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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2017 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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with over forty thousand people killed under his rule it took twenty five years to bring him to a court of law. but why for so long with such a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west who are not reporting to the congress or to the press they were engaged in a clandestine. al-jazeera unravels the history of chad's notorious former president the same habit a dictator on trial at this time on al-jazeera i really felt liberated as a journalist about. getting to the truth as i was that's what his job. gunmen attack a crowded mosque in egypt's sinai region killing at least two hundred thirty five
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people the egyptian military launches air strikes in response. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program. i am a servant my god what promises to serve all zimbabwe sworn in as president. argentina's navy continues its hunt for a missing submarine carrying forty four crew members the president says it will be found within days and calls for government action after a beijing child care center is accused of drugging and molesting toddlers.
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thank you for joining us egypt's military has conducted air strikes in the sinai region where gunmen have attacked a mosque detonating a bomb and opening fire on worshippers state media say that at least two hundred thirty five people have been killed dozens more injured well the assault took place during friday prayers at a packed mall skin bed egyptian officials say fighters arrived in four off road vehicles of the mosque been shot at fleeing worshippers as well as ambulances egypt has the cleared three days of mourning for the victims well the egyptian military has launched a major campaign in the sinai region after the attack addressing the nation in the last hour egypt's president. promised a brutal response. this these tragic event act of terrorism we make us more robust more stronger was bottle against terrorism we cannot be intimidated i will resolve cannot be dented we will remain more united
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when this event army will take revenge and they will restore order and security with an iron fist in the following days. egypt's security forces have been battling eisel fighters in sinai for years resulting in hundreds of deaths at least forty eight soldiers and police officers have been killed just this year one of the worst attacks was in july when twenty three soldiers died after a suicide car bombs tore through two military checkpoints in the last few months there's been a rise in attacks targeting local tribes who work with the armed forces i saw brands them traitors for cooperating with soldiers and police another major target is coptic christians in february dozens of christian families fled the region after a number of killings by suspected i saw fighters but i think how this is a nonresident fellow at the tully or institute for middle east policy he joins us now live via skype from cairo thank you for joining us here on out jazeera in the
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past hour we heard from president promising that he would deal with it with an iron fist and then we get reports of air strikes very close to where the attack that took place is this i guess the sort of response we can expect from president c.c. . oh it's certainly predictable that there would be a high profile a military campaign. in response to the attacks of what we saw earlier today which is. i believe the largest death toll from a terrorist attack in his modest rejects. the question that we have that we we've been asking for quite some time is. is this drudgery effective without the concern that many many of us clean myself share is that the kind of scorched earth approach that the government has undertaken. doesn't help really combat long term the threat of terrorism coming from sinai. by. making people's life
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inside actually difficult with extremely draconian curfews and a lot of crackdowns and round ups that are often very surgical. there we run the risk of isis finding it easier to recruit people and easier to find safe haven and so the. the the important thing is to look at approaching this with a more sophisticated strategy that balances the need to be decisive at times with the need to to build a coalition that can really deny isis any ability to operate in sinai. i mean it has to be said no one has officially claimed responsibility for this attack just yet but we were reading earlier just how many attacks there have been in sinai that this is really nothing new but what do you make of the differences the specifics about this one the number of dead obviously a massive attack and also the target a mosque. well the number is on precedent as i said even the metric at the tax
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side i call you back killed two hundred twenty four people so to thirty five it's actives the largest death toll that it's ever seen from a terrorist attack. the mosque is known as it is known to be a sunni mosque so there's a there's there's a reasonable theory that. to an extent this is art of isis kind of view that cities are radical and so it would for them legitimize them as targets that has to be coupled with. reports that this mosque is one that a number so architrave ten who have been. who are seen as collaborating with the government by isis and as you mentioned earlier in your report we have seen a number of attacks against people inside guy over the view by isis that they're collaborators in the us. and the maze. and it's part of the but this is also part
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of a really troubling trend with isis attacks this past year in which high profile attacks on civilian targets are being more and more often started with a lot of attacks on churches and a group of christians traveling to visit a monastery now we have this attack on another place of worship. it's a scary try and it's a dangerous trend and it gives one a lot of concerns about the safety of civilians now in egypt. when the sinai is willing to a target them as well timothy call this long resident fellow the tarring thank you for middle east policy thank you. was staying with the story international condemnation of the attack has been quick the white house has called on the international community to strengthen efforts to defeat terrorist groups u.s. president donald trump also tweeted calling it a horrible and cowardly terrorist attack on the fenceless worshippers israel's hard line education minister neftali bennett also says it's time for international unity
