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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. right. this is al jazeera.
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hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. i. am so. i'm going to. say. those prayers for you that was somehow. i wouldn't say i history's made in zimbabwe emerson. has been sworn in as president in front of tens of thousands of people watching in that stadium will have live updates from harare. no longer under house arrest a pakistani court orders the release of the man accused of planning the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks a move that's outraged india. accusations
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of beatings as police forcibly remove refugees from a former australian run prison camp in papua new guinea. an outcry in china after revelations about more child abuse cases at daycare centers the latest involving a us listed nursery in the capital beijing. emerson man and dog what has now become zimbabwe's new president he was sworn in in front of thousands of cheering supporters who filled the national sports stadium to witness this historic event and i'm gonna go replaces robert mugabi who. ruled the country for thirty seven years he's promised to advance the country and the lives of zimbabweans. i would protect and promote the right of the people of zimbabwe.
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was put was. right. wasn't just. my thirties. oh my strength with the best of my knowledge and ability and their true to the dictates of my conscience and that i would want to myself with the way i had been told him back here and his people. so help me go was we have a team of reporters covering this is sturrock event tanya page joins us from pretoria in neighboring south africa however in the task brings us reaction from the streets of harare but let's begin here in the news i with andrew symonds who's inside that stadium where the ceremony took place andrew momentous events tell us
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what the atmosphere was like it looked pretty electric. well it's normal it is surreal also because. an excess of sixty thousand people in late since the been nice little because of the future oh yes this is one cone will still release files. for decades. old hole that was absolutely totally absolute in every sense of the would also hold because. to the point where he would not see reason losing relinquishing any form of power he was absolutely can since he could hold until he died and he was prepared to hand over to grace his wife who was for decades his june someone who started at the recruiting. in various places within the zanu p.f.
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. so many people who would from the war from day so many people who. hold the loan so. the only. the ozone forces. who. were ok. oh ok so many. bring so you who only the people who own. the
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the o.e. . the oval so moving cold and full and full with the ocean . points about the own soul was the old house in the old the south africa who actually made sure all the people for the old. a hit just looking at the ceremony there was a fly past and the the gun salute the old taking place all right.
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they put this together very convincingly and relatively speaking very quickly. the old salutes the old so the old days when i was about to touch on was chris who changable only hoto now to zero opening for the old going to south africa to make the wing full of the new president to get out of the country the old story will hold the old monks to ocosingo and the oldest all the way to the old moon also something much more sinister an attempt to assassinate him which we don't all think so over the moon a little go or didn't folks really to mozambique the old the.
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so we did so it's a clear across the border for example. full. frontal . he had the old one and get away with actually getting. all wound up. on the who makes you. going with the stun. gun. so this is what you have this. is on the. phone because the police. in this extraordinary event was when the chief of police stood on the podium as part of the ceremony off to the swearing in of the oath of office he was booed by tens of thousands of people. when the
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chief of the armed forces. rested in south korea then told the forces to take over power. when he came to. have a situation where there is a mix. round of. celebrations for a new president. thirty seven. but. i. hope will happen next will everything be delivered. with. a different. but still. that is. faulty that doesn't want to see the opposition. as a gesture of peace that's quite extraordinary really that he should be taking the position
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. he has to be said. is missed he was it was hoped to come is that he hasn't been able to make it up there is really. a certainty that business will be done but will human rights be done in the right way and will the opposition get a free ride in the new year in the run up to elections. and if the moment thanks very much i suspect that that stadium indeed all of harare's party central for the next few hours at least let's take it to tanya page our correspondent following reaction out of. a consumer is not there but obviously this is a big big story for the south african government as well. oh very much so in south africa as the current chair of the regional body said played a leading role in trying to negotiate on a peaceful end and i think they'll be with many people ordinary citizens and many
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people in government as well will be really relieved that that no blood was spilled against all the odds going by the ring retold by andrew symonds there. the south africa's president jacob zuma as you said not there in harare for this inauguration nor is the other power player on the in this region the angolan president. there but here in the building behind me union buildings the seat of power in south africa because a state visit was arranged to come here to see zuma his first since coming into office only in september by the way you know succeeding that of the presidency of the same tools which lasted for thirty eight years and i think what we're seeing in angola where a lot in c.e.o. has replaced the chief of police chief of national security and fired just santos's daughter from the heat of the really lucrative position of the state oil company we
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may see something similar or similar in angola where i'm sure. god will want to stamp his off we have a bit of an explanation as to why they are not there by the very fact that the state visit on has been planned for quite some time and in a statement to president zuma did emphasize that on wednesday he did meet with him in one on goggle here in pretoria congratulated him and the other thing that president zuma said was he wanted to send his face well wishes to now former president mugabe and emphasizing the important role he had played in assisting in liberation movements across this continent and really into sizing that that positive contribution he made to the continent and as we watch the new president. stadium in the capital harare. i mean they'll be looking at. sinking yes his trade is overflowing with jacob zuma to the south african government what's his number one priority.
