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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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the decision of my party is the man who for the purpose of political identification is i intend mary quant to save our country as the president of all citizens regardless of color creed religion tribe toward term or political affiliation. let me this day. pay special tribute to our north and the only surviving founding father. of our nation. common robot government gabi. he led us
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you know as plughole for national independence. we are soon to be responsibilities of leadership. and before men two and a very challenging time at the best of our nation. that used to be louder and celebrated four times what ever made us of commission or mission that minor book aired during that period to confer ease in the life of our nation let us only accept and acknowledge these immense contribution towards the building of one nation. to me personally he meant is the father mentor old comrade in
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arms in my early days. we didn't say thank you to you and did trust that our you student would grant you may use proper place and of course be of use deserve to stay just as a wonder of the founding fathers leaders of our nation. let me also to go tonight is in a very very special way in. the presence you know meatiest of soon our staff men of our region and a continent. late plays an excellent promo president can have a different go now of zombie i saw the. man who was the only living member of the phone national front line stays gripping
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. which you synonymous with the decolonization process in our region. we all know you as indeed we do you remember oh yes colleagues now departed. the statesman who are with us today show a story of success. we had a bit that show a study of succession which you speak so well of our continent. it is an oddity that must get blown down and a bone done there's generations and over to succeeding ones or an army to. not know managing their own now you have bestowed upon me i recognize that
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i can't just six that to better me will not be accomplished through speeches i must be made to ground running our audio we all need to someone and i lose in constant doorstep in this great nation beyond where our you make your first president lift. for close to two decades. this country went through america benefits whilst we cannot stand to be processed. there is a lot we can do in the present and the future to give our nation a different positive direction. as we do so we should never remain was the edges of our past. i thought i'm going
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up the road to all of us that we let bygones be bygones. vastly embracing each other in defining a new destiny of our beloved zimbabwe. the time schedule and is that of rebuilding our great country. it's a busybody lies with denying but ourselves to do so. i implore you all to declare that never again never again should the circumstances that you would be imbibed with even an from horrible position be allowed to recover or overshadow for us. we must work together you me all of us
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would make up this nation. ours is a good country and all good to reach the resource. and up boning in maine a paternity for everyone who considers them backward as a whole. whilst i am aware that emotions and expectations might be highs and a mix. of not doubt that of a child we will appreciate you slowly to foundation laid by my criticism against all manner of this is the truth towards building an educated and lighted. and forgiving society. this is a formidable head start we grow from our past
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a privilege upon which to build developments in the present and direct what for the future. fellow countrymen zimbabweans. as we chide our way for once. we must accept that our challenges as a nation emanates invites from the minor injuries we have monitors of politics. both national and international. however. given our eyes started go directly to you we wish the race of the world to understand and appreciate that the point is these and throw them the letter to line before way never easier. was there is a lot that we may need to do by way of outcomes the principle role repose
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vesna lines cannot be jennings or his verse. as. the dispossession of our own says roland was the fundamental reason for waging the liberation struggle. it would be every trail of the brave men and women whose seventy five. if we wait for him says the gains we have made in reclaiming our lines. therefore i have voted for beneficiaries of the land reform program to show that vividness by demonstrating commitment to the utilization of the land now available to them for national food security and for the governor of our economy. the amount of debt that funded your problems that my government shall continue to
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of aim to ensure that all land is utilized optimizing. too bad and my judgment to cut but today the law and the commission. saw that it is says with all outstanding issues related to land distribution. my government is committed to cover facing those families from moving into our second in terms of our laws of the land. every we call it is to see a. complex issues of lead genya we have to be addressed
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both as gently and definitively we dare not leave our gates on these key issues of events leading to this historic day attests to the fact that we are unique nation one which is clear about what it wants and what it does not want. but not only many nations including those in the developed world would not have ended with the sort of outcome we celebrate today. credit goes to employers and bob dylan and my position we invested a lot taught the principal reason lucian of the challenged of the situation not that that isn't in arkansas. from events preceding bizarre cases we stand apart as
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a unit nation divided by the neutral tone aren't peace in the unity which we have displayed in the past few weeks. this is one that we do well indeed proud page we have added to the silence of complicity solutions and settlement. that it sees and how many should because it is because of our we relate to one another before during and after the train eighteen have an eye democratic election next year. i committed to you today that this election will be held as judge will. today our ever republic of zimbabwe li news itself.
