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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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right. with over forty thousand people killed under his rule it took twenty five years to bring him to a cool to blow. but why for so long with such a brutal dictator considered an ally of the west you're reporting to the congress that to the press they were engaged to a clandestine. al-jazeera unravels the history of chad's notorious former president the same habit a dictator on trial at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm sam is a than this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes egypt's military uses add power to hit back after the attack on a mosque in sinai kills over two hundred people. the pictures pakistan's government doesn't want the people to say private television channels on and off the air as hundreds of riot police move in on protesters. we go underground to check out a secret syrian hospital built to survive air raids plus. comedy in a fantasy us ahead of sunday's general elections the government says it has we do dramatically the number of violent deaths in one of the most dangerous countries in the world.
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agents has launched a military campaign in sinai. the two hundred thirty five people were killed in an attack on a mask on friday president has sisi has promised to respond with what he calls brutal force a bomb was detonated in the mosque and the attackers then fired on worshippers as they fled the attack on the mosque and be alive it is the worst ever in the sinai region. bob ayers is a retired intelligence officer and independent security analyst he joins us via skype from somerset good to have you with us that region does have a bit of a security challenge history you think brutal force will solve all fuel the problem i think for she made so you know media problem which were the perpetrators of the attack on america on the mask but brutal force isn't going to solve the problem but terrorism and china. let me ask you this why was
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a supermodel targeted does it have anything to do with the perceived support from some figures for the regime like the october eighteenth announcement by share of the run him a xyzzy of the supreme council they supporting in indorsing the president's new term. but we have to stop for a moment and examine the sort of philosophical nature of terrorism today there used to be at least one point in time terrorism had a very specific purpose usually a political purpose unification of the irish ireland or drive the british out of india but we're reaching a point now where terrorism seems to exist only for its own sake it's becoming a needless philosophy typically terrorist attacks are designed to destabilize government put fear into the population demonstrate to the government as powerless in the face of terrorism and this is another example of terrorism for more than
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a psychological reason it's for a political reason is trying to destabilize the egyptian government or show that the egyptian government is powerless to deal with this threat on that issue of showing the government is powerless showing will that undermine that the fact that has cc's security credentials in the eyes of people well unfortunately what sisi is going to do this he's already declared success overwhelming military forces that airstrikes use kill a terrorist cell that hasn't stopped the problem in the sinai now the next terrorist event that occurs in the region is going to be in spite of r.c.c. saying he's wiped them out he's made the place secure so a c.c.s. setting and so far up for a fall if you will because he's after east declare success it's going to be shown that it wasn't a success is the solution here the thing that they there really has to be
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a serious political process to reintegrate those sections of society felt cheated by the military coup. well we're seeing a lot of a lot of different underlying reasons for people joining terrorist groups and the. the thing that we must come to grips with different when to deal with terrorism is not to try to if you will incorporate them into society is not to try to address whatever their perceived wrongs are it's to address the fundamental underlying idiology that motivates people to take a terrorist group and embrace them and bring them into government for example simply moves the terrorist closer to the center of the government and then trying to destroy it or to destabilize that's why we have a problem with using a military term french terrorist you can kill a terrorist but you can't kill an idea and you can't kill is really ology right i
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mean it may be one thing to think of trying to bring people who actually engage in violent acts into government you know one could see how that could be a stretch as you you put it but i mean is there not a role for having more wider inclusive political system that doesn't leave people feeling like the political system doesn't really represent them and make them vulnerable to recruitment to extreme ideology. well we're seeing a past dating phenomenon in western europe and in the united states today and that is even in the political systems that or for the most part all encompassing all embracing very tolerant of different opinions different colors different races different creeds even in these very tolerant western societies we're seeing an alienation between one economic class of people and the leadership of that country
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so we have to be a little bit careful in saying that the solution to terrorism is to make them feel more representative or more part of something when we're seeing exactly the opposite occurring as a trend in western democracies that i'm glad you mentioned that because one could say though in the case of what we're seeing in many western democracies at least if people go do things like vote for braggs that vote for don't trump rather than you know taking these kinds of extreme violent actions that we're seeing in other parts of the world where the political process doesn't have so much the just of the c yes you're right but what we're talking about is that a difference in the way of expressing dissatisfaction when you have western democracies at least for the last several hundred years the population has been conditioned to express their discontent through the ballot box and they do that as we see in the united states in the election of president trump we're seeing that