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the narrative is across this region and has been for many years is this idea of looking inward. in towards each other each other's countries and the ways of forming close economic ties there is a growing sort of acceptance that the economies that have problems all of europe and the where stars have a big impact on another place economies which are really built on exporting materials so i'm sure that from the south african perspective we did see this emphasize on the prism of god it was quite recently to meet with president zuma the opening up of trade ties of the borders trying to ease the flow of traffic across borders it's been one of the points of interest here between president zuma and then golan president or you know as well announcing a visa waiver for south african citizens so people as tourists who are in business
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can now move more freely between the two countries i think one of the things that you know everyone is talking about the need for zimbabwe's economy to get on track because it really in the heart of the region it's bordered by some five countries with the better economies with a bit of flow of traffic and transport across the region in all of the economies the entire region would be stronger economically and be able to create enormous number of jobs that all of these countries very young populations will need in future despite his personal history and how his personal political history was in two worlds and with. other south africans that he need to live on his undoubted intelligence he's a lawyer the people he gets economics he gets governance in that sense he would be to be close. so you would be easier to work with than mr mugabe was even for the south africa. with most definitely i think anything that improves the
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economic situation in zimbabwe has that flow on effect because you have heard south africa bearing the brunt of an exodus of young zimbabweans and older people who just can't get jobs at home and so they come to countries like south africa they work for not a lot of money often but what money they are able to night here they send home and it's an important part of the economy those remembrances and we've been speaking to lots of families who have family members scattered all over the world because of those economic drivers so a more stable economy in zimbabwe clearly means that perhaps people may be able to go home build their own country in a way that sort of better but more people. thank you very much let's take you live now to a tough sell in harare as well outside that stadium. ok it's a celebration it's a party the country has a new president it's a change of plans but in effect the same kind of people are still running the country so where do they go. that is that we
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are time people here had been saying one joke going around is robert mugabe and president and his imminent gaga are probably the same what that group really is what is going to change when it is promising people that they will be some change he's promising to work on the economy it was quite emotional he had people watching him out on the screen up on the screen athenian being sworn in one woman right next to me started crying things never thought she'd see this day as a good example of how poor people are here one old woman say she's from the township the advice just wanted to be here to experience the moment she walked here an old woman she walked here because she couldn't afford bus ticket when she got here she was so they have people to give a water because she was so this if you could afford. to buy a bottle of water which costs about fifty cents so that's an indication of how people are struggling in this country he is hopeful all eyes on him is in and out while at the cabinet he forms are they going to focus on the economy what is the
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called the plan or not idealistic plans concrete plans people want jobs people just want an end to their suffering. and no wishing to burst anyone's bubble too soon before the party actually comes to a close and people come down just a little bit but he's got to hit the ground running not just for harare but for those people spread across the country who have you know compared to other countries in the region they have nothing they have zero. exactly in fact one of the complaints we've been hearing throughout this week actually for many many years to be honest people outside harare outside the thickened think people away oh say they felt neglected by the government they call it that all the energy was focused in the capital city harare in particular to be able to rule areas thought that they were struggling and they'll be neglected so they're also hoping that amos and went and got think about than to remember the rural population who are traditionally zanu p.f.