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in the war on terror and the british prime minister to resign may says he is appalled by the sickening attack and sends condolences to all those affected. ok let's bring you some breaking news from here in london the seams you're seeing are from central london oxford street now british police are responding to what they're calling a customer incident at the oxford street subway station the station serves a busy shopping district in the heart of the capital the area has been evacuated and there are no reports of casualties at this stage we'll bring you more on that as we get to the attack at oxford circus subway station where history has been made in zimbabwe where the first new president in thirty seven years has been sworn into office in his inauguration speech and a promise to create jobs reimburse farmers whose lands were seized and stamp out
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corruption he also paid his respects to his predecessor robert mugabe for me to miller was at the ceremony in harare and sent us this report. a new and unfolding democracy is how emerson when i've describes his ascent to power even if it took a military intervention to end robert mugabe's presidency tens of thousands of zimbabweans waited for hours to watch my god was swearing into office and inauguration meant to cement the veneer of a politically driven solution from within the ruling zanu p.f. i will protect and promote the rights of the people of zimbabwe and that i will do for myself. with the way he. and his people. in attendance the heads of state of zimbabwe's neighbors not here though the south african and and golden president instead meeting in south africa
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for heads of state visit the prisons here today of u.k. representatives may signal a possible end to zimbabwe's isolation from the west seoul ever. this day is a whole about the people on and off has praised and thanked the bobbins for the role they played in getting rid of robert mugabe who was in power for thirty seven years but was the baldwins this is about more than gratitude it's about the promise of a new future one they hope the new president will make good on today i'm so happy because because there are three new president and so. it's going to be the first president homologues that was going to and everything is going to be good this change of up and do our floodgates for us up the german economy it's about was going to to be up there we're expecting the new change to happen and it's like what you used to live
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in all countries involved it's a very it's a full loving country and i'm happy because over this happened without violence. was when i got why a former liberal. vita nicknamed the crocodile for his uncompromising approach to politics begins his presidency under pressure with exorbitant government spending crumbling public services and facilities and few jobs for its people zimbabwe needs its economy resuscitated and elections are scheduled for next year. but for now zimbabweans hold their new president aloft revealing in the horror of a second chance. the u.n. is warning the largest fuel importing companies in yemen say they will not be able to supply consumers there by the end of the week the u.s. says praise the saudi led coalition for opening key yemeni ports and their ports in an effort to address the humanitarian crisis saying it's an important first that
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the saudi led coalition has also agreed to allow u.n. aid workers to return to the country from saturday but the u.n. says it's still blocking them from bringing in much needed food medicines and the quicker we human rights groups are calling for international agencies to monitor the repatriation over hinge of muslims to me and our as the un's refugee agency says it's still not safe for them to return me and more in bangladesh signed a pact on thursday that will allow those the splays to go home once their paperwork is completed but the advocacy group human rights watch has this misstep as a publicity stunt and says the refugees must be guaranteed security and their homes rebuilt more than six hundred thousand range i fled an army crackdown in iraq and stayed over the past three months. but has more now from cox is bizarre. there are of course a major issues with respect to the implementation of this agreement that has been made between bangladesh and men with respect to the repatriation of bringing the
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refugees chief of which of course is the question of exactly where many of these people go back to their villages have been destroyed burns to the ground hundreds of thousands of them across this border and they brought literally nothing with them including any form of identification and myanmar is insisting that an identification process must start that says that this agreement is loosely based on one that was put together ninety ninety two when there was a similar outbreak of violence in one thousand nine hundred two they were going to refugees that came they had white cards now these white cards were proof of residency not citizenship myanmar government now saying that if the regime the cuties here now have proof that they once had one of those white cards then they would take to eventually be allowed to return and they also say that there is going to be a system put together. papers disseminated within the refugee camps where people
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can register listing their former addresses their family members but of course is the issue of literally thousands of people there who are missing family members many of them are children so it's very difficult to get solid identification of these people. still to come on the program we'll bring you the latest on that security alert at oxford circus here in london plus south african olympian oscar pistorius has his prison sentence more than doubled from six to thirteen years and cambodia's opposition groups promise not to give up their fight after the supreme court dissolved the main opposition party last week.
