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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2017 10:00am-10:34am +03

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al-jazeera. where ever you are. with over forty thousand people killed under his rule it took twenty five years to bring him to a cool to blow. but why for so long with such a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west you're reporting to the covers that to the press there were engaged to a clip just to look at al-jazeera unravels the history of chad's notorious former president the same habit a dictator on trial at this time on al-jazeera. egypt's military launches and strikes against fight as it says are behind friday's attack
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inside i. ended up in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up take you says the u.s. president has agreed to stop supplying arms to kurdish why p.g. fighters in northern syria argentina's president calls for an investigation into the disappearance of a submarine with forty four crew on board plus. i'm scott harbor in chin state just over one hundred twenty years ago an american baptist missionary planted the seeds of christianity here and like other religious minorities in this country they have faced persecution in this buddhist majority country their story coming up. egypt launched a miniature campaign in sinai of to two hundred thirty five people were killed. an
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attack on a mosque on friday president of the fact that al sisi has promised to respond with what he calls brutal force a bomb was detonated in the mosque and the attackers then fired on as they fled i'm a judge and reports. the bomb and gun attack happened during friday prayers at the other old a mosque in be in egypt's northern sinai peninsula local sources say the attackers planted explosives and then opened fire on worshippers while the sermon was underway. for. oh it looks like it was. not really clear this motive was i know it's early yet. but it's very possibly. they have targeted sudanese in the costs are not including you know neither your. president i'm going to put that has sisi convened an emergency meeting of security officials has that had this these tragic event act of
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terrorism will make us more robust more strong of a battle against terrorism. we cannot be intimidated i will result cannot be dented we will remain more united following this event the army will take revenge and they will restore order and security with an iron fist in the following days. egyptian forces have for years battled armed groups in the country's rugged and remote sinai peninsula attacks on security forces have been frequent like this car bomb explosion the targeted a police station in a largish in two thousand and fifteen. fighting between isis. for years now. as shock sets in and an investigation begins the egyptian government has declared three days of mourning. now there's been unrest in egypt's sinai peninsula for
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decades bedouin tribes in the region don't trust the government there is anger at cairo's failure to address poverty and unemployment and when president mohamed morsy was deposed in two thousand and thirteen beit responded with violence the armed group aligned with eiseley year later calling itself sinai province and took control of a large part of the region i mean isn't it says a professor of political science at long island university she says the attack is part of an ongoing cycle of violence. terrorist organizations such as isis or whether it's the isis officer that is in egypt or in sort of right to left us have tried to be strategically attacked those that are seen as in collusion with the state not just the security apparatus not just the police and the military but now they are attacking individuals who are seen to be those cooperating with the state
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and so we're seeing happening today is by virtue of attacking a mosque a shrine much like the attacks of the coptic church these terrorist groups and of course we they have yet to claim responsibility for them seem to be attacking anyone who is in collusion with the state and so that is leading to a new strategic behavior within this terrorist group which is they will actually attack all civilians and to attack a mosque at the height of a congregants coming together on a friday means that anyone all civilian populations now are part of the game for this terrorist group so these armed groups for example and celebrate the luck this and where they had sinai have garnered more strength in this day since to two thousand and three military coup that removed egypt's first democratically elected leader and historically when the regime would crack down on for example between two thousand and four and two thousand and six attacks on tourists it would lead to
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mass arrests torture and no trials and so you saw the beginning of fomenting of a cycle of violence of state repression targeting these groups through arbitrary arrests leading to them fomenting a cycle of violence. turkey says u.s. president donald trump has agreed to stop supplying weapons to kurdish y p g fighters in northern syria this followed a phone call between trump and take as president. the white house later said it would make adjustments to its policy of arming its allies in syria the trump administration began supplying weapons to the y.p. this year before the battle to retake isis stronghold of raka turkey considers the y.p. g a terrorist group its pictures some of injury he joins us from gaza into near the turkish syrian border seem to be a little bit of conflict then the lines coming out from turkey and the white house
