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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2017 7:00am-7:34am +03

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god. and something if you didn't castro said to show you right knowledge and shape if we could. bring so cubans over are in this magnificent. a chronicle of the revolution and its aspirations through the prism of its architecture cuba's unfinished space at this time on al jazeera news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. egypt valve's fierce action after a bomb attack on a mosque in the sinai peninsula kills the least two hundred thirty five people.
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here this is al jazeera life and also coming up. we asked those who are of primaries in the past to reconsider that they were going to deport of course censored going is that. zimbabwe starr said its first president and thirty seven years and he is promising sweeping changes. argentina's president calls for an investigation into the disappearance of a navy submarine that's been missing for more than a week. and germany's president tries to break the political deadlock two months after the country's elections. egypt's military has launched a campaign in sinai after two hundred thirty five people were killed in an attack
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on a mosque president has promised to respond with brutal force the attack at the mosque and a bad as the worst ever in the sinai region mohammed jim jim reports. the bomb and gun attack happened during friday prayers at the other old a mosque in bit aboud in egypt's northern sinai peninsula local sources say the attackers planted explosives and then opened fire on worshippers while the sermon was underway. for. oh it looks like it was. not really clear this motive was i know it's my responsibility yet but it's very possibly. they have targeted susan the maoists are not including you know neither your. president either but that has convened an emergency meeting of security officials hasn't had this these tragic event act of terrorism we make us
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more robust more strong of a battle against terrorism. we cannot be intimidated i will result cannot be dented we will remain more united when this event egyptian army will take revenge and they will restore order and security with an iron fist in the following day. egyptian forces have for years battled armed groups in the country's rugged and remote sinai peninsula attacks on security forces have been frequent like this car bomb explosion the targeted a police station in a lot in two thousand and fifteen so really this i know there's been a lot of. fighting between isis yesterday forces there for years now. and. the area as shock sets in and an investigation begins the egyptian government has declared three days of mourning my mage enjoyment is either. die if ami is an associate professor of political science
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at long island university says the attack is part of an ongoing cycle of violence. terrorist organizations such as isis or whether it's the isis officer that is in egypt or inside vital not this have tried to get strategically attacked those that are seen as in collusion with the state not just the security apparatus not just the police and the military but now they are attacking individuals who are seen to be those cooperating with the state and so we're seeing happening today is by virtue of attacking a mosque a shrine much like the attacks of the coptic church these terrorist groups and of course we they have yet to claim responsibility for them seem to be attacking anyone who is in collusion with the state and so that is leading to a new strategic behavior within this terrorist group which is they will actually attack all civilians and to attack a mosque at the height of
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a congregants coming together on a friday means that anyone all civilian populations now are part of the game for this terrorist group so these armed groups for example and celebrate the luck this and where they had sinai have garnered more strength in the state since to two thousand and three military coup that removed egypt's first democratically elected leader and historically when the regime would crack down on for example between two thousand and four and two thousand and six on attacks on tourists it would lead to mass arrests torture and no trials and so you saw the beginning of fomenting of a cycle of violence of state repression targeting these groups through arbitrary arrests leading to them fomenting a cycle of violence. after thirty seven years and bob boy has a new leader and person men and god was sworn in friday and her promise to create
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jobs and compensate white farmers whose lands were seized he also paid respects to robert mugabe who was forced to step down i mean a miller reports. a new and upholding democracy is now in this and one on god was describes his ascent to power even if it took military intervention to end drought but mugabe's presidency tens of thousands of zimbabweans waited for was to watch magog was swearing into office an inauguration meant to cement the veneer of a politically driven solution from within the ruling zanu p.f. party once again not to be processed. we can do in the present and future. nation friend. when i was promised to implement economic reforms that would uplift the lives of millions of zimbabweans left jobless in a battered economy and work toward stimulating local industries as well as
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compensate the white farmers for the land they lost under previous policies has also vowed to fight corruption tall order given the corruption allegations faced by many members of his ruling party often from politicians we have learned that there is a gulf between what they say and what they actually do this in government that is coming from from the same party that elites know from his people two million jobs and limited in those years of need to be created when our god why enjoys from military backing from the same army that in two thousand and eight intervened in elections lost by mcabee ensuring he stayed in power one of the major things that we want to know is that we are faced with an election and what happens if this new president loses that election the military be able to hold their losses of taking the direction say we respect the will of the people when gaga has promised free and fair elections next year he still has u.s. sanctions hanging over his head from his time as serving the regime for what it
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called acts to undermine democracy but when i got worse is now is the time to reengage with the west for people here president was certainly made all the right noises talking directly about the needs of everyday zimbabweans he's moved away from traditional political issues instead addressing people's concerns about his presidency but the worry is that zimbabweans could one day face a crisis of expectation with apparently well intentioned economic and political plans unlikely to work overnight from either miller al-jazeera harare zimbabwe or. man zimbabwe never imagined robert mugabe would step down from a tosser spoke to people in harare about their hopes for the country under president and gaga. nearly everyone you talk to here says they expected robert mugabe to die in office not resign after the military intervened they had it been said every day on state t.v.