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more and more in europe you saw it with reports that but however if you live in a country that has no democratic tradition has no history of change through the ballot box you're left with change to violence change throughout who changed the rebellion and. all of these whether it's about stranger rebellion change or a reflection of the underlying problem and that's a million asian and most people from leadership all right good enjoy this discussion i think we've come to the same page of the un thanks so much for an interesting chat there bob wise what now bangladesh in miramar of agreed to ask for un assistance in their patry ation of hundreds of thousands of rohingya rights groups have insisted on outside monitors to safeguard the return of their hunger to me in march but the un has expressed concern about the process. is due to start in two months more than six hundred thousand rangar fled from violence in iraq and
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state to bangladesh child stratford has the latest from cox bazaar. according to the bangladesh government they've come to some sort of agreement with the myanmar government as to a role for the united nations the u.n.h.c.r. the refugee agency we now understand the myanmar government has given them the green light to myanmar had originally pushed back on any kind of role for the u.n. we also understand that according to the bangladesh government they are going to ask me and my to petition india and china to help set up these temporary camps in the areas where these villages that we've seen have been so horrific destroyed and burnt to the ground no particular timeframe though with respect to how long this process is going to take we know according to the bangladesh government that it's expected to start in around two months time
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interestingly enough and it's important to recognize that there is a specific group of reading that are being looked at as part of this agreement and they are those that came here to bangladesh last october and the six hundred twenty thousand that have arrived here fleeing me and mar since august so as you can probably understand there is a lot more flesh that needs to be put on the very bones of this agreement something that the bangladesh government already refusing to call an agreement they're saying that they are working on some sort of a range meant to try and repatch we ate some of hundreds of thousands of people that you see in these camps one lady that we spoke to said that there was no way that she would agree to voluntarily go back unless she could be guaranteed some sort of citizenship card some sort of i.d. card would be issued to her before she went back into the country guaranteeing some
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sort of citizenship status and as we know these people the right thing are they are not citizens of myanmar they're affectively stateless people so there's no real understanding of pushing any kind of initial agreement forward and looking at the legal status of these people once they return to me and mark. many minorities who live in but this majority me and say they often face discrimination christians living in the mountains near the border with india faced violent oppression on the military rule although the situations improved system remains stacked against them they say scott highly reports from half inch in state remote and rugged straddling mountain tops chin state is the poorest region in myanmar resources scarce development slow what is plentiful are churches they dot the chin hills home to about a half a million people nearly ninety percent of them are christian and in buddhist majority myanmar they have faced decades of oppression under military rule.
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forced labor force conversion to buddhism and persecution at one point bibles couldn't be imported. john across. to symbolize. the christian. but. a member of this baptist church who has lived all his seventy years in chin state capital four of his children emigrated to the us. previous military governments didn't have interest and sympathy for i blame them for the poverty development and for no job opportunities for young people and that's why i had to send my children away. this small hillside compound commemorates the man who founded the first christian community here in chin state american baptist reverend arthur carson and his wife laura were the first missionaries to come here in one
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thousand nine hundred nine he died nine years later he's buried right here in hockey. the people of chin say the situation's getting better but one government official himself a catholic denies past oppression. most chin people felt like we were being oppressed but we weren't it was just miscommunication between the government and people. but still today the government system favors buddhism. even though we are a christian area the government schools are forcing young children to worship board ism and to take buddhism classes. human rights activists say that the way forward for the people of chin for its future b.n. mars' leaders need to make good on promises of religious freedom. if not the minorities will continue to be treated and live as second class citizens got hotter al-jazeera aka me and my. zimbabwe's former finance minister is in cold accused
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of corruption just a day after a new president was sworn in ignatius' charm bow is detained by the military during the takeover that forced president robert mugabe from office meanwhile the high court has just rolled the military's actions during the takeover legal under simmons joins us from a so the high court says it's legit dymo sim bob when say the army action is that. well zimbabweans are still in a mass state of relief and enjoyment in this position with mugabe out of power and really this seems to be more of a technical exercise that's the way it seemed to justify the whole action by the military ten days ago in taking power and allowing the events to progress basically it's legalizing what happened now that is obviously good news in some ways for the
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present administration administration but then it does according to many lawyers and constitutional experts and indeed human rights people they suggest this could be a dangerous precedent it could act effectively legalize the military intervention act as a means of stopping someone from continuing in governance so therefore there is a controversy bound to emerge from this but the judge did say that it was completely legal for the army to take over and also support the president robert mugabe under house arrest so now we're seeing the day after the big inauguration magog is getting down to business he's talking about getting foreign aid he's talking about investments he's talking about getting that debt relief it's a long list but we're also hearing from the opposition that things are not as rosy as they seem nelson chamisa the vice president of the m.d.c.