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what is it. well jane as you've heard most things that have come out of this white house there has been clarifications and then and then more afterwards what the turkish media has been interpreting as a promise to end support for the way that is arming them has not been the case in both the statement from the president of the guns office as well as the white house and as you said this very carefully worded statement says that there will be an adjustment to the policy towards allies in the region after the fall of ice and. we know from the turkish military that the weapons supplies and the not just weapons but logistics supplies for they why p.d. and the p.k. k. which is an agreed by extension is a part of why p.g. has continued this month so yes there have been promises in the past there seems to be some sort of reproach in the deteriorating relations between turkey and the
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united states president saying in the phone conversation but that does not seem to be reflected in the statement that we saw from the white house and turkish military leaders are still concerned that the united states would not actually live up to its promises to stop supporting the y.p. and kurdish militias in the north of turkey which is on the no not. syria rather on the turkish border and when it happens when it comes to the fighting we hear that attacks are continuing people surviving. but in the fighting has continued and the government jets have been targeting not just aleppo countryside but how much countryside is well as they try and consolidate their support going after opposition targets and groups who are scattered in these areas and people have been trying to adopt i mean there it is the onset of winter so you you see people trying to pick up as much as they can to try and survive the harsh nights as well as doing other things that they can and when these attacks continue
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in what we've seen in the opposition area especially according to doctors without borders is that there's been a systematic attack on health care and for many of these people many of the doctors who are trying to provide help to people on the ground they have no other option but to go on the ground. cameras on the operating table because his leg was injured in an airstrike but this is northern area operation theatre it's hidden underground so it will survive. i'm afraid when the regime targets a hospital i lost a member of my family in an airstrike. it's known as the cave hospital in northern thirty doctors are keeping its location secret for fear of further attacks by government get. they showed us photos after some of the hundred thirty five year strikes targeted their hospital medical facilities and medical workers nowadays are far from being working an ideal situation there are all sort of challenges one of
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the main challenges has to do with witnessing not only going for a long time but at the same time he doesn't. doesn't stop. this is what remains of many hospitals above ground so it took months of digging five hundred square meters in the mountains to convert into treatment rooms workers then plaster the bags at the entrance increased security. this is the doctor who began the project he was also killed in an airstrike last year and his colleagues continue to face challenges. the biggest problem is the airstrikes which target civilians this hospital is theoretically safe but we expect anything from the government and it's destructive weapons making the hospital safe is just one of the many challenges most hospitals in opposition areas suffer from a lack of medicine and other vital supplies that are to emergency exits in case of
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any attack being underground brings the constant challenge of maintaining the floor so doctors and patients don't suffocate. we face difficulties such as ventilation and shortages of medical supplies after securing ourselves in a cave inside a mountain because health care system has been largely destroyed by six years of war preventive care units and health centers are nonexistent potentially fatal diseases are common because of a lack of vaccine. healthcare is being used as a weapon of war in syria doctors say targeting hospitals means denial of treatment and the only option to save lives is going on the ground from a job without the fear of. syria's main saudi backed opposition group has selected a new chief negotiator nasser hariri will lead the high negotiations committee in your own back talks in geneva next week he succeeds riyadh he job who resigned last week the group is insisting president bashar al assad leave office he really says
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everything is on the negotiating table in geneva. the troubled ministration is the size of keep open the palestinian diplomatic office in washington d.c. for now a week ago it said the office would be shot because palestinian leaders called for the international criminal court to prosecute israel for illegal settlements the us said that statement was a breach of its laws in response the p.l.o. threatened to cut all communication with washington the functions of the office will be limited for ninety days well leaders are urging zimbabwe's new president to make good on his promise of reengaging with the international community and bringing in economic reforms emerson moon was sworn in on friday ending thirty seven years of robert mugabe's rule for me the miller reports from harare. a new and of holding democracy is how innocent men are god was described his ascent to power even if it took military intervention to end robert mugabe's presidency tens