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by gunman who went on ensuring that the beloved democracy in our lands lengthened and respected. we fully be our family our membership of the family of nations and express our commitment to playing our pride in all regional continental and international organizations and other engines in order to make a modest contribution towards a prosperous and a sister who will order. we subscribe and of serve the principle where omission of the world is one and so free but no where can does the maintenance of words b.'s as well as easily carry under the united
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states and sudden. here to home we must only ever appreciate the fact that over the years our domestic politics has become poison in front of us in the process and to put eyes and. my goal is to persuade and advise all of a party to and around an administration that people's nicest things in our does visited as a people one thing that this position when meant to stand would be reciprocated and the recreated to cover all our group organizations and communities we general to squander the moment. whatever we do or choose not to do must be intended to benefit all our people. above all we must always remember and realize that we were all and around
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this country in class. it belongs to the generations whose possibilities must never be foreclosed or mortgaged as a result of decisions of expediency. devalue the village and appease jennie's about open bargains are the enjoying foundations for the dad the goal of development is the fed pillar. of the trinity unity peace and development as prows by my buds on p. and. our economic policy. will be predicated on no agriculture our command of a culture. which is demand is today and or to create the conditions
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for investment ledge economy recovery that includes a premium on jobs jobs jobs creation. he tries is will have to be meant to attract foreign direct investment to tackle eyelevel is of unemployment while transforming our economy. demand is skills in bobby and. we have left the country over the years for a variety of reasons must now come into the broader economic political are designed for our recovery and adecco of as a nation. of cause the fiscal and a social infrastructure must be bird and expanded to position our country in the retinas for economic growth imprisonment creation
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is pretty frugal and the mocha. and for the provision of psychosocial girls whose body found shelter clean or tough education and are happy social services. our cuts we cannot make development must be pretty easy or know what time to go to step in each day in a job and he could be able society family based on our his dorrigo cultural and social experience as well as our aspirations for better lives for our people. our system of economy going to vision and management will incorporate elements of the market economy you know which end up
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prizes allowed in that alleged in the protected. the from last night's vote results we're as a country must now be exploited for the national good. we welcome new charlie games for partnerships with international investors whose presence in the images must be valued and secured. the bottom line is an economy which is break on its feet. only that way can you really cover this economy create jobs for your our youth and reduce poverty for all our people who might witness real positive changes in our lives. in the immediate. liquidity tendencies we see of the devils economy must be deafened yet or.
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with the real solution being generated as the method of educating. people must be able to access the ending and a serving as and when they need them. every we focused on recovering our economy we must be shared with behavior and the acts of indiscipline which of characterize the past and of course not certain must the stocks. where i believe of swiss swift suv justice must consider. us. we have to ask file to be
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explanation why the son's life a moral standard and there he was on did a deal my administration declared war commitment one thing that gives our way those who depart from the possible virtue and the clean business possible seven it cannot be business as usual you will not have to grow up your sleeve in the witness believe we have an economy to recover a people to serve. each and every one of us must now and our the day they are weak and among and to work.
