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tv   Hissene Habre Trial Of A Dictator  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when myth was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and going to run the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time on a just see it. how
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about life in lungs and with the top stories on al jazeera egypt's military has launched a campaign in northern sinai to two hundred thirty five people were killed in a house tackle them all sk president abdullah sisi had promised to respond with brutal force a bomb was detonated in the mall scan these hackers then followed as they fled when they talk in bed is the worst ever in the sinai region i'm attempting reports. the bomb and gun attack happened during friday prayers at the other older mosque in be it i went from egypt to northern sinai peninsula local sources say the attackers planted explosives and then opened fire on a worshipers while the sermon was underway. looks like it was. not really clear motive was. yet but it's very
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possible. they have targeted sudanese in the last. night. president either but that has sisi convened an emergency meeting of security officials has and had this this tragic event act of terrorism will make us more robust more strong of a battle against terrorism we cannot be intimidated i will result cannot be dented we would remain more united when this event the egyptian army would take revenge and they will restore order and security with an iron fist in the following day. egyptian forces have for years battled armed groups in the country's rugged and remote sinai peninsula attacks on security forces have been frequent like this car bomb explosion the targeted a police station in allow dish in two thousand and fifteen really is i know there's been a lot of. fighting between isis as. for years now. as
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shark sets in and an investigation begins the egyptian government has declared three days of mourning. so bob first new president in the thirty seven years has been sworn in tens of thousands gathered in the capital harare to see emmerson men and god was inauguration he paid his respects to his predecessor robert mugabe who resigned on tuesday after a military takeover when god promised to create jobs reimburse farmers whose lines were seized and stamp out corruption the saudi led coalition has given permission for eighty two age ships and planes to enter yemen following international pressure the us had demanded riyadh fully implement its measures to ease the blockade on yemen including sets to ensure food fuel and medicine reached civilians through the unfiltered flow of a and humanitarian workers are already being allowed back into
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the war torn country human rights groups according to international agencies to monitor their a pattern nation of a hinge of muslims to miramar as the un's refugee agency says it's still not safe for them to return me a man bangladesh signed pacts on thursday allowing those displaced to go home once their paperwork is completed but the advocacy group advocacy group human rights watch is dismiss dismissed it as a publicist a stunt and says the refugees must be guaranteed security and their homes rebuilt or the six hundred thousand ranger have fled an army crackdown in rakhine state over the past three months. the un has condemned the force removal of refugees from a prison camp on matters island papua new guinea police cleared the remaining three hundred twenty eight men from the former australian run site on friday account was closed three weeks ago but many refugees refused to go saying they feared being attacked by locals. arjen time president moritz earmark re says he expects
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a missing naval submarine to be found in the next few days someone went missing nine days ago with forty four crew members on board it can only remain submerged for seven days president didn't say whether the navy expected to find survivors around thirty boats and planes are involved in the search. and there's the latest headlines here on al-jazeera next trial of a dictator looks at the brutal rule of chads for. this is the first time an african head of state is to be tried by a special african tribe you know. it's an aberration the president of chad from
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nine hundred eighty two to nine hundred ninety is on trial for crimes against humanity war crimes and acts of torture. official he said have a say become a to them she says. and the freak but i say this has had no the. pope will just keep it must suck not appropriate i want to move forward and i got the set up i'm sure update on that shit you're not a pundit did buy that vince think i'm going to. just see or you'll be a girl the proof. to my own device is another a put what you must read to. say there's just donaghy and then the manhunt is on by doing so. there was a group of us who said no we are never going to give up we were going to fight this
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until his and heartbreak died or went to court. you'll lose a slam. dunk city get up at. midem the least you. you nimo see most young kids from eleven said. oh no they. think a victim. the people you can. set the most. says. that that they're for this immunity the victim who can do some t.v.