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for many many years i mean they supported for many years now they support him a synagogue where they hope that he thinks of them as well as the cross his economic plan to resuscitate the economy some people the rule areas you find in villages in king out of young people the leaving coming to the cities that car i looking for work but there's no world of the people they end up leaving the city leaving the country to go to south africa and other neighboring countries putting a strain on those countries' economies too and everything bobbie and i have a family member abroad working abroad sending money home and they say to you i want to come home i don't want to stay yet i feel like a foreigner people do want to come home a lot of expectation put on president a muslim in and out where he really has to hit the ground running he has to prove or show his cabinet is inclusive. concrete plans for the economy not idealistic the idea that some people thought robert mugabe had these had to be called to create jobs sooner rather than later is there another litmus test this may be
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a little bit of everyone's radar today her when it's this is not the m.d.c. opposition leader saying look we need to clearly define or perhaps even redefine the role of the president and who the president is and what the president does ideally i guess between he would say between now and those shared jule the elections. that you that is very very important there was a complaint with robert mugabe that he kind of key to the ruling party and the country and his own personal property he started to make decisions that really had a negative impact on the general population only benefited himself and his wife so people are saying it was going to go must end up like a prison like that he must be inclusive he must consult his cabinet consult the people another concern people have is robert mugabe became a hero worship worshipping him and his wife as heroes and lot of the thing that has to stop a president is an individual he thought of the people he's not
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a god that mentality of hero worshipping people must and focus on leading the country they're hoping a muslim and a god what does that the opposition i suppose the biggest mistake is the election next year they've said for years that the playing field has not been fair they've been a racist that they've been a rat allegedly by zanu p.f. supporters a big litmus test for a muslim and i've got a who's now president is when the campaign period start can opposition parties be allowed to campaign freely without fear of arrest meant if that is able to happen it could be an indication that maybe he does mean what he's saying maybe it isn't use them badly but it is still too early all eyes on him right now the main issue for now for the poorest of the poor if the economy can can we just step back for a second coming soon your reporting over the past two. you are obviously not one of these correspondents not that al-jazeera has these correspondents but you definitely are not one of these people that flies in does a piece to camera than flying again you've reported
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a lot from inside zimbabwe did you ever think this what we're seeing today happening robert mugabe is gone did you ever think that would really happen. no i mean over and over again throughout the year when bob wins we always being told that robert mugabe will rule and till he dies never the timing grayson got the end of on a podium earlier this year do you think even if he dies his face was still be on the ballot box he'll still rule from the grade was ingrained in people's heads that the mugabe is all in this country they rule this country and nothing is going to change and i suppose the events of the last week really quite a surprise a lot of people people still couldn't believe what happened it took the military to intervene to remove robert mugabe from power so what happened there was this belief there was shock but also people celebrating i understand that the country away for years you were afraid to speak out even reporting as a journalist you had to really navigate to your way reporting in this country
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because it wasn't always easy with sometimes dangerous you could even criticize the president as an ordinary citizen some people have been a race to the brewing the first time the booing in the form of a semi sorry. they were a third fire and basically paying them a guy but you've been in power too long you must leave so imagine living under those conditions so it was surprising he he went out of the way people didn't expect it it did happen we had not having you president obama is now looking forward to the future and what the future may hold her thank you so much let's take it back inside that sports stadium and through simmons joining us again here on the news andrew for so long oppression was the status quo so now he is gone they have a new president. well. it is an extraordinary occasion. explaining that. she never expected this
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moment. the people the civil rights. expressing themselves you know. a mess. actual. because this was. the think through and full of this change it is the people who. spoke simple for the pressure they built all over the kids for the pressure to choose schultz just pulled any other components and now there is some let's call it. in terms of whether this president can deliver on the economy can get the job can introduce the photosystem of the old which has been common say to the bone with the experience but i want to bring in now experts on economics to incent most away including case with the
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opposition isn't b.s. you witnessed an extraordinary isn't it you also see you know you get the feeling it's a huge responsibility. you know just like most. he's going to be. the energy of the situation this country is bankrupt this new president. with businesses like china when shortages in the polls that have moved all. the social and all the rest are. not putting stuff on the show. the problem. is that we're not too sure what exactly he wants to do and i think if we wait for
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his speech we're going to hear exactly what he's studying but we need to unite behind it is a country i think because this is an opportunity for lifetime after me to change the system so that we can in the future to check whether the system i'm kind of getting to trust him for the businessmen is disappearing and we're just hoping for the best. shooting. of the opposition you've experienced this. year sadly you know i mean you are talking about it being just as on a few issues it was that so we position on a. kind of language up to date but we hoping that seems to prevail and they'll realize this is a problem this was a certain political party. to his sure sentences how to push through the first a new program to get sanctions to keep the shorts will here soon.