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which a lot of people know about it's the main opposition party is here with me thank you for joining us on the on this show i'm going to ask you first of all nelson straight up could you really party can it really do anything about the machine that's rolling now with a fresh face a new plan. well i must say that sort of fresh face is a fresh hair cut it doesn't change the human body yes the fact that. zine appear to simply change a little bit in terms of. their hair cut not the face the face remains the same the board remains the same we are conscious as them to see that their face phase for us has been to do with the mugabe the person but the second face is to make sure that we deal with mugabe this is to so we have done with half the marriage we are going to the next major just to do the system but we have got twelve asli is not a fresh fresh face in terms of of governance because he's got
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a lot in the past he's associated with robert mugabe going back nearly half a century and with all the dealings and everything else but moving on from there it is a fresh deal in terms of the presidency with a whole new image potentially in terms of wooing the electorate isn't the m.d.c. stuck really with the image that it was contesting but god his presidency more than anything else what do you bring to the table in terms of dynamism and can you actually deliver in the elections in fact we're going to deliver and. we have very clear that this is our best opportunity to move forward we don't i mean we're futuristic but more importantly we have a better and then i mean police alternative which means someone got ways and. he has been part of the twenty seven years of disappointment thirty seven years of the unlikely that you see he's from the same hotel as mr mugabe they are cut from the same tree so it doesn't matter that you present what appears to be
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a fresh deal it remains a pipe dream he said hi and this guy ok let's move on from there though you are being accused not you personally but the m.d.c. is being accused of not really being with it not really being in a position to actually go with the time when they you do get free and fair elections assuming you do. do you know able to actually get connected to actually have the dynamite not just the dynamism but the resort to communicate and reach out to the electorate what do you say to those accusations where the only credible alternative in the only credible deal in town in the country on the political make i must say that for the past eighteen years we have been consistent in king checking and fighting a dictatorship and we are so happy that we have one part of the war is not yet complete we need to make sure that the last do which is to do with the smushing of the system is what we then engage in in terms of the policemen you we are putting
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across is second to none and mr tries to borrow our language but he is not borrowing the sense in substance of change and this is ways going to be stuck with no doubt in our mind that is going to be a very tough period for him it's easier said than done yes making a speech to say that is promising said and things does not necessarily mean that it's going to deliver in fact is fine as we are concerned we see a deficit of action a deficit of delivery a deficit in terms of their commitment to the rule of law to governance to free and fair elections the situation on the ground is what is going to indicate i would have expected me to say is going to do away with the public order security act is going to do away with aipac is going to do away with the muslim of the press is going to do away with the political. victimization of political players even within zanu p.f. the chief board members who are under arrest are supposed to be brought to the courts they are supposed to be accounted for in terms of the just system those are
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indications we would want to see because democracy has to be our first price nelson chamisa thank you very much for your thoughts and so there you have it a situation that's going to play out over many months to come when those elections actually come it is unclear at this stage it's going to be next year it could be before september under the regulations it could be as early. but not before to you in the studio sandra simmons there are plenty more still ahead on the news hour including after years of court fights the u.s. tobacco industry is forced to fund anti smoking at this month's. swing it will look at whether the u.s. president's playing too much golf. and in sport where the world tennis ball company davis cup final has. now protests are spreading in pakistan after security forces launched an operation
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to clear a protest camp in the capital islamabad and right police moved in and threw tear gas canisters at the demonstrators who are supporters of a religious political party they've been occupying an intersection for three weeks ignoring demands to leave the area private television channels were ordered off the air during the crackdown. is near the eastern city of lahore so first of all of the police been able to disperse the protest camp near islamabad. where the. situation as you and the projects have now spread to other parts of the katie i'm right now on a main motorway that. we are toward that. point and the city of lahore leading to