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of thousands of zimbabweans waited for hours to watch managua spearing into office and inauguration meant to cement the veneer of a politically driven solution from within the ruling zanu p.f. party once again not to be processed. we can do in the present and huge your. nation a different person. when i was promised to implement economic reforms that would observe the lives of millions of the barber and left jobless in a battered economy and work toward stimulating local industries as well as compensate the white farmers for the land they lost under previous policies has also vowed to fight corruption tall order given the corruption allegations faced by many members of his ruling party often from politicians we have learned that there is a gulf between what they say and what they actually do this in government that is coming
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from from the same party that elites know from his people two million jobs it really did in those years of need to create. enjoys for military backing from the same army that in two thousand and eight intervened in elections lost by mcabee ensuring he stayed in power one of the major things that we want to know is that we're faced with an election and what happens if this new president loses that election the military be able to hold ellis is doing the directions say we respect the will of the people when gaga has promised free and fair elections next year he still has u.s. sanctions hanging over his head from his time as serving the regime for what it called ax to undermine democracy but when i got worse is now is the time to reengage with the west for people here president was certainly made all the right noises talking directly about the needs of everyday zimbabweans he's moved away
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from traditional political issues instead addressing people's concerns about his presidency but the worry is that zimbabweans could one day face a crisis of expectation with apparently well intentioned economic and political plans unlikely to work overnight from either miller al-jazeera harare zimbabwe. still ahead on al-jazeera i'm not innocent as you know us ahead of sunday's general elections the government says it has reduced dramatically the number of violent deaths in one of the most dangerous country since the world. how does this when it's real look at whether the u.s. presence playing too much golf. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects at this time.
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quick remind of our top stories this hour egypt's launch a military campaign in the sinai after two hundred thirty five people were killed in an attack on a mosque on friday president little c.z. has promised to respond with what he calls a brutal force. turkey says the u.s. has agreed to stop supplying weapons to kurdish fighters in northern syria the white house later said it would make adjustments to its policy of arming its allies in syria ankara considers the y p g a terrorist group. world leaders are urging zimbabwe's new president to make good on his promise of reengaging with the international community and bringing in economic reforms emerson went on god while i was sworn in on friday many zimbabweans hope to get straight to work to create jobs. andrew symonds joins us live from harare andrew what sort of action can we
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expect from one and go when it comes to corruption and cleaning it up. well we're seeing it right away and god has promised to clean up this court case which will be starting behind me soon at the magistrate's court in harare of a different setting to the the grandiose celebrations in the sports stadium with sixty thousand people on friday is really the start of what could be described as a purge finance minister ignatius jones who was arrested on ten days ago when the military were actually moving in into harare he is accused of being involved in illicit property dating and the list of corruption charges more than one hundred properties owned by this man he was only appointed finance minister by robert mugabe in october but these charges date back ten years he's from the same roll area as mugabe and he stands accused of very large corruption indeed
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furthermore we've just seen the zone of p.f. use leader could zone i. brought in he looked very glum faced carrying a bag of belongings he's going to be accused of corruption charges but also. he both of these men supporters of the opposing faction which involves a grace mcgarvey and they were all involved it said in a plot to actually take over power so what we're seeing now is really will be a series of arrests and many of those involved allegedly involved in the actions against that the former vice president are on the run some key figures have actually crossed the border so we're seeing this start as we're seeing this we're also seeing i'm going to engage in talks with foreign governments to get
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investments going he's certainly going to prioritize trying to start a new i.m.f. program he's desperate to actually show results very quickly he's. moving quickly and there's a lot of interests a lot of people coming in from europe to discuss investment projects in zimbabwe but it's early days certainly too soon to say that there's going to be an explosion of jobs and investment but certainly things look positive in that direction jane. thank you. argentina's president is vowing to continue the search for a missing submarine even as hopes fade for its forty four crew members on board the navy's confirmed there was an explosion near where the sub disappeared ten days ago . from the naval base in the city of multiplied. the hope the prayers the expectation expressed here at the model plotter naval base the home of the missing submarine the air a sound one turned to anger and despair the families of the forty four crewmembers