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god. gone are the days of absenteeism and hutaree application dead of on duty delay and a four stunning decision and seven in two of it's noting that if you want those days over. and your culture must now inform and animate our daily conduct. our offices must the sprinkling of the press and in the general solution our waited for our customers the day our citizens all well meaning outside and want to join in though i couldn't agree government flexibility must be built
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into our operation so that the machine of government does not become one's ludes pundit a stumbling brok to decision that must be made and communicated exposition of the culture of government must change and change is now. recognizing the pivotal role that exports play in generating much needed foreign currency government to ensure really a variation of export procedure while vigorously ensuring the reduction of all costs associated with the conduct of international trade. establishment special economic zones. we'll be exonerated in order to attract
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investment and increase exports demented us of economic stability and confidence amongst the transact in public with the whole business community and foreign investors remains to me of the form i join. my government will ensure for a nasal sector instability we will put in place measures that imperative serving through bank deposits and other brokerage financial instruments which are being furry wards to the posters the current banking culture where coast. on depositors must come to an end. to reduce the i'll turn to loose percent. existing and
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prospective investors government will henceforth and sooner or that is domestic and in turn our debt obligations are serviced. this will apply to the world of government including local authorities and state owned enterprises . in addition my government room at the very. externalization of foreign currency and to smartly move who's the congress but the management and control systems will be strengthened. i turned to our grocer killed two shoes from abroad human physical and social perspective. all citizens must assume. you are and enjoy
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a sense of belonging. lends. all of divinity is that the national security is to service and to achieve must be focused on oprah we humans a few need to include among others security from disease hunger and employment illiteracy and extreme poverty we must pay equal attention to all these areas and hence is up abilities or for securing services so that all the decisively with all freights. today republicans zimbabwe enters the second phase of its best we may to fully our freedom our belonging to the family of nations we love our no you or belittle and intentions against any other nation
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this southern african development community side. is our home. we found it from this beginning and we commit ourselves to furthering this vision and ideals. as a week j o two and from our side of the house we fully realize that we belong in the bigger house and from an african union whilst we were not free at the best of the early you would champion the total liberals of the entire african continent from colonialism we were creators of stelling air force of all you through east liberation committee. the african union itself. the sequel to the you is there are nice
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to hold and the collective resources african the bomber place and plan of membership and began and now that it will play its role holding to make is that sense of the you. any important substrate of you is because america economic group of nations. there we are committed to going to determine. when he has realized version of the agenda twenty six to three. then bob was gentle since independence has provided us with many lessons some present others not so pleasant . in particular some bizarre nation divided against that prevent us then to debt because. we have relatives or friends to maintain good relations
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with the partner and majority of the family of nations. i stand here today to say that our country is that ready and willing. to really engage me with only the nations of the world. as we build a new democratic zimbabwe where. we ask those who have punished us in the past to reconsider their economic and political sanctions against us. whatever misunderstandings may have subsided.
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subsisted in the past. this make way for a new beginning. in this global world no nation is. all need to be an island isolation has never been splendid overdub solidarity and of partnerships and will always be the way. we are ready to embrace east and home or new principles or move toward respect and common humanity. we would tell definite steps to league games those nations who have we had this is with us in the past equally we would take measures to ensure that we have none is there so commitment towards something all adults
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but of course our results is an immense plus space at this stage. when we face my dad operation what we count on the goodwill of those we all to give us a chance we remain committed to on outings again and entering into a new relationship. i wish to be clear. all foreign investments will be saved is the by. we will loosely abide by the terms of my letras vestment promotion and protection agreement which we have concluded with the number of nations. i ask you to join us in exploiting our potential to make a difference in the lives of our people. the united nations
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is the all of all the nations on this planet we will contribute to the offer of thinking and management of world affairs. our plain talk at either from our deep conviction and desire to help build wells of peace. we join the rays of the continent in a calling for reforms in the united natural system thought the world body become truly representative and have command that is this was perfect the mother will continue to contribute to international peace and security edge into granting all full schedule and freedom is upon us union and the south are we people.
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let us together honestly address. this touches of instability and it's the reason you meant by the way i'm always been to from west of the united nations or not of a guest and the people of zimbabwe. i always to thank all the fuel here and elsewhere who we as a principal transmission. was a dam that as of the president of the bible is as but only promise that i shall have to the best of my ability than everyone everyone who close and a can see doesn't but with the whole. i am kind of under five who demands if i'm given as be but i sins
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for political contestation for next as i'm going is' free and a fed ex has got the momentum the vote is of the people is the words of god. got out and says those. prepares you for our. current. problems. today's republic of zimbabwe enters the second stage of its birth the words from zimbabwe's second president since independence we really focus on peace rebuilding economic recovery and reconciliation is the main pillars of that speech a promise
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a country without discrimination against color or creed to not of respect to robert mugabe for taking them to independence he recommitted himself and his government to land reform and rid redistribution he said economic policy will be based on agriculture and you also asked those of punished us in the past to reconsider his words of the talk about those countries we've imposed sanctions against zimbabwe have a team of reporters covering this event or metastable as us reaction from the streets in harare tanya page joins us from pretoria in neighboring south africa but we begin with anderson's who is inside the stadium where the ceremonies taking place he focused a lot on economic recovery didn't he said he's tired and it's not time now for speeches but rather he hit the ground running i'm sure everyone was happy to hear that. yes hit the ground running was won't take away from this another war.


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