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a huge. traffic jams karachi there. at the airport and we've just been. going out. and. all right our apologies there were as you probably would have noticed having a bit of audio connection problems with. we'll come back to you later now turkey says the u.s. president has agreed to stop supplying weapons to kurdish y p g fighters in northern syria this followed a phone call between trump and turkish president of the one white house later said it would make adjustments to its policy of arming its allies in syria trump administration began supplying weapons to the y. p.g. earlier this year before the battle to retake eisel stronghold of iraq are turkey
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considers the wife a terrorist group i mean. number one subject that negatively impacts our relationship with the us is the weapon that it's given to the y.p. jean lately we've seen that some armored vehicles have been supplied and our president once again reiterated his discomfort to mr trump mr trump clearly stated that he had given clear instructions that the white won't be given arms and that this nonsense should have ended a long time ago of course we were very happy that this. has more from the turkish city of ghazi untapped near the syrian border. what's being reported in the turkish media as united states saying that it will stop arming kurdish militias does not reflect in statements that have been have seen from both presidents met press offices they say that united states will be adjusting its policy when it comes to its allies in syria especially after the fall of ice and rocca turkey on the other
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hand has been calling for on the united states to stop arming these mainly kurdish fighters with turkey sees as terrorist wants the united states to be part of its campaign to try and clear the area of what it calls all terrorist groups which include these kurdish militias which are allies of the united states as these statements come there is no end to the fighting on the ground inside syria but we have seen attacks by syrian government and its allies on opposition positions rebel positions in not just the province of aleppo but also in the politics of hama in hama doctors and workers have been telling us about the situation on the ground they say their infrastructure has been systematically targeted by the regime and to save lives all they can do is dig tunnels and go underground. samaras on the operating table because his leg was injured in an airstrike but this is no ordinary operation theatre it's hidden underground so it can survive.
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i'm afraid when the regime targets a hospital i lost a member of my family in an airstrike. it's known as the cave hospital in northern syria doctors are keeping its location secret for fear of further attacks by government get. they showed us photos after some of the hundred thirty five yr strikes targeted their hospital medical facilities and medical workers nowadays are far from being working an ideal situation there are all sort of challenges one of the main challenges has to do with witnessing not only has been ongoing for a long time but at the same time he doesn't. doesn't stop. this is what remains of many hospitals above ground. it took months of digging five hundred square meters and a mountain to convert into treatment rooms workers then plaster the walls and bags at the entrance increased security. this is the doctor who began the project
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he was also killed in an airstrike last year and his colleagues continue to face challenges. the biggest problem is the airstrikes which target civilians this hospital is theoretically safe but we expect anything from the government and it's destructive weapons making the hospital safe is just one of the many challenges most hospitals in opposition areas suffer from a lack of medicine and other vital supplies to emergency exits in case of any attack being on the ground brings the constant challenge of maintaining the floor so doctors and patients don't suffocate. we face difficulties such as ventilation and shortages of medical supplies after securing ourselves in a cave inside a mountain because health care system has been largely destroyed by six years of war preventive care units and health centers are nonexistent potentially fatal diseases are common because of a lack of vaccine. healthcare is being used as
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a weapon of war in syria doctors say targeting hospitals means denial of treatment and the only option to save lives is going on the ground from a job with al-jazeera. mohammad cut too busy an advocacy manager for syrian american medical society joins us live from gaza and tap into that's near the border with syria good to have you with us so since the hospitals have gone underground has that improve safety for medical facilities. good morning actually this is a tactic that's we used against the strategy of attacks on how has we have been seeking protection for her for presidencies and didn't even the answer go to the concert a solution which was adopted on may in maine twenty sixteen no protection and no accountability for the violators why attack in the hospitals what we did is to start digging under the ground and using underground facilities and different
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strategies and different mechanisms to protect the health workers and the patients who are coming to receive health care in our hospitals one of them is underground facilities is this a beauty of the divisions of one hospital in several locations so. as we're delivering the patients from one part to another instead of having all those in one place over socketed we will decrease the affected. have workers all the injuries. day after day it's more challenging because when we started fortifying the horse with. two or three years ago in different ways like sandbags. building an additional war around the hospital and then the regime and its allies started to use alternative we more destructive weapons like a witness to use uses of. bombs it was used against the hospital