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thing is to get money cash into the system we have to put it into the system and turn it back to the number one problem but the issue is the team that is going to appoint is very important that he brings together people experts who know exactly what they doing so we can get this country back on its feet. very much and to feel so so definitely a lot on this man's shoulders back to the studio. and suspect in the coming minutes and talk to joseph he's a writer and commentator on african affairs he joins us from building in london the . key question will the military now fade away. i think almost certainly yes they will and in fact the manner in which the deed is been absolutely takes smart there's no reason for them to be there i think they only came up because it was critical that the deed think. we had them it was entity
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vote for the war veterans who was it making giving if you like the feel me money in reach or this process came these guys are behind us and. is behind him the war veterans are behind him. i think the opposition are speaking the same language that they want to give me a chance there's no reason why the army does not really. go back to barracks i think they've acted in a manner that is so exemplary that perhaps the rest of africa is watching but of course at the end of the day i'm not really quite sure whether you know africa necessarily want to see the army helping the process of course titian to change how does he turn the economy around the i.m.f. the international monetary fund have a team there for a couple of weeks in may they said look you've got too much domestic borrowing already borrowing within the country offset against a massive national debt therefore you cannot increase wages you cannot spend more
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of the money you don't have on a bigger wage bill and yet the new president is saying jobs jobs jobs support he can't afford to pay people for those jobs so how does he triangulate that. i think jobs jobs jobs maybe a bit of a slogan because it's politics isn't it but quite clearly really peter what is really not being say it is that. robert mugabe ends up here they don't necessarily bond with the economy what they did was when they pushed for land reform and fell out with the british twenty years ago zimbabwe was abandoned and once sanctions kicked in nobody in zimbabwe could have done anything better and then the same i did not win the chinese i think as an urban economy would have collapsed long time ago now with the goodwill both in and outside zimbabwe there's no reason why with the injection of a liquidity with the opening offer is a bad way for business. is actually saying give us
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a chance and gives involving people a chance give this country a chance there's no reason why they don't start in fact where the i don't think it could sink any lower really on the basis of the the succumbs of just suggested. but i mean going back to two thousand and eight what happened in two thousand and eight with the rate of inflation the country was running in the millions of percentage points you can't say that was all down to the former colonial power should be ok the economy today is better than it was nine years ago but it was a mess nine years ago and it was a mess because of robert mugabe. yes but i mean this thing you know start in two thousand and eight as i said started about now two thousand two thousand and nine hundred ninety seven when zimbabwe was abandoned and isolated i'm not saying that they could not have done in a better quite clearly there's no country that could look at north korea look at the cuba as a say that it really isn't bob it was made by the cuba of africa from about nine
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hundred ninety seven from all the time really it was the case that these guys were fighting for their survival but yes i think once you open up this base once you allow the citizenry to really floor once you allow you know the market to find its own level why you allow government with limitations to play is a regulatory role there's no reason why a country like zimbabwe doesn't do well substantial educated economy huge amount of land not a very big population but by and large you know with a huge amount of mineral and other community resources so zimbabwe is actually possible going forward i think we just need to make sure that we begin to refocus on the positives rather than on the negatives peter ok understood if we focus on the positives here is there a positive aspect to him as an individual and it's who he is as a man as a character yes he was very close to mugabe's administration for a long long time but people are saying this they are saying he is more pragmatic he's less emotional and he can mesh his character with his undoubtedly good
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relations with china he will need to be on board on message as a fiscal friend. i think beijing is on board and beijing has actually said yes said so in the last several days has been around with these guys and how did it not be in beijing then but we would have collapsed a long time ago i think really now the the my for more critical friends all the friends of the west coming in as i said by charlie and injecting in money now in terms of him as an individual yes he happens to be. much more open minded more moderate including on the question of london forms and he did not really believe in going much more radically to the do to the other side did robert mugabe but peter one thing that we forget is this the war veterans who basically were critical also in part in pushing in fact they were the largest in pushing out mugabe where also
