hundred eighteen nineteen ninety five not responding of course the challenges of formidable and which is probably different topic. and zimbabwe's neighbors those zimbabweans living
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outside of its borders what do you think it's going to take for them to firstly want to leave countries like south africa and return. most of them would like to return and i think as i said one of the sanctions and once there is an opening of a possibility anderson i think it will be a list waiting to listen to what the the new president has got to say i think it's going to be very open minded he's going to be very very much all embracing once. opportunities begin to come once because it opens again for business there's no reason why most of the above and most of the zimbabwe's i've spoken to are willing to return home and they can't wait to return home in fact there is probably no more reason for zimbabweans to stay and said zimbabwe are the moment short of obviously looking for yours but again remember employment to unemployment as a two way is a big thing across the african continent but of course in zimbabwe is case they were isolated and of course they were run down if you like in the last ten fifteen
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years but quite clearly there's no reason why as i said given an opportunity it's a large country with a relatively small population that's another thing but a very educated population as you know being a neighbor from south africa thank you very much. let's move on to other news hundreds of refugees are being forcibly removed from a decommissioned prison camp on manna silent by police in papua new guinea. i am officers cleared the three hundred seventy eight men from the form australian run site activists say police destroyed their belongings to make them leave the camp was closed three weeks ago but many refugees refused to go saying they feared being attacked and one of the refugees we've been in contact with a month sent us this video describing what happened. in officer. prison. some of. the move on after
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a few days by force it is clear. evidence that the police and. the refugees. some of. them because. it's. something. you point. to the future for. al-jazeera is under thomas is a man asylum with the latest. all of the refugees have now been picked from the former australian run refugee present at longbridge which is about half an hour from where i'm standing out of town all those refugees now are being brought in buses to the main town of lowering gas for australia's government says there is a perfectly good accommodation that they can move into we haven't been allowed me
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about accommodation and aggressive security guards stop and striving counter approach or to take chances of filming it on friday the refugees who've been moved there have told us that immigration is not ready to have no running water no power they say they also have stories i think the same thing from prison again we can't independently verify but it's frustrating as government is concerned this is a major moment because their big facilities close down and this is the beginning in their eyes of the transfer of responsibility away from australia and towards helping you get. straight as prime minister malcolm turnbull says the refugee. camp now i'm pleased to say in terms of man is that the reports we have. of the people at leaving they're complying with the lawful directions of the pay
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injury authorities and moving to the alternative facilities available to them and that as a short. that is precisely what you should do if you're in a foreign country you should comply with the laws of that other country. sorry backed syrian opposition groups have agreed to form a fifteen member delegation to attend next week's u.n. sponsored talks they have renewed a demand for syrian president bashar al assad to resign during a conference on the conflict in riyadh but assad stepping down will not be a precondition for negotiations i'm a business but. as for the british speech and the sochi conference this is a conference that has been proposed and there is no date for it we haven't been told about its goals we don't know who is the reference of this conference there is no description for it nor a composition for this reason we say we are getting ourselves ready to go to geneva our aims to accomplish the alternative of bashar assad's regime this is our job no less than that and this will take time this son of binge of aid sent this report
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from the turkish city of gazan top near the syrian border. this was a long two days of deliberations between various factions of the syrian opposition we had independent representatives from the opposition areas we had the syrian national coalition we had the high negotiations council we also had fighters are represented by their people who were there and in riyadh and also the moscow and cairo platforms of the syrian opposition the whole purpose of this to unite the opposition into one voice as they go into the geneva talks on the surface of it they have bridge that divide but it's yet to be seen who will be the. representative in this delegation that is going to go to geneva and a lot is that player geneva because syrian opposition members fear that if geneva fails yet again they will be forced to take russian terms they will be forced to go to sochi and trying to iron out
