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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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counting the cost at this time. a new poll ranks mexico city is the poll with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets west's no money on a uses a new service it's called lateral drive it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers the apple for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers. zero.
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hello i'm barbara farah this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes gunmen attack a crowded mosque in egypt's sinai region killing at least two hundred thirty five people president sisi is vowing revenge. urges zimbabweans to put the past behind them as he's sworn in as president. i'm going. to live. well. as the saudi led coalition continues to block aid to yemen warnings that fuel will run out by the end of the week. and calls for government action after a beijing child care center is accused of drugging and one less thing toddlers.
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and sport the tennis season isn't quite over for some of the biggest stars of the men's game the davis cup final is underway between belgium and france and it's tied up why don't more on that story coming up later. egypt's military has carried out air strikes in the sinai region after gunmen attacked a mosque killing at least two hundred thirty five people and injuring dozens more the attackers better nature the bomb then opened fire on fleeing worshippers and ambulances it happened during friday prayers at a packed mall skin be it all a bed mohamed junk jew reports. the bomb and gun attack happened during friday prayers at the mosque in. egypt's northern sinai peninsula local sources say the attackers planted explosives and then opened fire
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on worshippers while the sermon was underway. looks like it was. not really clear this motive was i know it's my responsibility yet but it's very possibly. they have turned into this in the last. night. egyptian forces have for years battled armed groups in the country's rugged and remote sinai peninsula attacks on security forces have been frequent like this car bomb explosion the targeted a police station in a lot in two thousand and fifteen really is i know there's been a lot of. fighting between isis and security forces there for years now. and so. a lot of. area president i'm going to put that has sisi convened an
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emergency meeting of security officials has that had this this tragic event act of terrorism will make us more robust more strong i was battle against terrorism we cannot be intimidated i will result cannot be dented we would remain more united what we need to vent the army will take revenge and they will restore order and security with an iron fist in the following day. as shock sets in and an investigation begins the egyptian government has declared three days of mourning my mage and. well egypt's security forces have been battling eisel fighters in sinai for years resulting in hundreds of deaths at least forty eight soldiers and police officers have been killed just this year one of the worst attacks was in july when twenty three soldiers died after a suicide car bombs tore through two military checkpoints. in the last few months there's been a rise in attacks targeting local tribes who work with the armed forces i saw
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brands them traitors for cooperating with soldiers and the police another major target is coptic christians in february dozens of christian families fled the region after a number of killings by suspected eisel fighters while in the hours that followed the attack international condemnation to it has been quite quick the white house says called on the international community to strengthen efforts to defeat terrorist groups while the u.s. president on trump tweeted that it was a quote horrible horrible and cowardly terrorist attack on defenseless worshippers israel's hard line education minister enough taliban it also says it's time for international unity in the war on terror and the british prime minister of tourism a says she is appalled by the sickening attack and sends condolences to all of those affected for more on this let's speak to omar sure he's
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a visiting professor of security studies at the arab center for research and policy studies in doha thanks for joining us here on al-jazeera first of all your reaction to this attack which as we've seen is nothing new as such in the sinai peninsula but it is quite shocking simply by a by the size of the number of fatalities. yeah as you mentioned it's there are a few bits here first. egypt's worst terrorist attack in its modern history even worse than the. metro jet airliner bombing. in october in two thousand and fifteen the fatalities then what about two hundred twenty four this time it exceeds two hundred thirty and the. more than one hundred people of more than one hundred nine people injured as well. the other new thing there is that the this is the first time they attack
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a mosque. or isis. has attacked mosques before in places like yemen gonna stand in iraq i think it's the first time to attack a sufi mosque in egypt before that they executed two well known sophie sheiks in in in sinai. and did have propaganda video on the whole thing accused them of being. magicians of some sort and they killed them accordingly but then this is the first time they just attack on without any discrimination and that way before that they used to attack soldiers and officers dissuade without any discrimination and also attack some of the israel obviously they do that on the mumblings and read random attacks but this is the first time they choose a specific religious group and attack it in a mosque that way. the third bit is that they keep on
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transferring strategies so they. are used to attack again in a conventional way more or more less like special forces convention special forces large formations support for with light artillery support with guided missiles guided rockets and then retreat after that in the most famous attack was that on his way to. in july twenty fifteen when attacked twenty one targets with twenty one formations and after that retreated. and then they they know more and more rely on guerrilla strategies or attack with small formations and then disappeared after that in the desert or in the and sometimes in urban areas but also they've been relying heavily on urban terror on this kind of attacks attacking easy targets soft targets civilian targets and they did this with some of the churches before some of the coptic christian population in sinai as you know the many of the