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. that they saw. they despise. they more this. the cause they can dissent. is an aberrated not speak a single word during the eight months of his trial. not looking once of the hundreds of victims that gave their testimonies day to day. the stubborn silence of a dictator denying the legitimacy of the court. when
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the police arrested him in his villa in the capital city of senegal it's an upgrade had been living as a free man for twenty three years despite having had an international arrest one. in exile in senegal since the fall of his regime in one nine hundred ninety few believe that he would ever be arrested. on it they didn't know he had. well scope will move on i will abuzz legality finally city. or two to click on he said daily food who simply said i bring some id you give says you there next a chef in the africa. you know i think again near the end up against indy car this week it is who count on this in the car is so cool all the
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necessary evidence to indict is in our brain had been painstakingly gathered over fifteen years ago by a few survivors and with the support of activist reed brody. nicknamed the dictator hunter he investigated yes and i praised dreaded political police force the d.d.s. . that task to stamp out those who allegedly opposed regime. within these buildings abandoned by the d.d.s. reed brody made a major discovery. we go into the building and there you know in room after room ankle deep tens of thousands of documents. documents had not been touched you know for seven or eight years and they were just strewn across the floor. and we started to bend down and pick up these documents.
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and we realized that this was these were the files of his and hob raise political police. sent out of the city so soon very tough because no one knew. there were spying reports and they will be lists of people who died in prison i mean this was everything you know that we needed you know to to build a solid legal case you know. i mean if you don't we'll never let go if you're not with. the money the victims association actually spent six months putting these documents together and we put them in a database. we were able to count the names of one thousand two hundred eight people who died in detention or you know or killed twelve thousand three hundred forty one victims of arbitrary arrests and of torture.
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grey i'm wondering you know going in with your. measurement there is a proxy well designed it's cool or ball around order up in the more than my claim is open on the shop here if. she does anybody need loses she minister of enter sync and jam and. this one key vienna didn't meet susan of pity the poor wee he's of a group that kissed your own you know how could you to sing at the new. day she was supremely it disturbs me to want to recap. deja sons who can consider he made his so until recently recipe daimon they shall combine a standard to i'm sitting on that. deja i can even if you supply the link soon nick . and i
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see nothing. but if. or no how fair and just what. but how did is an aberration become such a cruel dictator. the story begins in one nine hundred seventy five in chad. a former french colony twice the size of france located in northern central africa chad is landlocked and bordered by six other countries. that say look we're reading the quran is this you know what if i look at just what it. was you know it was what will that guy you know where yes it will. fall says it will not need it but you know i believe. the immunity
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deal medleys all mutual bets be reached if you have a normal guys this you know is an aberration form a student at the elite french school of political science seals popat he led a rebellion against a government he considered to be overly influenced by france from the desert region after besting he relit support with his nationalistic rhetoric is a number they. do want to be. equal for in a casket the cuban. revolution just listed you like i'm different than you know that i'm allowed an informal exhuming and i. and i'm pretty sure i don't have to guess. that no. one. here would tell you. that i really.
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think this one is on the measures of carbon. evolution they're. also good i guess again you. see the paucity of money the office cost. let me that is this a ton of money it only takes hold you know no desire to do. this which. for me predict what you. did it in. the first french hostage was archaeologist fran├žoise closed who was kept prisoner in the to best the desert for thirty three months and i'm
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going to give us it and you know. this. moment. immediate is a strong second that being. after years of chaos and infighting between rebel factions in chad it's an end to the capital and jimmy no victorious in june one thousand nine hundred two. the revolutionary declared himself president. from the moment he assumed power the young head of state had to face the threat of neighboring libya. colonel moammar gadhafi wanted to annex chan. he was an equally ambitious revolutionary but all the more powerful thanks to the money he made from oil. in the name of his pan african dream he ought to strip of land in knows who the neighboring territory of libya and
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launched a rebellion against is an apple. and. then. a son in to get it into the. gadhafi threatened western interests. not only in chad but globally. he supported revolutionary movements and financed international terrorism in. the west extended supporter is an outbreak that's absolutely and cost. to be you. around reagan do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states and. we can and will
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raise out of the problems which now confront us you and the president reagan came into power we were instructed to do everything possible to stop libyan activities america was like going against gadhafi he was just doing everything to foment revolution so in that context chad became an important area for us the americans have the sort of they were going to support dissing the united states didn't care in chad per se but they did have a very strong interest in reigning in the ambitions of of colonel gadhafi. what we did was we assessed were. needed. charlie and soldiers more point and shoot it had to be pretty simple. it was part of my function to coordinate all that.