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they started to believe it. but now mugabe's former right hand man ima said when i got why isn't always a new president after decades of economic stagnation high unemployment and political repression people have high expectations when we grew up and going to school in the ninety's we had everything i mean agriculture drove down the roads down the highways it was reach us tobacco. everything happening he went to the industrial areas there was smoke coming out now when you go it's dilapidated there's nothing going on there so we want to see that again just a very vibrant. oh when i goes close allies say they are confident the rulings on a party will work with opposition parties and the white community we have been reaching out to the opposition with absolute confidence that an older version has more than two hundred own in on an even keel and they're going to be well known at the our base is also reaching out to the white community they have been added to
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the modern economy in new york times some of them feel marginalized we want to observe that they belong to this country that's good news to those who feel the policies hurt the country economically many people here and in the age of forty and listen in and out what the president is saying all the right things will be jobs life will improve for the poor people of course is optimistic you know change if it happens from will take some time no one knows how long it'll take for the economy to recover some people say it's too late for them they believe they will always be poor but they hope their children will have a better future. you see. people are frustrated and impatient they say they are tired of being called a nation of indices president has made
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a lot of promises he needs to manage expectations and deliver on some of those promises to convince him that it's no longer business as usual. canada's prime minister justin trudeau has apologised to people from the indigenous communities who were forcibly separated from their families twenty thousand children were taken from their home in the one nine hundred sixty s. in one thousand nine hundred eighty s. and placed either in foster care or with non-indigenous families many were sorely neglected not properly fed clothed or have. others. suffered physical psychological and sexual abuse. all were deprived. of the love and care of their families of their parents and of their communities.
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the search for a missing argentine submarine continues even though there is almost no hope that the forty four crew members are still alive and best gaiters are looking into evidence of a possible explosion near its last known location and many family members are angry at the navy's handling of all of this live reports from the naval base in the city of marjah plata. the hope the prayers the expectation expressed here at the model plata naval base the home of the missing submarine the air race so one turned to anger and despair the families of the forty four crewmembers were told the face of their loved ones. there are still people with hope but i think that's it is time to look for the body they don't want to say it's which is why we feel empty but there's nothing more to do but pray and lay them to rest. he loved his job was totally dedicated this was his last voyage i'm devastated. they want to know
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why news of an explosion on board shortly after the submarine lost contact on the van with the fifteen took so long to be revealed where they kept in the dark. president has promised a full inquiry and to answer the families and the rest of argentina. i'm here to guarantee that we will continue the search especially now that we can count on the help of the international community and the technology that they have available we hope to find a submarine in the next few days. the navy high command is likely to be removed and despite the frustration and sadness as it did terminations to keep searching. you know remember until we have firm evidence of where the submarine is we cannot reach any conclusions believe nothing to chance there's a strong force reaching the remaining uncovered in area that operation involves
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ships aircraft and undersea rescue equipment from more than ten countries often in severe weather conditions while their families more in argentina is asking what went wrong who was responsible and what should happen now but with the sun one possibly several hundred meters at the bottom of the south atlantic ocean those questions may never be satisfactorily answered and argentina must assess his relationship with his navy as it comes to terms with one of its worst tragedies in recent years that. model blatter still al-jazeera. has got harder in chin state myanmar just over one hundred twenty years ago an american baptist missionary planted the seeds of christianity here like other religious minorities in this country they have faced persecution in this buddhist majority country their story coming up. and a sports story that's really about politics how much golf is too much if you happen to be president.