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families have left and fled but this time they do it to a mosque primarily. that is affiliated with would suffer orders with egyptians who orders they come from the if it's if it's sinai province of course it comes from her hubby background in terms of the ideology and the ideological and dogmatic rift between sufism and we have islam is very well known. and omar just so you know we're seeing pictures of course on our screens right now just a horrific scenes of the aftermath of that attack two hours ago we heard from president sisi he spoke publicly he said he vowed to restore order and security and he mentioned you do it with an iron fist but certainly they must be questions about security in sinai it's very difficult i know to get information out of sonic as for example media is it really allowed but there must be huge questions now about how this actually was possible the two hundred thirty five dead hundreds more injured i mean is this going to stick do you think the president when it comes to the fact
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that he has been ineffective in keeping security. overall you're right the overall strategy was extremely ineffective we saw before twenty fifteen you know this is not the crisis is not a new crisis it's an old crisis but before twenty thirteen it was a minor crisis it was a minor group that is operating in the very northeastern more stop its attacks on its borders and the most successful attack that back then it killed around sixteen people. and it would happen three times a year three to four times a year the attacks now the frequency of attacks according to the arms center which is official is about three attacks. in attack daily and attack daily since two thousand and fourteen so for three years you have an attack per day in sinai of some sort which is you know that puts it in the size in the medium level insurgency not a low level insurgency and this is after the extreme escalation in the use of force
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in the military operations there that started in september twenty thirty two or now in november twenty seven four years later and we have this kind of and mind you. the organization operates in not very geographically rugged area so there's not much mountains most of the mountains are in the center and in the south of sinai so there's not much. geographical zones that they can escape to. there's no not that much popular support you know that every clan is divided not every tribe every tribe obviously is divided that mosque was it was mostly a tribe affiliates that go to most of the leaders of some of the leaders of sinai province are from the silica tribe so even the tribe is very much divided but moreover they do they have no external support so they are at war with israel at war with hamas at war with the egyptian regime and at war with some of the affiliates the local affiliates of various tribes in. having all this data means
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that this should have ended but it. not mainly because of the ineffective counterterrorism tactics and counter strike the counterinsurgency tactics that have been using been used in sinai for the last four years or more to shore from the arab center for research and policy studies. omar thank you know history has been made in zimbabwe where the first a new president in thirty seven years has been sworn into office in his inauguration speech and. promised to create jobs reimburse farmers whose lands were seized and stamp out corruption he also paid his respects to his predecessor robert mugabe for me to miller was at the ceremony in harare and sent us this report. a new and unfolding democracy is how amazon when i go describes his ascent to power even if it took a military intervention to end robert mugabe's presidency tens of thousands of zimbabweans waited for hours to watch my god was swearing into office and
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inauguration meant to cement the veneer of a politically driven solution from within the ruling zanu p.f. i will protect and provide the writers of the people of zimbabwe and start for up myself. with the way he. and his people. in attendance the heads of state of zimbabwe's neighbors not here though the south african and and golden president instead meeting in south africa for a heads of state visit the prisons here today of u.k. representatives may signal a possible end to zimbabwe's isolation from the west seoul ever. this day is a whole about the people on and off what has praised and thanked the baldwins for the role they played in getting rid of robert mugabe who was in power for fifty
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seven years but was the baldwins that is about more than gratitude it's about the promise of a new future one that they hope the new president will make good on today i'm so happy because there are three new presidents and so. it's going to be the first president homologs i was going to and everything is going to be good this changes for britain do have floodgates for us up the german economy it's about was going to to be up there we're expecting the new change to happen and it's like what you used to live in all countries involved is a very loving country and i'm happy because over this happened with violence. was when i got a form of liberation fighter nicknamed the crocodile for his uncompromising approach to politics begins his presidency under pressure with exorbitant government spending crumbling public services and facilities and few jobs for its people zimbabwe needs its economy resuscitated and elections are scheduled for next
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year. but for now zimbabweans hold their new president aloft revealing as if you already are of a second chance for me to mina al jazeera. well emerson is known as the crocodile among zimbabweans an animal famed and feared for its self and ruthlessness the seventy five year old served mugabe loyally for decades they fought together in zimbabwe's independence struggle and he became the former president's main enforcer when god wot was security minister in one nine hundred eighty three when an estimated twenty thousand people were killed in a brutal crackdown on mugabe's opponents in the country's east he denies being responsible for the atrocities when god was thought to have amassed the considerable fortune he was named in a un investigation into exploitation of mineral resources in democratic republic of congo and led the charge to make a diamond trading hub and he remains under u.s.