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we were to deliver them to the airport in the middle of the day. be delivered rather than over their own who were reporting to the congress and the press they were engaged in this program. the united states is an abberation regime but fronts was hesitant to do so. also meet at home a socialist wanted a new african policy with less intervention and more progression. he opens dialogue with gaddafi rather feeders up of new evil if you don't want us your best so then you say i'll tell ye. the dog. biting but the less said it did us as you could guess that's ok but it still hurt me so give me do
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you think. you got there she. did you what it was i know. this she did you know. just villa. scalloped literature. that she was a little glass again. gadhafi agreed not to cross the sixteenth parallel a symbolic boundary that separated the pro libyan troops from the regime of is an upgrade over be a pal of a gloomy and of course the show is on must be a loss not a fault among. my colleagues and i in washington were aware of the fact that some elements of the french government were tempted to try to work with. khadafi in our message to the french would have been when you sup with the devil.
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within two years is an arbitrator had taken his place on the international stage. within the country his regime carried out their first massacres in the south. for the requirements of the trial lawyer jacqueline mu dana returned to this region where the armed rebels known as the kodos opposed is an aberrated who tried to secede from the regime. they. did the same sort of extreme and. did this over to. the us that it was. not administered. in this isolated location. as army plan to ambush the rebel kodos.
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happened there forgive me please. then me exact i'm on t.v. you do get to get to timor my faithful many. when i viewed as a smile. i deserve i don't say envy in the media segment so ironically with their minds on the. sunday. it was auntie could have fed me on the let me get over. baku the head of i think the p.c. the cab driver is the only thing there and to see. him say could take that. she got most. part of. the lawsuit. and i mean if would only
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going to turn around and. done this. and say. oh no erica. it's coming. out of. the night or has your idea mrs. sets where i'm sitting in the same boat they must suck or just should be of you and they really. are proving that september if you just don't take it they break let me do they want to with visual done this kind of play he is almost a christian bruce is on the road i'm trying to play with a very couple of my fuckin cattle and got. thirty years later the south of charge
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is not forgotten the bloody violence of the army against the civilian population. people were killed on the slightest suspicion of supporting the rebels claim you can remove your emu. if. we were. so hungry more. on the top three the bit where i mean that there's a lot of course. right here where you know you know when your number one. was on fire. then with everyone with a sense of. well is an obvious army was killing and wiping out dissent in the south the world's
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attention was turned to the north. gadhafi had violated the pact he'd made with france and the pro libyan troops across the sixteenth parallel and were advancing on chad's capital city. a secular regime that a plenty and fair. as i want the monday in new the system. from the. day the syllabus exterior. i think mitterrand was anxious to avoid. commitment in chad but he couldn't escape it. he and his government could not escape it in reality. you know. for you know.
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it's an aberration had got what he wanted the support of the french army. gadhafi gives in and signs an agreement with home he promises to pull his troops out of china. if you're interested. above the other wall he said i would shift does a big get this. other thought also listen fer. sure i could store it at the water bottle of course false it. already said i got a brush that your god does he should also be a part of all of the autobots are promoted to the. well reviewed others for.
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over a hundred and sixty years ago a musician started a band in an arty street in cairo. the brass band was so popular it gave birth to an entire musical genre. a century and a half later the sound is still present mates with many egyptians today house of valor the people's music at this time on al-jazeera. there is growing in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and you can find out very quickly with no look at the news through some nations prism. we are probably international everybody will learn something
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watching our coverage. be shown that we can be the best spin international news and most trusted source of stories that people actually can find elsewhere and that's going to continue. when the power goes in. one humanity. local hero. electricity. but keeping the lights on is dangerous. as your forces crack down. begin to fly. eyewitness documentary. this time on al-jazeera.