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by the springtime flower of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall. welcome back as we look at the weather across the levant and western parts of asia we've had a weather front coming through parts of iran given some very heavy rain the whole system clearing away but still got some snow across parts of afghanistan up into the hindu kush house where the north dropping temperatures a foot back a mix of knowing some showers not particularize weather conditions that we've also got some showers on the southern side of the caspian sea turning readily to snow up over the mountains to around largely dry with highs there of ten degrees moving on through into sunday not a great deal of change across this region the eastern side the better training the winds coming from the south so temperatures not too bad but the chance want to showers here across parts of iraq heading down into the arabian pynchon felt
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a fair amount of cloud over the last couple days indeed with a little bit of rain that should largely be clearing temperatures just beginning to recover not very warm for riyadh a maximum of twenty degrees twenty six here in doha heading only into sunday looking place an hour from mecca with temperatures of thirty three degrees let's move into southern portions of africa where it's looking pretty wet at the moment across eastern parts of south africa johannesburg some very wet weather could be some localized flooding there highs of just fifteen degrees durban drawa and certainly capetown brighter with highs of twenty two find a winter in the media is thirty four the weather sponsored by cat time he's. going through seismic changes country stands out because it's considered so successful why is the. president of ghana. to talk to all just. at this time.
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with you and with. your watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now egypt's military has launched a campaign in sinai after two hundred thirty five people were killed in an attack on a mosque a bomb exploded and gunmen fired on worshippers president until fatah sisi has promised to respond with brutal force. zimbabwe's new leader emerson minin god has been a sworn in he has promised to create jobs stamp out corruption and compensate white
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farmers whose land was seized any rule of former president robert mugabe. as president writes a mockery and expects search teams to find his navy's missing some brain within days he did not say though whether the navy anticipates finding survivors in the san juan disappeared days ago with forty four crew members on board. germany's president is holding talks with party leaders to end a political deadlock on forming a new coalition government social democrats leader martin shell's has ruled out taking part in another government headed by chancellor angela merkel who previously insisted his party should go into office ition but he now says party members will get a vote on any coalition deal as the latest from berlin. for the past two months germany's social democrats have been licking their wounds after their worst electoral performance in modern german democratic history the watchword has been opposition their leader martin schultz who presided over that worst ever defeat but said opposition was what he espied
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a needs to look its wounds to find new policies and to reconnect with the electorate but the collapse of the so-called jamaica coalition talks has refocused people's attention on the s. payday and a chorus of voices a growing chorus of voices have said to mr schultz well perhaps now is the time to rethink that refusal to contemplate coalition with angela merkel and he seems to have listened. in the eight hours was spent talking with disgust very openly the contribution b s p d can make to a coalition whatever form that may take. the irony of the situation is that the grand coalition mr schultz has been so resistant to is still governing germany in a can't say capacity the question for him the question for angular americal now is can they find a form of agreement that can take germany forward because many leaders in europe worry about the vacuum of leadership that a continued protracted lack of coalition talks might bring and of course the
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doomsday scenario at the back of everyone's minds is if they can't find agreement well there can't really be a general election until next april and so everyone is very keen to avoid that particular dilemma the trump administration has decided to keep the palestinian diplomatic office in washington d.c. open week ago and it says the office would be shot because palestinian leaders called for the international criminal court to prosecute israel over illegal jewish settlements the u.s. said that statement was a breach of its laws in response the p.l.o. threatened to cut all communication with washington the functions of the office will be limited for ninety days saudi arabia's crown prince has outlined his reform plans in an interview with the new york times and told the newspaper that his so-called anti-corruption crackdown which has seen numerous members of the family detained while not the country approximately one hundred billion dollars in