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the people who are very much until mugabe in the early ninety's because the what they thought were the labor the lander forms right now all these guys are speaking the same language so in a way the huge goodwill he's got within the key elements of the zimbabwean polity body polity should really viable i'd make it relatively easier for him to money but yes i think at the heart of it is how much they able to generate. from our said but much more so i think critically also the point about corruption which i think under is one of under his guest mentioned much earlier that is actually important that the elites wake up a bit and begin to say that the cake was about what should really be a cake shared by all is about it just if thanks very much for just joining us here on the news hour let's just take the next twenty seconds or so to recap for you the big story of the day. has been sworn in as the president of zimbabwe to loud cheers a fly past and a twenty one gun salute inside the national sports stadium the seventy five year
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old nominated for the job the president by the leaves on the yes party after robert mugabe resigned following that the coup that wasn't we're calling it an intervention because that's what it was by the military last week an astonishing few days for africa more on that on the website down to zero dot com and we will return to it of course in the next few minutes. we move on the man accused of planning the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks has been released from house arrest fees saeed was freed after a court in pakistan rejected the government's plea to extend his detention by three months he led prayers earlier on friday saeed's who is the founder of a band group has been under house arrest in lahore since january he has a large following in pakistan mostly because of his charitable works india has expressed outrage over his release. his italy's confirms once again the lack of seriousness on the part of pakistani government in bringing to justice
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but it was a highness act of terrorism including by individuals and entities designated by the united nations. let's talk. he's a journalist and a commentator he was living in mumbai in two thousand and eight he covered the attacks while serving as bureau chief for andy t.v. . just mater what are your memories of that day. well absolutely it was one of the jurors shocked all of us because it was something which again we had never seen before see not only at that the large. amount of gel five star hotel in mumbai but also at night in one house which was a jewish guest house where people from the jewish community from his journey from all across the world they came down there are only be read not only in the jewish community and also to see mom by and these places were very deliberately attacked
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and of course nobody can forget what happened at the main filming of the chapter but the shivaji terminus where you know at least twenty to thirty people were killed by book these gunmen who came down there now initially we all thought this was actually a gang war which was happening between the local mafia there but then when it began to really imprint on our minds that this is happening not just in one place but reports began to come in about six seven. and a number of people which were you know going into the tension for those days afterward many many going to set backs in mumbai especially since the early two thousand and this particular attack touched a raw nerve somewhere because this was something which the entire indian you know on of india and of course are the military the intelligence services by surprise and just very very dearly thankfully after that not much has happened but what's
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happening today is they're certainly not shocking but it has touched a raw nerve and people are disgusted really after saidee is walking out the memories of what really happened there on that particular day in fact almost ten thousand years ago it happened just two days from now to the twenty fourth of november and when it's not one of those that didn't really did dr ronn those three and a half to say a mastermind let's mastermind after the twenty six eleven terror attacks and. after many are you saying that there is a certain lack of a sensitive approach towards this you're saying it's not entirely shocking it's something less than that so what is it. i think it's a sensed the view for most people because they don't really expect pakistan to show any sense of seriousness so. let's take a look at what happened in india we did catch managed to catch one of the gunmen
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one of the dead it is alive. in three thousand. and by two thousand and twelve the end process of the trial being conducted in the lower court that judgement of him being sentenced to death over the often if this was upheld by the of bombay high court off that the supreme court upheld the judgment of the bomb the high court and that process took place and then on twenty first of november two thousand and twelve the sob was hanged in a prison in maharashtra in india now this and that process is a long process to get a fair trial we should c.b.s. news about this and tried look what's happening in pakistan if you see in the last nine years in the last eight to nine years nine judges of this very same case have been transferred but one of the main accused lucky who has been the monster mind also along with how quickly he has been let off on being so it doesn't exactly shows the seriousness of what's really happening around this trial because of well
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this is a you know he's a political point pakistan saying there is no evidence against. india keeps insisting on a lot of evidence has been given but you know one must remember that this is not just about semantics or more just dates of what really happens this is the twenty fourth of november ok you are releasing heartlessly just two days before the ninth anniversary and that touches an evil and even draw on of if i can see that amongst indians big ok it shows a complete lack of sensitivity towards what's already happened ok to just myself i'm going to have to interrupt the subject of thank you so much for your perspective in your context on that big story there. now in a few moments we'll have the world weather for you with richard will recap the main stories plus. captain's naca steve smith leads a fight back by australia in the first ashes test with santa in about fifteen minutes.