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welcome back and i don't normally show the satellite imagery for this part of western asia and levant but we've had a cold front push the region and it's been quite an active feature gave some rain here in qatar to some of the side of the gulf but you see vast amounts of rain rain being reported on and just off the run so that system is clear through but it's looking fairly unsettled we've got some rain some snow across eastern areas into afghanistan we've got some rain on the southern side of the caspian sea with some snow up over the mountains and also looking pretty wet there for back you and as a by shan run the eastern side of the mediterranean weather conditions not too bad the flow is generally from the south of beirut there seen temperatures remaining into the low twenty's but the threat of some rain developing across the region in the latter part of sunday. to arabian peninsula where we have a little bit of rain clearing through and certainly cooler conditions quite chilly in fact in riyadh nineteen degrees certainly with low humidity will feel pretty chilly meca still though it thirty three degrees heading on through into sunday
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temperatures begin to recover a little bit conditions chair across the region of abu dhabi looking at my sort of twenty eight degrees in southern portions of south africa we've got a lot of cloud and rain developing across eastern parts of the country some heavy rain is likely here should ease off later. but. africa is going through seismic changes few country stands out because it's considered so successful why is the. president of ghana nonna a coup for i don't talk to all jews here. at this time.
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the top stories on al-jazeera egypt's state media say that at least two hundred thirty five people have been killed and dozens more injured in a gun attack on a mosque in the north sinai region egypt's military has carried out air strikes. president. pledged to revive zimbabwe's economy and stamp out corruption and london police are advising people. inside buildings. a security alert for the ground. argentina's president says he expects search teams to find his navy's missing
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submarine within days but he didn't specify whether the navy expect that the find survivors the second one went missing nine days ago off the coast of southern argentina with forty four crewmembers on board it can only remain submerged for seven days russia is sending a new search plane but hopes of any survivors are fading after the navy detected an explosion close to its last known position vanish rymer is at the naval base and mark the plot that would speak to him now. what do we make of mockeries statement he does seem a little optimistic perhaps. anybody really expects them to find at least one of life among the people crew members. the the president and the argentine naval autoroute is still continuing the search is still determined not to give in on that score they have the help of the craft of
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ships of. high technology on the water rescue vessels out in the south atlantic they've been searching pretty much the all. already lost contact with the submarine the a r a a sound one on the fifteenth of november but they now think that the submarine is at the bottom of the sea anything from two hundred meters or below the sea level to several thousand perhaps so they hope to find a submarine ready to answer some of the questions but the families of those forty four crew members many of them left this base yesterday very angry with the way the operation the search operation is being conducted with the information that came their way many of them have said they've been told that the crew members are dead and they're not going to see them again but they like the rest of argentina are asking for answers as to what happened as to why the information took so long to come to light the way it came to light and also the vessel itself the sunk one it was built in one nine hundred eighty three commissioned in one thousand nine
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hundred five a very old a diesel electric submarine it was true to carry on operating for another thirty years or so so people are asking whether it was obsolete whether it was safe two of those taken to see the author or it is a been trying hard to answer those questions saying they did all they could but really is a country in mourning now for those forty four crew members the families gone home to carry out that morning leaving the base where i'm standing now and obviously you know this is a tragedy for the families their loved ones of the forty four crewmembers but for months at a political point of view you were mentioning a lot of the issues that this raises what could be the political repercussions of this. well really to ask first of all argentina has three submarines possibly now two what the purpose of those submarines and why the governments of previous governments have not invested in upgrading dating some of