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a solution because the people inside syria are tired of the fighting they say that they want a solution and there they are pushing their representatives to try and come to terms but having said all of that there is one resoundingly message that has been coming out from both inside syria and from their representatives in various diplomatic forums that there is no future for bashar al assad and his clique in the future syria still ahead of. the man accused of signing the two thousand and eight number is released from house arrest to get the latest from the. by the skyline of asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. hello and welcome to international weather forecast now we've seen the deep area of low pressure across northwestern parts of europe and it's driving cold there
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southeast was across much of mainland europe and certainly some wet weather to come through parts of baltic still and then down through france and into northern parts liberian peninsula further towards the east is all looking fairly quiet and quite chilly see moscow that minus five degrees that cold air is going to stick across much of russia further surgery weather conditions not looking too bad as you move on into the weekend and you see the snow developing across the alps once again cold air for the north of berlin struggling at just seven degrees and looks pretty showering cool across much of the u.k. and on into france still pretty windy for parts of scandinavia now on the other side of the mediterranean we've got this area of cloud and low pressure pushing across parts of libya and through into egypt so the chance of some showers along the coast there for a time karl looking at highs of twenty two degrees into central parts of africa sherif still looking pretty heavy across parts of gabon congo and down towards i gather some showers for parts of west africa to look at highs of thirty one for
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southern portions of the continent looking pretty wet across eastern parts of south africa it's going to be a wet day in johannesburg. the weather sponsored by cats. and of you watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories zimbabwe is about to get its first new president in thirty seven years emerson was due to be sworn in in harare thousands of people are poor into the national sports stadium as are several african leaders. police in papua new guinea have forcibly removed refugees from a decommissioned prison camp on man
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a silent offices clear the three hundred seventy eight men from the former australian run site one refugee told al-jazeera several people were injured. syrian opposition groups gathered in riyadh have agreed to form a delegation of fifty people to represent them at next week's talks in geneva calls for president bashar assad to have been renewed but he's stepping down will not be a precondition for negotiations. the man accused of planning the two thousand and eight attacks has been released from house arrest hafiz saeed walked free after pakistani called rejected the government's plea to extend his detention by three months so he does founder of a band group has been under house arrest in lahore since january he's expected to lead prayers later on friday he's got a large following in pakistan mostly because of his charitable works india has expressed outrage over sides release. he. confirms once again.
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the lack of seriousness on the part of the pakistani government in bringing to justice but the tutors of highness act of terrorism including by individuals and entities designated by the united nations let's get more from is in the hole so why is he being released what prompted it. well first of all just to know i'm. marching with your headquarter. just a little while ago he led the congregational. now as far as the courts are concerned this is the third time that how first had been really the government was really. diplomatic and financial because the united states has poured a bounty of ten million dollars. and the indians continue their non-state actor
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however the pakistani government has. crucial evidence against them provided by the indians and. the foreign secretary also saying that india was in no mood for dialogue. comes after almost nine months they were detained on the thirty fourth court. where the government's argument. india as we had pretty angry about this they continue to blame pakistan for not doing enough to contain what it calls non-state actors what is pakistan's response to that. despite all efforts to normalize and talk about all outstanding issues. on the other hand of god and war supporting the. story of helping the blue.