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from the clear blue sky dome home. to the fresh breeze in the city of in the. cold air refuses to move across eastern parts of europe with moscow seeing my son temperatures minus five across more western arizona came pretty unsettled moment but that really tells part of the picture because most interesting feature of the weather is further towards the north affecting parts of scandinavia see this big spiral of play that's a low pressure center you know that all these where the imagery doesn't quite join up together is this low pressure which has been the dominant feature bringing very strong winds across scandinavia and strong winds direction normally the from the west northwest but ahead of this low pressure really coming in from the southeast causing their own problems so the current situation is very heavy snow for inland from bergen in fact all the norwegian warning system they have red warning
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obviously and then they actually go to violet warning us we've got at the moment for really intense snowfall occurring there we've also got very heavy snowfall across northern parts of no white with strong winds to seeing winds in excess of one hundred kilometers down fact they have been up to about one hundred fifty kilometers per hour masses and masses showers coming through still a very very strong wind through the remainder of saturday the snow is going to be very reluctant to clear snow effect in other parts of scandinavia. the weather sponsored by cattle nice. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on a private sector i would call it a dependency we have a mismatch between the way we on the maj and work to be and the reality of the twenty first century enough to get here in a body deal for you and i want to show you how many of the persons that you're
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sending out you should be child soldiers and like i said i think that child soldiers reloaded at this time. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when myth was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and going to run the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time on a just see it. welcome
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back you're watching the art sirrah news hour with our continuing coverage of all the top stories these are your headlines emerson and god one has just become zimbabwe's new president he's been sworn in in the past forty minutes or so in front of thousands of cheering supporters who filled the national sports stadium to witness this historic event and i'm god what replaces robert mugabe he ruled the country for thirty seven years his promise to advance the country and the lives of zimbabweans. the u.n. says images of refugees being forcibly removed from a decommissioned prison camp on minus island are shocking and inexcusable. papua new guinea police cleared the three hundred seventy eight men from the former australian run site activists say the police destroyed their belongings to make them leave the camp was close three weeks ago but many refugees refused to go saying they feared being attacked the un has received reports that several refugees
1:43 pm
were severely injured during the raid. well one of the refugees we've been in contact with from man to silence sent us this video describing exactly what happened. pretty sound immigration officer happy man a reason. for some after a few years the news are not that a few days might fourth and it is clear there are enough shots and. if you don't now pretty soon there are a few years. some of them then you jerks those thirty years in. front of them and then resent them not just people and so. it's one i don't accept by police. you when you were three. you might call. the police in china are investigating reports that toddlers are
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a child daycare center in beijing that were sexually abused drugs and molested as the latest in a series of child abuse cases at daycare centers that of course outrage and panic across the country start branson are reports from beijing. they're in shock and demanding an explanation these are parents of toddlers who attend the prestigious red yellow blue kindergarten in beijing children as young as three years old have said they were molested drugged and stripped naked by care workers regular blue is the largest early childhood service provider in china and is listed on the new york stock exchange what a lot from you in the glass of my chair oh some parents have ak their children whether the age the pews the truth is that this was the secret between then and the teachers china's child care system has come under scrutiny since cases of abuse
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have appeared online this case currently under investigation in shanghai appears to show a worker pushing children to the ground and forcing them to eat spicy wasabi you don't use case at record yellow blue is like to an outpouring of anger online with tens of millions responding or not don't you outrage over child abuse and they care centers around the country this crisis is seen as a strong message to the government to take action to improve the safety of topless and i'm sure they're helping development in a country that is increasingly depending on professional child care. since china has adopted its second child policy last year the man for child care has grown the country has limited parents to have only one son or daughter for forty years. but research shows that more than half of chinese parents choose not to have a second child because of the lack of proper childcare and seeing how you're going to these are not just incidence. is quite nerve wrecking it reflects the problem or