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this what seems to many to be obsolete equipment although the storage you said is not obsolete it's still functional. and also really just the way the search operation is being carried out whose hopes were raised there was talk of a sound of sonic waves being found in the south atlantic which then turned so nothing families were kept here without being given much information they say the really many questions about of the future role of the armed forces of the navy in particular how it should be funded and what it should be funded with. with the latest there from argentina thank you it's give you an update now on the breaking news here in london london police are advising in oxford street to move inside buildings is they investigate a security alert at oxford circus underground station the met police have issued
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this statement it says police were called to a number of reports of shots fired on oxford street and underground at oxford circus tube station police have responded as if the incident is terrorist related an armed officers are on the scene and dealing along with colleagues from the british transport police here all oxford street go into a building and stay inside until further directions avoid traveling to the area at this stage police have not located any casualties that the statement coming in to us from the metropolitan police that the police force here in london will bring you more as we get it here now does either. police in china are investigating reports that toddlers at a child care center in beijing were sexually abused a drug and a less that it's the latest in a series of child abuse cases a day care centers that have caused outrage across the country that vast and reports from beijing. they are in shock and demanding an explanation
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these are parents of toddlers who attend the prestigious red yellow blue kindergarten in beijing children as young as three years old have said they were molested drugged and stripped naked by care workers reg yellow blue is the largest early childhood service provider in china and is listed on the new york stock exchange order not from me in the glass of my chair oh some parents have ak their children read their date ate some pews the truth is that this was the secret between dan and the teachers china's child care system has come under scrutiny since cases of abuse have appeared online this case currently under investigation in shanghai appears to show a worker pushing children to the ground and forcing them to eat spicy wasabi. you don't use case and yellow blue is like to an outpouring of anger online with tens of millions responding now don't you outrage over child abuse and they care centers
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around the country this crisis is seen as a strong message to the government to take action to improve the safety of top players and i'm sure they're healthy development in a country that is increasingly depending on professional child care since china has adopted its second child policy last year the man for child care has grown the country has limited parents to have only one son or daughter for forty years. but research shows that more than half of chinese parents choose not to have a second child because of the lack of proper childcare you're seeing how you're going to resolve not just incidence. is quite nerve wrecking it reflects the problem or serious lack of childcare this is a serious social issue. namor and only on have put china's second child policy into practice but the young parents are struggling after a care worker forced their daughter to eat in the toilet at the childcare center nana's says she quit her job to take care of her children so. the supervision on
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this private kindergartens is very loose the kindergartens past that year inspections by using their connections and providing fix that if it hits they just want to gain profit instead of providing a real education lack of sufficiently trained starters and not a problem sadistic show that for forty four million talk loss will need daycare two point four million more teachers need to be hired and trained by the ministry of education says it will prosecute any teachers and employees who have harmed and abused children the government has started an inspection of the management of child care centers nationwide red yellow blue has apologized for the anxiety it has cost to the parents and to society stop fast and al-jazeera beijing. a south african court has more than doubled the oscar pistorius murder sentence after finding the original ruling shockingly lenient the south african gold medal winning paralympian
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will serve thirteen years and five months that's up from six years but stories was convicted of the two thousand and thirteen shooting of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp tonya pages more now from pretoria. it only took a moment for the supreme court of appeal to deliver its ruling that respondent sentenced imprisonment for a period of fifteen years and five months. here but. oscar pistorius shot his girlfriend reeva steenkamp on valentine's day two thousand and thirteen as she cowered behind a bathroom door he said he thought she was an intruder last year prosecutors successfully argued his original conviction should be upgraded from culpable homicide to murder which carries a fifteen year minimum sentence but the judge was lenient and only gave him six years shockingly lenient according to prosecutors who said pistorius hasn't shown