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however i'm felicity ball in london with the top stories on al-jazeera egypt's state media says at least two hundred thirty five people have been killed and dozens more injured in an attack on a mall sc in the north sinai region officials say fighters arrived in four afraid vehicles bombed them also then shot at fleeing worshippers and i'm going to says it is the worst ever attack in sinai egypt has it had three days of mourning and has launched a military campaign in response. has that had this this tragic event act of terrorism will make us more robust more strong in our battle against terrorism we cannot be intimidated i will result cannot be dented we will remain more united will win this event egyptian army will take revenge and they will restore order and security with an iron fist in the following day. zimbabwe's first new president in thirty seven years has been sworn in tens of thousands gathered in the capital
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harare to see emerson when an inauguration he paid his respects to his predecessor robert mugabe he resigned on tuesday after a military takeover when a promise to create jobs reimburse farmers whose lands were seized and stamp out corruption the saudi led coalition has given permission for eighty two agents and planes to enter yemen the u.s. had demanded riyadh fully implement its measures to ease the blockade on yemen including steps to ensure food fuel and medicine reach civilians aid workers are already being allowed back into the water or country the un has condemned the forced removal of refugees from a prison camp ominous silence new guinea police cleared the remaining three hundred twenty eight men from the former australian run sites on friday account was closed three weeks ago but many refugees refused to go saying they feared being attacked by locals. and out of time president says he expects
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a missing naval submarine to be found in the next few days the san juan went missing nine days ago with forty four crewmembers on board it can only remain submerged for seven days president didn't say whether the navy expected to find survivors around thirty boats and planes are involved in the search including four thousand people from several countries those are the headlines trial of a dictator continues next by. but a new era in television news. it was unsafe it's a toss to do things in secret that are on the list we had actual victims who had survived torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you would . just stay with what we do is to go like this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of time i'm going to have if you give them the opportunity and wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand for him to refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership
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and so. close to the white house was i was told trump is going to be the next president retaliation with a lot of guys go back she sorry canisters of gas i just have to believe that west of the beer you're getting anyway was good record that. he achieved something that never happened before. is and i pray was known as the lion of un i on his political. thousands of child eons were victim to the cruelty of his regime. who knows our kid was up on the set some time did it all still being can diminish. was f.e.a. left me. please on that i've got special b.c.
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here that this is also. a sound that maybe the country must. come visit and i'll send it to you and jimmy not nitpick can come. name motif monster nearby. but if you could operate. sitting. down said. dave metric. media dot com rita impaired some. poor so. don't put it. in a. better memo.
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gosh. bush should morning. defend. him if. you're a prime up with the show. to have him a down so. don't sit. didn't know my life.
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didn't. have member parting shot to live my life dave in mourning. seleka morat comedian made slim on this saying. thank you. to nearest me repeat. for a priest jennifer. in cement this an appraiser up and. said better than i have done it i thought of the yeti thing not so i let him and me put at an executive authority in the country snobbery appeared one hundred and gentlemen i did this on
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this some of the time and. we did not make up for. but it is exactly we come to. that is that a side show the government. we come tonight it is all is a magic tomorrow for those interested don't listen to try to mislead. if she wanted. just as for the knob. in you meant to know. because i mean look opportunity. i mean let me. machine it back after it is.
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our. means our problem because i got my back up look at. the victim. you saw not to yell after me i wanted to talk to a partnership by jim but. just too like a lot of charities only question is are you sure this is a given. serious answer that you know it's just this and i don't want to cause effect where my concerns. let's take a short go with your view that you know he said i might. disappear you don't want. the public. school to check that this is what you saw. it was only going to seriously. he tore it up i said. this could be good he said you know for
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a school that had any what you should look at this it should yes it would love it for me i do so. he said. where it was you know i don't know so but only because she don't. want. to be too because of the month of june. you want to. let. me know your dualism had a can of fancy new proof but did keep me in the zone wondering did they look at it on some of the. lumber so their love of fast did this was a villainous fuck you say did he and his family still to this america is your law school move away on a court that i am goes one on one to be honest by the court on the meter france a chemical pharmaceutical have a disease. media you could post your dick in the can is.