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again that the good fortune in baluchistan province. don't always go from here to allegations against the indians don is also concerned about the ongoing border. along the line of control that separates. me from the indian administered kashmir so there are a lot of issues. and how are you scared earlier. today here or in pakistan because. you. are going to. claim from the united nations. thank you for that. other south african paralympian oscar pistorius who has been jailed for murder will stay in prison much longer the supreme court of appeal has more than doubled his sentence from six
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years to thirteen years and five months the athlete was convicted in two thousand and thirteen for the shooting of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp prosecutors argued the original sentence was shockingly lenient almost one thousand one hundred migrants have arrived in sicily after being rescued from the mediterranean sea in recent days they were picked up by aid groups coast guards and patrol boats and boat ashore just a few hours ago the german charity c. watch says a newborn baby baby was born on a rubber dinghy was amongst those along with its mother. human rights groups according for international agencies to monitor the repatriation of rango refugees men ma and bangladesh signed a pact on thursday that will allow those displaced to return home once their paperwork is completed around six hundred thousand muslims have fled an army crackdown in rakhine state over the past three months. relatives of forty four
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crewmembers of a missing submarine are accusing the argentinian government of deliberately keeping them in the dark there were emotional scenes at the del plata naval base after it was revealed that a possible explosion was detected near the last known location of the hour at sun one the vessel still hasn't been found some family members say the government let the crew operate a submarine that was way too old to navigate. from. the lights are still on the naval base behind me here in mar del plata but hope certainly seems to be fading very fast for the fate of the forty four crew members of the submarine the. one the argentina authorities with the backing from about ten countries still continuing the search and rescue operation out here in the south atlantic ocean but really to be looking for a submarine at the bottom of the ocean they don't hold out much hope that the crew
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will have survived the family certainly after being told a few hours ago about the latest news about the explosion that apparently happened just a few hours after the last communication with the submarine fifteenth of november they. have given up hope that they will see their loved ones again they left this naval base after being told the news very very angry with the authorities for the lack of information for the contradictory information they were receiving and also some of them angry at the age of the submarine built in one thousand nine hundred three commissioned in one thousand nine hundred five they said it shouldn't have been out at sea or though the ark in time. said it was not obsolete that it was in good working condition so very day in argentina they say the rescue operation continuing horrendous conditions here in mar del plata and even worse out at sea really days of mourning it's a calm people now look at the fate. those forty four crew members i can have it was
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the most costly storm in u.s. history wind and flooding caused nearly two hundred billion dollars worth of damage no way was the devastation felt then in iran's county in texas john hendren has more from the town of fulton one reason so many people remain homeless three months after hurricane harvey struck is that there's no place left to put them take this hotel for example it would be a good haven for a lot of people but the roof is blown out the rooms are destroyed and it's in about the same condition it was when the hurricane hit and you can tell that people left in a hurry this is an x. ray from a medical proceeding someone left behind in a room to give you an idea of how selective those hurricane winds are in the room next door everything was blown out of that room except laying on top of a dresser as if it had been completely untouched by the storm was one of those magnetic hotel key cards we talked to a number of people who have been left homeless since that storm hit this woman and
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spent three months in a tent camp. that's thirty. if it weren't for the contributors but the donation. probably would have food shelter clothing or clothing that ruined. it so it's not the most ideal situation to be living and it's called it's not comfortable. but at least it is shelter. a number of people have been living off the donations of well wishers since the hurricane struck but one thing we found on this thanksgiving holiday was that people said although they have less to be thankful for they are more thankful of what they have somehow her again seems to have crystallized what matters in their lives. again it's take a look at the top stories and bob is about to get its first new president in thirty
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seven years emma said more non-god was due to be sworn in in harare thousands of people are pouring into the national sports stadium as several african leaders. we need to government. is. destroyed for the past seven years so we need unity government. to. get jobs. and i was very depressed. was. those guys from the didn't. but they didn't really but they did hold their own protection they only insisted there would be interested. so this is the same people also just want to. protect there will be reason papua new guinea have forcibly removed refugees from a decommissioned prison camp a man a silent office is clear the standard seven hundred men from the former stray and
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run side one refugee told al-jazeera several people were injured. syrian opposition groups gathered in riyadh have agreed to form a delegation of fifty people to represent them at next week's talks in geneva calls for president bashar al assad to go have been renewed but his stepping down will not be a precondition for negotiations. the man accused of planning the two thousand and eight attacks has been released from house arrest half a side walked free after a pakistani court rejected the government's plea to extend his detention by three months so you'd use founder of a banned group has been under house arrest and a horse and january he led for prayers only on friday has a large following in pakistan mostly because of his charitable works. the south african paralympic olympian oscar pistorius who's been jailed for murder will stay
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in prison much longer the supreme court of appeal has more than doubled his sentence from six years to thirteen years and five months the athlete was convicted in two thousand and thirteen for the shooting of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp prosecutors argued the original sentence was shockingly lenient those are the headlines the stream is up next. africa going through seismic changes country stands out because it's considered so successful. presidents are gonna. talk to all just. at this time. high from the ok you're in the stream authorities building the case against inauguration day protesters in the u.s. will.


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