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in a few days ago hospital under the ground which is supposed to protect the health workers and the patients this camp and it's over six meters of cement so we have to dig more and more on top of the five hospitals and different ways in addition also we have to be prepared for chemical attacks and his host ryan to have been several times because it's a strategy to attack hospitals so you have to dig under the ground and the same way sometimes raised to elation fire your facilities i understand you're under a lot of pressure to reveal the location of some of your facilities to the u.n. and you are reluctant to do that why do you fear that that will find its way from u.n. officials to some of the people who are bombing your hospitals. as we as we raised this issue and we have been talking about this in every platform using the n. channels and other channels media every place there and have been doing some what i
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feel like those of course but i think one of them is to share the demands of our hospitals with the. military operation in the. syrian government the russian the international coalition we are open to do this but we need to get indies we need at least two and monitors so minute of the location so if it's socketed what the next say there's no. plan b. for this for this plan of of sharing coordinates of the hospitals was the next step if one of those occasions was attacked we did it we don't see any accountability mechanism for this even have been seeking for a visitation the commission of inquiry on syria in the middle un commission of inquiry in syria have you reported similar attacks hundreds of attacks actually on syria but but. you know even decreasing the rate of
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tax the. hospital was a well known hospital it was a public hospital have been working since dozens of years and it was visited by the u.n. delegation which entered a few weeks ago so it's well known facility for the you so who can guarantee that a well known facility for the will be protected by its target a few days ago by a bunker buster. designed to to penetrate any type of fortification all right we'll leave it there for now thanks for explaining the situation of the hospitals to us. thank you. syria's main saudi backed opposition group has selected a new chief negotiator saad how daily will lead the high commissions committee in the un back talks in geneva next week he succeeds in riyadh hejab who resigned last
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week the group is insisting president bashar al assad leaves office really says everything is on the table in geneva. for a planes of arrived in yemen's capital sana'a one carrying vaccines to help fight the theory of the other three were bringing humanitarian work because yemen is enduring the world's worst cholera epidemic and now doctors are warning of an outbreak of a potentially fatal diphtheria virus has been no movement of the major port of the data so how do you know military alliance promise to reopen aid routes on the first day. well in a few moments we'll have the weather still ahead on al-jazeera. i right from the beginning. or should. just be. the family of the woman shot dead by a paralympian oscar pistorius welcomes the doubling of his sentence. and despite
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having already won the formula one title lewis hamilton keeps up the pace in abu dhabi so i'll have more on that later in school. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. well thanksgiving day parts of california in the united states had the warmest thanksgiving day since eight hundred seventy seven how much more pushing up from the south now it's all tied into what's going further north a big push of warm air we've also got that streaky line of cloud up towards the north and that's part of the jet stream associated what we call the pineapple express that warm air which has come all the way across the pacific from why now that area of warm air is going to be pushing up northwards across the region for
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the meantime we've seen it bring an awful lot of rain across parts of seattle state of washington state north of seattle here in the scotch it river overflowed causing some real problems doesn't look as though we're going to see further heavy rain affecting parts of the pacific northwest in the coming days see some snow up over the rockies there but the rain pushes in the stands southwards downs for the cascades perhaps even as far as the sierra nevada is in the meantime we're going to find cold air digging southwards across parts of the midwest through towards the east but eventually that warm to push further towards the east and then find warm weather we're turning towards many parts of the eastern seaboard. the weather sponsored by qatar nice. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human
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triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects at this time. the story that impact on me would probably be the . thirty four miners died and we when there were no very few television things going on that time to this is some of the times the story the story and films and stuff i like to tell that i want to be like in malaysia like al jazeera english because the news is not fanfare and you didn't miss any of the news or any of it you can watch it on like.