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sanctions for his alleged role in another crackdown in the two thousand and eight presidential election this prevents him from traveling to america or holding a bank account there well with us i spoke to people hirai about their hopes for the country and their president well. nearly everyone you talk to here says they expected robert mugabe to die in office not resign after the military intervened they did it every day on state t.v. they started to believe it. but now mugabe's former right hand man imma say when i go isn't always a new president after decades of economic stagnation high unemployment and political repression people have high expectations when we drew up and going to school in the ninety's we had everything i mean agriculture drove down the roads down the highways it was repealed was tobacco it was cotton it was everything happening you went to the industrial areas there was smoke coming out now when you
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go it's dilapidated there's nothing going on there so we want to see that again just a very vibrant zimbabwe. oh when i goes close and i say they are confident the rulings on a party will work with opposition parties. and the white community we have been reaching out to the opposition with absolute confidence that in our division is more than gender. on an even keel and they are going to be. this is reaching out to the white community than. some of those who marginalized. this country that's good news to those who feel the policies hurt the country economically many people here are under the age of forty seven and that's why the president is saying all the right things will be jobs life will improve for the poor people of course optimistic change if it happens will take time no one knows how long it'll take for the economy to recover some people say it's
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too late for them they believe they'll always be poor but they hope their children will have a better future i'm good four years old i was born three years after independence rides. you see. people are frustrated and impatient they say they are tired of being called a nation of vendors president has made a lot of promises he needs to manage expectations and deliver on some of those promises to convince him that it's no longer business as usual how do we toss al jazeera. ellie mae gerry and president mohamed to bihari is being urged by his party's governors to run for a second term to prefer preserve the strengths of their organization bar is vice president. quit the party on friday and this considering running in the next
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presidential election seventy four year old boy hari has been absent for weeks at a time as he seeks treatment in the u.k. for an undisclosed illness critics have questioned whether he will be fit to run again in two thousand and nineteen. well coming up on this news hour from london at london's busiest shopping district is shut down during its busiest only they posted a period police say there is no evidence which suspects shots or casualties. argentina's navy continues its hunt for a missing submarine carrying forty four crew members the president says it will be found within days and then sports it's another record breaking day for valentine holes as australia reached the rugby league world cup final warning that coming up . the u.s. is calling on the saudi led coalition to fully implement its measures to ease the
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blockade on yemen including steps to ensure that food fuel and medicine reach civilians through the unfiltered flow of aid the u.n. is warning the largest fuel importing companies in yemen say they won't be able to supply consumers there by the end of the week the saudi led coalition has also agreed to allow u.n. aid workers to return to the country from saturday but the u.n. says it's still blocking them from bringing in much needed food medicine and equipment we stress the critical importance of also commercial imports in particular a few supplies for our humanitarian response humanitarians are serving the needs of seven million people who are completely dependent lost. when human rights groups are calling for international agencies to monitor the repatriation of range of muslims to me and more as the un's refugee agency says it's still not safe for them to go back me and laura in bangladesh signed a pact on thursday that will allow those this place to go home once their paperwork
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is completed but the advocacy group human rights watch has the swiss that as a publicity stunt and says the refugees must be guaranteed security and their homes rebuilt more than six hundred thousand ranger have fled an army crackdown in iraq and state over the past three months traffic has more now from cox is bizarre. there are of course a major issues with respect to the implementation of this agreement that has been made between bangladesh and myanmar with respect to the repatriation of bringing the refugees chief of which of course is the question of exactly where many of these people go back to their villages have been destroyed burnt to the ground hundreds of thousands of them across this border and they brought literally nothing with them including any form of identification and myanmar is insisting that an identification process must start it says that this agreement is loosely based on
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one that was put together ninety ninety two when there was a similar outbreak of violence in one thousand nine hundred two the rangar refugees that came here had white cards now these white cards were proof of residency not citizenship myanmar government now saying that if the regime the cuties here now have proof that they once had one of those white cards then they would take to eventually be allowed to return and they also say that there is going to be a system put together. papers disseminated within the refugee camps where people can register listing their former addresses their family members but of course is the issue of literally thousands of people there who are missing family members many of them are children so it's very difficult to get solid identification of these people. police in china are investigating reports that toddlers at
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a child care center in beijing were sexually abused drugged and the molested it's the latest in a series of child abuse cases at their care centers that have caused outrage across the country that fasten reports from beijing. they're in shock and demanding an explanation these are parents of toddlers who attend the prestigious red yellow blue kindergarten in beijing children as young as three years old have said they were molested drugged and stripped naked by care workers reg yellow blue is the largest early childhood service provider in china and is listed on the new york stock exchange what are not from you in the glass of my chair oh some parents have ak their children whether the age the pews the truth is that this was the secret between then and the teachers china's child care system has come under scrutiny since cases of abuse have appeared online this case currently under investigation in shanghai appears to show