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one of the very first documents we picked up was the report of a training course in the united states for a number of d.d.s. agents. including some who were listed later as the most feared torturers in chad we see from the entry logs of the d.d.'s the liaison from the us to the d.d.s. was coming in and out of the d.d.s. it would be really hard to say that the us did not know what was going on. shucks i don't want this all up. and wants a connection i have found the function. of
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course we knew about human rights violations. in chad. it was not an issue for us and as i said before our main focus was libya. of course we frequently have to help people we who are not very nice to do our things but we do not regret anything there it is real politic yes. if you get a show that's it. by
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the mid one nine hundred eighty s. gadhafi had still not withdrawn his troops from northern chant he did not fulfill the agreements that he'd made with all swami tell tensions were rising between france and libya by the forces it order which i. don't. like girls or below. near the city of what he doom the libyans built a two mile long runway to channel weapons and initiate a fresh attack on the country alone met gadhafi once again to try to persuade him to see reason. get there feel. that this is. and then. it is.
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all. she. did she eyed peaceful fair arterial deserve your local you don't. think it's something. many would. leave us alone for says a bull about this image and they avoid all more not sit on it at this market and then get it france reiterated their support for its and our brain with operation apell being.
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the french and the americans were now in the same position they had to clamp down on the libyan advance to threaten stability in the region. libyan army was very well outfitted because libya had a lot of oil wealth and the soviet union that thought happily provide them with a lot of equipment. so at the same harbor was going to go after that you know he had a good case to make we provided ten stinger missiles under very strict controls . he knew what he wanted. i knew we had it. this modern equipment allowed me to launch an assault on the pros libyan forces a battle known as the toyota war took place in the vast desert of chant. on the thunder had bigger than any.
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saturday on but i have a. new level of it. is a big deal for the men. the toyota war ended with the taking of what the doom gadhafi stronghold in china. is and how bray in the end destroyed the libyan army. and killed thousands of libyan troops that would not have happened if there had not been effective french or american cooperation. is very happy he came we had lunch with president reagan and we had
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a long talk president are convinced. that the relationship between our countries will continue to be strong and productive it was an honor and a great pleasure to have had him here as our guest. cheri. this in harbor a is the fourth dictator charged with crimes against humanity who was supported by the reagan administration you have a gusto pinochet in chile you have his and harbor and chad you have in haiti you know every zero smog in guatemala after seven years in power he became obsessed
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with those he considered internal enemies in chad in one thousand nine hundred nine is an obvious former chief of state interest they'd be led a rebellion against him and his paranoia knew no limits. chaldeans from the same ethnic background as a tree steady as a gala became targets with him and jim ina they were held in a prison called the p. seen swimming pool it became a symbol of oppression as the country was plunged into fear. or left the p.c. prosecutor very much and i think the scene sank as i miss it is officially for sale on the records that you. left the scene i think it was for me when i close to a shop would just. say come into we're just on day i'll buy you. the cd with
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we're with the. long goodbye met the threat is that a ship from a through the. cut madness auntie's i've accepted you and that. made don't buy some wonder that they didn't. we're live book why did the left at the media's look at love enough. why did you know it was an hour. when. you caught up with. the men on guard duty of course i think on it is the event like that on. only the.
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list you fit only to show one of them or if you let him. think your mom would have done. it all in walk. him or was a bit. he's all that isn't. exactly what i'm. going to have come up with on the. level you don't see i'm one of the sons and am abilities and. during the same period to terror attacks find their targets the pan am flight explodes mid flight over lockerbie in scotland the second a french u.t.a. plane explodes in the middle of the sahara desert both attacks both the hallmarks of colonel gadhafi the united states decided that the libyan leader needed to be eliminated. opened his country to u.s.
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forces allowing them to pursue their objectives just a few kilometers from an jim ina the cia had secret camps where they trained former libyan prisoners. an issue that i forgot i will judge it on that with real downpours the media our body was right there with. all the while me but i don't. keep the shark pocket also coming once i mean i don't know no no no no no yeah i'm so pleased along the journey and we did it on a ball player it's on t. shirt it will be on the rails. underneath. this i mean i get some training. we. have it is a no brainer i would only be because when it began.