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you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now egypt's launched a military campaign in the sinai after three hundred five people were killed in an attack on a mosque on friday president of the fatah sisi is promising to respond with wanting calls brutal force. zimbabwe's former finance minister is in course accused of corruption just a day after a new president was sworn in ignatius' jumbo was detained by the military during the takeover the forced president robert mugabe from office. protests are spreading in pakistan after security forces launched an operation to clear a protest camp in the capital riot police moved in and threw to gas canisters at the demonstrators who are supporters of
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a religious political party. hondurans are going to the polls on sunday to elect a new president safety is a major concern for voters because their country has one of the highest murder rates in the world the government says progress has been made to tackle violence and many are convinced that there are such as reports. young innocent often the victims of gang violence for now with extra security forces deployed to this neighborhood children can play without watching their backs. on average more than three hundred people. and young are every month this country is not formally a war zone but for years it has been the world's murder leader but that isn't to be changing. we implemented the community police model where we get closer to people talk to them when their trust they call us to give us information about criminals so we can capture them. violent homicides are reported to have fallen by
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just over twenty percent in the last year the violence observatory responsible for monitoring violent deaths says there's a number of reasons why among them the dismantling of drug cartels and increasing the security budget and reform of the police force the government says one of the reasons there's been a fall in the number of violent deaths it's because of army and police patrols like this one in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country. but here on the outskirts of some of the most dangerous city in the country that omega says she lives in fear and doesn't believe the government's claims of success. there's always kidnappings violent killings it's difficult for us to talk about this there are repercussions of violence hasn't reduced although the numbers are down critics say policing remains sporadic and people still live in fear that. it's costly to
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keep troops permanently the areas are very large and many are still controlled by criminals. and the targeted killings continue in recent days the bodies of three political activists were found but government supporters say improvement needs to be measured over the long term. the rate is still six times larger than the world average the situation is still critical but the policies must be sustainable to show the population that this is the way to repress crime. for now a signal is being sent to the gangs that change is happening in the us and the children have the right to play in peace but yes i'm just i just. don't do this the leader of germany's social democrat says made in about turn and agreed to discuss forming a coalition with angela merkel's party hopes have been raised of ending political deadlock after members of the s.t.v. said
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a new deal could be signed if the conservative party prevent presented rather convincing from. merkel's party won the most seats in september's elections but hasn't been able to form a coalition martin short's previously insisted his party should go into opposition . i am not striving for a new election i'm not striving for anything but what i am striving for is that we discuss with one another the best ways to improve people's lives a little bit every day but it nationally and internationally let's try for that. eleven people have been killed in a fire at a luxury hotel in the georgian black sea resort city over to me twenty one others are being treated in hospital at least one hundred firefighters were sent to tackle the blaze but the cause of the fire isn't clear at least three hundred seventy eight migrants have been rescued in libya after three boats were damaged in the mediterranean sea the mission carried out by the libyan coast guard took about
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seventy two hours the u.n. says more than thirty three thousand migrants have died at sea trying to reach european shore since two thousand. dispensed by big tobacco companies will be back in the us media from sunday for the first time in almost fifty years the know what you think these ads did by the court to warn of the dangers of smoking for a judge ruled the tobacco industry had been deceiving the public she habitat for its smoking is highly addictive these messages will air in prime time for one year on major u.s. television networks along with adverts in fifty newspapers. radio and t.v. ads promoting cigarettes were banned in one nine hundred seventy but the new adverts should have added years ago they were ordered in two thousand and six after a big tobacco was found to have misrepresented and deceived the american public about the effects of smoking by a federal judge they brought appeal after appeal after appeal. contesting every
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issue they could think of to try to delay the time when they would actually have to be forced to tell the truth to the american people. campaigners are skeptical as to the difference these ads will make partly because the media has changed so much over the last decade most us smokers begin as teenagers but now less than five percent of network t.v. viewers are under twenty five also the trumpet ministration is filled with those who once worked for or received large sums from big tobacco infamously vice president mike penn's once wrote an editorial that accepted the dangers of smoking yet asserted time for a quick reality check despite the hysteria from the political class and the media smoking doesn't kill so this is a general no francisco one successfully argued in court against printing the telephone number for a service to help smokers quit on cigarette packets on behalf of tobacco company r.j. reynolds president trump's nominee to oversee chemical safety at the environmental