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a worker pushing children to the ground and forcing them to eat spicy wasabi you don't use case as a direct yellow blue you slap to an outpouring of anger online with tens of millions responding or not you outrage over child abuse and they care centers around the country this crisis is seen as a strong message to the government to take action to improve the safety of topless and i'm sure their healthy development in a country that is increasingly depending on professional childcare soon china has adopted its second child policy last year demand for childcare has grown the country has limited parents to have only one son or daughter for forty years. but research shows that more than half of chinese parents choose not to have a second child because of the lack of proper childcare so you're seeing how you're going to resolve not just incidence. it's quite nerve wrecking it reflects the problem or serious lack of child care this is
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a serious social issue. nine and only and have put china second child policy into practice but the young parents are struggling after care worker forced their daughter to eat in the toilet at the childcare center nona says she quit her job to take care of her children so that the supervision on this private kindergartens is very loose the kindergartens past that year inspections by using their connections and providing fix that if it hits they just want to gain profit instead of providing a real education lack of sufficiently trained starters and not a problem sadistic show that for forty four million thoughtless will need daycare two point four million more teachers need to be hired and trained by the ministry of education says it will prosecute any teachers and employees who have harmed and abused children the government has started an inspection of the management of child care centers nationwide red yellow blue has apologized for the anxiety it has cost
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to the parents and to society step for us and al-jazeera beijing a south african court has more than doubled oscar pistorius is murder sentence after finding the original ruling shockingly lenient the south african paralympian will serve thirteen years and five months that's up from six years the story as was convicted of shooting his girlfriend reeva steenkamp in two thousand and thirteen tanya pages one hour from pretoria. it only took a moment for the supreme court of appeal to deliver its ruling that responded sentenced to imprisonment for a period of fifteen years and five months here but in the classroom. oscar pistorius shot his girlfriend reeva steenkamp on valentine's day two thousand and thirteen as she cowered behind a bathroom door he said he thought she was an intruder last year prosecutors
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successfully argued his original conviction should be upgraded from culpable homicide to murder which carries a fifteen year minimum sentence but the judge was lenient and only gave him six years shockingly lenient according to prosecutors who said pistorius hasn't shown true remorse steam comes parents say they're placed he will spend more time in prison you know you can get on with. that everything is coming in i right from the beginning. justice and. pistorius grabs the world's attention as the paralympian who was the first disabled person to compete in the summer olympics he broke records and barrier is. his defense lawyers argued he made a fatal mistake that valentine's day steenkamp her life. oscar pistorius is
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currently in a prison on the outskirts of pretoria that's based suited to his disability but the bat will be the only allowance made for his disability as the supreme court of appeal has more than doubled her sentence for murder. as an athlete pistorius didn't want any special treatment now one of south africa's highest court has decided he wanted to get in a tiny page al-jazeera potoroo. there's been a major security alert in the united kingdom with hundreds of shoppers evacuated from the main shopping street in the capital along that police took the action after reports of gunshots being heard on oxford street close to the underground station they're now saying the reports were false and there is no evidence of shots fired or any casualties. well still ahead in this news hour the un can then use images of police removing refugees from the man a silent prison camp as shocking and inexcusable. and why slovenia's prime minister
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is facing impeachment over his support for a syrian asylum seeker plus in sports a captain's knock steve smith leads a fight back by australia in the first ashes test. welcome back now i don't normally show the satellite imagery for this parts of western asia and levant but we've had a cold front push the region and it's been quite an active feature gave some rain here in qatar to some of the side of the gulf but you see vast amounts of rain rain being reported in oil and just off iran so that system is clear through but it's looking fairly unsettled we've got some rain to some snow across eastern areas into afghanistan we've got some rain on the southern side of the caspian sea with some
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snow up over the mountains and also looking pretty wet there for back you and i suppose i shall run the eastern side of the mediterranean weather conditions not too bad the flows generally from the south of beirut there seen temperatures remaining into the low twenty's but the threat is some rain developing across the region in the latter part of sunday but intended to be in play in church where we have a little bit of rain clearing through and certainly cooler conditions quite chilly in fights in riyadh nineteen degrees certainly with low humidity will feel pretty chilly meca still though at thirty three degrees heading on through into sunday temperatures begin to recover a little bit fine conditions chair across the region of abu dhabi looking at my sort of twenty eight degrees in southern portions of south africa we've got a lot of cloud and rain developing across eastern parts of the country some heavy rain is likely here should ease off later. with over forty thousand people killed under his rule it took twenty five years to
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bring him to a court of law. but why for so long with such a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west who are reporting to the congress or to the press they were engaged in a clandestine. al-jazeera unravels the history of chad's notorious former president the same habit a dictator on trial at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds over and i can't stop thinking about the bullets my life when people need to behead a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of rolled in just have fled ethnic cleansing imeem are for bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on and on line.