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it was a cia operation. a covert operation. the purpose was to infiltrate libya with libyan people who could attack libyan facilities she says her city this istra began about a.f.e. the prison year and i guess get us to do twenty year or is amy. because you know do they use america he. in a fox e.p.a. help me throughout highly food or a hotly i got a few is a make an example but to come up with. her slippers going to demand command. france did not appreciate united states inviting themselves into their african domain the head of the french foreign intelligence went to chad to meet it's an
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upright which she said i bought him of a twelve in the rear of the other to. let them sue him. it costs just the putting on the. soft basket eleven. i presented the do. you know provision a false. thank you every not good day. you know. fizzy he said it. so my laziness and i. see your list he said i but i felt sympathy to serve no sane. metal of fur and i think also for too short too short to death like.
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france had already selected the man to replacing. debbie the former chief of state under it's an upgrade. he had taken refuge in sudan. when his troops entered and janina the french military did not intervene. michel compatible . a must go to a combatant effort but it did not work on three year. this very sick. cellar leader. said the premier this summer in the suck up of endless. media for the guy in the up the deputies on politics. who are fairly sort of the sure say look i'm very lucky to have missed something here you got a problem you can get
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a skeptic you who have been must be. on it it is clip of you via a pen up in a marsh a comma city like you that i shall. have them by the common article is us live it to live my ship it will happily or what she wants said more considerate abase. sorted happens. then look. inside it but look at the reach just the surface that said just said she'd like to the prison. here at the ship but they're here. cecille shipley's nearby get. it least that be appointed magistrate mamata
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has son of a car as the head of a commission to investigate crimes committed by the regime of the sent up during. the commission collected statements from victims and discovered a number of mass graves. by me that a woman does he comes out of it for a shock your commission says that the city after a pause she hears you here. on the third cannot find. if you do this you. eaters debbie's relationship this case has always been very complex on the one hand he was his and harbor his military chief during one of the bloodiest periods of the hybrid government on the other hand after he broke from his and harbor a many of his best friends and many family members were killed by his son harbury.
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when you're the authoritarian president of a country. and simple citizens have brought to justice the previous president it's very it's an uncomfortable situation it's a democratic victory that you don't you know necessarily want to be encouraging. to did noticed when somebody. says want to france this is one is it will seem easy and soon month and a body is on it keep it he said you know this will stop it if you mean deep he said of this interview that made the news off and i suppose it's a scoop isn't going to be a methody in my financier to my human must. be tied to a kid is a free kick you do have. a point of their lives that. disappear back to you when
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you don't want to selection. travel often. by tranquil board to use and poke old farts may provide valuable. walks of. my icon landmark
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valleys and skylights. live for adventure. discovery. because faraway places could say anything going it's just together with cats all i always. welcome back the very warm weather continues across southeastern parts of australia thirty two as a mixer and melbourne and sydney is now on a run of quite a considerable number of days with temperatures in excess of twenty five degrees without some showers in the tropical north or for darwin across western australia the weather is looking fine and warm for perth and as we head through into sunday and should be warming up if anything so those are high temperatures continue across southeastern areas melbourne to the author as a front goes through twenty five are still pleasant as we head across into new zealand we've got an area of high pressure sitting across much of the country at the moment so
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a lot of cloud under that high across the north on the south honestly the best of the sunshine heading through into sunday not a great deal of change expected so christchurch looking very pleasant there with a high of eighteen degrees have the opportunity some parts of asia we've got cold air digging down now certainly across a poor so temperatures strongly a maximum of minus one but if you come south looking consider him out of the flow still from the southwest for tokyo and d. through sunday temperatures should be on the rise chilly conditions likely across the korean peninsula with temperatures then pyongyang only just above freezing it's also looking fine and dry for beijing air pollution levels not great at the moment and then further south respecting dry weather in shanghai with some sunshine and high seer of seventeen.
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