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assets hey described suggestions that the detentions are a power grab is ludicrous you crown prince praised donald trump as the right person at the right time in the u.s. while calling iran's supreme leader the hitler of the middle east and he promoted as plan to return the kingdom to a more moderate form of islam the prince said the nine hundred seventy nine occupation of mecca's grand mosque by activists opposed to the royal family and that years around the revolution cost the country to embrace religious conservatism . is a saudi journalist and author he says the interviewer didn't address issues with transparency accountability or freedom of expression there is no support for mahomedan so money is not out of it because people are fed up with corruption one could look at it but there is the second half of the. reform that is not being i just got a call that even discussed by the interviewer mr over three months about check and
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balance of people write about political openness. there are going to you've been a christian for you know in their eyes of the action or concerned that her to be those who are. just there i. brought king. out of the ring. not only on the. woman driving woman have been driving in syria and in egypt since. the us in both countries under but i did not meet syria or egypt three countries and we saw what happened there in two thousand and eleven south africa's supreme court has more than double the sentence for oscar pistorius the paralympian convicted of killing his girlfriend in two thousand and thirteen the court said the original six year sentence was shockingly lenient tanya page has more from pretoria. it only took
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a moment for the supreme court of appeal to deliver its ruling that respondent sentenced imprisonment for the people to fifteen years and five months here by. oscar pistorius shot his girlfriend reeva steenkamp on valentine's day two thousand and thirteen as she cowered behind a bathroom door he said he thought she was an intruder. last year prosecutors successfully argued his original conviction should be upgraded from culpable homicide to murder which carries a fifteen year minimum sentence but the judge was lenient and only gave him six years shockingly lenient according to prosecutors who said pistorius hasn't shown true remorse. steam comes parents to say they're pleased he will spend more time in prison and just you know you can get on with. it that everything is going to end then. i run from the beginning. what is.
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justice and. pistorius grabs the world's attention as the paralympian who was the first disabled person to compete in the summer olympics he broke records and barriers because his defense lawyers argued he made a fatal mistake that valentine's day costing we've a stain company life. oscar pistorius is currently in a prison on the outskirts of pretoria that's best suited to his disability but that will be the only allowance made for his disability as the supreme court of appeal has more than doubled her sentence for murder. as an athlete pistorius didn't want any special treatment now one of south africa's highest court has decided he wanted to get in a tiny page out is there a particular area. the u.s. says it is deeply concerned with the release of a pakistani man accused of planning the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks of
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a sayed was freed after a pakistani court rejected the government's plea to extend his detention by three months so he has founder of the band group. has been under house arrest in the horse and since january he's the head of a charity that's accused of being a front for armed groups. when rights groups are calling for international agencies to monitor their repatriation. never hench refugees in bangladesh signed a pact on thursday that will allow those displaced to return home and start paperwork is completed about six hundred thousand one hundred muslims have escaped an army crackdown of rakhine state over the past three months because majority man maher has a history of oppressing minorities christians living in the mountains near the border with india faced violent oppression under military rule although the situation has improved the system requires remains rather stacked against them scot heiler reports from haka and. remote and rugged straddling
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mountain tops chin state is the poorest region in myanmar resources scarce development slow what is plentiful are churches they dot the chin hills. home to about a half a million people nearly ninety percent of them are christian and in buddhist majority myanmar they have faced decades of oppression under military rule. forced labor force conversion to buddhism and persecution at one point bibles couldn't be important. to symbolize. the christian. but. a member of this baptist church who has lived all his seventy years in chin state capital four of his children emigrated to the us. previous military
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governments didn't have interest and sympathy for blame them for the poverty development and for no job opportunities for young people and that i had to send my children away. this small hillside compound commemorates the man who founded the first christian community here in chin state american baptists reverend arthur carson and his wife laura were the first missionaries to come here in one thousand nine hundred nine he died nine years later he's buried right here in haka the people of chin say the situation's getting better but one government official himself a catholic denies past oppression. most people felt like we were being oppressed but we weren't it was just miscommunication between the government and people. but still today the government system favors buddhism. even though we are a christian area the government schools are forcing young children to worship buddhism and to take buddhism classes no no no human rights activists say