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with the a. reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera egypt's state media say at least two hundred thirty five people have been killed in the dozens more injured in the deadliest ever attack in the north sinai region president says egypt's military will respond with an iron fist the u.s. is calling on the saudi led coalition to ease the blockade on yemen amid warnings fuel will run out by the end of the room and zimbabwe's first new president in thirty seven years has been sworn in emerson and on what pledge to revive zimbabwe's economy and stamp out corruption. while the rubber was once the breadbasket of africa but years of failed economic policies and food shortages of
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shattered its economy controversial land reforms at the turn of the millennium calls hyper inflation reaching two hundred thirty one million percent in july two thousand and eight a year later zimbabwe was forced to kill off its currency people now use u.s. dollar or south african rand but a cash shortage is strangling the economy cutting at the half its size compared to seventeen years ago at least seventy two percent of people live in poverty and unemployment is still to be around eighty percent that number is the spew to zimbabwe's biggest trade union says ninety five percent of people don't have jobs now in two thousand and twenty mugabe threatened to seize all western investments in response to international sanctions that scared off prospective investors and affected exports well chris the former gaga is the c.e.o. of zimbabwe's national chamber of commerce he joins us live now from harare service thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera and just listening to that list
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of all the challenges that zimbabwe faces of how do you think the new president is going to even start dealing with the with what he faces. thank you very much good evening yes indeed if you look at the challenges in but we've been facing for the past a texan is can i say this is the turn of the independence of the country at the moment it's a juncture we zimbabweans are fearing for the west but it is tim tebow hoping for the best you know coming from an economic meltdown where you know that poverty level has it gone beyond eighty five percent for swinish and legs around eighteen million people i think naturally it became a sort of concede but maybe at the same time if you look and watch closely what the very president of zimbabwe. spoke about getting this in the economy i think what was just issue is the simple fact that he's alive to the challenges the economy is facing he promised to deal with corruption he promised to do with the liquidity challenges affecting the economy he also promised to do even with the challenges to
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do with trade or ease of doing business within the economy but maybe the million dollar question is to what extent will he be able maybe to disappoint some of the comet he had been with within the forest the college didn't with within the government for the past seven years what is time to sort of dribbling. richard tend to become just but maybe it works in textbook of pathology so the moment this is the question of will be asking within their minds to see to what extent we have the leverage and also the power from these parties and even the opposition in the country to see to that any policy reform is going to make a difference especially within the next average eight months before you physically decide which you know very well that will be heading to an election where i guess the answer to your question will be you know we'll find out in the coming weeks and months but how important do you think it is to attract foreign investment which had recently been staying away from zimbabwe and do you think that the momentum that
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there now is in the country this side of change and certainly at the helm do you think that that will help foreign investment come back. yeah i think the issue for indebted to. you know if it was that last two years to push it out on to one hundred twenty million years dollars annually was just about a pittance in terms of potential look at zimbabwe to pick off the i would see us picking an average of about one point a to billion that is out on eight hundred eighty seven thousand and eight so today if you're talking of the turned into to be done in terms of the i desk but emittance if you look at zimbabweans we would love the country to china money because they're contributing beyond one billion so those would leave the country i willing to give more than those who are coming to invest in the country but i think the crux of the matter of the point you will be in the nature of the structure and the complection of the cabinet the new president is going to say that obviously people are really closely watching to say is he going to play the commodity language of maybe not disciplining the friends but i want to believe that this is
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there is an opportune time for the new president of zimbabwe to put the house in order to accept that it's not about the political leadership which exists even prior to independence which would define the pace of this economy so let's wait to see the cabinet the new president is going to announce i want to believe that this can only be the only source of really prevented the same time evidence of to what extent this present government which it just came in today is willing to face or to solve the problems of this economy head on if you look generally i think look at the trade deficit this country been facing which is attribute it to be one of the major reasons why we're having because we have moved in from the very period of two thousand and up to date zimbabwe experienced almost a thirty billion cumulatively in terms of trade deficit you know the industry been decimated with the month accounting sector capacity utilization go even below fifty percent you look at it and quoted equipment in factories you look at the cash or they just we're talking of today all these challenges i think what is important is