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true remorse steam comes parents to say they're pleased he will spend more time in prison. but now you can get on with. that is that everything is coming in. right from the beginning. what. justice and. pistorius grabs the world's attention as the paralympian who was the first disabled person to compete in the summer olympics he broke records and barry is close his defense lawyers argued he made a fatal mistake that valentine's day costing we've a stain camp her life. oscar pistorius is currently in a prison on the outskirts of pretoria that's best suited to his disability but that will be the only allowance made for his disability as the supreme court of appeal has more than doubled her sentence for murder. as an athlete pistorius does not
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want any special treatment now one of south africa's highest court has decided he wanted to get in a tiny page out is there a potato oriya. opposition groups in cambodia are promising not to give up their political struggle despite moves by the government to crack down on the send the supreme court dissolved the main opposition party last week at the request of the prime minister's ruling party which has now been left without any official opposition bride has more fall. under the flight path into phnom penh airport this modest house is now the headquarters of one of the few organizations opposed to the combo didn't government the grassroots democratic party is just two years old. it doesn't have any m.p.'s
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and is trying to build a base to support candidates in next year's general election. situation is not good for. many in cambodia. will take longer than expected but somehow. and face. the party has already faced difficulties in the main committee room a portrait of its founder ken lay murdered last year in what many believe was a politically motivated killing. he was a fierce critic of long time prime minister and. his ruling party is now virtually unopposed in the national assembly and a number of seats from the defunct c.n.n. r.p. are being given to his allies but the government insists democracy is alive and well nine million people have the right to what they can. and they can.
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they can do. what they want. join a contest unless that party becomes a threat say critics at the former headquarters of the c.n. r.p. all lever dense of its existence has been raised it with their headquarters for a party that got three million votes the last election and that nearly toppled the government the party made more gains in local elections last summer which it was the trigger for prime minister gordon sad to take action. in the countryside c.n.r. peace signs remain alongside the ruling party of. but by the time cambodians go to the polls next july there will likely be no trace left that seems as inevitable as the winner of that election bride al-jazeera compound.
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time after reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera egypt state media say at least two hundred thirty five people have been killed and dozens more injured in an attack on a mosque in the north sinai region the military has carried out air strikes in response gyptian official say fighters arrived in for off road vehicles bombed the mosque then shot at fleeing worshipers and ambulances egypt has the clear three days of mourning and the president is vowing a swift response. and we cannot be intimidated our it is also not be dented we will remain more united. this tragic event the egyptian armed forces will take revenge and they will restore all the security with an iron fist and the following days
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zimbabwe's first new president in thirty seven years has been sworn in tens of thousands gathered in the capital harare to see emerson when god was inauguration he paid his respects to his predecessor robert mugabe who resigned after a military takeover when god were promised to create jobs reimburse farmers whose lions were seized and stamp out corruption. the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen is allowing united nations aid workers to return to the country but the u.n. says saudi is still blocking them from bringing in much needed food medicines and the quitman ports were closed two weeks ago after who the rebels fired a missile at the saudi capital of riyadh human rights groups are calling for international agencies to monitor that we patch relation of range of muslims to myanmar me and more and bangladesh signed the pact answers they that will allow those displaced to go home. and london police are advising people in oxford street
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to move inside the buildings as they investigate a security alert at oxford circus underground station police say they were called to reports of shots fired on oxford street and in the tube station there are no reports of casualties more on all those stories on the al-jazeera news hour in less than half an hour next inside story by. sealing the deal bangladesh should reach an agreement creation of hundreds of thousands. will it finally solve a decades long problem after a campaign of ethnic cleansing left.


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