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serious lack of childcare this is a serious social issue. namor and only on have put china second child policy into practice but the young parents are struggling after care worker forced their daughter to eat in the toilet at the childcare center nana's says she quit her job to take care of her children so that the supervision on this private kindergartens is very loose the kindergartens past that year inspections by using their connections and providing fix that if it gets they just want to gain profit instead of providing a real education lack of sufficiently trained staff is a not a problem sadistic show that for forty four million thoughtless will need daycare two point four million more teachers need to be hired and trained by the ministry of education says it will prosecute any teachers and employees who have harmed and
1:47 pm
abused children the government has started an inspection of the management of child care centers nationwide red yellow blue has apologized for the anxiety it has cost to the parents and to society step fastened al-jazeera beijing. saudi backed syrian opposition groups have agreed to form a fifty member delegation to attend next week's u.n. sponsored talks they've renewed their demand for the syrian president bashar assad to resign join a conference on the conflict in riyadh but a side stepping down will not be a precondition for negotiations. the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen has given the u.n. commission for aid workers to return to the country but the u.n. says it's still blocking them from bringing in much needed food medicine and equipment to the side of the coalition had promised to reopen humanitarian aid corridors into northern yemen on thursday they've been facing increasing pressure from the u.s. and the u.n. to lift the blockade ports were closed two weeks ago after hoofy rebels fired
1:48 pm
a missile at the saudi capital riyadh the u.n. and aid agencies say the measures could lead to mass starvation. time for sports news his son thank you very much at the tell all holiday tradition in the u.s. has ignited a controversy around a sport and racism for the first on the washington redskins hosted the thanksgiving a football game it increases a sensitivity about the team's name which many see as a slur against native americans i'll insist the hospital. or many have been preparing the feast simon moyer smith has been preparing the protest he says he will highlight the forgotten story of thanksgiving so we called it the justice for natives rally because the omission of the murdered and mutilated native. in the thanksgiving narrative people don't know about it don't talk about you know the very white washed myth made comparable narrative for people. that has been
1:49 pm
simmering anger to over the name of the team in washington the redskins there's been a concerted effort to have it changed opponents claiming it is blatantly racist the american psychological society said such names and mascots are harmful but the union says the name is here to stay. a view backed up by the majority of fans in several polls when you've got a mascot major n.f.l. football team that are boiling us down to this one representation one very represent racist representation on a holiday that's also supposed to honor the relationship that colonial governments have with native americans for us it's just. the team's name was the big controversy in the sport in recent years but the focus this season and last has been more on players taking in the joining the national anthem to protest racism going to talk about police brutality and we need to include natives in the discussion right now that dialogue is very much black and white but it's not natives are more likely to die at the hands of police those who are protesting say
1:50 pm
this is about more than just the name this is about celebrating an imagery and a behavior that was cruel and grotesque when people native to this land men women and children were literally skinned for money changing the name they insist would be a first step that would be something they could celebrate alan fischer al-jazeera at the home of the washington redskins well as for the game itself it was a happy thanksgiving for washington fans they beat the new york giants twenty points to ten and it fell games had been played on thanksgiving since nineteen twenty that last cowboys and detroit lions a host a game every year but they were both beaten the cowboys went down twenty eight to sixty two the l.a. charges that they have lost three straight games while the minnesota vikings got the better of detroit. paula brazilian football star may never see the any prison time despite being given and nine year sentence for rape was convicted
1:51 pm
of taking part in the gang rape of an albanian woman in milan in two thousand and thirteen the thirty three year old who plays it with athletico nero in brazil pleaded not guilty through his lawyer and has never appeared at any of the court hearings in italy he has the right to two appeals and brazil doesn't allow the extradition of its own citizens meaning it's unlikely he'll serve time in jail. england's football association have announced they'll begin research into the links between heading the ball and brain damage a study will start next year specifically aimed at examining whether former footballers are more likely to suffer from dementia later in life the research will be co-founded by the f.a.a. and the professional players association and will examine roughly fifteen thousand former players brain injuries has been a big issue in a number of other sports particularly the n.f.l. where x. players are receiving payouts from
1:52 pm