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for the you president to accept that the fundamental challenges african economy are so structure that you can't be an overnight process to solve these challenges the moment a populist is given president. well you see sometimes. this has been one of the major challenges of the economy. the problems of zimbabwe in terms of economy. but i think it will be defined by the type of cabinet minister. going to sit in the same time we're also going to watch closely in terms of policy reform i think you heard from the speech you spoke about the need to. do is i think you know if it were that a lot of companies operating in zimbabwe today from the neighboring south africa they'd been challenges in terms of getting the trade protocols you know after the. lead which belonged to even some south africans white was during the process in zimbabwe to what extent is it going to face this challenge somehow defy what is
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pretty. to see zimbabwe belong to zimbabwe according to mugabe then zimbabwe was for the black people so it will be. judge the process going forward because it probably become so polarized to the extent that. you certainly. very much watch with interest for now is going to juggle between the created. a lot of unknowns still remain of course about zimbabwe's future christopher. zimbabwe's national chamber of commerce sir thank you for joining us. argentina's president says he expects search teams to find his navy's missing submarine within days but he didn't specify whether they expect to find survivors the son went missing nine days ago off the coast in argentina with forty four crewmembers on board it can only remain submerged for seven days hopes of any survivors are fading after the navy the tech did an explosion close to the submarine last position.
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it's a moment. it's a difficult moment for everyone and obviously especially so for the family of the forty four crew my first request is that we get through this moment on the following days with the utmost respect for the pain of the families and to them i say i'm here to guarantee we're going to continue with the search especially now that we can count on the support of the entire international community with all the technology available this will surely bring us to find the submarine in the coming days and then a shrine there is live for us at the naval base at del plata daniel do you think the president is being overly optimistic considering how many difficulties there they've had in locating a submarine they don't even vaguely know where it is so saying they will be found in a couple of days. i mean there's a possibility they'll find the submarine but i think hopes have pretty much faded
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here certainly among the family members of those forty four crew that they're going to find them alive i mean yesterday thursday they left this military base behind me the naval base behind me having spoken to the authorities having hoped for the first time about the explosion is thought to have happened shortly after the submarine lost contact with the store it is on the fifteenth of november they were told family members were told not to expect to see their loved ones alive that they were all dead that's not been confirmed visually but that's certainly the feeling around the country among the naval command and among those families so the morning has begun most of them have left the base have gone back to their homes to start that morning but the search operation does still continue there's something like ten countries involved all the resources available to the argentine navy there's also forces in the united states from russia from brazil from the u.k.
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with the aircraft ships underwater. rescue vessels all looking for that submarine there is really no sign as to where it might be is thought it was thought that it was sailing along the continental shelf at about two hundred meters below the water from the southern port of loose wire to hear it when it lost contact with the orthorexic is if it's to the east of that continental shelf. to the bottom of the sea it could be as far as three thousand meters below the sea level in that case is very little chance of ever finding it again and that means that many of these questions are being asked about what exactly happened. what happened immediately afterwards whether in fact vessel so although it was thirty four years old should in fact have been in service may well not be answered or certainly not satisfactory answers to those questions as an operation still going on there still many many doubts. there at the naval base in medical platen daniel thank you. the