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protection agency took money from big tobacco to promote research that downplayed the effects of secondhand smoke we cannot afford to have to back up policy being being made by the lawyers for the tobacco industry the proportion of us adults who smoke is now fifteen percent it was forty two percent in the sixty's however due to population growth that still represents thirty six and a half million people in addition in low income areas the proportion of smokers can reach thirty seven percent cigarette taxes remain low in many states political donations from big tobacco are plentiful which helps explain why big tobacco still views the u.s. as a growth market the world's largest tobacco profit pool outside of china in the words of one cigarette executive she average hansie al-jazeera. family of the woman shot dead by paralympian oscar pistorius says justice has finally been south africa's
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supreme court has more than doubled his prison sentence for murdering his girlfriend in two thousand and thirteen the court said the original six year sentence was shockingly lenient on the pages more from toria it only took a moment for the supreme court of appeal to deliver its ruling that respondent sentenced to imprisonment for a period of fifteen years and five months here by going. oscar pistorius shot his girlfriend reeva steenkamp on valentine's day two thousand and thirteen and she cowered behind a bathroom door he said he thought she was an intruder. last year prosecutors successfully argued his original conviction should be upgraded from culpable homicide to murder which carries a fifteen year minimum sentence but the judge was lenient and only gave him six years shockingly lenient according to prosecutors who said pistorius hasn't shown
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true remorse. steam comes parents say they're placed he will spend more time in prison you know you can get on with. that if there's everything is going to get in than i right from the beginning. was a. justice and. the story has grabbed the world's attention as the paralympian who was the first disabled person to compete in the summer olympics he broke records and barriers because his defense lawyers argued he made a fatal mistake that valentine's day cost we would stay in camp her life. oscar pistorius is currently in a prison on the outskirts of pretoria that's best suited to his disability but that while they are only allowance made for his disability as the supreme court of appeal has more than doubled her sentence for murder. as an athlete pistorius
1:46 pm
didn't want any special treatment now one of south africa's highest court has decided he wanted to get in a tiny page out is there a potato oriya. still ahead an al-jazeera. winner is good as bashing. world high jump champion leaps to one higher level details with after the break. a new era in television news. because it's a tough to do since in secret we had actually. temps had survived torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you could. just stay the fuck would you have still got this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of time it better to have people give them the opportunity and wonderful thing stop. looking at the actual distance there's at least twenty
1:47 pm
thousand for him to refugees live we badly need at this moment leadership and president hosni mubarak has resigned donald trump is going to be the next president retaliation with other guys. actually finding canisters of gas i seem to believe it best to prevent the beginning anyway let's get a call that. he achieved something that never happened before. our eyes balls fansite as has us catch up on all the action thank you very much sam
1:48 pm
you always start with football and in a few alliston well find out who will be the new kings of asia japan taken on saudi arabia for the second leg of the a.f.c. champions league final it's still nil nil and their and the japanese team are hoping to lift the title for the first time in a decade they have the advantage in this title decider off to securing a one one draw in the first leg in riyadh and. now there are six games in total of being paid in the english premier league on saturday night to say united host brighton the two well let me tell for the first time since their one one draw at old trafford in march one thousand nine hundred three you know it can close the gap on their city rivals to five points if they win tottenham a could replace chelsea in third with a win over west brom but only if chelsea fail to win their game with liverpool while their manager antonio conti has been critical of the quick turnaround time
1:49 pm
between his side's midweek trip to as an average on his side and champions league and their english premier league clash with liverpool on saturday the blues trail leaders manchester city by nine points for sure i think that if. you have only only one day to prepare it became about as busy to have only only one day to rest or he's not it's not right it's not right for a. photo not only for charity for all the. barcelona star leant on messi has won the golden boot award for being european football's highest goal scorer for the fourth time in his career he received the accolade from a club teammate to us wires on friday messi scored thirty seven goals for the league a side over the twenty six in seventeen a season the thirty year old is now tied level with real madrid rival christian or
1:50 pm
knowledge of the most golden boot one that is he going to. hear from overseas i think i have grown both on and off the pitch i have improved an incorporated new traits into my way of playing and each day i enjoy being a footballer more. and in the i double a f.x. legs award for the male athlete of the year when two. in a ceremony that took place in monaco the qatar high jumper was honored for his achievements that six year old that went on beaten all season he clinched world championships gold in london to the diamond league crown well formatted of the year was awarded to belgium's i have personally sat too. well i don't know what to say first of all i'm really. really happy and so. really