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were told the face of their loved ones. but there are still people with hope but i think that's it it's time to look for the bodies they don't want to say it's which is why we feel empty and but there's nothing more to do but pray and lay them to rest. he loved his job was totally dedicated this was his last voyage i'm devastated. they want to know why news of an explosion on board shortly after the submarine lost contact on the van with a fifteen took so long to be revealed where they kept in the dark. president has promised a full inquiry and to answer the families and the rest of argentina. i'm here to guarantee that we will continue the search especially now that we can count on the help of the international community and the technology that they have available we hope to find
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a submarine in the next few days. the navy high command is likely to be removed and despite the frustration and sadness as it did terminations to keep searching. remember until we have firm evidence of where the submarine is we cannot reach any conclusions to leave nothing to chance there's a strong force reaching the remaining uncovered in area that operation involves ships aircraft and undersea rescue equipment from more than ten countries often in severe weather conditions while their families more in argentina is asking what went wrong who was responsible and what should happen now but with the sun one possibly several hundred meters at the bottom of the south atlantic ocean those questions may never be satisfactorily answered and argentina must assess his relationship with his navy as it comes to terms with one of its worst tragedies in recent years that i'm sure there are others here model blotter. when your ears are
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going to the polls on sunday to elect a new president public safety is a major concern for voters because their country has one of the highest murder rates in the world the government says progress has been made to tackle violence but many aren't convinced as many on a sanchez reports. young innocent often the victims of gang violence for now with extra security forces deployed to this neighborhood children can play without watching their backs. on average more than three hundred people male and young are killed every month this country is not formally a war zone but for years it has been the world's murder leader but that isn't to be changing. we implemented the community police model where we get closer to people talk to them when their trust they call us to give us information about criminals so we can capture them. violent homicides are reported to have fallen by
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just over twenty percent in the last year the violence observatory responsible for monitoring violent deaths says there's a number of reasons why among them the dismantling of drug cartels and increasing the security budget and reform of the police force the government says one of the reasons there's been a fall in the number of violent deaths is because of army and police patrols like this one in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country. but here on the outskirts of some of the most dangerous city in the country says she lives in fear and doesn't believe the government's claims of success. is always kidnappings violent killings it's difficult for us to talk about this there are repercussions of violence hasn't reduced although the numbers are down critics say policing remains sporadic and people still live in fear that. it's costly to keep troops
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permanently the areas are very. large and many are still controlled by criminals. and the targeted killings continue in recent days the bodies of three political activists were found but government supporters say improvement needs to be measured over the long term. the murder rate is still six times larger than the world average the situation is still critical but the poll things must be sustainable to show the population but this is the way to repress crime. for now a signal is being sent to the gangs that change is happening in the us and the children have a right to play in peace but the innocent just are just some. us at least three hundred seventy eight migrants have been rescued in libya after three boats were damaged in the mediterranean sea the mission carried out by the libyan coast guard took about seventy two hours the u.n. says more than thirty three thousand migrants have died at sea trying to reach
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european shores since two thousand. many minorities eleven buddhist majority myanmar say they often face discrimination christians living in the mountains near the border with india faced violent oppression under military rule scott had to report some haka inch and state. remote and rugged straddling mountain tops chin state is the poorest region in myanmar resources scarce development slow what is plentiful are churches they dot the chin hills home to about a half a million people nearly ninety percent of them are christian and in buddhist majority myanmar they have faced decades of oppression under military rule. forced labor force conversion to buddhism and persecution at one point bibles couldn't be important. to symbolize.