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un says the forcible removal of refugees from a prison camp is shocking and inexcusable papa new guinea police cleared the remaining three hundred twenty eight men from the former australian run site on friday and thomas reports now from a silent on thursday about fifty men were removed on friday the remaining three hundred twenty eight were evicted in some cases by force mobile phone footage shot by refugees appears to show police and papua new guinea and immigration officers hitting them with metal bars buses took the men to their new accommodation in the nearby town accommodation australia's government says is ready for refugees say has no power security guards won't let cameras near the facility the refugees can come out and some showed us the injuries they say they sustained in the eviction the police sent him a version of from you again it just here to me and drove me over the. ground and
9:44 pm
it's i mean all of my body australia's immigration minister said on friday he knew of only three very minor injuries we saw more. i was inside the detention center and i was beaten with wooden iron bars. two years ago al jazeera filmed on man a silent when almost all the refugees were still locked up the closest we got to an interview with one then was over the phone while sitting near their prison in a boat we are you got a mouse. that refugee is now out of that prison but does not feel free. when you are free you are free living you can have a job you cannot you know make losers if you can't have a life i am still here for years and i have fears that i go i am still in the same situation some refugees say they fear being attacked in the local town some have
9:45 pm
been for the main reason they refused to leave the prison was as a protest to draw attention to australia's mistreatment of them australia's prime minister in his country's capital canberra said he was glad the protest was over complying with the lawful directions of the pay injury authorities and moving to the alternative facilities available to them and that as they should that's that is precisely what you should do if you're in a foreign country you should comply with the laws of that other country for refugees papua new guinea could be home for many years to come the absolute closure of the refugee prison and the eviction of all the remaining men inside won't make much practical difference to the refugees lives or their futures but for australia's government this is a significant moment it's the clearest sign yet that they are transferring responsibility for those refugees from canberra to proper you getting under thomas al jazeera all medicine and in papua new guinea. slovenia's prime minister is
9:46 pm
facing possible impeachment over his support for a syrian refugee how much army arrived in slovenia last year but a new and slovenian courts say that he must be sent back to neighboring croatia because that's where he was first registered as a refugee but prime minister said adams said he'll try to find an alternative to deportation and that's caused up for his coalition partners have threatened to pull out the main opposition party says he should be impeached and even members of his own party have attacked him well let's speak to me how cordis he's a member of parliament for the left wing opposition party livid so he helped stop shammy being deported earlier this month by taking him to power the. element building any no joins us live now thank you so much for being with us now just explain to us this refugee ahmed shania he first registered in croatia we all know that you rules say that it's the country that first register as refugees that
9:47 pm
basically has to then process them so why did you and presumably the prime minister feel so strongly that this man should actually stay in slovenia well that is could serve as a battering ram against slovenia fortress euro. nothing is forcing a particular european country to the border people we can all see what welcomed them in our community regardless of for example in. this by them registering first in croatia but just explain to us what it is about this person in particular because i understand it was because he had shown to have integrated it in slovenia. yeah that's definitely what's happened however i'm strongly. i'm strong position every house island seeker should be granted asylum is our hearts and our party is fighting for that understand your party is but you'll appreciate that that is against the opinion of
9:48 pm
a lot of people not just in slovenia but really across europe as especially central and eastern europe and i guess what's happening to the prime minister the calls for his impeachment kind of the strength of feeling why do you think there is such a strength of feeling in in savina against what you've just advocated for effectively welcoming refugees. well i think it is a large part. because of the right wing fear mongering because in this specific case where people were confronted with a story a living breathing actual beauty that was a human being if you want a heart and a lot of people who previously strongly opposed immigration are starting to look into your views and what do you think is actually going to happen to the prime minister mira say or do you think you'll be impeached or do you think that his you know his the position that he's taken on this will not only keep his career going
9:49 pm
but also perhaps change the mentality in slovenia mo the impeachment is not going to go to the best that's that's for sure after all is first and foremost an attempt by parliamentary farai to little discourse are against immigration so from the brute political point of view it's job is complete and i'm happy to report on successful what's happened is that the people turning against immigration are starting to think about refugees in terms of helping fellow human beings you know some things those are for in your brain that's here to put your gold your way i may have quotas from the left wing opposition party livy say in slovenia this to court is thank you. and still ahead in this news hour in sports and there is another accolade for me i know messi because coming up with interest them.