a one billion dollar lawsuit. the favorite to win the european league arsenal have been upset in their group game against poland but wallace still progress as winners are some vendor made eleven changes for the trip to germany and watched his side go down one nil they win the group because a red star belgrade true against spare a tired chorus of. australian captain steve smith is leading a fight back against england in the first ass's cricket test and bruce been the home side were battling a seventy six for four in reply to england's three hundred two but smith and shaun marshall i have a combined for an unbroken partnership of eighty nine with the skipper all sixty four not out. almost finished the second day on beach and on forty fourth australia a hundred fifty seven runs behind with six wickets and. sri lanka have crumbled
1:53 pm
against an attack spearheaded by spent on the first day of the second test against india they are all out for two hundred five with captain to nishant amal top scoring with fifty seven ravi ashwin and arvind data taken seven of the wickets between them. new zealand all blacks will have a new captain for their final rugby test of the season against wales on saturday. takes over from karen reid who's injured his back while brother look at comes in at number eight a full read. here is going to everybody else have you you know available when it's opportunity for someone so it's a big opportunity to go. to the plate and do the job. well so it's disappointing to lose your leader and go it's going to hundred. now the rugby team are going through difficult times on and off the pitch as it
1:54 pm
prepared to face a strong england team in london haven't won an international this year and their rugby association declared itself it came being disputed world. reports well as you can hear the samoan saying preparing here in southwest london for the guy because they are already very good spirits be a little surprising considering the problems they have had with mom and the prime minister of the countries also ahead of the association coming forward and saying we just don't have the money huge concern for the sport and they've got this big fight against an england team who are winding high second in the world rankings and genuinely trying to challenge the marty all blacks one of the best teams in the well right now and you know this. for us to get us one or get a good performance. over the prospect when they
1:55 pm
met while this summer and same have been in england there has been a development on their financial story which is that won't be side by are being supported that i do have the money that they're not bankrupt and we will do everything it can to make sure they're ok i mean we did see with a twenty twenty three rugby world cup going to france that was for financial reasons that was i world rugby could support the smaller nations who are struggling . in the middle i want to stay out of this and say look it's between samoa and world rugby and this would give some of that considerable much thousands of dollars what doesn't that's going to happen as for the match itself and i'm trying not to disturb the players going through every saying here. they had a disappointing defeat against from minor and haven't won this year so they are really going to need to step it up against this tough england side they're unlikely to win we think back to the glory days when some are reaching world cup quarter
1:56 pm
finals in the ninety's but what people want is them to put in a good performance because there's so much talent out there you know it's not good it's very. well just era. boys are having fun so that's the main thing is that it's where we play rugby do you think. this obey your best performance of the yanks is not going to. this is the one so you just wait and see and certainly see it. as a funny peter many thanks ok let's wrap up this news for you where we started it meant a surveillance taking place inside the national sports stadium in harare the former president robert gabriel mcgarvey is politically no more days that have changed zimbabwe forever well maybe. the president has. his powers to.
1:57 pm
president or for his. we immediate effect we need comes to. know what it. is that. we have to assure the nation. that he's excellent the president of the republic of zimbabwe and his family. and sound and the security he's got on t.v. . he ended yet by a report from the opposition no president in physics some good. news and we're leaving that reminder of the events of the past week a little bit early just to take you back live to harare let's listen in to what the new president of zimbabwe is saying this.
1:58 pm
isn't just coming to us and friends countrymen. why the decision. of my party xantia of. inviting me to serve our great nation. the republicans in bob win. in pick up our city of presidents and the commander in chief of the zimbabwe defense forces with effect from today. i had to meet that i won't know but to darley you need qualification which sets me apart. from the deep pool of abol citizens
1:59 pm
of our party and our lands who otherwise could have been chosen to operate by this on the most of it. but even as i make constant reference to my biases and be of. i'm not oblivious to the many zimbabweans from across the political advantage and the racial divide we have helped make this day and that they have legitimate expectations from the office now i occupy.
2:00 pm
the decision of my party is manly for the purpose of political identification as i intend nay am required to serve our country as the president of all citizen. regardless of carla creed religion pride toward term or political affiliation. let me say this terry. paid special tribute to our north and the only surviving founding father. of four nation. government robot government gabi.


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