1:51 pm
it's a moment of. i don't know a speech that really speaks. england have resurfaced a rugby league world cup final in twenty two years after surviving a late comeback from tonga would just seven minutes to play england were leading twenty to nothing about their opponents made one of the greatest comebacks in sports history scoring three tries and five minutes to cut england's lead to two points in the end indian hang on to seal the win in all clint they will now face the ten time winners australia next weekend in the final in prison the international olympic committee has disqualified for russian athletes for committing anti doping violations at the twenty fourteen games one of them is a two time olympic bobsledder gold medalist alexander stubb who is and now the russian federation president has been banned from life from any lympics
1:52 pm
fourteen russian athletes have now been banned for doping at the sochi games with nine medals stripped. or he may have already won the formula one the world title of the season but lewis hamilton isn't letting up ahead heading into the final go on p of the season and. the mercy this driver set the quickest time in second practice at the us marina circuit on friday point one four nine seconds ahead of reese closest rival sebastian vettel both drivers are three time winners in abu dhabi how much is also bidding for his tenth race win of the season the briton captured his fourth driver championships two races ago in mexico. where the tennis season isn't quite over for us some of the biggest stars of the men's game with the final of the davis cup which is often referred to as the world cup of tennis taking place between france and belgium in leland and the best of five match tie is finally
1:53 pm
poised off to day one in front of a packed crowd at leo's football stadium which is right on the french of belgium border that would go fine got belgium off to winning start in the first singles match just five days after finishing a runner up at the a.t.p. world tour finals the world number seven beat lucas in straight sets seven five six three six one. french number one show of song soon leveled the final at one all he beat steve darcis six three six two six one. all right let's take you now to a man in my crown the french president who's addressing the audience in paris let's listen in to what he's saying is going to the republic a man cannot consider that what we're talking about today is something that boring banal acceptable that even just accept some some of it. i say more than a little bit more than
1:54 pm
a year ago because even a lot of our citizens which on several came out said on several occasions one must say they was most much less talked about there were. there was an important part of silence and when i was a candid and i talked about the great march and to which a lot of you participated in which was to make progress on the concern of french people in security and employment. a lot of things have improved and one. particular subject found it's against women was the first in it a force women who'd been questioned anonymously by people who talked and said we're part of a new political movement summons what are your concerns under the cover of anonymity placed number one the harassment and violence
1:55 pm
i can i never thought for a second it could be the number one subject so it's also. a shared part of shame and. at the first meeting that talked about this it was. this is assessment was presented this is just out to commit it is a subject of general mobilization and many. said even those who talk of seriousness today only. because we confuse things and this. from a society of forgetfulness under time i remember when it was presented they don't have a program. they got nothing to say. because
1:56 pm
we don't after a few weeks later i was at lamar mr mann different and he said to me i've got someone extraordinary my team is really committed it's not an extremely important as a subject but he bluffed. going see his association i went it was telling him that there. are. so in a year something happened which was an enormous freedom of speech no huge calls the call of women so that it's hard to public to pay to huge appeal for men who must also be committed i don't want to forget that. if we're here. if men need to announce and we must
1:57 pm
do so every day many people today. you are you know a country will leave. the do not dare to speak are still in the camp of shame because they are working class women at home employees because social injustice. doubled this day needs violence and the state don't dare to say and they don't believe that they can and i want to today they understand at least one thing. is that this cry. is that each woman each man who sees it because. the indignity of the pavior the unacceptable carry nature to couples is everywhere in the republic and each woman is allowed to listening in
1:58 pm
there to emanuel micron the french president speaking on international the un international day twenty violence against women hailing the appointment of the equality minister of france and talking about the importance of confronting the culture of shame that surrounds sexual abuse of women in france we apologize there for the translation wasn't as good as it should be we'll be back at the top of the hour that will be with the fantastic jane downhill for more news stay with us.
1:59 pm
right. training starts lightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long lifetime of frustration. at eighty five years old in thomas' old what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel fresh and punch this side and this side like this and like that i really love this i don't like things like soccer because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take
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their training very seriously to. go. through more energetic the food all my life. from mother to daughter an ancient croft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place into an easy as rich tapestry. the threads at this time on a. egypt's military uses its power to hit back often attack on.


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