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the christian. but. a member of this baptist church who has lived all his seventy years in chin state capital four of his children emigrated to the us. previous military governments didn't have interest and sympathy for i blame them for the poverty development and for no job opportunities for young people and that's why i had to send my children away this small hillside compound commemorates the man who founded the first christian community here in chin state american baptist reverend arthur carson and his wife laura were the first missionaries to come here in one thousand nine hundred nine he died nine years later he's buried right here in. the people of chin say the situation's getting better but one government official himself a catholic denies past oppression. most people felt like we were being
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oppressed but we weren't it was just miscommunication between the government and people. but still today the government system favors buddhism. even though we are a christian area the government schools are forcing young children to worship but ism and to take buddhism classes. no no no human rights activists say that the way forward for the people of chin for its future leaders need to make good on promises of religious freedom. if not the minorities will continue to be treated and live as second class citizens got hotter al-jazeera aka me and my. during the presidency of barack obama then businessman donald trump often criticized him for playing what he said was too much golf but not regularly spends his weekends on the course even if his staff were any acknowledgment and fisher has none. president trump for the birdie he's a king go for
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a very king goal for this first three hundred eight days in office president donald trump has been on the course almost a quarter of that time in fact in his first one hundred days he's played more than any modern president he's played with prime ministers and politicians don't trump thought if he won the white house he would have to give it all up because i'm going to be working for you are not enough time to go play golf. donald trump isn't the first president to have a love affair with golf william howard taft was the first to openly play the game white eisenhower loved it so much he did tree and the cabin named after him at augusta national the home of the masters competition george w. bush's exploits made it into a documentary i call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. thank you. now watch this drive. we have hope bad that looked from the second gulf war started to stop playing clinton golf as did obama which takes us back to where we started with trump's
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tweets and criticisms obama it was reported today plato hundred fifty rounds of golf he played more golf last year than tiger woods his staff really acknowledge when he hits the course insisting no matter where he is the president is always working when it's tiger woods i don't call that work one of the things that is i think reflective of his if you want to call a listener from office is the fact that there are numerous high level positions in every single department of the executive branch that are go on feel because he's just lazy he hasn't even made nominations critics say after all the promises he made after all the speeches and all the tweets it's surprising this president has spent as much time in the clubhouse as the white house alan fischer al jazeera. the top stories on al-jazeera egypt launched
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a military campaign in sinai after turn to the thirty five people killed in an attack on a mosque on friday prison the fact that r.c.c. has promised to respond with what he calls a brutal force a bomb was detonated in the mosque and attackers then fired on worshippers as they fled turkey says the u.s. has agreed to stop supplying weapons to kurdish wife e.g. fighters in northern syria the white house later said it would make adjustments to its policy of arming its allies in syria and considers the wipe e.g. a terrorist group some avenge of aid has more from the turkish city of guys in top near the syrian border there has been clarifications and then and then war afterwards what the turkish media as we know as a promise to end support for the way that is arming them has not been the case in both the statement from the president read it to you or to the guns office as well as the white house it is very carefully worded
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a statement says that there will be in the just went to the policy words lies in the region after the fall of. syria's main saudi backed opposition group has selected a new chief negotiator nasa hariri will lead to higher negotiations committee and un back talks in geneva next week he succeeds riyadh he job resigned last week hariri says everything is on the negotiating table in geneva world leaders are urging zimbabwe's new president to make good on his promise of reengaging with the international community and bringing in economic reforms emerson went on god while i was sworn in on friday many zimbabweans hope to get straight to work to create jobs. the trumpet ministration has decided to keep open the palestinian diplomatic office in washington d.c. for now a week ago it said the office would be shot because palestinian leaders called for the international criminal court to prosecute israel for illegal settlements in response the p.l.o.
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threatened to cut all communication with washington at least three and seven hundred migrants have been rescued in libya after three boats were damaged in the mediterranean sea the mission carried out by the libyan coast guard took about seventy two hours as the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera of the inside story. on counting the cost crocodile economics what emerson man and god will have to do transform zimbabwe's finances a modern day slave trade in libya and how china's internet giant ten cent over took facebook. counting the cost at this time and i just get a. feeling that the old bangladeshi man maher reaching agreement for the part ration of hundreds of thousands of muslim rohingya will it finally solve a decades long problem after a campaign of arsenic cleansing what's left.


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