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
and now it's time for the sport with farai in doha. barbara thank you so much the tennis season isn't quite over some of the biggest stars of the men's game with the final of the davis cup often known as the world cup and ten is taking place between france and belgium in lille fresh from his runner up finish of the a.t.p. world tour finals last sunday world number seven david coffin got belgium off to a winning starred in the best of five match qantas golf and beat french number two lukas polio in straight sets seven five six three six one. the second match saw
9:52 pm
french number one joe wilford song take on steve darcis and the frenchman won six three six two six one to level the tie at one one the davis cup final continues on saturday with the doubles. barcelona star lino messi has won the golden boot award for being european football's highest school sorer for the fourth time he received the accolade from club teammate luis suarez on friday messi scored thirty seven goals for the league a side over the twenty sixteen to seventeen season the thirty year old is now tied level with real madrid rival christian or naldo for the most golden boots one. it was. good to see if i'm going to see well i think i've grown both on and off the pitch i have improved unincorporated new traits into my way of playing and each day i enjoy being a footballer more. japan's were reds will take on the saudis and saudi arabia as well hello in a battle to become champions of asia on saturday the reds have
9:53 pm
a slight advantage heading into the second leg of the asian champions league final they're playing at home and have an away goal from their one one draw in riyadh in the first leg last week to a time asian champions hello must score at least once if they were to have the chance of winning the title for the first time since two thousand. in the ashes cricket stirling captain steve smith is leading a fight back against england in the first test in versus been the home side were battling out seventy six for four in reply to england's three hundred two but smith and shaun marsh combined for an unbroken partnership eighty nine with the skipper on sixty four not out all marsh finished the day i have been on forty four so a stray one hundred and fifty seven runs behind with six wickets and hands. none won there in the world. he trying he's working i think is incredible and he ain't no use going on those. six who play in
9:54 pm
a process. that's off the aircraft sri lanka have crumbled against an attack spearheaded by spin on the first day of the second test against india they're all out for two hundred five with captain dinesh chandimal top scoring with fifty seven . taking seven of the wickets between them india have already lost a wicket in reply. or one win away from defending their rugby league world cup title they brushed aside fiji fifty four to six in their semi final embarrassment on friday just a week after becoming the first australian to score five tries in the tests valentine holmes got a world cup record six tries for the hosts they'll face either england or tong in the final next weekend in rugby union the new zealand all blacks will have a new captain for their final test of the seed and against wales on saturday sam whitelock takes over from karen reed who's injured his back white locks brother luke comes in as a replacement for number eight for. someone
9:55 pm
so it's a big. do the job. it's disappointing to lose your leader in the go it's probably one hundred. ten doing better. now a holiday tradition in the u.s. has reignited controversy around sporting racism for the first time the washington redskins hosted the thanksgiving football game and increased sensitivities about the team's name which many see as a slur against native americans alan fischer reports. so many have been preparing the feast simon moya smith has been preparing the protest he says he will highlight the forgotten story of thanksgiving so we call this the justice for natives rally because of the omission of the murdered and mutilated native. and the thanksgiving
9:56 pm
narrative people don't know about it don't talk about it you know the very white washed me made comfortable narrative for people. has been simmering anger to over the name of the team in washington the redskins there's been a concerted effort to have it changed opponents claiming it is blatantly racist the american psychological society said such names and mascots are harmful but the union says the name is here to stay of you backed up by the majority of fines in several polls when you've got a mascot major n.f.l. football team that are boiling us down to this one representation one very represent racist representation on a holiday that's also supposed to honor the relationship that colonial governments have with native americans for us it's just all off the team's name was the big controller see in the sport in recent years but the focus this season and last has been more on players taking in the joining the national anthem to protest racism we're going to talk about police brutality and we need to include natives in the
9:57 pm
discussion there right now that dialogue is very much black and white but it's not natives are more likely to die at the hands of police though through a protesting say this is about more than just the name this is about celebrating. on imagery of the behavior that was cruel and when people need to have to the men women and children were literally skinned for money changing the name the insist would be a four step. would be something they could celebrate. at the home of the washington redskins. and that's all your sport for now it's now back to barbara in london for a thank you now it's black friday in the united states that they after thanksgiving in traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year and it seems that even alamo's have been getting in on the retail action yes in a case of life imitating art or in this case imitating a fairy tale three bears were spotted hunting at a california shopping mall this week a female bear and a young bear were filmed rummaging through the bins before being joined by
9:58 pm
a third animal presumably there who thought it was to haul anyway now in a jerry and dancer has broken a guinness world record after continuously dancing for almost seven days pinkie that b. broke the record for the longest dance marson by an individual after dancing for one hundred fifty hours the twenty two year old performer live streamed her attempt on her instagram page the previous record was held by an indian woman who danced for about i think. that's it for me will be here know that but with the news in a few minutes.
9:59 pm
are not. themselves and there are other countries of managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into an outright open war that's the sort of security issue where the people who pay the price clearly there writeup in prejudice setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. the street is quiet the signal is given. out yet so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty meters in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships in quetta children sometimes at court in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking us to try to take them to violence i lost my looking well and go i
10:00 pm
also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace. forcibly taken from their family right near the most terrible thing in syria just to be. this has been the invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship of a sometimes i thought it would be better to die than continue to be humiliated and go to. the disappeared of syria but this time on al-jazeera. the to. egypt's president val's revenge and sign oil for a gunman a tux.


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