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that the way forward for the people of chin for its future the end mars leaders need to make good on promises of religious freedom. if not the minorities will continue to be treated and live as second class citizens it's got harder al-jazeera aka me and mark. former national security advisor michael flange legal team is no longer talking with president lawyers the suggests fled may be ready to cooperate with the investigation into russian interference in last year's election he can also be looking to negotiate a deal with prosecutors and was forced to resign in february over allegations he misled the white house about his contacts with the russian ambassador and has broken with his administration's custom an admitted going to play a quick round of golf before working on pace and the middle east he regularly spends weekends at a golf course but aides seldom acknowledge it so is he spending too much time on
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the green alan fischer takes a look. president trump for the birdie he's a king go for a very king goal for this first three hundred eight days in office president donald trump has been on the course almost a quarter of that time in fact in his first one hundred days he's played more than any modern president he's played with prime ministers and politicians don't trump thought if he won the white house he would have to give it all up because i'm going to be working for you are not enough time to go play golf donald trump isn't the first president to have a love affair with golf william howard taft was the first to openly play the game white eisenhower loved it so much he did tree and the cabin named after him at augusta national the home of the masters competition george w. bush is exploits made it into a documentary i call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. thank you. now watch this drive.
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we have hope bad that looked from the second gulf war started to stop playing clinton golf as did obama which takes us back to where we started with trump's tweets and criticisms obama it was reported today plato hundred fifty rounds of golf he played more jobs last year than tiger woods his staff really acknowledge when he hits the course insisting no matter where he is the president is always working when it's tiger woods i don't call that work one of the things that is i think reflective of his what are called listeners from office is the fact that there are numerous high level positions in every single department of the executive branch they go on feel because he's just lazy he hasn't even made nominations critics say after all the promises he made after all the speeches and all the tweets it's surprising this president has spent as much time in the clubhouse as the white house alan fischer al-jazeera.
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we shall carry these are the headlines on al-jazeera egypt's military has launched a campaign in sinai after two hundred thirty five people were killed in an attack on a mosque exploding gunman fired on worshippers president. has promised to respond with brutal force has had this these tragic events acts of terrorism we make us. more strongly now what battle against terrorism we cannot be intimidated i will result cannot be done to we will remain more united hello we need to bend the army will take revenge and they will restore order and security with an iron fist in the following day. later emerson minin agua has been sworn in he has promised to create jobs stamp out corruption and compensate white farmers whose land was seized during the rule of former president robert mugabe argentina's
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president expects search teams to find his navy's missing submarine within days did not though say whether the navy anticipates finding survivors the san juan disappeared days ago with forty four crew members on board canada's prime minister justin trudeau has apologized to people from indigenous communities who are forcibly separated from their families around twenty thousand children were taken from their homes in the one nine hundred sixty thousand nine hundred eighty s. and placed in either foster care or with non-indigenous families termes president is holding talks with party leaders to end a political deadlock on forming a new coalition government social democrats leader martin shells has ruled out taking part in another government headed by chancellor angela merkel a previously insisted party should go into opposition but now he says party members will get a vote on any coalition deal. the top administration has decided to keep the palestinian diplomatic office in washington d.c. open week ago and it said the office would be shut because palestinian leaders call
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for the international criminal court to prosecute israel over illegal jewish settlements the u.s. said that statement was a breach of its laws response the p.l.o. threaten to cut all communication with washington as are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after talk to al-jazeera visit our web site al-jazeera dot com ok peter. says he's a danger to serious debate up front i think this time on al-jazeera. you will. see. typically associated in international media with political instability disease poverty corruption dictatorship.


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